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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  August 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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that's what cup holders are for. >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". we begin with breaking news this noon. "eyewitness news" has learned that david creato, jr. has plead guilty to a single charge of manslaughter in the death of his three-year-old son brendon in october of 2015. we're told under the terms of a deal, creato, jr., there serve ten years in prison with possibility of parole in eight and a half years. he is been in jail since january of 2016 sentencing has been scheduled for september29th. we'll continue to follow this breaking story and you can get the latest any time on developing right now at
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noon, a white powder scare in west chester chopper three over the chester county courthouse a short time ago as hazmat crews investigate the suspicious substance. found in courtroom on the seventh floor that. room has been sealed off. all other areas of the building remain open. there are no reports of any injuries. also this noon, giant jackpot powerball fever is heating up once again ahead of tonight's $700 million drawing. and tonight's jackpot is not second largest in u.s. history. good afternoon everyone. i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. greg argos is live at 7eleven in center city where the lottery machine is really getting a good work out. greg, good afternoon. >> reporter: yeah, it really is rahel a lost folks here purchasing those tickets for the powerball $700 million like you mentioned the second largest jackpot in the game's history. we crunched some numbers here at the 7eleven off race and broad and if you purchase a ticket and you are the sole lucky winner, the cash payout that is
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$318 million in your pocket. think about that for second. could buy a lot of tesla model ss. 4600 in fact or if you're feeling little bit more ultra wis tick want to pay tuition for 1189 drexel students you can cover tuition for all four years if you're the winner. a lot of excitement here like i mentioned this is the second largest powerball drawing in the game's history. we asked some folks including the manager here exactly what the deal is to win that money. take listen. >> the key to winning is say your prayers, respect your family and others and go like this, hey, let the machine pick it for me. >> what is the secret to winni winning? >> really i don't have any idea about that. i cannot say anything towards that. >> reporter: there you heard it. be nice i guess is one way of winning, of course, the odds astronomical. one in $292 million. not to be debbie downer. we looked at these other numbers. you are 578 times more likely to
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become a movie star than winning the powerball. you are 25,000 times more likely to bowl a perfect 300 game or of course struck by lightning you always hear that 2800 times more likely to be struck by lightning that doesn't matter for lost folks. a lot of folks living the dream trying to win that incredible amount of money, $700 million the drawing set for 10:59 tonight. you could actually purchase tickets here at this 7-eleven or at any vendor throughout the city until 10:00 p.m. tonight. but that's the latest from center city i'm greg argos. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, greg argos always the real lift there keeping us in line. thank you. speaking of lightning, last night's storms keep you awake. check out this time lapse video the sky turns gray and drenches our sky cam no shortage of lightning there. power officials sparked this house fire in sellersville, bucks county. this happened at the height of the storm. 12:30 this morning. on the 600 block of east temple
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road. flames were contained to mostly the upper floors and there are no reported injuries. the stormy night you are chering in cool change for us for the rest of the week. meteorologist chelsea ingram live on the cbs sky deck to explain. chelsea. >> things looking really good for us. speaking of those storms last night, we had many storm damage reports and also a lot of flooding. take look at this. we had some significant rainfall from wilmington all the way to philadelphia and that's what prompted a flash flood warning in the middle of the night. you might have heard it if you live in the area. big swath of rain but definitely different story now on storm scan3. we saw inches of rain in some locations last night. right now we're drying out. very quite and temperatures are in the 80s. 81 degrees in philadelphia. we have 82 in millville. we are in the low 80s down the shore. here's look what you can expect as we head into the rest of the afternoon and also this evening. fire up the grill by 6:00 p.m. 81 degrees. tons of sunshine skies will continue to clear out. i might stay out here for the rest of the show because it
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feels so great. but i'll be back inside soon for your full forecast. back to you. >> thank you chelsea. in other news this noon president prem will be in reno nevada later this afternoon to deliver an address at the american region national convention. last night he used a campaign style recall iffy 96 arizona to respond to some of this critics. here's more on the president's fiery speech. >> very dishonest media those people right up there with all the cameras. >> president trump took aim at the media tuesday night spending more than 16 minutes claiming his response to the charlottesville protests were misrepresented. >> they don't want to report that i spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry and violence and strongly condemned the neo-nazis, the white supremacists and kkk. >> the president went on to slam arizona two republican senators. he laid out his frustrations with senator john mccain for voting against the gop health care plan.
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>> one vote away i will not mention any names. >> and called out senator jeff flake for being wax on border security. >> nobody wants me to talk about your other senator who's weak on borders, weak on crime. so i won't talk about him. >> reporter: president trump threatened congress to pass funding for his border wall. and spelled out the consequences if it fails. >> if we have to close down our government we're building that wall. trump supporters were met with wall of protesters angry over the president' as jenn today. after the event phoenix police used tear gas to disperse was a small group of demonstrator who's refused to leave. weja chang for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> he was literally breathing down my neck that's how hillary clinton described then republican presidential candidate donald trump in an excerpt from her upcoming memoir. clinton recounted the moment from a presidential debate held
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less than a month before the election. the former democratic nominee said mr. trump made her so uncomfortable as he paced here her on stage that quote my skin crawled. clinton's new book what happened is set for release next month. new jersey politicians are mourning the sudden loss of state senator jim whelan. whelan died of heart attack yesterday at his home. he represented atlantic county as assemblyman starting in 2006. then as a senator two years later before that the democrat was a three-term mayor of atlantic city, city schoolteacher an life lard ad guard. did he not seek re-election in november. he had a kidney operation last month and was in and out of the hospital. jim whelan was 68 years old. investigators from the ntsb back in upper darby today planning to interview the septa train operator involved in yesterday's crash that injured 33 people. that train on norristown high speed line crashed into a parked train at the 69th street station. officials say it somehow over ran its stop. authorities say they are now checking the vehicles and safety
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systems ntsb investigators are expected to be on the scene through the end of the week. police are investigate wagon caused driver of an suv to slam into that house chopper three over the crash in wide lapped camden county his happened around 9:30 this morning on ferry and cedar avenues. no injuries were reported. well it's a special first day back to school for hundreds of camden students. they began the new school year at a brand new school. "eyewitness news" at mastery cramer hill elementary school. a look inside some of the classrooms showed students jumping right back into learning. students we spoke with said they're looking forward to having a productive year in their new school. good for them. >> yeah. prince harry has strong words for the paparazzi. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" the prince opens up about what he says the paparazzi did in the moments after princess diana's car crashed in paris. also, samsung hopes consumers will forget last year's smart phone fires as it unveils its newest gadget the galaxy note eight.
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we'll have a preview next.
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well britain's prince harry blaming photographers who chased after princess diana the night she was killed. >> harry is speaking out in a new bbc documentary about the deadly accident in paris which happened 20 years ago next week. cbs correspondent jonathan big lee yacht tee reports from kensington palace. >> reporter: 20 years after his mother's tragic death, angry
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prince harry points fingers. >> i think one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the fact that the people that chased her through the tunnel were the same people that were taking photographs of her while she was still dying on the back seat of the car. >> reporter: in the new documentary prince harry not only blamed the paparazzi for the crash that killed his mom, but said they stood by and watched her die. >> she'd had great a severe head jr. she was very much still alive on the back seat and those people that cough the accident instead of helping were taking photographs of her dying on the back seat. and then those photographs made their way back to news desks. >> reporter: dozens of photographers chased after the car princess diana was in just before it lost control inside a paris tunnel 20 years ago. >> part of the problem in paris was this desire by the gathering media circus for a picture. >> reporter: nearing the anniversary of diana's death the
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what ifs still persist. >> i wouldn't let it break me. >> reporter: prince william simply call it the hardest moment of his life. >> i wanted her to be proud of the person i would become. i didn't want her worried or her legacy to be that william and/or harry were completely devastated by it. >> reporter: william and harry they pickly waited for the 20th anniversary to speak so pub little about their mother's death. prince william saying we won't be doing this again. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. >> electronics giant samsung unveil the latest smart phone in its galaxy note series. the company is hoping fans will love the new galaxy note eight. the smart phone includes dual rear cameras, a 6.3-inch display and comes in range of colors. this new release is a key moment for samsung to redeem itself after problems affected last year's galaxy note seven we're
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still waiting to hear when the note eight will be released and how much it will cost. well, still ahead on "eyewitness news" -- >> serving up a song and a smi smile. meisha. >> that's right. a song an smile. the absolute best thing that you can serve up in today's love it we're meeting a young man whose changing the way customers dine and feel at his workplace much that's coming up. chelsea? >> of course, meisha, we are keeping a very close eye on the all important weekend. we're looking at a taste of fall heading our way talking about high temperatures in the upper 70s. can you believe it? and also low humidity. a fantastic weekend said setting up i'll have more coming up in your full forecast. that's next.
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chelsea is back. can we get this show the on the road? i want to seat weekend. >> i keep looking on those maps. bring it on. >> i know. seriously really great forecast will be heading our way as we move into the next several days. i was out on the sky deck it's starting to come to frue wig. take live look outside. we have still cloud cover out there but also plenty of sunshine peeking its way through the clouds. we'll take to you live look at storm scan3. we are still dealing with some cloud cover down the shore though as i was telling you all morning, that's going to be one of the final places that we finally get to say goodbye to the cloud cover but we're starting to see that drier air filter in and also plenty of sunshine as well and we're saying goodbye to the rain, too. wet night. things are looking much better. 81 degrees right now in philadelphia. the average high for this time of year is in the mid 80s. i think we'll be just slightly below that today but still very comfortable. and a ton of sunshine heading our way by the latter part of the afternoon.
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82 in millville we're in the low 80s down the shore. 82 degrees in wildwood. right around 81 in atlantic city. 77 in allentown. we're in the upper 60s right now mount pocono. down the shore as our shore points 79 and we have 82 in ocean city. 82 stone harbor. 82 in cape may. so really comfortable conditions out there. our winds coming more out of the west and northwest that's helping to pull in some of that dry air and it's going to filter in cooler air as well that's key whether it's where it's coming from and when we've got the winds out of the northwest that's going to bring us very comfortable air. dew points already making improvements here in philadelphia. down into the mid 50s. 52 in allentown. we're in the 40s in mount pocono that is some comfortable air right there. but we're still waiting to filter in some of that drier air to our shore points places like millville, right now dew point of 72. that's still on the muggy side of thing. but we'll see improving conditions as far as our comfort index is concerned. by thursday feeling really pleasant. friday awesome. by the weekend we'll see dew points in the upper 40s and
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that's fantastic you have to save your it because we don't normally get conditions like this during this time of year. water vapor shows the dry air that's going to be making its push right into philadelphia. i told you. where the air is coming the northwest wind will pull the dry air into our neighborhood over the next several hours and the next several days. we're mostly clear and cooler overnight tonight 64 degrees nor overnight low temperature. for thursday mostly sunny and comfortable. you can look for high temperature right around 82. here's live look at our neighbor network you can still see all of that cloud cover we're hear at beach patrol headquarters in margate not stopping people from going down the shore. setting up the tents getting their beach chairs out walking on the sand perhaps getting a little exercise in. a lot of cloud cover. this is going to be the last place that we get to say goodbye to the clouds as we head into the latter part of the afternoon but some great weather down the shore for the next three days and really a nice weekend setting up. look at all the sunshine. wall to wall friday through sunday.
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sunny, sunny, sunny. 77 degrees on saturday. 76 for sun day. "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast looks like this. 83 degrees as we head into tuesday. low humidity. a fantastic friday setting up with a high temperature of 80 degrees and here's where we really kick that fall like feeling into full gear. 78 degrees on saturday. 79 sunday. and that sticks with us as we head into the beginning of next week. we deserve it after a day like yesterday. >> for sure. all right. >> looking forward it to. >> thank you very much. >> we're excited here at "eyewitness news" today because kate bilo is back from maternity leave. we'll hear all about her time off with her baby girl when she returns to the cbs3 weather center later today starting at 5:00. welcome back kate. >> yeah. >> and singing for your supper with a twist. >> meisha joins us with today's love it. meisha. >> yes i just love this story, you guys. a neat little restaurant in michigan serving up a side of something special with your order musical performance because, hey, why not? that's
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collide who's bringing his workplace to life. take look. >> i really want to ask would you like a basket? >> collide is bringing his cheery and fun disposition to his workplace. and his singing talents are winning over one customer at a time. >> what time singing this real goofy song it made everyone crack up. i mean it was hilarious. go to fast food restaurant it's like role. >> they brought a little live livedness. >> singinsinging something some something new. he's been singing since a child. not only the customers fans his co-workers are too. >> all the time we'll be working and he'll bust out a song randomly. >> ask to sing happy birthday. we don't usually do that is customers specifically ask for him he's a favorite. >> really it's not only about serving food here. it's also about making people happy and having fun at work. >> i like doing it by myself other people join in it makes it that much better. when people hear it oh, gosh, everyone singing.
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>> beyond his part-time job collide has very high aspirations. >> i want to move to california and just kind of pursue a path in theater. >> um-hmm. i think that would be a wise choice for mr. collide de clout with that personality he's sure to win over any stage he's on and here's the good thing. we can all spread that kind of joy around because, hey, there's no denying it a positive and cheerful attitude is infectious. so fun to be around. keep making people smile, collide. any ways you guys if you come across any other positive or fun story ideas you think i should know about send them my way on facebook or twitter. one story at a time. my friends. we are making a difference. state stay right where we are. we will be right b
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coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 workout that gets your heart pumping and teaches you to use self-defense moves our leslie van arsdall checks it out for you at 5:00. >> looks likes we will once again be able to feel the love in philadelphia come november the park and rec depth says renovations at love park are on track new love park is set to open in november. park and rec officials told "eyewitness news" back in may crews found fifty seven till station system and piping during digging that set the project by at least six months. park and rec commissioner said back then that she was confident the park would be open by thanksgiving. and forget candy flavored cough drops now there's cough drop flavored candy. >> i don't know how i feel about this.
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kit kat released a candy bar flavored like a cough drop. white chocolate infused with throat lozenge powder. it was released monday it was created so that soccer fans could sooth their throats made raw from cheering at the top of their lungs. there's a purpose behind it. >> that's just plain weird. it is. >> on that note that's "eyewitness news" for today at noon i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. for meisha, chelsea and all of us here thanks for watching. >> white news continues at 5:00. >> we're always online at >> the young and the restless is next. have a great day, everyone. would you try that? >> no. ♪
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>> victor: i'm sick and tired of your self-righteousness and your hypocrisy. as of tonight... you're no longer my son. i will no longer hide the fact that you and i are not together anymore. you're the love of my life. but if that is no longer of interest to you, then i bid you farewell. [ footsteps approaching ] bonnie? is that you? >> nikki: oh, no. it's me.


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