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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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emergency crews continues to search for survivors after a devastating earthquake rocked mexico. first a punishing storm, hurricane maria spreads destruction over puerto rico knocking out power across the u.s. territory. more caribbean islands brace. maria was the strongest hurricane to hit puerto rico in decades. i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, the storm roared assure as category 4 with winds 155 miles per hour, destroying hundreds of homes and businesses widespread flooding reported with cars submerged and many streets turned into rivers. power is out across the entire island tonight. and there is no time table for when the lights might be back on. fortunately, there are no reports of any deaths or serious injuries in puerto rico. tonight, many who have friends and family there are deeply concerned about their safety and well-being >> alexandria hoff is in our satellite center. alex, you made contact with
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someone in puerto rico >> we did and it wasn't easy. rest of the world is monitored maria, the people on the island of puerto rico has been left in the dark. blackout has consumed the commonwealth since the hurricane hit. despite that we were able to reach out with one resident and she told me that without power, most people there had no way of knowing when the storm would ease up and then where it hit hardest. search and rescue missions in puerto rico must move forward in the dark. the entire island has been without power since maria made an early morning landfall in puerto rico southeast coast as a category 4 hurricane. it went on to sweep the rest of the island with torrential rain and winds that neared 155 miles per hour >> trees, everything is coming down >> if the connection of that call is any indication, crest towers have also fallen victim to maria. most people on the island have lost all service, but cbs3 was able to get in touch with a
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resident. >> calling my sister, my mom, my dad. i don't know if them ok >> using a generator to power her cell phone, she tells us she cannot get in touch with her family elsewhere on the island. once flood waters recede she'll attempt to drive to loved ones to make sure they're ok. she provided this footage what, if any, roads have become. i asked her if there's anything the people of philadelphia can offer to puerto rico right now. she said we can help by keeping the people posted. >> information in the social media. that's the only way that for what happened. because here we didn't have the location >> without power or much of any cell service, residents have been relying on social media to track where the storm is and what it has done to the island. maria moved beyond puerto rico around 2:00 but flood waters continue to rise. the potential for mud slides
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looming. the 6:00 p.m. curfew was put into effect. reporting live in the stat center, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." thank you. as hurricane maria continues to lash the caribbean, we're watching where the storm is headed. lauren casey is closely watching >> we had the latest advisory issued by the national hurricane center at 11:00 a couple of minutes ago. a powerful category 2 hurricane north korea weakening winds at 110 miles per hour, at least from the last advisory, northwesterly motion about nine miles per hour, the core is now moves away from puerto rico but still dealing with those intense rain bands on the eastern side of maria. it will continue to move off to the north and west and the i'll aisle will make a close pass to the turks and caicos on friday and continue to move off to the north and west. we'll see if we can put this track into motion, and see where maria is going to move and somehow my computer does not
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want to show us that track of maria. again, it will move up to the north and west turks and caicos around here likely passing to east of the bahamas and working towards the east coast of the united states where it will remain offshore, we'll keep an eye on maria as we head to the upcoming week, mid week next week, at this point, models are indicating that it is going to remain offshore, but still again, we will have to keep a close eye on those model projections. our next graphic. maria is now one of the strongest atlantic hurricanes as ranked by max wind speeds on record as well as irma. alan top billing there 190 miles per hour back in 1980. irma and maria some of the strongest systems on record, we'll talk more about maria, jose moving on out and a sunny streak moving in coming up in a few. >> rough surf from jose washed away parts of the beach is the jersey shore, at 10th in avalon, the erosion created a landscape
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of mounds and gullies close to the low water lines. storm surge pushed the tide back about a football field beyond where the soft sand begins, in margate, pumps had the flooded basins between the new dunes and bulk heads dried out. in ocean city fifth is street, wave action exposed rocks and produced head high cliffs in the dunes that are left. the search for survivors continues in mexico following the deadliest earthquake to hit in 30 years, more than 50 people have been pulled from the rubble alive. at least 230 confirmed dead. cbs news correspondent chris martinez is there in mexico city. >> children from this. >> reporter: rescue teams in mexico city pulled an elderly man from apartment building alive as crews from an elementary school raced against the delco find students and
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adults. >> taken out, about 20 kids that we still don't know how they are. if they're alive. >> reporter: searchers repeatedly raised their arms throughout the day pleading for silence hoping to hear the cries of anyone trapped inside. they managed to pull a little boy and girl to safety earlier but at least 21 students and four teachers died. this young student said he escaped by crawling over a wall after the man exit became blocked by falling concrete. more than 40 buildings here in mexico city have been reduced to rubble. ordinary citizens have been joining the delicate mission of finding survivors >> a banker was among those who helped free four from this damaged office building >> they were making noise. you could hear that noise. >> reporter: gas leaks are permeating the air and the rubble and affected towns is unstable. many have been removing bricks
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by hand to avoid collapsing additional debris. outside mexico city, people in the other devastated areas have already gun burying the dead. mexican president pena nieta have declared three days of mourning to honor the loss. we're getting reaction with eyewitnesses from local tie who survived the earthquake, leo cabrera is in mexico he owns a rehoboth beach restaurant and he was on a subway when the ground started to shake. >> after shock. all of the -- (inaudible) >> here at home many still trying to reach family and friends in mexico. the consulate has set up a phone number to assist and we got it for you on a developing story in the
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northeast. police searching for the driver who hit a woman on the roosevelt boulevard tonight. she has serious injuries. it happened near southampton road in the northbound inner lanes around 9:30. vehicles did not stop and we're working to get a description. victim is believed to be in her 20's. a hearing today did not go as planned for the suspect accused of punching a disabled man in a confrontation that was caught on surveillance video. barry baker is headed to trial. said to plead guilty to charges for the may incident but later changed his mind in court twice. prosecutors say baker and the man he's accused of assaulting never met before. baker disputes the claim. he told the court he and the alleged victim had words earlier that evening had a west chester area bar. the judge ordered baker's attorney to find tapes of the alleged confrontation but footage during that time period no longer exists. baker's trial begins monday. also in court today, the boston city council man convicted of sexual assaulting six girls from the same family.
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a judge sentenced lee kaplan to between 30 and 87 years in prison. police say he had 11 amish girls living in the bucks county home and fathered two children with one. at the sentencing the judge called kaplan, corrupt, perverted and atrocious. a teachers' strike is over in the methacton school district. classes will resume friday. the teachers and union and the methacton education association have both agreed to enter nonbinding arbitration, teachers went on strike monday, they were at odds with the district over medical premiums. teachers have been working without a contract since january. republicans are making a last stitch effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act before an upcoming deadline makes it harder. senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy co wrote the plan it would eliminate the subsidies that makes health insurance can cheaper under the affordable care act and it would give states a lump sum of money to create their own healthcare systems. president trump is optimistic.
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>> look at the rates what's happening with premiums for people that can't afford obamacare. it's been catastrophic situation. i believe that graham cassidy will do it the right way and he is doing it the right way. there's tremendous support. republicans need only 50 votes to pass instead of the normal 60 threshold in the senate but the legislative tool that allows the lower vote total expires september 30th. hackers find a new target. the warning for anyone planning on buying a new home. ahead at 11:00. to friend or not to friend. should you connect with coworkers on social media? well, you might want to think before you hit the accept button. it's been referred to as the ghost station. now new life for a long closed stop at a local transit line. what officials plan to get it up and running >> fall starts friday but you wouldn't guess it by stepping
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outside. we're in for a warmup. meteorologist lauren casey let's you know how long the temperatures will be around. . the late show is headed your way at 11:35 right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00.
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. you spend a lot of time with your coworkers every day but is it ok to friend them on social media >> nicole brewer that a new south philly interesting findings >> a lot of us are mixing business with pleasure and turns out our comfort level differs depending on the platform. >> your godfather fan you know the saying >> it's not personal strictly business >> but with social media the line between our personal and professional lives continues to blur >> i for one try and keep them separate >> i don't go to work to make friends. i go to work to get the job done. >> not everyone agrees. research reveals 71% think it's appropriate to friend coworkers on facebook >> that's a lot.
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surprising to me. >> the same survey which poll 1300 american workers showed people were less likely to accept on twitter, six out of ten said it was appropriate, on instagram less, over half felt comfortable >> probably getting, you didn't necessarily want or need to see >> snapchat was the least friendly with 44% saying it was appropriate. and while males and younger employees were more likely to approve requests >> probably just not thinking >> how do you decide >> if it's from a previous company and i stay in touch or just kind of do what my husband does and leave it in the balance forever and ever. >> i think it's ok to connect with colleagues >> social media expert says social networking can strengthen workplace bonds but think before you accept >> i would consider if i was comfortable connecting with that person, if it was appropriate.
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>> she warns against being overly provocative expressing pole rising opinions and using offensive language >> the great way to put your way out there is to draw the line and not accept the request. >> now, we should mention the staffing agency that conducted the poll only looked at workup workplaces more than 20 employees which means we could see different results for smaller work environments. >> dispensary on the person case-by-case scenario i think. >> thanks nicole. buying a home is the biggest purchase most people will make during their lifetime. but now hackers have figured out how to steal the down payment. national association of relateds at the fbi are issuing warnings about e-mail scams targeting the real estate industry, the fake e-mails typically instruct buyers to wire money usually at the same time the buyer is expecting to make the down payment. experts advise everyone trying to buy real estate to verify
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instructions received in e-mails. the delaware river port authority is moving forward with plans to reopen the frankford square station on the patco high speedline. they ordered a $2 million design contract. of it's the first step in bringing the station back to life. the frankford square stop has been closed since 1979. the station not only has to be spruced up but it has to be made compatible with federal law, specifically the americans with disabilities act. construction is expected to be complete by 2022. you lauren casey joins us with a look at the forecast. how are things looking, lauren? it's a lot to keep up with >> a lot, my clicker is exhausted. we're all exhausted. there's so much going on. the tropics have been relentless and we're dealing with maria, of course. we dealt with jose but conditions improved across the delaware valley today after a rough go down the shore especially over last couple days, yesterday in brigantine,
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it was a terrible day. the waves were crashing. the rain was falling, the wind was whipping. today, much quieter day. a nice quiet and calm evening right now in center city, philadelphia. as we get a live look from our roof cam here at the cbs3 studio. 75 the current temperature, warm evening in progress, north winds around five miles per hour, high temperatures certainly a bit toasty 89 in wilmington, 90 degree mark, 87 in allentown, 87 in reading, 84 in atlantic city, average high temperature today, 77 degrees. so we topped nearly ten degrees above average in philly but as we head into fall. we know temperatures will be taking a step back, average high temperature by october 1st 72. and down to 65 by october 20th and down to 54 by november againth. the birds taking on the giants
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sunday kickoff, 1:00, 87 degrees under sunny skies feeling a bit humid as well by sunday. temperatures right now we're still pretty mild especially in 75 degrees, 72 in trenton, 70 in allentown, low 60's in mount pocono. and 72 in atlantic city and overnight, temperatures not falling back too far, we should be down around 59. nowhere near that 70 degrees under a mostly clear sky. for the day back up into the mid to upper 80's. 87 degrees under a mostly sunny sky with a bit of a breeze kicking up out of the north, stormscan 3 showing us fairly quiet conditions up to the north and east clouds streaming in, high level clouds courtesy of jose, that just does not want to go away. of tropical storm conditions occurring right now in portions of southern new england because of jose. we'll still see rough surf in the next couple of days but
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otherwise jose is done for us and conditions quieted down at our shore points, check out wind speeds, much lighter around two, three, four, miles per hour as we look at the shore points be tomorrow mostly cloudy skies temperatures low 70's and low 80's. great day on sand, watch out the moderate risk of rip currents will stay with us with jose lingering offshore, check out the forecast. sunny streak as we head into the first day of fall on friday, 81 degrees, comfortable, humidity levels on friday as well. you can open up the windows but shut them again and click on the ac as we head to the upcoming weekend. 85 and sunshine on saturday. there's your warm day for the birds on sunday. then really not a rain drop in sight. of some models indicating it could see a few showers on monday, having added that officialing to the forecast. as we head into next week, watching for possible impact looking indirect at this point from maria. >> fall. wow. >> call it fall. >> ok. >> all right.
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don is up next with sports. all four involved, the phillies are fighting the good fight against the dodgers, the eagles are ready for the home opener and say it ain't so. a joel embiid update that will make sixers fans shake their heads. sports coming up next. but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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eagles went all in, they traded and elevated him to the starting role. just two weekss into the season, reversing course. third around pick has been benched in favor of backup chance warmack and they will play the birds sunday at lincoln financial field. it's the home opener and they play a team they beaten three
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straight times in philly. in fact, they won six of the last eight home games against the g men. home is where the heart is. >> playing at the linc, these fans are unbelievable. so just running under that tunnel we know how electric this place can be and it will be in full effect with the divisional rival coming down from new york. >> the fan can't wait. of we -- we've been on the road the last two weeks i know they're itching and wish, today was sunday but we got a couple more days. they make it hard for -- when they're off. when we're on the field. i'm excited about it >> it will be 87 on sunday. it's tough to notice with the eggs dominating the front page but the phillies have been sneaking good of eight. won seven out of the last nine heading into the 9th and two games in the 500 since the al star break, bases loaded for
11:26 pm
aaron altherr. two runners will score. and the phils taking a late lead. hector giving it a fly to left center field and odubel herrara you're ridiculous. great routine catch to save the game. the phillies win it seven to five. go for the sweep of the dodgers tomorrow at 1:05. . flyers and islanders in action in allentown. other half of the team is in new york. second period, that's taylor lear, his second power play goal, in over time, shane gostisbehere, the one-time and the flyers win three to two int and lose in regulation. back in march, joel embiid had surgery to repair a meniscus tear. the sixers called eight minor procedure, but now it will be a major concern for fans. we found out them bead has not
11:27 pm
been cleared for five on scrimmages yet. training camp starts next week in a team taking a conservative approach >> game of the week. friday. football friday. frenzy has concluded. hill school at piss company pal academy is the winner. thank you so much. we will see you friday at episcopal. there's a lot going on. episcopal. there's a lot going on. up next, fighting you each drive a ford pickup right? episcopal. there's a lot going on. up n(all) i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand, six hundred dollars.
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♪ . philadelphia eagles is giving back to the community. >> brandon graham cut the ribbon to kickoff the health bag hunger campaign. "eyewitness news" at the shop rite on oregon avenue in south philadelphia. the defensive ends was on hand to bag groceries and raise awareness of the issue of hunger, september is national hunger action month. lauren? >> it's the first weekend of fall but it is going to be a very warm one with high temperatures running about five to ten degrees above our average climbing up into the mid to upper 80's and looks like it
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will be dry both days on saturday and sunday for the birds game. we have a chance of maybe a passing shower late day sunday, some models
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. morning crew back from 4:30 to 7:00. >> the late show with steven colbert is next >> thanks for watching, have a good night family and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> republican ?raertz pushing for a new health care bill to be passed by next week. last spring, republicans brought you "night of the living bill." now get ready for the horrifying, terrifying sequel: "dawn of the bill." we thought our health care nightmare was over with the death of the american health care act. but the dead have returned. >> it gets up and kills. >> "dawn of the bill." starring lindsey graham of south skaraloina, and mitch mcconnell of


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