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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 16, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> gary: that might be the play of the game. 72 butch has shown some good speed. >> gary: yes. >> brad: stops things with a third and goal coming up. remember, tennessee could conceivably have the lead right now had they hit all their kicks today. might have changed the course of the game in some other fashion. but a miss from 47 wide left. a miss from 51 wide right and then medley came in, and he pushed that one. there is nine points they left that would look really nice right now. more importantly, their kicker, if they get another shot, which guy would it be? >> gary: it would be med le inside -- i just think if you're going it throw the ball you have to throw the ball where you can't turn it over. you've got to get the field goal try if you don't score the
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touchdown. callaway, 6'2", i give him another shot. >> gary: i give him another shot. >> brad: dormady, low snap. has time. throws to the corner. incomplete. kelly the intended receiver. >> gary: i would have gone one more 50-50 ball. >> brad: mcwilliams the big play. >> gary: trying to pick. run everybody across the field. god coverage to the outside. nowhere to throw the ball. c.j. mcwilliams did a good job staying home and waiting for the back. >> brad: let's see if aaron medley can put the last one behind him. 27-yard field goal to try to tie it up inside a minute. medley. dump time out before the kick? the kick is good.
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everybody just sort of stopped and he drilled it. evenav 20-20. less than a minute to go. fourth quarter. ♪humming ♪whistling ♪ ♪home sweet home to me ♪good ol' rocky top - woo! ♪rocky top, tennessee ♪ >> brad: rashaan gaulden's interception turns into a medley 27-yard field goal after a 31-yard march in eight plays and we're tied at 20-20. now medley's got to not kick this one out of bounds as he did
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earlier. >> gary: if your watching the game and you are a gator fan, it was so hard to score a touchdown in the first half and you take a 10-point lead you're like putting this in the win column, right? all of a sudden, it ain't. >> brad: cleveland will have to take a knee on this one. two big touchdowns by tennessee. first it was john kelly who has been a work horse as a receiver and a runner all day long. he's been sensational. career high for him so far. that wasn't good but then the tight end wolf on a perfectly thrown ball by dormady. a >> gary: the number of plays has caught up with this defense. 20 more plays in this football game. 72-53. they have worn down that
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secondary. they're missing tackles noticeably in the fourth quarter. >> brad: if you're wondering about eddy pineiro on the sideline. >> gary: what chance do you take if you're florida? >> brad: franks complete to the tight end c'yontai lewis. >> gary: if you're florida you threw a safe buttonhook to the tight end and got a pisc and now you ask your quarterback to run a two-minute offense or do you say let's get it to overtime? >> brad: we were talking about pineiro. he had two 54-yarders a year ago for the gators, part of a 21 -- >> gary: i'm pretty sure on youtube i saw a 70-yarder. >> brad: that was against air. >> gary: ok. >> brad: maybe they'll give him a shot. who knows. second and seven. feleipe franks in trouble. he's going to run out of it. a nice cutback run. he's close. might have a first down.
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clock running, though. florida has two time outs remaining. 29 seconds. >> gary: no time outs. >> brad: got to hustle. >> gary: they have not taken a time out. it is short of i first down. >> brad: they're taking way too much time here. >> gary: yeah, and the receivers have neidea what the play is here either. >> brad: the fans are not happy. >> gary: you know why? they grew up here watching fun-and-gun and slinging it around and they're not used to seeing this. >> gary: whether they're just playing for overtime -- that's what it's going to end up being. i don't know if that was the intent but you've got to call a time out. you can't waste 20 seconds. >> gary: florida thought it was a first down and the clock was going to stop. once they realized it wasn't, it was too late. >> brad: that was probably it. only nine seconds remaining.
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>> gary: they need 25 yards to have a legitimate shot. feleipe franks on the scramble. he gets close to the first down but is spun down short of the first down. you can see the mark right there. the officials saying it's not a first down. 33 seconds on the game clock when florida could have taken a time out. >> brad: three wideouts for franks to the near side and one to the left. >> brad: in trouble in the backfield. wants to throw now. he's going to go deep, and i mean deep, and i mean touchdown, florida.
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tyrie cleveland in a miracle finish. a hail mary that's full of grace for the gators. the >> brad: an unbelievable finish at the swamp. and the celebration might last all night. >> gary: the replay official is checking whether feleipe franks was behind the line of scrimmage. >> brad:
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>> gary: i the ball went 65-plus yards in the air and perfectly thrown. abernathy relaxes for a second and then the big arm of feleipe franks finishes off the game. two years ago we were here when will greer hit antonio callaway with a throw to win the game. fourth and 14. now with nine seconds to go, different names, look at the leverage he has. he pauses for one second, and franks outthrows the coverage. keep running. keep playing. got a big-armed quarterback and a bad angle causes tennessee the football game. >> brad: as gary said, it traveled about 66 yards in the air. it goes in the books as a 63-yard touchdown for the win at the gun. allie is with a happy coach.
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>> allie: coach, after two weeks of emotional highs and lows, what's it like to see your team respond in this way? >> look at them. what they've gone through. this is about them. look at these fans. cool deal. >> allie: this team went through a lot. the hurricane. a lot of emotion this week. this is a huge test of character. did you know they always had this character? >> i said from the start. we've got some young guys and stuff but this is a fun group to be around. they know i love them. i'm just happy for them. that's all it is. >> allie: what did the freshman show you? maybe that he's 34r like -- that he's more like a veteran? >> he showed me he can throw it a long way. >> allie: thanks. >> brad: what a special ending.
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here is one more look from up top. franks buying himself some time. gary. >> gary: micah abernathy knows where franks is but as the ball is thrown he takes a bad angle and every odd year i come back here i see something strange. >> brad: on the other side. >> gary: we've seen this before. >> brad: they were hoping for overtime, and in nine seconds everything changes. for the time being, in the east, florida has a little bit of an edge, and tyrie cleveland has one he will remember forever. he had a big kick return that got him in good shape score a touchdown and then a 63-yard bomb from feleipe franks finishes it off in the final seconds.
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>> gary: tyrie cleveland is a track star from schol still learning to be a route runner but he uses his speed to close the gap micah abernathy. as he turns he takes a pad angle. that's his mistake. when he went flat across, it was over. >> brad: five catches today but none bigger than that one. 63-yard touchdown catch and florida wins on the final play. >> brad: i don't think we have to tell you what the play of the game presented by napa auto parts was but why don't we watch it together one more time. what an arm on this kid. what a finish in the end zone. florida wins it on what might be the play of our game.
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maybe the play of the day in college football. >> he's going to heave one deep downfield. it's going to be to the goal line. it's caught. it's a touchdown. and the gators have won the game. tyrie cleveland. >> brad: the call of my friend, nick huber. beautifully done. >> gary: so reminiscent if you're a tennessee fan of jacob eason for georgia throwing one down the left sideline when tennessee thought they had the game. they come back and won this one. now they didn't have time to come back to win this one. >> brad: feleipe grew up today on his home field, in his home starting debut and it couldn't have ended in more than dramatic fashion, and as jim mcelwain said to allie, pretty cool deal. >> gary: pretty cool deal. >> brad: 26-20, final score. that's going to wrap us up. we'll be in nashville next week. bama and vandy. for gary danielson, allie that loers, brad nessler saying so
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long from gainesville. final score. gators in the swamp win it on the final play in dramatic fashion. 26-20. with a game. the ram post-game show is up next. it comes right after these messages. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division bring on the challenges. bigger than him. her. them. and we'll bring those who are ready to work. bring on the issues that will drive us to move forward, stay ahead, and save lives. bring on the questions. and we'll bring the answers for a brighter world. today. tomorrow. together. we all play a part for the greater good.
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for the greater good. it's not about where you were born. it's not about your gender. or the color of your skin. or whether you're rich, poor, or in the middle. no matter what you play. if you have the skill and drive to succeed in school and in sports, we'll provide the opportunity. >> adam: coming up on "the college football post-game show powered by ram, rick, b.j. and i
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closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> adam: welcome to "the college football post-game show powered by ram." i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with
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"ncis" and "ncis: los angeles" followed by "48 hours." tonight, only cbs. in the game you just saw. >> brad: in trouble in the. wants to throw now. he's going to doo r go deep -- and i mean deep, and i mean >> brad: he's going it go deep, and i mean deep, and i mean touchdown, florida. >> adam: brad nessler, let loose a roar >> rick: unbelievable finish. congratulations to both teams. they fought their guts out. at the end of the game jim mcelwain with was in no-man's land trying to figure out we're
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short on third down. i'm not going to call my time out. they run, down nine seconds, nothing bad can happen in nine seconds, we'll take a shot. 63 yards later, paydirt. unbelievable finish. >> brian: ain't no -- last year it was tennessee with all these miracle plays to win ballgames in the waning seconds but missed opportunities plagued tennessee through this entire ballgame. three missed field goals. you had the interceptions. it was just john kelly late and he had a phenomenal game other than that one play. an array of mistakes by tennessee but you have to tip your hat to jim mcelwain and his troops because you knew they were going to come in and try to put on a physical presence. they did that early and overcame missteps of their own. a huge win. >> adam: the florida offense everyone was waiting to get a touchdown, feleipe franks connecting with tyrie cleveland. allie laforce with those two after the game.
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>> allie: congratulations on the finish. what was it like to embrace your teammates and the fans after that. >> undescribable. you grow up waiting for moments like that and when it happens you don't have any word to describe it. thank you to the -- game. awesome experience. >> allie: you stayed so calm on the sidelines. were you calm in the huddle? what were you telling your offense? >> we have to stay poised. god has a plan. he already has it planned. >> allie: there is the track star. tyrie, let me ask you. i saw feleipe had an emotional exchange with coach. everything this team has been through and then it ends in that way. what emotions are going through you right now? >> i can't describe it. it's crazy. it's crazy. i can't describe it. >> allie: you went seven quarters without an offensive touchdown then two in one
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quarter. wagot into this offense? >> we stayed focused and relaxed and calm like coach told us. we kept faith. >> allie: you were a track star in high school. rougher ran so fast? >> i think this is the fastest i've ever ran. >> allie: thanks. >> brian: this is the fastest i ever ran. >> adam: tennessee volunteers secondary would say that's the fastest he's ever run. >> rick: an unbelievable game. we've seen this over and over in the s.e.c. particularly on this east side -- le'veon bell before our eyes. he looked like the pittsburgh steeler running back. >> brian: what was i yelling right before that last play? safety, back up. why were they playing so close to the line of scrimmage? nine seconds left. keep everything in front of you. come up and make the tackle and you are still playing football. >> rick: a zillion things to coach off of this tape. both teams will find a way to have a great season. >> adam: the vols were hustling every other play, including
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justin martin who had the knockout to prevent a touchdown earlier. other action involving s.e.c. teams. alabama under way with colorado state. jalen hurts. >> brian: i guess they didn't ship colorado state the game plan. >> adam: a 14-0 lead. auburn. this was ugly. after the loss loss the clemson, five turnovers in this game. cam pettway, three touchdowns in the win over mercer. texas a&m was trailing louisiana lafayette at halftime. 31 unanswered in the second half. kellen mond played the whole game. missouri after firing their defensive coordinator evera last week, 35-3. purdue looks good. we'll be back with more on this wild day in college football. when "the college football post-game show powered by ram" continues. we were born this way. forged in the same fire.
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>> adam: welcome back to "the college football post-game show powered by ram." 9:00 eastern on the cbs sports network. get back to the scores. oklahoma state. mason rudolph, rick. setting a school record in the first half. >> rick: phenomenal effort by the cowboy quarterback. fourndz-plus in the first half. they score seven touchdowns on their first seven drives. four receivers including marcell aikman on this catch and jalen mccluskey had four of them. >> adam: they keep rolling. 59-21. at pittsburgh. oklahoma. their bedlam rival. at ohio state last week, b.j., a
7:26 pm
little trouble with tulane. >> brian: tulane is on the come-up, jonathan brantley's pass picked off by mr. parnell motley. 77 yards for six. >> adam: tulane is an improving team but oklahoma does have the lead now late in the first half 21-14 the score right now. meanwhile we did have an upset. nebraska falling at home to northern illinois. tanner lee, two pick sixes in the game. huskies a big one there. ucla went to memphis. 9:00 a.m. in l.a. when they started this game. josh rosen four touchdowns but tennessee transfer riley ferguson with six in a back and forth win for the tigers. wisconsin ruins the 1,000th game in b.y.u. history. virginia tech was down 17-7. they then scored 57 straight. rick said they would toppem them.
7:27 pm
-- rick said they would topple them. more emoticons. >> rick: 100-yard receivers in that 59-21 blowout win. >> brian: riley ferguson against your alma mater. six touchdown passes. >> adam: that wasn't the digit many were focused on early in the day. kansas continues to struggle on the road. >> rick: cheesesteaks. >> adam: crazy times, boys, crazy times. wonderful world of college football. that will just about do it for this week, thanks for watching "the college football post-game show powered by ram." here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. next saturday it's the home depot s.e.c. on cbs. number one alabama. visits vanderbilt. coverage begins with the drive it atlanta presented by mercedes benz at 2:30 eastern followed by state farm college football today.
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>> adam: "the nfl today" in its 50th season. have a great evening and enjoy your weekend. closed captioning provided by cs sports division the
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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> tonight on "eyewitness news," terrifying moments on board a septa train as it partially derails during a saturday morning commute. good evening, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. it was quite a jarring experience for the dozens of folks on board the market frankford line train tonight we're learning more about what caused it to go partially off the rails. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has more. >> reporter: initial word from septa is that a detour because of maintenance may be to blame for the derailment that caused dozens of people to evacuate from a septa train. >> are you serious. >> reporter: an unpleasant surprise for septa riders when a market frankford line train partially derailed near the spring


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