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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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's newest multi millionaire. >> 758 million-dollar power ball jackpot winner, wasted no time, claiming her pry. mavis is now 758 million-dollar richers after winning wednesday night's power ball jackpot. >> i will go hide in my bed. >> reporter: five three-year old with two adult children said she won't be returning to her job as a massachusetts hospital. >> i have called and told them i will not becoming back. >> reporter: she found out she won after working wednesday night, checking her ticket with a fire fighter that she knows well, who then followed her home as she absorbed the life changing news. she picked the numbers herself , winning her the largest ever pry, from a single lottery ticket. >> your winning power ball number is four. >> reporter: she bought ticket at a pride gas station, store and massachusetts. he owns the business with 30 others in the area. he says that he will donate
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$50,000 that his store received for selling the ticket, to local charities. >> i believe that fate and higher power, yes whether that moves the lottery or not i don't know. >> reporter: store was not originally named as one who sold the winning ticket. >> the store just became part of history. >> reporter: first state lottery officials said ticket was bought in watertown massachusetts 75 miles away this was as a result of the human error. our internal systems i want to be very clear about this, our internal systems always had, the correct information. >> reporter: she has chosen a lump sum payment which is 336 million-dollar, after taxes. not too bad. now local power ball players, did not come away empty handed , three tickets matched all five white numbers, and they are worth a million-dollar. winning tickets were sold at ellen kay petroleum on route 47 in dorchester, cumberland county. 7-eleven on the street road there warminster bucks county
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and at wyatt market on cedar crest boulevard in allentown lehigh county. delaware did not, sell anyone million-dollar tickets. now is there a chance you won a smaller pry, here are the winning power ball numbers , again so you can check, six, seven, 16, 23, 26, and the power ball is four. you can see numbers again at cbs the search is on tonight for two suspects responsible for an explosion at a queen village restaurant. here's surveillance video you will see caught one of the suspects throwing a explosive device after some kind in the new dragon city restaurant in the 500 block of washington avenue. moments later it exploded create ago this fireball. it all happened, august 12th, around 5:30 p.m. >> while we were working other day we were all in there and heard a loud bang. sounded like a gunshot loud explosion and we just seen people running down the street
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>> reporter: fortunately no one was injured in the incident. if you have any information about the crime, cat philadelphia police. meantime police in bucks county say woman texted 911 for help while hiding in a closet to escape a vicious attack. what the dispatch der next helped police come to her rescue. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at bensalem police department with that story, anita. >> reporter: nicole and jessica bensalem police say this was a vicious attack, technology can have benefits and dangers but in this case it led to the rescue to a woman who was sexually assaulted at knife point this guy is a true bad guy. >> reporter: suspected rapist is now behind bars in bucks county after his reported victim texted 911 for help. twenty-three year-old christopher henning again of collindale ace accused of choking and punching would the man and raping her repeatedly at knife point. he faces charges including sexual assault and false imprisonment. >> he won't see light of day if we have anything to do witt he won't be around to see next
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eclipse. >> reporter: 6:40 saturday morning police received 911 text messaging from a woman saying she had been sexually a ultimate sad. >> the dispatcher talking her through process told hurleys even we have to stop texts dial 911 but don't talk because the guy was still in the area. >> reporter: director of public safety fred heran said police tracked the gps location to the rental apartment on neshaminy valley drive and rescued would the man hiding in a closet. >> it may have had save her life the technology, pretty darn close to it. >> reporter: henningan has a previous criminal and and being held on 10 percent of 10 million-dollar bail. live, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have learned that the navy has recovered remains of the sailor with local ties, who was killed in an accident on u.s.s. john s mccain. ken smith a 22-year old cherry hille glad wait was among 10 sailors who went missing after their destroyer collided with a tanker ship near singapore
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on monday. navy says it has suspended the ocean search for the remaining nine missing sailors. divers will continue to recovery effort inside flooded compartments of the ship. smith's father released a statement that read in part kennett was a great young man, son, and sailor. he truly loved his family, navy and ship mates, i'm incredibly proud of his service to our country and will be greatly missed and thankful we had 22 wonderful years together. tonight, the eagles third preseason game as they hoe the dolphins. >> this is an important one for the starters. sports director don bellies live at lincoln financial field with more on what we can expect, hi there, don. >> absolutely right big night here for starters. there are four preseason games in all but third one is one in which you particularly like to see starters play an extended period of time. tonight we will hope to see carson wentz and owe even if play for the entire first half we will show what you happened
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a week ago on this football field against buffalo bills. they played four series, they scored three points and had a turn over. tonight they should have their line intact, while they fine tune that owe even if, here's what carson wants to work on. >> i mean biggest thing is just third downs, i think was a big thing for us. red zone we weren't great either but third downs last game i think we were two for 12 maybe. that is not winning football. we have to get running game going early. i have to be sharper. we have to be cleaner. i think with a last couple of days of practice really kind of game planning for these guys we expect to be much better. >> they expect to be a lot sharper tonight and we expect to see those free agents pick ups actually play minutes, snaps here tonight especially torey smith. we will talk about him in particular, later on in sports but for now coming to you live from the link i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. lets hear what the fans have to say. >> greg argos is live outside
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the link with their thoughts on the match up, greg. >> reporter: guys, really exciting out here as you can imagine we're at the link, would you think it is a regular season game because people are showing up in the droves n fact just past 30 minutes we have seen more and more people showing up here everyone wondering how eagles will hold autopsy begins miami dolphins. as you just heard from don, this is preseason game it is as close to regular season as we will see since many starting players expect to play this evening and that also means fans are pumped. many people already preparing for the season by doing a little tailgating this afternoon before 7:00 p.m. kick off and this beautiful weather sure helps. >> it is awesome weather, breeze has picked up a little bit but it is not hot, humidity down, perfect on the field temperatures tonight. >> just beautiful, prepping for a football game. >> can't get much better then that. 79 degrees at kick off. it is just beautiful. >> reporter: beautiful weather , incredible food. check out this spread right
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here from reading. these folks from reading, pennsylvania. >> yeah. >> corn, hamburgers, smells delicious, out here everyone excited for tonight's game. wait, take a look, shrimp as well. a lot of fun right before kick off once again that is set for 7:00 o'clock tonight. live from south philadelphia, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thanks very much. hopefully he makes friend was them and they will share. >> something tells me he has. >> football means fall is almost here and you can practically feel it in the air >> certainly comfortable out there we saw this duo in fairmount park this afternoon, more good dog walking days are in the forecast, meteorologist kate bilo on the sky deck tracking what appears to be kate, a perfect weekend. >> it will be a beautiful weekend especially here in the city, great day to day if you like it a couple degree cooler , then that is what we have headed our way this coming weekend but just a gorgeous afternoon. you heard everyone at eagles preseason game just loving this weather. i'm loving it here on the sky deck. here's storm scan three which is clear for our region.
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we have a couple patchy cloud in western pennsylvania. can't rule out a stray sprinkle here or there overnight but some parts of the state just with some cooler air aloft moving in and for the most part dry stretch and we have got sunshine and low humidity through the next several days. temperatures right now slightly below average we have got cool northwesterly win, very light breeze, feels great , 81 in the city. seventy-six in reading. seventy-nine in trenton. cool, comfortable 67 in mount pocono. take a look at these dew point s we're talking about dew pointness 409's in some spots. dew point in philadelphia is 47 degrees. of course, dew point measures moisture content in the air. when we have dew point of 47 lets look at our comfort index we will start as you of range at 50. i'm not sure what 47 would be, extra awesome perhaps, it feels fantastic out here and we will see those awesome level dew points, for the next several days. we will tell you coolest days and nights to expect and take a closer look at hurricane harvey threatening texas as we
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head toward weekend coming up with our full forecast, now back inside to you. take a trip back in time to anxious chine, "eyewitness news" at franklin institute for preview of their new exhibit ter cota warriors of the first emperor or, a collection of artifacts and statues uncovered from the burial complex of the china's first emperorrer and they date back to 210bc, exhibit will use automated reality to bring object toss life. >> they have been made for actual warrior can be used as a target. it is like turning warrior statue in the bar code and then just hold your phone up to any aspect of the warrior to have the experience. >> tercota warriors of the first emperorrer opened to the public september 30th. this week crash of the septa train has local lawmakers speaking out, still ahead we are live with why they are demanding answers. massive landslide slams in the village in the swiss alps, how many people are still missing after the town was buried in a river of mud, and
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the stock market has reached record highs, the unemployment rate is at a 16 year low, and yet according to a new survey many u.s. workers are struggling financially. three on your side jim donovan explains even some workers making what are considered good salaries are living paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: chantell walker is a fast food walker and she barely makes enough to scrape by. >> my money i makings to my rent. >> reporter: from career survey 78 percent of workers say they are living
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paycheck to paycheck to make end meet, that is up from 75 percent from last year. >> the trendies continuing and we expect it to continue to go forward. >> reporter: career builders michael irwin say higher cost of living and stagnant wages are hitting work's cross the board. even one in 10 people earning more than $100,000 a year say they are waiting for payday to pay the bills. >> too many people are in debt and as they approach that retirement age they are not going to be ready to support themselves, and be able to retire. >> reporter: trimming monthly expenses can help but survey found most people are not willing to give up things like their home internet connection and smart phones. irwin advised people to negotiate their bills. >> you should definitely just sit down look at your bills, and call them up to see if you can lower these interest rates and those contracts and just see how you can save yourself some money. that will go a long way to helping you not live paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: walker found one way to save, pedal power.
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>> my bike takes me from point a to point b. >> reporter: she's working to get a raise and take on extra hours hoping to put her on the road to financial security. career builder survey also found that woman are more likely then men to live paycheck to paycheck, reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. a huge under taking has happened in japan today, four funeral under takers took part in a coffin competition. don't worry, all of the bodies are live models. japanese religion process of ritually dress something one up for burial is a way of purifying spirit before it is sent off to the other world. no word on who won, the competition. competition. >> yes. >> another different one. >> yes. >> kate bilo joins with us a look at the forecast, what a day out there. >> it is fantastic out there. almost want to be out getting ready for eagles game. beautiful. nice breeze outside. good news it is sticking around for a while.. if you are not able to get outside today you have got
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tomorrow and weekend as well. even for follow thanks workweek end we will get nice weather if you are off end of the week or early next week. lets take a peak is what going on outside. i wanted to show you this camera because i love the fair weather cumulus cloud look as we look live at intersection of spring garden and broad street here in the city. this is right from our location, right in the spring garden section of the city and we're looking east and things looking really nice out there with those fair weather cloud and lots of blue skies as far as the eye can see. i want to take to you storm scan three and show you something that we are keeping an eye on here couple scattered showers, popped up, right around western pennsylvania, and as this is a push of cooler air starts to move into the state of pennsylvania couple of cloud with that, some of our models are bringing these showers in overnight, just a few spotty won so don't be shocked if you wake up maybe five, 6:00 o'clock in the morning to a stray shower here or there but otherwise we have got clear conditions, through the end of the week and into the weekend. i want to show what you that looks like couple showers moving in and then they really
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just fall apart at 5:00 a.m. and most of the day friday is clear, sunny, and will stay that way saturday as well. is there an indication on shore flow could develop down the shore on saturday, and that means shore points may pick up a few more cloud in the afternoon but rest of us are looking at a beautiful start to the weekend. speaking of beautiful what a gorgeous day in kutztown kid were outside on the soccer field at 75 degrees, blue skies, fair weather cloud, just a light wind from the northwest just 5 miles an hour right now. again what to expect for next few days? we have lows, lots of sunshine cool nights and warm days we're talking 50's in many spots, friday night and then gannon saturday night. and it will be below average as well. mid 80's this time of the year many days coming up through weekend, and into next week we will not get past 70's. our latest hurricane is hurricane harvey rapidly intensifying. see how it is forming this eye wall here and this storm is continuing to intensify as we
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go through tonight and end of the week. thinks expect to be a major category three hurricane before slamming in the coast of texas. coming up next we will have path of this storm and flooding rains it could bring to that area and tell you whether we have to be concerned about harvey here in philadelphia but for now, no problems partly cloudy, cool, comfortable 62 degrees. your friday forecast looks great, mostly sunny, beautiful day, pick up a shower it is early in the morning before most of us are up and about for the day, so five or 6:00 in the morning here or there komen three day forecast looks fantastic. friday 80 degrees. saturday 79. sunday 80. all three days with sunshine and again cool mornings and low humidity, pretty much the perfect forecast for it. your seven day looks fantastic temperatures hovering right around 80-degree mark. four or 5 degrees below average. overnight lows are comfortable as well, i wouldn't be surprised to see it drop in the upper 50's one night here in philadelphia, monday,
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tuesday looking g few more cloud wednesday and next chance for a shower looks to be thursday but next week doesn't look like a major rain but it looks like a great stretch for next six days. >> wonderful, thanks kate. >> appreciate that. still ahead on "eyewitness news" how google is helping people with depression. and sirod is making a come back who he is teaming up with a rerelease of one of his classic hits, don. we are an hour and a half, from the eagles and miami, dolphins, but, carson wentz talk about one of the key off season pick ups. we will talk about torey smith
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targeted again a charity group ripped off by thieves in south jersey for third time. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 what was stolen and way habitat for humanity is responding. >> right now eagles, dolphins tonight at lincoln financial field. >> sports director don bell live in south philadelphia
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where fans are hoping to catch a glimpse of the eagles off season additions, don. >> true, indeed. eagles have not made post season since 2013 season. hard to believe this year they have high hopes. one of the reasons why is because they signed a whole bunch of targets in the off season, one of those guys being torey smith. we have not seen much of the wide receive they are pre season. in fact he had zero catches. he is a super bowl champion and deep threat but coming off war season of his career but so far carson is not concerned >> at the end of the day, you know, just over 10 pass necessary two games so i will not be too bent out of shape over that. it is one of the things where we take it as it comes and we will get torey involved and all of the guys involved. i don't think any of us are overly concerned about that so far. >> reporter: so carson is not concerned. what about the play by play man for the eagles great melrose who has been doing it for 40 years. what has he said about tonight
5:25 pm
's game. we will hear from more ill at six. coming to you live, i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". thanks very much. coming up next half an hour two septa train accidents and not many answers. >> "eyewitness news" exclusive federal and local lawmakers put pressure on the national transportation safety board i'm joe holden, they want better communication. and angry looking storm forecasters say a major hurricane is bearing down on the united states where and when it is expect to
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while south jerseyrenton politigets short changed? then vote fran grenier. think it's time we had a regular guy, not a lifelong politician? that's fran grenier. looking for a fighter to take on the tax hikes and job killing regulations? then vote fran grenier. want a leader who'll actually stand up for south jersey schools and communities? if you answered yes to any of these questions, there's only one way: fran grenier.
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news continues now at 5:30 and here's what you need to know. local lawmakers are demanding quicker action after a crash
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involving a septa train in upper darby's 69th street station. they say it is taking too long for national transportation safety board, to get back with answer about accidents. good evening, i'm nicole brewer, ukee's off tonight. >> i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden got an exclusive look where tuesday's crash happened and joe, you spoke with federal and local law enforcement as well. >> reporter: jessica and nicole that is right and congressman bob brady got a tour of the platform here where all of this happened. he is calling for a congressional hearing into these incidents, at least two in the last six months and how , ntsb has responded. outraged at length of the typical national transportation safety board investigation, congressman bob brady throttled up pressure. >> this isn't going to take another year, almost a year to find out is what happening? that is unacceptable. we have to give confidence back to the drivers. >> reporter: democratic congressman with republican upper darby township mayor tom
5:30 pm
, surveyed site of the tuesday's crash where train failed to stop and plowed in the back of an unoccupied parked train. thirty-three people were hurt. >> no one has said that i can see, anywhere, it is safe they just opened it. >> reporter: only cbs-3 joined , got a view of the reopened track, spray paint markings were fresh at point of impact and riders remain confident in the rail system. >> it is serious but it happens. it is nothing you can do about it. everything breaks down. >> reporter: cbs-3 relayed officials concerns to the ntsb , spokesmen says investigations are methodical and though. he said if a immediate, problem is identified agency will issue an emergency alert such the case in february after a train crash where four people were hurt, we learned today following that incident the ntsb published a nationwide safety bulletin, spotlighting improper installations of electrical relay switches. still congressman believes communications, with the ntsb should be improved, and
5:31 pm
periodic updates provided. >> why did it happen? these guys got to put their lives on the line, they put their lives on the line, why did this happen in year from now. they didn't tell us what six months ago what happened with the other track. that is totally unacceptable? >> congressman brady says right now he is working with the ranking member of the transportation committee to see about that hearing. now for septa's park in this an official tells me that while it is true it might take nine to 10 months for ntsb to issue a report, make that he says if there are issues, there is direction to address them immediately, from the mts b. that is very latest live outside 69th street terminal i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. philadelphia police are investigating how an 11 year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the face. this happened around 12:30 this morning in the home on the 2600 block of south hicks street in south philadelphia. the child was rush to the hospital, in critical condition, and later upgraded
5:32 pm
to stable condition. police say boy's parents and four siblings were home at the time of the shooting, so far no charges have been filed. a 14 year-old girl remains in serious condition after police say she was hit by a car while distract by her phone. this happened yesterday afternoon on highland avenue near abington high school. eyewitnesses told police that the victim was on a video call with someone when she stepped in the streets and then was struck. authorities say that the driver did stop to help the teen. a gunman is shot by police after shooting and killing a co-worker at a south carolina restaurant this all happened at a packed virginias on king a popular restaurant off king street in charleston a spot frequented by tourist. details are still developing but police say suspect shot and killed a co-worker and then took hostages. suspect is now in critical condition after being shot by police. in washington president trump is launching a new push to get congress to fulfill his campaign promises. the president is putting
5:33 pm
pressure on republican leaders to pass tax reform, fund the construction of the border wall and take another crack at health care reform. president trump took a swipe this morning at two men he will need to get his agenda through congress, he tweeted i requested mitch mcconnell and paul ryan tie debt ceiling legislation in the popular va bill which just passed for ease a travel. they didn't do it. so now we have a big deal with with de ms holding them up as usual on debt ceiling approval could have been so easy now a mess. >> i think relationships are fine. certainly there will be policy differences, but there are also a lot of shared goals and that is what we are focused on >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan was asked during a tour of the boeing facility in everette, washington. >> we pay our debts in this country and we will continue to do so. i'm not war that i had will not get done because it will get done. >> reporter: congress has until end of september to raise debt ceiling and pass building bill to prevent governmental shut down.
5:34 pm
publicly president and mitch mcconnell say they are united, privately it is reported they are feuding and two men have not spoken to each other in weeks. mcconnell focusing on his agenda during a speech in kentucky this morning. >> this congress is interested in getting america growing again. >> reporter: president blamed mcconnell again today for health care failure in the senate, mcconnell joked about how hard it is to be the senate leader with the slim majority. >> it is a little bit like being a grounds keep inner a cemetery, everybody is under you but nobody is list evening that is what you get with 52- 48. >> president urged mcconn toll ditch filibuster rule nerd to side line democrats, something mcconnell says is off the table. today president may veto any spending bill that comes out of the congress if it does not include his $1.6 billion request for construction of the border wall. today president retweeted a meme of the best eclipse
5:35 pm
ever featuring montage of four photos that show president trump blocking president obama it was shared by you tube personality jar he trevon in response to the debt ceiling and g.o.p. leaders. they were also shared on social media. many americans say political parties are too polarizing, according to a new quinnipiac university poll, 40 n party is moving too far to the right, while 41 percent of americans say that the democratic party is moving too far to the left. when it comes to issues americans say health carries the most important problem, facing the nation. interior secretary, ryan z inke recommended changes, following a 120 review ordered , and, and he says he won't eliminate, and, federal land but battery changes. his recommendations left opened the possibility for
5:36 pm
allow drilling, mining or other industries, on sites, the white house says it is reviewing the recommendations. we're getting our first look at renovations in the west wing of the white house. >> workers replaced heating and air system installed new carpet and added new coats of paint. white house says president trump played a key role in those renovations and requested that all materials used were made in the u.s.a. a white house spokesperson says that the president wanted to bring history and elegance back to the white house. still to come on "eyewitness news" hurricane harvey is on the move and the storm, it is strengthening, also expect to be very dangerous. we will tell you where it is headed and when up next. taylor swift surprised fans with new music this week but now her main rival is striking back. is she trying to kick up more bad blood we have details in the hot minute, coming up. kate? make some plans for upcoming weekend if you have not already it is going to be
5:37 pm
a summer stun are lots of sunshine both saturday and sunday but both mornings will be on the cool side we will start each day right around 60 t will feel almost a little bit like fall outside with highs near 80 and low humidity continuing through the entire weekend just a few more cloud
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5:40 pm
launching a new feature designed to help people dealing with depression. mobile users in the u.s. who searched for clinical depression will now be offered a clinically valid dated questionnaire called phq9. that tests asked about things liken joy, appetite and concentration levels. google says it is a private self assessment that determines whether users should seek professional help. well, summer fest is
5:41 pm
heading back to south jersey tomorrow. >> join us for look at what makes haddonfield such a great town, delicious dining destination toss stylish shopping. fun begins tomorrow morning at 5:00 right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". then it continues in the afternoon join kate bilo, vittoria woodill and myself as we showcase haddonfield's historic homes, neighborhood charm, it is cbs-3 summer fest on "eyewitness news" at five, six, 10 and 11. we should have good weather for summer fest but we want to tell but a major hurricane about to hit the u.s. >> how powerful and where it is expected to make land fall up
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! this may well be the perfect day as you can see from our camera in bethlehem,
5:45 pm
pennsylvania sunny, warm. not too humid out there we are in the middle of the stretch of wonderful weather that is only getting better. how wrong will it last? meteorologist kate bilo has your full forecast in two minutes. at least eight people are still missing one day after a land slide hit a mountain valley area in switzerland. that disaster sent river of mud, rocks crashing through small village near italian border yesterday. officials say group of six people originally reported missing turned up safely in italy, 100 locals escaped, largely due to an alarm system the swiss army is using hell cooperate tore aid in the search effort for those still unaccounted for. a hurricane warning was issued overnight for texas coast as hurricane harvey gained strength in the gulf of mexico. harvey is expect to be a major hurricane tomorrow and make land fall either tomorrow night or saturday morning. don champion has very latest on the storm preps from houston texas. >> reporter: people in corpus christie, texas filled up
5:46 pm
sandbags ahead of hurricane harvey which is expected to make land fall friday as a category three storm. >> cat three could have wind over 130 miles an hour. >> reporter: beaches in galveston have been closed amid concerns over high winds and storm surge, forecasters say slow moving storm which hit saint lucia last weekend could drop 20 inches of rain along the texas gulf coast, many residents stocked up on supplies. >> just getting ready for the storm, you know, i have been through this before. always good to be prepared. >> reporter: the red cross is preparing to help people hoff been evacuated. >> what we're doing now is pre positioning supplies such as clean up kits, shovels, comfort kits. >> reporter: galveston officials told residents not to go outside this weekend unless they have to. >> we start getting from two to 4-foot tide with any kind of inundating rain it causes severe street flooding problems and streets just cannot drain. >> reporter: after hitting
5:47 pm
texas harvey is expect to travel east to louisiana which are the could dump five to 10 inches of rain starting sunday, maybe more with potential for double. this is what worries me most double if we get stuck, and for long rain band. >> reporter: back in texas governor has already declared a state of disaster for 30 counties honor near the gulf coast. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that is a scary system. >> definitely scary. here at home we're looking good. >> it does for really the foreseeable future it looks beautiful. we have a few chances of sprinkles and cloud but for the most part sunshine, low humidity, perfect weather, even on the cool side for this time of the year, temperatures slightly below average through weekend and early next week. we will talk about hurricane harvey in a moment but lets start off with a look outside to the poconos and this is looking beautiful lake up here at jack frost big boulder, blue skies, and sunshine, cool conditions, in the poconos,
5:48 pm
temperatures in the 60's today making it feel like autumn is just around the corner. we're talking football. we have a chill in the air, starting to feel like fall, kid going back to school and we will get in the fall weather soon enough. just a little taste this weekend especially, overnight and early morning hours, temperatures will be in the 50 's in many spots. as we check would your weather watchers we have got pleasant conditions to report, we are looking at 76 degrees across river into new jersey, checking with kennett martin in willingboro, 76 degrees, feeling good, very low humidity there. zooming down to southern new jersey, jamie in dividing creek, 84 degrees there, full sunshine, looking beautiful, and 70's heading north and west of philadelphia as we check in at 77 with our friend david michigan until norristown with sunshine, he says 77 degrees, partly cloudy and welcome back to me, thanks , david. always great to see weather watchers once again and all have a nice night. great night to maybe throw burgers on the grill and sit
5:49 pm
outside, enjoy this weather because soon enough it will be fall and we know that comes after fall. we went talk about that just yet. lets look at storm scan three not a whole lot for us but i'm concerned about this area of showers over western pennsylvania. we will zoom in here right around pittsburgh we have a few showers possibly some thunder, lightening, indication that a few of these could traverse and survive in the early morning hours, mainly between three and 6:00 a.m. not a big deal but don't be surprised waking up extra early and you have a shower passing through. they should dissipate by day break. temperatures 77 in allentown, that 67 degrees, beautiful weather in mount pocono. eighty-one in philadelphia. eighty-one millville. seventy-nine in wildwood. nice shore day. nicer then yesterday. we have cloud to clear the coast. you can see cool bubble of air over great lakes where temperatures are in the 60's inialopiniona, chicago, buffalo, cleveland, that is where cool air is coming from. we are getting reenforcing
5:50 pm
shot as we head through end of the week and our saturday w this big high in control, it is sunny stretch taking us through sunday through weekend sunshine low humidity. morning lows in the 60's and some spots, especially through suburbs we will start saturday and sunday mornings in the 50 's. that will feel nice out early may even put light jacket or hoodie and nice warm afternoon here's hurricane harvey category one with sustained wind at 85 miles an hour. central pressure of 976 milli bars but rapidly strengthening. it is expect to strength men a category three, probably category four before making land fall along the coast of texas. here's the problem. this takes us out to tuesday. note hoist this runs in the wall doesn't go anywhere and it will stall over this area biggest threat for inland areas of south texas will be the prolonged rainfall all the way through tuesday we are seeing rainfall amounts of 15 inches around houston and
5:51 pm
right along texas coast that could be some, very, very devastating flooding. we will keep you posted and see if that moisture tries to get in for us. if it does it will not be until labor day weekend but that is too far in the future to talk b62 looking good tomorrow beautiful day 80 degrees. you're witness weather seven day forecast for us is fantastic. komen three day outlook looks great. upper 70's next week. few more cloud and a shower by end of the next week. now back to you at the desk. >> kate, thank you. now to an unlikely friendship. >> monkey and chicken have become best of pals at a zoo in israel. monk a adopted her friend after it wand nerd her enclosure. her maternal instincts kicked in and they have been pals ever since. monkey and cradling the chicken and grooming and going to sleep with him. >> there you go. >> they are pals. >> full of feud and one that just one that won't go away,
5:52 pm
raring its ugly head again of at lee it seems that way what singers are one upping each other next. he is a musical legend doesn't need a feud to make headlines but rod stewart is teaming up with one of today's hottest groups to rerelease a new version of one of his classics, all coming up in hot minute with
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national miss black america pageant weekend kicked off today right here in fail. festivities got started this morning at the african-american museum in center city. it included a press conference , brunch, panel discussion of topics and finance. other activities are planned for tomorrow, contestants will take stage for forty-ninth annual pageant saturday night in manayunk. new music from old rivals, katie perry and taylor swift are both at it again who will be dance ago long on the told rod stewart hit with the iconic legend himself. bex from our sister station 96.5 has more on the hot minute. >> thanks, guys. lady gaga is taking us inside her world in the intimate documentary called 5-foot two, song stress shared several
5:57 pm
tease tours her social media account showing us how she preps for the biggest stage of her career, soaring to the sky at last years super bowl half time show and even gave us insight on her allege feud with madonna only thing that really bothers me about her. >> reporter: we will to have wait, of course, until september 22nd when documentary hits netflix to see what is happening between the two. and, from one feud, to the next, everybody just need to make up and be friends. katie perry released her new music video, bliss, bliss, which has over 3 million views has many fans speculate ago this this is in response to taylor's swift hit, that bad blood, timing of the release also, alliance perfectly with taylor's new single timeless expect out later this evening. i say two just put all this to rest and collaborate on new music, maybe 86 classic that is what friends are for. speaking of reinventing
5:58 pm
classics, rod stewart is bringing back to life his 1978 hit, do you think i'm sexy with a little bit of a twist. >> ♪ >> newly reimagined version now features joe jonas alongside his ban, dmcto celebrate the release rod and his gang are hitting to perform at mtv music award. that is your hot minute i'm be x from today's 96.5. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, there is always plenty to see in game three and fans are already cooking up food and hoping for a win. we are live from south philadelphia as bird get ready to take on the dolphins. a child allegedly used to rob a camden business aim cleve bryan, coming up how police say a woman used her daughter to get cash. i kind of snapped like this is ridiculous. we are a charity. we are a grass roots organization. >> they have had enough, but
5:59 pm
charity groups targeted again, the south jersey habitat for humanity site that was hit by thieves for the third time, and what those crooks got away with. kate? and we ventured into a sunny stretch and it will last for quite sometime i'm going to tell what you we can expect overnight temperatures in some spots in the 50's and how long this stretch of sunshine will last, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> as you can see in the just grills that are fired up. fans are ready to see eagles in action once again tonight for game three of the pre season and there should be plenty to see in south philadelphia, starters are expected to see much more action against miami tonight. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm nicole brewer in for ukee washington. we have team three coverage of the bird prior to battle the dolphins, lets start with sports director don bell live
6:00 pm
on the feel, hi there don. >> you said it, one of the reasons fans are excited is because this is, the closest you'll be to the regular season game that starters are expected to play first two quarters here. moments ago i had an opportunity to speak to the voice of the eagles melrose who has been doing it for 40 years and i expected and asked him what he expects to see here tonight. >> i would like to see running game go. we have in the see much from them. this is good night to test running game because we are playing against a team, defense that was 30th against the run last year. you better are able to do something on the ground against this team. >> people are wondering this week out loud about lagarrette blount and when would make this team, what are your thoughts on that. >> i might have start that had by saying mike quick in the fourth quarter when trying to be interesting. >> in buffalo. >> i might have said is lagarrette a throbbing make this team. mike quickly said, absolutely. so i think he is.


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