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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  July 20, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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bizarre events when a with man steals a cat and then gets weirder, strange things she did next with the stolen cat. today is the day, parole board is deciding whether o.j. simpson should be a freeman, just how soon he could be walk ing the streets. i do know this this disease has never had anymore worthy opponent. >> senator lindsey graham reflecting on his good friend senator john mccain as mccain gets red which a fight with brain cancer, we will look at the support he is receiving from all around the political world. today it is thursday, july .
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jim donovan is off. all that plus summer favorite returns to the ben franklin parkway but first lets check the forecast with katie and road with meisha. good morning. >> gateway to the week end as well, we're seeing nice and dry, thank you so much mother nature and katie, of course. >> of course. >> we have one minor accidents but all good. >> i'm happy for quiet weather here but don't hate me for what about i'm to going to say >> it will be steam i for yet another day and we're at the point where we will call it dangerous heat. so once more we will say it again and ad nauseam right through rest of the week and weekend kind of heat we are dealing with is kind of heat you have to be taking extra precautions for. as of noon this afternoon we will start to see these excessive heat warnings and advisories take effect regional wide. everyone is impact, only place that is out of the wood, i guess you can call that it no pun intended is poconos where we will end up with pretty
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warm conditions but not kind of excessive heat we are dealing with the urban core here in that hot magenta coloring. it could feel as hot as 100 to one on 3 degrees. we are seeing one little shower working across eastern maryland but as day goes on these temperatures will go up, we might take one more degree or two off of that early morning low before the sunrise s, meisha but again today is day featuring scorching sunshine and possibility of the little bit of wet weather. we will track timing just a little bit later in the show. all right, katie, thank you so much for. that we are looking outside at overnight construction on the vine, yep, closed again last night and still is westbound and eastbound. when crews move out of the way around 5:00 i will let you know when they do. construction i-95 north betsy was bridge, the left lane is compromised with cones in the road. head up, you can see flashing late from our construction vehicles out there construction i-95 north
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between walt whitman bridge and columbus boulevard, that is in the process of clearing, right lane was compromised, rahel, back over to you. all right, meisha, thank you. we will begin with breaking news manhunt is underway after two women are stabbed overnight, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with south philadelphia with the details good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning. i was able to speak with philadelphia police, officers have been here on the scene all morning long conducting this investigation, it was a double stabbing that has turned into a homicide, investigation. police tell us a mother and daughter were stabbed here in south philadelphia overnight a mother is now dead, daughter in the hospital and police say that the daughter's 25 year-old boyfriend considered a suspect. lets look live at the scene, investigators are holding this scene down in the middle of the block there they have a small area taped off, they have been collecting evidence, talking to eyewitnesses all morning long and they are trying to sort out exactly what unfolded here overnight. i wanting to over what we know
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at this point, two women stabbed here on the 2700 block of daily terrace. police say one woman a 25 year-old woman, a daughter was stabbed in the neck and taken to presbyterian by police. she's now in critical condition. second woman a 48 year-old mother was stabbed in the neck and chest she was taken to hahnemann hospital by medicine knicks critical condition and she died there at hospital. this is a homicide investigation. so investigators they are talking to, they are talking to eyewitnesses here on the scene, again, they tell us that the suspect in this case is the daughter's 25 year-old boyfriend, still on the loose this morning, we will continue to work this scene and get more information, we are told that police will get an interview with camera in just a few minutes so stay with us, we will have the latest at 5:00. we are live in south philadelphia, jan car way owe for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> see you then, thank you. a bizarre chain of events surrounding this taxi cab,
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overnight police say a woman stole the cab and then not only took it for a ride but then pick up a passenger. it all began in germantown when suspect hailed the cab. once inside she trick the driver into pulling over and then hopped in the driver's seat and then drove away. a few blocks from there police say she picked um a woman and her babe hoy had no idea they were in the stolen cab. police eventually arrested the suspect when officers spot that had cab in north philadelphia. well, one of the most anticipated parole hearings in history and it is happening to die. o.j. simpson could walk out of prison if four members give oath kay in nevada. simpson was given nine to 33 years for his role in the 2007 memorabilia heist at palace station casino in las vegas. that came after simpson was ordered to pay 33.5 million-dollar in the wrongful death civil judgment. suit stemmed from the 199 slayings of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. >> i i cannot imagine him doing another robbery at age 70. i suspect he will be on parole
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for a period of time and if he messes up, he will question back to prison. >> officials say any money simpson would make would likely be used to pay off goldman and brown families. if he is granted parole he will not be released until october. cbs news will carry the simpson parole hearing today live, coverage expected to begin at 1:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. senator john mccain is back home in arizona recovering from the procedure only to find out he has brain cancer. eighty year-old senator has a blood clot above his left eye removed friday when doctors discovered he has a brain tumor known as glioblastoma, his family and doctors released a statement saying mccain is reviewing treatment options including a combination of the chemotherapy and radiation, mccain's good friend and collogue senator lindsey graham spoke with mccain and said he is in good spirits. >> so pray. i don't know god knows how this end, in the me but i do know this that this disease is never had a more worthy
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opponent. >> president trump release aid statement saying senator mccain has always been a fighter, former president obama who mccain faced in to on eight cancer doesn't know what it is up against, give it hell, john. our thoughts and prayers where his family. philadelphia water department expects work to be complete this morning on water main break in bustleton. chopper three over bloom field avenue and verree road where the main broke yesterday afternoon. crews worked through yesterday afternoon and evening on the repair work. at least 50 homes were without water for a time. police are investigating a deadly shooting in southwest philadelphia this happened after 10:00 on the 5600 block of gibson drive which is just off lindberg boulevard. officer found a man in his mid to late 20's face down on the sidewalk. he died at the scene from gunshot wound toss his head and torso. so far police have no motive or an arrest. police are investigating after more than a half dozen officers opened fire on a man in kensington. "eyewitness news" on the scene in the 400 block ofe somerset
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street, police say they were responding to a call about a man armed with a semiautomatic handgun when they arrived, they say, that the man held it , up and then pointed the gun at officers. >> it certainly is a use of force that is permsible, you do have a right to defend yourself in anyone else presence. >> seven officers were involved in the shooting. police believe man shot a woman in the nearby home before he threatened police. at last check that woman is in critical condition and man is in stable condition. gunman who shot a folcroft delaware county police officer will be sentenced to day and faces 140 years in prison. dahntay island entered guilty plea in may. investigators say island shot officer chris dorman seven names june of last year as dorman responded to reports of drug activity. island had just been released from a 15 year prison sentence at the time. officer dorman has since recovered and back on the job. one of the victims of the bucks county killings will be laid to rest today, thomas meo 's funeral will follow another viewing for him this
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morning. "eyewitness news" was at burns funeral home on frankford avenue last night as family and friend mourned the loss of meo's. twenty-one year-old body was fun last week in the farm in solebury township. services start tonight for other three victims and continue into the weekend. cosmo dinardo and sean kratz have been charged in the murders. authorities say motive for murders may have been drug deals gone bad. camden mother is behind bars in connection with the death of her four year-old daughter. vigil honoring natalie gunter was held on south ninth street last night. authorities say medics responding to a 911 call on tuesday found the child un response with injuries to her face, and family and neighbors of the vigil say mikayla will be deeply missed. >> she's in heaven. we miss you. i won't hear mom mom come get me. yes, mom mom, i love you. i love you too. >> authorities have charged the girls mother 20 year-old lucy gunter with child endangerment for failing to seek medical attention for her
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daughter. today a panel of judges will choose temporary replacement for district attorney seth williams. thirteen candidates entered for the interim position at city hall yesterday. appointe will serve as either republican, beth grossman or larry krasner takes over in january. she will face off in a mayoral election. seth williams ace waiting sentence nothing october on federal corruption charges. president trump is saying he would have never appointed jeff sessions as attorney general if he had known session was recues himself from the russian meddling investigation. it was a break from one of his earliest supporters is part of the interview with the president and new york times. trump says sessions recues allies quote very unfair to the president. trump also says he would have picked someone else if he known session was recues himself. and president trump also letting republican lawmakers knows he is not happy over their in a ability to pass a g.o.p. health care bill. reince priebus was on capitol hill working with republicans to try to find consensus. president trump has ordered
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them to skip their ordered recess to keep working m junior leader mitch mcconnell said it could be repeal or replace or just repeal of obama care if we end up voting honorary peel, only, it will be full amendable on the senate floor. >> for seven years you promised the american people would you repeal obama care. people are hurting. in axis not an option. >> congressional budget office says that the repeal only option would leave 17 million more americans without coverage by next year. well, coming up newly released body cam footage shows a baltimore police officer planting evidence. we will tell you how baltimore police department is defending officers amid criticism over that video. and the oval opens up to the public today we will preview what we can expect at the summer favorite this year, when we come right
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police rescue a maintenance worker from a water tower, chopper three was in new castle county just after 9:00, state police say a 59 year-old woman was working when she fell back and injured herself. carry her down to the police aviation unit was called into help. >> i lowered corporal walker down to the deck. the fire fighters, tallyville fire fighters and wilmington fire fighters bring her up to the top, and they package her, and in preparation to hoist her out. >> it went pretty well planned , as trained. >> woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition. new castle county police are investigating that incident. little further south baltimore police office's peers to plant drugs and is all caught on camera, take a look, officer's body camera captured the scene in january and footage is raising serious questions, public defender claims video shows an officer placing a red can containing what appears to be drugs, underneath some trash and then
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lifting a fence over to hide it. >> he then walks down alley and miraculously go to the same space where he planted the can with the suspected narcotics in it. >> police fired back with the extended footage tied to the same drug arrest saying it is possible that the officer's replaced the drugs to document their discovery on camera. one officer has been suspended , two others put on desk duty until investigation is complete. happening today, the oval opened up to the public and promises to be bigger and bet they are year. "eyewitness news" was on hand for ribbon cutting yesterday at the eakins oval on ben franklin parkway, the car had something, something for everyone including giant sand box and a new maze, food trucks, always good and interactive art installations for adults, also good. pat gallen will be heading to the oval and tell us about the fun activities this summer in the next hour. and it looks like fun, kate toy day. >> anytime, for the next week
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or so, you want to bring some water. >> be awfully cautious, absolutely. it is all good if you want to enjoy sunshine but keep in mind you have to be paying extra attention, take care of yourself, your kid, your pets as well, just one of those time, the heat can bother you if you are not careful about it. extra water if you have to be out in this is a good idea to pack in the cooler and also taking frequent breaks, just be cognizant of how you are feeling if you have to be out in this. i'm in the saying you want to sit inside with the blinds drawn who wants to do that in the middle of summer. you have to be smart about how you are preparing for a day like this and stay cool. storm scan is empty, it will stay that way for next couple of hours, leading up to lunchtime we will start to see possibility of the shower or thunderstorm in the early or late afternoon. much like the last couple of days have produced. air quality alert now extended to include the entire garden state, good portion of the
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southeastern pennsylvania and all of maryland and down into delaware as well. if you fall in the sensitive category for yet another day this is a day it will bother you if you are a child, elderly, respiratory problems, asthma sufferers you want to be extra careful too on a day like this next few days feels really steamy, and that is peak though from today and tomorrow. you know you are talking triple digit territory here factoring in the humidity, so really uncomfortable conditions at height of the day. saturday not much better but little less harsh up to 96 for that heat index but lets talk you through the actual air temperatures that we're expecting today. 96 degrees, hazy, hot, humid, triple a idea. pop up thunderstorm at worse and then otherwise it is just sunny and baking us here at ground level. warm and muggy, dipping down to 78 degrees. really warm night and that continues through the weekend. couple showers or thunderstorm s over weekend bye not enough to cancel outdoor plans but keep an eye to the
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sky and we will finally, meisha break war of this heat next tuesday. >> we will get tuesday down to 82, even though that is still warm but comfortable. thanks so much, katie. we are looking outside, well, construction. we have a lot out there vine still closed overnight construction west and eastbound we will let you know when that clears. construction i-95 north between betsy ross and bridge street in the process of clearing. might be cleared now. left lane was compromised there. we have flashing lights. a couple people out there take it easy here. we have police activity schuylkill eastbound pennsylvania montgomery drive and it is pulled all the way out to the shoulder. you can see someone sitting there on the far shoulder guardrail. just a heads up, whenever it is dark and people outside their vehicles you want to drive very slowly around that area construction blue route north bound approaching mid county pulled off to the right cones still on the roadway and our crews are still out there just be mindful. take it easy traveling on by. accident here in bridgeport route 23e fourth street at prospect avenue, just a head
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up, it is out there and we have construction on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound before valley forge and that right lane is compromised right now, rahel, back over to you. well, coming up millennials aren't spending their money the same way their grand parents d2 things millennials are spending lesson. where is jim donovan when we
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if you are having a little , weird day waking up, maybe wrong side of the bed, feels, calvin harris, et cetera, will put you in a good mood. it puts me in a good mood. thanks to our producer for playing that song. i love it. again, 4:51. time for a check on business noon.
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hanna daniels joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning, hand a millennials are not following in their grandparent's footsteps, tell us about that. >> good morning, when it comes to spending money that is absolutely true according to a new bank report. it shows millennials spend $2,300 more on everything, from groceries, gas, restaurants and cell phones but when it comes to travel, and tv, they spend a thousand dollars less, then older generations. >> um-hmm, that is interesting also what airline carrier is spreading its wings. >> reporter: frontier airlines low cost carrier is expanding, and plans to double in size. frontier will add 21 new cities, 81 new routes like chicago, denver, austin and ontario. big goal for the airline over 300 non-stop flights, by next year. big goal, all right, hanna , thank you. see you in the next hour.
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well, coming up, we will have more heat in store and today will be the hottest day this week. it is already hot. >> it is looking like. that i do think we will hit mid 90's with no problem but will feel hotter then that because we have so much humidity work with. how hot are we talking ? we will have the answer to that plus your seven day and if there is any end in sight to this heat after the
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welcome back everyone, overlook vine street here, yep , you can actually see the flashing lights, of the officer that is blocking that exit to the vine street expressway as the construction that has been the bain of my early morning commute and existence, continues. when is that supposed to end, like fall 2018. >> you know i cannot promise you that.
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>> at lee i'm able to catch lights on the ben franklin parkway. i have that much for me. little victory that you will find here today, i guess is the fact that at lee primarily will experience sunshine if you had outdoor plans. but here's the thing you need to be careful in the sun we will experience today. storm scan empty at the moment and stays that way until lunchtime but if you plan to take the kid to the park enjoy time on the playground make sure you're paying attention to yourself and how they are feeling. in this extreme heat. heat index could sore as high as 103 this afternoon, and it is not, not much better just fact that the day time high hits 96. if you want to take kid out get them juices flowing and get them running around try to do so early this morning, maybe later toward dusk, just to get out their energy before you send them off to bed because at height of the day it will be very brutal for all of us. so take care. spotty showers and thunder showers firing up to day, also tomorrow and in the weekend.
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thunderstorm icons are right through monday but we're in the talking any day to be a wash out but it would be welcomed at this point because it would cool us down. we don't see that until next tuesday. >> it is going to be very warm >> we have little victories, coming, yeah. thank you very much. we are looking outside we have police activity on the schuylkill eastbound past montgomery drive pulled off to that far right shoulder and you can see someone outside vehicle just taking it easy as you travel by if you are getting up early and heading out on the roadway this might start to slow you down because schuylkill right around that area is starting to heat up quicker then the other. vine, yep, as katie mentioned was closed overnight for construction but good news is by 5:00 it starts to clear westbound side it is clearing we are still waiting on the eastbound side, rahel, back to you. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" we are live from carson city, nevada with a preview of o.j. simpson 's parole hearing later today. >> a exploding tank, big plume s of smoke and flames we
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will show you where this marina fire took hours to battle. find out about what is being called the quote, dulles movie ever made and that is by its producer, we will be back at
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a deadly double stab nothing south philadelphia, officials say victims are a mother and her daughter. we will tell you who police are searching for right now. reaction to senator john mccain's brain cancer diagnosis, outpouring of support from his collogues and former leaders in washington. chris mar teen necessary carson city, nevada where later today a parole board will decide if and when o.j. simpson will be a freeman, that story is coming up. it is thursday, july 20th, i'm rahel solomon, jim donovan 's off, very busy morning of news but lets goat out the


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