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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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manslaughterrer in the february 2017 death of 19 year-old timothy piazza. >> and, new evidence, dramatically changing the case , in the hazing death of penn state sophomore tim piazza. >> the common wealth is prepared to make, and announce new charges, and these charges are a direct result, of new evidence, from this case. >> reporter: center county district attorney stacy parks- million's announcing surveillance video from the beta theta pi fraternity house has been recovered by the fbi. she says it clearly shows frat brothers giving 19 year-old pledge alcoholic drinks in the basement of the home on february the second. >> at least 18 drinks in over one hour and 22 minutes. >> reporter: investigators say braxton becker purposely deleted the survival lance video and police came to the home to collect it. >> deliberate commands were entered into the system, it was manually deleted through certain menus. >> reporter: in total 12 new
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beta theta pi frat brothers are being charged in this case , five with manslaughter, five of the original defendants also face new charges. >> this is a, stunning, and major development. >> reporter: attorney tom kline who represents the piazza family says that this newly recovered evidence will hopefully one day, bring closure for tim's parents. >> the piazza family has always asked for nothing more then for full accountability, and every person, who has, done their son wrong should be held accountable. >> reporter: now this afternoon the district attorney did not release any of that newly recovered surveillance video but she says, it clearly shows fraternity brothers approaching piazza and requiring him to drink, wine, beer, and vodka. new tonight at 6:00 hear from timothy's father and his reaction to these new charges. and live from the sat center greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". greg, thank you.
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injuriry in the bribery trial of the new jersey senator bob menendez has informed the judge it is dead locked, on all 12 charges. the judge, told the 12 jurors to go home, clear their head and return tomorrow to continue deliberations. deliberations resume from scratch this morning after seven of the jurors had to be questioned, about their exposure to media coverage over the weekend. last week, a dismissed juror made remarks to reporters about deliberations and defense attorneys worried it could have contaminated the process. demonstrators take to the street outside philadelphia's criminal justice center this evening, rallies are i go for imprison rapper meek mill. judge that scaled him should recues herself. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is outside the criminal justice center right new to tell you more, joe. >> reporter: good evening, there are some very troubling allegations being made by defense attorneys, for robert williams, better known to philadelphians as rapper and entertainer meek mill. we will get to that part of the story in a short period of
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time, but right now that demonstration is underway, and it has taken over, filbert street here in center city philadelphia is there a list of speakers expect, including doctor j, malcolm jenkins, van jones, a number of headliners who are going to call for meek mill to be released from prison, and that the judge jeanice brinkly recues herself from the matter. there is an estimate of maybe 250, 300 people right now outside the criminal justice center. the courthouse here in philadelphia shut down early, about 3:00 this afternoon, in anticipation of this crowd, and very tight security, here right now, but no incidents as of right now, and no arrests. now, more on how, meek mill is doing, he is spending 23 hours a day in, solitary confinement , on what a judge last week ruled to be a
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violation of his probation. if you will recall i was standing at this exact spot, one week ago, when this judge made this very interesting li after this 10 year relationship that she has had with this defendant, she found that time and time and time again that he had violated his probation, and he out of get on it of jail free card. she sent him to jail on that probation violation. coming up at 6:00 why meek mill's defense attorneys believe that she should in longer preside over this matter. i'll see new an hour. reporting live, from center city joe holden for cws3 "eyewitness news". after a cold stretch seasonal temperatures are moving back n meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck tracking return of in-like weather, kate. >> that is right, jessica we had a cold weekend saturday but things are starting to head, slowly back to normal. it was a drizzly, dreary, gray , miserable day but rain is moving out. lets look at storm scan three
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the rain from this morning out to sea. we are starting to see some breaking up of the cloud cover on storm scan three all across the region. still cloudy, dreary, fog, behind me on the sky deck cannot see tops of the buildings in center city but everything will try to clear out through overnight hours tonight. chilly thanks to the cloud cover and drizzle all day temperatures have not listen much past 40's, sitting at 44 in philadelphia, 37 in mount pocono and 45 degrees in millville. when you factor in the cloud and a light breeze, it feels like no better than 40 degrees right now in the city. definitely a night for jacket and temperatures are plumet ting as well, quick recap of rainfall amounts not heavy rain but half inch in atlantic city and wildwood, third of an inch in dover and quarter inch in philadelphia but we do still have some nicer weather heading our way and i'll tell you when sun breaks out and when temperatures return to more seasonal levels when i join you inside, back to you. >> thank you. gunfire erupts outside a nightclub in philadelphia's
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feltonville neighborhood one man killed two others injured. it is not first time there has been a deadly shooting outside the club. now, some in the community and family of the man killed yesterday are calling for change. our alycia nieves is at police headquarters tonight with their plea, alycia. >> reporter: ukee, mother on have the man shot and killed yesterday say they were planning his funeral as his sister stood outside nightclub where he died and spoke to us, in fact, pleading for her brother's death to mean something. outside this philadelphia nightclub and lounge, those hoff lost loved won here. >> this place was clearly a death trap. >> reporter: gave the place a new name. >> my brother's death has to be something that is for nothing. >> reporter: myra's riveria pablo was killed in front of the a lounge on mccallister street yesterday morning. he was shot in the back three times after an argument. today would have been his >> my brother was an amazing, loving person, and he was so kind hearted and he did not deserve to die the way he did.
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>> reporter: pablo riveria's death is third one here in just as many years if that is don't say something, i don't know what well. >> reporter: gar see also lost her son here two years ago in 2015. >> now all i ask the city what are you going to do about it? >> we need to have aegree of certainty about what we're doing when we say that a business is operate nothing a way that is actually contributing to gun violence. >> reporter: karen gust with philadelphia's licensing and inspections department explains the city just can't shut down this business but instead has to do what l and i is currently doing work with police to take a deep look at the a lounge and the incidents that have happened here. >> while we completely understand that the community would love fit we could walk up to this place and slam the door and put up pad will be and put a sign on, there are certain processes and procedures that we are obligated to follow.
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>> reporter: we have tried reaching out to the a lounge for the last two days and have been told no comment but one, social media page one issued a statement that read in part it is not about the a lounge or any other place that is seeing these things happen at you can point finger at no one but the people committing these crimes reporting live, alycia neares for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". another woman has now come forward, has now accused alabama republican senate candidate roy moore of sexual misconduct when she was a minor. moore has maintained his innocence amid calls for his to end him campaign and gone as far as calling the accusations, a witch hunt. flanged by her attorney gloria all red beverly young nelson said she was sexually assaulted by judge roy moore when she was just a teen in december 1977. >> i thought he was going to rape me, i was twisting, struggling, and i was begging him to stop.
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i had tears running down my face. >> reporter: nelson said she is only coming forward now because of the washington post story in which four other women claimed he persued relationships with them when they were in his teens and he was in his 30's he said you are just a child. i am the district attorney. if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you. >> reporter: moore insists allegations are not true calling all red a sensational ist lawyer and he will sue the washington post for publishing the story. >> they hate conservatives, so they will come out and say anything they can. do i trust the washington post not on your life. >> reporter: majority leader mitch mcconnell says he is convinced. >> do you believe these allegations to be true. >> i believe would the man, yes. >> reporter: mcconnell has called on moore to step out of the race, something moore said he will not do. national republican senate campaign committee has severed
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its fund raising agreement with moore leaving him to fund his own campaign until next month's election. that is if he does not step aside. a fifth woman has come forward accusing former president george hw bush of inappropriate behavior. roselyn claims in 2003 the former president groped her while taking a photo together. he was only 16, at the time, in a statement, a spokesmen for the former president says he regrets any offensive actions. president trump is wrapping up his trip to asia in man nil at president met with the president of the philippines at the association of southeast asia nations summit. human rights group accused philippines president of overseeing a bloody drug war killing thousands of drug dealers and drug users, and outside the summit protesters burned signs depicting president trump and at times clashing with police. now turn for a career fair in center city. >> philadelphia naval foundry and propeller center held a career fair at marriott hotel
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on market street. naval foundry and propeller center plans to hire 200 employees during next year, company located at navy yard focuses on propeller repairs, designs and manufacturing, that supports the united states navy. well, coming up oned "eyewitness news" gq magazine names its citizen of the year we will tell you who, next. do you have high blood pressure? you may not have in the past but new guidelines, may push you over the edge, what the new numbers are that is coming up at when are looking for high tech toys, or old standard, we have a preview of the hottest toys out, this holiday season, there is something for everyone as well, we will show you coming up, tori. if you love dinosaurs you will love the new exhibit at the academy of natural science s, guess what you get to be a paleontologist digging for these, what are they? we will find
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earthquake hit northern california, the 4.7 quake was centered near the town of gonzales a largely rural area 75 miles south of san jose. quake was filled by the san francisco bay area there are in reports of any injuries or
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damage. controversial sports figure has been named gq magazine citizen of the year. former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick. gq editors say kaepernick's protest of injustice and police brutality during national anthem earned him the honor. his demonstrations spark a wage of protests by other players and coaches in the league, kaepernick says he is honored by the recognition. taylor swift announced her next tour with the stop here in philadelphia. are you ready for it. >> carrie underwood takes a tumble force they are skip a star studded benefit concert. bex from our sister station 96.5 has those stories and surprise wedding guest, all in the hot minute. >> well, get right into it with take already swift, who is hitting the road, singer kicks off her stadium tour, on may eighth, in air zone, stopping by lincoln financial field, and, on july 14th, the pop star just released her sixth studio album reputation, which, according to billboard, sold more cop is in its first
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day, then any other album in the week. so far this year. and for more concert news, it was an all-star line up at country rising, the benefits show that helped raise money for victims affected in the recent hurricanes in the las vegas shooting. country's big name took the stage including keith urban, jason aldine and more. carrie underwood pulled out of the show last minute after falling, and breaking her wrist at home. she shared this message doing all right, and how much that she loved her hubby who was out of town, during the spill but rushed back home to be by her side. while talking about love surprises are what you look for on your wedding day unless sam smith is involved, the two received a present they will never forget after sam smith pops in for a solo performance at their reception. >> ♪
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>> sam smith, continues to pull the strings of our hearts that is your hot minute i'm bex from today's 96.5. >> how about sam, that is great. that is great. >> it joins us with a forecast on the dreary monday. >> it is on a monday, too, right. >> it is the monday of all mondays of all, i mean yes, this is the quiessential monday. >> yes. >> but tuesday looking up. not only is it not money in more but sun will be coming out, tomorrow, as people famously said. as, we will get tout bethlehem where we have light left in the sky there you can see the moravian star there on the mountain background and main street all lit up. rain moved out. still foggy, damp around the edges tonight but still quiet in bethlehem this evening. its has been a relatively dreary day but night has
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shaped up, here's a time lapse from kutztown area middle school, what a gray, dreary day it was, didn't see one break of sunshine just those dark, gray cloud all day, a little brightness in the far western suburbs toward very tail end of the day and then that moved on out, so still a couple of stray, sprinkles, popping up here on storm scan three but vast majority of the wet weather has moved out, we have snow falling in portions of new hampshire, maine right now, some rain down through portions of massachusetts, that moving out to sea and we will turn to a quiet period over the next several days. through the end of the week in major weather events to talk about and a gradual warm up. as we will talk about the weekend, does bring a chance for some more, nasty weather. temperatures though in the meantime we are at a chilly 44 in philadelphia 47 in allentown. forty in mount pocono. these number certainly below average we should be in the upper 50's this time have the year but not as cold as it was
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early in the weekend as we zoom to the south you can see the chill really descendness nashville where it is 46, not too bad in the northern plains a warm up for bismarck, rapid city and shy and and that warm air is moving east. temperatures do maryland rate over next few days, and all of the cold arctic air, black, purple up here has locked up off to the north for next few days, we are going to see jet stream bucknell to friday, that is a chilly day for us, we will see warm up again saturday and another blast of cold weather on sunday. lets talk about our first average snowfall, snowfall .1 inches or more our average date in philadelphia is december 10th. the earliest we have ever had our first snow, october 10th of 1979. so now, we are in the middle of that, mid-november we have not had any snow just yet but as we will talk about there could be a few flakes here and there more on that in our next half an hour. as far as tomorrow is concern it is mostly sunny, cool, 52
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degrees is your daytime high. few degrees below average. wednesday, thursday looking good but wind picks up thursday, friday, colder, saturday, showers, moving back in and then windy on sunday. we will talk about potential for some snow showers or squalls, on sunday as well, as november really starts to settle in. >> yes, potential. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it speaks for first time about his split with george what i brought him to tears at 5:30. see what happens when a tour guide forgets he plays aid go pro camera next to moving laugh, we have good video out of it, don. rest, relaxation from sandy shores to hometown visits, what the eagles did during the bye week, sports coming up next.
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screen plays but in the on the field, eagles players traded in their helmets and pad for paddles, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 this
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video session wasn't all fun and games who they were honoring in the process. and, the big game is just 83 days away and this weekend game volunteers went through orientation. >> but it looks like more like a concert inside minute so the 's energy center. glimpse at their game day uniforms, everybody wearing icy blues and vibrant purples, paying homage to minnesota's clear skies and northern lights. >> all right. >> there you go. >> there you go. >> that is fashion statement of the day. >> that maryland he will flow. >> the bird can get to the big game hopefully but one game at a time. >> i noticed you won't say, super bowl. >> no, i will not you just keep saying big game. >> i have been doing this for years and i will stick witt. >> okay. >> especially this year. >> did you do tonight 2004. >> i did, we got there too. >> there, there you mean. >> the big game. >> yes.
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>> don't even try. >> i will try my best to get to you say it. >> not a chance. >> we are talking about the bird. eagles are winning even when they are not playing, yesterday cowboys, redskins, giants, all lost, bird have a three game lead over dallas in the nfc east. meanwhile guys enjoyed that he bye week to the fullest. here's how some of them spent time away. >> i was hunting, we went texas and went hunting. >> i went to florida. i went to visit my family. my hometown. i went out there i got a chance to visit, my parents, siblings, nieces, nephews. >> i went to bermuda and went out to the great city of columbus, ohio and checked out my buckeye. i had a good time. >> he went from bermuda to ohio. this is it, final friday football frenzy game of the week, here are candidates. cedar creek at west deptford, delsea at timber creek,
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lansdale catholic at conwell egan. go to cbs to vote. we will announce the winner wednesday night. finally last week philadelphia sports community lost a member of the family roy halladay lost his life in the plane crash off the coast of florida. now tomorrow there will be a memorial service for the former fill any clearwater, florida i will make the trip to the spectrum field as we celebrate halladay's life, we will stream the 4:00 p.m. ceremony on our web site at cbs and television coverage begins at 5:00 p.m., i will be live, of course, you guys, will be here in the studio. >> glad you will be there, i know a lot of people will want to see it and know what was said. >> moving, inspirational. >> thanks, buddy safe trip. coming up next half an hour magic number is changing. >> new guidelines mean nearly half of the american adults have high blood pressure, the numbers to watch out for up next. from the drone you fly with your hand, to a life-like
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doll i'm nicki batiste with the look at hottest
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how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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30 million more americans will have high blood pressure, according to new medical guidelines that were just released to day, that lower the threshold this means nearly half of the u.s. adults have hypertension. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to explain new numbers. >> that is right, loves people impacted by this for the first time in more than a decade the american heart association is changing its guidelines, for what is considered high blood pressure. it covers a lot more people, which means millions more face an increased risk for heart disease. check your blood pressure. >> reporter: charles has been working to lower his blood pressure for the last 10 years and new with the new
5:31 pm
guidelines 10s of millions of additional americans will soon be learning they have hypertension too. the american heart association and american college of the cardiology are defining a top rating of 130 or more or a bottom reading or more of high blood pressure. old definition of high was 40 over 90. >> most of them, just need to know they are at high risk but they can manage that problem, on their own. >> reporter: change is expect to have biggest impact on men and women who are under the age of 45. >> that would mean that they would have to exercise more, have a better diet, diet low in sodium, restrict alcohol, and lower stress. >> reporter: under new guidelines, 120 or less is still, normal blood pressure but up to 129 is considered elevated, and at 130, there will now be different stages of high blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes. >> preventing getting hypertension is much better then treating hypertension.
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it goodies to treat it when it is there but way better to prevent it. >> reporter: charles says he checks his blood pressure every day, plus. >> try to eat a heart healthy diet, exercise. >> reporter: doctors say now more americans will need to follow, in his footsteps. now the new guidelines also emphasized making sure that blood pressure readings are accurate. they should be, based on two or three readings taken at least in two different time frames and they also want people to make sure that they understand proper techniques for checking their blood pressure at home. they say when diet and exercise don't work there are effective medications that can be used for this. >> for sure. >> magic number 130 over 80 or lower. >> got it. >> lower is better. >> thanks, stephanie. texas man is getting a lot of attention for how he has chosen to honor victims of the last weeks deadly church shooting. miguel somera set out on foot with 150 found cross over his
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shoulder. he is making 4-mile trek from his home in texas to the site of the shooting in souther land springs. he says, he is a man on a mission. >> show my love, show the love of god to the families. when i need encouragement people will stop just like right now and that is what keeps me going. >> more victims of the church shooting will be laid to rest this week. the search continues for survivors after a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck overnight near iran/iraq border, officials say powerful quake brought down buildings killing american 400 people in iran and injuring more than 7,000 others. in iraq at lee seven people we and more than 500 were injured, nearly 120 after shocks have followed the first quake. a big rig, loaded with miracle whip and macaroni and cheese crashed off an interstate in texas making quite a mess. tractor trailer was traveling on i state 820 before the
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driver who control of his speed and crash in the wall, on the overpass. the cab was dangling on the edge before falling on the road below under the overpass. heavy duty rescue team was able to air lift the man to the local hospital and he is now in critical condition. a smoking backpack is quickly contained outside orlando international airport thanks to the quick action of tsa officer. on friday tsa says ricardo perez swooped in and ran the bag away from travelers. placing it between a concrete column and concrete plant tore protect passengers. while the smoke in the backpack was as a result of the exploding, battery, perez says his army training kicked in when he saw the danger. >> i radioed and pick up the bag and brought it to their wheelchair is, between pillars in the hopes if it did go off, it would be, some of the shock if anything would be absorbed by the pillar and concrete
5:35 pm
post. >> perez served in the army for 20 years before the september 11th tragedy inspired him to join tsa. it is a way for him to continue to serve his country. earlier today the philadelphia fire department family association, presented the mercy cancer center with a $22,000 donation. >> philadelphia fire department, partnered with the family association, to sell more than 2,000 breast cancer awareness t-shirts in october. donation will benefit cancer center's breast cancer screening program and available at all three of the mercy health system hospitals. and still to come on "eyewitness news", their split shocked hollywood because they were known as one of the strong couples in the business , for the first time we will hear from josh duhamel since his split from fergie. there are new wave gadgets and old baby dolls and they have all made the list of hot holiday toys, get ready to shop coming up. kate? it is never too early to
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look at weekend and for this upcoming weekend we are tracking our next system. saturday will be a milder seasonal day but we will have chance for rain late in the day and then colder air flood back in by sunday, possibly even with some lake effect snow showers in parts of the area sunday we will keep you posted on that but you will need umbrella and coat, with the upcomin
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josh duhamel is speaking out for the first time since split ting with fergie. >> conversation nearly brings him to tears. entertainment kevin frazier joins us from los angeles with more. >> in our exclusive sit down josh, he was overcome with emotion, talking about his estrange wife and her on line critics. >> i have heard that there hasud
5:40 pm
about her and it, she's an amazing mother. that is all turf say about her >> so when you are reading all of the public thoughts and people going after her. >> yeah. >> why? >> i don't know. >> i'm sorry. >> josh clearly overcome with emotion, telling our kelce knight that he has nothing but love for fergie especially as they raise their four year-old son axle. >> we have a great relationship, and, we are parenting our son as healthy as we can. >> have you told him anything how do you hand that will as a dad. >> the kid gets so much love, it is, it really is, he is, just first. just before taking to stage at wild eight gala in beverly hills where he was honor. josh's among out spoken celebrities dedicate to go ending illegal wild life trade
5:41 pm
we will have so much more on this tonight on et i'm kevin frazier, ukee and jessica back to you and, go eagles. >> my man. >> thanks. >> yes, indeed. second sees often man with the plan premiers tonight we will talk with the stars after the break. >> some of the coolest video we will see of a go pro camera catches laugh autopsy close, we will that have video, up close and show you what happens to the owner when they forget it is there,
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awwwwww...... yummmm... denny's new holiday pancakes are delicious. you guys can have some if you want. order now at denny'
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former vice-president joe biden continues to say he will not run for president, in 2020 , but he is still not ruling it out, completely. former vp is on tour for his new book called promise, me dad a year of hope, hardship and purpose. biden 74 years old, four years older than president trump and pointed to his age and for reason for his uncertainty. his memoirs deals with his son beau's death from brain cancer and vice-president's decision against running in 2016. tonight former
5:45 pm
vice-president biden continues his book tour with the stop on the late show with stephen colbert, tonight at 11:35 right here after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 here on cbs-3. amazing new exhibit is opened at the academy of natural sciences in philadelphia vittoria woodill takes you on a trip back in time to the age of dinosaur. >> dinosaur are... unaudible. >> reporter: something that always has kid singing and dancing, it is learning about dinosaurs. >> they are gone forever. >> reporter: did you make up that beautiful dinosaur song. >> yes. >> reporter: get ready dinosaur lovers you get to see how they were born. >> they hatched from their eggs. >> reporter: at the academy of natural sciences at drexel university their new exhibit tiny titans dinosaur eggs and babies has you playing the paleontologist. it is a hands on excavating
5:46 pm
experience where you dig for dinosaur eggs what does that feel like. >> blocks. >> reporter: did i mention they were real? real rocks. rather real fossils and they can be found all over the place. >> fossils are literally organic matter like bones, but they have been turned into rocks. as you move through this exhibit you will see a sign that looks like a skull and crossbones but it is actually a shovel, pick and as you walk through if you find that symbol that indicates you are looking at a real fossil. >> reporter: put on your paleontologist hat dress up as a dine owe. >> what am i. >> i don't know. >> reporter: lay low in a dinosaur nest. >> they are not your eggs. >> no. >> they are raptors eggs. >> reporter: get ready to learn but you better do it now , before this exhibit goes extinct. it is, always a great day at the academy of natural science s and you better get there the exhibit end in january, so is there still
5:47 pm
time to play so get there real soon. >> yes. >> learning and fun. >> they doe challenge to you think of the better dinosaur song. >> i don't know one. >> owen rock it. thanks, tori appreciate it. watch as a tour guide loses his go pro, to hot lava. eric storm released this video taken last year. he got distract while telling a story and forgot that he put the camera down. amazingly the camera's memory card survived. some people are now questioning whether it is real or not. it has since gone viral. >> um-hmm, i guess we all get to decide. >> um-hmm. >> couple more views. >> yes. >> i don't know. >> i'm in lava expert. >> kate bilo joins us now with a look at the forecast as we get started. >> what a dreary way to start the workweek it is a machine to just stay in bed, hunker down a little bit but sun's coming back and that is good
5:48 pm
news. temperatures coming back to more november like levels and cold weekend and dreary numbers we have sunshine on the way for your tuesday. lets look outside still looking pretty glummy, look at those cloud, swirl of the cloud there in the sky over the franklin institute in center city right now feeling a bet damp around the edges outside not a good hair weather day stepping outside very, very moist air in place all that drizzle and even though nothing showing up on the radar right now we are still looking at that mist in the air tiny particles, of the drizzle, small enough that they are in the capture on the radar but feel them when you step outside. checking in with our weather watchers not many photos of this day, not a pretty day to take photos of temperature wise we have been in the mid 40's all day cloud and rain have kept things on the chilly see we didn't clear out as quickly as we hoped too. phil at 42 degrees. a dreary, rainy day, fit for soup, grilled cheese
5:49 pm
sandwiches. that is what this kind of day is, sound gooding to me. 44 degrees with our friend ed connor. he sent a photo or two. you can see just looking at that mist, drizzle, you cannot see very farrah head of you here. see mist through cloud and trees, and pretty shot but not a pretty day. we will check with lou in eagleville, mostly cloud there i and chilly at 44 with greg mccoy in marshallton and he says overcast, misty fog, leaves brown and skies gray. caribbean dream. that sounds nice, island, beach, warm weather. we don't that have but we have sunshine at least. little bit of good stuff on the way. we will take a quick peak outside live neighborhood network camera at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth beach. see how wet the boardwalk still is this time of the night. we have showers hanging out along the coast, and not a whole lot of rain but just enough moisture out there that
5:50 pm
everything is damp and dreary. rain has push off. we cannot see it though. still very tiny my particles causing everything to be wet here tonight but as we zoom back to the west not much happening over great lakes we have quiet weather to look forward to in the coming day. temperatures right now only in the 40's. thirty-seven in mount pocono. forecast highs for tomorrow with return of some sunshine many spots do creep back into the 50's. now that is still below average. we should be in the mid to upper 50's. we will barely get in the 50's but we will take it, spots to the north in the 40's again, mount pocono your high just 41 . slow warm up after 40's today, back to the lower 50's tomorrow. thursday is warmest day of the week. we will get back to average and then comes crashing down again behind a weak cold front that will knock us back to the 40's on friday. let's preview the weekend. our next system comes through saturday and sunday. could bring snow showers and snow squals on sunday after the front passes through, rain likely on saturday and snow my possible north and west
5:51 pm
especially during day sunday. good news for skiers but could drop visibility if you find yourself traveling through a snow shower. tomorrow mostly sunny, cool. sixty-two. wind out of the north. you're witness weather seven day forecast brief warm up on thursday, colder friday and tracking threat, for rain for first half of the weekend. >> ukee and jessica. >> cbs comedy man with the plan returns for its second season. >> on tonight's second premiere andy hires a new young baby-sitter. >> you made a rule in this house we would never hire hot baby-sitters. you said in one above a six. she's a 60. >> yes, there was a time i didn't want a young hot girl hanging around my husband but, it is fine now. >> victoria justice guest stars on the episode, matt le belong and liza snider told us who else will be joining them on the set of the season.
5:52 pm
>> toward the end we have sherry shepherd tim meadows become our neighbors which is fun, they are great, really funny. we have a lot more stacy ke ac h, and the design of the show is not really about big, you know, about a lot of people coming through the door, the show kind of lives in the burns household more and deals with issues that affect the family. >> you can catch the season two premiere of man with the plan tonight at 8:30 here on cbs-3. some call it crazy, competition looking for innovative minds to tackle the concept of personal flight. >> yes, cbs-3's joe holden is looking into boeing sponsorship of the go fly competition, it could revolutionize our rush hour among other things, there is a total of two million-dollar in prizes in the contest that will run for two years. >> it seems like the sky's the
5:53 pm
limit on this project. >> it has been said that technology is undistinguish able from magic. there is break throughs that may make this possible, if it were easy it wouldn't be worth a challenge, wouldn't be worth money to inspire people. >> the sky's the limit, joe found a local college student all too eager to spread his wings and take a shot at flight and that grand pry joe 's report takes off at is 11:00 on
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
well, holidays are fast approaching and that means it is time to start shopping.
5:57 pm
>> but the hot holiday toys aren't the same as they were last year cbs news correspondent nicki batiste has a look at items kid are asking for this year. >> there you go. >> oh, yes. >> yes, so fun. >> kid are flipping out for this years hottest holiday toys. from a new age doll. >> my name is... >> reporter: to a blast in the past. >> 2017. >> toy insider laurie shack gave us a look at the toys kid are clamoring for. last year, she said they had to have hatch a mol. >> the surprise, comes were not just one but two toys in each eggs. >> kid will not necessity whether it is identical or fraternity twins. >> yes. >> love and bell a one of the most sought after toys this year. >> she's most interactive doll you will ever, ever see. >> reporter: life like doll has a range of sounds and expressions. >> out of the box she speaks
5:58 pm
boble, the more you speak, more she will learn more word. >> this week, babe a live dollies on many kid wish lists too. >> feel good. >> reporter: you can see tears coming down. >> yes. >> reporter: kid can player care giver and nurse her back to smiles and giggles. for older kid is there the r2d 2 invention kid, droid comes in pieces and has to be put together. >> it is all in the wrist movement. >> reporter: and the drone allows to you fly it with the motion of your hands. >> wow. >> reporter: for animal lovers tyler the playful tiger has 100 sounds and motion combinations. >> yes. >> flying off the shelves, he absolutely will. >> reporter: jack says if any of these toys are on your list , buy them now, because they are going to go fast. nicki batiste, cbs news, new york. ready. >> wow. >> come a long way from g.i. joe and hot wheels, love it. >> that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00.
5:59 pm
>> serious accusations made against a philadelphia judge presiding over rapper and entertainer's probation hearing. its is basis for this protest behind me. we are live with the story. >> happy, caring human being and wonderful son who wanted to join an organization to find friendships and comradery instead he was killed at the hand of those he was seeking friendship from. >> reporter: strong word from the father of the late timothy piazza as new charges are handed down in the alleged hazing collette, of the penn state student. the new evidence that prompted prosecutors to act, kate. >> the sunnies making a come back. i will tell you when sun returns and when they warm up to more november-like levels, jessica. you could call it a bye week, win, and they have got a lot of help, and how they are feeling now that they are getting back to work.
6:00 pm
>> live from the cbs-3 broadcast center, and, and "eyewitness news". >> justice, and, to stand autopsy begins something that is flawed and broken. >> reporter: it is 6:00 o'clock. show of support demonstrators the georgia tore rally for philadelphia rapper meek mill just days after he was sentenced to two to four years in prison. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight high profile athletes and celebrities air monk those calling for action, "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden live in center city and many protesters joe had serious allegations about the judge who sent meek mill away. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, good evening. is there a star studded cast out here, dj, a number of eagles and all unfolding behind me right now, in fact, each time, one of those members


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