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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  August 11, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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cancer is what they deal with every day. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at slash philadelphia. appointments available now. now at noon, an escalating war or word between u.s. and north korea. according to president trump our military solutions are locked and loaded. now china and russia are weighing in the on the tensions good afternoon i'm rahel solomon. i'm jan carabao, jim donovan's off today. wendy gilette is at the white house with how north cover re ace responding to the president's new threats. president trump issued a new warning to north korean dictator kim jong unthis morning. he tweeted military solutions are now full i in place,
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locked and loaded, should north korea act unwisely. hopefully kim jong unwill find another path. >> they have been doing this to our country for a long time for many years and it business time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of other countries. >> reporter: not to be out done north korea issued its own warning saying if the u.s. launches an attack on the north then it will reduce u.s. mainland into a field of nuclear war. president trump continued to push china to do more, to stop its neighbor and close alley from taking any drastic steps. >> i think john, we can do a lot more, china can. i think china can do more. >> reporter: chine delivered a warning to north korea saying fit strikes u.s. first, china will stay neutral, but bay junk will call on the u.s. to not take steps to further escalate tensions in the region. russia's foreign minister has called on north korea to stop testing missiles in exchange for u.s. canceling its military exercises with south
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korea. the u.s. announce today it will carry out its annual joint exercises beginning august 21st, north korea has always viewed the training as preparation for an invasion. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". to the weather now our weekend forecast is looking a little wet and chance for rain actually starts later today. meteorologist katie fehlinger live on the sky deck tracking possible showers and storms, and an approaching cold front, katie? >> indeed i am, jan, yep. all is well, we don't have any activity on storm scan at the moment, that is something that is however going to be chang ing with time as we mentioned but we're primarily talking about scattered showers and thunderstorms as this gets underway and i do think you still have a couple hours left here before anything starts to fire up, on storm scan three, so we're looking good, a couple of additional cloud comparatively to what we saw yesterday or day before and also you will definitely notice it is starting to feel more steamy
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outside so a real taste of august returning finally and currently our temperatures at 80 degrees. i will say it does feel hotter on the sky deck. seventy-eight current value in allentown and reading and mount pocono a much cooler by comparison 66 degrees but we are again, beginning to see the transition, get itself underway here, as the day progresses i expect you will hit mid 70's in the poconos mountains, autopsy the or down at the shore flirting with 80 degrees there and will hit 83 at best in the city because we have got more cloud building in and front starting to approach. potential for showers and thunderstorms is there, it is in the late afternoon but moving forward, i actually come bearing some berth news for the upcoming weekend. looking like it is a half and half type varieties of weekend s where we start off with unsettled weather specifically saturday and begin to dry out in the second half there on sunday. little later in the show we will time this out in more detail for you. what is the main window for that wet weather to roll role through because i'm getting
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questions on twitter can i get my golf in, can i get down to the shore? i will answer that later. jan and rahel. >> important questions, we will see you shortly. well today sixth day of testimony begins in the central pennsylvania courtroom where 16 penn state frat brothers are facing charges in the alcohol fueled death of the pledge. yesterday judge heard bomb shell testimony from a detective, who allegedly said someone purposely deleted footage from the february 9th the night timothy piazza died. district attorneyed about that alleged missing footage outside of court. >> you saw video upstairs, and if they choose to delete that video, what a logical person might say is it must be worse, then what could it possibly show and why would you delete it, unless it shows culpability toward some crime. >> now today lead detective in the case will continue to be cross examined, the justice trying to determine if there is enough evidence to send the case to trial. attorneys for fraternity brothers argued that their
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client did not force piazza to drink so they should not be held responsible for his death philadelphia police are investigating a drive by shooting that left another driver fighting for his life this happened a little after 11:00 o'clock last night near intersection of the cheltenham and somerdale avenues in lawncrest. police say that the gunman shot a 24 year-old man multiple times, medics rushed him to the hospital, where at last check he is listed in critical condition. >> we found a projectile in the driver's seat, but the victim's vehicle, so it appears that he was sitting in the driver's seat when he was shot. >> the gun man remains at large, police say he fled in a white colored vehicle. meantime route 38 eastbound in cherry hill is back opened after a deadly accident involving a pedestrian, which shut down traffic for hours. authorities told us one person was hit by a vehicle around 10:30 near cuthbert boulevard and died at the scene. police have not released the victim's identity. father tries to take down
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a carjack shore took off with his car and three-year old son still strapped in the back seat. "eyewitness news" was there as police reunited the boy with his dad. the ordeal started at roosevelt mall around 4:30 when the father left his child in the running car while he ran in the store. suspect hopped in and drove north on the boulevard for about a mile, he then stopped to place a child on the sidewalk, the father later identified the suspect. >> he made positive identification of the same person, that had jumped in to his car and taken the vehicle, with his infant son. >> officers arrested the suspect in the 6800 block of torresdale avenue just after 7:00 last night. also, police want to necessity if you recognize two suspects in this surveillance video. they are wanted for attack and robbing a five two-year old man. victim was approached from behind inside chinese take out restaurant on north broad street yesterday morning. suspects got away with the victim's wallet. if you have any information about this pair philadelphia police want to hear from you.
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a federal judge has given okay for a controversial dune project in margate, to continue, just as long as several requirements are met. yesterday the judge overturn a state court ruling made last week, that is after u.s. army core of engineers pleaded for the dune project to continue. now, any areas with bacteria filled water, that is pooled to at lee 2 inches deep must be fenced in. army core of engineers must also provide walkways and pump out any left over water. former qvc executive is facing a long list of charges after being accused of defrauding the company out of more than a million. federal indictment claims james stole monday from it tv shopping channel. he used this money for first class travel, luxury hotels, resorts, clothing, prepaid gift card. qvc released this statement. at qvc we take allegations of unlawful business conduct on the part of our employees and our business partners very seriously. in addition to conducting a
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thorough investigation into this matter we have been cooperating fully with the authorities. the 32nd annual pumpkin chucking in sussex county, delaware will go on this november despite a tragic accident last year, however, organizers there warn that it could be the last one because of lack of funding. the science channel withdrew as a main sponsor of the pumpkin flinging festival, after an air cannon's trapdoor blew off critically injuring a woman last year. organizers are trying to lined up more sponsors to keep the entering. once we start talking about pumpkin chucking fall is around the corner and eagles fans football season, yes, it is finally here too. >> and we have our first look at 2017 eagles. last night preseason game number one from green bay and carson wentz looked sharp. he was four for four for 58- yard including a 38-yard touchdown pass to rookie matt hollins. hollins kept those defenders at bay and coasts in the end zone there eagles failed on the two-point conversion but there is still time to work on that packers scored a touchdown on a 68-yard punt
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return and beat the bird, 24- nine. >> it goodies to give young guys some opportunities, guy like matt stepping up there that first drive. he had a big game as well. it was just good to get out there. >> beauty of it is, it is pre season. we got a lot have guys in the game inn we get a chance to evaluate from here on. >> eagles first round pick defensive tackle derek barnett had two sacks in the game. next thursday bird host buffalo bills at the link. we have some breaking news now, chopper three live over a water main break that has shut down 3900 block of wood land avenue in west philadelphia. this is not far from the va medical center and children's hospital and also very close to the university of pennsylvania there are philadelphia water department crews on the scene working to shut off the main, right now it is unclear of any properties in the area are experiencing any service issues but we will update you once we get more information. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a positive
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story about an airline company >> you may not hear them very often but one southwest passenger cried tears of joy over an employee's kindness. what the woman did to deserve high praise. it is not a bird or a plane but a car, plumetting from the top floor of the parking garage, the details, of the scary moment, up
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well, check this out back on "eyewitness news" with a heart stopping, near miss on a
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train track in poland, surveillance video captured moment a driver broke through a safety barrier there and crossed the railway second before a speeding train came down the track abe incredibly the train only clipped back of the car, everyone inside escaped without injury. jan, more incredible video from a texas parking garage, a car plumeted from the seventh floor, falling in the suv below. this happened last month, in austin but police just released video, police say that the driver missed the gas pump for brakes but was seriously injured but somehow expected to recover. that is incredible video. >> very scary. airline employee more than earned her wings when she helped a pass evening inner distress. >> she who her luggage and as dave crowley from our sister station in pittsburgh showed us, the employee did whatever it took to get luggage back to her and with good reason. report report these are bitter sweet times for stacy heard, married mother of two, she
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will sieve maintenance chemotherapy for colon cancer for rest of her life. >> where there is no struggle there is in strength. >> reporter: after a cancer retreat in nashville she caught an earlier flight on southwest not enough time for a luggage switch, when it arrived she made a call. >> i immediately panic, because i had chemotherapy the next day, and i knew that i had a lot of items in the suitcase that i needed and wanted for chemotherapy. >> this is my best, mess important good luck charm. >> i started to get very emotional and started to cry. >> reporter: this suitcase she held items in her crusade against colon cancer. >> she picked up on my desperation and she said, you know, i will find the luggage for you. i will get it to you. we will get it to you somehow, some way. >> i had so many members hoff been ill, and i understand, you know in, that situation things are already rough. >> i have got great news we got your bag on our last flight today.
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>> reporter: sarah rowan left message at 2:53 a.m., she left the suitcase on stacy's porch. >> i opened up my luggage and not only were my things intact but right on top was the beautiful handwritten note on tissue paper. >> myself and my southwest family we're thinking of you and wishing you all the best. >> i wish you could meet her because would i give her the biggest hug. >> people helping people. >> that is a very touching story. >> and still ahead on "eyewitness news", forced to jump. >> police office hearsed to sling themselves from the highway 18 feet above, katie. now that we are right around the corn are from that upcoming weekend i come bearing better news for it, even though we do have to deal with wet weather on our saturday, sunday had previously looked like it might have wet weather, that is looking up, we should clear out and see some sunshine throughout your sunday. definitely looking up through the course of the weekend and beyond that point too. our daytime highs, do stay steady in the mid 80's all
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weekend long. we will be right back with the
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this week we're in new hope bucks county there noise shortage of fun for the whole family. one place getting a tension is bucks county children's museum so much more than just a 10,000 square foot playhouse, kid of all ages can explore, really expand their imaginations. >> it is great, kid love it, our three-year old feels like he owns the place, yeah, it is fun, just a nice friendly museum and lots of stuff for kid to do. >> don't they always own the place. it is fun for just ask our big
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kid pat gallen and we will show you how his day at museum later today on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. cbs-3 summer fest continues, all day long, nicole brewer will be hosting from new hope showcasing charming bucks county treasure so don't miss fun at 5:00 right here on "eyewitness news". katie, of course, we are hoping for good weather. >> i think at lee five and 6:00 o'clock shows are fine but later tonight that gets dicey, so i'm still thinking scattered showers and storms but you know how it is if you get stuck, your luckies poor, you could get wet, poured on. exactly. you know what i'm saying. >> yes, i know. >> it does appear that we're all going to have to dodge something over the next 24 hours, or so. it is not longer then that leading in the upcoming weekend. it is courtesy of the front moving through but it seems like over course of the last few days pattern has consolidated, what i mean is wet weather is moving in,
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later and then exiting sooner. it is just squeeze playing that moisture into one more minute time frame but it does occur over course of the weekend. we will show you what is happening at that localized zoom of storm scan more cloud building in but we still have sunshine if you are watching us right now from your shore house and head out to the beach for a couple hours you can definitely do that but with time, and i'll show that in future weather in a second things do go back downhill, already that has begun to be the case through lake erie for example and that moisture working its way up the appalachians. it is a sign of things to come because we have more sunshine we may end up with heavier thunderstorms true for far northern western suburbs and poconos for example second half of the day. so come shortly after lunchtime we may begin to see that activity picking up at that more localized level and again, it looks primarily like if we have got any showers or storms later this afternoon they are removed from the city off to the north and west.
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new hope will sit pretty just fine, humid, granted but should stay dry. now these are heavy thunderstorms. that is drenching rain coming through as long as this verifies but here we get right over bucks county, that could be a little bit of the drench er and again thinks all a model interpretation so it would be placed just so right over that area but someone will get hit with a shower or thunderstorm at some point later on tonight and in the overnight, a good portion of us do that. you might wake up to rain tapping on the rooftop here. there is a little break, may still be a shower or thunderstorm in the first half of tomorrow but heavier batch does come through second half of the saturday and may come through in a heavy line. keep an eye on the cold front passage and then clears out and sunday looks beautiful. how much rain are we talking? thankfully not flooding issues like the previous systems earlier in the week. probably only flirt and not get to that. half inch to three-quarters of an inch give or take, it is a
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general expectation. here are your current dew points, lower that dew point gets dry air mass gets and starting to creep up on us here from the southwest. so, we will get more of that humidity building and it did feel more humid to me outside on the sky deck a moment ago. here's a pretty shot very lush view outside of jim thorpe packer mansion smack in the center of the shot there really pretty beginning to the afternoon there but you may get hit with heavier shower or storm before it is all said and done. that sunnies reflecting sobriety off water outside in our live neighborhood network at margate where is there folks enjoying this nice beginning to the afternoon on the beach and speaking of summer if he again just watch for that late day shower and tonight, thunderstorm will romp on through. union that was graphic for them, i think there may be a few showers or storm at union match toll night but that goes for every within tomorrow and then clears out tomorrow and sunday and machine looks nice. >> exactly, yeah.
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>> sorry. >> yes. >> all right. >> exactly. >> switching gears to more serious story here what you will see is dramatic video of a suspected drunk driver forcing two houston officers to jump off the highway. the video is very hard to watch. >> this happened on july 28th as officers were investigating an accident, both fell about 18 feet, one officer broken back but is expect to recover. amazingly the other officer was not seriously hurt. dangerous job they do every day. >> every day, it is just pains your ears to scream. >> good to know ahead of time that they are doing okay, that is tough. >> absolutely. >> we will be right where are we? about to see progressive's new home quote explorer. where you can compare multiple quote options online and choose what's right for you. woah. flo and jamie here to see hqx. flo and jamie request entry. slovakia. triceratops.
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another year another cream puff eating contest at wisconsin state fair. this years winner fulfills a life long goal, you guys, object to eat three large cream puffs in two and a half minutes with your hands tied behind your back. combination of get this skill and appetite, this years winner works for a milwaukee tourism web site. she didn't feel too hot after popping the puffs. she was exited to win though. >> is what the big deal i eat three cream puffs after dinner every night. >> yes. >> face filled with whip cream >> that is it for "eyewitness news" at noon aim jan carabao. >> i'm rahel solomon. thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness n
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>> chelsea: for the trim in faith's room, do you think we should go with powder white or powder puff? i mean, it doesn't match the paint in the upstairs hallway, but i figure with the fabrics i chose... oh, that's a sweet picture. do you remember where that was taken? >> nick: i don't know. it's one of faith's favorites, though, or it would be packed away in a box by now. >> chelsea: because victor's in it? >> nick: the guy kicked me out of his life, and i still have pictures of him in my living room. >> chelsea: because you are a great dad and you love faith and you want her to be happy. that's why you're surprising her by re-decorating her room while she's at camp. >> nick: yeah, well, when she gets home, she's gonna want to spend time with her grandpa the way she always did. >> chelsea: yeah. how are you gonna handle that?


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