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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  August 24, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> a giant mistake for a giant jackpot. there was one winning ticket for last night's $758 million powerball prize but lots of drama over where that ticket was sold. goodgood afternoon i'm rahel solomon. >> a gas station printed out the printed ticket not a variety store in the same thought. >> correspondent jericka duncan explains. the powerball jackpot ticket was believed to be sold in a boston suburb.
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this morning mas mass lottery officials admitted there was mistake, a 75-mile mistake stating the winning ticket was sold at this pride station and store in chick cop pea. >> this is powerball. >> reporter: last night people across the country held their breath as the numbers rolled down. >> your winning powerball number tonight is four. >> reporter: when the final ball popped out just one ticket matched all six numbers. the winner beat astronomical odds one in 292.2 million. powerball officials say the more than $758 million prize is the largest won by a single ticket in u.s. history. but it's not the lamp jest prize ever. in january 2016, a $1.6 billion powerball jackpot was split among three winners. well, there is a silver lining in all of this. there was a winning ticket purchased at handy variety but for just $1 million which means the owners win $10,000. jericka duncan can cbs3
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"eyewitness news" watertown, massachusetts. >> and you should still check your. tickets in case you won a smaller prize. the winning numbers are on your screen six, seven, 16, 23, 26 and the powerball was four. now there were -- there was one $2 million winner in pennsylvania south of bloomsburg. take a look at this other big winners closer to our area. in pennsylvania three $1 million winning tickets sold in warminster mount joy allentown in new jersey one was sold in dorchester cumberland county. another big jackpot winner to tell you about who may not even know about it. suburban pharmacy on bustleton avenue in northeast philly says it sold a winning millionaire raffle ticket in july. that prize is worth 1 million bucks. the winner has only one year from the drawing date to claim the prize. the story is trying to get the word out to get the customers to check their old tickets.
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>> jim you didn't win. >> no. >> we are in for a sunny stretch and a taste of fall. meteorologist chelsea ingram is live on the sky deck. >> i'm soaking up the sunshine right now. it feels fantastic out here. let's start you off with a live look at margate. you can see a very calm ocean water out there, great day to go out there and paddle board maybe kayak. a lot of people enjoying the beach. temperatures across the region are very comfortable. right now we're in the upiyer upiyer -- upper 70's in philadelphia, and the dewpoints are in the 50's. that is unbelievablely comfortable especially given this time of year we have a dewpoint right around 55 degrees in philadelphia and it is just feeling fantastic outside. through the rest of the afternoon and the evening, you can look for more fantastic weather, more sunshine, break out the grille, cook some burgers. it's just going to be gorgeous this evening. temperature around 78 at 6:00
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p.m., 73 by 9 p.m. i'll let you know how long this gorgeous weather is going to stick around in your full forecast. for now back to you. >> thank you chelsea. in other news we have learned this morning that the navy has recovered the remains of a sailor with local ties killed on the u.s. is the john mccain. 22-year-old kenneth smith a cherry hill east graduate was among 10 sailors who went missing after their ship collided with a tanker ship near singapore on monday. the navy says it has suspended the ocean search for the remaining nine missing sailors. divers will continue recovery efforts inside the flooded compartments of the ship. smith's father released a statement that reads in part kenneth was a great young man, son and sailor. he truly loved his family, the navy and his shipmates. i am incredibly proud of his service to our country. he will be greatly missed and i am thankful we had 22 wonderful years together. a tragic accident in south philadelphia. an 11-year-old boy had to be
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rushed to the hospital overnight after police say he shot himself in the face. we're now told he's in stable condition. "eyewitness news" reporter henry rosoff has more on what happened. >> there's a crime scene in the second floor front bedroom consisting of a lot of blood on the floor and the walls. there's also the gun laying on the floor and other live bullets in that second floor front bedroom. >> reporter: detectives say that's the mother and father's room. it happened in the 2600 block of south hicks. there were four other brothers and sisters at home when the shooting happened just before 12:30 in the morning. a 13-year-old and three others younger than the 11-year-old who apparently shot himself. >> we don't know where they were in the house at the time that the shot was fired. >> reporter: what police on the scene do know is this should not happen. >> when you have five young, very young children in a house and there's a gun in the house, it's very important that that gun be in a safe
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location where children don't have access to it. >> reporter: one way to secure your weapon the philadelphia sheriff's office gives away gun locks for free no questions asked. from the children's hospital of philadelphia henry rosoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> police say a 14-year-old girl was distracted by her cell phone when she was hit by a car in abington montgomery county. the crash happened on the 900 block of highland avenue right near abington high school yesterday afternoon. the victim's teammates say the girl was on her way to cheerleading practice when she was hit. eyewitnesses told police she was looking at her phone on a video call with someone and police say that person also heard the crash. >> we were able to determine through speaking with some witnesses in the young lady was distracted on the face time on her cell phone which was obviously a contributing factor in the accident. >> yes, she was just walking the street. it's kind of surreal. that could happen to you in 10 seconds it's very scary. >> the driver did stop to help
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the girl. the teen is now recovering from serious injuries. >> one person is displaced this noon after an apartment fire in west philadelphia. fire crews responded to a home on the 700 block of south 51st street. we're told that the second floor was heavily involved by the time crews arrived. an eyewitness on the scene told cbs3 he lives on the first floor of the building and was awakened by his upstairs neighbor. >> i don't know what happened. he just came down crying, knocking on everybody door, yelling fire. >> the fire department says fortunately everyone made it out safely. >> police need your help identifying suspects warranted tour vandalism. surveillance video caught one of the suspects throwing an explosive device that's a pretty good video into the new dragon city restaurant on the 500 block of washington avenue. this happened august 12th at about 5:30 this evening. the suspect then run away. if you have any information about this case philadelphia
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police want to hear from you. turning gears, preseason football is back at the linc tonight as the eagles host the dolphins. >> this should be an interesting one as the birds have been practicing with miami this week. typically the third preseason game is when the starters see the most action but coach doug pederson is being tight lipped about how much quarterback carson wentz and the first team will play. sports director don bell will be live tonight on "eyewitness news" at 5 o'clock and 6 o'clock previewing the game. >> the national miss black america pageant weekend kicks off today right here in philadelphia. festivities got started this morning at the african-american museum in center city. it included a press conference plus a panel discussion on topics and finance. other pageant activities are planned for tomorrow. contestants will take the stage for the 49th annual pageant on saturday night in manayunk. >> ariana grande canceled a concert in vietnam last night. on instagram the artist wrote she's dealing with "some health problems at the moment." the 24-year-old said her doctor told her not to perform.
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in may she postponed several shows following a terror attack after her concert in manchester england killed at least 22 people. grande also axed two shows in mexico last month for unknown reasons. >> just hoping she's okay. >> certainly. well, coming up a hurricane warning is now in effect. coming up on cbs3 "eyewitness news" where residents are preparing for a powerful storm to strike as soon as tomorrow. >> also, president trump is talking taxes on twitter. why he's attacking some republican congressional leaders when "eyewitness news" at noon returns. >> ♪
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>> back now on "eyewitness news" with the aftermath of a dangerous landslide in switzerland. officials say eight people are still unaccounted for after a river of mud and stone hit a small village near the italian border. the missing are citizens of austria germany and switzerland. people living on a gulf coast in texas are bracing themselves for tropical storm harvey. >> a hurricane warning was issued this morning for most of the region. shelves in the galveston grocery stores are emptying. at businesses along the water sand bags are already in place. >> we're going to start seeing tidal run up this evening and when we start getting anywhere from a two to 4-foot tide with any kind of inundating rain that causes severe street flooding problems for us because the streets just can't
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drain. >> the storm is expected to make landfall late friday or early saturday. the national weather service says it's been 14 years since a hurricane made landfall along the southern portion of the texas coast. well, president trump meets with his legislative affairs team today to talk about how to get his ached items through congress but as correspondent mola lenghi explains it could be a rocky road after the president takes aim at two lawmakers who can help him make progress. >> reporter: president trump took a swipe this morning at the two men he'll need to get his agenda through congress. he tweeted i requestd that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan tie the debt ceiling legislation into the popular va bill which just passed for easy approval. they didn't do it. so now we have a big deal with did he means holding them up as usual. could have been so easy. now a mess. congress has to raise the debt ceiling in order to avoid defaulting on loans. >> the bill is passed. >> they need a spending bill by september 30th to prevent a
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government shutdown. >> i don't think anyone is interested in having a shutdown. i don't think it's in outer loop interest to do simplet publically the president and isn't it majority leader mitch mcconnell say they're united. privately it's been reported they're feuding and haven't spoken to each other in weeks. mcconnell focused on his agenda during a speech in kentucky this morning. >> this congress is interested in getting america growing again. >> reporter: the president blamed mcconnell again today for the healthcare failure in the senate. mcconnell joked about how hard it is to be the senate leader with a slim majority. >> it's a little bit like being a groundskeeper at a cemetery. everybody's under you but nobody's listening. [laughter] that's what you get with 52 to 48. >> reporter: the president has urged mcconnell to ditch the filibuster rule in order to side line the democrats something mcconnell says is off the table. at the white house, mola lenghi for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> and we're getting our first look at renovationing in the
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west wing of the white house where crews relaced the heating and air system installed new carpet and added new coats of paint. president trump played a key role in the renovation and requested all materials used were made in the u.s.a. a white house spokesperson says the president wanted to bring the history and elegance back to the white house. >> well, we're celebrating a birthday today. >> yeah, take a look. look who's turning one. coming up next we'll take you to the philadelphia zoo where imani the gorilla is the star attraction with treats a cake even some birthday cards. chelsea. >> we are keeping a very close eye on the all important weekend and things are looking really good. tons of sunshine in the forecast. also low humidity. a nice taste of fall heading our way by saturday. i'll have more coming up on that in your exclusive forecast. that's next. >> ♪ >> blank
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>> welcome back. summer fest heading back to south jersey tomorrow. join us for a look at what makes haddonfield such a great town from the delicious dining destinations to the shops. fun begins tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. on "eyewitness news." >> fun continues in the afternoon. join jessica dean kate bilo. it's cbs3's summer fest tomorrow on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 6:00 10:00 and of course 11:00. >> looks like we might have good weather. >> what a treat you guys. things are looking fantastic for summer fest and hey you know what also looking fantastic as we head into the weekend. >> nice. >> some really great weather is heading our way and, yeah, temperatures are going to be feeling good, humidity is going to be in check. going to be a great weekend to get outside. so, let's take you to a live look outside right now. look at those blue skies
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across the city. i mean, that just tells the whole story. we are going to see more of that as we head into the next several days. current temperatures are checking in in the 70's. it's 78 degrees right now in philadelphia. we are now to 80 in millville, 80 down the shore in atlantic city, 79 in wildwood. we have 76 in trenton 75 allentown. still the cool spot that's mount pocono right around 66 degrees but overall lots of dry air will be in place through the weekend. so, dewpoints right now are in the mid-50's. that's making it feel very pleasant on the dewpoint comfort scale right now. but dewpoints are going to drop even more. heading into the weekend, we're talking dewpoints in the upper 40's. so, that just means it's going to be so, so comfortable and that's also very rare for this time of year. so, really savor it and enjoy it. high pressure is going to be in control all the way through the weekend and that's going to be promoting that sunshine, also the low humidity. we can even see morning low
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temperatures over the next couple of days in the 60's so that means you might have to start out your day with some layers, maybe a light jacket before you break out the short sleeves or the sleeveless top heading into the afternoon but this means great weather for the komen three day on friday, a high temperature of 80 degrees. sunshine across-the-board all the way into the weekend, 79 saturday and then 80 degrees on sunday. so, some really fantastic weather. it's going to be continuing across the delaware and lehigh valleys. well, partly cloudy and comfortable overnight. 63 degrees, north wind at five. that's going to help to continue to bring in that dry air for us. friday we're mostly sunny and comfortable a high temperature around 80 degrees. doesn't get much better than that. now let's talk about harvey because this storm is going to be a problem winds around 65 miles an hour it is expected to become a major hurricane impacting the coast of texas. it might be the first strongest landfalling hurricane to impact texas since the 1970's. so, it's not going to lose
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strength until about sunday morning and then also into the beginning of next week but friday night into saturday, man, we could be talking about major hurricane impacting texas. this is going to bring life-threatening flooding to portions of the gulf coast states. this is something we'll have to watch for sure of the at home it's a different story. we have very quiet weather and a great shorecast in store. mostly sunny and nice on friday, 78 degrees. 77 on saturday with that bright sunshine. then sunday abundant sunshine. 76 degrees for that high temperature down the shore on sunday. your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, it looks like this. feast your eyes on these numbers. temperatures in the 70's and 80's. as we head into friday you can look for a high temperature of 80 degrees. 79 on saturday. kind of a taste of fall. 80 degrees on sunday. on monday 79 degrees for that high temperature, plenty of sunshine still. we'll see a couple more clouds heading our way on tuesday. our next chance for rain, you guys, that's not arriving until wednesday.
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>> wow. >> and we deserve at this time. we've had a lot of 90-degree days and a lot of humidity this summer so, yeah -- >> looking good. >> got to celebrate that when you can. speaking of celebrations still ahead this noon we're taking you to a birthday party of one of the philadelphia zoo's most popular residents. stay with us. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> well, coming up later today at 5:00 a new survey shows most americans are living paycheck to paycheck. i'll have advice on how to cut costs and put cash in the bank for your future. >> tonight at 6:00 going green. a local hospital using these green spaces and see the award winning way they hope to cut down on pollution. that's tonight at 6:00. >> fascinating discovery. this mosaic is 1500 years old. workers found it under jerusalem's olde city. the mosaic features a greek inscription dedicated to the roman justinian. it was probably built into the floor of a hotel. israeli antiquities authority unveiled the mosaic yesterday. >> this week marks a big birthday. >> amani is female western lope land gorilla. she turns one on saturday but today she enjoyed early
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birthday treats including cake and cards made by zoo guests. amani's half plotter was born in -- brother was born in june. >> this little piggyback in home. new jersey state troopers found this little guy last thursday. he was running around cumberland county. they named him norris. one trooper who has experience with farm animals took him home and cared for him. troopers looked forecast owner then the farmer came looking for him and norris is back home. >> happy ending. that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon for chelsea and all of us here, thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 and we're always online at cbsphilly. >> have a great day everyone. "the young and the restless" is next. >> ♪
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>> cane: lily and jordan are friends and colleagues, and i know that drives you crazy, but luckily, i'm not you. uh, can i have a ginger ale, please? >> hilary: look, i am trying to help you, cane, and your marriage. >> cane: that would be the day, wouldn't it? >> hilary: there is something going on between your wife and her colleague. i can see it. now, i'm not too sure why you can't. >> cane: look at you, trying to spread your misery far and wide. why? what happened? did jordan lose interest in you? is that it? [ gasps ] oh, he did, didn't he? and now you're afraid he's gonna set his sights on lily. >> lily: thanks for driving me. you didn't have to walk me in. >> jordan: blame my mother. that is how she raised me. oh, it's about dinnertime.


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