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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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jose's new jersey impact a live look from avalon, the rough surf at the shore, a sign of the storm that just continues to churn up the east coast. just a glancing blow for us for jose but we are still feeling effects. good afternoon i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean from cape may to brigantine all along the south jersy coast signs of jose are in the surf and sand, rough waves in the atlantic and we have team three coverage for you beginning with cleve bryan, live from north wildwood, cleve. well, if you ever wanted to high five a hurricane you are not alone and this looks like the place to do it on the sea wall in north wildwood. you see people taking pictures look at that wave, a splash up , to a couple people that are now, part of the hurricane jose's impact on the new jersey shore. as we come around you can lot size of these waves. they're normal us, nine or 10- foot waves, smashing upright against the sea wall
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here in north wildwood and as they come up with the storm surge and we are just two hours away from high tide, see waves are also smashing into the dunes and it is causing erosion, and this is the down side of, what we have seen as a very exciting storm, also doing damage at shore. >> coming over wall. >> reporter: monday night 15- foot sea wall barely held back ocean during high tide, tuesday dozens had to see for themselves jose's power unleashed on the new jersey shore. >> see how big waves are, see what the excitement is. >> reporter: northern tip of the north wildwood experienced some of the shore's worry rowings and with no federal replenishment project, the city will have to take care of the problem itself. >> when dunes there are to stop the surf from coming into town and they do their job but they end up destroyed, flattened out and then, we have to get them back in shape >> reporter: in ocean city where beach replenish. is a month or so away they created cliffs near fifth
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street. >> i was on the boardwalk last night and i noticed that there has been erosion, since then, on our beach over here, so a lot of the dunes are even wearing away so we have the edge that drops off right now, so i wanted to see how different it was today compared to yesterday. >> reporter: first because of hurricane irma and now jose, waves have been constantly pounding beaches all week and it is not just over. >> we are expecting another really big high tide tonight and tomorrow morning. we will see significant beach erosion and dune damage. >> reporter: you can see wind coming from the north ripping the tops off of the wave, as they slam here against the shore in north wildwood, so, again, two hours away from the highest tide, this is something that they are concerned about as with beach erosion but even some street flooding in the low lying area especially along the back bay. if you are coming into town you need to be careful about the flood ago this will be happening as we get closer to high tide. live from north wildwood, cleve bryan, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now lets go to
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meteorologist lauren case any brigantine with the mobile weather watcher, lauren. thanks, ukee, yeah, here as well, it is wet, windy, and these waves are intense. now they are starting to crash against sea wall in brigantine in the last 15 minutes we are starting to see them come up and over the sea wall. if i make it through this live shot without getting wet, i would be pretty happy about that. check out these waves thrashing up against the wall shooting up that spray. over there we have sea foam that is starting to accumulate now as waves have been over crashing, that is part of the sea wall for the last 45 minutes but right now we're dry, lot of sea foam coming up and soaking us but we are in between rain bands right now but those wind are whipping, gusting up to 40 miles an hour , even higher, and getting a gust to jolt you, a little bit off your feet here, on the sea wall in brigantine but people have been coming out, marveling at the power of
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mother nature and some of these intense waves. we're an hour and a half from high tide, hard to believe that jose is about 200 miles off shore, right now, center from the jersey coastline and we are seeing intense impact but we have got lucky once again, as with irma, jose is passing, off shore, it will continue to move off to the north and east and dissipate to become a remnant low as we head in the next couple of days but we will see elevated surf through the day tomorrow. the sun will come out, but we are going to continue to contend with the threat of dangerous rip currents as we have likely through the rest of the week and upcoming weekend, jessica. so people still have to be concerned even though wind will start to die down tomorrow, sun will return but a hidden threat due to jose as we head in the rest of the week with that chance of strong rip currents. >> all right, lauren, thanks for that update. new saw avenue in margate is under water tonight. residents say dune project toys blame.
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neighbors tell us that the storm surge went around new sand dunes in that part of the margate and came up a drainage pipe that cut through the dunes. that caused a sea water get trapped against bulkhead and flow in the street. meteorologist kate bilo tracking jose as it spins out to sea and causes issues along the way, what is very latest on the path. >> lets take a lou can see where jose is, lauren showed us visual satellite imagery and pox of jose 200 miles off the coast right now and still category one hurricane but starting to look as a little bit more of a hybrid storm taking on extra tropical characteristics. winds sustain around center still at 75 miles an hour, moving north/north east now good movement, it is moving further away from the coastline at 8 miles per hour. you can see it is very slow movement as we head through rest of the week and loops back around and it is eventually just going to fizzle, dissolve into a tropical depression, eventually remnant low and most of this is expected to stay out to sea. if it gets closer it could
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bring some cloud, cooler weather to the coast but as of right now expected to stay far enough east to not impact us except for as lauren mention that had hidden danger of rip currents with the sun fully shining down the shore, jose out to sea there, could be problems this weekend. wind sustained at 20 miles an hour in atlantic city. 23 miles an hour in dover. gusts up to 35 or 40, and we still have risk for coastal flooding at high tide at 8:00 in rehoboth beach, cape may, wildwood, strathmere seeing that high tide time just after 8:00 p.m. and atlantic city earlier at 7:45, and wave heights out to sea, our strongest, you can see, the green shading here 10 to 20-foot waves just off of the coast of new jersey and delaware, that will continue through the rest of the week and into the weekend. we also have marie, category five hurricane bearing down in the uv edger inn island and puerto rico. we will have the latest track on maria coming up in the full forecast, jessica. >> thank you, kate. hurricane maria has caused damage already, hurricane
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pummeled caribbean island of quad loop with heavy rain, strong wind, sire yas on the island are flood. island of dominica has been hit hard. maria has left behind widespread demonstration. search and rescue efforts are underway after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake rattled mexico city this afternoon. several buildings collapsed and the quake set off fires as people ran in the streets. authorities now say at lee 61 people were killed, and the u.s. geological survey tells us that the earthquake's epicenter is 76 miles southe of mexico city. "cbs evening news" is tracking both of those stories and we will have the very latest on the earthquake in mexico and hurricane maria all coming up at 6:30. today a hero's welcome home for dozens of first responders for many local agencies. they spent more than three weeks helping victims of the recent hurricanes. reporter justin u dahoons from our sister station kyw news radio takes to you their story >> reporter: it was an
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emotional reunion for friends, family, co work hours gathered at fire department's special operations center in northeast fail to welcome back more than 80 pennsylvania task force one members as they returned from helping victims of the hurricane harvey and irma in sections of. just tiring, ago way from your family. >> reporter: rescue team manager jim kelly with the philadelphia fire department says urban and search and rescue task force team has been away since august 27th sleeping on cots and working long hours all while in the middle of devastating conditions. >> a lot of destruction there but we just helped out, looking basically out forecaster submerged and stuff like that, to make sure nobody was in them and then when we went into florida we just helped other task force searching homes. >> reporter: captain kelly says search and rescue is tough work but folks they helped made it worth it. >> people down there very generous with us and helped us out and how should i say, thankful, you know, for us here.
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>> reporter: a hero's job is never done so some of the men works men and service dogs from the task force are all ready on their way to puerto rico to help with hurricane marie a won that came back only get a guarantied 48 hours off of work before they are back on the job. captain kelly states in his downtime will catch up on eagles football. >> i whiffle a beer, a 20 days without a beer, my first line of activities. >> reporter: philadelphia fire commissioner adam tiehl says for him this kind of need for manpower is unprecedented but no matter where it is his men and more than ready to help out in a moment's notice. justin udor follow. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". man who police say tried to lure children outside of several philadelphia public schools is behind bars, tonight. police say 35 year-old maur ma mar-juan deed is tied to six open cases to use cash to entice children to get into his car. he is charge were four felony counts of luring a child and four felony counts of
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corrupting the morals of a child. police have not released his mug shot because of the investigation is ongoing. police at richard stockton university are searching for three people who placed white supremacist posters on campus in gala way township. posters advertised a white supremacist group, active on college campuses. police are searching for two males and one female. they can be charged criminal mischief, trespassing and un authorizing posting on campus. cabrini university is investigating two more incidents of racial slurs inside a resident hall. we first told you sunday about a freshman who found the message, go away, and then the n word written in black marker , on her door. the university released a statement today, new findings, and says it has increased its security on campus, and it is doing everything that it can to determine who is writing the racist slurs. and still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" joe biden , busy day, the reason former vice-president, stopped by the university of delaware.
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also this... she was like i don't know how to do it, if i had that, i would be staying at home, yes. >> determined, to survive, this bucks county girl beat cancer and the odd, our stephanie stahl shows you her amazing story and what she hopes to do right now. up next winless giants and their mega star odell beckham junior but leader of the eagles defense is saying about one of the best play makers in the business later in sports.
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kid with cancer, fortunately it is rare and almost unheard of for a teenager to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. but it happened to a girl in bucks county. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has her incredible story of survival. >> reporter: wait until you meet page, she's something else. september is ovarian cancer
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awareness month. it is called silent killer because it is very difficult to find. it usually strikes older woman or those with a family history but doctors say young woman and even girls, can also get it. happy to be back in school. it is not what you normally hear from a 14 year-old but this ninth grader has a special kind of determination, when she was 11, page larose a was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> it was crazy. i could not believe it. they told me it was rare, i kind of, felt special, and at the same time just like wow, i was blown away. >> reporter: her symptoms no appetite and fatigue were vague typical with ovarian cancer which is rare in children. >> i love you. >> reporter: her mom knew doctors were wrong when they kept insisting it was just constipation when ovarian cancer was finally confirmed. >> it was just, i could not believe it, i kept thinking you've got to be dreaming. >> reporter: it was a
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nightmare, page had surgery, chemo and doctors say her eggs could not be saved so she will never be able to have biological children. >> i told doctors i want her alive, we will worry about her having babies another time, when i told her she said, we will adopt, that wasn't a issue. >> reporter: page battling a cancer she never heard of managed to have a positive attitude. >> i was like all right, i got this i can do this. >> reporter: three years later honor student has an unexpect gift from the chemo, full, wavey hair. >> before i was really poker straight, so. >> reporter: wow, look at this hair now. >> yeah. >> reporter: it is beautiful. >> thank you. >> reporter: page's portrait is on display at estate boutique in doyletown. >> we have just finished treatment and some just started treatment. >> reporter: owner brittany mcginnly has a display of ovarian cancer survivors in the window that includes her mom. >> i want to raise awareness about the disease and the symptoms, in woman just get so
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busy, we just write off mild symptoms like bloating, fatigue, and abdominal pain as something else. >> reporter: she's donating 10 s to ovarian cancer research, for page, now cancer free, she's back to being bus which school, sports. and, page's is on the national junior honor society, she says that she wants to eventually be either a surgeon or a chemist, so she can help other cancer patients. >> wonderful. >> amazing. >> eleven year-old diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> so wise. >> yes, she is a special girl. >> great, thanks. new at 6:00 vice-president joe biden is talking jobs. >> biden hosting panel discussion at university of delaware's biden institute today. "eyewitness news" in newark, transportation secretary's lane chow was among the five panellist they discussed how quality jobs can be created to support a growing middle class >> the question of whether or not there will be consequence of more digital says,
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artificial intelligence, globalization, a whole range of other things, whether or not there will be a middle class jobs. >> former vice-president biden is also, set to tour the u.s. to pro met his book promise, hope, hardship and purpose. candidates for new jersey governor will be going head to head next month during a debate, i will take part in, you will see it right here on cbs-3 but before we get to that we want to hear from you. what issues matter most to you and your family, what questions would you like to ask the candidate. we invite you to be part of that conversation, during a virtual town hall, tonight, and it is on our cbs philly facebook page, at 7:00 p.m. kate bilo joins us now with the forecast, let's say, jose, marie, not feeling like fall, lets take it away. >> we have a lot to talk about here lets start off with what we are dealing with from jose, jose has been churning just about 200 miles off the new jersey coast all day long, far enough out to sea that the
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impacts are limited as far as rain, wind but coastal impact have been pronounced especially rough surf. we have seen wave heights over 10 feet, some instances over 15-foot waves, battering the coastline and jose is moving pretty slowly. that means rough surf has really escalated since the weekend and we can expect a few more days of the. you can see in cape may right now that ocean looking very angry, very limited beach, beach erosion, a big threat, especially in these areas that have been doing dune replenish ; beach replenishment projects and we are seeing that erosion undue some of the work that has been done here. storm scan three shows us where jose is. you can see it is out to sea. still a category one hurricane produce something showers up and down the eastern seaboard. heaviest rain is over the opened ocean. but from portions of massachusetts through southern new england, long island and into our area, scattered showers, continuing, mainly from the city on east here as we head north and west we're seeing some sun, and a pretty nice day in the lehigh valley and poconos.
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so, location was everything outside here today. you can see difference. areas with sunshine today got in the 80's, still 81 in reading. eighty in lancaster. eighty in allentown. nice weather there. in philadelphia we are seeing breezy conditions, a few more cloud, couple showers, 73 and in the 60's in atlantic city in wildwood with cloud and showers. these are coming to the end through the rest of tonight, just a stray shower this evening, jose continues to move away. tomorrow we will start with some cloud especially up the coast and then sun will try to break out through the course of the day and we will call it partly to mostly sunny and then by thursday we will get a full day of sun as jose's impact continues to be limited and ridge of high pressure builds overhead. so here's jose, we also have hurricane maria, maria a category five hurricane, moving through portions of the lesser antilles toward portion of puerto rico and u.s. virgin island, british virgin island. could make land fall in puerto rico possibly as a category five hurricane and turks and caicos as a cat four before
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weakening through weekend. here's sunday still off to the south. we will keep a close eye on maria as we head into next week. latest models take it north and start to hopefully turn that system out to sea next week but again, still bears watching because the position of jose could influence the position or the steering flower around maria. overnight mainly cloud which that stray shower, tomorrow, cloud, sunshine, very warm, and our high of 84 degrees. your weekend is nice, warm, look at this, first weekend of fall, we are in the 80's and we will be there for the foreseeable future, right through next week, certainly not feeling like fall. but don bell talking eagles and flyers next in you each drive a ford (all) yes.ght? i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel,
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we are done with that loss in can cast city time to talk bay team what he all know very well. on sunday eagles hook up with the giants for home opener at the link. bird have won 14 of their last 18 match ups with these guys. the zero and two giants are in
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a world of trouble. last night they who to the lions by 14 in the meadow land they only scored one touchdown even though odell beckham junior made his season debut fin wishing 36-yard but jim schwartz is expecting his best on sunday. >> we have to expect him to be 100 percent f we expect anything less we're in the wrong business, because he has a full week to prepare, he obviously was well enough that they played him for 30, 33 plays i think it was, but he is another week away from that , and another week ahead of his rehab and things like that, so, we will have to be ready for 13. we will have to be ready for him to be the same guy that we remembered from last year. the count down is on, in 15 days, the puck drops for flyers. they start in san jose against the sharks. this is day five of the training camp at skate zone and head coach dave hacks stomach was juggling line. sean couturier played
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certainty with captain claude giroux on left wing and claude has not played wing since minors but willing to do whatever it takes for the team >> from there because you have the puck on your good side, so it is, you know, it was actually a lot of fun, you know, and it is not that i'm against it. we can make the team better. we have a lot of centerman. i'm up for the idea for sure. >> game two of the four game series between dodgers and phillies tonight, aaron necessity lah is pitching for fightins. they have not won a series at home against l.a. since 2011. they won game number one last night, nick paveta playing defense, and catches line drive with his shirt. um-hmm. i still don't necessity how he did it. did it go inside the shirt, the bump. phillies win four-three thanks to the aaron all tear grand slam as well. >> it went through a couple buttons.
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>> wow. >> thanks, sir. >> we will be right
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on the cw philly and back on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", from new york, here's anthony mason. take care family, we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: the ground shakes, buildings fall, a powerful earthquake hits central mexico. the death toll is rising as the search goes on for victims. also tonight, potentially catastrophic hurricane maria takes aim at the virginiain islands and puerto rico. >> this is most serious storm in modern history in puerto rico. >> mason: at the u.n., president trump threatens to destroy north korea and its dictator. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. >> mason: and is this the answer to school shootings: teachers carrying guns.


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