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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the state and hard hit to sunoco, first part of that hit came yesterday when a judge ruled that in west goshen township pipe lon construction there had to be halted and today another such step in making the ruling on sunoco's pipeline construction, across the state. a major blow to the $3 billion cross state sunoco pipeline. >> it is absolutely a victory for everybody in pennsylvania who lives near route and has been harmed by sunoco's construction. >> reporter: alex bloomstein with the clean air council environmental group along with half dozen others were able to convince a pennsylvania judge today that the public does, in fact, need relief from the horrors on drilling method sunoco is using to construction their 360-mile long mariner two pipeline. >> drilling sunoco has done so far is unsafe and we have seen they cannot do it safely. >> reporter: over past year "eyewitness news" has reported on issues with sunoco pipelines in our region, just a few weeks ago we spoke to
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dozens of homeowners near pipe lon construction in chester county that complained about well contamination due to the drilling, and showed us water coming into their homes but was clearly discolored. then in april we reported on three natural gas leaks from sunoco's mariner east one pipeline, smaller one that runs parallel to the construction of the mariner east two and latest leak we reported on spewed hundreds of gallons of methane and propane into the ground in berks county. these were just some of the incidents environmentalist pointed to when they convinced the judge today to halt, acd drilling on sunoco's pipeline statewide. >> sunoco's favorite line is that this is coming, no matter what you do bit. that is never going to be the case. it has always been the case when people stand up, to to protect themselves and protect their families, things need to get done get done. >> reporter: now, they halted construction on sunoco's pipeline statewide is only temporary until a hearing on
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august 7th. recap of sunoco when they issued a statement on the injunction and that statement read in part that we believe the full hearing, before the environmental hearing board which will demonstrate that we have expended every effort to meet strict conditions of our environmental permit. spokesperson went on to say that they have already voluntarily suspended work on a number of their drills and they will continue, non- horizontal drilling construction, throughout the state, with safety, protection of pennsylvania's environment, as their first priority. now again, the hearing for the future of sunoco's pipeline construction across the state that hearing is august 7th. reporting live outside marcus hook refinery here for sunoco alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". "eyewitness news" has learned allentown married he had pawlowski is expected to be indicted tomorrow. mayor pawlowski's attorney jack mcmahon says he will not know details of the indictment until it is unsealed tomorrow. but we do know the indictment is the result of the lengthy grand jury investigation, he
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may recall, fbi raided mayor pawlowski's office in 2015. two men found themselves in legal trouble after authorities say they scaled ben franklin bridge to take pictures. officials shut down bridge traffic and power to the patco line around 1:15 this morning so police could remove the pair. they were identified as martin romero clark of new york city and anthony littlebridge of toledo, ohio they took them in custody once brought to ground level after about two hours. >> he put a number of our own police officers, philadelphia police officers, philadelphia fire fighters, we put their safety, lives at risk in order to deal with this. >> you are taking your life, you don't know who else is there who else you are endangering, that is just not responsible. >> both men face third degree felony criminal mischief and interference with transportation charges. this was certainly a dangerous climb by these two photographers and we wanted to put tonight perspective, for you just how high they were. so, again, the towers on the
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ben franklin bridge, they stand 382 feet high, measuring from the top, to the delaware river below. and they stand 250 feet above the roadway, for comparison lets take a look at philadelphia city hall, from the ground to the top of the william penn statue hat is 548 . next, the statue of liberty, from the base of the pedestal to the top of the torch stand 305 feet 6 inches. finally historic independent hall, from the ground to the top of the steeple, including that wind vein is 168 feet. ukee. well, car crashed into a home in the cities rhawnhurst section sending the driver to the hospital, it happened near intersection of the allergen and fauns around 9:30 this morning. authorities say elderly driver who control before crashing in the house and two other vehicles. investigators believe the driver may have suffered some sort of medical condition prior to the crash. he was taken to a nearby area
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hospital and his condition unknown. finally relief from the heat with cooler temperatures around the region tonight, meteorologist chelsea ingram outside on the sky deck with closer look at the temperatures, chelsea. >> we're also tracking a couple of very light showers, right now, cross the delaware valley, let's start out with a look at storm scan three. you can see those showers very light in nature, and things should be winding down as we head in the 11:00 o'clock, midnight hour tonight but these showers are not producing the kind of rain that we dealt with last night, which is great news. much more quiet out there temperatures are cooler, we're well below average. we are looking at 76 degrees in philadelphia we have zero seven's across the map even down the shore, right around 74 degrees in wildwood. we are cooler, compared to just 24 hours ago, and in philadelphia we are a full 12 degrees cooler then we were this time yesterday and 9 degrees cooler in wilmington i'm not hearing anyone complaining about that. as we head in the overnight hours tonight other than
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isolated shower we will be mostly cloud which a low temperature right around 65. i will let you know how long cool weather sticks around plus our next chance for strong storms coming up at end of the week in your full forecast, back to you. >> chelsea, see you then, thank you. lets talk about the eagles now, bird back to work for day two of the training camp and today we are hearing from the quarterbacks. don bell joins us from the novacare complex. carson is the man, what do you have to say today db. >> you know it, carson wentz spent 10 good minutes with the media following practice and all of his comments around this time of the year are optimistic. this is once again day two of the training camp at novacare complex. we have to talk about wentz from a season ago. first eagles quarterback since 2003 to start and finish every game. he is also first eagles rookie quarterback to start all of their games, since 1939. but even with all of that experience in his first year he has a lot to work on in year two.
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>> i think it is just continuing to build, continuing to build that chemistry. obviously now we have a couple new pieces we have been working together in the off season, otas, just continuing to build that chemistry, comradery and being sharp and everything finding the check downs, finding little things, the details, for me are the biggest thing i want to continue to refine and you are never finish, that is for sure >> reporter: carson is trying to build from the quarterback position, team is trying to build a strong secondary. we're talking about cornerbacks. coming up later in the show, what defensive coordinator jim schwartz is saying about his secondary, and how the players are responding to this, this idea that they are the weakest link, you won't want to miss that coming up later in the show, back to you guys. in washington senate republicans voted to begin debate on the latest bill to repeal and replace the affordable care act. vice-president mike pence cast tie breaking vote today,
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senator john mccain return from arizona where he is being treated for brain cans tore vote on the bill. he warned getting everyone to agree on a final piece of legislation will be more difficult and implored fellow senators to come together to find a solution. >> i will not vote for this bill as it is today. it is a shell of a bill right now. we all know that. if this process ends in failure which seems likely then let's return to regular order. hold hearings, try to report a bill out of committee with contributions from both side. >> anthony mason will have latest on the health care battle on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30 right here on cbs-3. still to come on "eyewitness news" man's mission interrupted a helping hand for chester county man has been given a lifetime of them, heart warming response when his truck broke down at the wrong time. and setting the stage of the behind the scenes look at a popular musical returns to philadelphia, what it is and
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when you can see it, that is coming up.
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the west philadelphia man who ran into a snag with city hall for his outdoor haircut to the homeless can now, return. >> let's introduce to you brandon jones in february, he sets up a makeshift barber shop, sometimes on traffic islands, last week philadelphia city hall, told him to stop while they figured out issues like safety, vendor licenses and health code, but
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we reached out to mayor jim kenney who was a fan of brandon's, he promised to check into it. today city says brandon can keep giving haircuts in public , brandon says he can now set up, outside city hall, so glad that worked out. well, 84 year-old chester county man set to have hard surgery, tomorrow is ironically, known in his community for his big heart. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh tells us how good smart tans recently helped his man who spent his life helping others. >> been doing that since probably 1994 or so. >> reporter: yet at age 84 arnold is still a man with the mission, driving dale toy pick up left overs from local groceries store and restaurant >> the goal to deliver all this food to needy people in coatsville. >> reporter: root he has made every day for years but on wednesday, after picking up food donations, he ran into some trouble. >> but it died about 3 miles away from home. >> reporter: in 90-degree heat
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without a cell phone on hand he pulled truck on to shoulder at route 202 southbound. >> i'm sitting there thinking what do i do right now. >> reporter: little did he know after lifetime of giving to others part of the great valley presbyterian church, this time he would be the one to receive. >> eventually the tredyffrin policeman, located me, and she was extremely polite lady, sergeant major, and she was, extremely polite and helped me out a lot, and, helping me with the trip there. >> reporter: local towing company came out loaded box into the other car so donations can still reach their final destination, while some are praising him as un sung hero he is lifting the praise upward. >> to me they are deserving of the award. >> reporter: rest of the community, they are feeling more than just stunning but they are filling hearts. >> help as much as you can. >> reporter: in malvern, anita
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oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" one of the hottest broadway shows returns to philadelphia. >> wicked opening up tomorrow at the academy of music, we have the behind the scenes preview today as crew is very busy unloading trucks and setting up the stage. audience will get a chance to see what happens, before dorothy, arrive in os, musical portrays a sort of the wicked witch of the business and glennda got witch. >> we bring broadway on the road and it is a pretty large production so you will see same show and same you see in new york city as would you here in philadelphia. >> and love it too. it runs two and a half hours, before each show a lottery will be held for front orchestra seats for just $25 cash. wicked will be here for five weeks, through the 27th, of august. i've got to see that. >> one of my favorites. meteorologist chelsea in grammys here. nice place to set fit is hot but lately it doesn't even
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feel like july. >> we have been dealing with very cool wet's cross the region today, with temperatures well below average, this time of the year and we are tracking showers because of this cooler weather that has moved n lets go to graphics, we will show you official high temperature today in philadelphia was 79 degrees. that is well below our average of 87 for this time of the year. definitely cool out there for sure and we have another cool day heading our way as we move into tomorrow. current temperatures across the region 76 degrees in philadelphia. seventy-six in wilmington. we are in the mid 60's in mount pocono. right around 74 in allentown. seventy-three in trenton. seventy-two down the shore in atlantic city and 74 degrees in wildwood. everyone cooler compared to this time yesterday, we are a full 12 degrees cooler compared to just 24 hours ago in philadelphia, and 9 degrees cooler in wilmington, 12 degrees cooler in millville and i have not heard any complaints about cooler
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weather especially giving the fact with excessive heat last week. sixty is current dew point in philadelphia, so humidity has been bumped down as well, and as we head into tomorrow we have a enjoyable, very comfortable day on our hand was dew points in the lower 60 's before they begin to climb backup heading in to your thursday, friday, it will start to feel a little bit more steamy, so enjoy today, tonight and as we head into tomorrow. storm scan three showing just a couple of spotty showers, on radar, here, and not bringing very heavy downpours or what we saw last night, but we are dealing with some light rain, and some locations, some light showers, these will be winding down by about midnight hours, or so and then cloud will really start to dominate the forecast heading in the overnight hours and into your wednesday morning. we will have plenty of cloud across the region as we wake up tomorrow morning, heavy in the afternoon high pressure is still in control. we're mainly dry as we head into wednesday afternoon but
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warm front that is crossing the region by thursday and then on friday a cold front so we will have to risk, yet again particularly, thursday night into friday for more strong to severe thunderstorms , heading our way heavy rain will be possible, we will have to watch for flash flooding because of that and we have already seen, several inches of rainfall in many locations over pennsylvania several days, so ground is already saturated, that is why flooding might still be a problem and damaging wind will be a storm threat that we have to watch out for. down the shore here's your forecast over next three days, on wednesday, 76 degrees, partly sunny skies, some sunshine on thursday and risk for evening storms, 81, 84 on friday we will have a storm chance even down the shore. here's your forecast for tonight mostly cloud which an isolated shower possible, overnight low temperature right around 65, average low for this time of the year in philadelphia is 70. we will be caller then average this time wednesday, and mostly cloudy and comfortable
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and look for a high of 80 degrees, tomorrow, you're witness weather seven day forecast looks like this as we head into thursday, we are forecasting a high around 846789 we will have a risk for evening storm chances heading our way thunderstorm likely on friday, with a high of 87 and jessica, ukee it is looking so much better, temperatures in the mid 80's and solid amount of sunshine, so weekend is looking nice for us. >> love it, love it. thanks. day to of the training camp for eagles. >> sports director don bell, in south philadelphia, don. >> guys, do eagles have what it takes, in the secondary? up next, incredibly candid comments of defensive coordinator jim schwartz don't miss up next.
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bird back in action, lot of people are hoping the
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eagles offence turns it up this year what about the defense. sports director don bell joins us live from the novacare complex, don. >> guys, yes, we are talking about defense, do you remember back in april we thought that the eagles would address their secondary in the first round of the nfl draft? instead they chose talented defensive end derek barnett out of tennessee 14th overall. that means as we get here in to training camp questions about the secondary remain. >> we have some stocks in there where guys have earned it, guys have played a lot of football in the nfl, and they are at corner we don't that have. >> through have it, eagles secondary is a work in progress. both starting cornerbacks from last season are gone noland carroll sign with the hated cowboys and mckelvin was released. now they are looking for a new deowe on the edge and you can expect competition to last throughout training camp. >> we have to keep an opened mind, let it play but if we close that competition too soon i don't know if we serve
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the team the best way. >> jaylen watkins is in the running and learned plenty any 2016 after setting career high intact else and pass defense. >> i have improved my tackling and things over the year before but now about taking next step as a player and trying to become having that instincts part of the game and learning from other guys. >> with so many questions, one thing is for sure, these guys are not happy bit. >> anytime somebody tells you that, they look at, your position, or whatever your job description is there is a weak ness of whatever, you should take that perspective if you are a competitive person in this game. >> we will see what happens as season approaches. now time for baseball. game two, for philadelphia is begins astros tonight, that is game two of the three game series and they have to avoid josealtubea he is 5-foot six but he is balling, four for four last night with three rbi's.
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batting .507, 396 on the season and lead the bigs with that batting average. so tonight we will see nick paveta take mound for phillies and charlie morton gets the ball for the astros, highlights tonight at 11:00. that is story from the novacare complex i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> thanks, sir, appreciate it. "cbs evening news" is just a few mains way. >> anthony mason joins us with a look ahead, anthony. >> hi ukee and jessica tonight on the "cbs evening news" after getting a narrow win on health care the president again attacked his attorney general. plus maverick returns to the senate but a message with his collogues. would you let your boss put a micro chip in you, and are you wrestling with who will knicks america? he is. literally. we will hit the ropes with him just ahead on the "cbs evening
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back on "eyewitness news" where baby goats in chile are showing off their fashion sense. these goats are, sporting sweaters, diapers, and also outfits. >> annual sanctuary in the sit irv santiago rescued animals from the slaughter house and gave them new homes, and, really new clothes, animals are, worldwide hit. on instagram. >> i love that shot. >> yes. >> on the toy pigs, just resting there. >> yes. >> take care of these animals indeed. philadelphia department of human services at valley youth house kicks off their backpack
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challenge in dilworth park. >> that challenge is looking for donation force back to school supplies for youth, foster care across the region. >> 5,000 children who are in the foster care children and many of these kid go back to school and don't have supplies that they need, that is required, to do, their schoolwork. >> last year, over $200,000 of backpacks and school supplies were collected, challenge runs through august 18th. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight are drugs slipping through coastguard's hands, ahead of the coastguard , said yes, and it could all be with a budget increase, carter evans explains, from here now with anthony mason take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: more complaints about the attorney general. >> i want the attorney general to be much tougher on the leaks from intelligence agencies. >> mason: is jeff sessions' job in jeopardy? >> time will tell. time will tell. >> and the motion is agreed to. >> mason: also tonight, a narrow victory for senate republicans. they win a key health care vote with the help of the vice president and a defiant john mccain. >> i have every intention of returning here and giving many of you cause to regret all the nice things you said about me. >> mason: why dozens of workers are having microchips implanted in their hands. and a wrestler turns th


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