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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 25, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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smoke in the third floor and then, i put my head out and then i see smoke coming from the second floor. >> breaking right now flames erupting from the mess popular restaurants on south street we are live as fire fighters try to stop that fire from spreading. school community grieving this morning after one of their students and another teen are murdered in south philadelphia we will have more on the victims and search for their killer. take a look some are waking up in a fog, we will tell you how long it will take to burn off. it is wednesday october 25th good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. all that plus more national guard soldiers are heading to puerto rico but first lets check the forecast with katie and bird with meisha. >> good morning. >> we are looking outside, everything looking good, nice and dry but getting tweets
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saying there is a lot of fog in this area. that will be running theme for drivers. >> at least until dawn. at this point sun continues to come up later and later. good chunk of the morning drive that could be impacted by this. although looking at storm scan good news is rain is clearing out. yes, dry roadways are definitely the theme but yeah, we do still have some moisture and with the mild wind or light wind has allowed that fog to form. by the time we hit dawn we will have benefit of sunlight but also that wind is starting to pick up at least a little bit. temperatures have started to take a hit, back here end of the rain now clearing out of here. we are looking pretty good. there may be a residual shower coming in, very stray in nature and down toward the shore but overall this looks like a quiet, quieter day. current temperatures are in the 50's. yesterday this same time we were well in the 70's. really starting to note that is difference. we will rebound so far mid to up are 60's expected from the shore to the city but skies
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are clearing, meisha. >> that is good news. thanks very much. and very good morning to all of you. looking outside right now, well, construction we have our crew is here on the schuylkill eastbound and it is closed between the vine and south street, just a head up, usually clears around 5:00 hopefully does again today. schuylkill eastbound on ramp from montgomery drive that ramp is closed because tree is about to snap there. we have that closed down trying to get that remedy for you and some construction the blue route southbound, out to the schuylkill. that ramp is blocked. you will see cones in the roadway still there plus an accident in collegeville route 29 north bound ramp to route 422 that is what ace expected. more construction out there in norristown, 202 dekalb street is closed between washington street and lafayette. alternate 202 and markly street is your best bet. rahel, back over to you. meisha, thank you. we will begin with breaking news popular restaurant on south street goes up in flames overnight. >> "eyewitness news" reporter
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trang do is live at head house square, good morning trang do. >> reporter: fire is here at bridget foy's a south street institution opened for decade. we will take you over here to the building because you can see these flames are still going and they are quite massive from when we first got here, three hours ago, and, fortunately no injuries here but we have learned that two dogs from a neighboring pet groomer have died as a result of this fire and one cat was rush to the vet. eleven people in all displaced this morning from neighboring apartments, and again this fire has been raging for more than three hours now. commissioner has called it a very stubborn fire, but take a look at this video of the scene just a few hours ago this started just after 1:15 in the basement of bridget foy 's and rose to two alarms. crew where is fighting the fire from the inside with fear of the collapse fire fighters were pulled out of the building. somehow they managed to keep the fire contained to the
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bridget foy's building but fire commissioner says it has not been easy. >> very deep seeded, very stubborn intense fire. we pulled everybody out. we are currently as you can see doing an exterior attack, we're protecting the surrounding buildings, again, fire department is doing an incredible job keeping this fire contain to the building of origin and keeping it from spread to go any of the adjacent occupancyies. >> reporter: again taking a look at these massive flames that continue to rage, here, now no word on exactly what caused this fire, and what is accelerating this fire but as you can see, this is a restaurant here so you can only imagine what kind of materials are in here, but commissioner tiehl says it will be sometime before the fire commissioner determines the cause, obviously you live in this area will want to avoid this area, somehow, it is around second and south street in the head house square area but now back to you jim and rahel, in the
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studio. >> thanks for that update. in other news police are looking for suspects after two , 16 year-old boys are shot to death in south philadelphia one of the victims is now identified as, sal newbile, a junior at st. joes prep. double shooting happened 8:30 at 12th and ritner streets. both teens were shot in the chest. they were brought to jefferson university hospital where they were pronounced dead. eyewitnesses say gunfire was as a result of the argument. so far police have not identified the second victim. we are following developing story this morning a manhunt for shooting suspect who escaped police custody in north philadelphia. >> police tell thaws "eyewitness news" that they are looking for this man le make, the get away driver on the 4,000 block of el street. police located suspect at tenth and russell street but c onde escaped custody. scent tracking dog led authorities to the garage nearby and they found drugs and high powered weapons. >> throughout the property,
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they found a packaging operation, that is used to cut , weigh, and package, and put into, bundles, of heroin for street sales. >> victim is hospitalized in stable condition. there is in word on a motive. back to school this morning for students at delaware county school, classes were cancelled yesterday at penwood wood middle school in darby after a body was found. two people got in the car, got in the fight and one fatally shot the other. there is no word on victim's identity, shooter remains on the loose. montgomery county school says it is taking action after a video surfaces of students laughing, chanting the n word. we have blurred this video because it does involve minors who attends pope john paul, ii high school in lawyers for. parents we have spoke to said they don't find anything funny bit. >> for them to say everybody say, you know, and say it and they are laughing, i mean, i don't find anything fun bye
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that. >> you heard it from the classmates, you are hurting the other classmates. it should not be like this. >> the archdiocese released a statement reading in part: we are disheartened and beyond disappoint that had young people attending our school would engage in hateful behavior of this nature. internal school investigation is underway and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against all those responsible. this morning digsal members of the new jersey national guard are heading to puerto rico to help with hurricane relief efforts there thirty soldiers are scheduled to leave in a couple hours and they will join nearly 150 national guard members from new jersey already on the island. more than a month after hurricane maria hit island is still struggling to revive basic services like running water and electricity. meanwhile senate is passed a $36.5 billion emergency aid measure, money will go to puerto rico and rebuild disaster accounts and bail out the federal flood insurance program so it can keep paying
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claims. president trump says he will sign that measure. details about that infamous, about allegation was president trump is there a report that the clinton campaign and dnc paid for research that produced it according to the associated press. lawyer for clinton campaign and dnc was reportly interested in damaging information on trump, and that lawyer and his law firm hired a political research company to find it. now according to that report the company then hired the man who wrote it does yah accused trum of including with the russians and other things, before that an unknown republican was funding the research into trump. wall street journal report ago this president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort is being investigated for possible money laundering. manhattan district attorney's office joined several other state and federal investigations connected to manafort including special council robert mueller's investigation of his lobbying efforts in ukraine. former philadelphia district attorney seth williams will spend next five years in jail, he has two
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weeks to appeal the decision, philadelphia judge imposed max sentence during a hearing yesterday, in center city. williams has pleaded guilty to one count of bribery this summer. two term democrat also admitted to defrauding a nursing home that cared for his mother. judge showed little sympathy for williams behavior. >> almost from the time that you took office, mr. williams, you sold yourself to the parasites that you surrounded yourself with. i find it interesting that you say you owe everything to your parents, in your elocution statement, and evidently you didn't feel that you owed them honesty because you stole in effect from your mother. >> now lawyers for williams hoped that the judge would release him on electronic monitoring so he can spend time with his mother before going to prison and that request was denied. meanwhile the district attorney, race to replace seth williams is coming to a head. candidates debated last night
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at 18th and surprise street. larry krasner faced off against republican nominee bet grossman. voters head to the polls to choose the next d.a. in two weeks on november 7th. well, coming up, man looking for some quick, easy money decide to target a convenient store. this is how he left that store how clerk turned things around on that would be robber >> unaudible. >> the scary moments for an uber driver when his car gets stuck on some train track is here what he did next to try to stop the imminent
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david oh is working to revamp a city ordinance hurting chinese restaurant. oh says quality of life ordinance that does not allow restaurant it is stay opened pennsylvania 11:00 p.m. in residential neighborhood is being selectively enforced. it unfairly targets chinese restaurant. one restaurant has been hit
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with thousands on have dollars in fines while, the pizza shop next door has never received one, even though they stay opened just as late. >> in 2015, 96 percent of the violation notices were given to only chinese take out restaurants. >> councilman oh says he has been collecting this data over pennsylvania year but says it has been going on for a decade an armed robber who tried to jump over that counter you see there in the cincinnati convenient store got away with a lot more than just cash, clerk knocked him out, with just one punch. take a look at the suspect, andre young, sporting a badly bruised eye there and standing on crutches after being knocked out cold by the clerk. so speed way store. detectives say he was armed with the box cutter. afterward he then called 911. >> he still, i had to knock him out. get over here right now. >> allegations are the defendant went in the speed way gas station brandished a
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box cutter stating we can company this the easy way or hard way. cashier was luckily able to defend him self and knock out the defendant. >> suspect was drunk at the time but he was quick of trying to rob that very same store in 2005. that time he was arm with the baseball bat. karma, gets them every time. uber driver on long island is lucky to be live after cheating death at a railroad crossing. watch as driver's carries smash, by a long island railroad train yesterday morning in the town of beth page. he told police he was driving slowly across the track so his car got stuck moments later he says the train was heading his way. >> i tried to signal the train he could not see me. so i cleared the area. the car was hit. >> normally when i reach the track, i slow down, and then when i hit the gas to go across the track, it would move. >> well, there were no injuries but the investigation and removal of the damaged car
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tied up the morning commute. i'm always afraid, when i go over, it is irrational but i'm afraid i will get stuck. there may not be a train for miles. >> yes. >> my goodness, there is so much lines, there, my goodness >> yes. >> making everybody nervous now this morning. >> he got out of there. >> thank goodness. happy end if you go there were at all with that story. lets take a look at storm scan and switch gears and talk about the weather. yesterday the rain came through charging through in a very solid line, when it was all said and done. new jersey ended up bearing the brunt more than any of us because we had to deal along with it but we cleared out even nicely by lunchtime across southeastern pennsylvania and frontal boundary we are still talking about is still moving east but out of our harry sentencely at this point. what is interesting is despite frontal passage we are still seeing fog develop out there true for extreme southeastern pennsylvania and southern new jersey. so there aren't any advisories
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per se but we may encounter dense fog here at lee until dawn. that is about the time that the wind starts to pick up somewhat. you will see that reflect in the read initial a second. difficult want to show you difference in the readings, cold front lived up to its name here, temperatures are way cooler by comparison by yesterday at this same time. we have dropped in the teens every where but reading is one that stand out to us where you're 21 degrees colder then 4:46 yesterday morning. we were well in the 70's almost across the board this same time yesterday, as it translates to the thermometer, heck of a lot cooler, only 60 in atlantic city but calm wind watch for possibility of some fog to develop through this area around 59 degrees at the airport, wind starting to pick up out there. now it is obviously cooler but thursday actually for next several days in the coolest. there may still be with the wrap around moisture a little hint of not just cloud cover but maybe a sprinkle here and there. not worth your umbrella but enough to worth a mention.
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friday and saturday look awesome but hate to bring bad news here it looks like the eagles spirit will be back on the radar in time for, game day, soaking rain is very had likely especially in the p.m. hours of sunday. as we get closer we will time that out more specifically for you. >> yucky. all right, katie, thank very much. good morning. happy wednesday. world of the travel so far we are looking at as katie pointed out we are seeing in our camera shots some fog and construction. we have april accident as well we will get to this. construction schuylkill eastbound closed between the vine, it looks like it still is but it looks like it is clearing between the vine and south street. that should be cleared out by 5:00. schuylkill eastbound on ramp from montgomery drive that ramp is closed because of a tree about to snap. crews are out there right now trying to get that cleaned out construction off ramp to the schuylkill ramp is partially block here. you can see cones in the roadway. we have an accident in collegeville route 29 north bound ramp to route 422 and as jim and rahel have been point
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ought that restaurant fire on south street second street, the closures, south street is closed between second and third, second street closed between south and lombard that will slow you down a little bit in these areas. head up on. that jim and rahel, back over to you. well, take a look at this ... this is plan for a new under water restaurant, under water, rahel. >> under the sea, as you like to see, we will tell you where it is being built and how soon will it be done, when "eyewitness news" continues.
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updating our breaking news now a two alarm fire burning right now in the head house square neighborhood of society hill. fire began at bridget foy's
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restaurant at second and south heavy smoke and flames have been coming from the three story building for the past three hours, fire damaged nearby apartment buildings. right now fire fighters are trying to stop those flames from spreading. eleven people have been displaced. no people have been injured but we are told two dogs were killed. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is on the scene and she will bring us a live report in 10 minutes. it is now 4:51. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's dianne king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange. good morning, dianne. another day, another record on wall street, what fueled the gains this time, dianne? >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. that is right another record setting day on wall street, lets do the numbers first. dow jones rallied 167, nearly 168 points, nasdaq added 11, the gains came off the back of the strong earnings are earnings season and we will stick with the letter e, it is also about the economy. outlook for the global economy is improving, facing stronger corporate balance sheets, a 1/ 2 punch there industrial co
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like caterpillar and 3m which you will know fun its post it notes boosted wall street yesterday, jim and rahel. i understand consumers are not in love anymore with chipotle, it cannot be the quacamole. >> reporter: i know, right. well, it is hurricanes and high avocado prices that hurt chipotle's latest numbers. while the burrito chain saw profits double to 19.6 million-dollar, chipotle would have performed even better were it not for this furious hurricane season, recently and add to that the company's dip, remember all of the hype around that it wasn't the hit it expected to be. it has been maligned on social media. to try and draw consumers, i know, right to try to draw consumers in they are weighing changing its restaurant design i think they may need to focus more on the dip then changing the look of the restaurant. >> i rarely eat in the chipotle, i take it out. i will eat it in my car but not eat in the restaurant.
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>> i agree with that. >> yes. >> good quacamole. >> yes, you can sit, that is the idea, but i agree, quacamole is good. better than the dip. >> dianne, thank you. see you next hour. >> all right. >> staying in the food trend plans are underway for the first under water restaurant. >> take a look at these pictures norwegian architecture company came up with the plan. it will be called under. it will be built on the north sea in southern norway, three floors, entrance at ground level. there will be a champagne bar, a level below and dining room will be at sea bed level. construction will begin next year, this is expected to open , in 2019. see, when i heard under water, you know those things where you see people with the mask and breathing apparatus. i would go for this. i'm always into a tourist trap , sign me up, make me a reservation. after yesterday's soaker we are returning to more seasonal conditions. >> katie, how long do you think cool temperatures will
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last? i'm in the complaining, just curious. >> we will go on a little bit of the roller coaster ride not quite as extreme as we have experienced in days pennsylvania here but now october, it is finally setting in, as we wrap up the month for the next couple of days but we do expect a little bit of the bump. i will let you know, comin
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wecage-free and we care about amazing taste. because at hellmann's, we're on the side of food.
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today is much cooler. yesterday we were in the 70's. we were well in the 70's all day, and now that the front has cleared we can see wet weather as done the same. let's play sesame street which of thesis not like the other? your eye just immediately gets drawn to the ac airport. you will find localized fog this morning. a lot of southeastern pennsylvania is not included, norris delaware but just watch for it because of the way it is light in south jersey and extreme southeastern pennsylvania. take a look at sunday that looks like next chance to see some soaking rain and it could
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impact eagles game, meisha, as we get closer we will keep you posted. >> aloft people will want to know should i be outside. katie, thanks very much. very good morning to you. looking outside 95 south at cottman looking okay coming around that curve pushing away into center city in good company there. we had this closure schuylkill eastbound was closed between vine and south street and that has been since cleared. we are looking at schuylkill eastbound on ramp from montgomery drive. that ramp is still closed because of a tree was about to snap. we are also looking at blue route southbound off ramp to the schuylkill partially block also this accident in collegeville we will be talking more about this in the next 10 minutes. jim, back over to you. well, coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are live as authorities search for gunman who shot and killed two teenagers in south philadelphia. we will continue to follow breaking news from second and south as this fire, tears through bridget foy's restaurant. we will have a live update. we will have more in the growing feud in the g.o.p. after a pair of republican
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senators publicly criticized the president. we are back at the top of the
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frank does there with a live report. shock and grief at a local school community after two students are murdered in south philadelphia. we will update you on the search for that the gun man. and, it is a foggy start tour wednesday morning, parts of the area, socked in. these cameras in northeast philadelphia, i promise, but that is really cannot tell. katie will tell us when we will head back in the zero seven's. it is wednesday, october 25th, good morning aim jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lets get you out the door. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> looking outside really just fog we are looking


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