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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  September 23, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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college football post-game show powered by ram." armed services saturday continues over on cbs sports network. right now it's number 22 san diego state and air force. just getting under way. back to the scoreboard. florida state hasn't seen them since week one against alabama. the risk of going 0-2 for the first time since 1989, b.j. >> brian: uncharted waters for coach jimbo fisher and the seminoles. jalen samuels. >> adam: that was the difference as the wolfpack takes it by six. james blackman first freshman to start at quarterback for the noles -- he was in there doing the job but they fall. ohio state. j.t. barrett done hearing the critics. this was a breeze against unlv, rick. >> rick: he hits an 11-yard touchdown pass to k.j. hill, j.t. barrett making noise in columbus. >> adam: seven different players caught touchdowns for the
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buckeyes. duane haskins as well. future looking bright at that spot in columbus. we saw wilson speight leave the game. >> brian: chris evans takes the ball untouched into the end zone and michigan with the lead. >> adam: that's where it stands now. 14-10 the score in the fourth quarter but purdue a much better team now under jeff prohm. bad blood between the coaches. >> rick: sam darnold rolls out, hits wide open d.a. deonte barnett. 13-13 halftime. it's now trojans comfortably ahead 30-13. >> adam: a big turnover inside the five after one touchdown leading to that one and deonte burnett. clay helton fired justin wilcox as his d.c. a couple years ago. number six oklahoma state in
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trouble at home, b.j. >> brian: they scored then they kicked off and this guy, the new hero. anderson coming into the game averagings 6.2 yards. >> adam: is that what happens after you score, you kickave? he's a star. 160 yards, three touchdowns. miami behind toledo in their first action after week one. >> rick: you expect a little rust. malik rose. 19-yard touchdown. they lead 45-30. >> adam: a team that averages 46. mark walton 172 yards on eight carries, he did leave this game for a while but he is back. louisville after the loss at home to clemson, b.j., clamarjackson having fun. >> brian: completes this one to seth dawkins and dawkins makes the flashes miss. in a flash. >> adam: clemson winning a tight
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game. what have we learned today? >> rick: emotion is important in football and you could tell alabama came in -- whatever the reason they were emotional and they were invested in this game. >> brian: iksz you said, don't poke the bear and don't give a team like alabama any extra motivation and the d linemen, did just that. >> adam: thank you for watching the college football post-game show powered by ram. here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. next saturday the home depot s.e.c. on cbs. number 11 georgia visits tennessee. coverage begins at 3:00 eastern with state farm college football today. it's thursday night football this week on cbs. and nfl network. when the bears take on the packers. the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow with double header action. many will see the texans and prats. then most will see cincinnati and green bay. it all gets started at noon eastern with "the nfl today" in its 50th season. that will do it for us.
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get four unlimited lines for just forty bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now, netflix included. so go ahead, binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. >> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this
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is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> ♪ >> good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. mexico cannot catch a break. four days after a huge earthquake devastated mexico there has been a major major aftershock. 6.1 magnitude aftershock. people ran out of buildings in mexico city. the 6.1 tremor was centered in southern mexico near the pacific coast this morning. that's about 276 miles weigh from the capitol. rescuers were moved off the rubble they were searching at the time. damage did appear to be minimal. meantime the death toll has climbed to 305 from tuesday's earthquake. hundreds of architects and engineers are checking out unsafe buildings in mexico this weekend. 38 buildings completely collapsed and this morning's aftershock disrupted efforts to save someone from an apartment building. >> fortunately the clock ran out for us. where there's that glimmer of
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hope that it's a viable victim, yeah, it affects you, it does. >> search and rescue continues to be a major priority and could remain so for up to two weeks. also hurricane matthew ya' devastated the island of peco. power -- puerto rico. now there is a new threat. a dam in puerto rico that's been in danger of breaking is still holding at least for now. but according to governor ricardo roselo about 70,000 people near the dam should still evacuate just for their own safety. a dam breach could lead to potentially life-threatening flooding downstream. it's just another reason philadelphia is opening its doors to evacuees. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh caught up with some folks who made it in on a late flight on friday. >> felt like we were going to
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die. >> reporter: angela rivera spoke to "eyewitness news" after hurricane matthew ya' devastated the island. >> evacuated to a ballroom, the walls were shaking, the chandelier was shaking. floor was shaking. then they moved us into the stairwell where for eight hours we were 20 people in room the size of a bathroom and the wind just sounded like a freight train. >> reporter: rivera who lives in manchester new jersey said she flew to puerto rico a week ago for a vacation and spent three days in peace before the storm. >> we were told according to the noaa it developed from a tropical storm to a hurricane there wasn't no time. >> reporter: she praises the people of puerto rico who helped her and so many others to safety in a time of complete chaos. >> everything is down. they have no power, no water. they have nothing. nothing. and whatever they had they were willing to share with
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each and every one of us. they are wonderful people. >> reporter: myra soto and her children also landed in philadelphia from the same flight after waiting for hours at the airport. she says they had to resort to old fashioned security and check in methods verifying each person by hand due to a lack of power. >> there's no light, no food, no electricity. there's no gas. so, everybody is like -- it's like -- we survive something that we never imagine. >> reporter: in all, there were four flights scheduled in and out of puerto rico here to the philadelphia international airport but all have been canceled. i'm anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> we're following a developing story out of london tonight. metropolitan police in the uk investigating after a number of attacks in stratford where a noxious substance was used.
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police do not believe this incident was terror related. firefighters respond to a hazmat situation in wilmington. officials say 18 workers at the dupont experimental station were possibly exposed to an unknown substance. "eyewitness news" on powder mill road this morning. the workers went through a decontamination process and were taken to the hospital. of officials say none of them were seriously injured. and now one person suffered minor injuries in this smoky fire at a business in tullytown bucks county. "eyewitness news" on william lee drive this morning. firefighters arrived to find heavy flames engulfing the building. now the fire grew to three alarms before crews finally brought it under control. the cause of the blaze is still under investigation. philadelphia police meantime are investigating a deadly hit-and-run on broad street. "eyewitness news" at broad and glenwood avenue where officers say a man was hit in the intersection by a sedan just before 1:00 in the morning.
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he was taken to temple hospital where he later died. police say they have a suspect in custody but have not released that driver's identity. and it's president trump versus the nfl and some of the nation's top athletes. he criticized players who staged silent protests during the national anthem and they are now firing back. cbs news correspondent seth lemon reports. >> reporter: president trump used a political rally in alabama to punt a challenge to the national football league. >> wouldn't you love to see above these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a (bleep) off the field right now out. he's fired. >> reporter: the president was referring to colin kaepernick and several other nfl players who have knelt sat or raised fists during the national anthem to protest the killings of african-americans at the hands of police. >> that's a total disrespect of everything that we stand
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for. >> reporter: here at nfl headquarters executives were listening. commissioner roger goodell responded with a statement. >> divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the nfl our great game and all of our players goodell said. the president doubled down on his critique saturday morning and went on the attack against an nba champion tweeting going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team. steph curry is hesitating therefore the invitation is withdrawn. players tweeted with everything that's going on in our country why are you focused on who is kneeling. in a statement saturday the warriors said they would not visit the white house. we accept that president trump has made it clear we are not invited. seth lemon for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, u.s. air force b1b lancer bombers escorted by
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fighter jets flew into air space east of north korea today. the flight was a shoaf show of force. the act demonstrated the range of military options available to the u.s. and president trump. the flight is the farthest north of the demilitarized zone that any bomber aircraft has flown off north korea's coast in the 21st century. iran has tested a ballistic missile that can carry multiple war heads. state runnemede ya' ran video of the test. they tell us the weapon was displayed at a military parade on friday. the test is likely to raise concerns in washington and could lead to more sanctions against iran for violating un resolutions. federal authorities have told pennsylvania officials that russian hackers unsuccessfully tried to access its election systems. this happened before the presidential election. a spokesman for governor wolf says pennsylvania was one of the 21 states targeted by
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russians. authorities say there is no evidence the election system was breached. stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news," some local heroes are showing off their skills today. straight ahead, a look at why these men and women are demonstrating their life saving abilities at the 63rd annual hero thrill show. lauren. >> all right, and fall has officially begun but mother nature has other ideas. see how high temperatures climb to our warmest in over a month in your full "eyewitness news" forecast coming up. >> also coming up she slipped into the icy waters every month for 21 years. now she holds an incredible swimming record. we'll show you why this
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new jersey born and raised.r. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father,
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>> welcome back. local heroes put on quite a show and it was all for a great cause. thousands turned out for the annual hero thrill show at the wells fargo center. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live in the sat center with the details. >> this is a longstanding tradition that benefits family members of local emergency responders who made the ultimate sacrifice. it's a way to show those families every year they have support and that their loved ones will never be forgotten. the 63rd annual hero thrill show, it's philadelphia's finest performing. putting on a show that shows those who have fallen, they are not forgotten. >> this is just an incredible tradition for a very worthy cause. everybody pitches in and makes it happen and it really does mean a lot to our members to know that this great city, city of brotherly love and sisterly affection has their
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back. >> reporter: emergency responders with the city give all they have at this show every year because it raises money that pays for college tuitions for the children of philadelphia firefighters and police officers killed in the line of duty. >> i don't have the words but i just want to tell you that we love you. >> reporter: every year at the show there is this moment recognizing those families whose loved ones sacrificed it all. >> you feel the love from everyone and it's really, you know, a good feeling that we have these people to rely on. >> reporter: none of this would be possible without the thousands who attend. >> my father used to bring me down when it was at j.f.k. just kind of carrying on the tradition with my son. >> we support them as much as we can whenever we can. they have a tough job a thankless job. >> your presence here today is a testament to the fact that we don't forget our fallen heroes and their families. >> we can't say enough about these family members. we always celebrate them and lift them up. >> reporter: and annually about 15,000 people attend the fills hero thrill show.
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everyone purchases tickets so tens of thousands of dollars are raised for family members of those fallen philadelphia police officers and firefighters. reporting live in the sat center alycia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> such a great cause. thank you alycia. more tributes to the fallen at the sports complex this weekend. the philadelphia fire department hosted the first annual 9/11 memorial stair climb and 5k walk. "eyewitness news" at lincoln financial field today. the stair climb honors the memories of the 343 fallen heroes lost in the september 11th terror attacks on the world trade center. >> 16 years later we've rallied up and raised some money for national fallen firefighters foundation and we're going to climb 110 steps to simulate climbing to the top of the world trade center. >> some of the proceeds will benefit the new york city fire department's counseling unit. the 38th annual bike ms
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ride is under way. they'll go varying distances over the next two days and all will finish up in ocean city. there was a fundraising minimum for the ride and all the proceeds benefit the national ms or multiple sclerosis society. >> it can affect the way you walk. it can affect the way you see. it can even affect the way you think and you just don't know what's going to happen next. none of the current treatments reverse the damage that's already been done and none of them actually stop the disease and that's what he were want we want to do. >> riders raised a collective $6 million for the national ms society. and look who is back. yay! >> yay! >> our girl lauren. >> i'm back. >> and i wore my sunshine bright dress for you. >> i appreciate that. >> well coming you back with a little sunshine. >> so nice to be back with natasha and lesley over there. >> lesley is waiting in the wings. >> i had a great time filling in for kate when she was on maternity leave. happy to be right where i belong. it was a sunny day.
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you wore your sunny dress. >> yes. >> all for my return, i'm sure. >> only the best for my girl lauren. >> i appreciate that. it is a warm evening. it's officially fall but it certainly doesn't feel like it. getting a live look at center city philadelphia. twilight and the scene crystal clear sky conditions, 85 degrees right now but actually feeling cooler than our air temperature would reflect because it's not too humid but that is going to change as we head into the next couple of days but it is certainly warm. we're at 83 degrees in trenton, 80 allentown, upper 70's in atlantic city. we topped at 88 degrees today well beyond our normal high temperature at 75 degrees and we haven't had any 90-degree days so far this month, so far this year 24 90-degree days. pale in comparison to last year. we're going to tack on another day as we head into the day tomorrow. birds taking on the giants, boo, 91 degrees, sunshine, it is going to be a hot day for
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the game and our average last day of 90 degrees or warmer in philadelphia is typically september 1st. our latest 90-degree occurred on october 10th back in the 1930's but, yes, we're heading up into the 90's tomorrow, well beyond that average last date. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions, the trend of the day today. high pressure in control. but of course we're still keeping an eye on hurricane matthew ya' off to our south right now. it is east -- picked east of the bahamas making its way northbound. still a major hurricane as of our latest advisory national hurricane center. at this point a cold front is going to come sweeping in and kick maria back out to sea but we could see some impacts in the coastal carolinas but looks like for us in the
7:26 pm
delaware valley at this point the impacts we will see will be those indirect impacts of rough surf and dangerous rip currents but likely not to see at this point any direct impact. some models indicating pretty good consensus that maria will take a turn off to the east and again not affect us directly but it's still something we'll have to keep a close eye on as head into the coming days. rehoboth beach, people still out on the boards enjoying warm conditions. tomorrow temperatures will be on the warm side once again. 80 degrees up into the middle 80's sunshine but do watch out for that high risk of rip currents overnight tonight mild, 68 degrees and yup, we're headed into the 90's tomorrow, up to 91, record territory. our record for the day is 95 set back in 1970. another steamy day on monday, up to 90 degrees, still very warm into wednesday. could see a spotty shower on tuesday or wednesday and then finally feeling like fall as we head into thursday and friday. >> wow, yeah, this is kind
7:27 pm
of -- i was like wait a second i'm breaking out in a sweat at the end of september. thanks, lauren. gang is all here. hot tomorrow for the game. >> bring back that pickle juice for the game. [laughter] >> what now? >> pickle juice. >> it's supposed to help when it's really hot outside. >> pickle juice. >> i'm sorry. we'll continue this later. >> we'll continue this conversation later. we're less than 24 hours to kickoff as the eagles welcome the giants to the linc tomorrow afternoon. a game time decision if rodney mccleod. he's battling a hamstring. ben mcadoo called out quarterback eli manning. they cannot afford to start the season at zero and three. we know desperate teams can be the most dangerous teams out there so the eagles are not letting their guard down.
7:28 pm
>> giants know us. it don't matter what they've done last two games, i know when they come in for us they going to come with they best and we planning to get they best. >> at the same time it's a division opponent it's a great time. we know this is a must win, they're a team that struggled. i don't. they're going to come into this stadium and give up on anybody. >> i think personally they're better than o and two and they feel that way as well and this is a dangerous football team. weapons on offense, tremendous defense obviously and our work is cut out for us. >> we'll get you ready for the home opener. yours truly will be live from the linc along with the voice of the eagles merrill reese and cast of hundreds. that's tomorrow at 11:30 right here on cbs3. flyers making more cuts today at camp sending seven players down to the phantoms. the season starts october 4 in san jose. four preseason games left. they have 26 healthy players left in camp and plan on
7:29 pm
carrying 23. rookie sam moran robert hag and sand heim battling for two open spots. who is going to make the club. >> i have no idea. we're going to monitor the situation as we go along. we'll see what we have with injuries and whatnot and we'll make decisions at the appropriate time. they've all played well. they're all here for a reason. a stuff roster to crack right now which is good for us. >> all the phillies are just under way tonight down in atlanta. pete mackanin's squad has lost two in a row. the braves rocked lively on their way to a seven-two victory carmelo anthony is leaving the knicks. the 33-year-old 10 time all store forward waived his no trade cause and $8.1 million trade kicker to get that deal done so melo will be playing with the league m.v.p. russell
7:30 pm
westbrook along with paul george and check this out. louisville up 21-nothing late in the second quarter. squirrel on the field. doesn't want to x he's going just take it into the zone himself for a touchdown. this squirrel is 21 and it. >> he let it go. >> he's like listen if fair not going to score. >> we just didn't see that tiny little football. [laughter] >> all right, stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a california woman completes an amazing feat. she finished the swim between san francisco and alcatraz prison more than anyone else ever has. how she motivates herself to take the icy plunge regularly so i want my glasses my girlfriend loves artists.


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