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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  August 1, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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director anthony scaramucci is shown the door after only 11 days on the job. good evening, i'm jessica dean. ukee washington is off tonight. tonight the white house continues to deny rumors of chaos in the trump administration amid its latest staff shake-up. eyewitness news reporter david spunt is in our sat center. >> reporter: tonight the white house is without a communications director, sean spicer is the outgoing press secretary and the new white house has a brand new chief of staff. he's only been on the job just 14 hours. >> i love the president. i'm very, very loyal to the president. >> reporter: but in the end, anthony scaramucci, the new york power broker who boasted of his ability to report directly to the president, was escorted off white house property on monday. 11 days after he was introduced. >> this is the white house, the united states of america and we're serving the president. >> reporter: scaramucci's abrupt departure came just hours after president trump welcomed former
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secretary of homeland security general john kelly as his chief of staff. >> i want to congratulate you on having done a fantastic job general and we look forward to if it's possible an even better job. >> reporter: the retired 4 star star general replaces preebus. incoming press secretary faced cameras after scaramucci was already off white house property. >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly. >> reporter: but president trump does not seem fazed by what some would consider a state of chaos. he tweeted "no white house chaos" early monday morning. with scaramucci gone, general kelly becomes the new boss. the white house says all staff will go through him to get to president trump. >> the president felt it was
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inappropriate, both anthony and general kelly also i think came to a mutual agreement and we're moving forward to focus on the job outside the building not within it. >> reporter: scaramucci is the shortest serving communications director in white house history. reagan had a man who was in for less than two weeks. he resigned after it became public he was part of hitler youth in germany as a child. general michael flynn the shortest national security director in white house history. both served under president trump. jessica. >> all right, david spunt, thanks so much. the president is urging senate republicans not to give up on repealing and replacing the affordable care act. the president sent out a tweet earlier today urging action from the senate. it's a different tune from this weekend when the president suggested the affordable care act should fail. the president threatened to end payouts to insure companies aimed at lowering premiums. a 34-year-old mother is in
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police custody after her baby was found alone in a motel room. the woman is facing numerous charges tonight including endarrenering the welfare of a child. her son was found by a maid. police say the baby was wedged underneath the bed and allegedly left alone there by about 24 hours. >> why someone would leave a 7-month-old in that condition is beyond me. but 31 years of doing this job, i stopped trying to figure people out a long time ago. >> the baby was taken to the hospital for evaluation. the woman led police on a chase left september that nearly ended in a car crash. a $5,000 reward is now being offered in the deadly weekend shooting in a man in a haverford township apartment complex. john lee was gunned down in what appears to be a random shooting.
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police are searching for a suspect a new picture shows a better look at the suspect's haircut and facial hair. >> one of the gentlest, nicest people i've ever known. it's a tragedy. >> reporter: this suspect is also linked to another seemingly random attack in the overbrook park section in philadelphia. it happened 45 minutes before the haverford homicide. there the man is accused of shooting two people but missing them before taking off in a gray volvo. a cable tv personality is hoping to draw attention to bail. >> reporter: jessica traditionally if someone can't afford bail they must await
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trial in prison, that could take months, possibly even years. earlier this year new jersey did away with that system and a local family says their son was taken with it: a familiar face greeted trenton in his familiar way. >> aloha. >> reporter: dwayne chapman, popularly kno popularly. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: he also coannounced a federal wrongful death lawsuit against governor chris christie and a state attorney general. chapman says the bail reform legislation they passed led to the april killing of christian rogers. >> all he was doing was walking home from a convenience store. >> reporter: according to police, rogers was shot and killed by a man who had been arrested for weapons offenses and released under the state's new bail guidelines. attorney daniel rosenberg broke down the guideline change. >> the idea is the size of your bank account doesn't determine
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whether or not you're released pretrial. >> reporter: he says rather than someone's pretrial release is now determined in the state by two scales. >> one of them is your failure to appear score. another one is your the risk that you'll commit another offense. and you could have a 1 and a 1. that suggests you're likely to be released. a 6 and a 6 means you're likely to be detained. >> reporter: since january a new report shows the number of pretrial incarcerations had dropped more than 20% statewide, figures deemed a success by most, but not all. >> you guys let this out when he shouldn't have been. >> reporter: it should be noted that under this reform the bail industry has suffered and that is where mr. chapman has made his career. also in may legislation was passed making it more likely that if someone was arrested under a weapons offense that they would have to await trial in prison.
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alexandria hoff, cbs3 eye with it niece news. >> officials from conrail and the city of philadelphia are announcing a cleanup plan along the train tracks in an area known as a hangout for heroin addicts. it includes new fencing and additional police officers to supplement conray security. the city will also set up social services hub to provide food, health screeningings and information for those struggling with addiction. >> in cleaning and securing this property, which has posed a challenge to the surrounding neighborhoods for decades, we will work with residents to take back the neighborhood and bring back a positive change to this community. >> city officials describe this plan as a, quote, long journey and say the cleanup and increased police presence will help eliminate the drug trade that has long plagued the neighborhood.
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police continue their search for a person who fired shots hitting a 17-year-old girl. this happened early this morning in fell tonville. police say the bullet went through a window and hit the teenager in the chest. she was rushed to the hospital and has since been released. anyone with information is asked to call police. george shaw, the man accused in a decades-old cold case has been found guilty of third degree murder in the death of barbara rowan in 1984. shaw drugged and suffocated her and dumped her body with the help of a friend. he was also found guilty of attempted indecent assault and not guilty of rape. the body of a 24-year-old woman who went missing in the ocean off point pleasant has been recovered. the woman was found on the beach in toms river just before midnight. she went swimming with a male companion in point pleasant around 2:00 a.m. sunday. no foul play is suspected.
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the recent government shutdown in new jersey inspired the state legislature to introduce a new series of measures. today the state assembly approved two bills, one would force the governor's beach house to close during a shutdown. you'll remember this photo sparked back lash during the shutdown. another measure would keep state parks open. both still need to be debated in the state senate. the legislature also approved a measure to pay state workers who were furloughed during the shutdown. meantime this video has gone viral. the governor gets right up in the man's face after being heckled. what was the proper reaction or should politicians be held to a higher standard? more on this brouhaha straight ahead. plus the weekend rain leaves behind quite a mess.
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the video has taken over the internet. it shows new jersey governor confronting a baseball fan during a game in milwaukee. it all started when that fan heckled christie. should the governor have confronted the man or just ignored him. greg argos with the debate online. >> we spoke with some new jerseyans about this controversy and they told us what chris christie should have done. let's back up and talk about how this started. his son works for the team. when that fan says he insulted the governor and also called him a hypocrite. let's say governor chris christie he didn't back down. >> easy for people to be
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characterized in public life. >> i have a choice to make between my family and political. >> and beach gate. i guess you can call this ballpark gate. >> a big disappointment. >> reporter: governor chris christie practically nose to nose with a cubs fans this weekend in milwaukee for the brewers. when that cubs fan through some shade. >> i don't think it's professional. >> he's the governor. you have to be professional at all times. >> i just think it's chris christie. >> just normal chris christie. >> yes. that's exactly what i think. >> reporter: a ballpark snack locked in his hands. >> he had a couple of hot dogs or something. >> nachos. >> nachos is right up his alley. >> reporter: christie tells the fan what's on his mind and heads to his seat. >> if this fan was that close to chris christie's face, what do you think would have happened to that fan? >> be in a lot of trouble. >> that fan has since apologized on facebook and for his part in
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the cubs confrontation, christie had this to say monday evening. >> if you give it, you're going to get it back and i think that was a very medicllow reaction. >> i think probably both of them were wrong. >> chris christie said he ignored the insult at first and only confronted the fan after they continued. christie says public officials are not public punching bags. >> okay. there are both sides. >> many sides to all these conversations. >> greg argos, thanks so much. recently built sand dunes in margate have flooded from recent rains. the dunes blocked the water from draining properly. the army corps of engineers says it's aware of the problem and will be pumping water over the dunes and filling the basins with sand. one resident says she wants the project to stop. >> our greatest resource,
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they're destroying. the pollution that is on this beach, the bacteria, the filth, the mess they're dredging up, the damage they're doing to the sea life and it's all unnecessary. >> ventor and longport are next on the schedule for the replenishment project. the carp catcher has snagged a big one out of the schuykill river. he likes to fish at locust point right there along the schuykill and often catches carp this large. zbld with all the stresses in life, you need something that takes your mind off of stress and fishing for me is one of the greatest things you can do. >> the latest catch wasn't the biggest fish he's ever caught out of the schuykill. his record is actually a 43-pounder.
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he says he never eats the fish though. these are strictly catch and release. lauren casey joining us now. >> good summertime hobby and today was a great day to be outdoors. >> we had kind of a rough july, so many rainy days, today summer perfection and people still out and about on boards right now as we get a live look at sky cam 3 at ocean city new jersey people strolling along on a monday evening. they are on vacay. cape may county beautiful conditions across the delaware county after what was a beautiful day. temperatures right now have some cool spots at 68 degrees right now in millville, we're down to 60 in mount pocono with the dry air in place. philadelphia maintaining the 83 degrees get some of the heat of the day trapped in some of the buildings and the concrete keeps temperatures elevated. we typically see that when we
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have clear skies and calm winds. we're at 74 in atlantic city, 73 in wildwood. quiet conditions as has been the trend all throughout the day today. we saw a couple of fairweather cumulus clouds but a lot of blue skies. if you head down to the florida peninsula, this is emily right now. the center is just north of lake okeechobee right now. it's a trip kal depression that will continue to move its way and cross over the peninsula and merge into the atlantic. winds are at about 35 miles per hour. continue its progression into the north northeast and this system is going to stay away from the remainder of the u.s. coast line. it might strengthen a little bit, not going to have a direct impact for us, although indirect impact as we head into the second half of the week, although there will be dangerous
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rip currents later in the week. the month of august looking great, mostly sunny, not too humid 90 degrees. chance of a stray shower as we head into the afternoon hours. kind of typical summer-like days with sunshine in the morning and clouds into the afternoon with a round of scattered thunder showers h with 90 around both of those days. spotty thunder showers possible a more humid day at this point the model is a little divergent on saturday but it looks like a healthy rain chance to kick off next weekend and sunday is looking like a good bet for all your outdoor activities on the weekend. break out the grill, 81 degrees comfortable sunshine on sunday. >> thanks so much. lesley is up next with sports. >> that's right. a special appearance from the sixers top draft appearance today.
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>> all right, lesley joining us now as the phillies are trying to get it going. >> they're hoping to take their winning streak out west. feeling really good about themselves. to the third inning today, the upper deck and right a 3-run blast. it's 4-0. to the seventh, the phillies up 6-4. the phillies with their first four-game sweep of the braves at home in almost 70 years. 7-6 the final. >> 4-game sweep right before we go on a nice long flight so it puts everybody in a good mood.
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it says a lot about this team. a lot of people contributed to these wins. anywhere from up and down the lineup to the bench. it was fun to be a part of. >> and today was major league baseball's trade deadline the phillies announced they had traded joaquin benoit. before the game sixers' first round pick threw out the first pitch. he passed with flying colors. as for the team this season, folts has said they are a playoff team and today he stood by that statement. >> confidence is high. there's no where near dockiness it's me believing in the team. i think everybody in the team everybody believes we can make it. >> to the birds they have the day off.
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they're back at practice tomorrow for the first time live tackling. you may remember last year we had two players who got hurt. we're going to hope that doesn't happen again. we're just 10 days away from the first preseason game against the packers. another key player tackle lane johnson. last year he was suspended for peds. so this year lane has high expectations for the team. >> i got a lot -- i think we have a few good years and make the playoffs if you want a super bowl we've got to worry about week one. >> everybody gets a beer. >> he said to win the super bowl.
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a couple enjoying the water on a picturesque day spots a grass fire and decides to get a little creative with their help. it shows the couple trying to splash water on the fire without leaving their boat. they apparently helped prevent the fire from spreading until the real fire department showed up. several neighborhoods in philadelphia got a head start on this year's national night out event. eyewitness news stopped before one of four rallies held earlier tonight. festivities included music, refreshments and giveaways. looking good. national night out is celebrated every year august 1st. the aim of the annual event is to foster police and community partnerships. lauren? >> still aways out but looking
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