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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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chelsea and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> great to see you again. it is the gateway and we are looking good thanks to you, nice, dry roadways, construction but overall things are looking good. >> feast your eye on this live look at sunrise, from the kutztown area, temperatures right around 54. cool start, and, need a light jacket heading outside door to start out your day. 67 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-four wilmington. we are in the low to mid 60's. sixty-five in wildwood. fifty-nine in millville. we are cooler compared to just 24 hours ago, anywhere from eight to 14 degrees cooler across the entire region, no surprise there. we have very nice weather heading our way through the afternoon around 9:00 a.m. temperatures righting in the lower 70's, very comfortable morning. gorgeous sunshine by noon time eat your lunch outside 76 degrees. eighty-three is our high right and 3:00 p.m. nice afternoon on tap and nice
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weather this weekend. we will have details in a bit. >> gorgeous. road are looking good too, it is really nice commute this morning. we had a couple accident moving out of the way overnight construction that cleared out as well. what we are looking at is schuylkill taillights in the eastbound direction pennsylvania king of prussia, starting to build levels ever so slightly now but we are in great company, beautiful sky line, nice dry red ways 422 near route 29, headlights eastbound taillights westbound jumping out to the most part every where right now you're still in good company but we are seeing things shift ever so slightly. quick peak delaware 95 at route 202, you can see your friends and neighbors are out there but this area still look good as well. head up mass transit west trenton delayed 30 minutes because of equipment problems. check those schedules on line. jim and rahel, back to you. just waking up you have to get ready for work you didn't win last night's giant power
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ball jackpot. >> there is a single winning ticket worth more than 750 which was sold in massachusetts. seth lemon joins us live from the broadcast center in new york with more on the golden ticket, good morning, seth. >> reporter: good morning, odd of matching all six numbers in the power ball are one in 292 million, that is regardless of the jackpot prize so for this jackpot second largest in u.s. history is more historic new because it is biggest grand pry ever won by a single lottery ticket there is a winner, for the 758 million-dollar power ball. lottery officials say the ticket was sold at handy variety convenient store in watertown massachusetts just 6 , population 33,000. there is only a single winning ticket, meaning unless the buyer was part of the pool, one person or family can claim
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the entire prize, scenario players all over the nation say that they dream about. >> private island out in the caribbean, i had write you a postcard. >> reporter: winner has not yet made himself men. for many players hold ago this golden continuing they would prefer never to go public. >> i would like to say i don't need you to know i got some money. >> reporter: bad news if the winner was hoping to stay out of the spotlight. only six states allow to you not come forward if you are holding the big ticket and massachusetts is not one of them. well, it is not all bad news for other lottery players because officials say six other tickets won two million-dollar appease and about 34 others are worth about one million-dollar. now that somebody has won big pry they it drops down to 40 million, and will begin growing again. jim and rahel.
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>> all right, seth thank you. you should still check your tickets in case you won a small pry, winning numbers on your screen six, seven, 16, 23 , 26, and the power ball is four. pur ball says there is a two million-dollar winner in pennsylvania, and a one million-dollar winner in both new jersey and pennsylvania. well, switching gears new this morning a tragic accident in south philadelphia. >> an 11 year-old boy is rush to the hospital after he accidentally shot himself in the face. "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff is live outside children's hospital so henry, any update on the boy's condition. >> reporter: jim and rahel he is listed in critical condition. currently he was rush here to children's by doctors after his parents brought him to methodist hospital, in critical condition, and, conscious and alert though we're hearing expect to survive which is really saying something after he apparently accidentally shot himself, in the face. >> crime scene in the second
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floor front bedroom consisting of a lot of blood on the floor and the walls. there is the gun laying on the floor and other live bullets in that second floor front bedroom. >> reporter: detectives say that is mother and father's room in the 2600 block of south hicks. there were four other brothers and sisters at home when the shooting happened just before 12:30 in the morning a 13 year-old and three others younger then the 11 year-old who apparently shot himself. >> we don't know where they were in the house at the time that the shot was fired. >> reporter: what police on the scene do know is that this should not have happened. >> we have five very young children in the hospital and there is a gun in the house. it is very important that gun be in a safe location where children don't have access to it. >> reporter: one way to secure your weapon is that the philadelphia sheriff's office give away free gun locks no questions asked.
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live from the children's hospital of philadelphia, henry rossoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in other news, david desper man accuse in the road rage killing on the chester county highway is due in court desper set to be arraigned on multiple charges including first degree murder. he is accused of shooting bianca roberson on route 100 in west goshen township this happened back in june. the police say they were trying to merge in the same lane at the same time when the shooting occurred, desper is due in court at 9:15 this morning. police say a 14 year-old girl was looking at her phone when hit by a car in montgomery county this happened 2:45 yesterday afternoon on the 900 block of high land avenue across the street from abington high school. girl was face timing with a friend while she crossed intersection and was hit by a car. "eyewitness news" spoke with a teammate who told us the girl was on her way to cheer leading practice. >> she was just going along face timing friends whoever it
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was and the fact that could happen to you in 10 seconds is very scary. >> authorities say that the driver did stop to help victim police rush the girl to the hospital with serious injuries well, still ahead tropical storm harvey is bearing down on the gulf coast find out why this storm is posing an extremely dangerous threat. plus preorders start today for samsung's new galaxy note eight, do you remember those previous mod wells those battery problems. see what the companies doing now to ensure customers the new models are safe. robotic roommates, a growing trend in nursing homes , we will tell you about the unique way that they are helping the elderly. maroon five talking about different type of sugar here but a jaw dropping example of how much sugar kid consume every five minutes, wait until
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you see this. we will be right back. >> i like sugar.
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welcome back everyone, severe weather slams the coast of china as typhoon cato moves in. >> torrential rains flooded the cities of mccow and hong kong where 60 million people ended up in the path as it made, land fall. powerful wind cause widespread power outages and at least 12
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people killed so far. here in the u.s. south is gearing up for tropical storm harvey. >> gained strength overnight and that has people in texas rushing out to get supplies. homeowners in corpus christie are buying plywood to board up their windows, stores are placing how many san bags can buy. sand was for free just to make sure everyone is prepared. some say getting ready for storms like harvey is not even an option. >> unaudible. >> just putting it up as a precaution, but i'm not nervous at all. i have been through storms before. >> you just got to be prepared , just in case. >> city officials say they made sure storm drains were cleaned out to help prevent flooding. well, unfortunately for them but our weather, boy. >> looking good. >> forecast looks fab has particular. i have been watching as you update these maps, and it is looking great. >> berth and better, and better. but not the case for folks in the gulf coast states. here's the latest on tropical
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storm harvey latest update from the national hurricane center. wind of 45 miles an hour, moving rather slow, faster then overnight, but to the north at around 10 miles an hour. here is latest track, it is expected to intensify because coming category one hurricane heading in to the friday night and saturday time frame and will pre dues flooding rains that you guys were just talking about for those states some areas could see a foot or more beyond tuesday. so, just a mess down there. different story here, that gorgeous weather i have been talking about all morning, cool start, 67 degrees in philadelphia 62 in wilmington. down the shore mid to low 60's 63 degrees in wildwood. and we have pay sunny stretch of weather on the way, all thanks to an area of high pressure that will continue to build n all the way through the weekend, it will promote sunshine, low humidity and morning low temperatures in the 60's, so it will feel very refreshing out there. today look for sunny skies,
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low humidity, highs of 83. north winds helping us out to pull in that dry air. down the shore today high temperature of 80 degrees, mostly sunny, great beach day water temperature at 74. latter up the sun screen. eyewitness weather seven day forecast great for komen three day, friday, saturday, sunday highs in the upper 70's and lower 80's, taste of fall on saturday with a high of 79. seventy-nine on monday with sunshine, we will see cloud, moving back in the forecast by wednesday, probably talking about a shower, as well. >> no. >> i necessity but a nice sunny stretch heading our way, meisha, what about traffic. >> you ruined it by saying rain was coming by, all right, thank you. good morning, happy gateway. we are just lingering in how gorgeous it is outside right now and it is helping news mess places. however we have an accident at route one northbound near high land avenue near bucks county. a slow crawl, so if i were you heading out right now give me
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civil an extra 15 or 20 minutes. that is route one northbound near highland avenue in bucks county. then 95 south at girard our typical speed up wherever one starts to hit roadways around a quarter pennsylvania six and will only get busier as we approach at 7:00. ninety-five south at girard to center city what we are looking at same story here with the boulevard pushing in the southbound direction toward schuylkill we move in the far right lane trying to move over and get off to the schuylkill westbound around boulevard and city avenue where we will get slow there as well. i would give yourself a couple extra minutes on the boulevard as well and this accident route 70 at old marlton pike that has cleared, jim, back over to you. preorder start for samsung galaxy note eight, it has impressive new features but item getting most attention is the battery. >> the galaxy note eight. >> samsung unveiled latest smart phone galaxy note eight,
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the a an event in new york, it has several new features including largest screen ever on a note device, but company isn't just selling updated technology, it is also trying to reassure customers that it is safe, in 2016, some buyers of the galaxy note seven saw their phones start smoking because of defective batteries >> looking over and my phonies on fire. >> reporter: entire line was taken off market and samsung lost billions. >> huge black eye. >> reporter: c-net says samsung has developed a new battery tested extensively. >> entire year hitting reset button making sure consumers will trust brand again. >> galaxy note eight comes with edges and s pen, the phone has two, 12 mega pixel cameras one wide, other t el e photo. when you take the picture stores phone both. releasing it now gives samsung a jump on the competition, apple is expect to unveil new
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iphone eight next month. >> this is real flagship so they want to make a gym precious with this. >> reporter: also key time for sales because samsung believes millions of americans have older smart phones and they are ready to upgrade. as we mentioned preorder for galaxy note eight start today, phone will be in stores starting september 15th. cost of health care for retiring couples keeps going up and it is expect to sore to $275,000. financial services company fidelity says new retiree could look at 6 percent jump from last year. fidelity representatives said each couple's situation depend s on factors like life expectancy and retirement age. seniors at a colorado nursing home are getting a futuristic new resident. >> my favorite subjects are robots and computers. >> interactive robots known as , companion botts are tested out at a senior facility in denver designed to increase quality of life for seniors suffering from dementia.
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>> you don't feel safe, it is time to get up and go to breakfast or take your medicine. i never thought i would live to see science fiction on become science fact. >> robot has a three dimensional face with blinking eyes and can answer questions and recognize recognize spacious expressions and she even has a good sense of humor >> i'm telling you they are taking over. good for seniors at that retirement home but this is creepy. >> interesting to go see technology used this way because we talked about the robots helping children with autism and now talking about robots helping the elderly with dimension a interesting to see it used now. >> helping now, but soon they will take over. coming up, doctor jen is here to talk about kid and whether they should get their blood pressure check recently. meisha takes us on another dream drive to see is what new on the farm and ripe for the picking, coming
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we are keeping a close eye on the all important weekend, gorgeous weather heading our way, come fall heading in to saturday temperatures 70's and lower 80's, lower humidity and tons of sunshine and we will let you know how long it sticks around in your full forecast, coming up. >> see you soon, thank you. he was literally breathing down my neck is how hillary clinton described donald trum in an excerpt from her book what happened. clinton recounted moment from their second presidential debate and portion of the audio version recorded by clinton former democratic nominee says mr. trump made her uncomfortable on stage. >> my skin crawled, it was within of those moments where you wish you could hit pause, and ask everyone watching well , what would you do? do you stay calm, keep smiling and carry on as if he weren't repeatedly invading your space or do you turn, look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly, backup, you creep
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getaway from me. >> clinton's book is published by simon and shoes ter a division of cbs and will be released next month. >> interesting. philadelphia park authority parking app called meter up will be back in operation by mid to late fall. meter up app allows drivers to pay for parking with the smart phone and add more time remet ly. app went dark four months ago after p pa had problems with the company behind the app, new vendor is in place and customers will to have fork over a 40 cents user fee. >> vendors are up in atlanta, georgia they have seven years experience in the u.s. so their main business is the pay by phone parking applications. >> now if you want to use meter up again you have to down load new app once it goes live. now for newspaper headlines across the region. >> delaware valley daily time 24 year-old george ripple was
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arrested yesterday an charged with ethnic intimidation, criminal mischief in connection with racist graffiti. graffiti was found tuesday at several sites in coatsville and valley township. according to authorities, he has claimed past association was white supremacy groups. trentonian robbinsville school board president was arrested after he was driving drunk in a school zone, 45 year-old matthew grady was charged with failure to stop, reckless driving, dwi in a school zone and refused to submit breath samples. from the news journal rescue percent trell from the little league and bauers fire co will be poised for water rescues this weekend when dover air force base hoes the thunder over dover air show. up to 200,000 people are expected to attend the air show and open house, on saturday and sunday. that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. now a story about a little piggy that is making headlines in new jersey. >> take a look at this little cutie there new jersey state
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troopers found this piglet last thursday, he was running around commercial township in cumberland township a then named him norris. one trooper with experience with farm animals took him home cared for him and troopers start todd look but soon farmer came looking for him and now norris is happily back home. >> story with the good ending. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a surprise plea deal in the david creato junior murder trial, only cbs-3 talks to his attorney about his change of heart just weeks from the start of the new trial. as students november in across the area and country we are looking at how family should prepare financially, meisha. >> we are looking outside, beautiful morning, so far, sunshine nice dry roadways so commute is looking good. we have had a couple accidents and update to mass transit. i will have though details coming up. but first we will take a quick
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good morning. it is just about 6:30. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute on august 24th, 2017. >> small town of watertown massachusetts is buzzing, someone hit the giant power ball jackpot worth more than 750 million-dollar. >> largest grand pry now, ever won by a single lottery ticket , in u.s. history. a senseless tragedy in south philadelphia, an 11 year-old playing with the gun shoots himself in the face. >> police say he was at home when he somehow got into mom and dad's room and got his hands on a revolver. >> police say a 14 year-old girl was distracted on her phone when hit by a car in abington. >> she was just going along face timing friends. >> woman who survived after her car plumeted seven stories from a texas parking garage is
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now suing the owner and management of that garage. >> this should not have happened to me. >> that ball is drilled, it is gone into the second deck, three run home run for reese hospital kins. >> phillies rookie is continuing to show he belongs in the big leagues smacking another home run as phillies beat marlins eight to nothing. >> send it over to chelsea, we have a winning forecast too, um. >> for sure, you guys good morning to you at home. we will start off with a live look at margate and beach patrol headquarters, just look at that ocean water and how calm, it is, perfect morning to do paddle boarding but a very nice afternoon shaping up we have dry conditions right now down there 67 degrees in philadelphia, it is a cool start to the morning, 59 in millville. some of our suburbs are in the 50's, might need a light jacket stepping outside the
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door. sixty in atlantic city. sixty-five in wildwood. here's what you can expect across the entire region from philadelphia to the shore to the poconos we're talking full sunshine 83 degrees, tons of sunshine, 80 for the high down the shore mostly sunny, latter up that sun screen and then a gorgeous day on tap in the poconos, with a high temperature very comfortable, and, right around about 72 degrees. so fantastic weather heading our way and in the weekend we will have details in just a bit but for now we will send it over to meisha with a look at traffic. >> we are loving that forecast and big round of applause, good morning, everybody. happy gateway to the weekend. we are excited because look at all that sunshine, yes, you will have a little bit of slow downs but things are looking really good this morning. accident route one near island avenue in bucks county has been since clear. route one big thumbs up. speaking of the sunshine holy molly is that pretty, boulevard pushing in the southbound direction is starting to get busier, once
6:32 am
you jump on schuylkill westbound bam when you're traveling no longer then posted speeds, bumper to bumper condition, this far left lane is not even moving. just beyond these trees, schuylkill eastbound toward center city we are looking good, it is getting bus bye not what we are seeing on schuylkill westbound at city avenue. we have a down tree there upper providence township, at township line road, your neighborhood, just know that is out there and that will slow you down. mass transit, norristown high speed line back to normal, west trenton running 30 minute delays because of equipment problems. then we have got fun stuff we will get to in a second but quickly airport line back to normal, two games, marlins verse phillies, and 1:05 and dolphins taking on the eagles at 7:00 p.m. jim, back over to you. new this morning a tragic accident in south philadelphia eleven year-old boy is critically injured after police say he accidentally shot himself in the face. this happened just after
6:33 am
midnight on the 2600 block of south hicks street in south philadelphia, and the boy was home with his mother, father and four other siblings at the time, police say he got into his parent's room and got his hands on the revolver. >> you have five, young, very young children in the house and there is a gun in the house, it is very important that gun be in a safe location where children don't have access to it. fortunately we are told that the little boy is conscious, and is expect to survive, as we reported earlier this summer, free gun locks are available to the philadelphia sheriff's office, you can check out their web site for more information. update david creato junior camden county father accused of killing his three-year old son makes a surprising guilty plea, creato, set to go on trial next month pleaded guilty to manslaughter crowding a possible murder conviction. he faces 10 years behind bars after admit to go playing a role in the son brandon in october 2015, creato's first
6:34 am
trial ended in a hung jury. >> if he had not admitted to anything he could not get benefit of this deal. it would have been irresponsible and foolish frankly for him not to take this deal. >> three-year old body was found in the park half mile from his dad's haddon township home, creato will be sentenced september 29th. first lawsuit filed against septa following tuesday's train crash in upper darby, darryl robson said he was knocked unconscious and suffered a head injury when norristown high speed line slammed in the parked train at 69th street station. his suit also claimed that the train over shot previous station. national transportation safety board is investigating the crash, federal officials say that 33 people were injured including the train's operator president trump returns to d.c. after a visit out west, president championed national unity in a prepared speech to veterans in nevada. he signed a bill helping veterans appeal decisions on their disability claims, day earlier at a rally in phoenix
6:35 am
he criticized cities taking down veterans stayed yous as well as arizona's u.s. senators. white house says rumors of the feud between president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell are untrue after reports that the two went weeks without speaking to each other. president trump and senator mcconnell have publicly clashed over senate's ability in agility repeal the affordable care act, both leaders say they are committed to working together. well, as millions of parents send their kid off to college how should they prepare financially. >> jill schlesinger joins us live from new york with valuable tips to keep everyone sane and secure, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> jill, lets start with the beginning where should parents start. >> you know, each family creates a different system for managing money but every systems start with the real stim budget. discuss what the parental contributions, if any, will be if not all parents can afford to contribute.
6:36 am
from that point, parents may choose to provide a lump sum, i think monthly allotment is better because it helps young adults get used to managing finances in the same way they will do so after college. if the student is working help pay the bills, inn r.n. courage her to save 10 percent of earnings, maybe split between bank account and rot ira. jill, should parents advocate using debit instead of credit card. we feel like we always hear that advice. >> it is really tough because this is a big question, and sure, debit card are definitely helpful for budget ing but they do not help build a credit history. they can be a pain in the neck in the event you have identity theft or data breach. now that said, we all know credit card can lead to reckless spending and of course when you co sign with your student you are marrying your credit histories for better or for worse. to compromise you may want to
6:37 am
consider something called a secured credit card that limits liability but does establish a credit history. the secured card requires a cash collateral deposit becomes a credit line for the account. you might be able to add to extend credit, bank reward you for good payment without any additional requests or deposits. for more financial planning, 101 for college student you can go to jill, on money,.com. >> always good advice, thanks very much, jill. anyone listening to jill right now, someone in massachusetts waking upstream ly rich. >> single winning power ball ticket worth more than 750 million-dollar was sold just outside boston, if you are looking at this store, that sold the golden ticket it is called handy variety, it is in watertown. were you there yesterday. >> no. >> okay. 758.8 million-dollar jackpot is second largest in u.s. history but since there was just one winning ticket this is now largest single pay out, ever. also, someone watching us right now could be a
6:38 am
millionaire, and not even know it. suburban pharmacy on bustleton avenue in northeast philadelphia said it sold winning millionaire raffle back in july, prize worth 20 million-dollar, and the winner has within year from the drawing to claim the pry so, the store trying to get the word out to get customers to check their tickets. up next meisha takes us on a dream drive to a pick your own farm. >> many more children are diagnosed with high blood pressure, doctor jen's here with the reason behind this spike in cases and what parents can do to keep their kid healthy. taylor swift broke the internet this week with this cryptic video of the snake, rahel what does it all mean? we will show you instagram post that is starting to clue us in. ♪ adult version of the summer hit, despacito we will show you the version that is
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making toddlers smile when we come right back. but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research.
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♪ taylor swift end her silence on social media and announces details of her new album. >> it started last week when she wiped her social media accounts clean but did not say why. >> ahh. >> she teased her fans and broke the internet with this video of a snake this one here , first single does drop tonight and here's swift, posing on the cover of the new album of instagram, reputation her sixth album and will be out november 10th. ♪
6:43 am
>> through have it, sesame street parity of the hit single despacito, and, it business their, favorite rubber duck just like original it has verse in both spanish and english. it features burt, who is, apprehensive at first but just can't help himself from dancing. >> i think it has been on like billboards number one for like 16 weeks or something, something crazy but also hit a record. let's send it over to chelsea but katie would love that because katie loves it. >> yes. >> i love that but i like both versions, they are great. if i could give this forecast ane maine gi, totally praise hands all the way through weekend things are looking g weather watchers thanks, checking in the 50's and 60's a cool start you need a light jacket, taking dog out in the morning but overall really nice day, in store, andy in
6:44 am
dover 62 degrees. we have barbara in pennsylvania at 60. look at these 50's, 60's, jason middletown delaware 63 degrees where he lives, 56 for john in new jersey and lisa in wilmington checking in at 64. really nice weather heading our way, refreshing start tour thursday and that will set us up for a nice afternoon, cross the delaware, lehigh valleys we are at 67 degrees in philadelphia 60 in millville. six in atlantic city. sixty-three wildwood. sixty-one in trenton. fifty-seven in allentown. little bit on the cool side of things but high pressure will control our forecast all the way through weekend, guys. sunshine, low humidity promoting morning low temperatures in the 60's. really nice refreshing mornings all the way through your weekend. here's what you can expect today, sunny skies, low humidity, take lunch eat it outside 83 degrees. those winds filtering in very
6:45 am
comfortable and also dry weather. for tonight partly cloudy, comfortable 63. give air conditioning a break kind of like last night, just simply stunning. down the shore latter up sun screen. we have very high uv index but rip current risk is row, see sunny skies and temperatures on the sand from the mid 70's to the lower 80's, so down the poconos, toward poconos heading in the weekend here is a sneak peak at your forecast. seventy-two on saturday, sunny , gorgeous, and a high of 71. great weekend for a hike. you're witness weather seven day forecast looks like this great for komen three day with temperatures in the 70's and 80's it does not get much better then this meisha, back over to you. chelsea, bearer of good news. thanks very much. look what you brought the friend, the sunnies here, schuylkill near king of prussia taillights in the eastbound direction, headlights in the west bun direction. you can see, the flow is looking g take a look at this 95 south at cottman coming
6:46 am
around s curve in center city looking really nice in, fact i'm surprised to see it look like that but sometimes we don't start to heat up until more like 7:00 o'clock hour. we have an accident, 95 eastbound pennsylvania 295 that left lane compromised traveling around 38 miles an hour. would i venture it is even lower then that right now. we have a down tree in upper providence township township line road at lynn field trap road, in your neck of the wood , and around that and in the world of mass transit norristown high speed line back to normal west trenton big thumbs up, looking good there airport line, also back to normal, i will still say, i would just stay cautious and check your schedules on line and overall we are looking good there. we have fun stuff taking a look, two games two preseason eagles game and phillies game this will cause traffic, two games, one at 1:05, one at 7:00. something to think about, fun times. jim, back over to you. breaking news, this morning one person is homeless after a house fire in west
6:47 am
philadelphia. this is 700 block of south 51st street. fire fighters were call to the scene just before 5:30 they found a big fire in the second floor of the home, they got it under control in 20 minutes. unfortunately a cat died in the fire, red cross is assist particular a person displaced. for adults blood pressure screening are generally a routine part of the visit to the doctor's office but young people also at risk for high blood pressure. >> under new guidelines released by american academy of pediatric more children and teens are likely to be diagnosed and treated for the condition, doctor jen culled is here with more, good morning, doctor jen. >> good morning guys, how are you. >> good morning. >> doctors try to communicate to parents. >> new guideline released by american academy of pediatrics an update to guidelines back in 2004 and these are guidelines for physician toss help as you pope eighthly evaluate children's blood pressure problem and diagnosis and treat it. it does two things: number
6:48 am
one, it simplifies the diagnosis of high blood pressure in kid, it makes it easier for to us streamline tables, guidelines but for parents what it does for news general it raises it's a wear ness about high blood pressure and also with these new guidelines one of the thoughts is we may now be including more children adolescence in the higher blood pressure category then we have ever seen before. >> let me ask you often high blood pressure is a silent condition so should parents be asking for their children's blood pressure be check on a regular basis. >> really good question and that is what parents will want to know. so what do i do with this and my child? so, blood pressure being high can be silent. a lot of people children and adults don't feel when they have high blood pressure. we know it can affect organs. what parents need to know is that generally for children who are healthy age three and above they just need a blood pressure check at their annual visit, school physical or whatever but children three and above and younger than
6:49 am
three, children with kidney problems or on medication that is increase their blood pressure, obese or diabetes, et cetera, they need to have their pressure check at every visit. it depend on the child. >> what is benefit of early detection. >> just making sure that we are finding, capturing these children with higher blood pressure and treating it because we know that high blood pressure can affect kidneys, affect the heart and the blood vessels. we want to make sure that the damage isn't done. >> how do you prevent witt kid because adults you know some of the things you can alter your behavior. >> i would say in kid there is , again obesity is a risk factor for high blood pressure , again not every child with high blood pressure is obese but that can be a risk factor. one of the things parents and families can do make sure your children are out there exercising getting daylight, sunshine, eating healthy diet, watching fried foods and increased salt food, very important there. >> doctor jen if untreated does high blood pressure in
6:50 am
kidneysly mean high blood pressure in adults. >> it actually can, so having high blood pressure when younger can increase your risk of having high blood pressure as an adult, great question too. it is another reason why we want to check for blood pressure in young children, treat it appropriately and get kid on the right path. >> they just put the cuff on your arm, no shots. >> that is true. >> thanks, doctor jen, as always, great information. >> thank you, likewise. >> wonderful. in the usual display in time square a big mound of sugar packages weighing more than 45,000-pounds. >> piggy backing, it is behind the display that is their way of showing how many added sugar kid in the u.s. consume, every five minutes. studies link sugar consumption to the variety of health problems ranging from depression to obesity. well, time 6:50a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with the preview good morning, nora.
6:51 am
>> good morning rahel and jim. we are at that store in massachusetts that sold that winning power ball ticket which is worth 758 million-dollar. plus only on cbs this morning gayle talks to the parents of the bicari henderson young american attacked and killed while traveling in greece. and hillary clinton former campaign manager robbie mook and matt roads will be here and we will look at election hacking as part of our issues that matters series. we have all that plus eye opener your world in 90 seconds. >> sound like a packed show, thanks, nora. late august is great time to go to the pick your own farm. >> so meisha went on a dream drive-in search of one. >> yes, i sure did always a fun time and found a great one where fruit in particular is perfectly ripe and ripe for picking this time of the year. co-owner and my friend patty, gave me a tour. are you ready for a dream
6:52 am
drive. >> buckle? >> let's go we are on our way to a farmer market in mullica but i hear more than just a farmers market, bunch to do here. moods farm market has been a pick your own form popular farmers market for years. right when we walk in we are seeing fruits, vegetables. >> it is your own corn, black berries, we grow peaches. >> i see blueberry syrup, blueberry jam, blueberry cider >> yes, this is made from our own blueberries. >> okay, honey and walnuts, now this looks awesome. >> it is great for ice cream. >> oh, yeah. >> i'm looking up here and seeing a lot of recipes. >> yeah. >> for sure. >> my eyes see peach, peach, because i'm in love with pizza
6:53 am
black bring, buy them, lot of them right now. i know one of the most popular things to do here is pick your own. >> right here in the concord grapes they will start in about two weeks. >> been here 10 years. >> really fun and at the end we all get a good fruit. >> what is else good, doughnuts. when you walk in the farm market this is what you smell, you smell doughnuts. we have live action, with kelly. >> taste doughnuts as they come out. >> cinnamon, sugar on them. >> turf try one. >> for sure. >> don't mind me. >> that is so good. >> this has to be one of the favorite when people come in. >> it is.
6:54 am
>> right when you walk in there all you could smell is though doughnuts. i have had a million doughnuts in my life but that was probably one of the top two in in my entire life that i have had and you can tell right when you walk n if you like to pick fruit now is time to go, so good. >> you don't bring anything back on that he is trips. >> i always bring it in the car and on the way home if the dream drive i eat them. >> sorry. >> cbs-3 is going to haddonfield for summer if he we will explore unique boutiques, historic homes and neighborhood charm. >> jessica dean broadcasting live with kate bilo she's back and vittoria woodill, summer fest in haddonfield right here on cbs-3. we will be right back.
6:55 am
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man accused of david desper ace rain on charges of first degree murder and accused of fatally shooting bianca roberson. president trump is back in the nation's capitol, he sign a bill yesterday that makes it easier for veterans to appeal decisions on their disability claims. someone hit big jackpot, in a store, in massachusetts sold power ball ticket worth more than 750 million-dollar. >> three to go. >> last check of weather and
6:59 am
traffic. >> we hit jackpot with the weather forecast take a look at you're witness weather seven day eight degrees, tons of sunshine, great for komen three day this weekend, temperatures upper 70's, 79 on monday, we won't see a chance for rain until next wednesday you guys. >> so that is great. >> we hit jackpot in the world of travel as well. ben franklin bridge, you can tell from new jersey into center city moving in the westbound direction looking great, and, cottman very rare we see it look like this at 7:00. >> people staying home because good news if you have not had breakfast it is national waffle day. >> waffletopia are giving away free waffles. they were kind enough to drop these off, give away happening at suburban station and they will give more way at rittenhouse square this afternoon. >> they will join a pound of waffle to philabundance for every box purchased through their web site from today until saturday. where are you going there. >> yes. >> why not. >> cbs this morning is next.
7:00 am
have a great day. good morning. it's thursday, august 24, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning"." we have a winner. one ticket will claim the massive powerball jackpot. a hurricane warning was issued for the texas gulf coast. more than two feet of rain is predicted in some areas. massive flooding could impact millions. and the family of a young american man beaten to death in greece talks about sharing the dream he was pursuing. the trump administration


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