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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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at 11:00, utter destruction, an earthquake sent central mexico bringing down buildings and killing scores of people we begin with jose just downgraded to a tropical storm and its impact on the shore, waves break past the sea wall in wildwood and cause localized flooding. people brave the whipping winds to watch the violent surf crash ashore. jose is hundreds of miles out to sea but still bringing dangerous conditions to the coast. i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington. a live look at the ocean in north wildwood. high tied was around 8:00. the waves are still packing a punch >> we have live team three storm coverage. kate bilo is tracking where jose is now and where it's headed. we'll start with alexandria hoff who's live in brigantine. >> reporter: it was powerful stuff out here this evening, you're just now once again able
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to see this beach area in the sand, but from 7:45 high tide that was not the case, the waves crashing into the barrier here. an example ask behind me. you see some of this tattered wood. that used to go all the way dow. these waves tore it apart. sight-seeing on brigantine sea wall was not for the faint of heart. high tide pack add punch. stretches of sandy beaches consumed by water >> if you walk on it normally. >> so, it's gone right now. >> reporter: check this out. footage from north wildwood. huge waves crashing over that sea wall. it wouldn't be a storm without a storm rider. earlier in the day, surfers in ocean city risked the rough waters as onlookers shook their
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heads. >> tremendous power. it's tremendous power. >> reporter: high tide in sea aisle nearly met the roads on the docks in brigantine it lapsed against a protective barrier peaking around 7:30, resident the felt relief that it was on its way out >> coming in, i would -- i wouldn't be standing here. >> reporter: there was some localized flooding especially near the bay areas around high tide, residents tell me they're still concerned about what high tide tomorrow morning could bring. reporting live in brigantine, of alexandria hoff cbs3. let's go to kate. she's been watching jose and the storm is weakening, >> it has now finally been downgraded to a tropical storm. it had been a hurricane for quite some time. at one point peaking as a category 4 and a tropical storm, you can see it's looking extra tropical taking on more mid
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latitude storm characteristics. you can see the rain wrapped around the center. it's continuing to weaken and will continue to do so as we head through the weekend but it may still be hanging around. as far as right now, we do have a couple of scattered showers mainly north of and west of philadelphia. allentown into berks county areas that didn't get much all day today. sunshine and temperatures in the 80's, low showers moving far enough inland to impact the areas, we have tropical storm jose winds sustained at 70 mines just dropped below hurricane strength moving about nine miles per hour with a central pressure of 973 million bars. here's a look at the path. this isn't going anywhere any time soon, it will slowly weaken as it loops around. making its way to the north and to the east and then kind of dividing back down to the south and west jose placement may
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actually impact where maria hurricane maria now in the caribbean will go. you can see jose my computer not advancing we saw the bands of showers move. we got the winds picking up. you can see winds strong sustained about 15 to 20 miles an hour at the coast. 14 miles an hour here in philadelphia. and the winds will remain breezy but not too bad as we go through the overnight hours then we have to watch out for the waves. the worst is over the open atlantic you can see the green here ten foot swells approaching. the strong rip currents will can't through the rest of the week and then our focus is going to shift to maria preparing to make landfall near puerto rico and the virgin islands and heading into the atlantic the question is there maria head our way? we'll have the latest on that storm coming up. ukee, back over to you. hurricane maria is heading
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for puerto rico. it will hit the u.s. virgin islands. the first death has been. reporter: ed on the island of guadeloupe. the leader of the island of dominique has sent out a plea for help. in puerto rico, evacuations are underway. the governor said the storm could be the worst in generations. search and rescue efforts are underway in mexico after a powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake caused death and destruction. they tell us the earthquake's epicenter is about 76 southeast of mexico city. killed at least 149 people in the region. mexico city was hit hard. several buildings collapsed in the capitol as thousands ran not streets for safety. tonight in a tweet, president trump wrote god bless the people of mexico city, we're with you and we'll be there for
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you. greg argos is live in the stat center with local reaction tonight. greg? >> the devastation in mexico is incredible. many people already comparing this quake to one which struck mexico city on this very day in 1985. that one killed tens of thousands of people. right now, with phone lines down in mexico city, many loved ones living here are worried about the family members to the south. more than 100 people dead. buildings toppled. and millions in mexico city are reeling from a massive earthquake which has rattled the largest metropolitan area. >> sending us information about this terrible earthquake. >> reporter: we're more than 20,000 mexicans call home, it's been busy fielding calls and helping calm those with family in the affected area >> as long as we have information we will provide information to the community to
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be patient while they're dialing or contacting through the media. >> at the mexican re moved here from mexico city more than a decade ago but her parents and brothers are still there. >> when i saw what was happening, i called home. phones weren't working i finally was able to get through. my family is ok. i'm deep'sly saddened by what's happening. >> as i mentioned today was the anniversary of that massive 1985 quake and many workplaces held drills shortly before today's earthquake. it's unclear whether those drills may have saved any lives. live in the stat center, greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news." thank you. a man who police say allegedly tried to lure children outside of several philadelphia public schools is in custody. 35-year-old is responsible for six cases of attempted luring in
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northeast philadelphia. allegedly using cash to entice children to get into his car, detectives used a similar unsolved case from february to track him down. new information in the death of a lafayette college student. authorities say two days before williams died on september 9th, the freshman fell in his dorm room after taping a party. the team mates became concerned about williams the following day when he kept insisting on sleeping. they called 911 and williams was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead the next day from a head injury. >> at this time, i have no evidence of any criminal conduct on a part of anyone. at this time. and i leave that open. obviously if new information would come, we would revisit. morgan eli went on to say he did not see his death as a quote penn state case referring to the hazing death of time three piazza classes are cancelled in
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the methacton school district. "eyewitness news" was at a school board meeting. they asked the teachers union to join in a arbitration session. they've been without a contract since january. both sides are at odds over medical premiums president trump issued warnings to north korea and i ran during the first speech to the united nations in new york, he told world diplomats he's putting america first, he also demanded major reforms to make the more effective in stopping threats. he saved his tough talk for north korea. the president warned its leader kim jong-un to get rid of his nuclear program >> if it is forced to defend itself we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. >> the president also crithsed i
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ran for supporting terrorism and causing international agreement to freeze its nuclear program a one-sided deal. >> the president's former campaign chairman paul manafort reportedly been told an deem is coming in the russian melting investigation. he was under fbi surveillance dr. k the campaign. the bureau was concerned manafort was communicating with russian impressive who wanted to influence the election. special counsel robert mueller has the surveillance material. maybe you want to drop a few pounds, what if you don't see results >> it may have nothing to do with the food you're eating. white secret do weight loss may come down to what's already in your stomach. nicole brewer looks into the research. philadelphia isn't the only local city hoping to land amazoned headquarters. a pitch to capture the tech
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giant. >> a live look now from north wildwood, meteorologist kate bilo will tell you when the surf is expected to calm. of summer-like weather on the horizon, be right back
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steven colbert is all new with hillary clinton coming up at 11:35 after eyewitness at 11:00 for anyone whose of dieted but had had a hard time shedding pounds you may be going about it wrong >> research suggests you should stop watching your waist line and focus on something else. what could be the secret to losing weight >> exactly in this particular study only half the population benefitted from a change in diet. which led this team researchers to go with their guts. >> when you want to shed a few pounds, put in the work.
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>> try to get to the gym at least three, four, type of times a week >> and be disciplined >> i try to drink more water >> fruits and vegetables >> and sometimes it still doesn't work >> it's discouraging >> when you get a dip down and you're back up. >> reporter: what if we told you that a successful diet depends on more than was eat >> really? >> that's interesting >> research reveals it may have more to do with the bacteria in your stomach. takener researchers found that participants eating high fiber shed seven pounds more if they had a higher ratio of two certain types of gut bacteria. >> types of bacteria in your gut can actually be changed or influenced your met at that point listen >> he's the director for the center for inflammatory bowel disease at drexel. he said the study has its limit. failure to measure physical activity among other things.
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>> genetics being one of them. other medical illnesses. >> reporter: the more we learn the bert we can customize our plan, he describes what he sees as the medical clinic of the future >> you'll walk in, take a history, physical exam, then they will collect samples and the doctor will come back and here is a customized designer synthetic just for you >> if they guarantee results? why not? absolutely. >> again, the doctor said the high fiber is still the best approach to overall health and recommends increasing fitness regimen. we're still a long way off from knowing >> until then, we'll plug away. camden is joining philadelphia in a quest to lure
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amazon. they voted unanimously to work with the state to set up shop in camden. it could create as many as 50,000 permanent jobs in addition to temporary construction jobs. toys are us filed for all bankruptcy today. in a minutes say they need to improve online services to compete with amazon for now. toys are us not announced plans to close stores. it does expect to continue honoring return policies, warranties, gift cards and loyalty program from hurricane to tropical storm now. jose still feeling some effects. it's weakened but still the same effects we've been feeling. the biggest with jose remain rough surf rip currents, beach erosion and possible coastal flooding at high tide time around 8:00 a.m. hour little bit before the rest of us not going to feel many impacts, tropical storm moving away and it will
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kind of lurk out in the atlantic the next several days, let's take a look we'll take you to a time laps video, it was a massive day. take a look how little the beach is the waves battering the shore line, spells of rain moving through. you can see dampening the boardwalk, not day to be outside unless you wanted to go and check out the ocean, take a picture and head back indoors, sea spray and battering waves. over ten feet, 15 to 17 feet swells, jose is moving away, not a lot of rain, we had steady downpours earlier down the shore now we're seeing a few light sprinkles mainly north and west of philadelphia, those bands continue to push west and they're not much behind it than a stray shower possible and a few spots. but for the most part we'll be seeing rapid cheering actually thousand tomorrow and certainly by the end of the week. temperatures right now, mild in the 70's about everywhere,
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cooler in atlantic city didn't get quite as warm at the shore, thanks to increased cloud cover with jose moisture, 72 in philadelphia, 72 in millville and 70 in allentown. what to expect, not a whole lot more in the way of wet wet weather as jose starts to move. clouds will be slower but for most of us will be turn out to be mostly sunny afternoon and evening, nothing more than a stray sprinkle. but by thursday, high pressure builds overhead you can see jose moving further and we got a full day of sunshine an warmup which you'll see in the seven-day forecast. let's take you down into the tropics. i want to take a closer look at hurricane maria a category 5 hurricane and here is the path. moving right over puerto rico as we head to tomorrow morning, it will be a category 4 as it skirts the northern coast of the dominican republic. there's a hurricane warning for that area. this moves towards the bahamas.
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the good news is it's not going to hit florida. but it will be a category 2 off the coast of the carolinas and the latest models take it almost in the same kind of path as jose up toward or coast line. here's a look at the latest hurricane models and watch happens be they continue to move a little bit due west. then turn to the north and a few models take the center of maria as a category 1 or 2, weakening but as we get tos next tuesday and move it out to sea. wouldn't be surprised if it follows a similar path jose a lot of that will depend on how strong jose is. for tomorrow, we clear everything out. mostly sunny warm, 84, let's get forward to sunday. to your eagles open opener, 87 degrees, it is going to feel like a football game in the middle of july out there on sunday and no fall in the forecast.
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fall begins friday but you wouldn't know it judging by the weather, upper 80's sunday and monday, monday's record is 92 we're five degrees off of record to start next week. if you're looking for christmas in the air, >> not yet >> look elsewhere >> won't be able to >> don bell is up next with sports >> this is amazing, if reese hose kins keeps this up, an update on the phils coming. what the eagles expect
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. before the game. dodgers magic number was three, the four-game series in philly, that mean they say could clench
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at citizens bank park, the phils trying to keep la on ice. to the highlights. an you all of a sudden this is an difficult program. fanatic goes streaking. what up with that? sixth inning, phils down 2-0. advantage, the hos, caesar hernandez is cut in half. bags full of phils it's hoskins. bases clearing double to left. hose consistents with four rbis, 6-2. phils back to back wins against la. after the giants lost to the lions last night, the headcoach torched eli manning in the process. he wasn't happy with the quote, unquote, sloppy quarterback play. manning said the coach ditched out the criticism because he knows he can take it. the zero and two giants
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visit on sunday. with odell beckham junior who returned from an injury. defensive coordinator jim schwartz expects the best >> we have to expect him to be 100%. if we expect anything less, we're in a wrong business, he obviously was well enough they played him for 33 plays i think it was. he's another week away from that. another week ahead of his rehab and things like that. so we have to be ready for 13 and we'll have to be ready for him being the same guy we remember from last year. last month, chris long. inspired by that, the charlottesville native is funding two seven-year scholarships, donatings his
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first six game paychecks from the season, about $375,000, he and his wife watched people fill their streets with hatred and big tree so they decided to fight back in the community. now, it's time for this. time to vote for the friday football frenzy game of the week. here are your choice, hill school trenton an rancocus value and delsea at paul the 6 go to, you're running out of time. meant
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. eastern state penitentiary ensure reterror behind the walls >> the annual haunted house will feature a new set called blood yard one of three attractions. all the scary fun begins this friday at 7:00 and runs through november 11th. kate? . well, with your latest weekend watch, we're talking about the first weekend of fall. but it's not going to feel anything like fall. it's actually going to feel more like july temperatures nearly ten degrees above average
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saturday and sunday, mid to upper 80's lots of sunshine great weekend to do summer activities before the warm weather
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for exphims for his regime. >> how do you think those words will be received by president kim jong-un?


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