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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  August 20, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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most important tonight, is to laugh. >> and, well, tonight at 6:30 the world says good bye to jerry lewis and a accomplished
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comedian, actor and humanitarian gone at age of 91 years old. plus support is in south philadelphia why much of the neighborhood is standing behind former mayor and police commissioner frank rizzo, as vandals continue to target his controversial legacy. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. tonight there are new developments in the smoldering debate over a late mayor and statue and mural dedicated to him following vandalism incidents last week at both. there could be a showdown of sorts tomorrow afternoon at frank rizzo statue in center city philadelphia lets get out to joe holden live outside municipal services building in center city where this all may trans expire, joe. >> natasha, philadelphia police have had a continued presence outside the frank rizzo statue, a security detail if you will, they have kept a presence in south philadelphia the site of his, mural there and the 900 block of south ninth street, now just today, the business community there is in south
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philadelphia, the ninth street italian market, posted a statement, and, representative there, strongly, vandalism late last week of the mural saying they do not support violence, destruction, fee facing, threats, vandalism attacks or breaking the law. they are in the process of planning a demonstration, for tomorrow afternoon, at the rizzo statue, in their word, looking to quiet calls for it to be removed. last week it was also defaced, vandalism, with graffiti part of the lingering demonstration on the heels of the wheat supremacy rally in char cloth ville virginia where a counter protester was killed. councilman helen gym has received heated calls for her calls to take down the rizzo statue, she responded on facebook quoting moving the statue on public property does not change history, it simply recognizes that our public spaces must be welcoming and
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inclusive to all. we sat down with marries owe's former, secretary, joan i who vehemently disagrees calling for the statue to be removed. >> the thing that upset me is, you know, i knew he wasn't a racist. i knew he cared about everybody. the people that he didn't care about were criminals. they were the guys he was after. and the people that bothered him the most were italian americans and criminals because that reflected on his heritage. >> reporter: we're back live here, we are told by the business community of south philadelphia, the italian market, that they continue to set representatives up here each night, to watch over the statue, and they are also joined by philadelphia police. i'm told it is much of the same scenario, outside of the mural there in the 900 block of south ninth street. much more coming up on the cw at 10 and cbs-3 at 11:00. reporting live outside municipal services building joe holden, cbs-3 eyewitness
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news. >> joe, thanks very much. >> also tonight a store clerk is recovering after he was violently attacked inside of a center city 7-eleven. it happened just after 6:00 this morning at that store on the 1300 block of market street. that is right across the street from city hall. police said after an argument the suspect jumped over the counter and began stabbing the employee with the butcher knife. suspect got away with money and other items as well, victim meantime is hospitalized and is in stable condition at this point. police involved shooting in north philadelphia, leaves a man hospitalized, it happened around 11:00 last night on the 2500 block of north alder street. authorities tell us that bike officers were on patrol at the time when they saw a man walking with a gun in mission hand. when they told the man to drop the gun he took off, instead, and that they are saying after a brief chase man pointed his gun at an officer. that officer opened fire striking the suspect twice and he is currently listed as stable condition as well.
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and we are less than 24 hours way from the total solar eclipse and many are excited to witness this rare, celestial phenomenon tomorrow. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live where she spoke to folks to day where she's still scrambling to get their hand on the certified eclipse glasses, is that right, alycia. >> reporter: report these things are a hot commodity really only way to look directly at the sun and get the best view of tomorrow's eclipse. it is almost here, soon you won't be seeing anymore animations, but in person or through actual video, you will be watching the first total solar eclipse in nearly a century. >> it will be pretty awesome. >> yes, we're really excited. >> these young girls in philadelphia are already gotten a pair of the certified eclipse glasses from an aunt but this couple from maryland
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hasn't been so lucky. >> we are looking at ways to make them pull out for weeks or months. >> reporter: some people who snagged a few pairs early are reselling them and making a decent profit. we found this man in center city people were coming up purchasing a pair of iso certified eclipse glasses for ten dollars but on line some are going for a couple hundred dollars, even a thousand dollars. >> i have to save. >> i want to see but i'm not ready to spend that kind of money. >> reporter: to join as many people who can enjoy the total eclipse we gave out a few pair >> thank you so much. >> awesome. >> you have not gotten a pair, right. >> i'll give you these. >> reporter: total solar eclipse falls on our cbs philly certified eclipse glasses will give her a great view on is what sure to be a extra special day. for nicole ismere. >> i will give you one. give them to your co-workers. >> reporter: she has to work but these glasses will let her do what many may do during the eclipse, sneak out for a break
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to catch a glimpse of the rare , natural phenomenon. >> it is going to be a once in a lifetime experience. >> reporter: here in philadelphia and surrounding area we should see 80 percent of the sun covered by the eclipse that max coverage time will hit 2:44 in the afternoon this total eclipse experience will last from 1:20 until 4:00 . reporting live, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much, alycia, appreciate it. for some rare solar eclipse is more than just a cosmic event but also a spiritual one, historically solar eclipses have been interpreted in different ways by different religions. some is a way to divide communication and others a sign of god's anger. "eyewitness news" stopped by cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul to ask some local church goers what they think bit. >> i think every day is, you know, we can look at god's creation and really marvel at
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beauty and wonder of it basically, god brings light into the world, and though this darkness occurs for a little bit of time light continues and go forward from there. >> well, just as a reminder to safely watch the eclipse we will need a special certified pair of solar eclipse glasses. so be certain to have those. cbs news will be broadcasting a live special report from one to 3:00 p.m. right here on cb. 36789 team of correspondents will be stationed in the path of totality where the eclipse will be in fully affect. coverage will also be streaming live, on cbs philly .com. and legendary comedian writer, producer, actor, humanitarian jerry lewis passed away at 91. danielle nottingham takes a look back on his remarkable life in and out of the spot
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light. >> reporter: jerry lewis was as whacky as they came. high school drop out his comedy career soared in radio, film, television and on stage. in 1947, lewis was only 20 when he teamed up with singer dean martin to create one of the most popular comedy teams of all time. they were an instant hit, their nightclub act took off and they followed with a string of box office hits. >> over here. >> reporter: they made 16 feature films, jerry always cast as the goof ball next to dean's straight man. despite their great success, the partnership ended bitterly in 1956, 10 years to the day after it started. the split didn't hinder lewis, his movie career continued to thrive including the bell boy in 1960. his directing debut. >> hold it. >> reporter: lewis proved himself a creative, inventive screen writer and director. he was first ever to use video
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on set, to get immediate feedback, the so-called play back system now a main stay in film making. europe loved him and france worshiped jerry honoring him with prestigious comedy and philadelphia ward. even creating a jerry lewis day. but the role of his lifetime was hosting the annual tell -a-thon formular dystrophy association. the first was launched in 1966 , bringing attention to jerry's kid. it was also the stage used by his pal frank sinatra to re unite lewis with dean martin after a 20 year feud. a sentimental moment in tv history. >> over the years the tell -a-thon raised more than one and a half billion dollars but after nearly five decades, lewis and mda decided to part ways. he stepped down as the group's chairman and the show went on without him. >> it isn't possible, jerry to replace you, sir, you can never be replaced.
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>> reporter: in what would be his final appearance lewis was overcome with emotion as he sang his signature song. >> ♪ you will never walk alone ♪ >> thank you, good night. >> reporter: danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with us everyone still ahead on "eyewitness news", healing in spain, more tributes pouring in at growing memorial at the area in barcelona just days after a van attack killed 13 people. honoring the youngest victim of the pulse nightclub massacre how our local community is keeping our memory alive. chelsea. what kind of weather can you expect for the eclipse. we will have all important foreca
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welcome backing spanish police are now still searching for a final member of a 12 man terror cell responsible for last thursday twin attacks in barcelona. meanwhile songs and prayers for the victims echoed throughout the entire city. ♪. ♪ . king and queen attended a mass to honor the victims of the attack. investigators learned that all of the main suspects in thursday's attacks in barcelona and came brills lived in the
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area. he's been missing since june, 13 people killed in thursday's attacks more than 100 others injured. and her memory does live on. m akira murray the youngest victim was honored at a event. young accelerated athletes held their community parental appreciation events. any mid the hustle and bus he will of back to school time. her parents were in attendance and they were presented way painted portrait of their daughter. beautiful. chelsea, beautiful out there today. of course, all eyes on the sky tomorrow. >> that's right, what a gorgeous day, practically perfect, natasha, let's take you to a live look, you can see wall-to-wall sunshine right over center city. sunny skies, check warm temperatures, check. we have the low humidity and also the light winds so it was gorgeous out there and we have a gorgeous evening in store, 80 degrees, by 8:00 p.m., we're in
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the upper 70's by 10:00 clear skies, as we head to midnight, mostly cloudy skies right around 78. looking good dark the official high temperature in philly was 85. that is perfectly seasonal for this time of year. we're now down to around 83 in wilmington, we're in the low mid 80's down the shore, wildwood at 81. 82 in trenton, 82 allentown in the mid 70s in mount pocono. now, due points are in the upper 50's in philadelphia. so that's making for a spectacular feeling evening out there. but we'll see those due point on the rise over the next several days, monday will be steamy and then it will be feeling more oppressive like as we head into tuesday and wednesday with due points cranking on up into the lower 70, we'll be feeling rather uncomfortable. tomorrow, when you're out there. viewing the eclipse, with your glasses on, of course, we'll be 80% eclipse by around 2:44 in philadelphia, we're expecting to have good visibility but it is going to be a little on the hot side and humid, we're expecting
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to see a few clouds developing as we head to the afternoon with temperatures in the upper 80's here in philadelphia, the eclipse eventually ending right around about 4:01. of overall good visible. let me show you what you can expect. mostly cloudy skies as we head to the overnight hours. we will see wall-to-wall sunshine as we wake up on monday morning, but by the afternoon, a couple of clouds are going to try to sneak their way in. likely just after eclipse viewing then into the evening hours we will have the risk for a shower or thunderstorm and we'll do it all over again as we head to tuesday because we'll have the increase in humidity so instability will be building throughout the next several days. overnight mostly cloudy and seasonal, 69 for overnight low temperature, tomorrow mostly sunny with a storm chance. high temperature around 88. a live look at our neighborhood network, look how gorgeous it is in rehoboth beach and delaware and it will look nice as we head to tomorrow down the shorecast we're going to have the risk for a shower chance as we head to
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tuesday and wednesday while we crank up the heat and humidity. temperatures low mid 80's for next three days. now, take a look at your "eyewitness news" weather seven-day forecast, heating up as we head to tuesday, high temperature in the lower 90's. but here's what we can really look forward to, of course, beyond the eclipse, we're talking about a fall-like pattern setting up as we end the week and head to weekend and tons of sunshine, nice stretch after wednesday, heading our way. >> looks nice. thank you so much. >> lesley got sports. >> wide receiver alshon jeffrey, wide receiver said alshon was behind after missing practice with a shoulder injury. he said this play where alshon ran the wrong route. alshon disagrees, he said coach doug pederson said everyone makes mistakes and they will be on the same page when the season
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starts in washington. >> he's doing fine, he's -- he's working he's getting reps whether he's not in, reps off on the side. getting reps, when he's in in. he's right where he needs to be. everybody makes mistakes. it's that time of year, we got a lot of football in right now. and he's doing well. coming up tonight in the zone, we'll have more on the alshon jeffrey situation, should derrick barnett start in the season opener in washington while eagles, when the philadelphia daily news will be joining me tonight after the late news here on cbs3. the final game with the west coast road trip looking for the series split after ending the six game losing streak last night. the fans and the kayaks out hoping they can maybe catch a homer the fly ball goes off. nick williams scores and ben
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lively facing single also up the middle, kelsey thompson scores on second. and we're tied up. in the fifth madison baumgardner with a single to left. oh throws goes up the line, jones scored to take the lead, in the eighth phillies scored three runs and they're leading 4-2. last nights the union took on san jose. 55th minutes the ball goes up. shot from outside the box goes into the goal. san jose with a penalty kick. chase sell lee nass. the union will have to settle for a 2-all draw >> check this out. the junior little league makes its unbelievable catch leaping over the wall to snag that ball. chinese cafe won the game but that was one of the best catches
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you'll ever see. he will always remember, i believe we all will. that is so great >> he stood right up. i got i >> thank you so much, lesley >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" an incredible discovery 18,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. who found the u.s.s. indianapolis and why this was so important to world war ii
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from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need.
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welcome back, a teach of researchers located the wreckage of a navy ship that sank morning 70 years ago, paul alan found the u.s.s. indianapolis 18,000
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feet below the surface, the navy cruiser sank in 12 minutes when hit by a japanese tore bee toe between the philippines and guam in 1945. of the 2000 soldiers 316 survived, in any had just completed a secret mission delivering the
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. welcome back, some times the simpliest things are the most enjoyable. to take a look at this pig let. jimmy dean is a rescue pig let in foster care at a sanctuary rescue near my home state, richmond virginia. one of his favorite things to eat are his regular pig ch inos, from starbucks, the treat is caffeine free made entirely out of whipped cream >> now we know. >> that's adorable. >> i said my home state of richmond, not virginia. >> we get it >> you get that virginia is a state >> that will do it, i'm natasha brown, for chelsea all of us
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> cooper: hilton simpson was being watched by the f.b.i. for years, but it didn't stop him from carrying out the first terrorist attack claimed by isis on u.s. soil. it happened in garland, texas. simpson and another terrorist opened fire at a conference center. incredibly, an f.b.i. undercover agent was on the scene. >> i can't tell you whether the f.b.i. knew the attack was going to occur. i would... i don't like to think that they let it occur, but it is shocking to me that an undercover agent sees fellas jumping out of a car and he drives on. i find that shocking. >> martin: you've seen drones before, but never like this-- a swarm of autonomous drones flying themselves.


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