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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 24, 2017 7:00am-8:58am EDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ioni funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, july 24th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." more than 100 people may have been packed in the back of a tractor trailer found parked in texas. nine died, dozens are hurt. police are now hunting for the smugglers behind a tragedy involving immigrants. >> president trump's son-in-law jared kushner will face the senate intelligence committee today. in testimony this morning he admits to undisclosed meetings with russia but did not collude. >> entire neighborhoods submerged. plus princes william anld
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harry shared stories about their mother in a new documentary tonight. >> it was that love that even on the other side of the room as a son you could feel it. >> why the royal sons regret their final conversation with their mother. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. they were very hot to the touch. these people wiere in the trailr without any signs of water. >> a deadly human traffic operation in texas. >> authorities found the victims in the back of a sweltering tractor trailer. >> the driver of the tractor trailer was arrested. >> the son-in-law jared kushner will testify behind closed doors regarding the investigation. >> we suspect this is going to be just the first interview, but there are a great many questions we will have for mr. kushner. >> anthony karamu chi. what happens to leakering on your watch?
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>> they're going to get fired. i'm going to make it strong. we're as strong as leak. if you keep leaking, i'm going to fire everybody. s weekend. it caused widespread damage. >> this is epic for us. like this. >> there was a contested site in mental listty of jerusalem. fun group is trying to close the state's last a clinic. >> champagne toast as chris captured his fourth win. >> they were shark wasn't really in the water. >> i don't like taking silver t the great white. >> -- and all thatmatters. >> i promise to keep you safe and try to be a good person.
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>> a-o boy was overflowing with emotion when the boy's vows with his new step mom. -- on "cbs this morning." it's been contest1860 >> i'm going to take this back to america. i'll try to return >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go plas. welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off, so jeff glor is with us. good morning. >> good to be here. >> we're learning new details about a deadly human trafficking incident in texas. at least nine people are dead after being packed into a sweltering tractor trailer. about 30 others are hospitalized. >> officials say more than 00 people may have been inside the
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trailer. many have suffered from extreme dehydration and heatstroke. >> some of the victims are believed to have entered from guatemala and mexico. san antonio is about a 150-mile drive from the border. mark strassmann is in san antonio where temperatures reached more than 100 degrees over the weekend. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in the back of this tractor trailer, there was no air conditioning, and there was no water. there were more than 100 stuck inside what amounted to an oven on wheels. inside this tractor trailer police and emergency responders found eight people dead and dozens more struggling to survive. >> each one of them had heart rates over 130 beats per minute, which, again, they were very hot to the touch. >> reporter: overnight sunday a walmart employee was approached by one of the victims asking for water. the employee called 9/11. investigators believe more than
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100 people rode the trailer into san antonio. >> checking the video from the store, we found that there were a number of vehicles that came in, pecked up edpicked up a lots that were in that trailer that survived the trip. >> reporter: in a statement district attorney richard durbin stated an alien smuggling venture gone horribly wrong. all were victims. they made more than 2000 smuggling arrests in 2016. that's more than 1400 in 2015. >> hart to imagine the suffering that went on inside of that truck. >> reporter: jonathan ryer is executive director. >> people are desperate to flee to come this this country.
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they'll take extreme measures such as this. >> reporter: investigators don't know how long the people were stuck in the truck. they arrested 60-year-old of clearwater, florida. he'll be arraigned later this morning. the truck is registered to take cargo out of iowa. its owner has not been obtained for comment. jared kushner will testify before the senate intelligence commission in a closed hearing. he released a statement. he describes hardly any contact with russia or russian representatives. he said, quote, i did not collude nor know of anyone else in the campaign who colluded with any foreign government. i had no improper contacts. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with what could be dramatic testimony. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. the opening statement alone is
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11 pages from kushner. in it he says he didn't try to conceal any conversations with russian authorities and those he did have were brief and routine. he's going to tell two committees, one today and the house committee tomorrow. he said he didn't collude and didn't know the name of the ambassador until his father was arrested. >> we have a lot of ground to cover. >> on "face the nation" the top democrat on the house committee outlined the kushner conversations they want to know more about. >> obviously the meeting with donald junior and several russians we now know were in that meeting, but also the meeting that was alleged to have taken place ahead of the russian bank. >> that meeting took place last december around the time cushion never reportedly talked to the russian ambassador about establishing back channel communications with russia. in his new testimony he claims he did not ask for a secret back channel but only wanted to
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establish a line of communication to resolve the syrian crisis and asked kislyak if they had communications they could use where they could be comfortable translating the information they wanted to replay to general flynn. lawmakers have warranted to hear all of this from jared kushner for a while. >> here's how i met the russian ambassador, here's what we talk about, here's how i met the banker guy, here's what we talked about. >> donald trump jr. and paul manafort have agreed to their own meeting. over the weekend lawmakers finalized a tough sanctions bill punishing russia for invading crimea and invading the 2016 election th election. they'll hold a review if the president trump tries to weaken it. >> if he vetoes the bill, we will override his veto.
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>> the white house says they do expect that he will end up finding it. >> thank you, nancy. the white house now says it supports the direction the sanctions bill is headed but won't weigh inconclusively until it's finalized. but the president yesterday from the communications team was muddled. the new communications director anthony scaramucci says he hopes to create a positive mojo with the press but there was a stumble yesterday with what he faces. margaret brennan has more on this. good morning. >> good morning. he believes he has a communication problem and not a political one. he wants the new staff to change the focus from the stalled health care, dismal approval ratings, and the ongoing russia probe. >> we're going to work very hard to change the culture. >> president trump's new communications director says he has one goal. >> we're going to focus and
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refine the messaging from the white house. >> but scaramucci muddled the message when he confirmed the president is exploring, quote, the complete power to pardon anyone swept up in the russia investigation. >> i'm in the oval office last week, we talked about that, he said he talked about that but said he doesn't have to be pardoned. nobody has to be pardoned. >> those comments dlektly go against the president's lawyer. >> pardons are not discussed and not on the table. >> the president chose anthony car moochie, a former tv anchor and wall streeter. >> if you guys want to keep leaking, if you want to keep leaking make a decision to stop leaking, but if you keep leaking, i'm going to fire everyone. >> his sudden ascent was a surprise. he did not initially support
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president trump, even campaigning against him. >> the politicians don't want to go after trump because he's got a big mouth. >> he apologized from the podium. >> mr. president, if you're listening, i personally apologize. >> his appointment led secretary sean spicer to resign. >> i'm leaving it in capable hands of anthony and sarah sanders. >> there were no hard feelings. >> i love the guy, wish him well, and hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money. >> jeff, we will be hearing from president trump later today when he is scheduled to talk about his latest attempt to overhaul health care. >> margaret brennan, thank you very much. more than 20 million people are under severe weather alert this morning throughout the northeast. flash flood warnings were issued in new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, and washington, d.c. this massive system already
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hammered the midwest. it toppled trees, overturned cars, and caused widespread flooding. demarco morgan is in moline, illinois, where the water is rising. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. as you can see behind me, the rock river is already 2 feet above flood stage and is expected to rise even further. though the rain has stopped, officials say their work has just begun. under clear skies residents observing the devastation caused by the latest round of severe weather. in kentucky, homes are found ripped from their foundation, vehicles are pulled from the water. the rain may have stopped but in many places flooding remains a real threat. in illinois, people are racing against time. >> not even thinking about it.
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>> no. >> reporter: this shows the galena river overflowed. the town of darlington sits emp empty. all roads leading into town sits closed. >> when the river goes up, all you can do is watch it go up. there's not a lot to do to stop it. >> reporter: the ground where we were standing was dry about four hours ago. the river is expected to crest sometime tomorrow. charlie sf. >> thanks, demarco. rescuers in arizona work yoefrd night to try to lead nine hikers to safety. another eight were pulled to safety yesterday by a helicopter. one was a 4-year-old boy. there are new questions this morning about how the minneapolis police officer who killed justine damond was
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trained. jamie yuccas is at minneapolis headquarters where this investigation has caused a big change in leadership. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the minneapolis mayor said she was frustrated by the lack of leadership with police chief janee harteau and that's why she asked for her resignation. critics are more frustrated that there's not more information about justine damond's death. at the same time police officer mohamed noor is still refusing to speak to investigators. the mayor said it's time for new leadership accepting the resignation of janee harteau. the new police chief, medaria
7:15 am
arredondo. police are still investigating why officer noor opened fire from the passenger seat of the police vehicle across his farther never's body, striking justine damond through an open window. now a week after her death questions are being raised about his training. he joined the minneapolis police for a program without a degree in criminal justice or law enforcement. he graduated college with baze degree. criminal justice scholar james densley said there needs to be more background. >> were his colleagues fully aware of his background at the time. >> it's helped the mpd to hire
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highly qualified and decorated officering including many of our current chiefs, inspectors, and commanders. damond called 911 at the urging of her fiance. he said, i played the over and over in my head. why didn't i stay on the phone. >> kentucky has become ground zero for the abortion debate. the state could become the first in the nation without an abortion provider. hundreds of protesters from a national anti-abortion group are gathering there this week. they're making the state and the clinic their target. anna werner is there to talk to the children cal director and those who want to shut it down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. what you're looking at here, this black and yellow tape on
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the sidewalk, this is a buffer zone. it was put into place by a federal judge late last week because back in may protesters actually blocked patients' access into the abortion clinic. now what the protesters have been doing is lining up along the edge talking to patients as they go in. their goal is to shut this clinic down. abortion opponents started gathering at churches in louisville over the weekend, gearing up. they brought their eight children with them from milwaukee along with a firm belief. >> they have it legalized, killing of little human beings in the womb is deplorable. >> reporter: the group called roe v. wade, a covenant with death, and wants to close down the clinic. the last remaining abortion clinic in the state.
7:18 am
kentucky's landscape is changing. republican governor matt bevin publicly opposes abortion and the gop controlled legislature has passed new restrictions on abortion. in may nearly a dozen protesters were arrested for blocking entrance to the clinic. >> there's not going to be violence on our side. >> one of their activists told me they don't oppose violence. do you believe that? >> no. >> how do you feel about being a target? >> it's offensive because there are people outside who believe they have a monopoly over god and they don't understand he is in there too. those people outside aren't the only christians in the world. >> so the u.s. marshals are here to help keep the piece today. also later today the federal judge is going to decide whether to keep this buffer zone in place for a long period of time, but protesters don't plan to be
7:19 am
here, they plan to go to the clinic's doctors' homes as well. >> thank you very much. as o.j. simpson prepares to leave prison p, the murderers he was acquitted of in 1995 remain unsolved. up >> announcer: this national weather report is sponsored by advil. fast, powerful, and proven
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relief that makes pain a distant memory. a new documentary reveals for the first time princess diana through the memories of her sons. >> their precious final moments with their mom and the final call they'll never forget. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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family's search for justice investigated a dozen come plants of one florida officer. ahead, what he's accused of and why they charged hundreds of
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". good morning, i'm rahel solomon, there is some clean up this morning, for people in many areas, after heavy rain and flooding last night. camden and elsewhere, dealing with high water right now, careful approaching water like this specially if you're not certain how deep it is, also it, may be dry right now, about but looks leak the rain will return later, on that note, we send it over to matt peterson to track it out for us. >> definitely a mess after day just in general. now, most of the precipitation , again, across philly starting to taper offer but as we look at neighborhood network up toward kutztown, gray, dear i for our neighbors to the north, and we do still have some showers and maybe even a very, very isolated rumble every thunder pushing through the lehigh valley as well right now.
7:27 am
temperatures for the most part this afternoon, still hot, still get up to 89 degrees, meisha. but, at least the showers are starting to tape i off for those folks driving around. >> can i not even tell you, matt, what a difference it looks like now than seeing earlier. so first where earlier we had tractor-trailer accident, now since cleared, you can still see, vehicle pulled off blocking the left lane. fifty-nine south at the vine, it is re opened, other than the block in the left lane. the backups are pretty substantial, plus in the back up area, at the vine, you can see this disable vehicle, pulled all the way off to the right shoulder, garden state parkway past ocean sit a accident there, rahel, over you. >> thank you, next update clock 55, up next on cbs this morning, what we see in the new documentary on
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new nasa video gives us a different view of the southern lights. this spectacular light show was shot from the international space station. it was in orbit from southern australia to above the southern pacific ocean. astronaut jack tweeted this. people asked what a burrito smothered in awesomeness of awesome sauce, well, folks, awesome sauce is this. it's green. when is the last time you had awesome sauce? >> i wouldn't think of a burrito. >> it's beautiful. >> it's great. >> we all have different definitions of awesome sauce. that's his. very nice. welcome back to "cbs this
7:31 am
morning." superior john mccain spent the weekend relaxing outdoors in arizona after revealing his fight against brain cancer. he and his daughter both posts on twitter. you can see he was not afraid to get wet wheel enjoying hikes with his daughter and a friend. he tweeted he's glad congress reached a bill on new sanctions for russia, iran, and north korea, and he said he's reviewing details on new sanctions. the house is expected to vote on it on tuesday. >> his spirit is still alive and strong. the hill reports democrats will unveil a new plan today to reorganize their agenda at their election laws. they're calling it a better deal. they call it focusing raising incomes on better jobs. building an economy that gives americans the chance to succeed
7:32 am
in the 21st century. and "usa today" reports the pent gone will have to answer questions on how it raised millions for questionable cam flonch uniforms firefighter afghanistan soldiers. the report reveals they may have squandered away $28 million. they purchased them without testing its effectiveness. a university of montana student talks about spending nearly a week in a chinese jail. guthrie mclean spent a week in jail. he said he was defending his mother who teaches in china. "the wall street journal" says fires are pushing up lum prices. the problem is it produces half of canada's number.
7:33 am
the united states gets one third of its supplies from canada. 20 years after princess diana's death we're hearing about the very last time she spoke to her sons. prince william and prince harry share memories of their mom. elizabeth palmer is outside kensington palace in lan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. kensington plaps behind me is where prince william is wherean family links now but where his mother and family lived more than two decades ago. memories are evoked in this documentary. >> a little bit too raw, and up to this point it's still too raw. >> reporter: two decades after princess diana's sudden and shocking death, the sons reminisce about the life of
7:34 am
their famous mother. she may have been the moat photographed woman in the world, but at mhome, she's just mom. they remembered how she loved to dress them up in funny costumes and snap pictures. the memories are ineverybody obligate bittersweet. the last time they spoke to their mother she was in paris hours before she died and they were far away in scotland with their grandmother the queen to go outside and play. harriy and i were in a desperate rush to say good-bye, he says. if i'd known what was going to happen, i would. have been so blase. harry said how differently the conversation would have panned out if he had the slightest inkling it twous be their last. now 35 years old william is making sure lady diana is recognized as granny diana by
7:35 am
his own two children. >> i talk about her and try to remind them there are two grand moers. there were two grandmothers in their lives. >> the princess hoped to remind a new generation that their mother was more than a glamorous cover girl. sh was a trail blazing select activist. % >> people now understand the work she did, pioneering work she did for things like hiv and aids, for homelessness and the land mine campaign. >> reporter: the boys who knew her best have now followed her lead to become public champions for the vulnerable, people with mental health problems or injured servicemen, a cause harry spoke to norah o'donnell about last year. >> i'd hope she'd be incredibly proud and looking down thinking what we've achieved because it's a massive team effort.
7:36 am
what we've achieved is absolutely brilliant. >> it's been clear for some time how much the princes respected their mother's publy sichl and activism. but how in private they adored her sheer playfulness. jeff? >> it's so touching to hear them speak and call her a naughty parent. also you never know when it's going to be the last conversation with someone. >> it's too bad they feel so badly because you do never know. >> she clearly adored them, and they her. good to see. a florida family believes an officer who hit and killed their loved one should have lost his badge before the deadly crash. land died from his injuries p officer james was responding to a robbery calm the injury was ruled an accident. when land's family and their attorney began investigating this crash, they found the officer had nearly a dozen
7:37 am
complaints against him. omar villafranca looks at their search for justice. >> not having the answers, it absolutely does delay your grieving. >> stacy was heartbroken when her brother was struck by an officer on call. he was immediately put on administrative leave but never arrested. one month later he was allegedly charged with beating a handcuffed teenager. the alleged beating may not be an isolated incident. a jacksonville sheriff's office document shows that 11 complaints have been filed against officer james since 2014. charges include violating firearms policies and lying to supervisors. james received a ten-day suspension for the latter.
7:38 am
in april cell phone footage surface odd what appears to be officer tim james spitting on a man outside a hospital. james has not responded to our request for an interview. the jacksonville sheriff's department says florida law protects them. >> we cannot identify an officer under identification. >> stacy land wanted to know more. her lawyer put in a public perons ". the schiff's office sent an invoice totally $314,687.91. >> it was ridiculous. it's clearly meant to prevent us from looking further. >> they said it was brown and included all the documents in a 1,600 square foot room. >> it's a bit obstructionist to
7:39 am
say we charged that for one record when it's not accurate. >> he's one of seven officers. charges include tampering with evidence and aggravated assault. prosecutors have dropped charges in 41 cases that rely on testimony of recently arrested officers. as for stacy land, she says she wants justice for her brother. >> my brother's life to me is a perfect storm with a department looking the other way and an officer who should not be on the street. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning" omar villafranca. into another case, o.j. simpson serves the final months of his recent sentence. ahead, the latest in the investigation of who killed nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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o.j. simpson will serve the remainder of his time in prison custody. the parole board unanimously approved his release last week. he could walk out as soon as october 1st. in 1995 he was akwitsed of the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. good morning, charlie. a report 13d.5 million people tune in to ochlt j. simpson's parole hearing last week. that's far putter than the 150 million people who watched his acquittal in 1995. still it shows the o.j. obsession lives on as well as the debate of who killed nichol brown simpson and ron goldman. >> i would like to get back to my family and friends. believe it or not, i do have some friends. >> one thing is certain. it will be a world well acquainted with his past.
7:45 am
>> people will always want to be a part of the o.j. case and they'll always be looking for evidence that the lapd missedle that's because it's a mist industry that to some has nonbenot been solved. >> oh, my god. is she dead? >> yes. >> i'm so sorry, mr. simpson. >> people are fascinated with the 1995 acquittal and the deaths of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. the case remains open today. >> the word "open" regarding an investigation can mean so many things. it may mean that because o.j. was acquit and they never found another murderer is not a reason to shut it down. >> simpson vowed to find justice for his ex-wife in a statement read by his son jason. >> i will pursue as my primary goal in life the killer or
7:46 am
killers of ron goldman and nicole simpson. >> he wrote the book "if i did it." >> the book was a turning point. >> simpson has repeatedly maintained his innocence that my detractors speak negatively of m. i don't let it go to my lobotomy really. >> he won't be tried again because of double jeopardy, but he certainly can be question. in fact, he doesn't have a fifth amendment protection anymore. the los angeles police department wouldn't provide any additional details in the case. legal experts say there are plenty of challenges that go with investigating a crime that is more than 25 years old. among them, the fact that you're also dealing with decades-old evidence and memories. jeff? >> all right, jericka. ing that you very much. o.j. simpson's lawyer says his client is on cloud nine after being granted parole.
7:47 am
ahead we'll ask him whether simpson plays to pay the multi-million-dollar civil junts against ron goldman's family. up next, a race between michael phelps and what appears >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by walgreens, at the corner of happy and healthy.
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7:52 am
38.1 seconds, and that was two seconds slower than the fake shark. but everybody's -- it got everybody watching, jeff. >> but everybody was disappointed. >> people were disappointed and they were kind of mad, charlie. >> weird. creatures are seeing the light of day once again in southern california. ahead, the subway project that uncovered a treasure trove of fossils and how they're bringing the past to light. you're watching "cbs this morning." i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. and if you want, pour a little more, because this scent lasts for 12 weeks, which is longer than any relationship i've ever been in.
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7:56 am
>> good morning, i'm jim donovan, history will be made with the city's first african-american takes oath of office. kelly hodge row places former d.a. seth williams, who resign after pleading guilty to corruption charges, hodge will serve until either republicans can set grossman or larry krasner takes over the it in january. let's look at matt with the forecast. >> it will be a messy monday for us, across the area, we had those showers, few thunderstorms this morning now most of the morning precipitation has tapered off on couple of showers not completely ruled out, as we go through the rest of the morning. we will see break in the action, with mostly cloudy
7:57 am
skies this afternoon, and there is still flashflood warnings from 9:00 a.m. west of the city, and our high temperatures today, 89 degrees so meisha we have our work cut out for thus monday morning. >> yes, you specially do, matt i can tell you, it is getting little better in the world of travel. little bit. but still pretty busy. accident 59 south of the vine earlier, that's cleared, then looking at service vehicle blocking the one lane open, far west lane, now cleared, ease tension around there. accident in mt. laurel, 295 past route 73, that left lane compromised, jim, over to you. >> next update is at 8: 25, coming up cbs this morning, what's in store for o.j. prison?as he prepares to i'm jim donovan, make it a great
7:58 am
so i want my glasses my girlfriend loves artists. and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists! get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses. schedule your eye exam at
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8:00 am
its is monday, july 24th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." we are learning more about what jared kushner will tell a senate committee today. we'll get new detail is of meetings with russian officials including one with donald trump jr. inside trump tower. plus, we'll talk with o.j. simpson's lawyers about the former football's plans after he walks away free from a california prison. first here's your "eye opener" at 8:00. we leerned of a human trafficking tragedy in texas. at least nine people are dead. >> people stuck inside what
8:01 am
amounts to an oven on wheels. >> he says he didn't try to conceal any contact with russian trorts. >> president trump believes he has a communications problem and not a political one. he wants the news staff to change its focus. >> severe weather throughout the northeast. the system already hampered the midwest. >> as you can see, the rock river behind me is two feet above flood stage and is expected to rise further. in a new documentary, prince william and prince harry share memories of their mom. >> and now we learn in private how much they adored her sheer playfulness. >> now he's $8 million richer. >> scott blumstein won the world series of poker. >> the card. >> it's the deuce! the river plateau!
8:02 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king and jeff glor. norah is off. white house senior adviser jared kushner will testify this morning about his contact with russian officials and businessmen. the senate intelligence committee is expected to question the president's son-in-law about why he initially failed to disclose the meeting. in a statement released the morning, kushner denies that he colluded with russia. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning. kushner knows he's a key focus of the russian investigation and he has released 11 pages of testimony aimed at showing he has nothing to hide. in it he says that any meetings that he had with russian dignitaries were brief and routine, and he goes into quite a bit of detail about that now infamous meeting that he attended with don junior and a russian lawyer in june of 2016. kushner said he didn't read through the entire e-mail chain
8:03 am
befo beforehand, and so he didn't know trump junior was open to getting russian dirt on hillary clinton. kushner said he got to the meeting late. he said they talked about adoptions and he felt the meeting was so pointless he actually e-mailed his assistant and said, will you please call me on my cell, i need an excuse to get out of this meeting. he had a meeting with then ambassador sergey kislyak before his father was inaugurated. he did ask about using the embassy to communicate but only to discuss syria during the transition. after he is grilled in the senate intelligence committee today, jeff, he's expected to go to the house tomorrow. >> thank you very much. the president criticized republicans last night on twitter. he warned if they do not, quote,
8:04 am
repeal and replace the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understand. the senate plans a vote tomorrow on health care. what's in the legislation remain as mystery and it's not clear if the republicans have the votes to debate much less pass a bill. >> they will work today to refocus white house messaging. new communications director anthony scaramucci promises a reboot. the wall street investor appeared on tv before the investigation. in a series of sunday shows interviews, scare mao kay said he would create what hae said was a positive mojo with media. some of his words seemed to be aimed at one particular viewer. >> we'll operate a strategy that will knock the officers off of people. i love the guy. i spent the last 18 months supporting him. he's a phenomenal fighter for the american people. he's great to the americans.
8:05 am
look how good his kids turned out. you can't fake good kids. if i said something to him while working for another candidate, mr. trump, i apologize for that, and i'm going to be work for your yu and serve the american people and get this out to the heartland where it belongs and turn it to the movement. >> i love how you're turning it to one specific person. >> i think the president likes scaramucci's style. >> i think he loves him as much as scaramucci loves the president. >> he says he will take dramatic action to stop leaks in the white house. o.j. simpson is serving his final months in the prisoning after winning parole. the parole board granted simpson his freedom last week after serving nine years of his 3-year sentence for armed robbery and
8:06 am
kidnapping. malcolm lavergne is his attorney and joins thus morning. >> good morning. it's lavergne. >> laverge. i appreciate your making that correction. tell us about mr. simpson? >> he's in a hybrid, they ooh doing that for his protection so in one takes a shot at him or someone takes a last-minute shot. i concurred in that decision and mr. simpson is a very people person, loves people, loves to interact with them. he's always enjoyed unfetter ed freedom from restriction. i asked him what he would like, to get his parole denied and
8:07 am
stay in gen pop or get his parole granted and be restricted for a while. >> have there been threats that are of concern? >> from my viewpoint, yes, there have been threats against him. >> i want to go back to the parole hearing last week. did you cringe when he said, i led basically a conflict-free life? many were upset by that remark especially with the well known documented abuse of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson. >> no, i don't think that was a cringe-worthy remark. if you're look at 70 years, you're looking at a couple of incidents, but for most of his life he's led a really good life as a citizen. >> it was more than a couple of incidents. it wasn't just a couple of incidents. >> yeah. i think it's a couple of incidents. in fact, this is the only time he's been convicted.
8:08 am
i think people now have to realize he's a convicted felon. he ee going to be on the outside living a con life. it's time to move on from that and mr. simpson is going to enjoy his life golfing and joining his family and friend stho s. >> they say they've received less than 1%. >> no. nobody cares about the goldmans' judgment. >> they care about it, don't they? >> no. the goldmans are free to do whatever they want with that judgment and do whatever -- and collect on it. i've gotten a big jury judgment against some people and it's my obligation to try and collect on that. the goldmans can go around doing whatever they want and collecting on the judgment and also getting a booking
8:09 am
advancement, anything they want to do. that's up -- >> but your client doesn't want to willingly pay any money. >> it's not his obligation to pay them any money. >> it's not his obligation even throw was a legal judgment? >> it's a civil judgment. it's their obligation to use writs and -- there's all kinds of things to collect on a civil judgment. that's not even on mr. simpson's radar screen and mine neither. >> what is on his radar screen? what does he plan to do with his life? >> he plans to go out and do what he did before, which is to golf, spend time with family and a lot of his friends. >> he also says he wants to go to the kbrgrave of nicole simps >> no, he hasn't. he didn't say that. >> there are reports he plans to go visit the grave. is that true? >> there are family members who passed away since he's been incarcerated and that bums him out that he wasn't there to
8:10 am
grieve with his loved ones so he plans to go at some point and honor the graves of those members who pass aid way while he was incarcerated. >> so the report that he was planning to go visit nicole brown simpson eebs grave is in correct? >> yeah, that's false. >> a lot of people would consider that insensitive. it's good that you clear thad up. what are his plans to live? there are plans he plans to live in florida. is that true? >> yes. that's kwhie they have the enter state compact. the guy who did that, he's a specialist, very good. all the people at the nevada parole, very, very highly skilled people. there's a lot of paperwork that has to be done and completed for him to be released timely. that's not 100% but that's pretty much where he's going to wind up. >> what are your concerns as he prepares to leave prison p and face life on the outside? what concerns do you have for
8:11 am
him considering a lot of people have negative feelings? he has positive feelings, i know. but there are a lot of negative feelings in this country. >> he's going to focus on people who have positive feelings. what good would it do him to focus on those that are negative. he gets that. i get that. i'm not sure what he his plans are other than to be a retiree but he feels pimps outside on people who are capitalized on his notoriety. you see it every day, people writing book, doing tv shows. that kind of rubs him the wrong way, and eat not sure why people have been doing it for a quarter of a century, but it's rubbing him the wrong way but it's something to the extent we can we'll probably start addressing. >> thank you for your time this morning. >> thank your very much. a pleasure.
8:12 am
ahead, whether a diet of mostly fruit, vegetables, and whole grains can slow the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. our dr. tara
8:13 am
crews excavating southern california makes some mammoth discoveries. >> i'm four stories down where a massive hunt has unearthed a treasure ur trove of fossils. we're going to give you a peek into the past coming up on "cbs this morning." 3-month old business... plus...what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i made a point to talk to my doctor. he told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again.
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8:17 am
in our "morning rounds," a new approach to fighting multiple sclerosis. m.s. affects about 400,000 people in the u.s. it is two to three times more common among women. current treatments may have severe side effects and there is no cure. our dr. tara maru narula shows us the attempts to slow it. >> unique to us as a fingerprint. research now under way at new york's mt. sinai hospital is studying how food might be used
8:18 am
as medicine to combat the disease. >> we'll just go around and hear an update from everyone. >> reporter: once a month this pioneering group of mchl s. patients meets to get tips from a nutritionist and share their temptations. >> i was craving a hamburger something tear tennis ball other night. >> they had lobster and there was no way i was going to pass that up. >> reporter: she's leading one of the first clinical trials to eat, gut bacteria, and m.s. simps the link of that? >> the immune system, 75% of it lives inside the gut and has far-reaching implications throughout the body. >> reporter: m.s. is when the immune system attacks the brain and spinal cord. this looks at whether they can
8:19 am
retrain the system to slow down the assault. >> this right here is a very typical looking spot for m.s. >> reporter: the patients enrolled in the trial are following a strict mediterranean style diet, no processed food, dairy, or meat. focusing on fruits, vegetables, and grains. cognitive changes can be severe and disabling. >> it can take a heavy toll. >> was very fearful because i have my family, my children, my husband. i feel like my life would just be over. >> reporter: with the help of medication, she's still able to work nights as an oncology nurse four years after her diagnosis. for her, sticking to the diet is a small sacrifice for better health. >> no chocolate chip cookies, no
8:20 am
dairy, no vanilla ice cream that i love so much. but if i can participate in a diet that can change my life, charge my longevity, give me a piece that i was before, i don't mind. >> this is a small study of about 30. it will be six months before researchers know if the diet has any measurable impact on the symptoms. some of in the group report more energy. they're also looking at quality of life, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight loss. >> all right. another reason grains are a good well. but a world with no chocolate chip cookie, i don't know, dr. tara narula. thank you very much. >> you are what you need. >> indeed. exchange the vows is one of the most emotional moments at a wedding ceremonile we all know that. coming up next. a little boy who struggled to contain his emotions when a new stepmother made a lifelong
8:21 am
promise just to him. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: "cbs this morning" brought to you by cosentyx. join the conversation with kwsh seemetoknow. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx, you should be checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. never give up. see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist
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pro-tip: chop all your veggsuper pro-tip: buy youreveg boom. the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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>>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at pro tgiaproduce prices. ble so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. extremely smart, handsome, and kind to others. you have helped me -- >> a new jersey bride recited her vows not just to the groom but to her new stepson as well.
8:25 am
live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". good morning, i'm rahel solomon, two groups in south philadelphia are battling over the tradition of parking in the middle of the south broad street. political active group is suing to have cars bands from parking on the median, siting traffic issues, safety concerns becomes 200 cars can fit up and down the stretch of broad street. other resident say they need the spots, which have been parking spots for decades. >> also, over to meteorologist , mat peterson in for katie fehlinger. wet morning. what's it look being like now? >> it levelly was, wet drive to work, it is a wet drive to work for lot of folks out in the delaware vale. we are starting to seat rain taper off, rain apartments, though, from last night into this morning, tons every rain across jersey, and delaware, topping out at almost seven and a half inches every rain in toward delaware, last night
8:26 am
into this morning, storm scan3 , though, again, little bit on the drier side, few showers are still out there, especially north of the city, and south of the city right now. and as we get a look at what we can expect for the next seven days, we go with 89 today. another rounds every thunderstorms later this afternoon, this evening, then meisha, we stay on the cooler side of things through tuesday , wednesday, and thursday, too. >> all right, matt, thank you so much for. that will and, so, kind of like matt pointed out little bit, things are look little better but still very bus knit wormed of commuting. so disable tractor-trailer, 95 south past allegheny avenue pulled off to the right lane. see some of the flashing light , also see how busy it is around there. plus, an accident here mt. laurel, 295 north, past route 73, left lane is compromised, also, getting very slow here, with the downed pole, as well, a.c. expressway eastbound at route 54, that right lane is compromised over there, too. >> next update is at 8: 55, ahead on cbs this morning, fossiles discovered during excavation for subway plaza.
8:27 am
good morning.
8:28 am
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i think this is way right, way right. >> you saw him grab his head like oh, my. oh, my. now look at everybody running to that ball. >> the wild ride from the 13th hole yesterday at the british open was so bad it delayed play for nearly 30 minutes, but it was followed by a stunning finish for the texan. spieth shot an eagle, birdie, eagle, birdie, birdie. at 23 he's the youngest american to have such a remarkable
8:31 am
comeback. he celebrated the victory by drinking from the claret jug. >> i felt so good for him. after the collapse last year. >> he's been up and down, but, boy, he's back. >> i remember when he was in studio. we like him. >> we like him a lot. >> jordan spieth, you go. litd's taet's take a look i green room. if you ever are prosecuted on a crime, this is the woman you don't want. they called her back in the day hell of heels. welcome back. we can't wait to have you on the table -- at the table. you don't need to climb on the table. it's not that kind of show. >> extraordinary. on the table is good too. >> maybe. >> maybe. right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. the local government and united
8:32 am
states keep using a russian brand of security software, that's despite instructionings not to use it. this month casper ski lab was remears from one of the vendors. they suggested a vulnerability exists in the software. it could give them a back door to sites they're denied. the beloved manatee lived at the south florida museum. he was found dead yesterday morning two days after his 9th birthday. officials call it a tramgic accident. snooty got stuck in an underwater area used to access plumbing. he apparently swam through a paneled door that is normally bolted shut. human error is not believed to be a factor. >> that's sad. snooty, rest in peace. if you're still waiting for that big raise, don't hold your breath about that.
8:33 am
they blame gains on that. small gains in worker output. one expert says a breakdown in wage growth may not come for at least two years. "the wall street journal" says the next robotic is close at hand. it can pick up a toy and box your orders. this has been a big hurdle. some robotic companies say their machines can move inventory almost 50 7 faster than human workers. >> britain's "guardian" says rocker alice cooper found a forgotten masterpiece business andy warhol in storage. the 1964 silk scene was titled electric chair. his former girlfriend bought it in the '70s. it's unsigned, making it difficult to authenticate.
8:34 am
a "wonder woman" sequel has been confirmed. it's unknown if she'll direct it. it has made $770 million worldwide and if patty jenkins wants a director's job, i can't imagine why she wouldn't get it. >> money does talk. >> it does talk loudly. time reports chris fromme's after three weeks and 2 shz 200 miles his margin of victory was just 54 seconds. >> four of the last five years. >> ice cube's rendition of "take me out to the ball game" the worst ever. ♪
8:35 am
>> come on. it's not that bad. >> i'm going to say, it's not that horrible. >> it's ice cube. >> some fans felt tortured, but it's baseball. it's the seventh inning stretch at wrigley field. there's an actual ratings scale? >> they could have used harry caray. >> he did okay. worke worke workers excavating the tunnels found fossils roaming the area about 11,000 years ago. it includes troves from beasts. seth doane went underneath to see how buildings' future is shedding new light on the past. >> reporter: underneath one of the busiest parts of the city,
8:36 am
one of the largest subway projects in the country is under construction. it was here workers digging the new line literally made a mammoth discovery. so this is the area where the first find was made? >> yes. right here, but about 20 feet above our head. >> reporter: paleontologist ashley ledger oversees a team which works alongside construction crews searching for fossils. their discoveries began with bones of colombian mammoths who were here during the ice age. first came this three-foot mammoth tusk nearly 11,000 years old and then this skull. >> what does this mean? >> dream come true for a pailian toll gist. >> this is probably the best dig in town for the paleontologist. >> he hired the experts who dug
8:37 am
up the path. >> it's not every day you have a subway project going through a rich fossil area. >> this is a vertebrae here? >> this is a vertebra from a bison. >> reporter: over the next two weeks the tunnel will close in on an an yent area about a mile away. ledger expects the fossil find will increase dramatically in that area. just a couple of inches of tar became a deadly death trap for those who rommed through here thousands of years ago. >> people think of holiday. what do you think of that? >> i think of everything underneath. it's a rich history. we get to open up people's eyes and their imagination and bring the past to life. >> black ooze still seeps around the museum. >> here at the museum all of these things come to life. they stand up in front of you.
8:38 am
>> you're going to be digging through that stuff that is bubbling up through the ground right around here. >> yes. we're going to be sticky and dirty and love every second of it. >> this is where the magic happens and the researches come. >> almost every bone found near the tar pits is kept here, cataloged for further research. they help ledger identify one of her newest finds. >> so we can confirm it is a horse astrag las or an ankle bone. >> things keep turning up. a leg bone from an extinct camel and a tooth from a mastodon. >> they were found right bhiefr behind where we were standing. >> it seemses like a treasure trove under here. >> it is. we're finding more thing over here. it's been really fun. >> reporter: according to ledger, the best is yet to come. in the next few weeks she hopes to add more predators like the
8:39 am
saber toothed cat. >> we have found two mammoths, a mastodon, camel, bison, and a turtle. >> and that's just this morning. >> that's just this morning. >> are you keeping score? >> yes. >> she makes black oozy sticky stuff sound like fun. linda fair stein still has a hand in fighting crime. she's in our toyota green room with her new november and how she recently h
8:40 am
8:41 am
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8:43 am
new york's author linda fairstein is considered one of the best seth crime authors. she was one of the first introduce dna evidence in a cr alexandra cooper series has been translated into nine different languages. she's known as, this title, the queen cri and
8:44 am
suspense. before we get started are you feeling all tingly because you're sitting here with charlie rose. back in 19er first interview was with -- >> -- charlie rose. >> my first wasnonfiction. i've written 19 since then. >> she said yo future. >> it worked out okay. >> roy's new york at the met ball of all? >> it was easy because curl boo murder. i knew she would be in the kne >> who was her boss. >> was her into her arms when
8:45 am
he was killed and bloodstains. i turn the tables on her and without thinking becoming a bk away. >> she's a ody al thinks that alexander cooper must b i was reading the book. the way you question a witness, answer the question, you have little thinks sprinkled throughout. i wonder if that happens in real life. if somebody says they're drinki drinking, what does that mean? >> they want to minimize it. they'll say i had a drink, a drink and a half. you talk to the bartender who said, she knocked down four drinks or three. >> do you repeat the question? >> if i repeat the question? i'm trying to think of an answer. u-turn those again around on her.
8:46 am
>> how has alex changed? >> 19 books later, i'm 24 years older than when i first created her. she's three years older which is nice. physically she was 35. she's now only 38. it's not easy to work with victims of violent crime especially in sexual assault and violence. you see that change throughout. several books ago she was kidnapped. she's had some ptsd she's dealt with and this event sort of brings her back. >> it's not easy to work with. can't be that easy to write about at times shah that ooh's good question. i didn't do it originally as being ka that is right ek, but it is. it was such a dark world when charlie first talked to me. people thought why do you do this work? it can't be rewarding.
8:47 am
it's just dark. for me it was richly rewarding because we were getting for the first time justice in the court for victims and this type of intimate violence. to write about it helped me work through a lot of the issues and give it to the reader. >> how do you get better? do you read crime writers? >> i do all the time. harvey and lee child and clark and david baldacci probably changed my writing style without knowing it. >> how did he do that? >> i had lunch with him, my late husband. he said, david, you leave a tees at the end of every chapter. can't go to sleep. it's every writer's dream. i thought maybe it's something i ought to. do i credit his style for me to not end with a funny word. >> end with a question.
8:48 am
>> she ends with something. they call you hell on heels. w why? is that a compliment? >> at the time i did not think so. "the daily news" did it, not my colleagues. once the headlines ran, there was a lot of teasing and that was fun. 30-year career. >> what does that mean? because you're tough? >> tough was important to be.% i didn't go there as a kid thinking i would ever be tough. fair was the most important thing. so that combination. the heels were good at the time. >> i love the sunday morning piece downwhere you say it's a dream to have a career i wanted all my life, because writing, who would think this would turn out so well? >> my dad used to say get a grip, you need a career, get a job, you can't sit in a garnt writing books all day and this
8:49 am
great career in the law gave me books. >> 19 years lauter. >> thank you. great to see you all. >> thank you, linda fairstein. >> "dead ball" goes on sale tomorrow. we'll explain after the break. 4 ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision,
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that american pilot twisted and turned his way into a thrilling competition. kirby completed his leg of the air bull race in russia over the weekend. it took him 58 seconds. he'll try to keep that momentum going. that her son is named kirby, by
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news"., i'm jim donovan, the state of new jersey has democratic governor today. rthublican governor chris christie is out of the offers for the day colorado. lieutenant governor kim conferee , so new jersey president steve sgovernor for te for the day. now we check in with matt today's forecast? >> jim, we woke up, a mess coming down, thunderstorm activity was really strong, the good news for u precipitatid out. now, couple every light showers could still be seen across out into central new jersey as well with little more moderate b
8:56 am
overall it will be a mostly cloudy afternoon, second rounds every thunto afternoon, into the evening, we get to 89 degrees, for our high tweraill be contine eight's all the way through the week, meisha, so, try to get wednesday. >> little bit of the roller coaster just kind of continues , all right, matt, thank you so now, still very busy out there. what we are looking out there, wesdeound at 295, see the activity and the backups, also , tractor-trailer 95 south past allegheny avenue , right lane. heads up on. that will not too far camera, . laurel at another accident 295 i can tell you right now, the vine, 95, schuylk a majors, evey very slow. hall meisha. extra time, jim, that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitnessew i'm jim donovan. make it a great day.
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>> announcer: could the person sleeping next to you turn into a vicious killer in their sleep. >> he proceeded to attack and try to kill her. >> there's something wrong with your baby. >> announcer: thood -- that's today. >> i have a sneaking suspicion this is gonna be an a + day. why? because ob/gyn dr. nita landry is back in the house. >> welcome! >> thank you. >> dr. travis: what do you get for the anxiety pre-teen girl that seemingly has everything? , well, for one florida 12-year-old, the recent anxiety she was experiencing was not because of her birthday. she just started her period. [ laughter ] >> wanting to make it fun, her mom used a


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