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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 12, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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new this morning, a north ease fail woman goes to close her window and hit by gunfire. investigators explain what they think is behind the shooting. gunfire in a target parking lot in northeast philadelphia, we will bring you up to date on the search for gunman and what led up to this shooting. and the trump administration says that the u.s. has not given up on finding a diplomatic solution to ease tension was north korea despite heated heat rick more about the president's phone call about the president of the chine. it is saturday august 12th , good morning, i'm jan carabao. bit of the rainy start to our day, lets get over to meteorologist matt peterson with the forecast for the rest of the weekend, good morning,
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matt, how are we looking. >> it is a wet start to saturday. we don't like to talk about the rain but we will have to it day. tomorrow is pick of the weekend. it is an up and down for the next couple of 48 hours or so. if you are up early on this saturday morning look at this it is wet out there, so storm scan three is showing a few light showers, that are still making their way across the delaware valley. right now better chance for that light precipitation to start off saturday is down near the shore points. atlantic city back down through cape may county, far southern cape may county in cape may itself that is where we are starting to see, some of that light precipitation. >> here across philadelphia it doesn't mean we will not be seeing any kind of rain, it just does still look like a few light showers here in philadelphia and few areas off to the north and west as well. through the afternoon but overall it looks like, it is not going to be a wash out of a day which is some good news. dew points are on the high side. it is muggy, it has been
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raining for last couple hours and what we would expect. stepping outside here in the next couple minutes, it will feel, very, very humid out there. temperatures sitting in the 70 's for the most part we do see 72 in philadelphia. seventy-four in millville. seventy-five atlantic city. couple 60's further north but overall it is generally a warm , slightly muggy start to the day. again a few light showers by 9:00 o'clock in, general it is an overcast morning, a few breaks in the cloud, not completely ruled out, we will sit at 73 around 9:00 a.m. up to 79 by lunchtime, again our shower chances are going to be out there and limited and not just around lunchtime but through the afternoon as well and get to the high of 83 we will talk about how nice it is on sunday in a bit. >> thank you, matt. woman is in stable condition this morning after being shot three times overnight, in an apparent home invasion in northeast philadelphia just after midnight police were called to the 5800 block of somerdale avenue for reports of the woman shot, and police say
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victim was in bed when she noticed an opened window. she went to close the window heard gunfire and realized she was shot. >> called 911. at the same time her husband was coming in, through the front door but she thought it was bad guy that shot her, so she was trying to push the door closed, and not realizing it was her husband trying to come in after work. >> now the 58 year-old woman was not identified by police. authorities said she was shot in the ab, arm and chest and transported to aria torresdale hospital. "eyewitness news" crew is working on this store and we will have more at 5:30. police continue their search for suspect wanted in the shooting at a northeast philadelphia target store. the chaos unfolded last night outside of the bustleton avenue location. gunfire erupted in the parking lot there sending one man to the hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter
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alexandria hoff has the details. >> i went the two back of the store. that is where i was going. >> reporter: report brittany, her four year-old son and grand mother were among dozens blind sided by the sound of gunfire while shopping inside target inside bustleton avenue around 3:30. >> the alarms go off, police were coming, we just waited. >> reporter: they shelf nerd place in the stockroom in the back of the store. police and swat unit is a arrived and placed the property on lock down. >> we have one victim, she's in stable condition at aria torresdale and it seems to have begun with a fight that was outside. >> reporter: according to commissioner richard ross a fight between three to five males in the parking lot led to a shooter firing five shots one struck the victim. it is unclear if he was intended target that shooter we believe did escape, there is in other shooters at this time. >> reporter: as the evening pushed on doors to the target
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store were closed off with police tape, investigators on the scene remained closed to two cars left sitting in the parking lot, one with its back window shattered and both marked with the same unique windshield decal. al sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime police are investigating a deadly involved shooting in north philadelphia this shooting happened just after 5:00 yesterday afternoon on the 3100 block of north darian street. police say officers approached a man who stolen a car, they say suspect tried to take an officer's weapon but then started to cooperate, however police say that the suspect started to fight with a second officer, shots were fired and a suspect was killed. a special event brought together young survivors of the gun violence in philadelphia super heroes against gun violence included child shooting victims and their families all flying super hero gear. event in hunting park was organized by family of seven year-old mahaj i brown, one
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year ago, he was struck by, 10 bull frets a ak-47 rifle in east germantown. >> i feel like as a parent that went through it, it was my job to step up, speak out, on behalf of all parents going through it. some people didn't make it. mahaj i was lucky enough to have made it. it was one of the most tragic events that happened last summer. >> according to his mother mahaj has under gone 32 surgeries since the shooting and still has more to go. he was one of the 94 kids shot in philadelphia in 2016. in other news this morning , a judge has scheduled a contempt hearing for advisor who lived in the now shuttered penn state fraternity house where a pledge died in february. defense lawyers say former advisor tim bream, has not responded to efforts to get him to testify. sixteen former beta theta pi fraternity members charged in the death of the 19 year-old
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timothy piazza returned to their preliminary hearing on friday. defense attorneys want bream to testify about what he knew about the events leading to piazza's death. judge is working to determine if there is enough evidence to send the case to trial. well, a large crowd of alt right supporters marched through university of virginia campus last night. police say hundreds of protesters paraded to the thomas jefferson statue on the steps of the university rotunda, march comes on the eve of unite the right rally, set to take place tonight at emancipation park in charlottesville, thousands are expected to attend that rail. police made no official statement on how many people were arrested last night. chinese state media says all side should avoid rhetoric or action toss worsen tension was north korea as wendy gilette report, president trump says he wants a peaceful solution to what he calls a dangerous situation. >> reporter: after hud welling
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his top diplomates on friday, president trump said it was too soon to predict how standoff with north korea will end. >> hopefully it will all work out. nobody loves a peaceful solution better than president trump. we will see what happens. we think that lots of good things and we could also have a bad solution. >> reporter: earlier president tweeted that the u.s. military is locked, loaded if north korea acts unwisely. >> i hope that they are going to fully understand the gravity of what i said and what i said is what i mean. >> reporter: despite heated rhetoric that the trump administration says u.s. has not given up on finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis. >> what the president is doggies trying to support our efforts by making sure north korea understands what the steaks are. >> reporter: president trump said he was going to speak with china's president friday night. he has been calling on china to do more to reign in north korea president addressed unrest in vince swale.
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it is not that far away and people are suffering and dying. we have many options for convenient swale a including a possible military option if necessary. president wants peace but is not opposed to quote, getting tough, if we have to. wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump also says that his administration is, weighing the idea of yet another round of economic sanction as begins north korea secretary of state rex tillerson says u.s. diplomates in havana have been victims of a attack. tillerson's statement is most definitive comment made about mysterious health issues that left some diplomates there with hearing loss. tillerson's comments comes two days after the state department issued a vaguely worded statement saying there were quote incidents which have caused a variety of physical symptoms. vice-president mike pence and his wife, landed safely in washington after air force two struck a bird friday evening. just as the plane lifted off
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from indianapolis passengers reported seeing a bright flash outside the plane. plane reportedly hit a bird on take off that was sucked in the engine. officials say engines on air force two are designed to ingest the occasional bird and there was in damage to that aircraft. just waking up and checking your numbers on the mega millions lottery ticket we have big news a single ticket matched all six numbers drawn last night and that ticket is now worth an estimated 393 million-dollar. lottery officials is a very lucky ticket was sold in illinois. but there are other chances thaw could win on your ticket so check the numbers, winning numbers were 23, 33, 53, 56, 58 and mega ball number was six. is there still much more to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning this week summer fest centers on historic bucks county communities. how new hope got its name and at tracks that is make it so
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popular. i'm henry ross off in center city. we will show you how governmental agencies and private businesses are coming together to provide valuable getting an appointment with a specialist shouldn't be.
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at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, you can see a cancer specialist in as little as 24 hours. you'll meet with a physician who will discuss treatment options, answer your questions and recommend next steps for your personalized care plan. learn more about cancer treatment centers of america and schedule your appointment at
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talk about summer fest now new hope was once a place where mills employed may jotter of the town and now it is a picturesque place where
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artists and mom and pop shops are thriving. town got its name in the 1700s after a fire burned down one of the mills there when the owner rebuilt it, he named it new hope mills giving business and town a new identity. today legacy of new hope mills lives on in the form of the bucks county playhouse, converted into a theater, back in the 1930's when building was facing possible demolition it was in continuing operation until 2010 and remodeled and reopened in 2012, the art, music, scenery all continues to be a draw for people to this day. another must see attraction in new hope is peddler's village, big draw this weekend is peach festival and sidewalk sale, you can taste all kinds of delicious food made with peaches and there is shopping, and music. peach festival runs from 10:00 y and sunday at peddler's village so check it out in that area. from peddler's village to main street is there plenty of great shopping in new hope and
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as our vittoria woodill discovered if you are searching for antique treasures you are in the right place. >> reporter: look at this stuff, isn't it neat? a telescope, scale, clock, a mouse. >> reporter: looking for this, or that could make your collection complete. >> this could be stripped down and bear metal would show and it would be amazing. >> reporter: you are in the right spot, new hope antiques rule the road and passerby keep an eye out for treasures that people passed on. >> like these glasses, from 1920. love the glasses. they are the coolest pieces. you cannot get to the eye doctor and buy these so you go and they are filled with items like this. >> reporter: james costello of the new hope antique center and people store four story antique warehouse just a short trip over the bridge into lambertville says his antique dealers search all over for pieces to make your own. >> one piece will create your
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space. you just pop this in your house and you have wired up, little shade, you have a cool modern lamp that is creating new space. >> reporter: and will last a test of time. >> made overseas, but this stuff was made in the u.s., years ago. it has lasted hundred years already and will last another couple hundred years. >> reporter: when are looking for something one of a kind, odd. look over there. what is that? >> another old movie prop we have found. >> reporter: over the top, james says act fast. >> look at something and if you love it, and it says something to you and speaks, take it home because you won't have another chance. >> reporter: vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fun does not stop, in new hope, we have more fun planned for you next friday when summer fest goes to the poconos where there is plenty to peak your interests and more than just mountains. ukee washington will be broadcasting live there next friday right here on cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". good time, fun times, but unfortunately not so fun out there. >> little bit wet. i don't think it rained on them for summer fest but this friday, we will see, we will keep an eye to it. but we're wet out there to start off our saturday. if you do get out this morning take the umbrella, rain coat you will need it for at lee the first half of the day, it is not going to be a wash out of a saturday. it doesn't look like we will be just soaked, throughout the entirety of the daytime hours, but, again, if you are heading out early this morning or if you are going out this afternoon, take your umbrella and rain coat because you could get caught in the light rain activity. this is rehoboth, you can see again it is a wet start to the morning in southern delaware to start off the day. that is where we are seeing precipitation early on, it will be track ago cross the entire delaware valley, at least a chance will be track ago cross the delaware valley as we go through the afternoon hours. yesterday we got to a high of
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84. pretty typical for the beginning and now almost middle of august. down the beach, not just down the delaware area but also in south jersey, it looks like it will not be the best beach day unfortunately. temperatures in the 80's, cloudy, humid but a few light showers and isolated rumble of thunder will be thrown in the mix as well as we go throughout the day time hours today. storm scan three showing you around philadelphia right now, around the city itself it is not that bad. maybe a few light sprinkles here or there, some cloud cover out there but where we are seeing precipitation is down along the coastline, so we will head down to the jersey shore, you'll see atlantic city getting in light shower activity as you head down route nine toward cape may, also again right along the coastline where we are seeing shower activity, so avalon, stone harbor back down toward wildwood getting in on that action too heavier precipitation to start off, southern delaware from lewis beach, bethenny, rehoboth we will see dark greens and little bit of yellow, in
5:19 am
around bethenny so more moderate rainfall falling in the far southern sections of the delaware area to start off our day. future weather you see here at 5:00 this morning which is right now, mess of that precipitation well off to the east of philadelphia, just some cloud cover, across the immediate metro area. as we go in the afternoon hours, and, then we're really going to be watching is again not a whole lot showing up on the future weather but that doesn't mean that we're going to be completely dry. you can see there, bucks county, very, very small blip on our future simulated radar showing you a very spotty shower. that is what it will be. probably overcast day a few spotty showers here or there. isolated rumble of thunder as we head in the middle afternoon hours not completely ruled out either and by 8:00 o'clock shower activity could develop toward lehigh valley. not showing up on future weather right now but there is a chance north and west for some showers to start to develop seven or 8:00 and then
5:20 am
as we go through middle of the night, by midnight you'll see more thunderstorms just south of philadelphia, showing up a little bit more there on future weather north of the city and then by the time sunday morning most of the precipitation is done, really even a few hours before that probably around six or so as sun start to come up when rain will be pushing off the coast line and then it looks like it should be a good sunday for us , in general, rain amounts will be heaviest because we will head to southern new jersey and back down in delaware where we could see half inch or rain. eighty-one today. eighty-five tomorrow. not too bad next week with 86 and 84 monday and tuesday. >> thanks, matt. we often worry about our older loved won, be it parents , grandparents or neighbors. supporting our seniors was reason for a unique event in philadelphia. from eating right to avoiding scams to say staying safe during long, hot summer "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff show us everyone who has come together in the
5:21 am
name of serving seniors. >> ♪ >> reporter: most days inside philadelphia senior center, might include a casual game of card, maybe even a meal. >> so how do you think we know if somebody has taken advantage of us? >> reporter: but today is not typical. governmental groups, non- profit and private organizations are all here to provide one stop shopping. >> i have to watch my actions. >> reporter: for seniors like anna boil, they a learn how to avoid scams. >> anybody that asked townsend money you never send money. >> reporter: to explore berth ways to get around. >> walk or drive. >> reporter: to eat healthier. >> they offer cooking demonstrations. >> reporter: there are also plenty of police to discuss safety issues like home break ins and making sure the summer heat nor winter cold turns deadly. >> we do this event because we wanted our seniors not to feel forgotten. >> reporter: roselyn tally knows all too well, as a police officer, how quickly
5:22 am
some seniors can become victims. >> this is age that a lot of times they don't complain about things, they get embarrassed by things, they don't want to speak up about things and we want them to know we are there for them. >> reporter: by showing no matter what card is dealt later in life is there community wide support always available. >> it is wonderful, wonderful. >> reporter: last years event similar to the one we just showed you educated 800 seniors in person and goal, to educate even more this year. in center city henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead here on "eyewitness news" we will take you behind the scenes of is what new in theaters this weekend. i'm kevin frazier coming up bri larson, woody harrelson and niomi watts are part of the big screen
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one of new movies is based on janet wall's best selling memoirs the glass castle, it is coming of age tail about her dysfunctional family and her poverty stricken youth. here's kevin frazier. >> reporter: this week bree larson, woody harrelson and niomi watts star in the story based on a best selling memoirs the glass castle. >> this is as weird as it gets , kid. you learn from living. >> reporter: based on the memoirs by janet walls glass castle stars larson as grown up janet reflecting on her un conventional and sometimes difficult childhood with her parents played by woody harrelson and niomi watts. author was on hand to provide crucial details to the stars when it came to portraying her real life family. >> well, with janet, we had unlimited access which was really cool. so she was very available at all times to answer our
5:26 am
questions and there wasn't anything that we could ask that was too small or personal >> the ultimate resource, you know, she obviously wrote a great book but all of the other details that she gives you outside of that really helps you kind of get your head around the character. >> reporter: entire cast recognized that janet's story is a universal one about forgiveness and family. >> it ended up becoming a cathartic experience for all of us and we all bonded incredibly well from the get go i think that is what is so beautiful, it feels human, accessible and no matter, what we have all come from a family whether we have one now or not , we have come from some significance, you know, influences, that have played out, good or bad from our family. >> reporter: for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier now
5:27 am
back to you in the studio. coming up in the next half an her right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a small american territory caught in the middle of an international standoff between u.s. and north korea how guam is getting ready for the unthinkable. right now i have no feeling so it is just tough trying to get by. only on "eyewitness news", man seriously injured when an elevator malfunctioned in philadelphia's criminal justice center, coming up he talks about the physical and emotional scars that will never
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today is saturday august 12th, good morning everyone i'm jan carabao a bit of the rain start today but how about the rest of our saturday shaping up? meteorologist matt peterson is live on the sky deck with eyewitness weather, how does it look, matt. >> i put rain jacket on to come on the sky deck just in case and right now it is dry here in philadelphia that is some good news, for us. a few light showers in the ruled out here this morning and we are already seeing most of the precipitation for the morning hours right now, anyway is down south and east of philadelphia down toward shore points. storm scan three shows you where we are seeing it down from atlantic city and cape may.
5:31 am
that is currently our best chance to see precipitation, a few other returns out there are south central, new jersey up toward millville area and back down in southern delaware we are seeing, a decent thunderstorm moving across far southern parts of the delaware , rest of the delaware valley, philadelphia and back toward lehigh valley and poconos for time being we're on the dryer side of things. temperatures are warm, to say the least, it is muggy on the sky deck, muggy across the entire area not just here this morning but throughout the afternoon we're seeing 60's toward reading and allentown. but 72 in philadelphia, even warmer back down toward ac where we are at 75 at the atlantic city airport. we could be sitting right around 72, 71 by 7:00 this morning and there is a chance for a light shower pretty much throughout the day. it is not necessarily a wash out of the day but a chance for a light shower throughout the entirety of our afternoon. we will top things out at 81
5:32 am
degrees later today and then talking about a pretty nice sunday when i come back inside. >> thanks, matt. woman is shot overnight in what police are calling a home invasion in northeast philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at police headquarters with the very latest what do we know. >> good morning, jan. police have not identified the woman but say that 58 year-old victim is recovering from at least a couple gunshot wounds. this happened on the 8500 block of somerdale avenue in the northeast section of philadelphia police say they were called there around 12:30 this morning and they say victim was in bed when she noticed her window was opened when she went to go close it she heard gunshots looked down and realize she had been shot three times, once in the arm, chest and once in the left side. police say suspect then tried to get inside the home but were unsuccessful, that victim is in stable condition at jefferson hospital and her husband luckily was not hurt,
5:33 am
although captain george fuks of philadelphia police say it could have ended differently. >> called 911, at the same time her husband was coming into the front door. but she thought it was bad guys that shot her, and so she's trying to push the door closed not realizing it was her husband trying to come in after work. >> police also found a bullet hole in the woman's pillow, they say they are looking for any surveillance video but they do not have any suspects, at this time, they have made no arrests. if you have any information call the police, live at police headquarters i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" in other news this morning , international pressure is building to find a diplomatic solution to north korea's nuclear program, chinese state media reports that president of china said all side should lower rhetoric
5:34 am
president trump defended a tweet he sent friday morning saying u.s. military is " locked and loaded if north korea acts unwisely. north korea is promising a nuclear war if the u.s. strikes first, the president met with secretary of state rex tillerson and u.n. ambassador nicki hail toy discuss the next steps to take no one knows how close or far we are from a nuclear conflict with nuclear korea but officialness guam, tiny island territory that kim congress unhas threatened to attack are not keeping citizens in the dark. as andy rose reports, guam home land security is advising people on how to prepare. >> reporter: it is a small island in the pacific ocean home to less than 200,000 people and in the last few days, guam has become center of the international back and forth between two countries and their missle might. u.s. territory of guam, home to two military base that is cover one-third of the island is no strange tore threats
5:35 am
from north korea. guam's home land security advisor say it would only take 14 minutes from a missle to strike the island. even with the amped up threats that have been flying this week many on the island including the governor don't seem too phased. >> obviously i'm concerned about it. there should be concern and worry bit too but at the same time it is important that we separate what is being said in the media with the reality of what are the facts on the ground. there is no requirement on this ground for any increase defense threat level. >> we have been assured by the governor that we shouldn't worry bit, so i'm pretty much putting that, taking that to heart. >> reporter: b1 bombers are ready and two page press sheet on how to try to survive if a nuclear attack happened has been provided but whatever happens next residents remain hopeful. >> north korea does try to launch any type of missiles, or start a war, i feel that we
5:36 am
are pro teched. >> reporter: andy rose for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new developments this morning in the deadly hit and run in center city philadelphia police have released this photo of the person of interest, as well as a new better photo of the vehicle they are looking for. it is a white jeep wrangler rubicon, last sunday the jeep was involved in the hit and run that claim the life of the five three-year old ann broad rick crossing the 1300 block of race street. police say the jeep has a lot have costume work. >> this jeep had very distinct fenders, it had black fenders, it has a white top and on the hood of the jeep is vents on both side of the jeep hood. so it had customization we believe after it left the factory. >> now if you have any fur about this deadly hit and run give philadelphia police a call. surveillance cameras have captured a frightening armed
5:37 am
robbery, in philadelphia's olney neighborhood this happened at global electronic kings on the 5500 block of north fifth street. police say first suspect walked in, asking an employee about selling an iphone. then another man came in with gunpointing it at worker. video shows the two suspects making off with store merchandise police are asking anyone to identify these suspects to give them a call. now to an "eyewitness news" exclusive, it has been a year since an elevator malfunction at criminal justice center injuring a philadelphia sheriff lieutenant. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos talks about how this accident has changed his life. >> reporter: owens family home in northeast philadelphia is under going a massive renovation. >> this will be the new master bedroom. >> reporter: entire new section of the house being added on and project that the family never planned. those renovations 100 percent necessary all because of an incident here at the criminal justice center, august 4th of
5:38 am
2016 where lieutenant paulaens is a sheriff's deputy. >> like any other day get dress drived to work. >> reporter: when owens stepped in the elevator that morning. >> i was supposed to go down one floor. >> reporter: elevator malfunctioned rocketing upward crashing through the top of the shaft. >> i remember holding on, after that i don't remember anything. >> reporter: owens rushed to the hospital and remain in the coma for five weeks. >> one doctor told me just you will never walk again. >> reporter: paralyzed from the weigh down. >> i had a whole lot of injuries so i was broken up good. >> reporter: his wife heather a former deputy herself coincidently also injured on the same elevator system in 2009. >> it dropped about 6 inches or so. when she stepped out she tripped over the ledge and fell down and hurt her ankle. >> reporter: she has been helping her husband every day for past year. >> i love her. i can't do it without her.
5:39 am
>> reporter: all of the while planning out new ada compliant addition. >> let's give him back some independence so he is not 100 percent dependent on monday. >> reporter: goal to make palm as comfortable as possible as he continues to recover from a sudden catastrophic accident. >> i just went to work one day and i got caught up in a bad situation and look, i'm in a wheelchair for the rest of my life now. >> reporter: in northeast philadelphia, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". owens home should be renovated by thanksgiving, family also has a pending lawsuit against two elevator manufacturers and criminal justice center's building manager for the malfunction. we still have so much more to cover on "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, taylor swift learns if she will face a lawsuit, what the judge decided and yes made the call. dozens of couples getting ready to tie the knot are scrambling to find a new place for their reception. get ready for another
5:40 am
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back on eyewitness "eyewitness news" a radio hoe lawsuit begins taylor swift has been thrown out. on thursday pop singer and berks county native testified in the denver courtroom that radio dj david mueller groped her at a backstage event in 2013. mueller sued. he said he never groped swift adding that her accusations
5:43 am
got him fired. well, judge ruled that mueller cannot prove the singer cost him her job. two popular new jersey wedding venues closed unexpect ly leaving more than 50 couples scrambling. the restaurant in jersey city shut down due to repairs needed on the pier outside the establishment. spokesperson for the venue says, couples should receive full refunds but in the so for weddings booked at atrium country club in west orange. it went out of business last week, padlock was on its entry and alerted one couple who was supposed to have their wedding reception there in just five weeks. >> we're in panic mode but we have a little bit of time. i feel bad for other couples out there going through the same thing and may not have as much time as we do. >> the country club has entered into bankruptcy proceedings, if they don't receive a refund that couple says they stand to lose about $13,000. two newlywedness new jersey are trying to crackdown the couple who crashed their
5:44 am
wedding. it was last sunday in sussex county. when the bride saw the couple in these snapshots sitting at a table with other guests she didn't think they looked familiar. couple avoided bride and groom all night long but eventually the mysterious duo turned into the life of the party. >> just dancing all over the place like up in our face, photo bombing every picture that we put on. >> they were dressed, they were professionals the way they pulled them off, we were lake we got wedding crashed, that is funny. >> as newlyweds were going through wedding card they found one with a single dollar bill inside that said congratulations sorry for crashing your wedding, best of luck. the entire wedding party is working to track them down, and thank them. >> good for them. people thinking about a lot of weddings on the books this weekend, big wedding season. >> well, i think it is a good luck if it rains at a wedding. >> i hear that, i know brides
5:45 am
typically don't agree. >> somebody just told a bride that to make her nice and calm because it was raining on their wedding day. there are chances to have rain today, unfortunately they will be out there but good news for us is it is not a total wash out of a saturday. even here, so far this morning is there a couple light showers mostly in south jersey while here in philadelphia especially areas north and west we are relatively dry to start out the day. now temperatures this afternoon we will be climbing up in the lower 80's because it is going to be cloudy and we will have those showers throughout the afternoon so we are below average. average high today is actually 86 degrees. as we get a month away from now september 12th our average high goes down to 76 and then by the time we get into october we are looking for a high of 65. we're on the downward trend here closer and close tore fall but still going to be muggy for us today and really throughout the rest of the weekend because we are waiting for our cold front to come on through. what we can expect?
5:46 am
overall it will be a damp, dreary afternoon with limited sunshine, rounds of light showers. it is not a day where we will get torrential downpours. there are chances for maybe some embedded area where we could get a thunderstorm here or there especially in the second half of the day but overall it is just going to be light showers and yes, those chances are there all day licensing. so this is what is going on outside right now with our surface analysis. we will see included cover across philadelphia for the mess part but most of the precipitation staying down to the south ande for the time being. area of low pressure well off to the north spiraling in canada, big cold front is what will come on through. it looks like tonight into tomorrow, that will start to clear things out and give us the chance for again some showers, thunderstorms tonight but then nicer wet are for our sunday there goes the cold front high pressure settles in , today and tomorrow, even heading in to our monday it looks like it should start out workweek nice.
5:47 am
hit or miss shower is what we are looking at with isolated areas of a few rumbles of thunder as we head in the second half of our saturday this ends by mostly ends by sunrise tomorrow so it looks liken by six or 7:00 tomorrow morning we are starting to dry things out, that high pressure settles in and that allows us to stay on the quiet side, to start out our workweek. future rain amounts from now until about tomorrow morning, it looks like we could see a a close to an tenth of an inch from lehigh valley backup toward pocono. here in philadelphia and across i-95 corridor of the delaware valley, maybe as high as a quarter inch of rain or so but from wilmington through philadelphia back to trenton a wide range but overall it looks like it will be a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch but quarter inch, half an inch heading down into south jersey and back down in the southern delaware, it does look like our bull's eye area once again south ande of the city at this point.
5:48 am
seven day forecast 81 degrees, light showers are out there 85 tomorrow, slowly clearing out, on our sunday afternoon, looking for 86 to start off the workweek on movement, our next chance for rain after today doesn't come until middle of next week. >> not too bad, thanks, matt. a new food trend cauliflower rice ignited complaints that calling it rice is misleading and confusing. some say governmental scientists should weigh in. health reporter stephanie stahl explains in this morning 's einstein health care science center. >> reporter: report cauliflower much maligned vegetable is making a come back. >> cauliflower is one of the hottest vegetables we sell today. >> reporter: regular old cauliflower is transformed into all sorts of designer dishes, it can be barbecued, bake, stir fried and shredded where it is turned into riced cauliflower. >> i haven't tried it.
5:49 am
it is a good substitute for rice. >> reporter: shredded cauliflower has less than 15 percent on the carbs in real rice. >> at the end of the day consumers want to eat healthier. >> reporter: whole cauliflower has 25 calories and packed with nutrients including lots of vitamin c, and fiber, its latest incarnation being shredded. >> i hear it is healthier, reminds me have squash noodles , something like that. >> i don't really understand it, is it rice and cauliflower together. >> reporter: it is cauliflower that is made to look like rice >> oh, interesting. >> reporter: and fewer carbs then real rice. >> well, that is cool, i guess >> reporter: it is not cool for the rice people. >> rice cauliflower why even call it rice cauliflower, call it bits of cauliflower or cauliflower crumbles and when did rice become a verb. >> reporter: rice farmers have washington lobbyist and asking the f.d.a. to define rice so that not everyone can use the name. what do you think bit being
5:50 am
called rice when it is not really rice. >> i'm fine witt, semantic i guess. >> it is unclear if the f.d.a. will redefine rice but cdc has weighed in on the importance of cauliflower ranking it among the top 30 powerhouse vegetables. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". more than 200 future physicians are beginning their medical careers right here in philadelphia. they gathered at the kimmel center for drexel university's annual white coat ceremony. er with lag at college of medicine class of 2021, school says white coat is a symbol of the student's future profession which represents trust, compassion, and responsibility. white house is a construction zone right now large scale renovations are taking place while president trump is working out of his golf club in bedminster, new jersey. here's a view of the oval office you don't normally see all cleared out with plastic lining walls there workers are about halfway through 17 day
5:51 am
renovation that includes both mechanical work and cosmetic changes, former white house press secretary sean spicer was among those snapping photos of the construction. great night for some great music on the delaware water front. >> ♪ >> "eyewitness news" at penns landing for smooth jazz summer concert series, last night, crowd enjoyed beautiful sounds of peter white, cbs-3 and cw philly are proud sponsors of the series and our natasha brown introduced entertainment there. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, eagles make another trade, why jordan matthews is heading to western new york straight ahead in sports.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
number 81 will not be with them, jordan matthews time with the eagles is over. bird traded him to buffalo with a draft pick for corner ronald darby, now, he was bird most reliable receiver in the 20,142nd round pick at 225 catches and 19 touchdowns in his three season with the bird but with the eagles signing alshon jeffery and torey smith to go with nelson agholor and matt hollins, jordan was odd man out. >> you look around the league and it is a corner deficient league, it is hard to find these guys. it is hard to find guys hoff been solid starters and can
5:55 am
play at a high level and when you get them and need a bunch of them, it is something that we felt as well as quarterback position or offensive line, defensive line, you can never have enough of those guys. >> now to the phillies. they have a problem with the mets when they come to south philadelphia. mets go crazy. they have hit 51 home runs in the last 23 games at the bank and they added to that total last night. bottom of the eighth phillies trailing six-five caesar hernandez at the plate, and his seventh home run of the season and game was tied. but in the for long. top of the ninth hector nares on the mound, facing rosario and advantage rosario he takes the pitch over wall in the right for his first career home run. phillies drop another one run game seven-six the final. aaron necessity lah on the hundred dollars for the phillies. to the little league action up are providence, maryland in thee limb nation game of the mid-atlantic regionals. bases loaded for maryland josh , throw the wall and they will take the lead.
5:56 am
they beat up are providence 14 -four but great season for upper providence. congratulations to them. second round of the pga championship kevin kissnor his approach shot a thing of beauty. just pennsylvania the cup, roles back 7 feet and would make the birdie. play was suspended due to dark ness with kissner and, see the third round this afternoon right here on cbs-3. that is all for sports. i'm leslie van arsdal. have a great day. another summer of the police athletic league girls basketball camp has come ton and he. hundred campers competed in games at hard owe gate pal center. they learn about everything from shoot to go teamwork, well done, ladies. that is it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00, here's what is coming up at 6:00 new this morning gunfire in northeast philadelphia, send a woman to the hospital what police are saying about the motive. plus get your tickets out we have got winning mega
5:57 am
millions numbers, and where the winner, bought the ticket. plus bad timing for rain but not a total wash out today , matt peterson's forecast coming up this saturday
5:58 am
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this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. eeep ups august visit your local volvo dealer anjust thinking about t, get a cleaner with bleiped witha new this morning, northeast philadelphia woman goes to close her window and
6:00 am
is hit by gunfire, investigators tell us what they think is behind the shooting. and gunfire in a target parking lot in northeast philadelphia, we will bring you up to date on the search for the gun man. plus, the trump administration says u.s. has not given up on finding a diplomatic solution to ease tension was north korea despite heated rhetoric more about the president's phone call with the president of the china. today is saturday august 12th, good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao, a bit of the rainy start the two day but won't be a complete wash out. lets get over to meteorologist matt peterson with the eyewitness forecast and matt, brighter days are ahead, right >> it will be damp and dreary but not a wash out brighter days tomorrow and really good as we start off workweek too. high pressure will be in control. we have to get through this afternoon and then we will be fine. storm scan three shows you a little bit of light shower activity here early on, saturday morning, mess


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