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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  August 24, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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conscious, and expected to survive. >> he was face timing. >> reporter: abington teen is in the hospital with serious injuries, police say she walked right in the path of on coming car while face timing with the friend. >> that could happen to you in 10 seconds is scary. >> gulf coast states prepare for harvey, a storm that could become a hurricane before it hits texas this week. >> are you kidding me? >> chase utley. >> wow. >> yeah former philly chase utley showing at age 38 he is still the man making an incredible catch to save a near perfect game. >> speaking of perfect it doesn't get much better then today, chelsea. >> so true, you guys, we have gorgeous weather cool start to the morning, temperatures are checking in the 60's, might
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need a light jacket stepping outside, take the dog out for a walk but temperatures right around 67 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-two in wilmington. we are at 60 in millville. low to mid 60's down the shore sixty-five in wildwood. we will get out the door in atlantic city at 63. we are cooler compared to 24 hours ago, 13 degrees cooler in allentown, nine in philadelphia, 12 in wilmington overall a very refreshing start to your thursday morning here's what you can expect as we head through the afternoon around 9:00, a comfortable morning low 70's, all day, gorgeous sunshine by lunchtime you can eat that lunch outside , right in the mid 70's , 83 degrees by the afternoon a very nice afternoon on tap. you're witness weather seven day forecast looks like this looking good for komen three day friday, saturday, sunday temperatures near 80 degrees. sunshine through the weekend. we will not see more cloud in the forecast until we head into the tuesday time frame and we will have potential for
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a shower, as we head into wednesday right around 79 but nice stretch of very dry weather heading our way. what can we expect on the road , meisha. >> roadways are looking g i cannot take my mind off that forecast, that looks absolutely stunning, it makes so many people so happy. good morning everyone. happy thursday. we are looking at some construction, good news a lot of our morning construction and overnight construction is starting to clear. one place in particular i want to call your attention route one north bound oxford valley both north and southbound and then went to north bound and completely close having to exit and reenter. that has been completely cleared. route one is looking great. schuylkill at spring garden, looking gorgeous as usual, taillights in the eastbound direction toward center city and we are building levels a little bit there head up on that but everyone still traveling posted speed. 202, taillights moving in the north bound direction approaching king of prussia, gorgeous sky line starting to heat up a little bit now and
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heating up as well, lieutenant of headlights, taillights too but really headlights we are keeping an eye on moving in the southbound direction. mass transit, west trenton running delays due to equipment problems around 30 minutes. if i were you check those schedules on line but factor in extra time there then we have construction on route 702 places route zero seven between haddonfield road and 2951 to two lanes both directions blocked and then another point of construction on route 70 is right here between route 206 and route 72 , mobile crews both directions moving around there so these are areas that will get busier. as we push through 5:00 o'clock hour and start to tip more toward 6:00 o'clock hour so head up on than that. 295 construction, 295 southbound ramps sloane avenue completely closed until 6:00 a.m. i will confirm when crews move out of the way. back over to you. new this morning an 11 year-old boy is in critical condition after he accidentally shot himself in the face. it happened just after midnight on the 2600 block of
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south hicks street in south philadelphia. boy was home with his mother, father, four others at the time. he got in his parents room and got his hands on a revolver. >> we have five young, very young, children in the house and there is a gun in the house, that is very important that gun be in a safe location where children don't have access to it. >> police say bye was rushed to methodist hospital by family members and quickly transferred to children's hospital. despite income critical condition we are told the boy is conscious and expected to survive. surprise guilty plea by david creato, junior, camden county father accused of killing his three-year old son creato who was set to go on trial next month pleaded guilty to manslaughter avoiding a possible murder conviction. he faces 10 years behind bars after admit to go playing a role in the death of his son brandon back in october of 2015. creato's first trial ended in a hung jury. >> if he had not admitted to
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anything he could not get benefit of this deal. it would have been irresponsible and foolish for him not to take this deal. >> his body was found in the park half mile from his dad's haddon township home. creato will be sentenced on september 29th. in lighter news, small town of water town massachusetts is butting, someone hit giant power ball jackpot worth more than 750 million-dollar. >> here's the store that sold golden ticket handy variety store, the 758.7 million-dollar jackpot is second largest in the u.s. history, but there was just one winning ticket, this is now largest, single pay out, ever. >> jim, just matter of time before we find out who winner is because lottery winners in massachusetts cannot remain anonymous and if they were not popular before this point they will soon be very popular. someone watching us right now could be a millionaire and not know bit. suburban pharmacy on bustleton avenue in northeast
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philadelphia said it sold a millionaire raffle ticket in july, prize worth one million-dollar. he has one year from the date of the drawing to claim the pry so stories trying to get word out to their customers check your tickets. time is 5:36. in business news deal between amazon and whole food is a peers to be moving forward. >> money watch's roxana saberi joins us live from the insuring stock exchange with the details, good morning, roxana. >> good morning jim and rahel. stocks here gave south gains yesterday from the day before. the dow jones fell 87 points and nasdaq finished 19 points down. amazon is coming much closer to buying whole food, whole food shareholders and federal trade commission approved $13.7 billion deal yesterday, two co need to finalize the agreement and bring big changes to how people shop for groceries on line. space x is revealing a sneak peak of its space suit, ceoe lon musk posted a photo of the suit that nasa astronauts will wear when
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space x send them to the international space station as soon as next year. space x suits just don't look nice but they have been tested here on earth and they work. it has been a month an a half since uber riders were able to tip their drivers through the app. they are reporting those tips have added up to 50 million-dollar in comparison uber's competitor lyft allowed in app tipping for five years and says in that time its drivers have made 250 million-dollar. jim and rahel. at least it seems to be a lyft driver, i don't know. >> what will do you that part-time with this schedule. >> what, me. >> no, not me. >> work such crazy hours. >> thanks, roxana, appreciate it. how would you like to commute on the flying water taxi. french sailor bill this zero emissions boat he named sea bubbles. start up says several private investors are backing his project in several cities including paris, if you are interested in including sea
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bubbles as part of the public transportation system that would be cool in paris. two california businesses are teaming up to bring beer in canada together. brewing company released new beer with the essence of cannabis, super critical ale, you cannot get high from the beer because it does not have thc and instead the beer will have the aroma and flavor of marijuana. turning to politics president trump is back in washington after a trip out west, president called for national unity yesterday and prepared speech to veterans in nevada. he signed a bill making it easier for veterans to appeal decisions on a disability claim, day earlier in phoenix he took aim at cities taking down confederate statues and both of arizona u.s. senators. white house denying rumors of the feud between president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. this comes after reports that the two went weeks without speaking to each other, president trump and senator mcconnell have publicly
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clashed over senate's ability to repeal the affordable care act but both leaders released statements sharing their commitment to working together we now know cause of the death for new jersey state senator jim whelan, whelan's office has confirmed that he died after suffering a heart attack at his atlantic city home on tuesday. whelan represented atlantic county, back in 2006. then as a state senator two years later. before that the democrat was a three term mayor of atlantic city and schoolteacher, jim whelan was 68 year-old. first lawsuit filed following tuesday's septa train crash in upper darby. darryl robson was on the norristown high speed line when it slammed in the parked train at 69th street station and he says he was knocked unconscious and suffered a head injury as a result, his suit claims that the train over shot the previous station , and national transportation safety board is investigating the crash, federal officials say 33 people were injured including the train's operator. parking should get a whole lot easier for folks,
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philadelphia parking authority announced their parking app called meter up is make a come back. ate laos drivers to pay for parking with a smart even if and add more time remotely. app went dark four months ago after ppa had problems with the company behind the a app. new vendor is in place and customers wilfork over a 40 cents user fee. >> the vendors, in atlanta, georgia they have experience in the u.s. so their main business is, the pay by phone parking applications. >> meter up will be back in operation by mid to late fall f you want to use it again you'll to have down load new app once it goes live. thirty-five you this dollars reward is being offered in hopes of the solving a cold case on the main line. six two-year old denise barker was found dead inside of her home on heatherstone drive-in tredyffrin township in june of last year. she died of blunt force trauma , the citizens crime commission announced the award yesterday for anyone with any
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information, leading to an arrest and convictions. her brother shared his devastation over her death. >> she was probably my best friend, i dent think not many siblings can say. that just a good person. we lost a tremendously good person. it is just in the right. >> anyone who has information on the death is asked to cat citizens crime commission at 215-546-tips, callers can remain a in must. well, police in chester county charged a man they say is behind racist, anti sematic graffiti, officers arrested 24 year-old george of coatsville yesterday, to graffiti found throughout coatsville and valley township on tuesday, including on a car, garage door and wall of the convenient store. he is in the chester county prison on $150,000 bail, police say he claimed having past association was white supremacy groups. in wilmington police treat discovery of racist, anti
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sematic graffiti as a hate crime, officers found a car with the swastika and several racist phrases sprayed on it yesterday on the 600 block of beared avenue. police say no other cars in the area were damaged and they are asking anyone with any information to contact them. coming up taylor swift has a new album coming up, and it will drop, and we will hear part of it tonight. hear from one lucky paddle board shore has an up close personal even counter with a shark, it even left behind teeth marks on his board. why is mtv trying to get approval from the pentagon ahead of this weeks vmas, we will explain
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after days of guessing taylor swift fans finally have some answers. berks county nate i have announce heard new album called reputation comes out november 10th. she added first single will drop tonight, it started last week when swift wiped her web site and social media accounts clean with no explanation, she then began releasing three videos of a snake on monday, this is her sixth album. mtv is trying to bring transgender service members to the video music award, u.s. department of defense said it will assess the political climate before making a decision, active duty military members face restrictions in participating high profile national profile events. we are told mtv made request
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after president trum april nunsed plan to reinstate a ban on transgendered service members. rv have come up with a good way to save or sunday's season finally of the game of thrones starting sunday, they will offer smoked turkey leg which looks similar to the kind sold, it it being sold in nine cities around the u.s. philadelphia is not one of those, cities. that does look good though >> yes. >> i been deed. >> are you a game of thrones fan. >> at this hour, lets celebrate the weather, today maybe head up schuylkill trail , go for a run, break out a grill, eat your lunch outside, you can do all that today, and next several days. we have fantastic weather heading our way. lets go live at the city, from the new jersey side, it is a gorgeous start to the day, this is our live neighborhood network and we have got kind of a cool start out there
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overall as well but we have low humidity and that is making things feel extremely refreshing this morning. weather watchers this morning are checking in with temperatures in the 50's and 60's across the delaware and lehigh valleys, lets take a look at these numbers, thanks so much for waking up early with us. we have eileen in gilbertsville who says it is 55, cooler where she lives, lighter jacket stepping outside your house. alan is at 63 in his neighborhood. bill in cardington at 60. we have david new jersey at 60 . in chesterfield right around 58, and also in the upper 50's in philadelphia according to phil where he lives on his street and john says in pennsylvania where he lives it is right around 56 degrees as he starts his day: temperatures across the region are checking in the 60's, we will take a look at these numbers on our weather computer, we have got some very, very nice weather heading our way, over next several days. 67 degrees in philadelphia we
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have 59 degrees in millville, 63 degrees in atlantic city, 63 in wildwood. there i am. fifty-three in mount pocono. 60 degrees in reading. feeling comfortable, pleasant with dew points in the 50's. that is just stunning for this time of the year and hard to come by. thanks to the canadian area of high pressure and that is in control as we head through weekend. that will promote sunshine, low humidity and morning low temperatures in the 60's. we're talking fantastic weather heading our way. we have sunny skies, low humidity, high of 83. down the shore, it is looking fantastic. latter up sun screen. we have low risk of rip currents which is great, north winds at five to 10 and temperatures on the sand from the mid 70's to the lower 80's you're witness weather seven day forecast looks like this, fantastic weather for komen three day, fantastic friday with the high of 80. seventy-nine on saturday, but taste of fall as sunshine all
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the way through weekend heading up into monday 79 degrees. seventy-eight tuesday. then wednesday we are forecasting a high of 79 with a shower but very licensing dry stretch heading our way, meisha. >> waking up to that forecast that will set the day in the right motion immediately right off the bat. thanks for that. very good morning to you. we are looking outside, yes, yes, yes, look at this, beautiful sky line there all nice dry roadways all blue skies so far, sun starting to come up. it will be an awesome day. ninety-five south at cottman looking great, big thumbs up there 95 near the airport, look at that sky line so gorgeous, pink, yellow, green, blue, all of it. i-95, big thumbs up to you as well, no delays at the airport , everything looking good in cherry hill, 295 at route 70, we are building levels ever so slightly but things are still looking good and won't change until we crack in the 6:00 o'clock hour call your tension to mass
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transit west trenton, due to equipment problems, talking about 30 minute delays or so. give yourself a couple extra minutes i would, plus construction crew is still out there two spots, first one route on between haddonfield road and 295, one to two lanes in both directions. second spot on route 70, there we go between 206 and route 72 mobile crews are moving both directions so might start to get slow head up with our crew s, just take it easy, i would say in the 6:00 o'clock hour give yourself a couple extra minutes. 295 we have construction crews 295 south ramp to sloane avenue is closed until 6:00 a.m., jim, back over to you. woman who survived after her car plumeted seven stories from a texas parking garage is now suing owner and management of that garage. accident happened last month in austin, the lawsuit claims that the garage operators were negligent by not upgrading its cable barrier system.
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christie balance more says her foot accidentally hit gas instead of the brake easily sending her car to the safety cables. she hit build ago cross the alley before violently striking the ground. >> i'm lucky i'm sitting here. this should not have happened to me. i hope it will never happen to anybody else ever again. >> she's seeking over a million-dollar in damages to cover medical costs, she suffered, two hemorrhageness her head as well as a broken bones in her back, ankle, sternum ribs and elbow. >> i remember watching that, incredible video. has an uncomfortably close call with the shark. >> cleveland big low was pad untiling shallow water 30 feet from the shore when shark swam up and took a bite out of his board. biglow suffered a mine offer injury but still was pretty shaken up. >> i didn't see it, either coming or going the shark.
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impact was like being on a bike and getting hit by a car, just a bang really intense. >> beach was closed for several hours after the attack , he says the shark was five to 7 feet long and scientists believe it was a great white. workers make a historic discovery find out what they found that is more than 1500 years old. speaking of discovery we will tell but a mystery in florida what is inside these yard and who left them behind,
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mystery unfolding in southwest florida. >> crews found jars under water and inside were pictures check it out. >> volunteers discovered jars a few days ago, while cleaning up here, jars were under water , harbor master found a sugary brown liquid and rolled up pictures. >> some people, jars and mystery just grows and grows for us. we are hoping someone will be able to identify those people and tell us what this was all about, it is unusual. >> and bottles, and, they have
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been out there a few days. 1500, and workers founded, in olde city maine say i can features greek inscription dedicated to the roman emperor or, researchers say it was built in the floor of the help tell. israeli antique authority un veiled mosaic yesterday. >> wow. well, coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" , creepy or compassionate , we will tell you why robots are moving into nursing homes to live with patients. also doctor jen will be here to talk about why there is a greg number of children being diagnosed with high blood pressure and what you can do to keep your kid healthy
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new this morning a horrible mistake sends an 11 year-old boy to the hospital, police say he accidentally shot himself in the face, we're live with an update on his condition. another terrible accident that could have been prevented , teenage girl hit by a car what she was doing that had her distract. someone won massive power ball jackpot find out where that ticket was sold, and why pay out is one for the history books. it is thursday august between the fourth, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon.
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chelsea and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> great to see you again. it is the gateway and we are looking good thanks to you, nice, dry roadways, construction but overall things are looking good. >> feast your eye on this live look at sunrise, from the kutztown area, temperatures right around 54. cool start, and, need a light jacket heading outside door to start out your day. 67 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-four wilmington. we are in the low to mid 60's. sixty-five in wildwood. fifty-nine in millville. we are cooler compared to just 24 hours ago, anywhere from eight to 14 degrees cooler across the entire region, no surprise there. we have very nice weather heading our way through the afternoon around 9:00 a.m. temperatures righting in the lower 70's, very comfortable morning. gorgeous sunshine by noon time eat your lunch outside 76 degrees. eighty-three is our high right and 3:00 p.m. nice aon


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