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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 27, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight -- >> oh, my god! >> justin bieber hits a photographer with his monster truck. >> i'm worried about this guy. are you worried about me or are you worried about this guy? >> what you haven't seen. >> he ran all the way over here. >> and what the victim is saying now. then angelina jolie's life as a single mom. how her kids are handling the divorce and why one has 32 security blankets. plus who will join katy perry on the new "american idol"? >> no matter what happens it happens. >> what we know about the new judge rumors. >> from the old days, you work it out. and then leo and kate auction off their "titanic" movie memorabilia and halle
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berry in tears on the set of her new movie. >> thank you, everybody. now for july 27, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> the drama for justin bieber as a photographer gets hit by his truck. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> the pop star canceled his tour on monday to calm his life down, but it seems like trouble has a way of finding this guy. >> i feel bad for him. >> in this situation i agree with you. here's how last night's craziness unfolded. >> justin. >> justin left the beverly hills church around 9:24 p.m. >> how you been, my man? >> the paparazzi was waiting. swarmed around, as bieber climbed into his black monster truck. watch what happens as he pulls away. >> oh, my god. wait! >> here's the moment again. you can see right there. he appears to get his leg caught in the pickup at wheel well. what did it look like for the photog who was hit? here's the angle from his camera. he starts in front of justin's
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truck and is moving to the side when suddenly -- >> oh, my god! >> justin! >> justin stops and gets out of the truck to help. >> give us a little space, okay? >> is there anything we can do to help you? >> it's my leg. >> i can't see when you guys are all snapping. >> did you guys get enough footage of this? >> at one point, justin's friends from church pray for the photographer as he lays on the ground. >> i want to make sure you are okay. what's your name? >> i always liked you as a guy, man. >> appreciate that. >> it's just bad timing. >> justin stayed at the scene for about ten minutes until the ambulance arrives. >> getting ready to go into the x-rays right now. >> a few hours later, the victim 57-year-old maurice la mont instagrammed from the hospital. >> an hour before my birthday and i get hit.
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i get ran over by justin bieber. he is a good kid though. i think the truck was a little bit too big for him though because there was no way he could see over the front, but he got out. he was compassionate. he's a good kid. accidents happen. >> maurice was released from the hospital early this morning. we're told he suffered only minor injuries. >> the beverly hills police department says bieber cooperated with the investigation. he is not expected to face charges, but the kid is just going to bible story. let's talk about angelina jolie after her shocking confession to "vanity fair" about splitting from brad. we have more from angie's new interview. how has being a single mom changed her? >> chit chatty, practical and not the intense control freak. that's how angelina is described in the new "vanity fair" interview. the 42-year-old is also a devoted single mom. >> the children were lovely, friendly, polite. there weren't nannies around. so there wasn't a sense that, you know, she had orchestrated or staged, you know, you have to stay upstairs or be out of the house.
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it was nice to see her interacting with her kids, just being a mom. >> how are the kids handling the divorce? well, angelina says, "we're all trying to do our best to heal." 12-year-old zahara is "the rock" of the family. she knows where and what the others are doing at all times. shiloh, who's now 11, is really into animals and helped open a wildlife sanctuary. 9-year-old knox is the one who got angie to finally put up that giant water slide. and his twin sister, vivienne, is addicted to security blankets. she has 32. angelina says, "she gets very mad if you wash her blanket. she actually said to me the other day, 'mom, i can taste my blanket.'" angie replied, "that, honey, is a sign that it really, really needs to be washed." as for life after brad, well, angelina started taking cooking classes because her kids asked her to. angie also reconciled with her estranged dad, jon voight, who came to babysit when angelina had a routine therapy session. >> it's there. it's so painful. >> and up next, angelina is promoting her netflix film,
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"first they killed my father," but home life is making her restless. she says, "i've been trying for nine months to be really good at just being a homemaker and picking up dog poop and cleaning dishes and reading bedtime stories. and i'm getting better at all three, but now i need to get my boots on and go hang, take a trip." >> and angie did get that trip in by the way, because she did the "vanity fair" interview last month just hours before taking the kids to africa. cameron is here now. there have been no r and r behind the scenes of "american idol" 2.0. >> they have been keeping busy on "american idol." and they locked in ryan seacrest as host, and are three more faces ready to shoot off the fireworks with katy at the judges' table? ♪ tell me where i wanna be >> the three potential judges reportedly being considered are luke bryan, lionel richie and charlie puth. ♪ superman got nothing on me >> billboard tell us luke is a
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logical choice. >> he could be a logical fit and step into the country shoes of keith urban of the pop audience. >> luke may not be that hot for the gig. he has co-hosted the cma awards five years running and joked about how that cramps his style. >> you can't go out and party with your buddies. you have to be responsible. they are, like, hey. we're meeting at the foundation room at 3:00 a.m. come on. it's going to be awesome. i'm, like, no, it's not. >> as for lionel, he is currently touring through october, and he told the show he is pretty booked up after that. >> after the tour, what's next for you? >> more touring. ♪ all night long >> we're already into next year. >> but i know his team will make it work. the exposure opportunity is too valuable to pass up. >> nicole told us a tv judging role would suit dad just fine. >> he loves tv, he loves the camera and he loves having all the attention, so i'm sure he would do it.
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♪ what are you doing >> grammy nominee, charlie puth is the newcomer here, bursting on the scene just two years ago. but while at home with "e.t." he is already buzzing about katy perry among others. >> top of the mount is brad pitt, katy perry. i realized these guys are all friends and it's very -- it's just easy to hang around with all of them. >> that's a good sign. good fit, right? >> yes. >> before katy perry kicks off her "idol" gig, he has been announced as the host for this year's host. it airs live on mtv august 27th. >> there was plenty of music last night in san dro pay. leonardo dicaprio held his foundation gala, and let's just say this is quite the shocker the newly single star was quite popular with the ladies. >> two months after abruptly breaking up with supermodel nina agdal, leo looked like he was getting his model mojo back, talking to some beauties before his big event which became a "titanic" reunion. >> two things disappeared this evening.
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now that one is back, i have a pretty good idea where the other is. >> 20 years after their epic, billy zane posed with his co-stars captioning this shot, "gang's back together. now we're saving icebergs. go figure." yep. leo's benefit helps fund environmental causes. it raised $30 million, mostly from an auction where one lucky bidder got a dinner date with the "titanic" lovers. another, an autographed movie lifejacket from a time kate will never forget. >> i do have really fond memories of the two of us getting through it. >> kate's definitely been there for leo. last year she cheered him on as he won a golden globe for "the revenant." >> she's hanging out with me tonight, we're gonna go to the after parties together. >> winslet was returning the favor. dicaprio was there when kate won her globe and oscar in 2009. >> he is one of the most important people in my life without question. >> but this wasn't the only ren union reunion last night.
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>> madonna played a series of her hits on the same stage where ex, sean penn, was also soliciting donations. >> spend that money! >> leo locked in the material girl to be the surprise performer. lenny kravitz also rocked out with both on stage. ♪ now woman >> i mean, leo. >> you see the people in that picture. >> i have always been a fan of leo's. he had a friend of his there, tobey maguire. next, it's the couple of the summer. j-lo's lovey dovey birthday message to a-rod. >> and is meg ryan back with her ex rock star john mel len camp. what we just learned. if you want to get in shape like chris hemsworth, he has advice for you. and how far will halle berry go to save her child? we're behind the int
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i'm dating.
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john and i are dating. we're having a good time and, you know, it's fun. >> there she is. remember when christie brinkley started dating meg ryan's ex john mel len camp, right? it lasted about a year. things fizzled last summer. >> this summer, things are way different, or are they? kicking off tonight's know and tell, mellencamp back with meg. >> are you guys back together? >> a source tells "e.t." the answer to that question is yes. the couple was spotted strolling in new york yesterday and grabbing some frozen yogurt. the 65-year-old rocker and 55-year-old actress dated for over three years before splitting in 2014, but it sounds like john didn't think he ever had a shot at getting back together with her. just listen to what he told howard stern back in march. >> i love meg ryan. she hates me to death. she just doesn't want anything to do with me. >> now onto elizabeth hurley's new romance. we spotted her leaving italy on a private jet with record producer david foster. a source close to david tells "e.t." they have been good friends for years, and recently, things turned romantic.
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liz hung out with david's daughter in italy. our source tells us, they are having fun and things are still very early. and finally, the j-rod birthday celebration continues. >> a-rod turns 42 today. >> how was dinner? >> jennifer was red hot in a body conscious mini out to dinner last night in new york, straight off of work, she was still rocking her shades of blue hairdo, and girl can pull it off. earlier today, it was lunch, bike rides. totally cuteness, and what gets us, her sweet post to her guy. "happy birthday to the man who makes my heart skip a beat every time he walks in the room." >> happy birthday. now to the red carpet event that brought out quite a few exes all one time, and they were all linked to the kardashian/jenner clan. blac chyna, and also there,
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khloe kardashian's exhusband, lamar odom, and you think that's it. no. it's not. remember tyga who also dated kylie jenner? he was there too, but everybody played nice. >> we can map it out like a graph. two degrees to the kardashians. well, still ahead, we are behind the scenes with halle berry. >> this is a movie that's, like, action out the wazoo. >> how her real life as a mom made her a better action hero. >> please ♪ >> in this world of dance ne-yo on his new baby and wedding. >> that's a lot of bling right there. and from "star wars" hero to possible oscar contender? john boyega on his new movie buzz. >> practice your nomination face because -- closed captioning provided by --
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who knew that diplomacy was part of rihanna's repertoire? the grammy winner met with fran's president and first lady. she was there to spark interest in her education fund for developing countries and helped fund one of the leading cancer hospitals in all of caribbean. that is a busy woman. >> doing a lot of good. they definitely hit it off because look at the caption on this shot that rihanna posted. i love madam first lady. #girlpower. we move now to mommy power. halle berry has plenty of that in her new movie, "kidnap" and here's your first look behind-the-scenes. [ screams ]
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>> no! >> this is a story about a mom whose son gets kidnapped kind of right before her eyes and she has to take it upon herself to get him back. i think every mother, every parent will relate to a superhuman strength that we're all capable of when our children are in jeopardy. >> 9-year-old sage corea plays halle's 9-year-old son, frankie, and you see from this photo, she didn't have to dig too deep to find her inner mama bear. it's similar to a photo she posted with her real son. as for sage, he is thrilled to be working with an oscar-winner. >> i was on my couch jumping and then i flipped when mom said that i was going to do some lines with halle berry. >> help me! they've got my son!
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>> there's lots of stunts. this is a movie that's, like, action up the wazoo. it's car chases, crashes, blowups. but at the heart of it is a story about a mom saving a child. so i think there's something in it for everybody. >> the crew had just 20 days to shoot all that action. a grateful hallie was emotional when she thanked them on the final day. >> it has been a dream job, so thank you everybody. >> i'm sitting down with halle this weekend, and her premiere is monday night. we'll have that for you next week. >> meanwhile i love this because i love dads being dads. "world of dance" judge, ne-yo on his son who was born last year. he is busy, besides the new show and music, he dropped his first single in two years and shares the making of that video ex clusly with our senior news editor jennifer
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♪ >> i like this song. it is stuck in my head. >> one of those you have to dance. from the first line, you have to get up. >> writing "another love song" isn't the only thing keeping the r&b star busy. >> i went and did this. >> congratulations. look at that. that's a lot of bling right there. >> that's not a lot, that's light. >> i like it though. >> you do this for a living, you've seen rings as big as people's arms. >> ne-yo married model crystal renay in february of last year. >> is it different being married? >> no. it's more expensive. >> i'm sure. ♪ that's why i love her >> she is actually more frugal than i am which i didn't think was possible because i'm the cheapest person alive. >> the 37-year-old is also proud poppa of three. ♪ >> 5-year-old son mason, actually makes a cameo in his dad's new video. >> does he get what daddy does? >> completely. he walks up to strangers and goes, hey you know my dad is ne-yo? him over there. he doesn't have his hat on so he's just daddy right now, but when he puts his hat on he's ne-yo.
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>> i love that, and speaking of those hats, ne-yo told us he is done with his trademark fedoras. he used to wear them to cover up his thinning hair. now he's proud of that beautiful bald head. i feel you on that. yesterday, john boyega talked to us about what comes along with being part of the "star wars" universe, and he bought his parents a new home. john's good deeds aren't just confined to his family. nischelle turner has the story. >> i'm here in detroit with this one, john boyega, talking about the movie, "detroit," and even more importantly, giving back to the community. he is a good fellow. >> i think it's very, very important to have a positive impact, you know, on the community. i didn't just come here to promote a movie. >> the 25-year-old burst onto the scene in "star wars: the force awakens." now, he's come down to earth in oscar-winning director kathryn bigelow's dramatic thriller, "detroit." >> i need you to survive the night. >> was it the script? was it the subject matter? or was it kathryn bigelow that made you say, i'm in? >> it's all of those.
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>> you got any sugar? >> don't push it, man. >> i would come back and be, like, okay. >> based on real events from one deadly and terrifying night in 1967 at the algiers motel in detroit, michigan, the british actor plays a security guard who got caught in the middle of a corrupt police department and civil unrest. >> anybody in there? >> no, sir. >> you guys know you have a good film, right? you know you do. >> i mean -- >> like come on. >> i can't lie. >> so a few months from now we will be in award season. do you think about that now and do you think about what recognition for a film like this can do? >> to be very honest with you most of the conversation about this, especially behind the scenes with the actors, has been about the effect on the people. you gotta think about it, award season is later down the line. >> do me a favor and practice your nomination face.
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because -- that's good. >> that entire cast and kathryn bigelow needs to get ready because they will be in the oscar conversation. i have a question for you. how would you like to get ripped like thor? chris hemsworth will tell you how. this is for everybody. >> can i get some of those genes please? >> when we come back.
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow -- did we just get the "stranger things" kids in trouble? they are revealing season two secrets. and after 20 years of music, 98 degrees opens up about their regrets. >> change your hair style. >> tomorrow on "e.t.." luke said, when i see you, to punch you.
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>> he does that all the time. >> he is a lot stronger than -- >> that was a bit rough. >> no. actually, that was a bit weak, that punch. >> i was just delivering a message from luke hemsworth to chris hemsworth and i'm not going to punch that big man because he's a big man and there are repercussions. >> he is a man all right. i think he's thor in real life. >> he could be a tight end in in nfl for real. he tells the new "men's health" it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. if you can't afford a trainer, use furniture, and ultimately being fit is about motivation, and action creates motivation, and chris, i'm on it. he motivated me. trust me. >> good night, everybody.
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♪ having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪ "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one angelina's candid new interview on her health crisis.
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life after brad and the friend whose shoulder she cried on. >> when i met ung, i really had begun to understand cambodian. >> who is angie's new confident. >> i was going to be in cambodia as well. we arranged to meet. >> then hollywood stands together to support the transgender community. ♪ we love you >> number three, jennifer aniston turns prop comic to honor her friend jason bateman. >> don't let this innocent face fool you. >> i owe her big. >> plus your "insider" bonus why the bee hive is a buzz over the latest conspiracy theory over jay-z's new album. ♪ we go inside the business of being the carters. >> and million dollar match maker has the perfect woman for brad pitt. >> that woman deserves a good one. >> now "the insider" tracking hollywood from the inside out.


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