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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> right now at 11:00 future
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of high speed travel and up vent tore will bring it right here to philadelphia he has a plan. >> a massive forest fire. and first. >> mr. simpson i do vote to grant parole when eligible and that will conclude this hearing. >> thank you. >> a unanimous decision after nearly 9 years in prison, o.j. simpson will be a free man soon. the one time football star once again returned to headlines his parole hearing car i idea live on tell viing as cross the nation. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> simpson, now 70 years old could be released as early as october 1. he spent more than eight years in prison don't for hotel room hight in las vegas. he testified before the parole board. all four parole commissioners who conducted the hearing voted for his release after a half hour of deliberation.
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>> two criminal defense attorneys have differenting views on the parole decision. >> ukee, completely different rules. he was supposed to serve 33 years in prison. at times he was apologetic and other times he made executions. ultimately he'll be a free man. one defense attorney believes he could easily go back to jail if he's not careful. >> i'm sorry it happened. >> 70-year-old o.j. said he was wrong to join armed associates to get his personal belongings back from sports memoriabilia dealer in 2007. that dealer, bruce, asked the parole board to have mercy on simpson. >> this is a good man he made a mistake. >> he left his hearing knowing he'll be out in a few months. >> when i heard his answers i thought he was talking himself into nine more years. >> bill brenian is defense attorney in philadelphia who was surprised to see parole granted. during his question and answer period. a board member asked
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simpson, why he was involved in the armed robbery. >> the good answer would be i was not thinking i'm sorry. i had nine years to reflect on t he went on a 20 minute diatribe and it was the o.j. he came to see and know. >> for the nad owe perry is not surprised. >> a few years ago he was paroled on five of twelve counts this was formality though they had to vote on it. >> former high school man trophy winner must keep a low profile as much as possible when o.j. simpson. >> keep your mouth shut, live your life and good luck to you. >> brenian says that will be a challengeenth for simpson. >> he tiptoes through the actual ipz but if people are shoving iphone s in his face he'll pose for selfies. >> this has nothing to do with the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron gold ma
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man. remember he was assist aquited in that case in 1995. >> david, thank you. a developing story tonight. firefighters are battling a large forest fire in south jersey. chopper 3 over the warton state forest in washington township. that fire is 0% contained at this point no homes or people are threatened and the cause is unknown. funerals were held today for two of the four victims of bucks county killings. eyewitness news at the ford funeral home in bensalem where family and friends gathered to bid a final farewell. the 2-year-old mark sturges and thomas meo was laid to rest. >> and earlier today investigators searched for more evidence at the bucks county farm where the bodies of sturgis, meo and two others were found. chopper 6 was over that scene. the philadelphia police department k-9 unit assisted
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in the search and the farm is still considered a crime scen scene. although it could be released back to the family of the suspect, cause mow dinardo. >> two brothers drown in a vineland lake. 20-year-old sall and his brother were swimming yesterday when they broupd. officials believe one brother may have been trying to soft other. the lake is a former sand quarry. there are signs posted nearby saying, no swimming. >> septa police released dramatic footage three officers opened fire a suspect was pointing a gun at them. officers were responding to a report of a woman being shot near the somerset l station. when neighbors directed them to the man ot the porch.
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the suspect is in stable condition. the woman suspectsed of shooting in in critical condition. >> sunoco paused construction on controversial marryner east east 2 pipeline in chester county. there was an incident where drilling from pipeline compromised well water for a dozen homes. sunoco says it's pausing on focusing on resolving that issue. monday there was i surge of ground water in delaware koumentsy when an ak square fire was hit by drowning and spills of non toxic drilling lube can't. pennsylvania department of environmental protection is investigating. >> buckle up today a billionaire entrepreneur and now philadelphia will be a stop on a new super high speed transportation system. the project is news to city officials. eyewitness news reporter hof hof is live at 30th street station with details, ali. >> yeah, when you think about it, new york city and washington d.c. are 220 miles apart. super close when you travel 7
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700 miles an hour and that is what elon musk says his technology is capable of and he's planning to put it under his feet. >> we go back and form between d.c. and new york all the time. and when we don't go it's because it takes so long. >> i've always been thinking if it was faster there would be a lot more people travelin traveling. >> elevator engineer and tesla architect elon muvk had a similar thought saying traffic is tweeting me nuts i'm going to build a boring machine tunnel and start digging he did that. and through tunnel building creation called the boring company he vows to move travelers from new york to washington d.c. in other 0 minutes. >> it would be awesome. >> as long as it's safe i'm all for it. >> how is is that the possible. >> we'll let muvk's latest tweets explain. just received government approval for boring company to build underground new york,
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philadelphia, baltimore, d.c. hyper loop and why to did dc in 29 minutes. hyper loop is demonstrated on the web site would whisk, car cars, people under ground at airliner speed. officials in cities connected to the hyper loop are feel out of the loop. a spokesperson for a city of philadelphia commented elon mussing being has had no contact with philadelphia officials in this matter and we don't know what he means when he says he received verbal government approval. for some it's too far fetched. >> i travel this hour and 120 to bwi it's fine. >> you don't mind. >> nope. >> twitter, i numbering city spokesperson says they're not the one one feeling this way. >> and according to washington posts white house has been in conversation with musk about the project. he reached out to twitter followers to help contact
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ledge late ors to move iper link along. hof hof, eyewitness news. >> alex, thank you. search for interim district attorney in philadelphia is over. board of judges selected hoj from a dozen applicants. she will become the fist african-american district to erin take over for seth williams. he resigned last month after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. she's serve until beth grossman on larry cravener take over in january. >> family of former drexel student injured in a fight two years ago is suing his old fraternity and friends. >> he was being helped by his brothers back to the fraternity house 2 and powellton. momentelier mc gib opens fell and hit his head on cement during a fight and suffered a catastrophic brain injury.
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their failure to call 911 for nearly ten hours led to the brain injury. >> they could have prevented his brain from swelling to much that they had to take the top of his skull off to relieve the prern you're. >> it's been two of the worst years of my life and i don't want any other family to have to go through what we have to go through. >> drexel is not named in the lawsuit. and the university says if a statement the drexel police conducted investigation notified the office of the district attorney and it was determined no charges would be filed. >> today arizona senator john mccain tweeted he would be back to work as he battles aggressive form of brain cancer. prayers and words of encourag encouragement pour in from colleagues. they found a cancerous tumor while removing a blood clot above his eye last friday. 80-year-old 6th term senator still working while he considers treatment options. >> brushing offer rumors he
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plans to resign after trump criticizeds his investigation. he complained about sessions recruiseing ill himself from the investigation into the u.s. election. sessions stepped aside in march after revelations he had undisclosed meeting with the you russian am bar door during the campaign. >> we love this job and love this department. and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. sessions will number philadelphia tomorrow to speak out against sanctuary cities like philadelphia. sank tu tear a city limit cooperation between federal officials and police to enforce laws. >> meteorologist chelsea iping gram is tracking our fifth heat wave of the season. >> not much relief into the overnight hours. hoy it will feel in the full forecast, that's next. >> also ahead at 11:00, this
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is something to talk about. vittoria woodill heads to ocean city institution that's serving up three square meals a day and the eating contest that khevrpz the most seasoned foody. can torey conquer it. >> and ban on french fries. while many countries in europe will not serve up the crispy ones any longer. >> bag full of dust and not any dust. how much this piece of space history sold at auction and why it's surrounded by couldn't versey.
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>> lincoln park lead singer chester benning ton was found dead in his home. he hanged himself. the singer struggled with drugs and alcohol. benning ton band found success in 2000 with hybrid theerpy. their latest album one more light was released in may. they were to start a tour next week. >> fast moving wildfire in california is leaving a path of destruction in its wake. detweiler fire burned more
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than 4,000 acres and 99 bullings 50 homes and it's only 7% contained. more than,000 firefighters are fighting that fire. >> next time you answer yes to the question, do you want fries with that, be grate freight fuel you're not in europe. they're banning brown french fries. sob clear not all are off the table just drispe ones because of chemical they're fried in. new regulations are introduced in 20 19. cbs is headed to ocean city for another addition of summer fest. as you drive through the shore town it's hard to miss the pink exterior of the charter boxing. >> restaurant has been serving diapers in ocean city and vittoria woodill takes you there in tonight's taste with torey. there's a pink building in ocean city where the town met for years.
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it's the chatter box. for 0 years in fact this place has always about the jiving joint to be see and seen by the beach. >> 19th was the speech and this was the place. >> the curfew stayed and today. >> it still feels like chatter box. >> because owners bob and marie boyer customers for over 30 years wanted to preserve this iconic hangout. >> we didn't want to see it go so we stepped in and start it. that's the way business is. >> everywhere you look it's a trip down memory lane. >> sna on the left was their soda jerk they called them then. >> check out the anyone uand buckle up breakfast, lunch and dinner, i ordered the crab cakes. >> that's summer right there. >> i'm not sharing.
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the reward winning creamy seafood khouder with salmon and shellfish. >> this you could probably use your sand shovel for. >> i checked mirrors and wept into box khvrping a sandwich stacked with four angus beef patties, pork and onion rings. if i heat in 15 minutes i get it free. >> it's like it's on a spit or something. >> the cheddar is delicious. the barbeque sauce on that pulled pork, wow. maybe you let it do the work. >> i swear i'm taking a break. >> gm. is this the sop sewlation prize. >> fresh hot waffle banana split suae. >> i'm not giving up but i'll be back. >> i don't believe it. >> i think she's still eating. >> no doubt about it. join us for cns 3 summer felt
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live from ocean justy we kick things off in the morning and i'll be with the rest of the boards in front of and behind the camera starting on eyewitness news at 5 as people prepare for boats for a night in venice and we'll show you the things that keep m coming back to o.c. year after year. poor patti. >> she gets the sandwich for free? that's what i want to know? >> we'll have to track her down and find out. chelsea will be a good day to be down the shore. >> you have to find a way to cool off. we had excessive heat once again and we had a lot of stress across the region toda today. look at high temperatures well into the 90s across the delaware valley official high temperature today, oh, man, that was 96 degrees. and in philadelphia we made it to 95. trenton 5 degrees. allentown 94 and then we hit 93 officially in both reading as well as wilmington. we have more dangerous heat that will head our way for
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tomorrow. for philadelphia, all surroun surrounding county and northern delaware. we can see heat index values 98 to 101 degrees depending where you live around philadelphia. so it's going to be another hot one. we have excessive heat warning in space and we're on top for a hot weekend. there's relief on the way and i'll show you that in the 7 day forecast in a moment. 8 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's 81 in millville, 84 atlantic city. we're in the 70s now in trenton. 71 allentown and 78 reading and cool spot on the map that is mount pocono around 66 degrees. and these dew points are in the 60s and 70s setting us you up for a muggy night. not much in terms of the heat into the overnight hours tonight and overnight low temperatures will make it down to the upper 70s. warm night in store and fin finding a way to cool down by the pool side. 96 is high temperature and larger on the suncreen more excessive heat on the way. can't hit up the pool.
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stay inside in the air conditioning and head to the library and movies and mall. any way you can to stay cool and weather aware as you head to friday. storm scan 3 shows a line of storms earlier this evening. they brought downed trees along with it they were strong storms. now they since moved off and we're looking for a quiteet night in store into the overnight hours. starting out friday, plenty of sunshine. scorching sunshine into the afternoon. it will be a dry day across the board across the delaware valley. as we head to saturday we start out the day dry. we'll have to watch. saturday afternoon and saturday evening for strong thunderstorms developing once again. these could end up being strong to severe. we're under the slight risk category for severe weather as we head into saturday evening and here's a look what you can expect. down the shore that's the place to cool off and the place to be during this time of year for sure. sunshine and hot sand tomorrow 90. 87 saturday. 88 sunday and we're talking about shower and thunderstorm
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chances into the weekend. here's your forecast for tonight, little relief from the heat. muggy and warm, 78. crank up the ac overnight and also tomorrow, sunshine with that extreme heat and high temperature right around 96. eyewitness weather looks like this. as we head into the weekend high temperatures in the 90s. also risk for showers and thunderstorms around pretty much each day. by monday we'll be hot and humid with a high temperature of 90. timely some relief heed headed our way tuesday high of 83 and wednesday looks spectacular. sunshine and 85. >> wow. >> hang in there. we'll make it. >> sounds good to me. all right. thanks. >> don surprise next with sports. >> talking hoops why j.j. re redic was blown away by sixers and how a group of girls in delaware down they are getting ready to take opt world. delaware down they are getting ready to take opt world. sports coming up next
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>> all roses for j.j. redic. before the deal he deposit eat or sleep and he was worried about finding a new team. in a documentary uninterrupted he explained interest in the sixers snri was able to have a really good conversation with brett brown about actions we can run next year. it was a really good conversation. i was overwhelmed by the atmosphere and one of the things i told them in the meeting was like i want to be around a good group and good people and that is sort of what they were preaching to m me. >> and all right. moving on now the hits keep coming for a group of young girls in delaware county and many their age are chilling in the sun for summer vacation this determined crew is gea gearing up for the world stag
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stage. >> it's a special time for softball in ridley. for the first time ever ridley babe ruth league will send three teams to the world series. >> we had a township league here years. 50, 60 years and what we've done in the last few years is branched off to be able to governement girls more softball postseason softball. >> program thrived. it will send 8, 10 and 12 and under teams to face some of the best in the country and the world. it's a trip that will cost a lot of money. >> that was the overwhelming part when i first got the call. that was first thing that crossed my mind. and we have done a lot of fundraiseers. >> we've done -- and we're going to do ritas and a carwash. >> it's an experience. because they're learning it takes hard work to do fundraising and get where we have to get to. >> some of the girls look forward to playing teams from texas or china and others have a local rival on their mind.
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>> auto bop. >> i want another chance to beat them. >> others don't worry who they'll play. >> they'll be a lot of good teams there we're a good team but they'll probably be really good i want to have fun. >> adds for how they'll do. >> i believe that we will wi win, i believe that we will win! one, two, three, ridley. >> i'm pumped. help them to find the links for their go fund me page and list for the fundraiser events they'll have as well. >> good luck. >>
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we have so many tools at our center. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at slash philadelphia. >> sdmv it's a purchase out
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of this world. >> a bag containing traces of moon dust sole at auction $1.8 million. the sale in new york was surrounded by fallout from a court battle. collection back was used by neal armstrong in 196 in mission to the mop and it was misidentified and sold in auction online in 2015. nasa fought to get it back and lost the battle. it is not identified today's buyer. chelsea. >> as we head into the weekend we won't get much in terms of relief. from the heat and humidity.
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we'll stay hot and humid with temperatures in the 90s and dew points well up. there that will make it still feel uncomfortable saturday and sunday. we see sun from time to time mixing with clouds on both days and unsettled with chances
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our morning crew is back tomorrow 4:30 to 7. >> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a good night family,
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colbert is next. >> have a good night family, and sleep captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: hello, or as they say in russia, hallo. i'm here in magnificent red square. behind me you see linen's tomb where is founder of this great nation lies in stake. you're asked not to speak and no selfies. got a good one, though. ( laughter ) behind the wall is the kremlin. think of it as russia's white house -- or america's white house. >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! "russia week"! tonight, stephen welcomes jason bateman and musical guest muse,


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