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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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after facing criticism that his initial comments condemning the charlottesville violence were not strong enough. many of the president's biggest critics were members of his own party. good afternoon, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole briar brewer. necessary gentleman dean is off. alicia joins us from the cbs-3 sat center more of the president's remarks, where the investigation is the deadly protest stands. alicia? >> dozens, the president this weaken, for not specifically condemning the whitemarsh that is list group in charlottesville. senator hatch, one of the most respected senators in the senate, he rarely speaks out tweeted over the weekend saying, quote, call evil by it name. so today the president did that, in a news conference, told the country about a now federal investigation into the deadly violence in charlottesville. >> over the weekends mars were held around the country condemning saturday violence
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at white nationalist march, honored 32 year old woman who stood with groups with the group saturday killed when a car crashed into the crowd. the driver that far car, james alex fields, jr., was in court today, he was denied bail sent back to sit in jail facing several charges at the state level including second degree murder. >> i just met with fbi director, christopher ray. and an attorney general, jeff sessions. the department of justice has opened a sill ill rights investigation. >> president donald trump updated on the potential federal charges for fields, jr., coming after backlash based on what some are calling blands initial reaction to the violence in charlottesville. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this aggregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence, on many sides, on many sides. this has been going on for a long time in our country.
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>> that was the president's response saturday, but people around the country in virginia , even the state's governor, called for more forceful stands against the grip that invited the violence >> tell the white supremicist, tell the neo-nazis, tell the k kk, tell them all, we've had enough of it. >> today two days later the president did. >> and despite the president's tougher tone with whitemarsh nationalist groups, those groups that attended the violence rallies in charlottesville are calling the rallies success and overall victory, because hundreds of supporters that attended those events, and they have plenty more to come. reporting live in the sat center, cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". >> alycia thank you. earlier today the leaders of the third largest form suit call company stepped down after the president's remarks about the charlottesville violence. chief executive officer at mer k, one of the few african-americans to hedda fortune 500 company. he released statement this morning that reads in part,
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america's leaders must honor our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of late tread, bigotry, group supremacy, following frazier's resignation, president trump fired back on twitter saying, frazier will now have more time to lower rip-off drug prices. >> philadelphia police are investigating the discovery of hateful signs and flyers that reference the charlottesville violence. officers took down a ban they are morning, that red death to white power. it was hanging on a railroad overpass sent near eighth and spring garden in the city's spring garden neighborhood. >> stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the charlottesville violence, you can get the very latest on television and any time, at there are new developments in the escalating tensions between the united states and north korea. marine corps corporal general, top military official told his counterparts in a visit to south korea today if provoke our military is ready to defends itself and its allies from north korea.
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general also said the us seeks a peaceful resolution to the crisis, the general will later travel to japan, and china for more talks. philadelphia police are investigating a disturbing discovery, couple found dead inside their south philadelphia apartment. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos live at the scene on federal street with the latest on the investigation. greg? >> and, nicole there is couple was found dead shortly before midnight when the mother of one of the victims who lives on the second floor went downstairs to check on her son she found both of the bodies thereon that first floor apartment here on federal street. tonight, police not naming any suspect, but as you can imagine there is community is on edge. >> this quiet block. >> all of the neighbors know each other. >> shattered by gruesome double killing. >> 11:45 p.m. sunday evening 50 year old gonzalez, and his 23 year old girlfriends kate found dead inside their apartment at 13th and federal.
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>> bobbing of the victims had bruises to their faces, and both of the victims were laying in a pool of blood. >> police say his mother, who lives in the unit above his, found the two shortly before midnight. >> all we can do is just ask for, you know, prayers. >> his cousins say the family is distraut and are unsure why he and his girlfriends were targeted. >> oh, he was a great person. i mean, he was so full of life if he could give you his socks off his feet, he would. >> police still working in this double murder. no suspects expected's names, investigators say the apartment ransacked, the bodies found in two separate rooms, didn't appear to be any sign of forced entry. >> it breaks my heart. i can't believe it. he was such a good guy. >> neighbors, friends, also puzzled by this murder mystery >> this is so sad. because it was somebody that was a part of the neighborhood and we new him. >> now, this is not the first time the gonzalez family has had to deal with tragedy. to tell you exactly what happened to the brother of the
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victim coming up tonight at six. for now live, greg argos, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> greg see you then. >> work resumed on the doomed building project in margate. follows judge's ruling thursday that cleared the way for construction to start again. it was halted after rain caused ponds of bacteria laden water to develop between the dunes and beachfront homes. army corps of engineers which is in charge of the project says it has taken steps to comply with conditions for construction set by the judge. >> here we go, the excitement building. now one week away from the stellar event of the century. >> today we're kicking off eclipsefest, week long celebration of the upcoming solar eclipse. meteorologist, katie fehlinger , test us why this event is so momentous. >> total solar eclipse happens on the planet every 18 month or so, but the one we're spiel
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yens august 21 is extraordinary, rare cross country trip of the century will become a celestial event for the history books. cosmic show usually seen from space. but, soon, the best view will be on american soil, a total solar eclipse. it is a first one that will be seen in the u.s. in decades. >> this is a 99-year event. it is the 99 years since the total solar eclipse crossed the entire us, the west coast to the east coast. >> on august 2; the moon will pass between the sun and earth its shadow will race across the country at average speed of about 1500 miles an hour. covering swat roughly 70 miles wide. day will turn to night. temperatures will drop as much as 25 degrees. here in the philadelphia area, we will see a partial eclipse, the sun will be about 80% covered. it will begin at 1:20 p.m., and peak at 2:44 p.m. >> these cosmic moments, when nature speaks to nause meisha until way, sometimes loud,
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like thunderstorms, storms, like hurricanes, earthquakes. but this one will be silent. >> total eclipse spectators will have a chance to view the sun's corona. that area ex else electromagnetic energy and mat near the solar system consideration have real world impact here on earth. >> it messes with gps, with communications, even power grids. >> it can also mess with your eyes. >> the sun is way too bright for your eyes. do enjoy it, but be safe. >> the best way to enjoy the spectacle, is with special viewing glasses. and as our eclipse has coverage continues this week, we will share ways for to you watch this historic event safely with your family. i'm meteorologist, katie fehlinger, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> pretty cool. >> she looks good in those glasses. >> we're joined by derrick pits, chief astronomer at the franklin institute. always good to see you. katie mentioned a little bit in our region we will see partial eclipse. i want more. what exactly will we see in the philadelphian tri-state
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area? >> because we're off the path of totality, like she said, that is partial eclipse, about 80% of the sun's disc will be covered. so for us, we're not really going to see very much. we wouldn't be able to tell that an eclipse was happening, because that 20% that's visible of the sun, is just as bright as the rest of the sun. and so, if you didn't know what was happening, you wouldn't know it was happening >> really? >> so what you have to do, you have to get your yourself a way of observing the way of the progress that's not damaging to the eye. so as she had the glasses, if you have the proper kind of eye protective wear, you can look directly at the progress of the moon as it passes between the earth and the sun. then you can do it indirectly, too, you can use what's called pin hole projective, just punch a hole, the olds school way. >> yes, yes, yes. >> you can project an image of the eclipse happening on another white sheet of paper then that way you can see the moon as it progresses across the disc of the sun. >> now, they said it's been what 99 years since this has happened before. but when is the last time we were able to view it right here in philadelphia?
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>> this was real interesting thing. as it turns out there is particular eclipse, that goes all the way across the country , that was about 100 years ago whether that happened. yes, lasse clips in the united states 1979. total eclipse, not here. the lasse clips in philadelphia, 1478. >> i covered that. >> you did. you looked good. you're looking pretty good. >> 1478? >> 1478. right here in philadelphia. now, there have been partial eclipses adjacent to us, but the total thing, the one that really gets me, 1478. >> i know some people, some people might think just because they have some sunglasses, can you not do that? >> no, no. than is real interesting fact. once you use for protection has to reduce the sun's light by 99.98%. that's .2 of 1% away from seeing nothing. so, your protection has to be so dark that you can't see any other light except the sun. >> how about that?
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>> interesting. >> those are available, your friendly neighborhood science museum might be able to help you. >> and you're actually going to miss suri to see this go down? >> yes, going out to the totality path in missouri, hang out there, see everything going on here, then whole crew of people in fill that i are working on our programming over at franklin institute. we'll have plenty of stuff there for people to be to see it in the best way possible from here. >> fantastic. fantastic, thank you, sir. always a pleasure. appreciate it, have a great trip. great trip. >> as we said, you should not view the eclipse without those special glasses, our eclipse fest coverage continues at 5:30, health reporter stephanie stahl will show us which glasses were supposed to wear, and what can happen if we don't. stay with us, that's coming up later on "eyewitness news." also, still ahead tonight, her lawyer says she is standing up for all women. closing arguments and now jury deliberations are underway in the taylor swift groping case. the full report at 5:30 it is. >> it is the age old question, how much alcohol can you or should you drink?
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and now we have an answer, from heart doctors, who studied hundreds every thousands every people. that answer, it might surprise you, lauren? >> we have light showers, might be having you reach for that umbrella you'll need to keep that umbrella close by for a few days this week. i'll let you know which day will be the wetness your full i'll let you know which day will be the wetness your full eyewitness forecast pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. i'll let you know which day willsuper pro-tip: buy yourll eyewiveggies pre-chopped. boom. the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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>> groundbreaking new research on the drinking of alcohol moderately. >> here with more on this study and just released today. >> unless underline moderate, always about moderation, right this research found lower death rates for people who have an occasional drink. >> terrence hue set enjoying a drink with friends. >> i moderately drink, you know, i'm social drinker. so i think it is, you know, good for you. >> the new stud submit journal of the american college of cardiology says light to moderate rat consumption might have benefits. >> light to moderate doses of alcohol, decrease in all cause mortality or death and decrease in vascular mortality or death, and high doses of alcohol doctor was increase in mortality and increase in cancer deaths.
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>> moderate alcohol use in this study was less than 14 drinks a week foremen, seven for women. it was associated with 25% lower risk of overall death. >> one of the they are east is that alcohol may help to raise the good cholesterol, may help to improve the health of the blood vessels, decrease clotting or break up clots, improve inflammation, lower it , and also, have antioxidants can't benefit. >> researchers say the cardiovascular benefits of alcohol were most helpful for older adults, younger drinkers also noticed other benefits. >> drinking in moderation is awesome, relieves stress. >> now, researchers looked at data on more than 330,000 people over more than a ten- year period. and this study didn't focus on the type of alcohol consumed, but many doctors think red wine is best. again, this is one drink a day , for women, 75 week, so we are talking about a really limited amount of alcohol. >> still very interesting. >> indeed. >> cheers to that study.
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>> thank, stephanie. >> and there is still hope by the way. nobody won the powerball jackpot during saturday night 's drawing. four winners did match the first five numbers for a $1 million prize, but that $430 million jackpot is still anyone's game. now the odds of winning, one in 292 million. the next powerball drawing is wednesday. >> i was in the deep woods of virginia over the weekends, you always hear about a small town, small general store, that's where i went. >> you tried? nothing? >> nothing. >> nice try. >> it was worth a shot. >> it was. it was. lauren's got our forecast now on this monday. >> yes, little dreary, little gloom. got the gloom going, yes. beautiful end to the weekends yesterday, mother nature knows it is monday. over it already. case of the mondays, yes, we do have the clouds in place, but looking a little better. ac don't have a case of the, mondays, if you're down the shore, live look at the
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neighborhood network, margate, people out on the sands. waves crashing there. higher surround every throughout the week with soon to be hurricane gert, that will be well off shore, but will still impact us along the gulf coast, but right now in the city it is looking gloomy, live look on "skycam 3", temperatures cooler than average, only at 78 degrees, winds out of the south at around 6 miles per hour. and it is muggy out there, feeling like 80 degrees when you factor in the humidity. storm scan3, showing us, dealing with areas of light rainfall, some sprinkle activity, quickly traversing the area. up and down 95, might be running into couple of raindrops right now, upper chichester, into chester, up into the airport, as well, west deposition forwards, spanning over into haddon township, cherry hill seeing some light rain coming down, spanning back into burlington county, mt. laurel, number ton seeing light rain falling at this hour. as we head into the evening hours, areas of light rain, could slow down your commute in spots, muggy conditions with temperatures generally in the mid to upper 70s, and we are below average at most of our reporting sites because
5:19 pm
that far cloud deck in place, 79 degrees right now in ac. up to 80 in millville. 77 degrees in allentown. and a cool 74 degrees right now in reading. dew point, they're elevated up into the mid to upper 60s, so we definitely have that muggy factor, and only going to intensify that or ramp that up as we head into our tuesday. feeling gross when you step outside. also, throughout the day, feeling little better as we head into our wednesday, then feeling more comfortable as we head into thursday, but then we will ramp the humidity levels up once again as we head into friday. but overnight tonight, cloudy, hit or miss showers around, could be heavier intensity overnight tonight, although temperature at 07 degrees, and for our day tomorrow, keep the umbrella close by, mostly cloudy, scattered showers, high temperature at 84 degrees shower activity, will primarily be a little bit earlier in the day. so future weather showing us as we head throughout the evening hours, patchy light rainfall traversing the area, hit or miss showers specially west of i95, overnight, as we head into your commute, dealing with rounds of showers
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, they could be heavier in intensity through the day tomorrow. into the 9:00 hour, dealing with some showers, maybe isolated thunderstorm into your lunch hour, might want to pass that lunch so you don't have to hit the streets in some of the rain. as we head into the 3:00 hour, seeing that shower activity concentrated down the shore. and looks like we will clear out by our evening commute tomorrow. checking in on tropical storm gert, nearing hurricane strength, will likely become a hurricane overnight tonight. good news, forecast track takes it away from the us coastline. as a category one hurricane, but as i mention will still impact us at the coast in the form of some rip currents, high surf so keep that in mind all week long down the shore, showers in the forecast, for tomorrow along the coast, sunshine returns, with good bit of heat on wednesday, 90 degrees, for 86 with the lower humidity on thursday. but then scattered storm chances friday and saturday. >> all right, thanks so much. appreciate. >> tom cruise likes to do his own movie stunt, buy we will show you how one stunt almost turned into a disaster. that is in the hot minute at
5:21 pm
5:30. >> gearing up for the total eclipse. you may think you're ready, but we will tell you about the glasses sold for your eyes that are being recalled. >> see how to really protect yourself. don? >> move over, carson, there is another wentz in town. straight ahead, how another qb now has to share the limelight with the eagles franchise player. sports is coming up next.
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>> coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 the response from a company behind these massive utility polls, that's tonight at 6:00. and we're here with don, talking sports, and i'm told there is a carson 2.0 carson? >> yes, a wentz 2.0. >> okay? >> exactly. this is interesting. carson isn't the first wentz to play in the delaware valley before he landed in philly, there was another qb, calling the shots. today the franchise player met
5:25 pm
his match. >> when carson wentz came to practice today, he had one special fan thereto watch. >> i need some runs. screen jacket. i'm nine. >> no, they aren't related but they do have a few things in common. they have the same last night. both play quarterback. and wear number 11. so how did he react when carson was drafted last year? >> i really have mixed feelings about it, because his last name is carson wentz, and he was a quarterback, he was good. >> just like carson. >> i like because it is competitive. >> you don't get to meet different people, you get to meet new friends. >> he and his teammates watch practice, after it was over, he finally had a chance to meet his name sake. >> his name -- >> i like it. >> thank you.
5:26 pm
>> thank you. >> your welcome. >> that's great. >> maybe they should exchange autographs, you know what i mean? >> that's great. >> maybe the delaware valley is big enough for two, right? >> i think we r carson had a big smile on his face the whole time. that's great. good stuff. >> coming up in the next half hour, the jury has the case, jurors are deliberating in the taylor swift groping trial. the harsh words swift's lawyers had in his closing arguments, and why the sing is her already claiming a victory >> and we are one week away from the total solar eclipse. so, how do you look at it without hurting your eyes? health reporter stephanie stahl looks into the issue, when we come back.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". the news continues now at
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5:30, good evening, i'm nicole brewer in for jessica dean. >> we follow breaking news, 84 year old woman is the victim after home invasion in queen village. let's get right to david spunt at the scene to find out what he has learned. david? >> reporter: ukee, really a terrible story. the good news is this woman is okay. matter of fact she is inside now with family members. police took her statement. let me back out of the way. this happened on the corner of front and catharine street there is afternoon, just a little bit before 2:00 in the afternoon. now, we are told this 84 year old woman, who goes by the name of valerie, according to friends, was hanging inside her home relaxing, minding her own business, on the phone with her daughter. about ten minute later she asked if her daughter was there, because she heard a noise. then she found out somebody put their hand on her mouth, brought her into her basement, tide her up with several belts .
5:31 pm
>> we seem to be having some audio problems with our david spunt about the situation in center city. we get back to him coming up in about 30 minute or so during our 6:00 broadcast with our david spunt. >> also, tonight, jury deliberations are underway in the taylor swift groping trial >> in closing arguments, swift 's lawyer said the sing is her standing up for all women saying no means no. entertainment tonight sophie shellasi joins us outside the courthouse. >> with tailor answer own testimony against mueller said i will not let you allow me make me feel like this is my fault, but it isn't. she claims he groped her during a photo open before this denver concert, mueller's lawyer referenced that during his closing argument, telling the jury, quote, her skirt is not disturbed. i saw taylor mouthing in response, yes it is. just before lunch jury was
5:32 pm
handed the case, jury of six women, two men, so now jury must decide whether, in fact, mueller did grope taylor. now she counter sued for just 1 dollar, and says that she did it just to prove a point. and quote, serve as an exam ability toter women. >> and that was entertainment tonight's sophie, et has all of your "newstonight" at 7:00 . >> the legal defense of accused mexican drug lord guzman is in limbo tonight. lawyers seeking to represent el chapo in his us drug trafficking case failed to get assurances that they'll get paid. the judge said there was no guarantee that prosecutors wouldn't seize their fees if he could show the money came from drug profits. guzman smiled and waived as he was led into a courtroom today in new york. he didn't speak during the court appearance. >> well, as the nation gears up for next monday solar
5:33 pm
eclipse, amazon issues a warning about potentially counterfeit eclipse glasses. the company says some glasses purchased on its website may not come from a recommended manufacturer, amazon offering refunds to customers and warning them not to use the product to view the sun or eclipse. one customer says she bought a pack of glasses to watch the event. >> thousands of us probably bought them because they're cheap. >> now, nasa has a list of reputable vendors, selling certified solar eclipse glasses to keep your eyes safer. we'll post a link for you at now, this is so very important, because doctors say looking at an eclipse without the right kind of glass was solar filters can be very, very dangerous. >> and health reporter stephanie stahl is here with that part of the coverage. >> that's right, nicole, ukee, just like the sun can burn your skin, it can also burn the inside of the eye, and i am pair vision, even when the sun is partially covered by the moon, with the eclipse, it still is not safe to look.
5:34 pm
here's how one local eye doctor is getting his patients ready. >> we're handing them out to our patients. >> doctor jack dugan, ophthalmologist with wills eye voorhees, has solar eclipse glasses the only way people can safely see the historic event. >> they should have the ce mark. >> the eclipse glasses have specially made solar filters that block harmful rays of light when looking at the sun. >> if you go to look up at the sun right now, you can't. way too bright. but if you put these on, and look up at it now? >> oh, wow. >> you can see the sun. >> wow. >> you can actually see solar spots. >> this is what the total eclipse will look like as the moon blocks the sun. it is outer atmosphere, the corona will glow like a halo around the moon. in the philadelphia region 80% of the sun will be blocked, but, it is still not safe to look. >> even though the brightness is diminished, there are ultraviolet rays that are getting through, and some infrared rays. >> doctor dugan says the sun's
5:35 pm
uv rays can cause damage to the retina. >> the high energy gets focused in the retina. and it causes inflammation, edema, it is actually called an objection dated process, where you create free radicals that damage surrounding tissue >> the vision lost from looking at the sun can be permanent or lead to other problems, like cataracts, i am acular degeneration. >> that's where the damage occurs, right in the center of the vision, if you look with both ice, both eyes, a big problem. >> doctor says, dark sunglasses, goggles, anything but approved solar glasses won't work and are dangerous. >> now, doctors say, in spite of all of these warnings, they're still expecting to see some people with vision issues following the eclipse, either from not using the glasses properly or trying to take quick quick glimpse. not safe. coming up tonight at 6:00 we'll show you what happened when the inside of the eye is damaged from the sun, and you'll meet a man who lost part of his vision from
5:36 pm
looking at an eclipse before. so, tees are the glasses we keep talking about. you know, they look so flimsy, right? but doing such an important job for you. >> absolutely amazing, when looking at it, wow. >> i know, so when you look up at the sun with this, it looks like this little orange ball. >> okay. >> so yes, it is amazing view, we will be talking a lot more about these glasses and all kind of safety, as our eclipse fest coverage continues >> appreciate t. >> well, it is a staple for many college student heading back to the dorms in the next few weeks, but there is good news parent, oodles of noodles is getting healthier. >> oh? >> details next. >> does that include ramon, we'll see. >> summer camp lets kids get their hands dirty all while learning about science, engineering, math, why some say they couldn't have it any other way. >> very creative and funny video is positioned by a police department. the message they wanted to send to resident.
5:37 pm
lauren? >> lauren? >> looks like our trend for a steamy saturday and a warm pleasant sunday will hold true once again for the upcoming weekend, so far models indicating we could see some rain chances, thunderstorms saturday. that will be the steamy day of the weekends. then on the back side after cold front sunday, humidity levels dropping off, and sunshine returning, high temperature hotter saturday near 09 degrees, and looking at low to mid 80s by sun
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> mexican officials have seized 10,000 gallons of alcohol from an unnamed company in the country. authorities cited the company with which makes and supplies booze to resorts for, quote,
5:41 pm
bad production practice, cents also confiscated from a bar in cancun, where an american mysteriously drowned after drinking last winter. the us state department has issued a warning to tourists, planning to drink in mexico. well, cup of noodle soup is catering to its health conscious customers. >> the company has released three new flavors of berry, veggie, now custom letters find vegtables like carrots, broccoli, corn in their cups. company also lowered the amount of sodium in its superintendents last year, part of customer demand for healthier ingredients. >> so smart. >> very smart. what was your go to in college >> i loved easy mack and ramon i told you dollar -- >> always a good go to. >> spaing yet yo's steak up. >> i love saget yo's,. >> i know, i know. good. local opens up for special
5:42 pm
party owl for children with serious illness. >> we'll take to you this wonderful event coming up next super pro-tip: buy your veggveggies pre-chopped. nce. uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> new summer camp in philadelphia is teaching today's young students how to become the auto technicians of tomorrow. >> justin of our sister radio station "kyw news radio" takes us there in tonight's einstein healthcare science center report. >> one of dozen or so middle schoolers, offering hands on experience and learning about automotive engineering. >> different part of the cars, i'm learning how the car works , i'm learning what kind of cars there are. i'm learning how to the engine works. >> just like her, learning how to make cars running, she hoping she can help fix one up , too. >> i'm really interested in technology, and how things work. i thought it would be fun, and it would be nice to try something new, like that.
5:46 pm
>> this is made possible by the community college of philadelphia, as they help with the kids of drivers seat in their future profession. >> someone has a job in fixing computers, stuff like that. >> they want kids working in the program to learn about the high tech jobs of tomorrow like getting their hands dirty using the tools of today. >> we can't to expose younger kids in the philadelphia school district, and surrounding areas to just the wide range of opportunities of what is transportation. >> teacher daniel yell ride said they'll expose to transportation by taking them on field trips around the sit. >> i so we will be going to the philadelphia port authority. bee will be traveling to the airport, as well, tours, we're going to the simone foundation to learn a little bit about vehicle history and design. we're going to the philadelphia fleet garage, to see police cars and firetrucks repaired. >> at the end of the week, the kids will even get to build their own rocket powered dragster, get a chance to race them, something a lot of them are looking forward to. >> i really want to take
5:47 pm
something apart, and try to put it back in after i learn thousand works. >> instructors say this camp is just what the kids need to get their brains referred up, red ready to go back to school , "kyw news radio," for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> cool stuff. and it is not just any day for these kids, learning about water safety, joint effort between the boys and girls club of camden county and the foundation, which teaches swimming, safety nationwide. the activities are being held at the boys and girls clubs on dudley street in camden. and more than 200 kids from ages five to nine, will spend the neck three days working the first responders and law enforcement to make the pool a safer place. >> nicely done. >> well, families with critically ill children connected for day of fun at smith memorial playgrounds in philadelphia's east fairmount park. >> the playgrounds is closed to the public on mondays, but the staff invited the children for private play day today. families enjoyed all that the six and a half acre property
5:48 pm
had to offer. the maryland based casey cares foundation organized the group party. well, some video by police in virginia has gone viral. >> take a look at this, these are members of the arlington county police department getting into the pool in their uniform. the video is called water stew , posted on the department 's facebook page last thursday, it is to promote arlington's annual police fire and sheriff block party happening later this month. little synchronized swimming there, police say it took multiple takes over the course of several days to get the video just right. >> wow. synchronized swimming, loot at that? nef ' got it done. >> i love. >> i wonder what music they used. that's great. that's fantastic. >> i love it. >> they still wear caps any more? go swimming. do you wear a cap? like back in the day. >> i don't but i would. >> would you?
5:49 pm
>> ya. >> do you remember that? okay. >> all right, just checking. >> right there. >> lauren has got your forecast on the first day of the work week. >> first day of the work week, might need that shower cap, because we have some rain showers working through. oh, ya. but it was a nice start to the day. but skies have clouded up, as we get live look at center city philadelphia, on our library camera, you can see the clouds in place, and the sunshine having a hard time breaking through, but if you were off earlier today, you saw the sunshine and it was pleasant start to the day. our cbs-3 weather watcher did capture nice beautiful sky this morning, so we will check in right now. peter, captured the picture this morning, look at the blue sky, some high level serous clouds, in williamstown, new jersey, so it was a nice start to the day. then the low clouds developed, now, our sky is pretty overcast this time across much of the area, blocking up the sunshine on a monday, but we check in with the current conditions, 79 degrees, at allentown house, love the
5:50 pm
profile pictures of your grandson, adorable. he said he has light rain coming down right now in delran, new jersey, and he says nice day but it turned cloudy, light showers, seeing the trends all across the delaware valley with some passing light rain impacting parts of the area. here for your commute a bit as we head into the next couple of hours, bill, he's on the skydeck, he's got cbs-3 microphone, like that profile, in card inning ton, pennsylvania, across the river , mostly cloudy conditions and he said 'd brief shower earlier, but not enough to measure any of the showers, pretty light in intensity. we are dealing with upper level disturbance, so the energy with this disturbance is higher up in the atmosphere both rainfall intensity is a little bit lighter. you can see on storm can three , these showers moving through pretty quickly, but again, light in intensity, green on the board, no yellow, red. we like that, but some sprinkle activity impacting acting parts of the area, seeing light shower activity, still commenced across portions, northern portions every new castle county delaware, light rain coming down into wilmington,
5:51 pm
hokessing seeing patchy light shower moving through. down the shore getting in on light rainfall action, ocean city couple of drips and drops , to ocean heights, and egg harbor, we will continue to see these showers moving east across the area, so over night tonight. hit or miss showers, could be heavier in intensity overnight tonight. otherwise cloudy conditions with light and variable winds, low temperature falling back to 70 degrees. four our tuesday, keep that umbrella on stand by. mostly cloudy with some scattered showers including before lunchtime. high temperature at 84 degrees then we should see some late day clearing, during tomorrow evening, but rain chances are elevated tomorrow before we bump them down headed into wednesday and thursday. and then right back up again once we head into friday, with a pretty good shot at some scattered showers and thunderstorms, but future weather showing us throughout the evening house, just passing right lane, overnight tonight, could see spotty, heavier showers, especially west of i-95, up toward our northwest suburbs, lehigh valley, then tomorrow morning, could be running into some rain, so leave yourself that extra time for your morning
5:52 pm
commute. even into our lunch hour, areas every rain, with maybe some embedded thunderstorms this activity will develop little bit earlier in the day than we would typically see during our summertime month. seeing some heavier pockets every rainfall as we head into midday tomorrow. and activity concentrated into the mid afternoon hours. down the shore, then as we head into 5:00, 6:00 hour a lot of the activity starting to wind down. tropical storm gelt check in on the system nearing hurricane strength, will likely become a hurricane, as we head into the overnight periods. good news, it will continue to move off shore. but limb pact us, in the way of some rip currents if you are headed down the shore tomorrow. so keep that in mind. moderate risk of rip currents as we head into tuesday, and wednesday. sunshine returns wednesday, it will be a hot one at 90 degrees. more comfortable by thursday. then stormy chances as we head into friday and saturday. guys? >> lauren, thank you. and still ahead on "eyewitness news," jersey shore, on the road. the cast of the mtv reality show is back, and they're taking a road trip.
5:53 pm
>> tom cruise cruz doesn't minds doing his own movie stunt. but we will show you the scary moments he had on the set of the new mission impossible movie. it is all in the hot minute with when we come back.
5:54 pm
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that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪ >> it promises to make for some interesting moments, communications director anthony scaramucci will be a guest on the late slow with stephen colbert. now, colbert has could corresponded with scaramucci since he was fired two weeks ago, he held a job for just ten daysment be sure to catch the interview on the late slow with stephen colbert, that's tonight at 11:00 35:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. >> hollywood superstar tom cruise has scary day onset while filming the latest on the mission impossible franchise. >> leo leonardo dicaprio, back
5:57 pm
from our sister station, has those stories and more in today's top minute. >> thank you, tom cruise is no stranger to perform his own stunts, in his long list of action films but this one took a scary turn. the five year old actor injured himself attempt to go jump between two buildings, but missing the edge by a few inches. and in the video obtain by " tmz," tom cruise hangs in mid-air, before pulling himself on to the roof, he hangs, he was filming the latest installment of the mission impossible franchise, in london. leo is set to play leo, a bio pick every leonardi davinci in the works with leonardo dicaprio starring as ren jan just, sharing his name is know coincidence, his mom name us ually claiming she chose his name after she felt did i capriati rio kick for the first time while standing in
5:58 pm
front of work of art at a gallery in florence. dicaprio will take on double duty also producing the film written by new york times best seller author isaac thick. gtl is back as the jersey shore reunion has a premiere date. the hit reality show took to social media to share the big announcement, quote, it is happening, guys, august 20th. the reunion will serve as a power of episode for new series called reunion road trip, which will follow the cast as they make stops in their old stomping grounds, so jersey shore, buckle up. that's your hot minute. i'm from tonight 96.5. >> buckle up, here we go. >> that's "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a murder mystery unfolding in south philadelphia. the latest on the investigation, after a couple is found dead inside their home. plus: >> meant to which stand hurricane winds are
5:59 pm
strengthening the grid in south jersey. at what cost to home owners? imette st. guillen ' cleve bryan, the good and bad of these new utility polls. >> also, preventing serious damage. this man shares a cautionary tail with our stephanie stahl about the dangers of staring at the solar eclipse without proper protection. >> lauren? >> we are dealing with some sprinkles, light showers moving across the area. storm chance will return, i'm lauren casey, let us know the most wet day of the upcoming week. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." it is 6:00 and here's what's happening, woman becomes a victim in her own home in the middle of the day. tonight philadelphia police are trying to track down person, responsible. >> i'm nicole brewer in for jessica dane. david spunt live now at the
6:00 pm
scene, with what we know so far. david? >> nicole, ukee, i'm happy to report this 84 year old woman is doing just fine, she is behind me right now, relaxing at home with family member, but certainly, star scary situation after all this happened in the middle of the day in queen village. >> didn't seem to board the suspect. he decided to go just inside. >> two hours before this 84 year old woman appeared on our camera, she was tide up in her basement, the victim of home invasion according to police. just before 2:00 p.m., police returned to front and cat lynn streets. >> got in, he tide her up in the basement. >> she was home alone on the phone with her daughter when a man quickly covered her mouth. >> he had her tied up in the basement. she untied herself and went up and yelled fire. the woman is a genius. she is one of my best friends, i've always add mid her. >> the suspect used belts to restrain the victim


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