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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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it is not fourth down territory. give the two-minute warning. >> dan: directly what sean mcvay is thinking. you don't go for it inside your own 10. >> ian: it would probably take the five seconds, the punt. and it is coons who is punting. he missed the 33-yard field goal which would have put the rams in front. mitchell paige. not the right call. mitchell paige gets pushed backwards. here's the two-minute warning. 1:55 left. 21-19, the battle for li. chargers in front.
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>> ian: 21-19, the chargers on top of the rams. 1:55 to go at the coliseum. at the will wrap up the preseason at green bay on thursday. they will play indianapolis. we will have it for you right here on cbs. bercovici. the bootleg. da'ron brown. the speed! a penalty marker at the 39-yard line. >> dan: good rollout. good throw. it will be an illegal block at the back, coming in right around there. >> referee: illegal block on the back. offense. number 80. 10-yard penalty. it remains first down. >> ian: sean culkin.
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one thing for brown, given that situation, it's irrelevant now but don't go out-of-bounds. force them to use timeouts. good grab by brown. penalty. now at the 50-yard line, 17-yard catch. the 10-yard penalty. it gives the chargers first and three. the rams still have three timeouts remaining. give it to barner. slammed down. did not break away from casey sayles. there's one of the timeouts used with 1:31 to play. >> bobby beth or, named finalist
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for the 2018 hall of fame class -- >> dan: he deserves it, too. he built a couple of franchises. also jerry kramer on that list, from the seniors division. robert brazil. a great linebacker for the houston oilers. but jerry kramer, you think about those great packers teams. he played on this field in the first super bowl ever. >> ian: 2nd & 4 after the timeout. 1:for three remaining. barner going in the wrong direction. casey sayles sifts it out again. of rookie from ohio. >> dan: back-to-back plays by casey sayles. last year he blocked a play from bercovici.
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he splits the double-team block with real power, no chance that they have. >> ian: antonio gates will have a chance to make nfl history emma one touchdown away from setting the record for the most in a career by a tight end, currently tied with tony gonzalez at 111. >> dan: big motivation for gates coming back this year. he is a great relationship on the field and off the field with a quarterback at rivers quite an accomplishment for tony gonzales and for antonio gates. >> ian: if you get a first down here, the game is over. ekeler. oh, he's right here. >> dan: that will do it. that's a first down. >> ian: a little zigzag moved by austin ekeler. they spotted at the marker and
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it is a first down. >> dan: a little power draw play time. getting down the field in front of ekeler was matt weiser. >> ian: final timeout used by the rams. the rams were complaining that the spot should be reviewed but under 2 minutes, they cannot trigger it. those decisions are made upstairs. >> dan: in this preseason, too. the more please do run in preseason, more danger you have of players being hurt. >> ian: victory formation for the chargers.
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ekeler gets the call. across the 45-yard line. >> dan: go back to the previous play. we see exactly where ekeler with down. tough to see when his knee hit and when the ball hit. if it was simultaneous as the officials ruled. first down. >> ian: got to admit, the rams have no timeouts remaining. they don't have to run an actual play. >> dan: here is your victory formation. if you were just a little bit early. >> ian: i anticipated the victory formation. preseason for play-by-play announcers as well. don't anticipate. that's it. the chargers win their first preseason game. the rams lose their first preseason game. they are not quite rivals yet. but this preseason battle for
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l.a. belongs to the chargers. got off to a 21-0 lead, they hold on for a 21-19 19 win overe l.a. rams. the chargers will be in san francisco on thursday night. the rams will be in green bay. your final score at the coliseum, 21-19. the chargers defeat the rams. for hall of famer dan fouts and evan washburn, the rest of our nfl on cbs crew, i am ian eagle. so long from los angeles. you've been watching "the nfl on cbs" ." the chargers beat the rams.
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want more changes to win? go to and enter your non-winning tickets for the gold fish second-chance drawing with $10,000 prizes. tonight on "eyewitness news", texas devastated. drone video shows just how intense now tropical storm harvey became for people in rock
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port. good evening i'm alexandria hoff in for natasha brown. you are looking at before and aft video of the rock port marina where a boat store facility was destroyed. one person was killed and more than a dozen injured in the area when a suspected tornado touched down in their community. but it wasn't the only ravaged. the wind and rain persists across communities in texas as harvey sits on the state as tropical storm both in victoria saw widespread trees floods down trees. from the air or on the ground one thing is clear in rock port, texas, harvey left a devastating footprint on the town. hundreds of people of people are without power. >> harvey continues to pound southeast texas with torrential
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rain and the water is rising fast. >> ranging from corpus christi to the houston area perhaps as much as between 20 and 30 more inches of rain could be coming down. there's the potential of very dramatic flooding. >> monster storm slammed into the texas gulf coast late friday night with 130 miles per hour winds. the town of rockport was hit hard. many homes and businesses are gone. torn apart bite power of a category four hurricane. >> 75-year-old jones house was destroyed. >> there was rain in the house. the roof caved in. it's all gone. >> reporter: we met jones at the only open business in town. a coffee shop still with power thanks to a generator. matthew, is the owner. >> do you even recognize rockport this morning? >> i do. i do but as a fallen rockport.
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>> even before harvey hit flooding was major concern and this is exactly why. many roads around rockport are already flooded leaving cars stranded and even more rain is expected in the days to come. >> the movement it is stationa stationary. that is dangerous. we'll deal with catastrophic flooding from harvey the next few days. >> the coast guard rescued more than a dozen people who were left stranded when boats started taking on water. and as many as 50 homes were damaged by suspected tornado in missouri city. and another possible twister forms in cyprus just outside of houston. hundreds of evacuees remained in shelters saturday night. not knowing when or what they'll fine when they do return home. weja chang for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> harvey has weekend to tropical storm but parts of texas are bracing for catastrophic flooding. relentless rain flooded parking lots and left several drivers stranded much suspected tornado ripped through one community
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damaging as many as 50 homes. >> train like sound and, um, a lot of banking. it was so loud. and, um, i never really heard anything like it. people say it's like a freight train and that's the best way to describe it. >> forecasters are calling for 30 to 40-inches of rain in some parts of the state as the storm hovers over southeast texas in the next few days. while it may not be a hurricane any longer the tropical storm is still packing a punch. meteorologist chelsea ingram is monitoring harvey as it moves through that state and chelsea, after all of this, that part of the country is still in for lot of rain. >> that's exactly right. i think b bye-bye the time it's all said and done we'll measuring rainfall in some of these locations not in inches but in feet. here's a look at storm scan3. tropical storm harvey. my main concern in this band of very heavy very torrential rain setting up just over houston. this is actually a tornado warn band of rain about an hour or so
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ago now flash flood warning but we'll still be dealing with on-going problems the overnight hours tonight and really for days to come. of course it made landfall as category four hurricane. we still have that flooding threat and also a tornado threat. tornado watch remains in effect. we'll see that extreme rainfall and honestly very little movement and that is going to be the main problem. look at this right here moving to the east northeast around 1 miles per hour. it's hardly moving at all. it hasn't weakened to winds of around 50 miles per hour. so notice that the storm track is bakely a big blob. harvey is not going to be going anywhere for the coming days. heading into the overnight hours to this big plume of moisture continues into tomorrow morning for the houston area and then also going to continue into the overnight hours into the start of next week. more coming up in a bit including your local forecast. for now back to you. >> chelsea, see you again soon. some residents in houston texas decided to stay behind thinking they were in the clear and the storm rolled through
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last night causing a path of destruction. "eyewitness news" reporter henry rosoff spoke with one woman who recently moved from the delaware valley he has her terrifying story. >> good evening, henry. >> good evening, alex we spoke with two families current until pennsylvania in texas. they explain the terrifying moments overnight as the concern moving forward. >> about 1:00 o'clock last night a tornado hit, and it just rolled through the neighborhood. i've never seen anything like it before. >> reporter: we face timed with jamie phillips she and her family are originally from aston but moved to the houston area for her husband's job. these pictures are from what neighbors believe was tornado caused by hurricane harvey that ripped through their neighborhood. >> about 50 miles an hour. one of my friends the root is in their living room. another friend had part of tree through the bathroom. people were having toronto get
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into closets. it sounded like a freight train. it was just scary. >> phillips says the next issue moving forward is flooding. that's also the case for brian matthews originally from just outside pittsburgh now dropping off his daughter at a college in austin. >> it rain non-stop ever since. we'll be seeing it for the next few days as well. >> reporter: witness flooding even more power outages are expected. that during the texas summer can be deadly. >> the biggest concern will also be the air-conditioning. it's hot. >> reporter: we also just got word that local specialized first responders are headed down to houston tonight. task force one a state disaster response team consisting of 31 people. k9s and specialized equipment are en route to aid in the search and rescue efforts. the philadelphia fire department is part of that deployment. live in the sat center henry rosoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. they can use all the help they can. thank you henry. we'll continue to monitor harvey
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as the storm spins and changes over texas this week. remember when we're not on the air you can always get the latest oh and line at public schoolteacher charged with making terroristic threats against a police officer after altercation during a protest at the frank rizzo statue earlier this month. >> bleep, bleep, bleep. >> authorities say 63-year-old john edward shear ran made verbal threats of violence tour the officer an ugh 16th. he was arrested without incident. the school district of philadelphia says sheeran has been removed from his position as a teacher while they conduct an investigation. again a statement from lee wack with the physical school district released this "the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. this is a matter which we take very seriously. the school district is aware of his arrest, but prior to his arrest mr. sheer rin had been under investigation ". he's been removed from his school pending our investigati
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investigation. mayor kenny ross' ross office speaking about president trump's pardoning of are a pao. >> the president pardoned him calling him an american patriot who quote kept arizona safe. a statement from the mayor and his director of immigrant affairs said this. this pardon like many the president's actions, contradicts his professed claims for respecting the rule of law. arpaio does not represent american values and does he not represent the law enforcement officers who do their jobs with professionalism and fairness every day "the presidential pardon comes before he was sentenced to jail time. it is unusual for president to issue a pardon before sentencing it does not violate any constitutional law. if you saw a pack of pink walking through philadelphia today, you were watching day two of the susan g. komen three day. forever hundred people are now two-thirds of the way through
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their 60-mile journey. some of them are breast cancer survivors or relatives and friends of people still battling the disease. the event is a fundraiser for research that could help find a cure for breast cancer. >> there's hope. there is hope for you. there's hope for me. there's hope for all of us. but one day we will end breast cancer. >> the walk had wrap up tomorrow afternoon at the philadelphia navy yard. philadelphia is one of 7us cities that hosts the susan g. komen three day. if you want more information about the event, check out our website we'll most pictures and videos and updates for you on well today we celebrate national women's equality day. it mark the 97th anniversary of the 19th amendment. drexel university's vision 2020 a national womens equal lat coalition gathered to celebrate with a scavenger hunt. the message commemorating
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women's history and passive of the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote in 1920. still ahead on "eyewitness news", thousands of protesters take to the streets of san francisco. but it's not what you think. why this crowd was gathered to celebrate this afternoon. plus -- we've got the moves. we'll do it. it was all over my house. >> these pieces of flying foam are all about fun and games in new jersey. a closer look at this new group and the creative minds behind it. later you think you're a good dancer. how weight less will he leaps and spins how he is made his mission to succeed despite a rough
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planned rally in san francisco by a right wing group was called off today but that doesn't stop counter protesters from showing up. this was the scene at the city's alamo square park. the counter protesters had planned to rally against the so-called patriot prayer events but the event organizer had cancel it citing inadequate security measures.
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it was a quiet morning for some. two major social media platforms were a little anti social today. facebook and instagram off line for some users right around 9:0. facebook blamed an unspecified technical issue and said it was working to fix it. it is still unclear what caused the problem. facebook is making family emojis for diverse. these are some of the 125 new options facebook released in recent months. emojis skin tone range from light to dark. previously all of them were yellow. rye now the new emojis are available for desk tops much welcome back to "eyewitness news". if you want to have a blast in washington township, there's a new indoor playground that let's do you just that. our new jersey reporter cleve bryan was game to give eight go today. >> number three, two, one. (whistle belows). >> reporter: the moment has arrived for washington township business. this cam mow clad bunker filled
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battlefield called darts of war. >> place for kids to come and essentially play nerve wars. >> reporter: doug and his wife christie are celebrating opening weekend for their nerve style foam play gun arena that's inspired by some of their children's favorite toys. >> my husband was with my boys and they were looking online and they saw an indoor arena. >> i'm look where is that? it's in colorado. >> i'm like you know what i can do that. >> reporter: year ago the gloucester township couple decided to give starting a business a shot. >> i was pregnant and i was getting ready to go on maternity leave when we knew we were having our fourth one at home this is what we need to do. we need a family business. >> we got the loans and said we're going to do. i started buying this they have been stuff all over my house. >> reporter: they turn this property on the black horse pike into a foam war zone. >> it's fun. it's cool to shoot the people and all the different stuff. you get to use bazookas, machine guns, shot guns. >> as parent you can sit out
11:27 pm
there or get in the act. the best part of it's at the end of the day, you don't have to clean up. whether you're three or 43 it's fun and a workout. >> i can't even see out of the goggles right now. it's if you. he's having fun. these little kids are killing me. >> we want them playing and running around. we don't want kids to be sitting there on their computers and watching tv this is getting them out and being active. >> reporter: whether a group or individuals this is the place to do it. >> this is cool. >> reporter: in washington township, cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news". cleve wasn't holding back on those kids nom way. good job. great story. if there's one thing you can't start the school year it's a backpack a local organization is making sure that no child goes without one. the philadelphia out reach development council donated thee hundred backpacks and other school supplies to some of the city's needy yesterday families. today was the ninth annual back to school event benefiting family organizations but organizers say they need help
11:28 pm
year round. >> usually around the mill of the year those bags and those supplyings wear out, right? we find organizations like that. always looking for people that we can partner with and we support teachers halfway during the school year to reload bags and supplies for the kids set them um for the second last the year. >> the physical out reach development council says it will hold another donation drive for students needs in january. check out this incredible sunflower grown by chester county family serious green thumb. they zen us this photo of their daughter michelle standing by papa the sunflower. they had to cut it down with a saw. she says the family planted the seeds in may and the plant just never stopped growing. thank you so much for sending us that photo. time for us to check our forecast which is promising to be a taste of fall i think. meteorologist chelsea ingram is here for closer watch. >> it has been feeling like fall, right. more where that came from. as we head into sunday things looking good.
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live look at our neighborhood network. we're lookin looking at the seem new jersey how beautiful. just a gorgeous evening setting up. we're dry and it's going to be a cool night as well. especially for the bushes today the official high temperature in philadelphia was right around 8. that's below average for time of year. average high right around 84. we have several more below average days as we head into the rest of the weekend and also next week as well of course i'll show you that. 68 degrees now in philadelphia. we're down into the low 60s down the shore. wildwood right around 63 degrees and atlantic city is 62. 61 in allentown. it is a chilly 49 degrees in mount pocono. now dew points are in the 50's. earlier today, i saw some of these reporting sites in the upper 40s and that is just, oh, spectacular especially for this time of year. kind of hard to come by. it's normally a lot more humid this time of year. we really enjoyed this weather today and that's going to continue into tomorrow as we
11:30 pm
round out the komen three day you can look for high temperatures in the upper 70s. plenty of sunshine. and a nice northeast wind around five to 10 miles an hour so yet another fantastic day more great weather for that. we're looking at mostly clear skies here on storm scan3. got a clear scan but it's a different story. heading down towards florida. monitoring a circulation. this is expected to make its way up along the southeastern coastline over the next day or so and eventually into the mid atlantic. this is going to be responsible for bringing us our next chance for some showers. we're quiet though on sunday. we'll likely see increasing clouds as we head into the day on monday. but i still think we stay dry as we start out the work week. it's not going to be until about tuesday where we bring those chances for showers back into the forecast. you can see this area of low pressure circulation sent located just off the coast of north carolina as we head into about the 2:00 o'clock hour on tuesday. so we'll keep a close eye on for now we're mostly clear and dry comfortable night.
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crack open the windows. air out the house. 61 degrees for that overnight low temperature. nice cool night. plenty of sunshine on tap for sunday. it will be seasonably cool as well with a high temperature right around 79 degrees. nice football feeling kind of weather for us. your shore cast looks like this. another great day down the shore. 76 for that high temperature on sunday. we'll see increasing clouds on monday. partly sunny, it will be breezy. we'll have the low risk of rip currents on sunday. we'll see that risk increasing monday and tuesday with that area of circulation just offshore. and a chance for showers returning on tuesday. your "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast looks like this. increasing clouds as we head into the start of the work week. high temperature right around 7. as we head into tuesday, 76. spotty shower chance. this shower chance is going to continue all the way through thursday. okay. by thursday, we're more seasonal. as far as temperatures are concerned with a high of 83. so far the start of labor day weekend is looking pretty good.
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>> thank you so much. >> you mentioned football weather. i'm not even over baseball yet speaking of which leslie van arsdall is here with what's coming up in sports. >> a local team that's going for championship. arena bowl 30 the soul trying to repeat and reece hoskins goes deep again as he tries to make history but was it enough to stop the world champion cubs? sports is next. ♪ ♪ having a baby.
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>> welcome back. it may be starting to feel like fall but it is still baseball season. right, leslie. >> great weather to see a game. that was the good part. game two of the weekend series witness cubs. another bright spot reece hoskins dream season continues. some of the guy wearing unique jersey with their 96 names on the back. reece gets things started with two run homer to left feel. incredible. this is a ten homer


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