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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  October 24, 2017 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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right now at 11:00, chaos after school. a huge fight breaks out on the street leaving a teenaged girl fighting for her life. >> cracking down on the christmas creep. why one major retailer is purposely slowing down the holiday rush. >> but first, get the rain gear ready. heavy rain is moving in through the region. there is even the threat of severe weather. the rain is expected to make for a cautious morning commute.
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good evening everyone. i'm ukee ington. >> and i'm nicole brewer in for jessica dean. kate? >> the problem with this front is that it's not just going to be a quick-hitting system where we get a few storms and it clears out quickly. this is going to be ongoing through the day tomorrow. you can see it creeping in the western side of the state now and moving into our region pretty rapidly overnight the showers will continue to move in a little bit more as we head in through the night into tomorrow morning and the morning commute will be impacted by this rain. center of the low is back here across portions of the great lakes and you can see this front but also notice how the front is tilted. so we're seeing more of a south-to-north progression of the moisture as this moves through. we'll be stick in this for much of the day tomorrow. a slow push from west to east but also we're seeing severe weather down across portions of the carolinas tonight and we could be in the threat zone for some severe storms through the day tomorrow.
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overnight tropical showers by midnight. still off to the west by 2:00 a.m. by the time we wake up tomorrow, we'll have scattered showers, even some heavier rain. rain and thunder off to the west and you can see much of the area seeing wet weather during the time of the morning commute but watch how eventually it lines up into a line of thunderstorms. each one of these particular cells around noon could produce damaging wind and strong downpours. 1:00 p.m. continuing and this just keeps coming through today. now in the afternoon the western suburbs may see some clearing but notice over south jersey 3:00 p.m. ongoing rain and thunderstorms, 5:00 p.m. continuing and even into tomorrow night we're still dealing with the lingering front. coming up we will time out the thunderstorms i'll tell you about a big change that will follow this system. for now ukee back over to you. >> see you in a bit. a 16-year-old girl is in critical condition tonight. she was stabbed in a fight near olney charter high school where she is a student. the stabbing happened on rising
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sun avenue a few blocks from the boulevard. the victim was rushed to einstein medical center and that's where our david spunt is right now. >> reporter: ukee, tonight authorities are looking for a suspect. she is in critical condition. i am told that they want to find this person as soon as possible. neighbors say these fights are becoming a recurring problem in this neighborhood. rising sun avenue late man afternoon. dozens of teenagers in a fight. >> a girl got stabbed she was sitting on the front porch and she wasn't the one that was fighting. it was her sister. >> reporter: this student did not want to show her face. she watched someone stab her friend and wants to remain anonymous because she's afraid her life is in danger. the attacker is still on the run. the student says after school fights have become typical. >> it's always a big crowd at the beginning they would try to start over there but now they
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got over here because police isn't around. >> reporter: police officers and school employees were on scene to break up the fight. >> it's an every day occurrence. >> reporter: the neighbor tells eyewitness news the fights are completely out of control. >> what happens is once one starts fighting, these kids are waiting for the bus here. once one starts fighting, it's like a mob. they all run to that location. and i've seen them. fighting, pulling hair. >> reporter: in this case somebody was stabbed. a 16-year-old high school student. if you have any information about the fight or the suspect, give philly police a call. you can remain anonymous. reporting live tonight at einstein hospital, david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> federal authorities raid six advanced urgent care clinics in pennsylvania including several in our area. eyewitness news was outside one of the locations that was served in willow grove. the fbi's pill mill task force is investigating whether prescriptions for synthetic
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opioids like oxycodone were being sold. some some suspected something wasn't quite right. >> you see a lot of people hanging out there. it looked suspicious but you weren't positively sure about it. >> every day was like 30 before it even opens like an hour before it opens. >> reporter: police also raided two advanced urgent care clinics in philadelphia including 1 on roosevelt boulevard. access to opioids and other drugs is a single largest problem facing pennsylvania. according to attorney general josh shapiro. he spoke about the epidemic. he plans not only to go after pharmaceutical conditions but doctors and nurses as well. >> this crisis knows no municipal bounds. black, white, brown, rich, poor, male, female. it hits be absolutely everybody. it hits the star athlete on the main line who blows out his
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knee, gets prescribed oxy condone when he's in high school and by 21 he's dead of a heroin overdose. >> for the second time in three days attorney general jeff sessions addressed a law enforcement conference taking place here in philadelphia. sessions took the stage this morning at the pennsylvania convention center. in a 22-minute speech to the international association of chiefs of police, the attorney general promised a major crackdown on drug cartels and gang activity. he formally designated the ms13 gang as a priority for the justice department's organized crime drug enforcement task force. >> just like we took out capone off the streets with our tax laws, we will use whatever laws we have to get ms13 off the streets. >> sessions also discussed the more than $100 million in federal grant money earmarked for police departments around the country. the trump administration has
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threatened to withhold grants from so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce immigration policy. >> president trump's daughter and advisor was in bucks county today to drum up support for her father's tax reform plan. the first daughter discussed the plan during a town hall of about 250 residents. if the proposal reduces seven current tax brackets to three. >> i believe people americans want tax reform. they want simplicity. it's too complicated. >> i think if you make more money, you want to pay proportionately more. >> across the street from discussion at the center, a group of about 50 people protested outside. those opposed to plan say it will burden the middle class. >> the highest ranking u.s. military officer offered up a modified timeline today of the deadly attacks on troops in niger. four u.s. soldiers died in the
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attack. the u.s. task force faced an onslaught of small arms, grenades and machine gunfire for nearly two hours. the fire fight ended in the deaths of bryan black, justin wright and jeremiah johnson. a fourth solder la david johnson was found a mile from where the attack happened. >> once we found out that sergeant johnson was missing we brought the full weight of the u.s. government to bear to try to recover his body. >> johnson's widow told abc news that the military has not told her why she was not allowed to open his casket. as soon as investigators have answers about what happened, they will get a personal visit with the details. >> the commissioner read his resignation aloud. he is being investigated for child pornography. investigators say they found
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hundreds of graphic images, some featuring children as young as 2. he will no longer serve as president, legally he will remain on the board until there's a conviction in his case. his preliminary hearing is scheduled for thursday. governor wolf announced today that a special election will be held march 13th for the seat held by former congressman tim murphy. the antiabortion republican resigned after text messages showed he encouraged his mistress to have an abortion when she thought she was pregnant. football fans come in all shapes and sizes but not every fan has a lasting and profound impact on their home team. >> eyewitness news reporter alexandria hoff went to lincoln financial field to find out more about 10-year-old dutch destroyer and why carson wentz keeps the name close to the vest. >> reporter: eagles fans have the reputation for being very tough, very loud. but tonight a softer side came out as fans came out to root not only for the birds but also a
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young man who proved to be tonight's true all-star. in the midst of the usual eagles fanfare, a different chant thundered through. >> dutch destroyer! >> reporter: dutch destroyer is the name painted on signs, shared with social media and worn on the wrist of carson wentz. that wrist band was a gift given to the eagles quarterback in may by a young man named lucas otherwise known as the dutch destroyer. >> that little guy just exemplifies what eagles fans are. and you can't not root for a story like that. >> reporter: lucas had been battling stomach cancer and got the chance to meet wentz and teammate jordan hicks in the spring. law kas passed away just two weeks later and requested to be buried in his wentz jersey. he was just 10 years old.
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>> i'm watching and crying outside. they've taken this young kid's memory and his brave struggle and brought it with the people. >> after meeting lucas, the wrist band has remained on wentz's arm while playing. >> what an inspiirtion your child has been to us. >> reporter: the franchise feels the same as the eagles prepare to face off against washington at home, lucas's family was invited on to the field to meet with the coach and of course the quarterback who offered so much life to a child in his final days. lucas was a football player himself and one day dreamed of becoming a big name. that dream will come true. if you do want to rock the dutch destroyer wrist bands, they are available online at >> believe it or not, the
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holiday shopping rush will soon begin. >> one major retailer is purposely putting the breaks on that rush. straight ahead at 11:00, we'll tell you who's pressing pause on what's known as the christmas creep and why they're doing it. >> also a warning to pennsylvania drivers. your license plate could make you more likely to get pulled over by police. how you can prevent it. >> and kate says to prepare for a slow morning commute. heavy rain is moving into the region. we'll tell you when the wet weather leaves and what follows. >> we have to be professional. >> hey everybody join me tonight. i am joined by the lovely ann ferris on the late show.
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the bids are in. amazon says it received 238 proposals from cities and regions hoping to be the home of the second headquarters. the online retailer kicked off its hunt last month promising to bring 50,000 new jobs and spend up to $5 billion. philadelphia, atlantic county, atlantic city and camden submitted bids. amazon says it will announce its decision sometime next year. halloween is just about a week away. this time of year it's not unusual to see signs of christmas in stores and malls.
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>> one major retailer is going against that trend and listening to its customers by pausing the so-called christmas creep. it's the festive pitch that's impossible to ignore. retail stores serving up seasonal merchandise whether you like it or not. >> we're still in october. seeing christmas stuff when it's still warm out is overwhelming sometimes. the next thing you know it's going to be august and we're going to be celebrating christmas. i love christmas. >> call it the christmas creep. something target says it's cutting back on. >> i don't think that's a good thing. >> we plan to ease into holiday promotions they plan to leave thanksgiving signs up through november planning up meal preparation and entertaining. >> i think it's a responsible thing to do. >> thanksgiving is a big holiday. >> the hope is to stay in tune with customers who want to hold off to better recognize thanksgiving. >> you start things too early it does take the excitement and spirit out of things.
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>> let's slow down a little. let's enjoy fall before we are rushing into the christmas season. >> reporter: target's strategy may be different but it's still fighting for a piece of that retail pie. case in point, the company plans to increase its overall holiday marketing budget. >> they're doing what they can to stay afloat. car insurance rates are on the rise even though taubls are safer than ever. >> one reason is because cars are filled with so much technology and fixing them is expensive. also more people on the roads means unfortunately more accidents so that's driving up costs. nationwide car insurance rates climbed nearly 8% last year. change is here for pennsylvania drivers and if you still have a small registration sticker on your plate you could get pulled over in the future. the stickers have been replaced with an entirely digital platform. the old stickers left behind are expired even if the actual vehicle registration is not. a spokesperson says there have
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been at least three instances of pennsylvania drivers getting pulled over by out of state police officers. >> politely explain to the officer that pennsylvania's laws have changed, no longer requiring a sticker to be affixed to the plate. the officer will easily be able to check that out and clear up any complaints. >> you can also remove the sticker entirely, though that's not a requirement. >> all right. kate joining us you now and we're hearing about this wet weather. i want to know, is it coming tonight? because i just realized i forgot my umbrella. >> no. you'll get home before the rain gets in here. but it's going to come in by tomorrow morning so if you have plans to be on the road early tomorrow morning, expect some slow-downs out there. for our commute in the afternoon we'll probably hit it as well. this is going to be a day-long event. it will start early tomorrow morning, a few showers creeping in overnight but the steady start tomorrow morning and pretty much all day. it may be midnight before it finally clears the coast. you can see right now a lot of cloud cover, showers are still mainly off to the west and
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that's where they'll stay for at least the next several hours. a couple of showers will start to creep in after midnight. it's really early tomorrow morning between about 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. that we'll see some steadier rain move into our western suburbs and this is a very large system. you can see that pronounced comma shape with the center of the low right about here. the cold front extending all the way down into the carolinas. a tornado watch is in effect across portions of north carolina and virginia with this line of storms continuing to push north and east across the area. a lot of times when you see that sort of north or south-to-north movement there's an indication that there koob some rotation and could produce an isolated tornado. it's very warm, temperatures in the upper 60s. we'll stay there overnight. so you can see the center of the lows and see where the circles are there. there's the low, there's the cold front extending into our region by 3:00 a.m. rain
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creeping into our western suburbs and then it's kind of an all-day event, rain lifting south to north across the area. in the afternoon, dry out a bit in the western suburbs. this will try to clear the coast by 7:00, 8:00 but possibly still some rain along the jersey shore around 9:00 before this finally clears out and some cooler, dry air will sweep in wednesday into thursday. fr your tuesday it's a slow-moving cold front, showers possible all day. slowly pushing west to east. an isolated thunderstorm is possible. some spots, especially down the shore, could see rainfall totals as high as 1 inch or higher with the rain centered over that area for an extended period of time. and you can see the yellow shading here. that's an indication of where the severe threat is. a slight risk for severe weather from the lehigh valley all the way to the coast including the state of delaware. through the overnight hours and into especially the first half of the day tomorrow. any of these storms could produce damaging winds, heavy downpours and the threat for
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lightning. over an inch possible. anywhere from .5 to .75 inch is likely. a big change is on the way. upper 70s, tomorrow still warm but then temperatures fall off behind that front as that cooler canadian air sweeps in from the northwest. showers developing overnight, some steadier rain by tomorrow morning. tomorrow we'll have pockets of rain on and off all day. rain could be heavy at times. a strong thunderstorm is possible as well. possibly some clearing in the late afternoon wednesday clearing and cooler. thursday looks great. we're in the upper 60s with sunshine friday into the weekend. could be another rain chance sunday. we'll keep you posted on that. >> thank you kate. >> don's here with sports. >> it took lebron james a year and a half. it took ben simmonds only four games. jo jo is back and he's ready to role in mo
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the math is pretty simple. the 5 and 1 eagles against the 3 and 2 redskins. if the birds win they'll have a 3 game lead over washington in the nfc east. birds up 34-17. about 4 minutes left. carson wentz with four touchdown passes. all pro and future hall of famer carted off with a knee injury. we are waiting to hear what his status is and hopefully he'll be fine moving forward. it didn't look good though. trust is earned, not given. fans find it hard to trust the process after an 0 and
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simmonds he is lefty. em bead. big fellow has 30 points. his first, the first of his career in just his fourth game and the sixers win their first of the season 8 -- 97-86. the flyers had a day off. they host anaheim tomorrow a team they beat in overtime earlier this month. he took a slap shot off the left knee. he will miss 4-6 weeks. the injury has forced rearrange. >> now we just have to focus on the next games coming up and
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hager and i will try to find the chemistry as fast as possible and try to do the job. >> i think there's some different possibilities but like the group the way we have them today. >> the polls are open for this week's friday football frenzy game of the week. here are the candidates. i will announce the winner on wednesday. >> thank you. appreciate it. up next, hiding in plain sight. the one of a kind
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cbs3, and komen philadelphia are teaming up once again in the fight against breast cancer by turning the region pink. >> and one liberty place and 2 liberty place are also decked
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out in pink. october is national breast cancer awareness month and the pink lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. this is the 16th year and you can find out more information at a long for gotten rodin sculpture is coming to philadelphia. >> a marble bust has been sitting inside for years. no one knew it was tent particular until two years ago. the bust will be loaned to the philadelphia museum of art next month in celebration of the 100th anniversary of rodin's death. kate? >> we may be coming off the weekend and i hope it was a great one. let's look ahead to next one. the last weekend of october looks pretty seasonable with temperatures in the upper 60s. we'll see a there will be a
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chance of showers on sunday. as of now it looks like a pretty nice fall weekend with se
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and coming up next it's the late show followed by the late late show with james


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