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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 1, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. i heard allowed bang and i saw the fence right in front of us shake. >> causing bar customers ers to leave their seats. nor reaction to the rare size mick event. today is friday, december 1st, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> rahel is off. we'll check on today's forecast, katie's got that, meisha's got traffic. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> i should point out we did not just wake up and suddenly decide to wear red. >> really? >> that's why we're all wearing this, in unicent today >> the color of our hearts, katie everything is looking good out there. that's going to help our commute. i have to say when i was driving in i noticed i didn't have any lane on the
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windshield, but wet roadways. what's going on? >> exactly, as we had expected , too. the little front that came through, you can see on this three hour loop, already making its departure, just tail end of the precipitation, as visible at this point, but even then out to sea but may encounter damp road but won't encounter spray from the vehicles, too whimpy after disturbance to bring much more than some minor issues out there. so you have a damp roadway perhaps, that's really t i do think the morning drive is totally fine. look at the temperatures you can understands y no icing as a concern whatsoever. simply too warm. even mount pocono at 36 degrees. so high enough threshold, where you won't have to worry about slick travel, due to icing. forty-seven is the value at the airport. now, we are certainly not going to rebound too much from here. but we are off to very mild start. since we're still waiting on the chill to catch up to us. so here's where we ends up. expecting sunshine throughout the day. even as the sunrises it should be beautiful one. and with wall-to-wall sun, the
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opportunity to rebounds to five a degrees, meisha couple of degrees still above average we will take it. >> wall-to-wall sun. i love when you say that. it is like an instant, an instant mood booster. good morning, we know it is early, we're excited it is fridayment looking outside to some construction, schulkhill westbound closed between 30th and the vine. plus by the way eastbound side as well, that left lane is block, kind of getting used to there is just a heads up, it is out there and of course we'll let you know as soon as it clears. schuylkill west, gulph mills, right lane compromised there. just another heads up restrict son on the ram top conshohocken as well. hard to kind of see, hazy shot there. but that's what you will be working with if you are headed out there right now. construction 95 north, off ramp to bridge, off ramp still closed yesterday this actually moved out of the way got cleared out fairly quickly hopefully before 5:00 that will. construction avenue, between 76 and kelly drive. ramp partially blocked. looking obviously at this time of the hour, everyone still
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traveling around at posted speeds, jim, in a tasha, back to you. >> shake, rattle and roll wasn't on the radio. >> no, actually under the ground below us. magnitude 4.1 quake rattled the mid-atlantic with the epi-center northeast of dover. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do here to tell us more about it, and if you felt it. >> yes, i actually did feel t talking about it this morning, jim. you felt it. >> i was on a ladder put be g up my christmas tree. >> of course you were. >> i didn't feel a thing. >> so fortunately for people like natasha who didn't feel it, and the rest of us, surreal experience, actually no report of any serious damage or injuries. >> it was just like wow did anyone else just feel that? >> question millions in the mid-atlantic region asked one another just after 4:45 p.m. thursday. that's when the us gee logical survey reports a 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck. the epi-center just 6 miles east northeast of dover, delaware, near the bombay hook wildlife refuge.
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>> the whole house just started shaking. >> perhaps no one else felt it more than linda dempsey and her husband joe who live feet from the epi center just looking at each other. we thought maybe a big plane from dover air force base had come down. >> fewer miles away from dover this surveillance video shows people sitting at the bar when the quake hit. you can see heads turn before everyone shuffles out. people in dover estimate the shaking lasted maybe five to ten seconds. >> i look around at my co-workers, everyone was wide eye, we went outside because we thought something hit the buildings. >> similar wide ice from north fill. >> i we felt a shake. we stopped. and then my friend, mia, was like did you feel, that i was ya. >> people from as far away as washington dc and new york set i felt it, too. nurse regina captured this cell phone video of mirror swinging back and forth at her job in hackensack, new jersey. derrick pits, stief astronomer , says theology of -- geology allowed the
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quake to impact a huge area. >> the bedrock, soil here, extends up and down the east coast to a fair degree. so any kind of vibration of this kind of magnitude that occurs in that bedrock can be felt up and down the east coast. >> so here is a fun fact. prior to last night the biggest earthquake on record in delaware happened in 1871. officials say yesterday's 4.1 earthquake tide that record. probably long time before it happens again. >> well, hopefully, or next time i'm feel it. thank you. >> you know the most recent earthquake felt in our region was back in august of 2011 when a magnitude 5.8 quake shook most of the east quake. centered northwest of richmond , virginia, it forced buildings in center city to be evaculated even shattered some windows on highrise buildings, as well. >> well, turning to other news this morning, philadelphia police have it'd add teenager they say was brutally murdered by a man she met on facebook. authorities identified the 15 year old victim wasabi rhea
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mcclane, she was stabbed more than 50 times in her body was set on fire. she was found tuesday behind a building on the 4200 block of south 49th street. police arrested the alleged killer coal after his parent turned him in. he's now charged with murder. police in bucks county say they found the truck involved in the deadly hit-and-run. chopper three was over the lower southampton police station yesterday where the truck was processed for evidence. the driver has not been arrested yet. detective are now searching for a person of interest. authorities say that on monday night that truck killed 19 year old jessica kurtz and badly injured her boyfriends, as they crossed street road near philmont avenue. >> a manhunt is currently underway in upper darby after threatening signs are posted on on a mosque and around the mosque. take a look at the surveillance video. suspect recorded monday morning putting the signs around the mosque at 69th and walnut. many of the words on the signs were misspelled.
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however, the anti-muslim messages were very clear. and police are taking this very seriously. >> this is a hate crime, terroristic act, certainly threatening and putting people in fear. so i don't have any problem charging them up. >> police found burned items near the education center of the mosque. now the suspect is believed to be mentally disturbed, man in his 50's or 60s, if you recognize him or have any information on this crime, please contact upper darby police. >> well the senate plans to vote on president trump's tax cut plan this morning, the gop has made major changes including rolling back some of the tax cut after six years, that's to apiece lawmakers seek to go keep spending under control. republicans only afford to lose two votes to pass the bill. democrats argue the legislation will hurt the middle class. >> well, president trump and secretary of state, rec tillerson, scheduled to meet for lunch today. sitting down a mid report the white house want to replace tillerson. circulating plan for tillerson 's exit, replacing
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him with current ci each director mike pompeii owe, state department says the white house chief of staff, john kelly, calls tillerson chief of staff and told her the rumors are not true. >> hillary clinton meantime brought her book tour to the kimmel center last night. the book what happened deals with her lost and last year's presidential election. some who attended took part in a meet and greet and a book signing, as well. >> well, next on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this morning , what american airlines is now saying about a computer glitch that's left thousands of holiday flights without pilots. >> plus protecting your on line purchases. how people are banding together to stop thieves from stealing packages from local front doors. >> and how hollywood is remembering jim neighbors, a look back at his life and career, when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> welcome back, remember the big glitch we told you about initially that could affect thousands every flights this holiday season?
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well, american airlines says it is making major strides now toward fixing it. american now claims only few hundred december flights are without assigned pilotsment now the pilots union disputes that claim, and says thousands of flights are still listed as un assigned. american blames a software problem that granted too many vacation requests. >> with on line holiday shopping, more popular than ever, it is a wise idea to take steps to protect your purchases. surveillance video in center city caught two separate incident of left it in recent months. brazen thieves are seen opening a screen door and walking away with boxes left inside. thieves are have stolen packages from this doorstep in northern liberties three times , and neighbors have started bang together against the so-called porch pirates. >> we pick up each other packages, we drop them off, and we will stop people from leaving it in inapropriate places. >> now pay a monthly fee to have her package sent to the northern liberties mailbox store. store owner says there says his business is getting three times the amount of packages
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it normally o at least partly due to customers trying to keep their packages safe. >> time now 4:42. >> katie is here with another check on your forecast, hey, kate. >> i guys, good morning, happy true to you. today another milder than average day. so look being good. i want to walk you through what's average, where the records fly, and where we ends up here today. normal high is ooh degrees. we expect to exceed. that will in fact, pretty close to what the average high is as we speak, simplyly because we had cold front pass through, balls of the clouds, because of the rain that came through, temperature didn't have the opportunity to drop off all that readily plus cold air hasn't quite caught up yet either. now, very, very far from record territory today. because, again, some cool air will catch up to us. but we hit 72 degrees on this day on december 1st, all the way back from 2006. and today we expect to hit about 55 degrees. so kicking off the month of december here on pretty decent note. meanwhile, here is the front that came through last night. you will likely encounter couple of damp roadways on the drives, such a light and
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whimpy system, that it really didn't dump too much. probably won't even have to deal with much in the way of spray from other vehicles. just wasn't enough after moisture rich system crossing through. it is a sunny, mild day, though, up to 55 degrees, already off to very mild start again, you won't see too much rebound on the thermometer, but feels pretty good outside for the standards. we stay clear tonight. dropping back down, how much, with cool air catching up to 36 degrees, with very light wind out of the north. and then, looking forward, we sort of level off here. low to mid 50's, sunshine no less, right through monday, warmest day is tuesday, but the clouds build, likely see p m showers. >> loving. >> this all the way through the weekends, haw awe -- how awesome is that. commute look being pretty good pulling your attention to this camera of the schuylkill westbound, closed between 30th t far construction, eastbound side, left lane, still block, getting casino every used to where this construction; you can see the cones in the roadway, yes, it will start to slow you down little bit. specially monday through
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wednesday, but on a friday, it really might not slow you down actually at all. i'll let you know as soon as crews move out of the way and see what happens. ben franklin bridge for those every our friends in jersey traveling westbound, looking good but yes as katie mentioned little damp roadways here, overall volume levels are super light this morning. construction on 95 north, this is still out, there the off ramp to bridge. ramp closed, see the flashing light, you might tap your brakes as you travel on by, but overall won't pose any real problems for you. then on the other side looking good. really volume levels anywhere we look at this hour, specially even when we head into the early 5:00 on a friday, they shouldn't really be anything. then, city avenue, between schuylkill and kelly drive, the ramp partially block for some construction crews there, as well. natasha, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you so much. tv fans every all ages no gomer pile, and this morning, we are remembering the actor and sing here played the bumbling marine on two different shows. >> correspondent chris martinez looks back on the career of jim neighbors. >> andy griffith discovered
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jim neighbors singing in a california night club in the early 1960s. he invited him for one shot appearance as the folks i gas station attendant gomor pile on the andy griffith show. the innocent and honest full of character rest resonate dollars so well with fans he got his own spin off show in 1964. >> what is your name? >> gomer pile. >> gomer pile, usmc, ran for five years. during the viet nam nam err, a the roll that would define his career. >> ♪ >> but it also showcased his rich bar tone voice, producers wrote musical numbers into several of the shows episodes. once the series ended the type cast neighbors went onto guess star in several variety shows. he also hosed his own variety show for two seasons, worked in las vegas, and appeared in a few movies with his friend, burt reynolds. he remained closeted through most of his career, eventually marrying his partner of 38
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years, and 2013 in washington state, shortly after same sex marriage became legal there. neighbors was born and raised in alabama, but for 30 years, he was a fixture at the indianapolis 500, singing back home again in indianna. he made his final appearance in 2014 siting declining health. neighbors' husband was at his side when he died. instead he passed peacefully in his sleep. chris martinez, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> well still ahead on " eyewitness news" this morning , the christmas tree lighting in the nation's capitol. >> and also, spotted roaming the tracks, how a little dog was brought to safety. thanks to a group of septa workers.
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>> a stray dog is in good hands after rescued by group of septa workers. >> let's introduce to you
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jermaine name after one of the workers who actually saved him pup recently found roaming the tracks near 69th street, the terminal there. septa workers feared he could get worse even killed possibly so they set up trap to get him out of harms way. >> it was always a -- we got trains here, power, and anything could happen, co-run across the street. >> well, jermaine now recovering at keystone vet hospital in havertown. vets say he has a partially amputated leg likely due to electric shock or being hit by something. a go fund me page has been set to up raise money for the surgery that he'll need. for that info go to our website >> poor pup. well, time now 4:49. time for check on business news. >> and money watch's diane king-hall joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jim and that the tasha. well, we've got this for you. this one could be music to a lot of investors ears. spotify could be going public as soon as this spring. that is according to road ers,
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the european tech ventures report reportedly looking to lift. the music streaming company has a potential evaluation of $20 billion, more numbers for you, the company has roughly 140 million monthly active listeners, and about zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero paid subscribers, jim, in a tasha. >> i don't have pan door, a do you have pandora? >> no, i don't. >> what about you, diane? >> i do have pan door, a but i don't have spotify. spotify, you know, that would be the competitor to pandora. >> interesting. i understands folks have new breakfast option. what's this all about? >> that's right. get ready for super mario cereal. partnering with keg old for the new cereal. colorful red box toss lands on store shelves in about ten days, consumers can tap the cereal box to nintendo switch device to receive free items in the super mario odyssey game. >> i did like finding toys. >> breakfast of champions, guys? >> oh, yes. always wanted the cereal with
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the box of toys in it. >> and dig through the whole box for the toy. >> yes, dentists love it, too. >> yes, exactly. >> thanks, diane. we'll check in with you in the next hour. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, dazzling new art display on the parkway >> we're back with you in just a moment. stay with
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>> you're looking looking at dazzling new art display, called winter fountain. >> and, this display is made up of four architectural domes , covered with moving images. now, you can check it out, until march, it is part of parkway 100, the year-long centennial celebration of the ben franklin parkway. >> that's amazing. >> really cool. >> i actually drove by it the other day, what's this thing? has to be something really cool. looks like outdoor planetarium inside out or something, just real cooking looking. so even better, looks awesome. what we're going to find here today is the beginning after
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stretch of really nice conditions. and already, we've seen a bit of wet weather roll through, through the overnight. that's now long gone. we're only going to see sunshine throughout the day today. and for many days yet to come. now, look a little damp outside the boardwalk plaza here in rehoboth. if you look real closely you can maybe see the board are still little damp, but for the most part, this is one of the last spots to have seen any wet weather at all. and at this point, storm scan is empty. so you're looking good, the skies clearing quickly, even despite cold front package, won't have too much winds to contend with today either. so it could be a heck of a lot worse, the winds direction still coming out of the northwest at the moment. it is generally out of the north or northwest throughout the entire day. but it won't be much more harsh than this. barely notice it, granted might notice it, but the temperature still already above average. and it stays that way throughout the day. we do only rebound handful of degrees, probably not even 10 degrees from where we currently stand, so do rebound at 5 degrees, still above average, by five solid degrees , what's normal on this
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particular day of the year. we sort of level off, though, right through the course of monday, filled with sunshine for all four of the days, tuesday, clearly the warmest. that's also in anticipation, we warm up ahead of the next frontal passage likely to bring in some rain on tuesday. >> at least we get this beautiful weekend, katie what everybody likes to see, good friday. so yes, damp roadways, but really not slowing anybody down at the point schuylkill westbound closed right now between 30th street and the vine. so the eastbound side left lane block, now since cleared, looking at some of the cones in the roadway. then looking at the ben franklin bridge looking little damp but that's looking normal and goodment then also looking at some more construction on 95 north, the off ramp to bridge streetment that ramp is still closed. but i would venture to bet that they're getting ready to move that out of the way sometime very quickly. construction here, as well, city avenue between 76 and kelly drive, that ramp right now is partially blocked, just
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a heads up on that. and some more construction on 295 northbound ramp, 76 westbound closed two lanes block, also, 76 westbound, talking about that yesterday, talking about it again today. natasha, back over to you. >> all right, meisha, thank you so much. president trump and the first lady continue the tradition every lighting the national christmas tree. >> three, two, one. >> first lady melania trump did the honors. president trump said he's waited all year to wish the count ray merry christmas. the tree lighting tradition started way back in 1923, with president calvin coolidge. >> three, two, one. >> and "eyewitness news" here in east passyunk, where the christmas tree in the neighborhood was also lit last night. santa and meteorologist, chelsey ingram, led the celebration near the singing fountain at east passyunk and tasker. the christmas tree is 17 feet tall. >> beautiful tree. >> and remind i, you can be part of the "joy of sharing"
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toyfest campaign, bringing new unwrapped toys to our studios at 1555 hamilton street. you can also visit for complete list of toy drop off locations and details on upcoming toyfest events around the area. >> and you can also bring a toy to cape may today. where we will be celebrating holiday fest. kate bilo and vittoria woodill will be live from the winter wonderland at congress hall that's starting on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> coming up in our next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," the new york took town under state of emergency, much of it on fire. we will tell you what happened >> and then the la auto show opens today with a ion oversized luxury. >> we'll show you. >> and we can finally answer the age-old question which is smarter, a cat or a dog? the controversy that's going to happen now. we're back at the top of the hour.
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do you need the most trusted battery this holiday? maybe not. maybe, you could trust the world would be just as happy without them. (screaming) or, you could just trust duracell. ♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪
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>> the whole house just started shaking, and it seemed like it lasted for awhile. >> an earthquake shakes the region from the lower delaware area to north jersey. people inside a dover restaurant react with surprise we'll have more about what people around the area experienced. >> the ends may be near for the secretary of state. cbs news has learned that the white house has a plan to force rex tillerson out. i'm hena doba with the details coming up. >> also live look here at the art museum christmas tree. how lovely. the sun will be shining brightly on that today. katie is here with the weekend forecast. >> they're doing hula hoops. who has in the


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