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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  August 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. >> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> tonight at 6 o'clock, an early storm knocks out power to thousands of folks in bucks county. downing trees that took out power lines. it is the worst behind us hopefully. and a philadelphia police officer suspended. tonight a closer look at the arrest that got him in trouble, all caught on cell
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phone video. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. the officer was taken off duty after police internal affairs investigated his use of force during an arrest. the arrest happened in front of witnesses in the kensington section of the city and "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves joins us live at philadelphia police headquarters with the video and what it shows. >> reporter: that video shows a philadelphia police officer picking up a man who was already in handcuffs, he was lifting him off the ground and then slammed him down. the man was slammed so hard that he had to be taken to the hospital that night and was in critical condition. let's take a look at the video that i'm talking about and what it shows. the incident happened about a month ago around midnight july 10th and people who live on that street east eckhart street in the kensington section began recording because they were upset with the number of officers trying to arrest the man. now, authorities contend that he was resisting and additional officers were
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needed to control the man and maintain the scene but the part of the video that appears to have the most people disturbed is when the man being arrested is already in handcuffs by a patrol car. an officer lifts him to the air and hits the ground and the man's head hit a pool outdoors. the officer has been identified by the department as 26-year-old officer james yeager. >> that was totally unnecessary, aggressive for no reason. he was already in cuffs. no harm that he could have brought to them cops. nobody was in danger but him at that point. >> reporter: and what we know about officer yeager is that he has been with the philadelphia police department for about four years but as you mentioned natasha, as of yesterday the commissioner has put him on a 30 day suspension with the intent to dismiss him after that 30 day period. reporting live outside
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philadelphia police headquarters alycia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> alycia thank you so much. also tonight we are following developing stories. american airlines confirms passengers on board flight 759 from athens greece to philadelphia did experience some severe turbulence shortly before safely landing in the city. three passengers and seven crew members were transported to a local hospital for evaluation. and peco is saying that the number of people without power now in the philadelphia region is less than 500. that's after severe storms cut off power to more than 10,000 customers at one point. as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us, one neighborhood in doylestown is without power indefinitely. >> a crack and all the sparks and all, it was pretty scary. >> reporter: it was a bang and then lights out for a doylestown neighborhood after an enormous tree took out power lines, utility poles and nearly landed on a house across the street from murray bushnell.
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>> 3:30 this morning i hear a big loud crack and then all the sparks from the electrical wires. >> reporter: peco says at one point more than 10,000 customers lost power in the region because of an early morning storm. of the 4,000 homes and businesses without power in bucks county, the majority were in the doylestown area. >> lost most of our traffic signals t-doylestown borrow, township without power. >> reporter: north street and chapman avenue happened to fall more than a quarter mile from a peco substation. tree crews were on standby while peco tried to reroute power. >> once the power is out we'll cut the tree up and get it out of the way so they can replace the telephone poles. >> reporter: all the trees close to the power lines have been trimmed over the years to try and prevent limbs from falling down and knocking out power. just this week peco announced plans for $1.8 million worth
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of tree trimming including work in doylestown. >> i'm glad it didn't fall on their house. yeah, there's some big trees over there but that's what makes doylestown so beautiful. >> reporter:. >> it doesn't look good. >> reporter: what do you do on a summer day without electricity. >> going swimming. >> reporter: in doylestown, cleve bryan cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> traffic is now moving once again on the schuylkill expressway eastbound in montgomery county. eyewitness video shows cars wading through flooded lanes earlier this morning after heavy rain. this was right before the belmont avenue exit. police say the flooding has been cleared. and what began as a dreary and flooded day for many folks dried out fairly quickly. the rain didn't last long. the blue skies returned. meteorologist chelsea ingram is live in the weather center with good news for us. >> hi, natasha. definitely a welcome change compared to those storms that we dealt with earlier this morning. we have cooler air and also
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drier air that's moved in. 78 degrees right now in philadelphia. 78 in millville. we are in the mid to upper 70's. down the shore it's 76 n-wildwood right around 78 degrees and the atlantic city look at the temperature change we're anywhere from two to 3 degrees cooler in wildwood up to around 10 degrees cooler in reading. 7 degrees cooler compared to this time yesterday in philadelphia. but some of those storms did bring quite a bit of rain that did cause some flooding in some locations especially for areas north and west of philadelphia, you can see some of these higher amounts in the yellows, the. as, all the way down here, some of the reds. some areas picked up over 3-inches of rainfall. we had about .8 in philadelphia and a different story now on storm scan3. high pressure is in control. but we are going to see storms heading our way once again. we're tracking our next storm system. i'll let you know when that arrives in your full forecast coming up in just a bit. back to you. >> all right, chelsea, thanks so much. an ice cream shop meantime in springfield wants your help finding a group of young
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thieves. surveillance video creamery on baltimore pike shows four boys walking up to the store counter one reaches into the tip jar and the others check the jar one more time before running away. the store says it happened wednesday about 8 o'clock at night. if you have any information about this case, please contact police right away. and three people meantime are shot in colwyn delaware county and the shooter remains out there will somewhere. a 16-year-old and a 20-year-old were killed in the gunfire. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh spoke with witnesses who say the violence has got to stop. >> reporter: authorities in delaware county are searching for the gunman they say opened fire on a colwyn street corner just before 11:00 friday night. the shooting happened here on fourth and walnut streets according to police. two people have been killed. a third remains in critical condition. david holloway says he was moving into a home a block away when he heard the gunfire that killed the 20-year-old and a 16-year-old and wounded a 15-year-old. >> we just heard gunshots like
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six, seven -- pow pow pow. >> reporter: his brother worked to help those wounded until first responders arrived. >> ran straight to the person who was shot and he said he was shot in the head. when he passed along, when the man got into the ambulance, he was breathing. >> reporter: neighbors say they're saddened by the news. >> we got to do better out here. like this is crazy. my heart goes out to the family of the children who passed away last night. i'm going to pray for them. >> reporter: meanwhile paul jones whose home is across from the shooting scene says recent violence is part of the reason he's leaving the neighborhood. >> well, i'm putting the house on the market today. ain't getting any better here. >> reporter: investigators believe some of the young adults traveled into colwyn from southwest philadelphia and that this may have been a feud between two rival groups. in delaware county, anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, an explosion rattles an islamic center outside of
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minneapolis today. community members are left wondering whether this was hate crime. it happened in the suburb of bloomington just before 5:00 a.m. witnesses say an explosive device was thrown into the imam's office. as many as 20 people were preparing for morning prayers at the time. one muslim leader in minnesota is calling now for such incidents to stop. >> hate is not okay. we need a better america. targeting people because of their race ethnicity or religion is unamerican. >> no one was injured in the blast and the fbi is now investigating this incident. former pharmaceutical executive martin shkreli has been convicted. a brooklyn jury deliberated for five years before convicting shkreli on three of the eight counts. the case focused on allegations that he blew investors money on bad stock picks before raiding his drug company of stock and cash to pay them back.
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shkreli became notorious in 2015 after raising the price of an aids drug from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill. stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news," honoring our veterans. how delaware county celebrated those who have served and also made the ultimate sacrifice. plus, it's amazing what people can do. why this crowd banned together to lift a car off a man who was trapped below. and later a yo-yo whiz kid is taking the nation by storm. where he's headed to represent the u.s. and how he learned all of his amazi
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>> ♪ >> well, check out this incredible police dashcam video of bystanders working hard now to rescue a person pinned under a vehicle in atlanta. police say it all started with a shooting. the man who became pinned was trying to avoid the gunfire when a car that wasn't placed in park rolled over him. police say that man is now in critical condition. and today in delaware county, they're celebrating a veterans with a parade. service members enjoyed food off the grille at the third annual veterans appreciation day in ridley. several local law enforcement agencies joined them at the v.f.w. hall 928. an organizer says the event is crucial to pointing veterans towards local resources. >> my job is pretty he's snee terms of being able to help veterans. but it's difficult when they're not aware that i'm there. i'll tell you, it's really
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remarkable as a veteran to see how much these people really care. >> well, the event started off with a motorcycle procession and a parade. now, you can still head down if you would like. if you're in that area, it is still going on until 9 o'clock tonight. and a local fraternity chapter meantime gathers to community members together in camden for a day of family fun. today was the second annual camden community barbecue in farnum park put on by the brothers of phi beta sigma fraternity. hundreds showed up to grab a burger while kids had a a lot of fun. organizers provided resources like voter registration. the independence seaport museum helped celebrate the coast guard's birth day. on august 41790 congress established the coast guard during today's event coast guard service men were invited to speak and take questions. according to the u.s. coast guard they are one of the oldest organizations of the
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federal government and until the navy department was established in 1998, they served as the nation's only armed force afloat. hundreds of firefighters battling the recent whittier fire, they're now battling poison oak rashes. firefighters say the poison plant got into the smoke and the air as the fire burned in santa barbara california. while it's not an uncommon way that firefighters get the rash, more than 400 firefighters had to be treated as a result of that poison ivy. i know what that is like. when i was a kid i used to get it all the time. chelsea is along with a pleasant forecast. >> yes, a gorgeous way to end the weekend. saturday has been gorgeous so far. we have another gorgeous day on tap but things are going to be changing as we head into the start of the work week. take a look at those blue skies over center city this evening. beautiful evening on tap. the official high temperature today, that was 79 degrees. that is well below average for
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this time of year. the average high for this time of year is right around 87, showing you the a manic, yes, 79. that is rather cool. but things are going to be changing for us as we head into the next several days. here's a look at our current temperatures. right now we're checking in around 78 degrees in millville, 76 down the shore in wildwood, it's 78 in atlantic city. we're in the mid 70's in cherry hill, it's 76 degrees right now in pemberton. in the city we're down to 78. it's feeling like september out there. 77 in palmyra. it is right around 76 in trenton and 75 degrees in mount holly. in allentown it's 76. cool spot on the map that's mount pocono, 67. it is 73 degrees right now in quakertown. our dewpoints, what a difference compared to yesterday. 50 degrees in philadelphia. 53 in allentown. here's the dewpoint change. now, this is extremely impressive. dewpoints are 17 degrees lower than they were just 24 hours ago. we've got another dose of very low humidity heading our way
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for tomorrow t. a nice evening on tap, beautiful skies, 74 degrees. by 8:00 p.m. we're down to 70 around 10:00 and then turning cool by midnight we're in the upper 60's and our overnight low temperatures are going to be dropping into the lower 60's, some spots dropping down into the upper 50's especially our suburbs so it's going to be a cool night on tap where you can crack open the windows, let in some nice fresh air. high pressure in control. we're tracking our next storm system, that's located out to our west. this is going to be bringing us our next dose of rain as we head into the start of the work week. so, really enjoy the next couple of days. future weather showing that we're trending gorgeous overnight with mostly clear skies, cool conditions. heading into the start of the day tomorrow, we could see a couple of high clouds filtering on in but overall it's a dry day on sunday and it's going to feel fantastic with low humidity.
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we'll have the risk for storms moving in as we head into sunday night and especially monday with clouds thickening on up so we'll have the risk for flooding once again because the ground is already so saturated with all of the showers and storms we've been receiving it seems like day in and day out over the past week or so. even last week we had some soggy times. so, by the pool sunday 81 degrees. plenty of sunshine. lather on the sunscreen. down the shore things look great once again for tomorrow. it was a gorgeous day down the shore on the beach but things will be changing by monday with showers and storms returning to the forecast, 78 for that high temperature, 78 on tuesday. a morning shower, otherwise partly sunny heading into the afternoon. so, mostly clear and cool overnight, 63 for that overnight low temperature, that is well below average for this time of year. plenty of sunshine with low humidity on sunday and a high temperature of 81 degrees. your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast looks like this. it's going to be a wet one on monday ladies. we're talking about high temperatures in the upper 70's, showers and storms likely, 83 on tuesday.
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we should clear out rather quickly and then we're in the mid 80's as we finish out the work week so not too bad. monday looks a little sog go. go -- soggy. >> lesley's got sports highlights. >> they're on the road and road has not been kind to them. the phillies started their road trip with a five game winning streak. to and night they look to -- tonight they look to avoid losing five in a row. last night the phillies dropped another one run ball game. bottom of the eighth game tied, garcia for that game winning hit. second straight game [inaudible] colorado beat the phils four to three. aaron altherr might be headed back totten day dl after reaggravated his right hamstring. he reinjured it last night. right now he's batting .285 with 16 homers. the birds have the day off.
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training camp will resume tomorrow over at lincoln financial for the second open practice that will start around 10:00 a.m. carson wentz will play thursday night against the packers. we just don't know how long. the team is in the dog days of camp they're tired of beating each other up and can't wait to finally play a game even though it doesn't count. >> kind of the nature of the off season you're always excite to get that first one. green bay coming up next week. we got our sights set on washington game one. we're still going through it. we're still in training camp mode so you got to kind of fight that battle every day. >> while the eagles season starts september 10th against washington, college football just around the corner penn state's first game september 2nd against akron. it was media day in happy valley the nittany lions coming off an 11 and three season and winning the big 10 title. 18 starters will be returning from last season's team. they rank six in the u.s.a. today preseason poll. coach franklin says they can't
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live off last year's success. >> obviously we learned from last year's experiences. and it was helpful from a growth perspective and from a maturity perspective but last year is last year and this year is this year and we want to take all those experience and maturity that we gained from last year and then continue growing and evolving. >> two local nba stars giving back to the community today. the morris twins marcus and marquise were at the hunting park rec center. they gave out over 350 back packs to kids in the area. they grew up in the neighborhood and have not forfoughten where they came from. marcus plays for the celtics, marquise the wizards. giving back. >> very nice. thank you so much lesley. some folks love to bike skate or play a variety of sports but there's one competitive hobby taking a lucky 12-year-old all around the world. >> this is my favorite. it's called the shutter by
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yo-yo factory. >> how this young yo-yo whiz learned his amazing skills and who he'll be competing aga
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>> welcome back everyone. it is competitive fast paced and sometimes people get hurt. we're talking about the sport of yo-yo and the pint sized prodigy from arizona who is wowing crowds these days. 12-year-old hunter says he works on his moves 10 hours every day. he has nearly a hundred yo-yos in his collection and he's being very selective about which ones he brings to the international yo-yo competition in iceland this weekend. >> i actually make up all my own tricks because once you learn all the basics, you can just basically combine those and make it into your own tricks. >> wow. quite impressive. hunter started playing after his mother signed him and his brother up for classes one summer. hopefully all of the practices
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pay off for him. hunter will go up against 200 players from 30 count
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>> well, finally tonight single and ready to mingle. zoo breeders are looking to pair up their solo animals in china. let's let you take a look here the northern forest zoo looking for a mate for their 24-year-old male hippo. the 10-year-old baboon has a
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different story. while he did taste love and partnership he's now single. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: the heat intensifies. the special counsel wants documents from the white house as the trump administration lays down the law on leakers. >> and i have this warning for would-be leakers-- don't do it. >> thank god they got out of there. >> ninan: also tonight, severe weather strikes. >> i can't imagine the trauma that you go through seeing your children struck by lightning. >> ninan: the world's fastest man bolts to the finish. >> usain bolt is sort of energy spilling out in a lot of different places. >> ninan: and "houston, we have a problem." >> reporter: when you look at the condition of the room today, what goes through your mind? >> it's a combination of frustration, anger, resentment. >> ninan: a new mission to save mis


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