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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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at 11:00, victorian beauty in northeastern pennsylvania, drone watch 3 giving you beautiful shots of jim thorpe as cbs3 summerfest heads to the mountains. tonight, we're taking a tour of an historic opera house and dancing the night away with the one and only beach boys. we are exploring the poconos right here on cbs3 and summerfest. good evening i'm ukee washington. live in jim thorpe pennsylvania, gateway to the poconos. now, the shore is great summer destination, of course, it is. but the mountains are magnificent. there's no doubt about that. tonight we explore the charm of this town and so much more, each friday we like to give you a history lesson, let's continue our summerfest tradition and do it now. through the years, this area has been called the switzerland of america as the slopes of poconos mountains lead down to the hifb town of jim thorpe. the town was once moan as maunch
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chunk, but in 1953, the name changed to jim thorpe. thorpe was a native american olympian and athlete who won in the 1912 stockholm olympic games. he also played major league baseball and was an accomplished ball room dancer. after his death, thorpe's third wife moved his body to maunch chunk because his home state of oklahoma wouldn't give a monument. in turn, the town changed its name to jim thorpe. and here in jim thorpe today, as in many locations around the region, all around the region, it was storm city. that's what we renamed it. big time. the rains came down, things much better right now. chelsea ingram has joined us here, as the bell sounds now, chelsea ingram joins us to give you more. chelsea? >> hi there, ukee, i'm in love with the jim thorpe area, the people are fantastic.
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views are exquisite. we had a rough tart with things earlier this afternoon with very strong storms that rolled through the area. these were the same strong storms that caused flooding and owe areas. i'm going to take you to these images right now. this is out of wyomissing and berks county. from the russo food and market showing cars immersed in water and we saw many other storm reports. we had an occupied vehicle, a land slide causing many power outages in mt. laurel and a 60 miles per hour wind gusts, we're so dealing with some rain in parts of the region mainly down to the southeast of philadelphia, and for our shore points, over the next hour or two, things will really be winding down. heading into the overnight hour, partly cloudy skies with the rain ending for areas to the east and then overnight low temperature right around 74 degrees. coming up. we'll have really nice weather
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in store for you and your weekend forecast, we'll talk about what you can expect in philadelphia down the shore and, of course, right here in the poconos as well. for now, ukee sending it back to you. >> chelsea thanks. we'll see you in a little bit. we have much more to come here in the mountains of pens. alexandria hoff sets out what was once one of the most popular destinations in the entire country and guess what? it is still a very big hit. and i get to meet up with mike love. of the beach boys, experience the good vibrations when we come back. such a great fellow, great interview. we had a great time. no doubt about it. but i know there's a lot of news to talk about. there's no question about that either and nicole you're back in the studio to offer that up >> we'll take it from here, thanks so much, cbs3 of course also getting ready for the total solar eclipse. we handed out protective eye wear but as greg argos shows us, if you didn't get any, you may
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be out of luck. >> reporter: it's the hottest show in town. it's not on stage. it's one day only. >> like the oscars, you have to see it. >> reporter: tickets are free. what is happening this monday. >> no idea. >> reporter: the clips >> yes, the eclipse >> here in the delaware valley region we're only going to go see what's called a partial solar eclipse. >> reporter: even so franklin institute derrick pit said 80% of the sun will be covered by the moon in our region and when the eclipse begins in the afternoon monday, many will be looking sky ward. >> you got your special glasses yet >> right here >> that's all you're wearing >> that's >> doctors say that's not enough. >> >> might be true but that's all i have for now. maybe i'll go shopping >> problem is like tickets to hamilton, eclipse glasses are hard to come by, we gave a few hundred pairs out this afternoon >> i'm excited. i'm really excited. got my glasses i'm ready to go. >> reporter: i had a few extra
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>> i feel like at any might look so cool that i have to wear them every day. >> reporter: stores can which carried them last week like the lowe's on columbus boulevard clear out. employees say stores in jersey may still have some in stock and if you can't find pair you may want to plan a lunch trip to the franklin institute monday afternoon >> we're going to have all kinds of methods of observing all of the faces of the eclipse. so you'll be able to see directly either through filtered telescopes or through telescope projection methods. >> now, if you're still not able to get your hands on those protective solar eclipse sunglasses by monday, cbs news will be broadcasting a special report on monday from 1:00 to 3k p.m. on cbs3, a team of correspondents will be stationed in the path of totality, where the eclipse will be in full effect. coverage will be streaming live on don't worry if you can't go outside and look at the sun which doctors say you should not do without the protective
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glasses. you can log online and check it out from there. nicole, back to you. >> reporter: we want to let you know if you're having an eclipse party we want to see your photos, share them with us, using the #cbs3. switching gear, it's a topic of speculation weeks. if not months. and now the president's controversial chief strategist steve bannon is out. the white house released statement saying john kelly and steve bannon have mutually agreed today would be steve's last day. we are grateful for his service and wish him the best. bannon returned to running the news website breitbart. a philadelphia man is facing charges for vandalizing the frank rizzo statue in street. 44-year-old wali ray man printed the words black power on the statue last night. the third case of vandalism this week, some are calling for the statue's removal citing the
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rizzo's arbitration treatment of african-americans of city council will begin debating >> the terror attacks began in barcelona, crowds gathered on las ramblas tonight for a vigil remembering the 14 list lost in the two vehicular terror attacks. among the victim, 42-year-old jared tucker who was on his delayed honeymoon with his wife's. investigators say after terrorists struck in barcelona, they drove a second vehicle into people in the resort town taking another victim. police shot and killed five suspects there and made more arrests this morning. in gloucester county, several people who came to the rescue at a new jersey motor vehicle commission office were recognized. officer allen france was attacked as he tried to break up a fight at the washington township office it happened april 18th. employees jumped into action and
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subdued the man who authorities say was attacking the officer >> he was starting a fight i tried to break it up and guy attacked me. i guess he was looking for a fight >> the officer was being attacked by the at his neck and trying to choke him and we ran down and we tried to help as much as we could. >> the suspect peter strictland was charged with assault and resisting arrest and we are in the mountains tonight for cbs3 summerfest, we've been celebrating all the poconos has to officer. ukee? >> nicole, that was no shortage of things to do in jim thorpe. and we will break it down for when we come back on the other side at cbs3 summerfest continues our alexandria hoff explores the opera house in the area, how it became a must, see tourist spot and why microphones on stage are not needed. also we're heading to a popular spot to cool off in the
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summer, why lake harm knee is about more than just fishing and swimming >> chelsea ingram is keeping a close eye on the weekend forecast when cbs3 summerfest comes right back. jape
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♪ ♪ . we are celebrating summerfest in the poconos. did you know more than 127 varieties of trees and plants can be found here in the poconos mountains. it certainly is a beautiful place. ever since we got here this morning, we have been singing the praises no doubt about it of jim thorpe, pennsylvania and with that in mind, we checked out the maunch chunk opera house, here's alexandria hoff. >> reporter: at one time, about ten trains a day ushered towards the town and through the door of this charming opera house when it opened in 1881. >> the car hadn't been invented yet. so the next stop from here was
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niagra falls >> one of the most popular destinations in america at the time. business was booming. >> it had a lot of remarkable performers really, like may west was here, al joelson >> a first hurdle for modern visitors getting the name right. >> i had a pronounceation guy back stage, reminds with rock. >> the beautiful bones of the maunch chunk opera house is are still visible >> basically how they did it in 1925 >> when train traveled dwindled the opera house fell into disrepair. it was used as a storage warehouse from the 30 to late 70's and purchased by the historical society in jim thorpe and about 15 years ago, dan hugh goes and his business partner came along. that's something performers will do. since the venue predates microphones the acoustics were set up in such way where quite
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frankly microphones weren't necessary >> we had everything to classical to rock and roll, you know, from like show pan recitals to, you know, pearl jam tribute a bands. >> reporter: this 400 seat venue was gifted to a new generation. >> i love live music. always have, and to have it in a, you know, on a regular basis in place like this, it keeps the pulse going. >> reporter: reporting in jim thorpe, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." and let's not stop there. like harm knee is a very, very popular spot here in the poconos mountains. there is plenty to do on the beach and the water. we checked out a popular activity there, grasping on the lehigh valley river, more than 40 year, pocono white water operated in the area, they offer a damn release venture for more seasoned white water rafters
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along with a family style trip down the lehigh. looks like a lot of fun. speaking of fun and the beach, the beach boys are here tonight, in town tonight and earlier this evening, i had a chance to experience the love. >> are we ready, ladies and gentlemen >> it's a miracle sort of a thing. ♪ . >> a packed house at the entertain venue in the poconos. >> the beach boys music seems to be one music that the whole family can enjoy. >> they've been doing it well over 50 years and there is a method to the music. >> harm knees, the subject matter is, it's not too intense. >> i'll tell you what's intense, the band's schedule. of they average over 150 show as year. at this gig they head to ocean city new jersey for two days and
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four shows. no problem yspecial about ocean city is you look out the window where you play and there's the ocean right there. and it's a beautiful, beautiful community. >> kind of like atlantic city was 50 years ago. and i remember 50 years ago in atlantic city when they had a horse that jumped into a hot tub >> you're telling you're age, now, mike. by the way, 76. and showing no signs of slowing down >> people want to hear us and as long as we're healthy enough to enjoy music and i don't see where we're going to stop enjoying music. >> no. >> no. fantastic. and here are the dates in ocean city. monday, august 21 it's, two shows, 6:00 and 8:30, tuesday, august 22'nd, all at the ocean city music pier that will be the place to be. a couple of footnotes mike love
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told me. good vibrations is probably their top sing along song. all of them are great but they get a charge out of good vibrations and also, i didn't know it, i didn't know it, but mike love told me he is the uncle of kevin love of the nba cleveland cafe lears. i told him there's present of room on the sixers band wagon. he said he might come over, he heard a lot of good things. but chelsea ingram i know you probably knew that. if you didn't you probably knew much more about the weather for sure. throw it over to chelsea >> i know a lot about the weather, ukee, the weekend looking great. there's a lot of music across the town of jim thorpe, the bar down the street from me playing live music earlier. that was a lot of fun as well. let's take you to the weather now and stormscan 3, where we are still dealing with some showers along some of our shore points, mainly areas well south and east of philadelphia into cape may and atlantic r atlantic
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counties. things will be quieting down, rest assured as we head to the next one to two hours, these were the same storms that rolled through our area here in jim thorpe earlier this afternoon and made their way to center city this evening, dropped quite a bit of rainfall across the region. take a look at some of these totals on our live neighborhood network. and singing spring around 2.3 inches of rain in philadelphia, just under an inch and a half around 1.3 in little creek, just under one inch. rain in medford. quite a bit of rain, temperatures i was fallen back into the 70's. thanks to this rain cooled air awe're at 76 in philadelphia, mid 70s in atlantic city and lower 70s in wildwood. with the due points today, they were super elevated. that made it feel super uncomfortable and oppressive in many locations. that's going to be changing as we head throughout the weekend. still going to feel a little bit on the steamy side as we head into saturday. but by sunday, we will really
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get a nice break in that that humidity, by monday, the steam factor creeps back again. but the weekend looking great. here's the forecast. philadelphia mostly sunny and hot. high temperature around 90, due points will be nearly what they were throughout the day. it will be a little bit more comfortable as we head to your saturday. the poconos taking i kayak out on the water. heading up the trails, it will likely be a little bit on the muddy side. sunday will probably be the best bet. but overall the weather looks great, sunny skies, temperatures will be in the upper 70's and lower 80's, down the shore, rip currents -- we were dealing with the effects from gert, mostly sunny skies on the sand, temperatures in the mid and upper 80's. looking good, eyewitness weather seven-day forecast looks like this. 87 degrees in philadelphia on sunday. of lower humidity, the eclipse on monday, looking at great weather for that. mostly sunny skies on tuesday.
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of we'll have to watch for late day thunderstorm, chances as we head to wednesday and a little bit of a nice fall-like cool-down as we head to friday with temperatures in the upper 70's. that is going to be so refreshing we've enjoyed our time here in jim thorpe. great forecast for the poconos now let's send it back inside to you guys. >> chelsea thanks so much. i'm sitting here with don talking about sports >> we're talking about the preseason game from last night. adam carson wentz is saying >> ronald darby passes with flying colors. we'll here from the bird's newest corner back sports coming up next.
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. rhythm, rhythm, offensive is about 11 guys dancing to the same beat in preseason game two, the eagles couldn't find the tempo they beat the bills 20-16. played the first four zeros what, did they do? punt, field goal, punt an fumble. doug pederson is practicing patience. >> we're still evaluating all of our players, and tonight we're able to get everybody back in this football game. the minute we begin the game plan and we give our starters, you know, the whole week of practice, you know, things do become different at that point. >> performance great? by no means, it was definitely not where we want to be, but i definitely don't have doubts. i know we have the right guys and scheme and we just got to put it together. >> the offense struggled the defense was on point. corner back ronald darby had been with the team less than week, but he looked pretty good
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against his former team mates dropped one pick but snagged another. that one right there. 48 yard return, looked pretty good and felt good last night. >> adrenaline rush, when i caught it i felt all this adrenaline. after that, i was just running and they block pretty good, like, it was -- everywhere to run through >> it's impressive, exciting, he's definitely going help us >> every target ended up in an interception or did end up in an interception >> baseball. wish i had something good to say, phils season high 33 games under 500, and they've lost five out of seven. in addition to that, odubel herrara was placed on a ten-day disabled list. they hook up with the giants in san francisco. phils down 3-0, former phil, hunter pence, hung that one and it is gone.
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solo shot left center. the phils town 6-0 in the fifth. beat-down already. congratulates to james franklin six-year contract extension worth $5.7 million a year. the new deal places him on top five highest paid coaches in college football. he's up there. last year, the nitney lions played in the rosebowl. i was there >> 5 million >> 5 million a year. close to 6 if round it up >> up next the birthd
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♪. the city of philadelphia today paid tribute to the inaugural class of students who completed a solar training program. ben franklin high school find your power solar training program. it's a six-week course in energy solar installation and job readiness skills >> i learned a lot about installation and the different rules and how the solar modules work >> instruction was provided by the philadelphia based company solar states using a curriculum developed by the philadelphia energy authority and the school
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district. a big party tonight for giant panda twins in china. ching and bing, bing are celebrating second birthday, their home was decorated before treating them to an ice birthday cake. giant pandas will start to live alone after they turn two, the brother and sister were told are expected to be separated in the near future. happy birthday,
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. before we say good night let's go back out to ukee washington one more time. the poconos is great in the summer in the winter sort of looks like it. >> it's been a special day, a special day here in jim thorpe, folks beeping the horn saying hi. you had a special moment >> thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for showcasing his town and it's nice to feel like we're making a difference >> thank you so much for having us indeed. >> next week we're headed back to new jersey summerfest takes to his haddonfield, we will explore the unique boutiques. i'm tired. i just lost my mind, historic homes and neighborhood charles, jessica dean will be broadcasting live in jersey. we got to go, family take care there's a turnpike with our name on it. have a great weekend, don, back to you >> thank you so much and our morning team is back tomorrow
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from 5:00 to 7:00. for don, captioning sponsored by cbs >> looking forward to the solar eclipse? this educational film will teach you everything you need to know. a solar eclipse happens when the moon completely blocks the sun. it's important to remember that you can get severely hurt if you look directly into an eclipse. for instance, i looked in one a few years ago, and my wife, sharob, left me. after that, i started drinking, and it wasn't wrong before i was having sex with strangers behind the woolworth's. from there i moved into an abandoned rail car and started looking off cat meat. i joined a cult and the high priest forced me to marry him bed he spent happy years canning


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