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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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talking about some hot sunshine and then day to watch as we head towards the end of the week could be a stormy friday and i'll have all the details in your full eyewitness forecast coming up in just a few. >> all right. lauren, thank you. just a short time ago, president trump spoke out a mid the backlash over his response to the deadly charlottesville protests. the president clashed with reporters during an event on infrastructure at trump tower in new york city. he faced intense criticism on saturday for failing to explic explicitly condemn the white of supremacists in the death of a woman. she was killed when a white supremacist plowed his car into a crowd of counter protesters. president trump finally condemned white supremacist groups yesterday but it came two days too late for many. this afternoon he blamed both sides for the violence. >> all of those people -- excuse me. i've condemned neonatzis. i've condemned many different groups. but not all of those people were neonatzis believe me. not all of those people were white supremacists by any
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stretch. those people were also there because they wanted to protest the taking down of a statue robert e lee. >> and we will have more on the president's remarks in a full report that's coming up at 5:30. a couldn't federal monument in durham north carolina began the gathering point of a group protesting the weekend violence in charlottesville. demonstrators used a rope to pull down the couldn't federal soldier monument last night. some were seen kicking and spitting on the toppled bronze statue. it was dedicated in 1924. police say they are working to identify and charge those responsible for the damage. and austin, texas over the weekend vandals spray painted at least four road signs bearing the name of confederate general e lee. all of the signs will be replaced at least one lawmaker wants the city to go a step further. council person has called for lee's name to be removed entirely. there are renewed calls to remove a statue dedicated to a polarizing figure in
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philadelphia political history. sits across from city hall in honor of former mayor and police commissioner frank rizzo. "eyewitness news" reporter henry rosoff joins us now from the location of the statue in center city with what spark this new controversy. henry? >> reporter: ukee, the statue dedicated in 1998. the evident to remove it earnest began about a year ago. now that effort has pick up steam with council woman calling for it to be taken down in light of what's going on nationwide. >> being in the center of our city so as you can see, like it's a direct scene right from my office. um, you know, it's a question about what -- whether we up lifting. >> reporter: council member helen gym says the prominent placement of the larger than life statue of former police commissioner and mayor frank rizzo is a problem. she and others who want the statue brought down cite allegations rizzo treated the african-american community unfairly. even brutally at times. >> there's a long-standing legacy around racism that we have to have hard conversations
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about. >> so last night gym tweeted, all around the country we're fight to go remote monuments to slavery and racism. philly, we have work to do. take the rizzo statue down. the tweet comes in the wake of a weekend that saw white power protest clash with counter protests in charlottesville, have a have. hate groups descended on that city after leaders decided to remove a statue of robert e. lee. >> frank rizzo is not in the same -- shouldn't be in the same conversation as a couldn't federal general. >> we got his son a former council member himself on the phone from florida. it called the effort to remove his father's statue and the attack on his legacy misguided. >> i never remember my dad being anything but a fair person. if you broke the law no matter what color you were, he made sure that philadelphia was protected. >> reporter: gym says she's not comparing rizzo to couldn't federal general she just feels it's time to account for all
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history including recent histo history. >> it's about healing our own sins. about confronting our own path, and moving forward. >> reporter: gym says she does believe she will get enough support from other city leader toss at least begin the removal conversation. we'll continue to reach out to those other city leaders to see if that's actually a realistic expectation. live near city hall, henry rosoff cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> henry, thank you. another one of bill cosby's lawyers is asking to step down from his defense team. the la based attorney angela raguso filed paper work in montgomery county requesting a withdrawal from that case. cosby's other attorney brian mcmonagle filed a motion to withdrawal on august 1st. a pretrial conference is set for august 22nd to address who will represent cosby at his sexual assault retrial. dozens of people are now homeless after a fire rips through a northeast philadelphia apartment complex. the fire happened shortly after midnight in a canterbury court
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building off academy road. three people were injured including a firefighter. authorities say the fire was contained to one apartment. but nine other apartments sustained extensive water and smoke damage. displaced residents described the ordeal. >> i got my dog. i saved my dog. the first thing i grabbed. i didn't even grab any sneakers i was bare footed the whole time. now i have them, and the little chihuahua is safe. >> red cross is assisting about 50 people who are unable to return home. the cause of the fire still being looked in. the manhunt continues for home invasion suspect who terrorized an elderly woman in philadelphia's queen village neighbor. a man broke into the 84-year-old victim's home on south front street yesterday. police say he tied the victim up in her basement before getting away with cash. the woman reportedly freed herself and called for help. we're told she was shaken but otherwise uninjured. a murder mystery in south philly remains under investigation. police say a relative discover the bodies of a 50-year-old man and his girlfriend sunday night.
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they were found dead in their home at 13th and federal. police say the home was ransacked. no arrests have been made. a large tree crashed down on top of a mother and her children today in new york city. a woman was walking with two children in a stroller and a third child strapped to her chest when tree uprooted and fell down on them. this happened in central park near 62nd avenue and west drive around 10:00 o'clock this morning. eyewitnesses describe hearing crackling and said the tree fell within seconds. >> they had the stroller kind of tipped up against her so i think that kind of saved them somewh somewhat. just across her everything it was giant. i mean it was across all of th them, and we were holding the branches back and get the three and four-year-old pretty easily the baby was strapped to her. that took a little bit. >> new york city fire officials confirmed that four patients were treated at the scene and transported to nearby hospital. the extent of their injuries is unknown. philadelphia police are asking for the public's help in finding an attempted arson
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suspect. a $15,000 reward has been offered. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is at southwest detectives right now with more on the investigation. greg. >> reporter: ukee, good evening. fortunately that suspect not able to start this fire. no one was hurt but investigators say it could have been extremely deadly if it was successful that is because this underground garage sits directly be 19 or directly above i should say a fire station and police house here in west philly tonight investigators are asking for your help identifying a suspect. take a look at this video right here. investigators say it shows that suspect at 4:17 in the morning on august the ninth leaving the underground garage of the philadelphia police department's 12th district. that building in west philly also houses members of the city's fire department, fire engine 40, investigators say the man was able to enter the garage twice that evening. gaining access to it through a broken lock on the gate. the man poured some type of flammable liquid from four plastic containers around nine cars park in that underground garage and tried using a shirt
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to light the liquid on fire. he was not able to start that blaze. the man leaves pushing a baby stroller and covering his face with some type of cloth. tuesday afternoon the atf philadelphia police and philadelphia fire holding a joint press conference offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the suspect's arrest. >> you got multiple people in that building doing work throughout the night and underground fire devastating results. so at this point our fire department union, the philadelphia fraternal order of police and the atf have all put up $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of this individual. >> reporter: now in total nine total vehicles were damaged in this attempted arson. five personal vehicles and four city vehicles. now coming up tonight at 6:00 here on "eyewitness news" we'll show you and you'll hear from neighbors in this community about what they're doing to make sure this never happens again. for now we're live in west philadelphia, i'm greg argos,
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back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you greg. see you at 6:00. two delaware county police departments are asking fort public's help identifying the man in this surveillance picture. ridley township police say he stole more than $2,600 worth of ray ban and gucci sunglasses from a four eyes store last wednesday. few hours later springfield township police say the suspect stole $2,900 worth of ray band sunglasses from lense crafter. if you recognize the man, contact police. a broken main sends water shooting into the sky in delaware county. eyewitness video captured the stream of water spewing from the busted main on bethel road and conchester highway in upper chichester about 10:30 this morning. now that water has since been shut off. crews are working to restore service to small number of affected customers. no word on what caused the bre break. we are less than week away from a total solar eclipse. coming up, what that means for drivers. the do's and don'ts of driving during the eclipse and how this astrological event might affect
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your gps. >> also, the number of traffic deaths had been dropping. but now they're back on the ri rise. why experts say this is happening and what you can do or not do to be safer behind the wheel. and the sound of silence in england. why big ben is going silent. be right back.
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our countdown continues as we prepare for next week's historic solar eclipse. there has been a lot of discussion about taking precautions to protect your ey eyes, but if you're likely to be on the road, it's also important to consider what you need to do to make sure you are safe behind the wheel. many astronomy enthusiasts plan to travel to areas where they'll have the best view of the upcoming total eclipse. widener university professor harry is heading west to a location within the panel of totality. >> i'll be traveling to nebraska to south of lincoln because that's where it's going to be total. so i'm looking forward to seeing all the phenomenon associated with the eclipse. >> reporter: many others are planning to stay right here.
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to witness a partial eclipse. and the timing of the mid afternoon event means a lot of people will be on the road while it takes place. that's why the folks at aaa want to you take precautions when driving. >> one of the last things people are thinking about when they're thinking about the solar eclipse is driver safety or traffic safety. >> reporter: if you plan to watch the eclipse, make sure you pick a location. >> if you're going to take your kids, if you're going to gather with some friends, find a place, get their early and stay off the roads. >> reporter: even if you are not planning to devote any special time to the celestial event it's still important to take precaution. watch out for other drivers trying to watch the eclipse. keep your lights on. keep your visor down so you're not tempted to look at the sun. don't take pictures or video wild driving. >> do not drive with one hand on the road and one hand on your phone while newer on the road. you need to look out for yourself, your passengers and all the folks you share the road with. >> now in addition to warnings
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about driving safety some experts say there's a chance the eclipse to have an impact on your car's gps system. >> scientists are warning that the eclipse could actually create error messages on some computers as well. those gps apps that many of us rely on could also be affected but don't worry too much. because you may not even notice. your device may just be slightly less responsive than you typically experience. >> i certainly don't want anyone to panic. nobody is going to drive off a bridge because of gps telling them to take a turn that isn't there. >> scientists are taking this rare opportunity to study exactly what happens during monday's eclipse. our eclipse coverage continues on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 with a trip to the philadelphia zoo. learn how some of the animals may react when the eclipse comes and see whether the zoo is taking any steps to protect them from the danger of looking at the sun. that's new tonight at 6:00 o'clock. and every day in every newscast we will have you covered with all the eclipse information you need.
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stay with cbs3 and for eclipse fest right here on cbs3. for some reason i pictured that lemur with the glasses on it just came to meme i don't know why. [ laughter ] >> i think so. we'll all be wearing shades. >> we'll be looking cool on monday. >> looking at some precipitation today. >> yeah. soggy day today. >> yup, yup. >> rain, more summer rain. but we'll move on out and bring back the sunshine tomorrow. we'll bring back heat as well. >> oh yeah. >> yeah. high temperatures haven't been in the 90s in philadelphia since the first of the month. but that's where we're headed as we head into the day tomorrow but nowhere near that with a cloud deck firm until place. rain throughout the day. skies as we get live look at center city philadelphia trying to brighten up in spots we still have low clouds looming winds are calm right now and we definitely have that humid factor feeling more like 78 degrees. temperatures right now a product of that rain cooled air. cloud cover in place throughout the day.
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75 in allentown. 76 in atlantic city. 77 in dover. as far as averages are concerned, we should be up into the middle 80s but nowhere near that. last august was a hot one. temperatures monthly average about four and a half degrees above that monthly temperature and then as we look at so far this august, running about 2 degrees below average as far as our monthly temperature is concerned. so we don't have the heat. we definitely have the humidity. dew points right now in the low to middle 70s. it feels so muggy and gross. unfortunately, that's going to be the trend as we head into the overnight period as well. we'll see gradual clearing. areas of fog redeveloping as we head into the overnight period with these light winds and all the surface moisture lingering around low temperature at fun degrees. we'll start off our wednesday with some fog and low clouds and turning over to sunshine. hot and humid with a high temperature soaring up to 90 degrees. and not much of a breeze to help cool us off either. storm scan3 showing us a trend
5:18 pm
for the precipitation moving offshore. there's in clearing line slowly moving its way eastbound. so we'll arrive first as we look towards the poconos the lehigh valley then eventually crossing the area as we head into the overnight period. we are still seeing a few showers trying to track their way across i-95 light in intensity but seeing a couple of drip drops returning to center city philadelphia. light rain coming down in wilmington, down the shore you're still dealing with some rainfall, a dreary beach day for you. cape may up into sea isle city just south of atlantic city still some rain rolling on by. that trend will clear out though as we head into the next couple of hours. a few showers lingering especially down the shore into the early part of the evening. then trend to go clear on out. skies clear into the overnight period but we will see some fog developing could be dense locally and keep that in mind for your wednesday morning commute. then as we head into mid to late morning, that fog clearing on out. sunshine returning. we could see a stray sea breeze generate rated shower closer to our shore points. but otherwise quiet conditions precipitation wise as we head into our wednesday. checking in on gert category one
5:19 pm
hurricane winds at 80 miles per hour. off to our south and east it will continue to move on out to sea. good news for us. not a concern of any direct impact from gert on the us coastline. but we'll see some of those indirect impacts down the shore with that moderate rip current risk so be sure to swim in front of a lifeguard. sunshine tomorrow, high uv risk we have a chance of sea breeze generated shower later in the day and high temperatures tomorrow going to be soaring across the area. 85 degrees in allentown. up to 87 in trenton. we'll top at 88 degrees in wilmington and that 90-degree mark is in store for philadelphia. it will feel even hotter than that, though, when we factor in some of these high humidity levels. spotty storm is possible as we head into thursday and then keeping an eye on friday for a pretty active day. models are playing out right now. thunderstorms especially late day and during the evening hours. some of those could be on the stronger side. a very humid day before things quiet down and turn down as we head into the upcoming weekend. >> thank you. lauren, appreciate it so much.
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>> tim tebow gets the good guy of the day award. see how his sweet social media shout out. >> and it's a fun place for kids but chuck e cheese is get makeover to make it more appealing to parents. what they're adding and the iconic things they're also getting rid of. >> don. >> he was one of seven kids raised by his grandmother. now rasul douglas is all grown up and looking to make an impact with the birds. his story is next.
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just in time for dinner. a taste of one of philly' most famous cheesesteaks without leaving your homecoming up tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock. what you'll need to do if you want pat's steaks delivered to your door. >> that's a thing now. >> that door right over there. i'll be waiting. >> yeah, right. >> bring it into the studio. >> don, you'd get in on that, right. >> guys we're talking about a player here who he's a rookie. >> okay. >> he's a kid. >> all right. >> on his way to the league. pretty cool. future nfl players stand out the
5:24 pm
kids with the freakish ability who have dozen scouts watching their every move on the field. but that wasn't the case for rasul douglas. eagles cornerback was hardly recruited out of high school in east orange new jersey, somehow, some way he made his way to the big show. rasul douglas took around route to the nfl, first he played at nassau community college in new york. from there, he transferred to a big-time program at west virginia where technical snafu disrupt the his transition. >> i had online class. i took it shut down i could never transfer it over. i was ineligible. then maybe two days before the first game the grade system popped up. got the transfers faxed over and it was like i was eligible first couple games. >> after becoming eligible and learning a new defense, things again clicked for douglas in his senior year with the mounter nears he led the nation with eight picks and worked his way up the draft board with the
5:25 pm
eagles taking him in the third round. >> one of things that improved me about rasul is that every time we sort of taken up a step up in competition he sort of met that challenge. you know, it might not look the same on normal practice. all of a sudden our first padded practice he stood out. first pre-season game i thought he stood out. he's got great length. he can get his hands on -- on balls. he responded quickly. to things that happened in the game. >> reporter: douglas enjoys new challenges on thursday night he'll play his first nfl home game at lincoln financial field. >> starting to be like a routi routine. when i get out there everything trying to working together now. >> i'm very excited to it in front of our fans. hopefully we can get win. >> cheer for guys like that, because his entire life he's had to work uphill. >> um-hmm. >> knows what it's like to work hard and he does it all the time. we'll see what happens on this level in the nfl. >> women come to the family, young man. glad to have you aboard. >> thank you don. appreciate it coming up in the next half hour the president is focusing on infrastructure issues today.
5:26 pm
however, afternoon news conference took quite a turn. the president spoke heatedly with reporters about the violence in charlottesville over the weekend and said both sides are to blame. and two retailers want to make it easier for to you shop and get the searches you need quickly. those stories and much more
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". your news continues now at 5:30. here's what's happening. there is renewed debate over whether a statue dedicated to former philadelphia mayor frank rizzo should be removed. city council woman helen gym tweeted the most recent call to action. la based attorney represen representing bill cosby asked to step down from the cosby defense team. cosby's other attorney philadelphia based brian mcmonagle also filed a motion to withdrawal from cosby's legal team earlier this month. cosby's retrial on sexual
5:30 pm
assault is scheduled for november. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer in for jessica dean. we have more now on the charlottesville violence. president trump forcefully defended his response to the unrest during a briefing in trump tower this afternoon. >> cbs news correspondent brook brag good has more. >> reporter: white house was trying to turn the page today. >> we used to have the greatest infrastructure anywhere in the world and today we're like a third world country. >> reporter: president trump quickly return to the deadly and racially charged protests in charlottesville. >> i think there's blame on both sides and have i no doubt about it and you don't have any doubt about it eat. >> reporter: after announcing an executive order on infrastructure, mr. trump was asked if what he calls the left was morally equivalent to neonatzis. >> i watch those very closely. much more closely than you people watched it and you have -- you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. and nobody wants to say that.
5:31 pm
but i'll say it right now. you had a group on one side and you had a group on the other and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious and it was horrible and it was a horrible thing to watch. but there is another side. there was a group on this side, you can call them the left, you've just called them the left, that came violently attacking the other group. so you can say what you want. but that's the way it is. >> reporter: the president's response overshadowed an event that was supposed to be about getting the president' as jenn today back on track. brook sill rah brag good for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> after this afternoon's remarks on twitter white nationalist leader david duke thanked president trump for blaming violence in charlottesville virginia on the all left. >> north korean leader kim jong-un backing off this threats to launch ballistic missiles toward the u.s. territory of guam. the announcement came after president trump promised unprecedented response. defense second james matos says the us military is ready to respond in case he changes his
5:32 pm
mind. but the trump administration says diplomacy is the first choice to resolve the situation. polls are open across alabama voters cast primary ballots fort us senator seat held by attorney general jeff sessions. republican senator luther strange who was supposed to fill the post temporary is seeking to fight off challengers that include roy moore. the democratic contenders include an attorney and environmentalists an navy veteran. turn out is reportedly -- reported as being extremely light. for years, traffic deaths in the united states were dropping but recently the number of fatalities has gone up. >> three on your side's jim donovan takes a look at what's driving that increase. >> reporter: 13 people died in march when a pick up slammed into a mini bus filled with members of a texas church returning from a retreat. witnesses say the driver of the pick up admitted he was texting and they saw him swerving before
5:33 pm
the crash. >> i'm following this game he's in a white dodge pick up all over roll its. >> reporter: those deaths were among more than 18,000 people killed on the u.s. roads on the first six months of this year similar to the same time in 2016 which saw a major jump over the previous two years. >> every day we lose 100 people on our roadways. the equivalent of having two regional jets crash every single day of the year. >> reporter: debbie hers man from the national safety council says one reason for the increase people are driving more because of low gas prices and improving economy. but changing behavior behind the wheel is also a major factor. >> our vehicles are safer than ever. we have advanced technologies. we can survive crashes because better design in engineering, but we're seeing that we haven't really become safer drivers. >> reporter: council says distracted driving related crashes are up 9%.
5:34 pm
that along with drunk driving and speeding are the top three causes of traffic fatalities. >> we know that these are things that we can prevent. we just as drivers need to have more discipline and we need to get rid of that complacency behind the wheel. >> reporter: the national safety council estimates that about 40,000 people will die as a result of automobile accidents this year. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. still to come on "eyewitness news" two major retailers want to make it easier for to you shop. also ahead, teen pregnancy often leads young moms in need of health care and other services. now movement to help those moms and put their futures. health reporter stephanie stahl has details in less than ten minutes. plus -- london famed big ben will soon fall silent as restoration crews work around the clock in and in it for the next four years. i'm teri okita. that story just ahead. ♪ >> one day closer to the upcoming weekend and it does look like it's going to be a
5:35 pm
steamy one especially on saturday and high temperatures topping near 90 degrees to kick off the weekend. we'll take a step back as we head into sunday with highs in the mid to upper 80s. we brought down the rain chances on saturday could see a hit or miss storm during afternoon hours looking mainly dry with sunshine on sunday.
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♪ >> apparently convenience stores aren't convenient enough. that's the message amazon hopes to send with the new service it launched today. instant pick up allows customers to order from basic supplies pick up their stuff within two minutes. the company is gearing first to college students. it opens in five college campus locations today and there are
5:39 pm
plans to roll out another 17 college sites next week. meanwhile target hopes it's same day delivery service will help boost sales. big box retailer just acquired the company grand junction a tech firm that specializes in supply system software. target plans to get their anosmia systems up to speed and deliver more items on the same day that customers place their orders. facebook is making a few design tweaks. the changes started rolling out today. comments under posts will start to look more like an iphone text message exchange with your friends placed in light gray speech bubbles. profile photos are changing shape going from squares to circles. and the icons that line the top of the user feed have been redesigned. facebook says it hopes the changes will make the sight easier to navigate. well chuck e cheese also getting makeover. >> the children's restaurant chain is getting rid of its signature annie ma tron nick
5:40 pm
characters in favor of life chuck e cheese performers. it includes dance floors, more muted colors to appeal to parents and in some locations open kitchen designs for updated look. it's the first major change for that brand in 20 years. >> cool. going live. i like that. >> chuck e cheese maybe i'll have to get ever there and check it out. >> that's my second job. [ laughter ] >> i do my thing. >> one magazine taking hame at haters. what they are doing to show that aging isn't a bad thing. colorful tribute to prince. we'll have those stories and more when "eyewitness news"
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5:43 pm
live locknut from our ocean city camera. this is pointing south towards cape may. the southern half of our viewing area still seeing some rain. lauren's full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. on the health watch tonight, new help for teenaged mothers in philadelphia. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with today's announcement. >> that's right nicole. teenaged pregnancy numbers had been going down but there's concern that trend will end with the trump administration's announcement that it intends to stop fund something prevention programs. well, the new initiative at chop is designed to cut down on the number of repeat teenage
5:44 pm
pregnancies. march of dimes presented children's hospital of philadelphia with a check for $29,900 to help support a program aimed at reducing unintended teen pregnancies. >> we're really excited about this project. it's going allow us to do a better job at linking our teen mothers to some of the resources we have here for them to conduct better family planning. >> reporter: during baby check uups teenaged mom will receive medical counsel lince including referrals for contraception. >> oftentimes women fail to get postpartum care and they don't get regular self care but they do get pediatric care so it's wonderful opportunity during that window to say, listen, your child's health is important. your health is important to this child and subsequent pregnancies. can we help you not get pregnant if you don't want to get pregnant? >> here's what they're aiming to change. in philadelphia 73% of teen pregnancies are unintended, and 20% of teen moms have two children. >> if we can reduce that, we can improve this young woman's
5:45 pm
opportunity to get her education and to be economically better off as an adult. >> reporter: now the march of dimes says it hopes chop's program can be replicated across the country to improve the overall health of teenaged mothers and this program they announced today will be taking place at the kara bot center in west philadelphia. >> thanks, stephanie. >> philadelphia high school grads are getting head start on college right here at home. philadelphia futures hosted its annual college kick off event at the wells fargo center. nearly 200 incoming freshman had the chance to meet and connect with upper classmen who attend their colleges. this year's theme is build your future. good luck to the college class of 2021. the philadelphia marathon kicks off in little more than three months and this year's race has new title respond its sponsored eyewitness neuter in center city earlier today as city and marathon officials announced three year partnership with american association for cancer research. aacr was founded a century bag
5:46 pm
and become the world largest professional organizations dedicated to preventing and curing cancer. >> runners from all over the world will be able to join the aacr runners for research team to make this run matter so that every step through philadelphia is a step toward as cure. >> the philly marathon race weekend on the ben franklin parkway is november 18th and 19th. this year's theme is joining the running revolution. nearly 30,000 runners take part. lauren joins us no it it wore your foster we took a look at our camera little while ago. we still have rain in the southern portions of our viewing area. >> light rain around the city. most of the rain off to the south and east. clearing on out into the evening hours as well. we're drying out and heating things up. >> here we go as we head into the day tomorrow. cool month so far getting a live look at spring garden street on our skycam3. you can see clouds still place roadways looking a little wet there. yeah some of this rain might be be slowing down on your evening
5:47 pm
commute. light intensity around center city philadelphia. heavier rain to the south and east but as we head throughout the evening hours we'll be drying on out. but our cbs3 "eyewitness weather" watchers have reported in with their rainfall totals through the day today and some of those fairly significant. we'll check in on some of these numbers right now. we'll see our rainfall list at the touch of -- wants to work it does. gilbertsville pennsylvania half an inch at eileen's house levittown only a puny total not even atonalth of an inch. most of the rainfall coming down especially south of the city landenberg, pennsylvania picking up .60 of an inch. philadelphia you pick up over a tenth of an inch. carterring ton .30 of an inch. we look for one of our high tolls. .40 of an inch in sewell, n. cherry hill picking up a tenth of an inch of rainfall. so light in intensity some areas we did see pocks of heavier rainfall across portions of delaware and down the shore as well. so we'll check in with our current conditions.
5:48 pm
79 degrees at jenny's house. she has overcast skies in cherry hill and dew point is 71. a dreary day a good day to snuggle with your furiend. cuddle of with your fur baby good day for that. wouldn't check in north and west of the city at fill's house in north wales, pennsylvania and he said cool and gloomy all day but we'll switch both of those up as we head into the day tomorrow with sunshine returning. and temperatures soaring up into the 90s. but rainfall totals so far today doylestown picking up an inch and a half of rainfall. dover also inch and a half. woodbine in cape may county .80 of an inch of rainfall. allentown where we don't need any more rainfall 3-inches above average for the month so far. only picked up about a tenth of an inch in philadelphia. but storm scan3 showing us that clearing line is continuing to slowly move its way eastbound and skies will clear out berks county lehigh valley poconos and
5:49 pm
see he we'll see that clearing trend across the area from west to east as we head into the evening hours. but still pocks of light rainfall in around center city philadelphia stretching down i-95 into parts of wilmington and we do have higher concentration of shower activity as we look towards extreme southern new jersey over portions of cumberland county a pocket of heavier rainfall just north of maurice river. light showers from sea isle city down into cape may. overnight tonight gradual clearing. areas of fog developing late a low temperature at 71 degrees. humid for our day tomorrow once again. and getting hot. start off with fog and low clouds turn it oh he have to sunshine high temperatures cruising up to 90 degrees. and not much of a breeze either only winds at around 5 miles an hour. so sweating it out. our next chance of rain does rye on friday it looks like it's going to be stronger weather to watch as we head into friday and friday night. dealing with a potent storm system that will come cruising its way in. heavy rain and thunderstorm activity looking likely for this time frame. and the potential for some strong to severe thunderstorms so that's a system we'll have to
5:50 pm
keep an eye on and a forecast we'll have to keep an eye on as we head into the next couple of days. talking about severe weather we've got hurricane gert our second hurricane of the 2017 atlantic season. winds around 80 miles an hour right now off to our south and east but it's making that northeasterly turn as we speak. good news, get out of here, gert, we do not want to deal with you. we won't see any direct impacts along the us coastline as it continues to move offshore as we head into the next several days but, of course, we do have those indirect impacts we've been talking about over the last couple of days with a moderate rip current risk. could see a late day sea breeze generated shower down the shore tomorrow. otherwise temperatures pretty warm in the low to mid 80s but you do want to be concerned with that rip current threat as we head into the next couple of days. with gert offshore. rip currents are difficult to spot and do form often on sunny days. we've had four more u.s. deaths in just the last week due specific toll rip currents two in alabama, two in minnesota brings our total of just 37 just
5:51 pm
this summer. five of those occurring in new jersey. so please always make sure to swim in front of a lifeguard if you are at the beach. as we head into the day tomorrow, hot sunshine, we're back down to 84 degrees on thursday with chance of late day spotty thunderstorm. stormy day on friday. steamy as well. very humid conditions. before we quite things down but keep things hot, guys, as we head into the upcoming weakened. >> lauren, thanks so much at london's big ben clock tower time won't standstill but soon the famous clanging bell will. >> workers are doing major renovations on the iconic landmark and as terry okita reports, the bell will fall silent starting next week. >> reporter: 158 years, the bell nicknamed big ben had sits inside the tower at britain's parliament has beckoned londoners and tourists a like. >> when you look at big ben it makes you feel like you're home. it's nice. >> reporter: those who historic chimes will soon stop as major renovations begin on the clock.
5:52 pm
every nuts and bolt will be dismantled, cleaned and restored during the $38 million project. one working clock face will be visible throughout. powered tellural bialek trick motor. >> it's such a long stoppage period we'll be able to check absolutely everything on the clock. while it's still working which is good. >> reporter: on monday this 15-g for the next four years. so repair crews won't be deafened by the sound. the name big ben is commonly used to describe the tower, the clock and the bell. but it's officially the elizabeth tower, and ben is the great bell inside. the tower stands the length of a football field and is believed to be the most photographed building in the united kingdom. >> you have to look at the advantages if we're going to secure the tower for the future, for future generations, that far out ways the inconvenience of having scaffolding up for 22 or three years. >> government officials have pledged that like clock work big
5:53 pm
ben will still ring in the major holidays. teri okita, cbs news, london. i'm sure it will. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", one beauty magazine wants to change the way we look at aging. the wore it's banning from its pages and the actress they're putting on the cover. >> and a colorful honor for the purple one himself how one company is recognizing the late great prince. all that and more and the hot
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
how would you like to earn fthat'd be awesome... points? you can do that? just buy participating grocery items during the anniversary sale and you'll earn 4 times the gas reward points. groceries for gas rewards, i wish!
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can i get one more wish?! the acme anniversary sale. it's just better. popular women' magazine takes a stand on the anti aging message. prince gets posthumously crowned
5:57 pm
with new purple hugh. >> former eagle who plays baseball reaches out to his biggest fan. >> thank you ukee and nicole. celebration of growing into your own skin is the mission magazine has taken on the public indication is by nearing the movement to embracing aging in the september issue declaring they will no longer use the term anti aging saying by using it we're suddenly reinforcing the message that aging is a condition we need to battle. and no better cover girl to grace the page than 72-year-old star helen mirren the issue hits news stands august 22nd. the unveiled new shade of purpose nel of the late and great prince. love symbol number two was inspired by the purple yam ma had a piano prince had custom made just before passing i was last year the name stemming from the unpronounceable love symbol prince used for seven years instead of his own name.
5:58 pm
this is an incredible way for prince's legacy to live on forever. and finally, whether eagles uniform or short period of time or a baseball jersey you've got to love tim tebow for this one. florida native danny interpret shared the sweetest video asking tebow to shout out this biggest fan. >> can you say hi to my grandm grandmom. can you say hello miss margaret. >> hello miss margaret it's tim tebow. have great day. god bless. >> it gave her the biggest smile she's had since her stroke. now some philly plans might not feel the same. but i mean this video had to bring a smile. that's your hot minute i'm bex from 96.5. >> tebow time. all right. well that's "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a attempted arson allegedly targeting philadelphia police and firefighter vehicles. tonight the reward that's being offed as police search for a suspect. also a possible break in the case. where this jeep was located and
5:59 pm
why sources say it may have been involved in a deadly hit-and-r hit-and-run. ♪ >> rain is moving out and steamy sunshine is moving in for our wednesday. i'll let you know how high temperatures soar into your full eyewitness forecast coming up. >> also, the animal effect. experts explain what you can expect to see from wildlife with the coming solar eclipse and how the philadelphia zoo is respon responding. >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". got multiple people in that building doing work throughout the night and underground fire could devastating results. >> now at 6:00 o'clock the search for an tempted arsonist who was allegedly targeting vehicles belonging to philadelphia police and firefighters. tonight a reward is being offered. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm gentlemen nicole brewer in for jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is tracking the investigation. he's live in southwest philadelphia with that story.
6:00 pm
greg? >> reporter: nicole and ukee, this attempted arson happened last week. august the ninth fortunately no one was injured though nine vehicles were damaged including four city cars tonight members of the atf and the philadelphia police department still searching for the suspect. >> philadelphia police say this is the man who tried burning down a building housing boning a police district and city firehouse. >> we're asking the public to look at is the clothing worn and also as he leaves the parking garage and returns back and forth his gate how he walks. >> reporter: 4:17 in the morning on august 9th. philly police lieutenant john walker says the suspect is seen leaving this police and fire station near 65th and woodland avenue in southwest philly without shoes. moments earlier vest investigators say he was trying to start what could have been deadly fire in the building's under ground garage. >> there's some flammable liquids inside he takes and he dumps along the floor and takes a sheet. t


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