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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 15, 2017 7:00pm-7:28pm EDT

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action. broken bones? the new "mission: impossible" movie shut down. new details about tom gone wrong. then john mayer in tears over katy perry? >> i ran into my ex. >> his revealing new song that gets him so emotional he can't even sing it. >> i would cry. then remember this? tiger woods' toxicology report revealed the five drugs found in his system. plus -- inside cindy crawford's malibu mansion and her tips for the perfect selfie. the "this is us" cast spills secret, and we're kicking it with the sexy 50-year-old. >> really high. i can do it all. ♪ now for august 15, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."
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tom cruise officially sidelined after an onset stunt gone wrong. what is the future of the sixth mission impossible installment now. >> this after the 55-year-old's injuries may be worse than first appeared. >> a new report says cruise broke two bones in his ankle after this frightening stunt mishap. he was attempting a wire jump between two builds sunday when he smacked hard into the side of one. cruise and producers have yet to comment on the incident, but an ankle injury is consistent with these images of tom immediately after the you can clearly see him limping and struggling to walk after the impact. cruise is known for doing his own stunts. he has told us he has recovered from similar injuries before. >> i have broken my nose, teeth knocked out, and my ankle. different things. it comes back together rather quickly. >> still "the sun" is reporting that, quote, tom did serious damage and will need months to recover.
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he is the film's biggest star and everything revolves around him. the newspaper goes on to say the film's current release date of july, 2018, could be delayed. cruise has built the "mission: impossible" franchise with his own death-defying stunt work. from this mountain-climbing scene -- >> i think a lot of people are going to think most of it is special effects, but it's not. >> to scaling the world's tallest building, tom even hung from the side of an airbus as it took off. >> if something went wrong, i can't get into the airplane. >> are you certified to do all these stunts? >> i can't help myself. i can't let anyone else have all the fun. now here's the thing. tom has another movie coming out on september 29th. his press schedule for that would have revolved around the shooting of "mission: impossible," so no word on how it will be affected. turning now to katy perry's men, just days after she was spotted getting cozy with her ex, orlando bloom.
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did her other ex, john mayer, reveal he is pining over his california girl? >> i took it really hard. i was really, really sad. i was sad about everything. >> his song never on the day you leave is about an ex who sings. >> we wrote a lovely song together called "who you love." >> and chops off her hair after a breakup. ♪ she'll cut her hair >> that's my look. >> it's also on the same album with john's song "still feel like your man" which mayer confirmed is about katy. the 39-year-old tells siriusxm's the highway, he wrote this new song in 20 minutes after running into an ex. he doesn't name names, but he says it was very amicable. >> there's a line in there that's so brutal because it's so true. ♪ she'll fight for you she'll fight for you like hell, but force herself to like some other man. that's what women do. they show up 100%, and then at
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some point, nah, and what they force themselves to do so get over is so transformative, you will never see that whole person again. >> katy and john broke up in february of 2014. two years later, she dated orlando bloom. john says he was left feeling incredibly lonely. >> i can't play the song live because i don't think i would make it through it. every time i sang that line, i would cry. >> katy was spotted back with orlando this weekend, but could she ever rekindle things with mayer? just remember perry ranked him number one in bed. >> mayer then bloom? bloom then mayer? oh! >> katy will never live that down. taylor swift scored a big victory in court yesterday. now the man found liable of groping her is speaking out. sophie was in the courtroom. >> what's next? >> you would have to ask taylor. >> taylor cried as the verdict was read, and she quietly mouthed thank you to the jury. she then exited the courtroom fairly quickly and headed straight to the airport.
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once there her team shielded her with umbrellas as she boarded a p private jet. she said that david mueller grabbed her under her skirt before a photo-op just before a concert in denver. the jury of six women and two men deliberated for less than four hours before finding mueller liable for assault and battery. taylor asked for and was awarded only $1 in damages. she asked for that amount really to prove a point and so serve as an example to other women. >> it can make a difference. >> taylor that canned her lawyers and said she would be making donations to organizations that help sexual assault victims defend themselves. ♪ every day is like a bad song >> in the meantime, today mueller spoke out for the first time since the verdict. he maintains he never groped taylor. >> i didn't to it. i never grabbed her. i never had my hand under her skirt and i can pass a polygraph. >> maybe it's time for mr.
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mueller to move on? just like we are. >> yeah. nischelle turner here to talk about the "bachelor in paradise" and demario jackson. after the hype and scandal last night. we are going to see what happened in that pool between demario and corinne, right? >> not really, kev, but we all know no one was more interested than showing the tale of the tape than demario. so what did he think? "e.t." online's lauren zima was with the bachelor of the hour. >> ultimately do you feel vindicated today? >> yes today i can honestly say i feel like the public -- they just wanted to see -- she's lucid. i'm lucid. we're swimming around. >> come on. >> yes! >> i love that. >> corinne and demario hit it off instantly in paradise but accusations of inappropriate behavior shut down production just two days in. host chris harrison was seen awkwardly addressing the incident on an empty set, but never really seemed to answer the question, what really happened?
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>> can we see you for a minute? >> me? >> shut it down. just cut it. just cut it. >> what we saw is you guys very early in the day, going to the pool together, fully clothed. you are snuggling. so when did the incident happen? was that later in the hot tub? >> no. the incident happened right after that. that's when we kind of got a little more cozy so to speak. >> corinne's people have said the incident happened later in the day in a hot tub. >> and that's 100% false. >> we're on the same page here. >> warner brothers the production company behind the show ultimately cleared corrine and demario of any misconduct. for demario it really hit close to home. >> i feel guilty because my mom didn't sign up for any of this. >> have you spoken to corinne? >> no. we haven't spoke since -- when was it? since "paradise". >> what would you want to say to her? >> i love her, and i'm here for her. stay strong. don't let the people who weren't there, alter your judgment. >> he got a settlement from abc,
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but he says his relationship with the network right now is great. >> that's very interesting. . let's move on to tiger woods dealing with his own issues. the toxicology report was released today and the mix of drugs in his system that night is shocking. >> you don't have to walk anymore. >> oh. >> are you okay? >> what are we doing? >> what i want you to do is place your hands behind your back, okay? >> after his arrest at 3:00 a.m. on may 29th, tiger said, quote, alcohol was not involved. what happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications. >> have you taken any illegal drugs? >> no. >> okay. have you taken any medications? >> yes. >> tonight, we know what medications tiger was taking and there were a lot of them. a toxicology report obtained by "e.t." shows the generic versions of vicodin, xanax, ambien, and thc, the active ingredient in marijuana, were
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all in the golfer's system. >> do you know where you are going? >> no. >> you were just driving around or what? >> i like to drive. >> i'm sorry? >> i like to drive. >> dui charges were eventually dropped against tiger after he entered a rehab program. in a statement today, tiger said, quote, recently, i had been trying on my own to treat my back pain and a sleep disorder, including insomnia, but i realize now it was a mistake to do this without medical assistance. i am continuing to work with my doctors, and they feel i've made significant progress. >> now tiger is due back in court october 25th, where he is expected to plead guilty to reckless driving. coming up next -- ♪ i'm bringing sexy back >> are justin timber lake and britney spears teaming up on a new song? what we found out. >> then at home with cindy crawford and her daughter. what you never knew about the
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model mom. >> what's your favorite thing about your kids? >> that we're amazing. what kind of interview is this anyway? and salma hayek doing her own stunts at 50.
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♪ ♪ cry me a river a lot of folks believe justin timberlake's 2002 track "cry me a river" was a revenge track about then-girlfriend, britney spears. there are new rumor of a collaboration between the two exes. >> that's great. >> we'll put that to rest right now. a source close to j.t. tells "e.t." exclusively, it's not going to happen. >> they can wear jeans all over again. come on. all right, well, what is happening? supermodel mom cindy crawford letting "vogue" magazine into her malibu home and asking her some very revealing questions. 73 to be exact. >> you wanna see around? >> let's do it. >> clad in jeans and a flowing
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white shirt, the supermodel gives us a look into her incredible mansion. we are loving the white themed décor and a kitchen to die for. >> what's your favorite food? >> caviar. >> favorite dessert? >> chocolate. >> what was your most memorable runway show? >> versace, '91, when all of us came down the runway, lip syncing to george michael's "freedom." ♪ >> she was joined in that iconic strut by naomi campbell, linda evangalista and christy turlington. >> and what song do you know all the words to? all right, cindy. prove it. ♪ ♪ sometimes the clothes do not make the man ♪ >> that's right. >> cindy's hubby rande gerber was out of town, but their kids, presley ans.mode >> what's your favorite thing about your kids? what >> sorry. e casa gerber. the couple gave mary hart a tour of the oceanfront property in 2014. >> since our kids have gotten
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older, it's even greater to have all this because they loved having their friends over.d's o with photos of her, and maybe the best thing we learned from her voco well, how to take the perfect selfie. >> put your chin up, and keep to >> forgot to mention, look like single time.d.ertime. salma hayek talking about cooking for ryan reynolds to bl >> i love my to looking like th and details about another bachelor nation baby on the way. >> it was a great surprise. is shows us their best emmy-winning faces. and which star might f lia table if they lose? >> they will flip a table? i want to see that. i would pay good money to see that. i would pay good money to see that. closed captions provided
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sit down. no one knows who you are without adele an a car. >> sam jackson dropping the mic on james corden last night during their free style rap > meanile, sam's co-star in "the hitman's bodyguard," en with yek is expressing her ryan. >> okay.
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girl. i love my blake so much. we worked together before. actually, he is the one that told me to do this film. >> so ryan got salma to come over, cook, babysit, and he "the hitman's bodyguard." smart man. >> i heard you wanted to do all your own they were looking oh old lady has to sit around and watching that s. i uh. i'm sorry. let me give it a try. i felt so good that i did ite. i continued to pay the price for a whole week. i was so sore. so many bruises. but i would do it all over again.>> y see? >> really high. >> i hope everyone is seeing this. >> really high. >> i can do it. i can do all sort of things that you wouldn't
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i get in shape in advance. i can do >> yeah, and this sexy bikini instra the 50-year-old's secret? andpa really handy sometimes. >> i know what she is talking a of my girl squad. >> it makes the package work for both of y'all. >> moving on to the nbc mega hit. we were with the cast "this is two secrets and one guest star that wasn't now.tly expendabl >> it was really fun. >> the picture of you punching him. >> i know. it was all his idea. >> sly doesn't do anything on s. >> did you do a push-up off? >> he can get some. i ain't scared of nobody. i'm just kidding.
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>> sly shows up in episoden hara out how jack as for how fansl >> wait until september 26th. there will be a giant kiss as to what happens with jack. >> we were with the entire cast, milo secrets behind our favorite scenes. >> when you were running into randall when he was having the panic attack, how much running were you doingesn the rain. it was a lot more running than i thought. >> take us bactoterrible towel . >> i wasn't nervous about having a small piece of fabric in front of my manhood. i waok >> if they called "this is us" best up standing that face if y.
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>> just going to have to wait and see if i >> either lose like this .r flip a table. he will not. >> where's the table to flip? s that. >> another big part of the show is the music. >> you can pick up the official sound track of the show starting september 15th. beautiful music, you know who really loves a weddie ♪ >> i do because i love love, kev, and i especially love a wedding in paradise. tonight, bachelor nation will witness the i dos of fan favorites, evan and carly. st dth of their lives to "e.t." online's lauren zima. >> i pronoce you may kiss the bride. >> it was emot. it was perfect. >> his face when i walked down
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everyone to see it. it was so good. >> the tears were flowing when the couple wedn carly wore a nude strapless gown host chris harrison, officiated the intimate affair. i ge you y heart. >> the couple's love story began on last season of "paradis" to come around. >> but by the end of the season, evan proposed. been their dream to get married where their relationship first started.fami sure it would be televised after the hookup between corinne and demao >> when you found out about the scandal, were you at all worried?>> the wedding was goin happen regardless. >> yeah. regardless. >> we were getting married. ah >> now the couple has another reason to celebr child together. >> do we know what the gender of the baby is? we don't know yet. we actually just took a blood test because we want to know really bad.
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or two. >> evan has three sons from his previous marriage. he and carly want to have one or two more kids after this baby and admit they weren't expecting >> it's a great little miracle. oo mexico and saw this thing, and we were, like, what does that even say? so we googled it. >> i can't believe they are having a baby. she did not even like him in the they didn't know how to read a pregnancy test. >> believe it because the baby's co tm, what to name this baby? evan said, i don't care., and carly said, no. it can be confusing. >> how about they name it yvonne there you go. of both worlds. >> while they figure that out, we'll move on. coming up, mama pink is back with new music and her latest mileston n
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♪ what about us ♪ what about all the broken happy ever afters ♪ that is pink's lyric video for her new song, "what about us." it dropped last thursday. it already has 5 million views. >> it was just announced today the mom of 6-year-old willow and 7-month-old jameson will be receiving the michael jackson
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including better alternatives to federal loans. i can show you how to pay for your own child's way to college. in case you don't find that treasure chest. if you have a question about student loans, ask me. sincerely michele wright, fellow mom and fellow citizen. citizens bank student loans, call 1-866-999-0150 to apply now. "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one are tom cruise's injuries derailing the next
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"mission: impossible"? >> we spend a lot of time training, but it is a stunt. >> are on set dangers on the rise? j-lo's stunt double weighs in. >> you have to be careful what you do. >> then anna faris addresses her split from chris pratt. >> i truly love you. >> as we spot the couple going their separate ways. >> number three, "bachelor in paradise" premieres and does not air corinne and demario's incident. the three things we did learn about the shocking season. >> it was emotional. i'm not going to lie. >> plus your "insider" bonus. >> it's so unknown to me. >> mindy kaling gets candid about the secret perks of parenthood. >> you have to talk about having a child. >> and why "this is us" star chrissy metz is ashamed of her dance floor obsession. >> do i


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