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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 15, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. and new this morning, a house party is the scene after shooting in strawberry mansion. we'll tell you what police say happened right before a man was shot three times. chilling details emerge in the murders of four men in bucks county two. suspects have confessed, following the mystery detectives still have not unraveled. and fire rages through a high-rise apartment building in honolulu. today is saturday, july 15th, good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo, while most of the rain has moved out, we're in store for a pleasant day. let's get right over to meteorologist, matt peterson. good saturday morning, matt, we need a little break t has been hot and humid recent. >> i we've had two days in a row of bad weather, severe
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weather thursday, another dose yesterday. so we deserve a break like you said, jan, we'll get it today. we will be looking at much quieter conditions for saturday as well as sunday, and much drier conditions, not just because of precipitation moving out, but that humidity is moving out with it. so that's good news for us, we take a peak outside right now, just little bit ago, still low hanging cloud cover, little tough to see. some of the skyline here in philly, but now, starting to see some of that kind of low-level moisture move out. so while there is still couple of clouds out there, maybe few areas of patchy fog, that low hanging cloud cover is starting to mover out. temperatures still very mild this morning, sitting right now, in the lower mid 70s, in philly, 74 degrees, here are the visibility, as i said, little fog out there this morning, trenton, some limited visibility, allentown, mount pocono, even out towards lancaster, too, little limited advicvisibility. if you are getting up early and driving around, do be careful, could see some spots where you could run into some again limited visibility.
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that means you need to put the low beams on, instead of high beams when you're in the fog t just reflect back in your face. keep yourself safe driving around. storm scan3, few light showers out there along stationary bound rip to the south of philly, again, light showers for us, early in the day, clear things out, 70s across the entire area so far. getting a look at the day planner for today, by 9:00 at 76 degrees, going to go to up about 83, 84, maybe couple every places even up into the high eight's later this afternoon, then we see real nice conditions on sunday, but more unsettled weather next week, i'll talk about that in just a bit. >> matt, thank you. new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for a gunman, and a motive. after a shooting in strawberry mansion, this all happened during a house party, near 28th and york street. investigators say, a 35 year old man was going back inside of that house, and blocked another man, trying to get in. police say that man shot the 35 year old three times, he's now in critical condition.
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>> meantime, bullet casings and shattered windows after a shooting at a combo gas station and convenience store in north philadelphia. police rush to the sunoco foot mart and fifth and erie around 1:00 this morning, found man in his 20's shot in the back every his head. he was sitting outside when he was hit by gunfire. >> we believe possibly one, two shooters came out, and we don't know they chased him, but he was actually shot one time in the back of the head. however, the scene does have about 20 shell casings of different round. >> the man is now in critical condition. police are checking surveillance video in that area. they hope that will help solve this shooting. well, a judge has denied bail for the two cousins accused in the killings of four young men in bucks county. cosmo dinardo and his alleged accomplice sean kratz are facing homicide charges, dinardo's confession led
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police to the bodies of all four men who disappeared last week, three of the young men found burried more than 12 feet underground in a tank on his parent's solebury township farm. the body of jimmy patrick burried about half mile away at the top of the hill on that property. our coverage begins now with "eyewitness news" reporter henry in the cbs-3 news center. henry, good morning. >> good morning, jan, four men were lured to solebury by the promise every buying marijuana. instead they were shot, killed, and burried. after about five excrutiating days of digging, they were all found. >> dean finocchiaro, tom mahe, sturgis and jimi patrick. >> why did you do it? >> he pointed prosecutors to the bodies and to accomplice, 20 year old sean kratz, two referred to each other as cousins, prosecutors say dinardo now admits he and kratz killed xfinity, mayo,
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sturgis together, he alone burried patrick in a separate location on top after hill. >> we now have them in a safe place so that they can soon be returned home. >> kratz arrested after his north philadelphia home, and second residence in ambler searched, his neighbors still stunned. >> i can't believe it and i don't want to believe it. >> so far there has been no indication of apparent motive for the killings. district attorney says his offers will continue to work to give the families of the four men all the answers he can. >> i pray that i could handle this with the courage, and the dignity that they've exhibited t i'm just in awe. >> dinardo and kratz both lock up separately this morning denied bail, charged with multiple counts of murder, conspiracy, abuse after corpse, kratz already out on bail for separate burglary charge. live in the news center,
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cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> henry, thank you. >> well, court documents are revealing more about the killing and the search for the four victims, "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown picks up that part of the story. >> the cringe worthy details of the murders are spelled out in court documents. authority say 20 year old cosmo dinardo killed all four men after loving them in with offers to sell marijuana. reveal dinardo along with his 20 year old cousin sean kratz, burned the bodies in a tank. the killing spree gannon july 5th, i ' agreed to sell jimi patrick 4 pounds of march juan for $8,000. dinardo says patrick only had $800, and he then describes taking patrick to remote area of his family farm, where he says he shot and killed him. then burried him 6 feet deep with a back hoe. county d.a. matt weintraub said investigators may never have found patrick's body had they not struck a deal with
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dinardo. >> and i can tell you for i've been there, we would still be looking for jimi patrick had we not made this agreement. i rode there in a car on the same site as the other three men were found, it was so far away that i started getting sick to my stomach on the ride. >> the crime spree continued on july 7 when dinardo and kratz say they mate up with dean finocchiaro, dinardo describes shooting him then using the back hoe where dinardo said he quote placed finocchiaro in a metal tank that he referred to as the pig roaster. that same night investigators say dinardo confesses that he shot and killed tom meo and marge sturgis, then used back hoe to pick them up and quote brought their bodies to the same metal tank finocchiaro was in and placed them in. he goes ton say he quote poured gasoline into the metal tank and lit t all three of the men were found in a 12 to 13-foot common grave on the dinardo family property. patrick was found burried on the ground about a miley and a half away. because the da did reach an agreement with dinardo, who
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led them to the fourth and final body, he will not face the death penalty in this case, however it, may still be on the table for sean kratz. in the sat center, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> "eyewitness news" continues to follow the case of these bucks county murders. follow us on air and on line at in other news this morning, the mayor of honolulu says there were no sprinklers in a high-rise that was the scene of deadly fire there. the fire that started on the 26 floor of the marco polo condominium complex killed three people t spread to the 28th floor injuring at least 12 other. honolulu's fire chief said if there had been sprinklers the flames would not have spread half the unit where the fire started. >> another day, another detail in the meeting between president trump's eldest son and a russian attorney with links to the kremlin. asset lemon report there is comes as former campaign advisor testifies on capitol hill, calling the whole russian inquirer clues
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dilution. >> president trump is back on us soil, spending the weekends at his golf course in new jersey, where the us women's open is being held. we're now learning there were more people present at the pre-election meeting between donald trump junior and russian attorney promising dirt on hillary clinton. the as owes ace the press reports russian american lobbying to lift since cents against the kremlin was also in the room. the president has said his son did not wrong. >> took a meet wag lawyer from russia, it las lasted for very short period, and nothing came of the meeting. >> president trump has hired another attorney to deal with the russia controversy. he'll work inside the white house, and oversee the legal and communication strategy. over on capitol hill, a house intelligence committee questioned former trump campaign advisor, michael caputo for three and a half hours on russian meddling in the election. >> i never heard every anyone in the trump campaign talking with russians. >> caputo called the whole
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thing collusion dilution. >> it all smells like fish to me. so if you're going to go ahead and dig into this thing, i hope you dig in on both sides of this. >> house democrats renewed for independent panel to investigate, with some lawmakers even demanding the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, resign from his advisory position. seth lemon, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning: drying out after drenching rain and storms move through our region. matt peterson back with your weekend forecast. >> that cup of coffee may not help you just wake up in the morning, why new research says the beverage will help you live longer. "eyewitness news" continues in a few minutes, we'll be rig
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>> back on "eyewitness news," people are drying out after severe storms blew through our area on friday. the big issue from all of this heavy rain, every course, was flooding, kris continue son sent us this video of the rain covered roads, at 58th street and ladies avenue in sea isle city. and this is what it look like in wilmington. this video sent to us from eyewitness, kyle austin there is was the kirkwood highway covered in flood waters. those storms yesterday led to flashflooding in many communities around our region. meantime, heavy rains have left some towns in the midwest underwater too. severe flooding has closed roadways, knocked out power, david begnaud has the story from gorney, illinois.
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>> reporter: unprecedented is what it is being called. authorities say two month every rain fell in just 12 hours here in gorney, north of chicago. it is not uncommon to see flooding here. but at 1.6 trillion gallons of water fell this week on portions every wisconsin and illinois. the governor. >> not raining any more, things are fine, getting better, well, they're in the. >> in lake county illinois 5800 buildings have reportedly been damaged by flood waters. say flooding in the northern chicago suburbs are get worse over the next few days, as water flows down rivers, into the state from wisconsin, in burlington, the town's four bridges, remain closed, because the swollen fox river crested at more than 17 feet. back in gorney, illinois, we found gary campbell defiantly optimistic, that the wall of sands he's put up around his home of nearly 40 years is going to hold. >> think you're going to be
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able to save it? >> i've survived all of the other ones. to think you lose, that's another store. >> i it is the dis plane river that over topped it banks flooding the town of gorney. at one point, the river rose 3 , here's the good news, no rain is expected here this weekend, but the river is still rising. it is not expected to crest until sunday. david begnaud, cbs news, gorney, illinois. >> wow, just an incredible amount of rain there, fortunately, back here at home, we're drying out, right? >> definitely. we had our fair share the last couple of days of severe werth, plenty i of rain, flashflood watches, severe thunderstorm watches, the whole thing, the last couple of days, and we're finally starting to quiet down. it looks lick it will just last into sunday, as well. so, right in time for the weekend, much quieter, much more comfortable conditions. take a look at the storm reports, at least some of them, from yesterday. right off the bat here,
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phoenix ville, chester county, some wires down yesterday, also, some car window damage, out in west chester, newark, and new castle county, delaware, several cars stuck in the high water. so we to deal here in the delaware valley and surrounding areas with the high water, as well. also, in the cumberland county area of new jersey, cars flooded all the way up to the roof thomas. then the big one, avalon, cape may county, lightning struck a car, it caught on fire. so, it was a very, very active friday for us, across the entire viewing area. the good news, those strong storms now on the way out. maybe few just very, very light sprinkles, here, this morning, and then we will be watching for lower humidity, and much drier conditions, for the next couple of days. so, this is what we're looking at for our saturday, again, much quieter afternoon, that low humidity on the back side of cold front, now sliding away, and then we had some seasonable high temperatures, and in general, at least for today, anyway, a mix of sun and clouds, and
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then we will look for more sunshine as we get into what looks to be our sunday here. full size this afternoon, 87 degrees the high temperature, going with not as much humid, uv index at nine, if you are going out not bad day, just put the sunscreen on, you will need it. temperatures here early in the day, 70s for the most part, 75 in wilmington, lancaster, 74 here in philly. seventy-two for millville, back down toward wildwood. our dew points are still a little bit high. still might feel muggy here early in the day. but we're going to see these dew points fall as we go through the afternoon, probably down to the low to mid 60s, so much more comfortable day for us in store. last three hours, satellite and radar, again, still look at few light showers out there. don't be surprised if you see couple of sprinkles for the first part of the day. but this boundary that's down to the south, it eventually slides even further off the coastline, as we go through the daytime hours. as it does that, we will be watching for much quieter, much calmer, much drier conditions.
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our future weather for today, again, go from this morning into about 1:00 this afternoon, future weather tries to paint few light, spotty showers, don't think too much about this. it is going to be a dry day. don't expect to see any kind of precipitation. as we go later on toward evening, 8:00, again, this evening, if you are dining outside, you're going to be doing any outdoor plans for your saturday, looks a go. then into tomorrow morning, even nicer on sunday, plenty of sunshine for us in the morning, that cents last throughout the afternoon. then as we start to get into monday, next boundary will line up to the north, also to the west, bringing in chance for shower or thunderstorm in the second half of the day, on monday, leading into unsettled week. 87 degrees for the high temperature today. we are going with, again, more chances for sunshine and cloud cover, maybe little bit tomorrow. 88 degrees, but the low humidity does stick around, then here comes the extended unsettled pattern, once again, monday, 87, showers, second half of the day. maybe couple of rumbles every thunder getting all the way to 90. by tuesday, and then more high
5:19 am
80s, low zero nine's, thursday wednesday, thursday, so saturday, sunday, it will be nice, but then do again have the unsettled pattern. >> that's right. we'll enjoy it while we've got it. thank you, matt. on the hell watch now, coffee lovers rejoice, after years of conflicting information about whether drinking coffee is good for you, two big studies say drinking more java can help you live longer. health reporter stephanie stahl explains how much you have to drink to reap the benefits. >> marion is among millions who enjoy a morning cup of joe, any time of day. >> i love coffee. i drink coffee way too much. >> two new studies say drinking coffee either regular or decaff is associated with a lower risk of death, especially when it comes to cardiovascular, and digestive track diseases. >> before today i was drinking g about cutting back but that's not going to be the case any more. >> shows antioxidant in coffee have pro tech effect on the coffee.
5:20 am
>> bert marks ers of liver function. >> in one study they examine data for more than half million people from tenure pea and countries, they found, people who drink one cup of coffee a day are 12% less likely to die than non-coffee drinkers. people consuming two, three cups a day, reduce their chances of death by 18%. a second study shows, the benefit appear to be the same for people of all ethnic backgrounds. >> until now, there are no data in none whites showing the protective association between coffee and death rate. and i think it is really important to show in non-white populations who, you know have, different lifestyles, different risks, to show if we can see the similar association. >> the benefits of coffee were found no matter how it is prepared, filtered or boiled. >> i like the taste t wakes me up. so i guess i should drink more, right? >> but doctors say, it is important to remember, that caffeinated coffee is a
5:21 am
stimulant, which can interfere with sleep and cause stomach trouble for some people. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and on my first cup myself. good news there. cbs-3 summer fest in phoenixville this week, see the history of the town coming up. >> and the iconic run vittoria woodill experienced first-hand, why hundreds line up to do it. we're back in a moment.
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>> welcome back, cbs-3 hit the road celebrating summer a he and everything our region has to offer. and headed to phoenixville, a town that's seen a resurgence every late, but the town has
5:24 am
never forgotten its past. >> this bustling borough once an industrial powerhouse, made every nail, pottery, steel, and in the g the heat from the iron works blast furnace looked like a phoenix. >> he called it the phoenix iron works, then decided, you know, we should name this town phoenixville. >> by 1850, phoenixville was on fire, their steel was everywhere including the inside of the washington monument. the town bridge street was booming including a brand new theater, the colonial, built in 1903. >> as he walk in there, that's the way it looked, 100 years ago. the lobby is a little different, it was renovated about 70 years ago. but yes, this this is wonderful with great acoustics. >> phoenixville fell on hard times. by 1987 the steel industry officially was gone, the foundry sat empty and crumbling, but barbara cohen
5:25 am
and other proud phoenixville resident pulled together to save the building. >> the idea that i had for re-inventing phoenixville was to package history. >> it took years, and millions of dollars, but they preserved its dramatic interior, and pieces of phoenixville sealed history. as for the colonial, it survived, too, after a starring role and iconic move. >> i it is most famous scene is the run-out of a movie theater being attack by a blob. it happened to be the colonial. >> that was jessica dean reporting. and cbs-3's summer fest was in phoenixville for the kick-off of blob fest. our vittoria woodill waist therefore the famous terrifying moment. >> you might want to turn down the volume on your tv. it is blob fest. who sex cited for blob fest? >> i'm excited for blob fest. >> and here in phoenixville, hundreds are ready to run for their lives all over again.
5:26 am
>> i heard the show tonight sold out in like 18 minutes. >> no way. >> yes. >> here's how it works. so the blob coming toward you, what do you do? >> scream. >> and? >> run. >> well, it is time to enter the theater. >> oh, girl, high. >> meet other victims. they seem friendly. and take my seat. >> i probably should have picked a seat closer to the door. >> yes, the blob is coming. you'll have to run quickly. (screams). >> vittoria woodill, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and that run out was just part of the fun in phoenixville. happening today, the blob fest, 2017, right there. all kind of activities, and
5:27 am
today, tomorrow, the colonial theater is running double features of the blob and other movie classics. a lot of fun in phoenixville. well, it is the return after philadelphia landmark. we're tacking you behind the scenes of the renovated palm restaurant before it reopens. plus brides left in limbo after a popular store closes without warning. the help for brides now scrambling to get ready for their big day. >> well, all right, caught on camera. where politics led to punches. that's next.
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(woman 2 vo) i'm caring for someone with moderate alzheimer's. if you are too, ask about namzaric today. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. we are getting ready for a beautiful weekend, but how long will this nice weather last? meteorologist, matt peterson, out there on the cbs-3 skydeck this morning with eyewitness weather. morning, matt. >> good morning, jan, it is a muggy morning. let's just say. that will it is going to be less humid this afternoon, but if you're getting up early and waking up and walking outside, you definitely will be feeling little muggy out here. temperatures are still warm. overall today, going to be, again, with the lower humidity, temperatures will be comfortable, and the biggest thing is we will finally be dry after a thursday and friday, that has more than it fair share of shower and thunderstorm activity. outside right now, we're going
5:31 am
to again be looking for those comfortable conditions, if you're planning on headed down to the shore today, 84 degrees, for our afternoon high temperature, down there, our water temperatures, 69. little bit maybe on the cooler side. we go with a mix of that sun and cloud cover, as well, yesterday's high temperature we got to 79 degrees. our normal for this time of year, 87, so little below that yesterday. but we will get close to that later this afternoon, getting a look at the weather headlines real quick, again, mix every sunday and cloud today, comfortable weekend in general, but then unfortunately we do have little more shower activity next-door or next week, not next-door, but next week, and also again looking for high temperatures today kind of in the mid to upper 80s range, talk more about the range when i come back inside in just a bit, jan. >> matt, thank you two. cousins accused in the killings of four young men in bucks county in separate cells today after request of prosecutors both have been denied bail after their arraignment. "eyewitness news" reporter in the cbs news center this morning, henry, bring us to up
5:32 am
date. >> jan, these two men, cosmo dinardo, can, john kratz, consider each other cousins, facing slew of cousins including multiple count of murder, conspiracy, abuse after corpse. >> i feel a lot of sadness, i feel relief, i feel so proud of my team. >> bucks county district attorney matt weintraub says cosmo dinardo confessed to luring dean finocchiaro, tom meo, john sturgis, jimi patrick to his property to buy man war a instead he and sean crafts killed three of the men together and burried them in the same 12-foot grave. but dinardo admits he alone killed patrick and burried him in separate grave on top after hill in his family property. >> we brought four young men, one step closer, to their loved ones, and so that they can rest in peace. we're not here to make moral judgement on any of their actions. >> crafts arrested at his northeast philadelphia home
5:33 am
after dinardo's confession and second residence in ambler also searched, his neighbors are stunned. >> nice guy, just talked, i talk to him like every day. >> so far there is no indication of apparent motive for the killing. the district attorney says his offers will continue to work to give the families of the four men all the answers he can. >> i pray that i could handle this with the courage and the dignity that they've exhibite exhibited. i'm just in awe. >> reporter: the district attorney says in order to get that connecticut figures and information, he took the bet penalty off the table. he said did he that with the permission of the family of the four victims. live in the news center, cbs 3, "eyewitness news." all right, henry, thank you. we're following breaking news now out of west philadelphia. a car has crashed into the back after police cruiser. police say it happened this morning at 38th and girard. both the car and a cruiser
5:34 am
sustained damage, but there are no report of any injuries there. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. >> we're learning more about the pre-election meeting between president trump's oldest son and a russia attorney promising damaging information on hillary clinton. the associated press report a russian american lobbying to lift sanctions against the kremlin was also in the room. lawmakers now want an independent panel to investigate. meantime, a former trump campaign advisor testified on capitol hill calling the whole russian inquiry clues dilution. >> had no contact with russians, i never heard every anyone in the trump campaign talking with russians. it all smells like fish to me. so if you're going to go ahead and dig into this thing, i hope you dig in on both sides. >> president trump is spending the weekend at his golf club in bed minister, new jersey. meantime, the trump administration is asking the supreme court to clarify its ruling on the travel ban. specifically which family relatives are eligible to
5:35 am
bypass the ban. late thursday a federal judge in hawaii ruled the list of relatives should be include today include grandparents and other parent legally in the u.s. the travel ban temporarily bars people from six countries from entering the us. >> well, you have probably never seen anything like this on c span. >> the fists were flying in taiwan pa lament, much of which is caught on camera there. brawl erupted when one side criticized the other side's budget proposal. members were tackling each other, throwing punches, no word on any of the injuries there. back here at home now, brides to be are in panic mode after a bridal retailer files for bankruptcy and closes up shop. customers every alfred angelo bridal are being greeted with signs like this one. brides and bridesmaids were contacted and told to get their dresses immediately. it has worked out for some, but for some other, they've
5:36 am
been left high and dry for their big day. meantime, other bridal shops have offered discount for panic brides, who didn't get their dresses, and in our aerial fred angelo has stores in cherry hill, new jersey, and whitehall, lehigh county. >> well, a center city restaurant known for its charicatures, is back in business. the palm has been closed for nearly a year and a half for extensive renovations, john mcdevitt of sister station "kyw news radio" takes us inside. >> the palm philadelphia opened in the late 80s, it is known for steaks, seafood, decadent sides, and of course the charicatures, good customers and the famous. olds ones cut out of the wall before the remodel, give tone those who inspire them like former mayor and governor ed rendell getting sneak peak of the new place and making a reservation for next week. >> place where business people, particularly people who have developed their inner mink link, always a tradition
5:37 am
the day after the election there is a big meeting of all of the political people, have lunch at the palm. >> paul sander the palm philadelphia's general manager. he said the menu is pretty much the same, it is the space that's changed. >> if you take a look around, i think there is a tremendous amount of eye appeal in what we presented here. >> final preparations are underway, the charge can i tours being painted on the wall, not all are new, take rocky over, there from the old wall. >> we can't show you all of the characture tours, surprise for opening day, we can show this one, bradley cooper and his mother cooking lobster. >> the big difference now, between what we did in the olds restaurant, not doing them in the studio any more, doing them directly on the wall, more time consuming. >> how do you get your face on the wall. >> all about loyalty. all about relationships between the guesses, the restaurant, and the gm. >> the palm philadelphia is booked solid for opening weaken. sean mcdevitt, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> well, a traveling replica
5:38 am
of the viet nam memorial wall making a stop in penndel this weekend. the wall is size of the memorial in the nation's capitol at penn del memorial ballfield on di lola avenue. ceremonies planned throughout the weekends, see it there through 9:00 sunday evening. >> if you are a senior citizen, your lifetime pass to visit our national parks will soon cost you a lot more. the lifetime senior pass for anyone 62 years old, or older, will jump from ten to $80. the price of admission is going up for the first time since 1994. the new price goes into effect on august 28th. well, still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. part of the neighborhood threatened by a massive sinkhole. see the frightening moment when a house was suddenly swallowed. >> and what's in your mac and cheese? new report warns about chemicals in powdered cheese products. and, then after a stormy ends to the work week, matt
5:39 am
peterson back with a look at your weekend forecast. we will be right back.
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get your free online valuation now. ♪ find out how much your car's worth ♪ ♪ at >> dramatic fireworks display, lit up over the eiffel tour. beautiful. people across france had been celebrating the annual holiday. this year it co-incites with the 100 anniversary of the united states entry into world
5:42 am
war i. >> check out this dramatic video now of an evacuation attempt during last week's whittier wild fire if california. dash cam video from the santa barbara county sheriff's department shows deputies drying down a small dirt road, in an effort to evacuate kids and staff from a summer camp. but the road surrounded by falling debris, and the dispute advice to turn back. a multiple agency effort did rescue everyone safely. >> a massive sinkhole now threatening a community in central florida. there are no injuries. and rescuers saved two pet, but the hole has destroyed two homes. and as kenneth craig report, the sinkhole is still growing. >> the creeping disaster in land oh, lakes florida began with a dip in the ground. >> we received a 911 phonecall state that there was a small depression underneath a boat. >> in minutes, that depression had grown into a giant sinkhole. within an hour, it had swallowed two houses, and it was still getting bigger.
5:43 am
>> it is about 200 feet wide. we're estimating about 50 feet deep at the point. it is continuing to grow in the direction of this lake. >> sinkholes are a common hazard in florida, including in this area. a sinkhole actually formed at the same location in 2012, but was supposedly stabilized. officials have evacuated the neighborhood, until the ground stops caring in. >> did ask us to take and for safety reasons completely take everyone out of the path between the sinkhole and the lake. this could open up in a matter of seconds. >> in the meantime, there isn't much that anyone can do to help. >> kind of waiting for mother nature to finish doing her thing. >> in lands o lakes, that means hoping that singing feeling stops and soon. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> back here at home now, turning to weather, i see a beautiful sunrise behind you, matt peterson. >> i know, it will be a great day today. we deserve it after the
5:44 am
dreary, just kind of messy day, we had yesterday. of course, we had some severe weather in the afternoon, as well, and this picture coming in from the poconos this morning, a wonderful, wonderful site on saturday morning, where we can look at just a wonderful sunrise, and it will lead into what's going to be a fantastic saturday afternoon, as well, whether you're up in the poconos, or whether you're back down at the shore, it will be a great day today. if you are down the shore, 84 degrees, with relatively low humidity, a wonderful day to get out on the beach, enjoy it, now, put the sunscreen on, even though mix of sun and clouds, still high uv index. the water still on l cool side, 69 for the water temperature, just be a little bit on the vigilant side if you're out there, put your foot in the water, i wouldn't go in personally, little too cold for me. but anyway, yesterday we got to 79 degrees, here in philly, our normal is 87, so we came in little bit below average. but also going to be back up near the seasonal mark here later this afternoon, temperatures getting back into
5:45 am
the mid to kind of around upper 80s range. now, mix every sunday and clouds today, overall comfortable conditions, not just for saturday, but for sunday, as well. now, we are tracking another chance for some showers, maybe another round of thunderstorms for next week. but let's just enjoy what's going to be a great saturday, sunday first. temperatures for us, waking up to some 70s out there, reading, allentown at 72, and 71, 71 in trenton this morning, atlantic silt he at the airport, 74, 72 in millville. so again, generally seasonable lows, our average low for this time of year again 7 degrees, so maybe a little bit above that. but overall not too bad on the start of the day. now, it is still little muggy out there. see dew point still into the seven's in many spots, including wilmington, trenton, wildwood, here in philly, as well, at 71. so, still feeling little sticky here early on in the day. but the good news is our dew points will dip, as we go through the afternoon. what that means it, will feel much more comfortable later on in the day. storm scan3, for us, some
5:46 am
cloud cover out there. few light showers are still possibility here early on in the day. you see here maybe rumble every thunder out there just west of harrisburg, but overall there is precipitation is fizzling out very quickly, and in general, it will be pretty nice day today. saturday, sun, clouds, for us, again, not too much really in the way of precipitation, it will be dry day for us, more sunshine on sunday, though, lower humidity. so another great day for us, but then here comes the next cold front. you can see out there to the west. really advancing in on monday. and that's going to be our catholic for our next rounds every showers, maybe again rumble every thunder. starting mo p day, lasting through the work week. 87 degrees this afternoon, partly sunny skies out there, again, not real a terrible day to get outside. but, maybe sunscreen, and a little bit of sunglasses, 88 for us tomorrow, and so still pretty nice. then monday, 87 degrees, sour so our temperatures are staying good, still looking for few areas of showers, then back up to high heat, higher humidity, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday, upper
5:47 am
80s, lower 90s, jan, with the shower and under this earl storm activity, we got to enjoy today and tomorrow. >> indeed. thank you, matt. >> well, reaction is pouring in, after a report on potential dangerous chemicals like mac and cheese, health reporter stephanie stahl takes closer look in today's einstein healthcare science center report. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> an all american kid favorite, mac and cheese, could contain potentially harmful chemicals. a new study of 30 cheese products detected in most samples tested. >> we found that the levels of these industrial chemicals were four times higher in the cheese powder of mac and cheese than in other natural cheeses. >> mike bellevue with one of the environmental advocacy groups that paid for the testing, can inch rupture moans, birth defect, mainly concern for pregnant women. >> demons recall health risk. >> none made by kraft, a statement from kraft said we
5:48 am
do not add that to our proud, the trace amounts that were reported in this limited study are more than 1,000 times lower than levels that scientific authorities have identified as acceptable. our products are safe for consumers to enjoy. >> only i believe less than 10% of the studies out there have involved humans, and even those are pretty inch con clues disbelief toxicology expert says the jury still out, and hard to avoid. >> they're not isolated to, you know, mac and cheese, in our water bottles that we use, any kind of mrs. take we're exposed to, on regular basis? here are ways to limit exposure. don't microwave in plastic, the heat can cause the chemical to seep into food. also, don't use the dishwasher for plastics. glass, and stainless steel containers, are better alternatives for storage. and if a plastic contain is her scratched or damaged, it is best to toss it. expert also say, eating fresh
5:49 am
food that's not processed or packaged is another good way to avoid the chemical. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." and still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news." the phillies fighting back in milwaukee. sports is next. we'll also have this. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up the conflict intensifies in the latest entry in the planet of the apes sag, a as woody joins for the war for the planet of the apes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the cbs-3 science center sponsored by einstein healthcare network. more than medicine.
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>> aaron nola on the mound. an opportunity for fresh start. the problem is, they pick up, where they left off. phils wearing the powder blue uniforms, it is 80s retro night in milwaukee. no score in the first, maikel franco, single to right. aaron al ear, will score to make it one-nothing, later left the game with a hamstring strain. two-one phils in the second, orlando takes nick over the wall to left. three run shot. later on bases loaded for ryan braun. oh, man. he's a killer for the phils. 375 lifetime batting average against the fighting, grand-slam, and the brewers, over the fighting's, nine to six your final score. $370,000. that's how much carson wentz raised for his newly formed charity. so it has been good week for the eagles quarterback. he also head his first passing cam within his receivers, they spent time in fargo, north
5:53 am
dakota. talked about the guys making the trip. >> kind of off season thing that everyone does. we got almost all of the secrets out here this summer, so it is exciting. they all flew in, what the heck is this place? what's going on, but they love it, they love it. we've had some fun. >> it is great. everyone around here has been great in fargo. i mean, we love it out here. and it is great, coming out here with carson to see how he is living, see what's going on around here, it is great. it remind me little bit back home, i'm from a small town. >> summer league action in vegas, final time we will see the sixers until training camp. former villanova captain ryan arcidiacono playing with the bulls, scores in the lay up against his hometown team, ryan scored 60. later on, the 19 year old rookie for the sixers, put it in reverse. starting to look comfortable. the six hers eight-point lead at that point. thirds quarter, the bulls, forcing turn over, danzel valentine pu putting little flae
5:54 am
on it, had 21 points, 6ers drop the final game 99 to 82 the final score in summer play. tennis, roger federer dinosaur, but the dude can still play. federer is headed to the wimbledon final for the 11th time in his career, on the verge every his eighth title. sunday he'll play marine, federer is almost 36 years old, and he's a father of four, once again, that final is tomorrow. >> that's all for sportsment i'm don bell, have a great weekend. >> and the wimbledon women's final is today. venus williams is playing in her ninth wimbledon singles final in her 20th visit to the tournament. williams faces zayn this morning, at 37 years old, williams is the olds else wimbledon women's finalist in more than two decades. good luck to her. the latest entry in the planet of the apes saga opens in theatres this weekend. here is entertainment tonight's kevin frazier with a
5:55 am
preview. >> this week woody joins the planet of the apes saga, stopping apes from taking over for war in planet of the apes. >> there are times when it is necessary to abandon our humanity, to take humanity. >> in war for the planet of the apes, woody stars as the colonel, a man determined to save humans at any cost. even if it means going into a deadly battle with the apes. while he didn't have to wear a motion capture suit, he was excited to work with co-star andy circus who place april leader ceasar. >> the fate of humanity and the fate of the apes comes out of this contention. so the steaks are very high. personally as an actor, working in it, i love working with andy circus. i'm big fan of his. >> i fight only to protect aims. >> thirds time to the
5:56 am
franchise, and at this point, truly the king of performance captures acting but to him like creating another character. >> the technology, just different bunch of cameras, like, you know, we have film cameras, and then catch cameras, picking up, you know, so i've never considered the performance captures a different type of acting. it means philosophically any actor can play anything, your to doesn't matter, you know, your size, your shape, your color, whatever. you can actually embody anything. and that's an amazing prospect. >> come to save your apes. >> i came for you. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, back to you in the studio. >> looks like a good summer movie, i have to check can it
5:57 am
out. >> immortalized on stamps, us postal service unveiled 20 new stamps, they feature iconic characters from snow white wicked keen, 100 dalmations crew ella, to ursula from the little mermaid and scar from the lion king. the forever stamps are on sale now. >> and, still ahead in our next hour here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. >> after a trip to paris, president trump is back in the u.s. and there are new questions about the russia election scandal. i'm seth lemon at the white house, with the
5:58 am
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wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why! >> flew this morning, a shooting at a house party. a man was shot three times. >> chilling details emerge in the murder of four men in bucks county two, suspect have confessed, and we are following the history detectives still have not unraveled. and, fire rages, through a highrise apartment building, in honolulu. what was missing, that officials say, could have saved lives. >> today is saturday, july 15th. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. well, we are starting out muggy again today, but it is going to be a nice weekend. here is meteorologist, matt peterson with the eyewitness weather


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