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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  September 12, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> now at noon, devestation on display, and help is on the way, getting closer look at irma's destruction in the florida keys, as emergency crews rush to the battered islands, that begin the long road to recovery. >> and it is not just florida, feeling irma's impact since the storm moved north. torrential rains caused flood ing in carolinas, the scope of the storm areas power right now, at least ten deaths in several states are being blamed on the massive storm and millions remain without power. good afternoon, everyone, i'm jim donovan.
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>> i'm rahel solomon. our coverage begins with mule a lanky in hard hit jacksonville florida with more on the damage being revealed. >> a man walked through a flooded street in the riverside section of jacksonville, florida tuesday morning, irma caused some of jacksonville's worse flooding, in more than 150 years. the storm surge led to more than 300 rescues monday. >> if this wasn't my job, i would have left the city days ac, i wouldn't have been here for the storm. >> officials stay could take days before all of the water recedes. >> we got about 10 inches away from going in the house. but the weird thing is we took the greats off, you see water in the air duct. >> weighter reached nearly 4 feet in this jacksonville neighborhood. but as you can see, they're receding and are now less than a foot. irma also caused massive flooding in charleston, south carolina monday, the storm knocked out power to more than
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p million customers, in florida about two thirds of the state began the day with no electricity, in the florida keys, officials now seek the scope of the damage, where irma barrelled in as category four hurricane. >> still heading in the keys, getting waters back up, sewage , power back up. >> in the lower keys homes are reduced to pile of debris, but evacuated residents who live in the less damaged upper keys were allowed to return home this morning. mola lenghi, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> well, celebrities doing their part to help with the victims of irma, and harvey, beyonce, george clooney, open, a dave matthews along with many others appear in a prime time fundraiser tonight called hand-in-hand, benefit for hurricane relief. you can see tonight at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. >> and, irma is thankfully no longer packing the same punch, but the system still bringing rain to part of the country. meteorologist, katie fehlinger tracking where things stands now, so katie, could we be feeling any of irma's impact
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any time noon. >> yes, you know, even as early as tomorrow here jim, some showers start to move n talking the most glancing of blows out of the storm system for our area, by comparison to what this has done, across the sunshine state, across the caribbean nations, this really just is not a big deal for us. may be little bit after prolonged event granted when we start things off in a look at wide zoom for you here, on storm scan3, i have to zoom it pretty far out just to show you the expands of the granted much weaker system, post tropical cyclone irma, technically what it is called at this point, you see how the moisture strung out anywhere from louisianna r arkansas, all the way out to virginia. north carolina, so a lot of different states, a lot of different communities being impacted at this point, but just not the same kind of impact. notice, there is some wet weather trying to lift in few bands of showers across the virginia as, i don't think we have to deal with it though until tomorrow because the of the way it is tracking drifts east around or should say west then it will come back east our way by tomorrow. so, really we just got built
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in clouds, before we went on the air, rahel mentioned this feels so comfortable outside, walk out the door the humid i had at this still low, but feels good outside. mid 70s region wide, i think we are going have the chance to warm up efficiently here the rest of the day. today looks quite nice. clouds are building though with lead edge of what's left of irma. with time, that wet weather is eventually going to arrive into tomorrow, specifically, and again, this could linger for awhile. so we have chance to warm up little bit here, up to 82 degrees in the meantime with the building clouds, then when the wet weather gets here starting tomorrow it sets off trends of several days worth of showers, from this very large all it be much weaker system. back over to you. >> katie, see you later in the show, thank you. engineers facing criminal charges in the deadly amtrak train derailment in 2015 back in philadelphia for preliminary hearing, his lawyers trying to get the whole case thrown out. our joe holden was in the courtroom this morning, and he joins us live now from the criminal justice center in center sit which today's
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development. good afternoon. >> he's held criminally responsible in the death of eight passengers, on doomed amtrak train 188 may 12 of 2015 when the train crashed in the frankford curve along amtrak northeast corridor >> his attorneys, contends that this was all a bunch of legal maneuver and mechanics, how criminal charges were end ever filed against brandon bostian, the judge hearing none of that, and denies the motion to have the case possibly appealed to higher court, to determine if this was the right place for these charges. now i can tell you the first witness on the stand of philadelphia police officer, who was investigating unrelated homicide, rushed to the scene, and described basically a minds field of
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live strewn power lines across the tracks, he says, he came across victims, and body parts , he painted an absolutely grizzly and very difficult scene to listen to, and then he also testified about the big shattered glass in the midst of the lobing most i have of train 188, that is the suggestion that brandon bostian, the engineer, was who distracted when entering the curve because right earlier, a septa train on an unrelated track also had it windshield shattered, distracting the engineer of that train, apparently all point bulletin went out along the rail lines to be on be the the look out for people throwing rocks at trains, then saw the picture in court of the shattered windshield of car 188, that is one theory as to how brandon bostian, the engineer of this local molk i have could have been distracted. and we're also hearing from some of the victims, their
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testimony, about how bostian was acting, after this crash, some very interesting details, about his demeanor, coverage on that part of this continuing case starts on " eyewitness news" at 5:00. see you then. reporting live, i'm joe holden , cbs-3, eyewitness news >> look forward to that report , thanks, joe. in other news, the cause behind deadly fire last night in wilmington, delaware, under vehicles. investigators say firefighters rescued one man from burning home on the 100 block of west 37th street. that man died a short time later at the hospital. we're told that a woman who escaped the fire is in critical condition. and a third victim is recovering from non-life threatening injuries. the villanova community past and present have joined family, friends today, to remember the life of legendary basketball coach rollie massimino. his funeral mass took place on campus this morning, at saint thomas of villanova church. massimino led the wildcats men's team to an unlikely
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national championship, in 1985 he died last month at the age of 82, after a battle with lung cancer. >> an event took place this morning to highlight new apartment building being built in the city spring garden section. property groups and community college of philadelphia broke ground on the new apartment building at 15th and hamilton street. building known as the hamilton will be located steps away from the community college of philadelphia main campus, and will feature 600 amounts, kale erring to young professionals. >> coming to the neighborhood. well, coming up on cbs-3 " eyewitness news," apple's next big thing. >> the tech giant set to reveal the newest iphone. what you can expect to see and spends, on the latest model. meisha? >> well, i think it is fair to say, most little ones aren't too selfless, in fact, most don't even know what that word means n today's love it, meeting young girl whose heart is in the right place, all for our troops. that story is coming up. first a quick blake, stay right where you are, cbs-3 " eyew
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>> the wait is almost over. apple revealing iciness iphone today. >> in celebration of the tenth e expected to unveil three, count them, three designs today, at events in california they include the iphone eight, eight plus, and special edition iphone x which is expected to cost about a thousand dollars. a thousand dollars? >> no, no, no. >> well, they say, it is better to give than receive. >> while a little girl is take that to heart, meisha joins us
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now with today's love it. meisha? >> you guys, i'm just loving a little girl from florida on a mission to give. gathering boxes, upon boxes of supplies to help our heroes. and, not only is she giving up her time and resources, she's also giving up her biggest day of the year, what a lady. take a look at this. >> a patriotic kendel want to know what when she gross up. >> i want to fight for the country, so the bad people won't be here. >> a soldier, and you can say, her mother is her inspiration. >> the six year old knows she has a long way to go until then. so while she waits, she is on a mission. supporting troops, from home. when kendel turned seven next month,, instead of getting gift for her birthday she want to send care packages to troops overseas. >> some troops don't have things, i feel sad for them. but when i do give them things , i feel happy for them. >> kendel says every day total strangers donate boxes full of
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supplies, and one box in particular meant something a little more. >> it came from here in naples , the ruiz family, their son, lance corporal was killed >> naples native and former marine 19 year old austin ruiz , left behind a box of untouched games after his death in training camp. >> i believe that their intention was to share, and that's what it says on this one, to share. >> so young, yet so good. kendel says she doesn't plan on stopping her military giving mission any time soon. in fact, she says, she will be doing it for a very long time, trying for every year, right on her birthday. >> boy, talk about a selfless act of a seven year old. >> you're funny it, does start at home, funny, when we were seven. i loved animals, and people but, right? pretty selfless little girl like jim said, not to mention wise beyond her years, we can all learn something from
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kendel. keep it up. if you come across any other inspirational ideas you think you i should know about, please sends them my way. >> meisha, appreciate t still ahead on "eyewitness news," shenade o'connor speaks out. >> talking live with doctor phil who spoke exclusively with the singer about had your struggles with mental illness, that's doctor. doctor. i played a doctor on tv, but now i'm helping save lives for real. starting with my own. i'm partnering with cigna healthspring to remind everyone how important preventive care is for people my age.
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judge today doctor phil sits down with shenade o'connor, discussing her battle with mental illness. >> who are the people that won't take care of you? are you talking about your family? >> yes, and also, like i love my family, and i don't blame them. it is not easy for families of
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mentally ill people. we can be difficult. what happened i had been write to go my family begging letters, and angry letters, and i don't want to make out like i am a victim here. i give it as good as it gets. better my family if they saw how i'm feeling. they would relate to it. >> do they watch? >> no. >> did you feel that you were left to die alone? >> and doctor phil joins us live now from los angeles to talk more about it. hi, doctor phil. >> good afternoon. >> so, some people may have seen that recent video post where the singer talks about living with mental illness. how did you hear about the video? >> well, you know, i saw it like everyone else, when it went viral. but then i just got bombarded by so many of my viewers, saying, doctor phil, you've got to help this woman. we love her. and she is so desperate. so alone. and crying for help. and i responded said of course
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i would help her. and she called me, actually, at my office, at paramount studios in hollywood, and say i understand i'm on your radar and you're willing to help me. and i need help. i'm lost. i don't know what to do. she said furthermore i want to do this openly. i want to do this publicly because i want to de stigma ties mental illness, we're losing too many singers, too many entertaining ers, and think of all of the other folks we don't hear about. there is so much shame and guilt associated with this, i want that to stop. we need to stop feeling guilty about this. and i want to use me as a teaching tool. i want to help here. >> doctor phil, what can you tell us about her demeanor during the interview? >> well, you know, jim, she was very forthcoming during the interview. but clearly, very much in pain you know, i asked her, what do you think this all stems from? and she said, look, i grew up
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in ireland. and my mother created a absolute torture chamber. she said she was physically abused, mentally and emotionally abused, and sexually molested. and she said it destroyed myself worth, destroyed my identity, and myself esteem, and she said i've built up such a rage that had dominated my life, that i've allienated everybody that i've ever been around, including my four children, who want nothing to do with me, as you just heard her refer to in the clip. and she said i don't know what to do. i can't get past this. and she has never had any sustained help with it at all. >> certainly some disturbing revelations there, all right, doctor phil, we of course be watching. thank you. >> you can catch doctor phil's exclusive interviewed today at 4:00 right here on cbs-3 of course followed by "eyewitness news" at 5:00. 12:19. katie is back, like you said
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earlier, practically beautiful >> yes, couple of more clouds not really making it any worse after day. >> really beautiful, very comfortable day all-in-all currently mid 70s pretty much everywhere. still have the wherewithall warm up, even more so as the day goes on. do that with time here, also see little sun peaking through the clouds. but with time, as we had mentioned earlier in the show, some wet weather does make its arrival here, all in the form of irma's rain showers. now let's get you out there. we start things offer by quick peak at the local zoom. clouds are somewhat intermittent. you can tell how the sun is penetrating through some of the cloud deck. still what we call paisley partly sunny sky, we have a lot to talk about whether it comes to the tropics. still of course have irma's renmant moisture, that works its way through in the next couple of days, then as i step to this side, looks like giant cotton ball in the open waters of the atlantic, that my friends hurricane jose. that although at this point is not any direct impact to the united state coastline, not guarantee anyway, that is actually bringing in some impact, which we get tonight
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but just to gave you a refresher course on what it means, whether it is a cat one , two, three, four, five, obviously at the lowest level, although still very large, very powerful storm system, you could still see considerable damage with cat one storm system since it whose 74 to as many as 95-mile per hour sustained winds speeds. now currently this is barely cat one. it has got max sustained winds speeds 75 miles per hour, but put it in motion. take look at the track it will take. strange one. it goes in a loop. around itself, over open waters, thank goodness. but then as we approach the weekend, right now, expecting that it will stay off shore. i don't want to guarantee that now, but that's the expectation at the moment. but keeping in mind, that even though this system, many miles away from not just florida, the georgia, carolina coastline, but also from us, it is still churning up the ocean waves. so, it may be more dangerous to be out in the water today, especially lifeguards done for the season, still have lots of people, not as many as we've seen in the summer but still
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lot of people lining the beaches here out in rehoboth. and, that water could be a little chopper i. so somebody to keep in mind the next few days, back it up, talk about irma, the renmant moisture headed our way. i take you all the way to tomorrow morning, some of the showers start to work their way in, this is, again, such a minor problem. it is not the worse idea to take along an umbrella but look at this, come this same time tomorrow, this spotty showers working their way through. could be a drenching downpour, but so scat tedder really is a minor problem. and that will continue into thursday, possibly friday, maybe even left over shower saturday. >> eighty-two the expected daytime high, drop it back down to 62 through the overnight, staying mild, 63 the nighttime low. take a look, stays pretty mild for the standards right through the forecast, upper 70s at coolest on wednesday, and then monday, and, again, other than some showers, it is not a bad forecast at all come this weekend, should start to brighten up some more sun, as
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well. we will be right back.
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>> volcano sending streams of volume down the mountain on the islands on thursday, the erruption reportedly first began, as far back as early 2,016. entering the ocean, summer of last year. >> beautiful. >> some hurricane irma evacuees are smiling little bit bigger, thanks to kristin
12:26 pm
bell. >> women, the disney film frozen, sang the song at a shelter in central florida, she is currently lore lan -- orlando at movie shoot and decided to spend time with evacuees, they praised her for the kind gesture, after it went viral on social media. big smile to them. >> and if we sang, that would go viral. >> not for the same reasons. >> we could get a grammy or something, right, meisha? >> oh, love it. >> that's "eyewitness news" today at noon, i'm jim donovan >> i'm rahel solomon. for meisha, katie, thank you for watching. >> a big laugh. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. >> you can always visit us on line at >> she doubt our music? >> i can't believe it. >> what's going on here in the young and the restless is coming up next. have a great day everyone.
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