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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 24, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> chopper three live over flooding that's forced student to evacuate their dorm, for now they've been relocated to another building. hours earlier, rain could be seen pounding the pavement on the ben franklin parkway. across the area, the work week gets off to a very soggy start >> the wet weather has cleared for now. i'm jim donovan, good afternoon. >> i'm rahel solomon. we weren't the only ones who saw crazy weather overnight. possible tornado owe on the eastern shore of maryland caused damage in the kent island area, homes completely
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knocked down. county officials say no one was hurt. meteorologist, matt peterson joins us from the cbs-3 weather sent war live look of our storm look. >> i should say it was a very wet start to monday, a messy morning, for lot of folks on the area roadways, talking about that possible tornado in maryland, the national weather service is sending survey team down there, check it out, hopefully know later th afternoon or this evening what happened down there in maryland, but for the time being we are dry, here, across center city, and across pretty much all of the viewing area, storm scan3 shows all of the precipitation that we had this east, now, new york still getting light precipitation there, but again for those every us here in the delaware valley up to the poconos down the shore it is a quiet start to the afternoon, with even some sunshine breaking through.
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those clouds, here is a look from atop "eyewitness news," you can see, the skyline wonderful looking out there right now, temperatures up into the low 80s, and now while we do have a northerly breeze coming in at about 10 miles an hour, or so, we are going to see little bit of muggy necessary through the afternoon, so that's why our feels like temperature is up to 85 for the time being. here are the dew point. right now sitting at 68 in philly. but lot of low 70s, so even with the northerly breeze, coming in, it is still feeling a little bit humid. that will be the case as we go throughout the day today. going to be up to high temperature of 89 degrees this afternoon, so another hot day for us, when do you add in the humidity it, could be feeling like the low 90s, the chances for showers and thunder storms come late this afternoon, and then this evening, we will track the timing for that. and when we finally get some true relief, guys, in just a little bit. >> matt see you later in the show, thank you. the swearing in of philadelphia new interim district attorney taking place this noon, live look from sit hall, where kelly hodge will take the oath of office in just moments. the city's first african-american female da. her appointment fills the position left vacant last month when former d.a. seth
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williams resigned after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges, hodge will serve until either republican bet grossman or democrat larry krasner takes over in january. in other news this noon, jared kushner meeting with senate investigators to answer questions about what he did during the presidential campaign. seth lemon reports from washington kushner gave some inside in a prepared statement >> jared kushner is telling senate intelligence committee investigators, he did not talk with russia. >> the whole how to explain, here's how i met the russian ambassador, here is what we talked becomes here's how i met the banker guy, here's whether we talked about. >> in a 11 page statement released this morning kushner said he met with russian banker back in december, around the same time he also met with the russian ambassador to the u.s., sergei , he said he was looking to establish line of communication between russia and then national security advisor michael flynn, to talk about syria. today's senate testimony was just the first meeting for
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kushner. he'll be back on capitol hill tomorrow to meet with the house intelligence committee. his council has made him available for two hours, so we expect to be the first interview, but there is a great many questions that would will have for mr. kushner. >> president trump, this morning, tweeting. please see adam shif, totally bias congressman looking into russia sends all of his time on television, pushing the determine law's excuse. he then took a shot at his own attorney general, jeff sessions, calling him beleaguered, and asking why he and congress aren't investigating hillary clinton as well? last week the president told the new york times he wouldn't have nominated sessions to head of the department of justice if he had known sessions was going to recuse himself from the russia investigation. seth lemon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> this noon, a young boy is recovering after police say he was hit by a stray bullet in delaware county. police say it happened saturday night the 3400 block every twp. line road in
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chester. bullets shot through a home and hit the 11 year old boy in the stomach. now he is expected to be okay, but neighbors say, they're disturbed by the gun violence. >> it is just doesn't make any sense. >> not usually allowing them to play around here. >> whatever their problem is they need to try to find out a resolution. >> bullet hit a gas station across the street from the boy 's home in addition to several nearby cars. police are still not sure what led to the shooting and have made no arrests so far. >> well, prosecute verse charged the driver of tractor-trailer transporting immigrants in the u.s. illegally which resulted in the deaths of ten people. james matthew bradley is excused -- accused of driving the trail letter with immigrants for commercial gain charge that carries possibility of of the death penalty. nearly 20 other people found in the tractor trailer in san antonio are hospitalized at this point, and i am granted a vaux cassy group says traffickers lure their victims with promises of the united state. >> hard to imagine the
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suffering that went on inside that far truck. people are desperate to flee other countries and come to this country. and they will take even extreme measures such as this to find that freedom. >> investigators say, inside the back that far tractor trail their was no air-conditioning, and no water , immigration officials say they're looking for many more people involved in this plot. closer to home six people in wynnefield height forced out of apartment bumm whg it caught fire overnight. take a look, fire broke out around midnight 1600 block of 52nd street. victims were forced from their homes out into the rain. no one was hurt, though, the red cross says it helps sick people with food, clothing, shell errment animal rescue organization said it helped 16 pets. no words on the cause of this fire. and, in burlington county, jersey state park officials say fire crews putting out hot spots still left over from the massive blaze at wharton state forest, the fire spread over 3500 ache, it is now contained , park officials say they hope last night's rain
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hopes keep it under control and trail near the fire remain closed this noon. >> investigators now believe that the fire that claimed the lives of an elderly montgomery county caused by an electrical problem. the fire swept through the couple's home on the 600 block of spring avenue in elkins park, early yesterday morning. family member say roy and helen finestone both 98 years old, and long time resident of the neighborhood. >> i've lived here for almost 20 years, you know, and they've lived here forever s so, this is a tragedy in our neighborhood, very, very sad. >> fire officials say it took more than 150 firefighters two hours to contain that blaze. temple university grad is the newest champion of the multi-million dollar world series of poker. >> deuce and a deuce only would give scott the title. and it is a deuce. >> wow. well, 25 jerold scott blum steen of morristown walked away with get this
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$8.1 million on sunday, second place finisher daniel ott won 4.7 million. 7200 poker players hoping to finish on top. >> and bloomsteen tweeted this after the win: still in shock and i'm not sure, right now enjoying the moment, all of the support means so much. >> well, it has been long time coming but the eagles are back at training camp. >> team and fans have high expectations for this season lesley van arsdall live in the nova care complex, the birds getting ready to take flight, hi, leslie. message to the team, competition good some of these rookies putting on quite the show trying to prove they dear do you have make a spot on that roster. >> i should mention carter back carson wentz was the first player on the field along with rookie quarterbacks and veterans there is off season birds added blunt, tori smith, al sean jeffrey.
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>> let me tell you, he had high hops for this offense. >> i'm excited about the guys we have, the new additions, the draft picks, free agents. i think they've helped our roster, they've held, you know , adding some talent around carson, was important for us this spring, able to do that. and then just mixing all of that together. you know it, does take -- it takes a coaching staff, takes leadership from the top. it takes, you know, ego's have to be put aside, and we have to commodore barry out here every day and work hard. >> well, coming up tonight at 5:00 you're going to meet some of the new additions to the team and some of the rook that's are vying for a spot on this team. and working very hard out here at training camp, everyone just so excited that football is back. reporting live from the nova care complex, lesley van arsdall, eyewitness sport. >> oh, right, ready. looking good. thank you, leslie. well, coming up: rodent
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running rampid. potentially rabid squirrel is reaking havoc in a public park , we'll tell you where the crazy critter has bit answer handful of people already. and, turning trash into treasure. plastic that pollutes the ocean is getting a new life, which in turn, saves the lives of other water animals, next
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>> welcome back, in new york, health authorities have a sticky situation on their hands, potentially rabid squirrel. last week, five people were
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attack and bitten by a squirrel in prospect park, brooklyn, authorities say the fact that the squirrel is so aggressive is a warning sign it could have rabies. signs in the park worn anyone bit tone get to a doctor right away. they say do not feed the squirrels. >> well, spanish fishermen on board with a new solution to a growing problem in our oceans. plastic pollution. some 2,000 fishermen working with a clothing company to turn plastic found in the sea into high end fashion. fishermen pulled the plastic from their hatch and deposited on bins on shore, the clothing company says they're trans for the about 30 million used butanols material for jackets, back packs, and other item. >> interesting. well, a familiar face is gracing the cover of the philadelphia daily news this morning. >> take a look. our very own traffic reporter, meisha johnson, she was on the cover of the kick off of the daily news single series, and they photographed her at one of her favorite spots, the gym of course. >> what a surprise. look at those arms.
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bravo, meisha. and meisha will be along in just a second, also still ahead on "eyewitness news," volume cane i can erruption like never before. >> also what makes a science stir meant before those, meisha? >> well, if you had one final wish, what would that be? well in today's love it we're meeting a hero from texas with a true final wish, one that was granted in the best sort of way, stay tuned, that story is coming up. matt? >> and it is never too early to be singing about our next weekend. it looks like it is going to be a quiet saturday and sunday , with some seasonable temperatures and plenty of sunshine, we'll have the seven day forecast
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well welcome back. >> i walked in here 23 haven't been out since. what's it like out there. >> lock in here. >> i know, tell you what, i was in here, too, need fresh air, going outside, would you
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have never known it was pouring rain this morning. >> really? >> you know, sun's out. we have some cloud cover, but not whole lot really going on. out there on this monday afternoon, so far, so it is the quiet section of the day. we woke up, showers and thunderstorms, now is a little nice then we get ready to watch four our second round of thunderstorm activity that comes later this afternoon, into the evening, this is a look from "skycam 3" live, taking a picture of the spring garden area, again, there is the cloud cover out there, but again whole lot different than what we had this morning, the rain was pounding everything we had thunderstorms started last night lingered into this morning, and check out these rain amounts from last night through the morning hours over 7 inches of rain in northern delaware, and areas like winterthur came in just about 7.5 inches of rain, chaddsford , inches every rain, 5.5 inches. ship bottom, new jersey, down the shore, just over four and a half inch of rain. so it was a soaking rain that
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we had last night, and into this morning again the good news for us right now is we are dry seeing sunshine, break in the action for our monday afternoon. now, temperatures are still warming. it is not going to be a cool day, even though we had that rain come through, still warm afternoon, temperatures are going to be back up above average, we are getting little bit after westerly and northwesterly flow, which is nice, shows that we're on the back side of the boundary. but still see here plenty of 80s out there, wilmington at 83, 83 millville, 82 right now in philly with some 70s a little north of the city. dew point are still on the muggy side step outside, don't expect to really be feeling too much in the way of relief from that humidity just yet. high 60s, 70s, going to sit over the region, it will feed those showers. >> it is developing
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thunderstorms, on the back edge of this system, we have area of low pressure spiral there, just north of toronto, then we have boundery that come down to the south right now spawn shower and thunderstorm activity in western pa, and that front is eventually going to pull on through, giving us the chance for showers and thunderstorm, you see by 7:00 they're out toward the western suburbs, lehigh valley, the poconos get ting in on some of the action, 9:00, 10:00 we start to see the line come across center city, south jersey, by 10:00 and 11:00 see here one, 2:00 in the morning tomorrow, pushes off the coastline, looking for drier conditions at least times on tuesday it will still be spotty light lingering showering for us tuesday afternoon, with mix of sun and clouds, as well. our dew point for today, again , still going to be hi, but check out tomorrow. down to the mid 60s, by the time we get to wednesday even the chance in some areas north of the city sue die point in the 50's, much less humidity in the air for us, toward the middle of the week. eighty-nine greets, for our high temperature today.
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last truely hot day we get to 83 tomorrow, again, lingering shower possibility, we go with high temperature then of 82 on wednesday, a much more comfortable day for us, there, because that humidity will be much lower and then here comes the next system, though, thursday and friday, jim, rahel, we could get back into that swing of maybe some thunderstorm activity, but we got to enjoy tomorrow and wednesday, as much as we. >> don't have to tell me twice , matt. >> call in sick, you know why. well, you know, great with people extend helping hands to strange nerves need. >> and today's lincoln financial field it is perfect example. meisha here with the story. meisha? >> dying wish was honored after few people learned about him on facebook, no one understands quite like the family how much it means it have the support of other, during difficult times. >> sergeant lee hernandez can bear lay sit up on his own, but when his health took a turn for the worse he learned to walk again this time by fate. his wife has been by his side since day one.
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>> he had ten strokes back-to-back, from thereon his heart releases blood clot, every breath he takes is in our fate. i always stuck to the model that the doctors are not gods, god created us, i'll know when it is our time to go. so we try to live every day as if it was our last day. >> doctors say the 47 year old army veteran is deteriorating every day, but they can't figure out why. he's underwent three brain surgeries, is now blind, disable, and at home hospice care. as his wife ernestine explains , after all he's been through on the battlefield and off his only last wish was to be surrounded by other. >> phonecalls, letters, and that's it. >> but when the san antonio patriots guards writers learned of lee's story on facebook, they decided to go a step further by throwing him a big party. >> i'm very thankful for your
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service to the country. we will never forget you. we love you. >> because every facebook and the love of other the family says everyone in attendance and all who have reached out are all part of their family now. married for 14 years, she said the uphill battle together was made a little easier with the outpouring of support they got always love it. >> family and friends close by , that is what matters. >> that's what matters, that's what the message was, he didn't care about the materialistic stuff, he just wanted all of the people around him. incredible how a little support can change the way we feel during troubled times. what's that old phrase? you may forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel. so true. lee, thank you for your service, my friend, you are a real superhero. if you hear or see any other great stories please sends them my way. >> meisha, thank you. >> appreciate it. >> and up next, generations of children have made baking soda volcanoes, as you're about to see, some bigger than other.
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>> we'll be right
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>> whether you were in elementary school chances were you built a baking soda volcano. >> not me. the organ museum of science and industry built then ignited the homemade volcano yesterday. hoping to break a guiness world record for the largest baking soda and vinegar volcano. the super sized experiment is 34 feet tall, the previous record, 28 feet. this enormous experiment was
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made to celebrate the museum's new ex exhibit pompeii. >> oh, i've been to pompeii before in italy. matt, you've created one of those volcanoes before? >> i did in grade show. pretty sure, i think i exploded provided it on the kitchen table, i don't know, but you know, hey it, happens. we're onto bigger and better things, talking about the weather tax you can about how nice it will be this afternoon before our second round of some thunderstorm activity, later this afternoon and this evening. 89 degrees, though, another hot day, it will be muggy. thunderstorms start to fire up in the western suburbs around 6:00 they move into the center city area here around 9:10 guys, so going to be a little bit wet. >> thank you, matthew. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon for meisha, matt, all of us here, thank for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> gloria: just the way you like it. >> jack: how -- how did you know... >> gloria: because i am good at my job. >> jack: yes, you are. >> gloria: so, we haven't talked about the m.s. fundraiser. how was it? the pictures in the chronicle were dazzling. >> jack: a night to remember, no doubt about it. >> gloria: and did dina enjoy herself, as well? >> jack: i think so. >> gloria: you think so? >> jack: i didn't have a chance to discuss it with her. >> gloria: really? you were her escort. how could you not -- >> jack: i left the party early with nikki. my mother was less-than-pleased. >> nikki: well, i'm so glad you could come over today. we can catch up. >> victoria: yeah, you can tell me about all of the time you've been spending with jack lately. >> nikki: okay, i guess your brother told you that i spent the night at the abbott cabin. >> victoria: what? no. abby told me that she walked in on you two kissing.


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