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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  KYW  December 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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1st. where did november go? >> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> my gosh, is it really? >> i'm natasha brown. for rahel, katie, meisha, keeping an eye on things this morning. >> always great to see you natasha brown. >> downtown natasha brown. >> i'm still wide awake at this hour. >> that's the thing right when we were walking in the building, i said, that the tasha, how are you feeling? >> oh, on two hours sleep. >> never mind. >> looking outside right now, the roadways are looking okay, damp roadways might slow you down ever so slightly. what we're seeing few accidents starting to upon up there. we'll see what happens. >> lucky long gone, though. not going to have to deal with that at all here today. and sun glare, probably, comes the main issue, when the sun does rise say the next hour or so. but, until it does, it really is very, very quiet out there. and we're going to stay that way throughout the entire day here in the sunshine for yet another day. and above average, for yet another day. so, our normal high on this day actually 50. i expect that you'll going to
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exceed that by 5 degrees, already at 45. so you're starting from this mild point, even despite cold front passage, the cold air hasn't quite played catch up yet. so until it does, you're just going to see the temperatures again rebounds to above average levels. so your a currently in enough of a territory where you want the winter coat. 37 degrees after all in allentown, knowledge pocono, lancaster, that's cold enough to warrant that. but as the day goes on, take a look, by the time we hit 10:00 . by the time 3:00 p.m., at 55. and in the sunshine, and what's also nice here, is that the wind shouldn't be all that strong either. so it just, in short, is another nice day. and this actually is a string of pleasant weather, just getting underway for our area, so of course, all good things must come to an end at some point, meisha, i'll let you know when you can expect more rain. >> notice how quick i was? yep. >> thank you so much, katie. good morning shall everybody, looking outside right now, some activity pull off to the shoulder here 59 south nears girard. hard to see, but you will be
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tapping your brakes ever so slightly as you travel on by, and we do see that person outside their vehicle walking around side, again, 95 south, near girard, of course building levels there. looking 42 freeway northbound at creek road. take this of course to 295-6789 building levels there , as well, but the good news everyone still traveling at posted speeds so still get thumbs-up. do have an accident here, so overturned vehicle, pa turnpike westbound. ft. washington, two left lanes compromised here, you can see what you're travel 4 miles per hour, basically what that lets you know, you're traveling at bumper to bumper conditions. this picture kind of hard to see but just know if you're traveling by putting on your breaks, lots of gaper delays around the area, as well. if you can avoid the area, you certainly want, to specially traveling 4 miles per hourment real quickly this accident in bala cynwyd, montgomery avenue at bryn mawr avenue. jim, natashament back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. the grounds rattled so did few nerves. >> well, 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit the mid mid-atlantic region while many of us were gathering around the dinner table.
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trang do, felt the quake, and joins us now to talk to us more how it felt. what's going on, trang? >> i was winding down, getting ready for the shift, watching from my couch when the building shook for 102nd, first earthquake that i had ever experienced, and fortunately it was a team one. no report of any serious injuries or damage. >> my friend me a, did you feel that? i was like ya. >> it is a question millions in the mid-atlantic region asked one another just after 4:45 p.m. thursday. that's when the us gee logical survey reports a 4.1 magnitude earthquake struck. the epi sender just 6 miles east-northeast of dover, delaware, near the bombay hook wildlife refuge. >> the whole howls started shaking. >> perhaps no one felt it more than linda dempsey and her husband joe who lives feet from the epi center just looking at each other. we thought maybe a big plane from dover air force base had come down. >> few miles away in dover, this restaurant surveillance video shows people sitting at
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the bar, when the quake hit. you can see, heads turn, before everyone shuffles out. people in dover estimate the shaking lasted maybe five to ten seconds. >> i looked around at my co-workers. everyone was wide eye. and we all went outside. we thought somebody might have hit the building. >> no northeast philly, some were ready to blame the neighbors. >> i thought my neighbors were jumping up and down on the floor. >> so probably ready to be mad at them. once you realized it was something else? >> i heard it on the glues people from as far as washington dc and new york city felt it, too. nurse captured this video after mirror swinging back and forth at her job in hackensack , new jersey. >> derrick pits, says the geology of this part of the country allowed the quake to impact a huge area. >> the bedrock that under lies all of the soil here extends up and down the east coste fair degree. so any kind of vibration of this kind of magnitude that occurs, in that bedrock, can be felt up and down the east
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coast. >> earthquakes in this region tends to happen every few years, it is just that many are not strong enough for us to feel them. 4.1 magnitude yesterday's quake, ties the record set in 1871 for the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in delaware. now we all have cool story to tell, you can get it. shirts. >> i survived the earthquake. >> right. >> i was on my ladder, putting on my christmas tree, and i felt like a little, i need to go to sleep. i'm feel like things, getting little wobbly here. >> like me every day. >> well there is isn't the first time we've felt an earthquake in our area. you may recall back in august of 2011 magnitude 5.8 earthquake shook most of the east coast, including philadelphia. that earthquake was centered northwest of richmond, virginia it, forced buildings in center city to be evacuated and shattered some windows on high-rise buildings. >> also, this morning, philadelphia police have now identified the teenager they say was brutally murdered by a man that she met on facebook. authorities say 15 year old sa
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brea mcclane stabbed more than 50 times before her body was set on fire. she was found tuesday behind a building on the 200 block of south 49th street. police arrested the alleged killer in this case, coal coal herring after his parent turned him in. now being charged with murder. police in bucks county say they found the pick-up truck involved in a deadly hit-and-run earlier this week. chopper three hovered above the lower southampton police station, that's where the truck was processed for evidence. detectives are now searching foreperson of interest in this case. nineteen year old jessica kurtz was killed monday while crossing street road near philmont avenue. her boyfriend, will advance arsdale, was also injured. >> investigators in upper darby calling it a hate crime after a man posted threatening signs on a mosque. take a look at this surveillance video, recorded monday morning, putting the signs on the mosque at 69th and walnut. many of the words on the signs were misspelled. how much, the anti-muslim messages were clear, and
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police are taking this extremely seriously. it is a hate crime. it is a terroristic act. certainly threatening, putting people in fear. so i don't have any problem charging them up. >> now, police also found burned items near the education center at the mosque the suspect is believed to be mentally disturbed, if you recognize him, or have any information on the crime, contact upper darby police. there is outrage this morning after jurors put the defendant in a deadly california shooting. illegal immigrant jose garcia was found not guilty in the death of kate steinly the judge wards any mention of the status the number of times he was arrested and departed, the the shooting called for trump to call for a wall on the mexico boardser. >> president trump took to twitter to express his views on this verdicts. the president tweet tweeted, quote, disgrace put verdict in the kate steinly case. no wonder the people of our country are so-so angry will
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legal immigration. >> president trump and current secretary every state, rex tillerson, having lunch today, follows reports that tillerson will lose his job in a matter of weeks. hena donna doba reports neither the president nor the white house is offering definitive answer on whether those reports are true. >> president trump and secretary of state, rex tillerson, are scheduled to meet for lunch today. yesterday mr. trump gave no indication the meeting would have anything to do with reports tillerson is about to lose his job. >> rex tillerson here. >> cbs news has confirmed the white house drafted and circulate ago plan for tillerson's exit. replacing him with current cia director, mike pompeiio. the news follows months of growing tension, between tillerson and the president. among the most high profile disagreements, north korea. shortly after tillerson announced the us was in diplomatic contact with panning yank, mr. trump, tweeted, quote, he is wasting his time. still, the state department insists, tillerson is
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continuing with business as usual. >> he kind of, you know, brushed this off today. >> state department says white house chief of staff, john kelly, called tillerson's chief of staff thursday and told her quote the rumors are not true. though several well placed sources tell cbs, kelly has signed off on tillerson's exit plan. hena doba, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." well, coming up a little later, report of more women coming forwards to accuse matt lauer of sexual misconduct. >> plus: it is worlds aids day. and we're learning more about a new treatment to fight hiv. we'll have details coming up next in the health watch. pat? >> the eagles have a tough test in the northwest this sunday, as they travel to take on the seahawks. can they stop russell wilson and company to lock up the definition the great merrill reese joins us to break it all down. we'll do that next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it's that time of year ♪
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>> natasha's dancing in her seat to n'sync. merry christmas. happy holidays. boy, we're in the midst of it all. >> do you have get me going at 61:00 a.m. >> someone get her some more coffee stat. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> newspaper research job may be able to treat hiv infection , while treating patient, doctors in paris observed that the drug caused a drastic decrease in the number of infected cells. well another new study links cannibis used to bipolar
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symptoms in junk adults, researchers say teens who use marijuana at least three times a week, showed signs of main ya later in life. >> oh, my. >> okay. >> wow. >> all right. >> mania. hey, katie? >> hey, hey, hey. that's a transition. >> snowing behind you? where is that? >> this is real backgrounds! >> where are you, jim? >> all right. let's show you what's going on out here. you're going to get it. here is a look at the winter countdown. fighting words, my friend. happy meteorological winter at least getting the climatic season underway here, but technically, we aren't even going to see the average first snowfall until nine days from now, the official beginning every winter comes of course with the solsus, at least astronomically speaking, and we dough that in meteorologist , 20 days until that happens, christmas, my goodness, just 24 days away, only 23 until santa makes his
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big ride, we do have cooler air that moves in before that takes place. for now, we will evening out temperatures ever so slightly or several degrees above average, for the next couple of days, with a stretch of sunshine no less, even despite cold front passage, late last night, did leave behind cup epp of damp roads, now we sit pretty here, in the sunshine, for the next four days. so, of course, that includes the weekends. we're all clear currently outside palmyra cove nature park. center city skyline, looking closely it is out there in the distance, no cloud cover really, helping to skew the view all that much. as the day progresses, problem is, stepping out the way, things still little more downhill. by tuesday, granted, warmest day of the bunch, all the way to 61 degrees. that's also when our next front gets here. so we do cool off behind it, obviously, also have some wet weather to dodge as early as tuesday morning, especially the pm hours, meisha. >> 61 degrees in december, wow , katie that's great. good morning, everyone, happy friday. we do have accident here boulevard southbound at the
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schuylkill, pulled off to the far right lane, it is blocking and you will be putting on your brakes traveling on by. heads up, see bumper to bumper conditions out there. give yourselves extra time. also, give yourselves extra time here. this is where we have another accident. schuylkill westbound, this is past university ave. blocking the left lane. and you can just see how busy this is. and you have gaper delay here as well. so just headed out to this area, you need to give yourselves some extra time here as well. then, we have overturned vehicle, on the pa turnpike westbound, at ft. washington. the good news is it is getting cleared out of the way right now, all lanes are now reopened. and you are no longer traveling at 4 miles per hour, but we bumped it up to around 30, 40 miles per hour, leg g you know know it is a little safer. but still give yourself some extra time, jim, that the tasha, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. well, i can tell that you i'm looking forward to wearing that eagles suit on monday morning. >> yes, i will ' get up just for that and watch you. well, pat is here to preview the eagles biggest test of the
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season. coming up. >> did you get that thing dry cleaned yet? >> i don't wear it like 24 hours, i only wear it -- >> no, no, i think we need to clean that thing. >> no, that's the power. >> oh, that's the power. >> anyway, this is a huge road match up as they take on russell wilson and the see hacks, perhaps the toughest stadium to play n as we do on friday's, we bring in the voice of the philadelphia eagles to break it all down, merrill reese. good morning, merrill. >> good morning, pat. little slightlyly down this morning, looking forward to the eagles clenching the nfc east last night, but you can never depends on the washington redskins. could you business are a mess. the redskins are more after mess than last night. the redskins commit i had four turnovers in the first half. so it didn't happen. the eagles will have to do it on their own. >> yes, we appreciate that, washington. with the eagles in seattle, what will they need to do to stop russell wilson? >> (laughing) surround him with about 14 people. but he's tough. he's tough to stop. he really is.
6:18 am
he not only goes side to side but he scrambles, but goes backward annex tends plays. he's tough. but they're playing great defense, and they're going to have to be disciplined. they stay in their lanes. they just don't let him escape >> the eagles went to see seattle last year, lost 26-15. how much did seattle's 12th man plan a role in that lost last year, and how prepared do you think carson wentz is to deal with it snow. >> you know, i'm going to be honest with you. i don't think that 12th man played a role in it at all. carson wentz was very, very poised. he used the silent cap of the eagles, made too much mistakes in that game. they stayed in it for awhile. but his is much better team. this is much better eagles team. carson wentz, second year quarterback, but playing like somebody who has been around for ten years. seahawks team that's depleted in the secondary. don't forget richard sherman, cam, both out for the season. so i think the eagles can go up there and play good football and come away with the nfc east.
6:19 am
>> merrill, we can't wait to hear you guys on the calm. you and mike quick on 94wip this sunday in seattle. merrill, have a good game. >> thank you, pat. i can't wait. it will be a lot of fun. >> sounds good. we certainly any the same here seahawks have been to two soup he bowls, dealing as you said with a lot of injuries and departures, but, equalizer, russell wilson, tough to bring down. >> yes, he's all over the place. >> appreciate it. >> you got it. >> well, there is one fan who is fired up for this sunday game and every other eagles game for that matter. >> phillies own the king of the beat boss, that would be monte g, of course, send thus video as he get ready for the big kick off. >> hey, jim, that the tasha, check this out, check this out we keep doing it, doing it, getting mad because they fell they keep on losing it is not our fault and the next team to get it is hoop seahawks, seahawks, ya, they going down, baby, they're going down. we are the best.
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my eagles team. give a beat. boom boom boom. what what? e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! ya, number one, baby baby. ain't nobody better. watch us go and beat them. let's get it. go birds. hey. >> what accustom beat box just for us? >> monte g, we need to bottle his energy. can you do that? >> oh, i have to practice. >> can you b bop? >> wait. let's hear a little bit. >> no, no, no. >> we got nothing here. we got nothing. >> thanks, patrick. >> great job. we will post that on facebook and twitter as well. still ahead, the waffle house customer turned chef. why he ended up cooking his own food, i'll gave you a hint alcohol was involved. it usually is. we'll also have this story. >> even though it may seem like the kids are just having a good time, they're really learning, as well. >> well classic toys big enough for kids and adults. meisha johnson drives down
6:21 am
memory lane, coming up in today's dream drive. stay with us.
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>> sunshine, temperatures ever so above average. warmth tens what's average in the beginning days of december we've got daytime highs in the low to mid 50's for the next few days, and plenty of sunshine to go with it. not bad, guys. >> well, now for a look at newspaper headlines from all across the region. >> from the press of the atlantic city former galloway township employee accused of mishandling nearly $7,000 for the township summer camp program has pleaded guilty to charge of theft. thirty-six year old jennifer del use yo will pay $6,900 in restitution, be placed on probation, will forfeit her employment in public office. >> and in the spirit from
6:25 am
delaware county, tensions surrounding possible sale of chester water authority was evident at its november board meeting. this after documents reveal that the state and acqua america had actually discussed take-over for months. >> from the news journal, did you know, natasha, it is illegal for street acts like jugglers or miles to perform within 50 feet of each other in wilmington? yes. since the city doesn't have an abundance or perhaps any circus performers, probably not big deal, but city council wants to fix it anyway, city code to archaic provisions in language and references. >> and that's going to do it for this part, a look at the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley at this hour. >> well, we're happy to say a pup high was severely abused then abandoned in philadelphia is now on the road to adoption >> we told you all about josephine earlier this week. yesterday, she underwent reconstruction tiff surgery to repair more than ten broken bones in her face. "eyewitness news" was at the
6:26 am
vet specialty and emergency center in south philly. rescues err found the six month olds pitbull mixon the sidewalk, after she does recover, josephine will be available for adoption. >> good for her. there is a home out there for her. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," one day aftermath mat lawyer a apologize dollars for his behavior, there are report of more women coming forward, to accuse the former "today show" host of sexual misconduct. >> plus, what american airlines is now saying about the computer glitch that gave too many pilots time off over the holidays. meisha? >> well, that the tasha, looking outside. looking okay this morning, but we do have damn roadways in some areas and few accidents out there, as well. i'll have all of the updates coming up. first we will take a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back. >> ♪ i feel the earth move under my feet ♪ i feel the sky tumbling down ♪ i feel my heart start trembling ♪ >> i think katie needs to play the lottery, she predicted
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this would be some of the songs this morning, that the tasha. did you feel the earth move yesterday? >> i'm a prognosticator. i'm all telling. i had no idea we were playing this. >> katie is like we should play that song. there you are. >> you know what, what this says to me, our producer, we have great minds. we think much alike.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm natasha brown. rahel is off. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is december 1st, 2017. >> shaking mirrors, shocking bar customers, a earthquake rattled nerve information our region. >> i've never experienced something like this before. crazy. >> twitter, facebook, people really reacting quickly to
6:31 am
this earthquake. >> from this tongue and cheek video by caroline mcguire, to joel and wallace as caption for collapsed nativity. mayor is he okay. but joseph fainted. >> the end may be near for the secretary of state cbs news learned after plan to force rex tillerson out. >> remember the big glitch we told but? america now claims only few hundred december flights are without assigned pilots. >> more with a rebound, played well, since coming off the temple bench. >> did that go in? did that go in? oh, my gosh. >> you're going to keep your eyes open. you don't seem to flinch. >> yeah. >> he didn't even move. that was so cool. >> sponsored by penn medicine cancer center the number one
6:32 am
cancer center in the region. >> that was james cord on testing the nerves of steel in his game flinch with korean pop sensation ets. >> amazing, nobody flinched that one guy didn't. katie nothing rattles you either. katie doesn't flinch. >> you know what's funny? i have another story. i always have a story to go with everything, right? our weather office has very bizarre acoustics, and you can be literally around the corner and just come in and scare the living daylights out of me so if you ever want me to jump out of my skin, just visit me in the weather office. i know, just -- >> we were going to surprise her. >> call me a man ac earlier, now making fun of me. >> all right. whatever. i see how it is. we've got quiet weather her to my friend, even for you, jim, we are going to see sunshine for the next cup em every days storm scan had a front come through, goes way back to about midnight or so.
6:33 am
and even by that point the weather already making its departure. so at this point, if you see a damp road okay, i'll give that you, for the most part things are drying out. don't have too much after wind to speak of. it feels comfortable out there , 45 degrees at the airport, upper 30s to report through the outlying suburbs north and west. so chill in the air. just not really harsh chill. meanwhile, welshing i mean, could you imagine, sunny skies , and comfortable warmth for the standards. this is easily an a-plus day. but if we had grades to give out for the weekends i would give you much the same. real high marks the next few days here, but there is an end in site to the pattern, i'll let you know whether coming up >> a-plus on a friday in december. not bad. thank you. good morning, everybody, happy friday. so we do have couple every accidents out there, right? boulevard southbound, before the schuylkill, that right lane compromised and pretty slow moving as you travel on by. bumper to bumper conditions, traveling less than posted speeds. you're putting on breaks travel on by, typically around this hour on friday when we start to heat up just little
6:34 am
bit. friday going to be one of the lighter travel days. but with these accident, there are actually not going to make it much better for you out there. give yourselves extra time there. also here, another accident here, schuylkill westbound, past university ave. blocking that left lane than is really causing some pretty significant backups. you can see it, basically, all directions, even the eastbound side, you're going to have little bit of gaper delays. brake lights going on, what's going on left side. left lane. give yourselves extra time here as well. disable vehicle here, 95 north the betsy ross bridge. and overturned vehicle, on this turnpike that's now clearing. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. well, it is royal fever this morning in england. prince harry and meghan markle are holding their first public speaking events, as we speak. as they announce their engagement. >> and this is brand new video , the couple is reading a electric crowd in the city of nottingham in central glands, also reports this morning the royal wedding in may will indeed be televised. >> well we will know later
6:35 am
this morning if there is any damage after an earthquake rattled the mid-atlantic region. >> yesterday's quake registered magnitude 4.1. the us gee logical survey put the epi-center about 6 miles northeast of dover, delaware. and regina ripley took this video from her cell phone when the quake shook this mirror in north jersey. surveillance video at this restaurant in dover caught the moment it happened, 4:47 yesterday afternoon to be exact. people turned their heads, they left, "eyewitness news" talked to couple who lives just feet away from the epi-center in smyrna, delaware >> just came on suddenly, just kind of really heavily rolling , for awhile. >> the dog started barking. >> the dog is flipping out. we're just looking at each other like we thought maybe a big plane from dover air force base had come down. >> well, people could actually feel it as far south as washington, as far north as new york city. >> see more reaction to the quake on line, just go to the website read some of what people are
6:36 am
saying on social media about what they felt during that moment. >> in other news this morning, more women are coming forward accusing former "today show" host matt lauer of sexual harrass: according to usa today article, there may be as many as eight victim, nbc fired lawyer matt lauer, after detailed complaint about the anchor. yesterday the 59 year old released a statement saying there is enough truth in the story to make him feel embarrased and ashamed. >> hip hop mogel russell simmons stepping down from his company following accusations every sexual misconduct. in the hollywood reporter accusing simmons every sexually violating her in 1991 when she was 24 years old. in a statement, simmons says he remembers things different ly. simmons also denied a previous assault allegation by a model. >> and the attorney for one of harvey weinstein's accusers said her client's case has stalledment actress claims that weinstein raped her twice in 2010 in her manhattan
6:37 am
apartment. the woman's lawyer says she has enough evidence to prosecute weinstein, however, the manhattan district attorney is not moving forward with the case. weinstein denies all accusations of non-concentual sex. >> not guilty verdict meantime is handed down for the undocumented immigrant accused of murdering woman in san francisco. john loyer ends shows us this de is he significance has reignited the trump white house rhetoric on immigration and also the border wall to mexico. >> president trump was quick to comment on the acquittal of jose garcia, tweeting thursday night, a disgraceful verdict in the kate steinly case no wonder the people of our country are so angry with illegal immigration. >> it was averred you were not hoping for. >> garcia was accused of murdering steinle in 2015. although the 45 year old garcia is not guilty of murder , the jury did convict him of felony possession after firearm. he faces a possible sentence of between 16 month and three
6:38 am
years. >> but when you consider the magnitude of this lost, and the death of kate steinle it is a very minor conviction. >> immigration and customs enforcement officials say they'll try to deport him again. he had already been de for the dollars five times before the fatal shooting. attorney jeff sessions among those critical of san francisco calling her death prevent job there is tremendous amount of mis-information that was spread about this case from day one. you had then candidate trump dis powsing this was an intentional shooting. >> candidate donald trump called during his except acceptance speech at the republican national convention last year. >> to ensure that criminal aliens convicted of illegal re-entry receive strong mandatory minimum sentences. >> the house passed the bill in june, but it failed to get enough votes in the senate.
6:39 am
john loyer ends, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." well the gop tax overhaul bill is supposed to come up for a vote in the senate this morning. new analysis shows the plan would add $1 trillion to the deficit over the next ten years. the overall legislation was slashed corporate tax rate, offer more modest rates, and eliminate several popular deductions. >> hillary clinton brought her book tour to philadelphia yesterday at the academy of music. she discussed her book what happened. that is her account of the 2016 presidential campaign. some who attended got to take part in a meet and greet and book signing. >> and american airlines says it is making major strides now toward fixing the glitch that left thousands of holiday flights in jeopardy. we told but this issue yesterday. america now says only few hundred out of 200,000 december flights have un assigned pilots, but the pilots union is disputing that , saying, thousands of flights are still listed as un
6:40 am
assigned. america says it gave too many pilots time off during the holidays. >> well, coming up neglects: look at the top holiday hazards, decorations that can put your safety at risk. >> plus: are dogs smarter than cats? we're going to tell you all about a new study that could give dog people, and cat people, something to debate about. >> can they re-read signs in there were signs for them, there, too. wildlife customer took this into his own hands. >> wonder if the place was even open. >> we'll finds out. that's the tees. folks also looking ahead to stretch of sunny days, daytime highs that exceed what's average for most of this forecast. and also, a day that hits the 60s. we will walk you through the entire pattern, and the change that comes in its wake. first, here is your future auto insurance forecast.
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>> there are some problems. >> one big problem is the dishonest people who could be feeling your deliveries. or stealing your deliveries. one surveillance video, caught two separate incidents in recent months. brazen thieves are seen opening a screen door, and walking away with a boxes left inside. now, these stolen packages from the store in northern liberties, three times, and neighbors have started banding together against so call --
6:45 am
>> we drop them off, we will stop people from leaving it, in inapropriate places. >> well, now paying monthly fee to have her packages sent to the northern liberties mailbox store. the store owner says his business is now getting three times the amount of packages it normally would. at least partly due to customers trying to keep their own packages safe. >> well, imagine, hitting up your favorite restaurant for late night snack, only to discover there is no one around to cook your food? >> well, that would actually leave with you two choices, i guess, turn around and go home , or do what this guy did. take a look. this is alex bowen here. he is smiling for the camera. and this is what he discovered when he walked into a south carolina waffle house. the cook was fast asleep. so bowen jumped behind the counter and whipped up a meal himself. >> bowen snapped selfies he made what he called himself melt with extra pickles, in case you're wondering, boeing said he was a sick drunk. >> you think? >> you know, but the waffle house, that's good stuff. >> i know. but what?
6:46 am
>> little drunk apparently. >> yes, why was he having cheese steak melts at a waffle house? >> guess i couldn't find the waffle mate i can? i don't know. >> waffle maker was apparently sleeping. >> there she goes >> spring every nice days, can you believe it? normal high at this point, starting to drop into the 40's , today's normal high, still 50, but, with time, even just in the next few days, it normally will only be hitting the upper 50s at best. so the next few days actually looking pretty good. eyewitness weather watchers still reporting, chill in the air. went isn't that strong, a lot of low 40's, at worse, upper 30's, there are few places where it is just little cooler , but we had couple of real fun comments this came in this morning, so highlight those. david reported, nice clear sky , only 42 degrees out in clementon. but also talking about that study done, that dogs might be
6:47 am
smarter, but cats are more amusing. i fully agree with. that will and i do have two cat at home. i can understand this. pets have way more cattide, the dogs, however, they can learn stuff a lot more east easily, and follow commands. we're getting ahead of ourselves. going elsewhere. 38 degrees comes in this morning, from kenneth, out in willingboro, where also nice clear sky. little chill in the air. and eggs' talking about the earthquake. he didn't feel the earthquake yesterday, neither did i. he is feeling neglected. so am i. specially as a scientist, i wish would you have felt that, flip side i was happily napping when all of it took place. i guess good thinker. meantime, looking at storm scan3, it is basically all clear from the mississippi river on east, that front that came through last night, long gone. roadways drying out. we don't have any hint of wet weather in this forecast for days. so the high hit 55 degrees today. it is miler than average by five solid degrees. through the overnight we stay clear. and that's from the chillier air will catch up. drop down to 36, deal with light wind, then the hits keep
6:48 am
rolling, much the same. through the weekend and monday , come tuesday, a lot warmer, that's when our next front arrives. meisha? >> i like it, katie, looks really good. the problem is in our commute this morning on a friday. now we're seeing accident after accident after accident. so take a look, accident here, schuylkill westbound university ave. pulled off to the far right. hopefully that's going to ease some tension little bit. left lane compromised so again the schuylkill westbound, past university ave., boulevard southbound before the schuylkill. we have disable vehicle, 95 north, near betsy ross, and also, we have an accident in crescent ville. now this one is involving a school bus, three injuries reported, and by the way, these injuries are reported of people on the school bus. so, if you are anywhere around that area, just a heads up. again, there are injuries reported,. >> so avoid the area if you
6:49 am
can, if not, dif yourself some extra time. have a lot of flashing lights, as well as some very worried personnel around the area. >> well, time now for dream drive. whatever the weather this winter, you can shake offer the cabin fever at a place in bucks count. >> i oh, cabin fever, we all get it. and everyone can play along with this, so moms, dads, kids feeling restless? i have a place for you constantly changing so you might something every time you visit. you guys ready for a dream drive? >> bucknell. >> get that seatbelt. >> all right, take a look. >> there are so many kids here the bucks county children's museum in new hope caters to kids ages one through seven. >> and grownups, too. kelly, is executive director. >> adults and grand parent get very involved here. they love taking the kids not just through the exhibit but at the time cents them on their own.
6:50 am
>> so cute. where are we? >> doylestown health hospital exhibit. x-rays, they can operate on our gigantic operation table. >> can go inside the ambulance . >> great exhibit. teaches kids what happens in a hospital. sort of the hospital experience. >> this is bucks county country. everything in bucks county country is playing with recycled materials, whether it is the cards board rye cycle clubhouse or underneath the giant light breitbart made out of recycled pass explosion. >> fun area. >> i'm an absolute reptile freak. >> kids can dig through time. actually start all the way back, 500 million years ago, and come all the way to up bucks county, circumstance a 1900. so everything is back here from.
6:51 am
>> this exhibit shows kids about the water cycle, precipitation, it comes back up in water vapor, and falls back down. >> and it is just fun. for kids and adult find it interesting, too. >> more than just than toys. >> even though it may seem like the kids are just having good time, really learning, as well. >> it is really great. >> i feel like we're probably going to spend the entire day here, because, there is so much to do. >> such a fun place. thank you so much to our bucks county children's museum truly place for the entire family. are you guys going to go? go play? >> beautiful. i know. yes, i'm just going to show up alone. >> do you ever wonder what your pet is thinking? now say dogs may be smarter than cats. >> they found that dogs have about twice as many neurons as cats do in a section of the
6:52 am
brain that is associated with intelligence. dogs have about 530 million neurons in that part of the brain. cats have about about 200 million. all right. that's the debate that will continue at 6:52. a lot coming up this morning. >> joining us from new york with a preview. good morning, gale. >> good morning, jim, hello that the tasha, my best to rahel and jim. i often wondered when are the dogs thinking about? they real dow think, they really do understand and they do have feelings. i used to bonds their question , too. >> un condition at love always here's what we're talking about today. receipt public can tax plan hits a snag in the senate. how deficit concerns could complicate today's expected vote, plus: john dickerson is here, by here i mean in the studio at the able. we'll talk to him about taxes and the noon replace rex tillerson. and prince harry and megan's first official event. look at them, days after announcing we're getting married.
6:53 am
i love love. and catching up with comedy legends carol burnette, been in the business ooh years. all of that plus the eye opener which of course your worlds in 90 seconds. see you guys at 7:00. that's about seven minutes or so. >> we will be watching. thanks, gale, have a great weekend. >> all right. >> take care. >> no doubt, many people will be taking advantage of the nice weather to possibly decorate for the holidays. >> whether decorating the outside or inside of your home , few important things to keep in mind to save space. homeowners go to great lengths to make their homes look festive this time of year. but those displays could pose a risk. >> we love looking at the house that is have those decorations. electrical system is designed with certain mode in mind. sometimes during the holidays we put more on it than it can actually accommodate. >> philadelphia fire commissioner, adam teal, says you should avoid overloading outlets inside too. if you notice fuses blowing, or circle breakers tripping, dimming or flickering lights, you may be over working your system and increasing the risk
6:54 am
after fire. he also recommends that you carefully examine all of your light strands and electrical cords on decorations. they should be in good shape, no afraid wires, and no tangles. >> i see all the time people with wires, and tied up in a knott, in fact there is has the beginning after knott right here. that will can be very dangerous over time. >> and look for evidence that your cords were safety tested, like these, which car a ul label. christmas trees are another potential fire hazards, as you can see in this video. a dry tree burns fast. >> you know, i actually prefer realistic, but fake trees. >> but if you insist on real tree. >> keep it watered. and i mean it really has to stay watered, especially if you're going to have it through the end tie holiday season on behind candles are specially dry this time of year, he recommend the kind without an open flame. >> we prefer the very nice led candles, they look so realistic these days. and that is a great way to have have fire-safe holiday.
6:55 am
>> according to the national fire protection association, the top three days for home candle fires are christmas day , new years day and christmas eve. if you do burn candles, make sure they're kept far from anything that could catch on fire. never leave them unattended. >> speaking of the holidays, joining us today as we take our holiday fest celebration to cape may. vittoria woodill and kate bilo will be live as we celebrate the winter wonderland at congress hall. don't forget to bring a toy. we are checking them as part of our "joy of sharing" toyfest. >> and you can also visit for complete list of toy drop-off locations and details on upcoming toyfest events, all around the area. >> we will be right back.
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>> first snow in the united kingdom, one for a new snow lover. look: seen snow for the very first time, pet owner joel are you shared video of the excited video. look at him, out of control in the frosty weather there. now, we're told truffles has his own twitter account to share his adventures. i have to follow truffles. >> i do, too. on that note cbs this morning is coming up next. >> have a great day everyone, and a wonderful weekend. >> ♪ >> ♪
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