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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  November 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> it's thanksgiving in philadelphia and it wouldn't be the holiday with theout the thanksgiving parade. people packed along the route to get a glimpse of the tradition and we're bringing you all the highlights. good afternoon i'm rahel sol
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solomon. >> let's goat kate fehlinger on the sky deck with a chilly thanksgiving forecast. katie. >> it is. you're right. it was a very cold start to the morning. what we had working for us however is thankfully not too much of a twitch have to worry about but that said, the temperature really took a hit since yesterday and even despite bright sunshine it really isn't going to feel much warmer than, say, 10 degrees or so below average. now looking at storm scan that is clear. it will stay that way throughout the day and even into tomorrow. that said, when you look at the temperature difference, yeah, it's chilly outside with your deficit from this same time yesterday, almost as much as 20 degrees, so it is chilly out here and worthy of the heavier layers so winter companies, the scarf, the gloves and i took a little walk to get coffee earlier this morning and a lot of people had all of those extra layers plus the hat. that was a smart move because i know they were out at the parade and it wasn't a chilly
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start to the day. we're still not even in the 40's here at philadelphia international airport, just 39 the current temperature a pretty modest wind flow but any time that wind does blow even though it's very light it will make it feel just a little bit colder than the thermometer reads but for the most part what you see will be what you get on the thermometer today but we just don't rebound all that much. so, happy thanksgiving to you. if you plan to work off some of the calories, i expect you'll need the heavy sweatshirt. lots of sunshine, a cold afternoon but at least it's dry. coming up later on i promise you a rebound on the thermometer. i'll let you know which day ends up being the warmest. >> philadelphia hassle braitd thanksgiving day -- >> an neat oh joins us with a
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look tack at the festivity. happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: a lot of excitement along 1.4-mile route. we caught up with some spectators along the way. some traveled quite a distance to be here today. >> ♪ >> reporter: it's been a thanksgiving day tradition in philadelphia for the past 98 years. >> it's a top notch parade. the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country. >> we're honored and blessed because it's thanksgiving. >> reporter: volunteers worked overnight to ensure the balloons could float along smooth. >> it was my third year doing this. we do it to help out. >> reporter: it started at 20th and j.f.k. and turned up the parkway and ended by the art museum with philadelphia police securing all entrances with large trucks and lining the route with officers. the parade included 140 musical acts dance troops marching bands including one all the way from. >> alabama.
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>> alabama. >> yeah. >> what do you think of philadelphia. >> along with cheering for their favorite floats they have to cheer for their favorite team. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: the eagles cheerleaders also made an appearance and i asked some spectators what they're thankful for. a lot said good health, good food. one says she's thankful for carson wentz and the eagles so far this season and of course i'm very thankful for all of you my cbs family and the viewers as well wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving. >> thank you. you just saw it right here on cbs3. the famed macy's thanksgiving parade in new york city. millions of people lined the parade route including marching bands from all over the country and balloons of your favorite characters. preparations began a year in advance. as you can imagine security was tight. >> we started planning for
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this parade the day after the last parade ended. we look at what happened not only here in the city but the country and around the world and we make adjustments. >> city officials say there were no specific credible threats against the city or parade. >> some stores will be opening their doors early for those black friday deals. in fact a couple in a couple hours. >> for a comprehensive guide of things to shopping travel trips head to >> in other news this afternoon authorities have now recovered the remains of all four people missing after last week's huge fire at a west chester senior citizen complex. investigators bound to bodies yesterday and crews discovered two others earlier in the week. the fire at barclay friends injured 27 people. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. philadelphia police releasing new video in connection with the bombing in center city a year ago that seriously injured a center city man. the exclusive video shows the person police say delivered the bomb. the bombing injured 60-year-old jim alden who was
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hit by shrapnel and even lost a finger in the explosion. investigators say it was alden was the intended target. >> exhausted all leads at this point. it was a targeted attack. the package did have the address and the name of the victim on it and that's the only lead we have right now. >> there is still a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> philadelphia police have an 86-year-old bank robbery suspect in university city. officers say emily cokely robbed the t and d bank nearly 30th street. bank employees tell police she pulled out a gun and demanded $400. officers arrested her and say they found a gun. >> three sailors missing this noon following yesterday's crash of a u.s. navy plane in the pacific ocean. search teams are scouring the waters near japan where the c2 greyhound trance point owe port plane went down. officials say it was headed to the u.s.s. ronald reagan aircraft carrier when the plane suffered a rare dual engine failure.
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eight people survived the crash and are in good condition. >> coming up on cbs3 "eyewitness news," thanksgiving away from home. look at how members of the military are celebrating the holiday while serving the country and also the president's message to them. >> and it is a south philadelphia tradition. our pat gallen gives you a look at what was cooking at cacia's bakery this morning. we're coming right back on
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>> i'm thankful for all the people in my life that helped guide me. >> i'm thankful for my friends to be out here having a good time. >> skateboarding keeping me on my feet doing what i love. >> i'm thankful for my friends, family coffee. >> the shear honesty. love it. >> welcome back and not everyone gets to spend thanksgiving at home including those serving our country. >> it was -- u.s. troops in south korea enjoyed a thanksgiving meal. 60 turkeys fed about a thousand members and their families. >> absolutely amazing: they've outdone themselves. i do have family back at hommocks have a wife and two beautiful daughters. i miss them very much but i'm here now and making the best of it while i can. >> there are about 28,000 u.s. troops based in south korea right now. this morning president trump also took the opportunity to
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thank members of the military. >> so, as we give thanks for this holiday i know i speak on behalf of all americans when i say that we totally support you. in fact, we love you. we really do. we love you. and this is a thanksgiving that you won't forget. you're in a very different part of the world than you're used to but boy, are you doing a job there. and thank god for you. thank god for you. >> the commander-in-chief also took to twitter today. the president tweeted happy thanksgiving. your country is starting to do really well. jobs coming back. my rest stock market ever. military getting really strong. weological build the wall. va taking care of our vets. great supreme court justice record cut in regulars lowest unemployment in 17 years. >> dozens of people lined up in the dark and early this morning in south philadelphia for an annual thanksgiving tradition a as pat gallen shows us it's all about adding that special touch to the centerpiece of every
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thanksgiving dinner. >> ♪ >> reporter: one of the area's best thanksgiving tradition happens in south philadelphia. no, it's not wearing the cbs3 turkey hat it's the turkey cooking at cacia's bakery which began a long time ago. >> my great father this his two sons came up with the idea to cook people's turkeys and that was in the early 60's, maybe even the late 50's. >> reporter: what began as a small gathering has turned over 100 people waiting in line as early as 4:00 a.m. then is fine with them. >> i feel good. >> ♪ >> reporter: is this your first year. >> this is my first year. i try anything once. >> reporter: the reason south philadelphia flocks here, it's just easy. >> you don't have to go through the hustle and bustle of making -- watching your turkey and, you know, checking this and checking that. >> with don't burn the turkeys.
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[laughter] >> we don't burn the house down and it tastes good. >> reporter: mo brooker is here for the first time and brought two turkeys for his launch gathering. >> i have six brothers and one sister so it's a lot of people. >> reporter: john dropped his off before heading to the parade. >> you had one of the largest turkeys i've ever seen. >> 22 people. >> reporter: how many people are you going to feed. >> 10. >> reporter: you'll have leftovers for three weeks. >> my son-in-law, he's like six-seven, 250, the kid eats a lot. >> ♪ >> reporter: the turkeys are going in and should be ready for pickup right around 12:30. the heaviest one of the 125 turkeys this year, 40 pounds. that should make for a very happy family. from cacia's in south philadelphia, i'm pat gallen for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> those turkeys are ready in about 15 minutes. i can sense the smell coming up from south philadelphia. >> we're done in about 15 minutes. >> that would mean we would have to take somebody else's
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turkey. >> for the first time in nearly two years people will be allowed back inside love park. >> the park opens to the public today and the christmas village has returned. take a look at the scene this afternoon as crowds packed the park. love park is still technically under construction. it began about a year and a half ago. we caught up to the head of parks and recreation who told us why the overbudget project is worthwhile. >> the redesign and the transformation of love park is once in a lifetime. i don't want it to happen again in my lifetime i'll tell you that much but we have to get it right. it has to be really, it has to match the iconic status of this amazing park. >> there will be grand reopening festivities for love park sometime in the spring. the love statue will be finished by -- being refurbished and it is expected to sit next to the welcome center. >> let there be light. the switch was flipped at the holiday tree illuminating about 10,000led bulbs this year. the tree is more than 50 feet
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tall and about 7,000 pounds. >> little lights are twinkling. still ahead on "eyewitness news," a special day for two pandas. >> we'll tell you what happened in china for only the second time ever. katie. >> wait, you guys are both prendie pandas. >> i was going to get to that. >> sorry i ruined it for you. >> wait for it. >> i'm sorry. did not mean to do that . >> [laughter] >> stay tuned for that. in the meantime you got a holiday weekend coming up. already the holiday for many of you but by the weekend, we have a new front crossing through so it warms up in advance of that on saturday, upper 50's, then comes some showers later that day and the night. and then it just turns a lot colder. bottom gets pulled out from underneath you on sunday and we're at best up into the 40's with a chilly breeze too. more to talk about in that forecast and we'll get to
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>> flush. >> thankful for having healthy and happy friends and family. >> reporter: what are you thankful for. >> i'm thankful if we continue to have peace in the world and i'm thankful for a wonderful family. >> peace in the world that's a good one. >> yup. >> i like it. >> definitely. >> katie, it is very chilly out there. >> indeed. >> not that we don't expect it for late november. >> chillier than average too. >> okay. >> especially if you were out earlier on this morning for the parade, it was cold. i'll give you that. >> good for a fire tonight. >> ooh, what an idea. >> while you're wearing your blazer. >> my sitting jacket. [laughter] >> hello there. >> we all love your jacket. >> wear it. >> well, it is chilly outside. however, we'll talk about those temperatures --
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[laughter] we won't talk about that for sure but we'll take you on a little tour, get it together joe holden. all right -- [laughter] oh, you know what i'm thankful for, being able to actually be really dear friends with my co-workers truly. you guys make it fun. all right, we take a look outside at ocean city and earlier this morning there were a lot of people walking on the boardwalk they had their own turkey trot going on on the boardwalk. hopefully everybody is back at home warming up after the chilly start here. outside we go next, a very slight breeze outside hotel bethlehem. light fall foliage on main street. it's looking a little brisker up this way and outside we go to another camera and this is taking a look off in the distance to the center city skyline which is completely clear and it will stay that way. this is from palmyra cove nature park in our live neighborhood network. let's talk about some stats though. what's normal on this day of the year. the average high is only 53 degrees so that's on the cool side anyway but we're only talking mid 40's for
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highs expected this afternoon. yeah, there's obviously an extra chill in the air. the coldest morning low we've ever reported happened as a tie back in 1901 and 1989, 20 degrees is where we bottomed out and the record warmest down right balmy back in 1941 and interestingly it was the third thursday of november in 1941 when fdr came in and shook things up. there was a very interesting discussion as to how he got to the that record value but regardless, now we're at the fourth thursday of the month and that's where we stay with those values. so, earlier in the month you had a chance for it to be a little bit warmer. we look at storm scan3 though it is all clear and it will stay that way. high pressure is on our side and it will stay on our side until tomorrow. a lot of people going out shopping, it will still be chilly in the morning, don't get me wrong but it looks like a really cooperative forecast in that regard. there's a new system already working into the northwest and that's going to cross the u.s. come in here as a very weak frontal passage looking ahead to the weekend so that will
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bring in specifically saturday some showers but this is a pretty tame looking forecast otherwise. it's chilly though. you know, even since last check we've already rebounded into the low 40's millville, down wildwood. holding tough into the upper 30's here in philadelphia. i have another festive graphic. look, you've got a turkey run through the football helmet. not thanksgiving without the football. it is still chilly. 45 for the daytime high. cold obviously. but again minus the wind we could do worse, right? looking ahead at black friday, i would say if you're going out predawn, you definitely need the heavy wind gear. but as the day progresses, it really looks nice. seasonable at least. 52 the expected high here. we take a look at the extended forecast beyond that point saturday really is the one day that looks like it will bring in any wet weather and even then it's not a washout it's late afternoon and towards nightfall that we see a couple showers come in and then the bottom gets pulled out from underneath you and you're
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stuck into below average territory on sunday. >> thanks katie. >> thank you. >> and a happy thanksgiving for a pair of pandas in china after two years of survival training the animals were release into a nature reserve today. there he goes trotting off the. >> the pandas were taught how to fend for themselves in the hopes they could help increase the population at the reserve. only the second time two pandas were released at the same time and from those two pandas to perhaps us two pandas, i i'm a prendie panda. >> i'm a canary. there was nothing intimidating about that to the other football teams. >> can nar re, looking for the the -- canary,
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>> i am thankful for my mother who actually passed away when i was seven years old. she passed away from breast cancer. so, rest in peace, mom, and i know you're watching over me this thanksgiving. >> well, welcome back. so, potato chip flavors are nothing new especially when they're on the hot side. pringles introduced thanksgiving themed players. >> unfortunately you can't get them in stores. pringles made the flavors like turkey stuffing cranberry sauce, green bean casserole even pumpkin pie. they're not being sold to the public. the company only sent them to
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a select few for review and the word is they really taste like those holiday favorites. >> speaking of chips i hear you had a little challenge with our dear prem jim donovan. >> -- friend jim donovan. >> jim wanted to do it but i stepped up to the challenge. so jim and i did this and what you -- >> this is not affecting me at all. >> he's tap dancing. at one point he starts river dancing and then it ends with a beautiful display of jim running out of the studio to the bathroom to try to regurgitate. didn't quite work but that video -- i don't know what you call viral but it's been seen 36,000 times shared more than 350 times. people loving it. >> jim is a good sport. >> yeah. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon. >> i'm joe holden. >> i'm rahel solomon. thanks for watching we're always on line
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>> jill: oh, there you are! happy thanksgiving, darling. >> billy: it doesn't smell like thanksgiving. >> jill: well, of course it does. fall is in the air. can't you smell the scent of pine and falling leaves? >> billy: i'm talking about the smell of turkey. you said hurry because the food is almost done. >> jill: well, surely to god you didn't expect that i would be cooking? >> billy: no, no, i know better than that, but i expected catered turkey at least. you lied to me? >> jill: no, no, no. you assumed. the food is getting ready down at crimson lights, where you and i will be feeding the homeless. >> billy: [ chuckles ] okay. all right. what's going on? >> jill: what do you mean, what's going on? >> billy: well, i'm not buying this sudden humanitarian impulse from you. >> jill: billy, i thought it would be nice if you and i gave back to the community, okay, something altruistic. it's not like the first time we've done this. >> billy: what's going on? >> jill: nothing's going on. >> billy: what's in the box? >>


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