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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  December 17, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EST

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>> gunfire on north philadelphia street sends two teenagers to the hospital. we will bring you up to date on the search for the suspect. it is just what president trump wants for christmas. but, how about that new tax plan impact you? we break it down. >> and eagles nation on the road to the meadowlands today. nick foles gets his first start after an injury side lines carson wentz. today is sunday, decembe 17th, good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo, and here is he meteorologist, matt
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peterson. >> one that's not too bad today. >> i like it. >> we start out, get little sunshine, then we could even be talking 60 degrees maybe? >> you know, i can't believe is it. >> by tuesday. >> totally different than what we had last week, of course all of the snow, slippery drive home from work, lots of folks evening, nothing like that, in store for us, today, or real think week, should be pretty quiet week, across the entire delaware valley. we want to take you outside here early on on this sunday morning, though. because it is a quietthe day. you see few high clouds, and the area, but overall, we will see some sunshine early in the day, then those clouds, unfortunately, do thicken up later afternoon, but enjoy what should be very nice start to our sunday. 32 degrees, lit sitting right at the freezing mark, and with the breeze coming in at 7 miles an still getting a feels-like temperature of 26. that's not still nearly as bad as what we had at times even yesterday where we were looking at the feel like temperature down into the lower 20's at times. breeze will staice and calm
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today, and temperatures will be little warmer than saturday , as well. what we have right now, besides the 32 in philly, 27 in wilmington, 34 this morning in trenton, little cooler, as you head toward reading, sitting at 30 degrees. and then down near the shore, atlantic city, 26, wildwood, i should say, at 29. so, overall, it is s be a littl. to start the day out. here is what we specking later this afternoon, more seasonable temperatures, but again, nice quiet conditions. and getting a look at the hour by hour forecast, here, 42 for philly. some four's for us down the shore, it could stay little cooler up near the poconos at 31. but as i said, we could be ng temperatures near 06 degrees later this week, and tell you all about it in just a little bit. >> sounds good, thank you, mat 7:02, police are investigating a double in north philadelphia, that's left two teens in the hospital. the gunfire broke out on the 2700 block of north 11th street, just after 11:00 last night. a suspect has been arrested. both teens are now in stable condition. and police are now trying to
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figure out what led to the shooting. >> no word ynight house fire std in west philadelphia. police say the fire broke out around midnight. on the 5800 block of west master street. fire crews there got the flames under control. just before 12:30 a.m. everyone in the house was able to make it out safely. no one was reportedly hurt. the red cross is now called in to help. >> well, a church in camden is preaching forgiveness today even after someone steels hundreds of dollars from a church fundraiser, that was going to help people in need. cleve bryan, shows us the video police now hope will help track down the suspect. >> we give out 1,000 christmas baskets. >> the season of giving is at hands in south camden sacred heart parish but two sundays ago there is man helped himself. he allegedly stole about $1,200 from a fundraiser where parishioners buy and sell homemade goods in the church basement. >> it is a very joyous
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occasion, people eating, drinking, buying, having a good time. >>am video of the man they say stole from the church in hopes you can help identify him. >> the goods part, nobody was attacked or harmed. >> father michael doyle at the church for more than 40 years was doing a special mass to bless expectant mothers at the time of the theft. he says the money from the funds raise we are have helped next week when they give out a thousand food baskets to families in south camden. he said the loss won't stop their effort. if they need more money, he says, god will use his people to provide. >> my grandfather, who had a bad day, he said it is a terrible day, thanks be to god >> and that's how you feel? >> that's how i feel. >> parishoner lincoln action says the theft is disappoint ing? >> but the gospel calls us to forgive. >> if the man are were to return looking for help, they would still extends him grace. >> we are haven for people who feel as though the church
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doesn't want them. because maybe they're not worthy. and they're welcomed here. >> sacred heart parish will be filling those baskets for local families, on thursday, and friday, if you like to help or donate please contact the parish, and if you know who that man is in the video, contact him, and police. in camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". this morning, new jersey senator cory booker and his family now have extra security they received a death threat over the weekends, according to the mayor of newark, new jersey, capitol police told local police about that threat , then newark police sent officer to booker's home. now, police have not yet released any more information saying this is an ongoing investigation. there is no word yet on what caused this ski lift accident at this mountain 80 miles northwest of harrisburg, malfunction injured five skiers there, and stranded dozens, high above the slopes. ski resort officials say one
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chair slipped backward, and into the chair behind it, causing a domino effect. emergency responders used ropes to rescue just about 50 people. some were left dangling for more than an hour. the search continues today for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run on an i-95 off ramp. the crash happened in the southbound lanes at highland avenue in chester, right around 3:00 saturday morning. police say the car struck and killed 46 year old ron al williams, then kept ongoing. investigators say, williams was struck after getting out every his own car for an unknown reason. >> now, the striking vehicle is believed to be a black new err model volkswagon, police say it should have damage to the front end, and windshield. >> this morning, lawyers for president trump's transition team, are accusing special council robert mueller of wrong-doing. mueller of course is investigating possible collusion with russia. the lawyers wrote a letter to congress, in it, they say, mueller gained unauthorized access to thousands of
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transition emails. the lawyers say the emails are the property of the transition team, and mueller should not have obtained the emails without their approval. meanwhile, a white house lawyer is denying speculation that president trump is thinking about firing mueller. >> president trump says he expects the republican tax bill to be on his desk to sign before christmas. the massive 500 page document needs to pass the house and the senate before it can go into effect next year. laura breaks it down. >> reporter: president trump spent the day meeting with cabinet members at camp david, and making another pitch to congress to pass the massive tax bill. >> our economy is doing fantastically well. but it has another big step to go. and it can't take that step unless we do the tax bill. >> it lowers tax rates for most americans through 2025, and nearly doubles the standard deduction for individuals, and married couples. state and local taxes can still be written off but are
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now capped with $10,000. and the bill delivers on another gop promise. eliminating the obamacare mandate penalty tax. >> but, democratic senator claire mc castle sales the plan will ultimately hurt the average american household. >> it is really unfair, how tilted it is, toward the really wealthy people in this country. >> the bill permanently slashes the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. mr. trump hopes that will bring cash, companies are keeping off shore, back to the u.s. >> if you look at the whole thing, everybody's going to benefit. but i think the greatest benefit is going to be for jobs, and for the middle class >> nearly every congressional republican is expected to vote in favor of the tax cut. and they're hoping arizona's john mccain and mississippi that cochran, who have been side lined with health issues, will be back in the senate in time to vote for the bill was has no democratic support. >> laura, cbs-3, "eyewitness news."
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>> now, the tax cut plan come up for discussion on "face the nation" today, guests include treasury secretary, steven and 2us senators, oklahoma republican james lang forward and vermont independent, bernie sanders. fakes the nation around at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. the eagles play the giants today in new york, and the birds will face them without carson wentz. the quarterback tore his acl during the eagles game against the los angeles rams last sunday, so nick foles will take his place. the giant have one of the worse offense in the league. they've only won two games and lost 11. the eagles on the other hands are 11 and two, kick off is at 1:00 this afternoon. and in other news today, santa claus is at one every his favorite bakeries in south jersey this morning. he'll be there all day, spreading cheer, to local kids "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, is live in marlton, this morning, and anita we heard they've been very busy already decorating cookies, so are you, good morning.
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>> good morning, that's right. we've been one them early as they're baking and getting ready for very sweet day today it, is maria's mom's, italian cookie cupboard. decorating cookies here, i hope i do a good job, don't mess any of it up. >> you're good. >> teamwork situation here. >> pay attention, always watch what you're doing. >> oh, santa. >> this way you will not have any -- >> santa, santa! >> anita, what did you do? >> ho-ho-ho. >> oh, santa is fired from the kitchen. >> oh,. >> stick to the santa visits, saint. >> it is what santa is not fired from, is very exciting day of visits with children, some families of all types, but of course, this is focused on children with special needs , and autism, as well, so there is a room decorated upstairs, a winter wonder
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lands, where kids can meet with santa, one-on-one. so, maria, thank you so much for organizing all of this, this is amazing (is this so important to you? >> this is our tenth christmas season. i just put the pastry bag away from santa claus, okay. good job, santa. okay? >> this looks better. >> this is our tenth christmas season. welcoming families, that have children with special needs, into our building. it is very important to us that they have a safe place to go to. a safe place for their children to visit where they don't have to stand in line, loud noises, crowds, so that's what is the main important thing here. and, like i said, it is our tenth season. so -- >> you guys are used to it? >> we are and we love it, santa lovers it. >> santa is photo bomber actually. but, you know, today all of the appointments are booked. but, if you would still like to have a visit with santa, they're actually adding a extra day to their schedule,
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so they'll be open on tuesday, so if you would like to schedule an appointment with them, just give them a call. for now live in marlton, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and anita, is this santa on the naughty list? >> i don't know. >> can you tell? >> this santa, our anchors asking if you're on the naughty list. i don't know. he's a little bit -- i think he's had too much sugar perhaps in in. >> of course santa is on the naughty list, that's why all of the boys and girls are on the good list. >> i like that answer. >> this is very interesting kind of santa. who has had a little bit of sugar. maybe a little bit after sugar hi, i don't know. >> thanks, and eat a tell him to take a break. we'll see you. >> what what did you do, anita >> saint, a honestly, take a break, see you at 7:30. there is still much more to cover here on cbs-3 " eyewitness news," two weeks after wild fires start burning through southern california, one of the fires forces thousands of more people out of their homes who will take a look. and, as the clock ticks towards christmas, shoppers
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are on a buying bing. what's behind the surge in holiday spending this year. >> and winter starts this week but we've already gotten an taste of it, right? but it is fall ready to leave? matt peterson's forecast is just minutes away.
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>> thomas fire northwest of los angeles has started almost
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two weeks as and has killed one firefighter destroyed more than 700 homes. and an estimated 8500 firefighters are still working to battle those flames. >> meantime, snow is helping firefighters trying to put out the flames at south dakotas custer state park. officials say the wild fires there, which consumed more than 84 square miles, is now 90% contained. but, popular to advisors to there, burned in the wild five , unclear if they'll survive. a week every shopping days just before christmas, retailers say they've seen surge in holiday spending this year. as roxanna report, analysts say saturday was considered one of the busiest shopping days of the entire year. >> as the countdown to christmas continues, shoppers are feeling generous. >> you always find the latest and greatest, whatever it is, and you always want to get it. >> she is not alone. americans, are spending more this holiday season. >> toys.
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electronics, appliances. home furnishing. and home repair items, really the big sellers, where you'll seeing 8%, 10% increases over last year. >> trees jones covers business and the economy for usa today. >> are why are people spending more? >> i think people are feeling a lot more confident about the economy, just a little bit, unemployment, very low. the stock market is surging. so they're feeling a little bit more positive. and that is giving them little bit more energy to pull out their wallet, to pull out their credit card. >> chocolates, in brooklyn, say counting on shipping service toss deliver gift on time. co-owner. >> when they're a real issue, as you can imagine. >> ups, fedex, ltl, thousands of temporary workers to deliver orders in time for christmas. but many shoppers here at this holiday market, in new york, told us, they're not waiting until the last minute to buy gifts, for their loved ones. and that may be a good idea,
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some popular toys, and kitchen appliances, are already selling out. >> roxanna, cbs news, new york >> and a reminder now, you can take part in our "joy of sharing" toyfest. we will be collecting toys all day long, tomorrow, monday, starting at 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 at night. right here at our cbs-3 studios at 1555 hamilton street. we sure do hope you can stop by, say hello, and drop off new unwrapped toy. turning to weather now, cold for now, but warm up later this week, right, (natural sounds) >> it is, it will be great day for folks to come down to toyfest tomorrow , not going to have any kind of weather problems , so if you want to come down, donate a toy, come down to our studios and get involved with toyfest, here this morning, want to show you waist going on neighborhood network, 29 degrees up in kutztown, but generally clear skies, this will be a fantastic sunrise for us, so actually just came up one minute ago.
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so officially daylight hours, now, here for our sunday, a great sunrise for us, still plenty of snow out there, remind me of the night before christmas, they gave luster of midday to object below, because of all of the new fallen snow, should be great great afternoon across the entire area. temperatures, as i say, little cool. twenty-nine in kutztown, check out the rest of the lehigh valley, 30 in reading, 32 allentown, cooler as you might expect up toward mount pocono, coming in at 23. twenty-seven lancaster, wilmington, 25 this morning in millville. freezing mark in philly. and back down into the those two's head down toward the shore so cool morning to us, getting out this morning , get cup of coffee, enjoy your sunday morning, put the coat on. if you are going to be outside. because you'll need it. what we're watching though quiet week ahead , but before we get into the work week, we will see this warmfront lift on through, as we go through the overnight hours tonight. bring with it the chance for couple every stray rain showers, chance also for little bit of maybe wintery mix to mix in with the rain, because temperatures
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will hover near the freezing mark, but as the low clears, first half of the work week, actually going see some warmer air, take over, and as we get a look what's going on in the upper levels for our monday and tuesday, again, that influx of the warmer air from the south, because what's going to be happening is another area of low pressure develops to the west. southerly winds take over. bridges in temperatures that could be up near 60 degrees, for tuesday so zero big change in the weather pattern will be taking over. what we are going to be seeing then with little bit of cloud color through the morning hours today, then seeing probably better chance for those cloud later this afternoon, 42 degrees, for the high temperature today. tomorrow, gradually warming up to 47 , of course, toyfest tomorrow like we were talking about come down, and give a gift to a child in need. slowly warming up tomorrow. fifty-seven on tuesday. check out what's going on, there we go, southerly winds, very mild for us, our average high for this time of year right around 44, so, we're over 10
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degrees warmer on tuesday. and then as we get into wednesday, a cold front unfortunately does come through, so it cools us back down, as we get really through the middle of our week, so we go from the 57 on tuesday, to 44 on wednesday, with the sunshine out there, and first day of winter, officially on thursday, the 21st, and 41 degrees there so it is pretty seasonable start to our winter season. we go sun filled skies, 28 degrees, for the overnight low, headed then into friday. see some clouds cover, but back to the 50's, really quickly here, friday at 51, this coming saturday, looking at more temperatures in the mid 50's, few rain showers out there. as well. then, quickly just talking about what we could possibly see, early next week, of covers, with christmas on the way, it looks like it is unsettled pattern, so we are keeping an eye on that, jan , the next couple every days, as well. >> matt, thank you. 7:21, is time to see how traffic is moving along out there. here is amanda mueller in the c cbs-3 traffic center good morning, jan, we do have some accident out
7:22 am
there this morning, live look at 76 eastbound, at the blue route. as you can see, police are on the scene after accident. that is on the side of the road it looks like this is just on the shoulder, not blocking any traffic. but just be ready for crews as you pass through, however , we are just getting report that this is about to clear out. so it shouldn't and problem for drivers for too long. and we are also keeping ion earlier accident in downingtown there is happened around 5:30 this morning, we are told it was pretty serious, right at green street, at east pennsylvania avenue. it doesn't appear any lanes are completely block at this time. but take your time. watch for crews if you need to drive through there. >> and finally, in new jersey, we have some construction in bellmawr, this is on 76 eastbound, between exit 1b and 1a. the 42 freeway, and 295, the right lane blocked there. until 8:00 tonight. in the cbs-3 traffic center. amanda mueller, jan, back to you >> thank you, chilly celebration coming up on " eyewitness news " this morning. fitting weather for birthday for goldilocks, just how old is
7:23 am
philadelphia's zoo's famed polar bear? we will tell you after the break. and also show you how the zoo treated her on her big day. stay with us.
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>> the philadelphia zoo throws a birthday party. >> why it also include add important message. >> ♪ happy birthday to you ♪
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>> a crowd gathered to sing to goldilocks, she is 37 years old. and what's the the a birthday party without a cake? the keepers bake one fit for a polar bear. donna, the curator. >> put it together frozen it, stays topping it, has push, peanut butter, carrots, i see some raisins, and some some of her favorites. >> climate change, and environmental protection. >> by shutting offer lights, not in use, and throwing away trash in the proper recepticle, we can all do our part in help saving the polar bear, in the wild. >> it is all about lowering carbon footprint, which involves our power use, our car use, our gas use. and recycling, and that directly affect global warming. and directly affect polar bears when acting correctly. >> polar bears are listed as vulnerable on the international union for the conservation of nature. john mcdevitt, "
7:27 am
kyw news radio" for cbs-3 " eyewitness news ". >> and coming up in our next half hour, right here on cbs-3 " eyewitness news " this sunday morning. >> someone steels a thousand dollars from a south jersey church. what the parishioners are saying about it that may surprise you. we'll explain. >> changes are coming to philadelphia's so-called stop and go stores. why the businesses are angry at city lawmakers. matt? >> and winter officially starts on thursday this week. but temperatures could be a little bit above average. i'm going to give you your forecast details coming up.
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>> good morning, i'm jan carabeo. let's start with the forecast, matt peterson with eyewitness weather. matt? >> jan, chilly. to say the least, you know, it is cents the middle of deals, it is out here on the skydeck, but tell you what, it is not nearly as cold as it has been the last couple of days sore it could be for the middle of december, while it does feel cool, do you need to step outside maybe with the gloves and the hat for sure, it is not too bad out here early on. we will see some sunshine to start the day out as well.
7:31 am
should be pretty nice start to our morning. but the clouds do thicken up as we go through the afternoon temperatures for the most part , later today, relatively seasonable, so back up into the 40's, the wind will be quiet. little brisk out here on saturday afternoon, not too much going on in the winds department, though, on our sunday. freezing mark, wildwood, atlantic city high 20 range, as you head back up into the lehigh valley 32, allentown in the 30's, in reading. so it is cool. it is definitely hat and glove weather. but not overly, overly cold. storm scan3, the clouds are starting to work their way in now. the clouds thicken up later this afternoon. for the 30's first half of the day, low 40's, so seasonable afternoon for us, few extra clouds in the works, then we could see temperatures that even get up near 60 degrees.
7:32 am
big time warming trends, cools off toward weeks ends. more details when we come back inside. >> i'll still take it, manning you. we begin with breaking news out of northeast philadelphia, two men, have robbed a 7-eleven in frank forwards, and investigators say, the two entered the convenience store there on the 3900 block of kensington avenue around 5:00 this morning. police say one had a ak47. there are no report of any injuries. >> and so far there are no arrests after shooting at point breeze avenue and morris street in south philadelphia. police say man shot in the face, and he's now in critical condition, no word yet on what caused this shooting. well, a church in camden is keeping the fate today after someone stole $1,200 from a bake sale. police believe this man, seen in this video, stole that cash , from a fundraiser at sacred heart parish two weeks ago, now the money would have
7:33 am
helped pay for 1,000 food baskets that the church is giving to local families this week. >> we are a haven for a church who says they don't want them, maybe not worthy, and welcomed here. the gospel calls us to forgive >> camden police are still searching for this suspect, seen in that video. they're asking the public to come forward with information. and, in other news today, santa claus is stopping for cookies early this year. >> today children and their families can meet jolly old saint nick. anita oh, live in marlton this morning where this special event will be taking place, and eat, a good morning. >> those cookies are right here being baking them all morning long, all in preparation for a very special event today, which is time with sensitive santa.
7:34 am
so joining me now maria ridder the owner here at maria's mom's italian cookie cub around, has been feeding us cannolis and other things all morning long. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for being here, i appreciate it so much. >> oh, i would happily move in explain what we're making here >> actually what we're doing right now, we're making our christmas bread. i'll needed in the rum-soaked raisins and cranberries into the dough. and i'm just about to get ready to braid it, and prep it for the oven. >> so, exciting, but what's more exceeding perhaps, for today, is the special event that we've been talking about all morning. what can families expect here today and why is this so important to you? >> we are conducting sensitive santa visits, a chance to cater to families with children with special needs. our santa is also sensitive, and he's trained to accommodate these families and make them feel very safe in
7:35 am
our environment. >> these will be happening one-on-one until about 4:00 this afternoon, completely free for these family list across south jersey, so just very special time for them. coming up in the next half hour. we will actually go upstairs to this winter wonder land where santa will be meeting with the children, getting down on the floor or doing things these kids can feel in a safer environment in. meanwhile, enjoying the cookies for now live in marlton, anita oh, cbs-3, " eyewitness news". >> great event. thank you, see you at 8:00. a lot more to cover here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning, new bill may force philadelphia beer del toys make dramatic changes. the new rules that could affect the way they do business. and how well they feel safe. the flyers try to keep their hot streak going while they face their ex coach. the outcome straight ahead in s. and, fall's last hooray.
7:36 am
how it is bowing out before making way for winter, matt meter son's eyewitness forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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do you need the most trusted batmaybe (screaming) maybe you could trust the world would be just as happy without them. maybe you could trust you wouldn't be replaced. have your sleigh repossessed. and end up living in the middle of nowhere with the only friend you have left in the entire world.
7:38 am
trust duracell. could t ♪ passed a bill to force beer del toys comply with state law recently, and now, asian business owners called the measure, quote, a kill bill, referring to a provision that could eventually call for the removal of bulletproof
7:39 am
barriers. cherri gregg, of "kyw news radio," took a tour of the so-called stop and go's, to see what this controversy is all about. >> this is kenny seafood and steaks, when you go behind large plexiglass barriers, there is beer to tobacco products, single servings of medication for sale. >> you see, a number of di different cigarette owe products. >> councilwoman, sponsored the bill that would force beer delis like kenny's to comply with state liquor laws. that requires seating for 30, and and accessible bathrooms. >> this does not fit the requirement of ac restaurant. >> kenny's owner jeff lou admits, they sell little food. >> what do you sell the most? >> beer holder. >> strongly oppose the bill, rallying, near city hall. their beef? the bill gives licenses and power to create rules for possible removal of the plexiglass barriers, in 2021.
7:40 am
>> i need bulletproof glass. not a violation. >> son gun down in the south philadelphia shop. >> more people die again. >> she now has plexiglass, and members of alba believe removal of plexiglass would push them out of business. >> so what do you say to the business owners who claim this bill is race discrimination? >> i really don't care what race they are. they could be purple for all i care. what we care about taking care of our citizens, our communities, this is a business model that's commodore barry immediately unacceptable no matter who is running it. >> says the bill which mayor kensy expected to sign is not about the glass. it is about stopping the sale of beer, and more. >> what they really are are placing that you can buy products to get high. >> she says their goal not to shut down the deli, but get them to stop selling addiction producing products, and
7:41 am
vulnerable communities. in north philadelphia, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and we are going to be having a mild last couple of days for the fall season, winter start on thursday this week. the 21st. but again, it will be mild. but before we talk about that let's check in with our weather watchers, still cool outside. still need the jacket, the hats, gloves, scarfs, if you're out and about this sunday morning, and our weather watchers have the temperatures in the 20's. we start it out down in delaware, 22 degrees, this morning. at dolores' house in newark this morning, couple every clouds, sunshine breaking through saying it is cold but beautiful blues and pinks are in the sky. we have seen some great sunrise pictures this morning, let's also check it out. thirty-one this morning. he's at lou's house, up in eagleville. also with a little bit of sun and clouds, mixing together, and finally, let's head back down towards the shore. james is 31. down in ocean sit, this morning, he's got plenty of
7:42 am
sunshine out there. 31 degrees, nice start to the last sunday of autumn. i definitely agree with you there. now while the sun is out, we have had our share of winter weather, so far even this week , take a look up in the poconos, jack frost, big boulder on our eyewitness skycam, live this morning, and plenty of snow out there. if you are a ski and entheusiast, like myself, it is going to be a really good day today. if you are able to hit the slopes. because it is going to be nice and powdery. we had all of the snow again on friday. snow resorts have been making tons of snow. good weekends for the slopes if you are indeed declined to get out and enjoy yourself. we've seen plenty of snow in philly, none of course artificially made, all natural , 7.7 inches of snow, in december, so far here, for philly. average for the month? just shy of 4 inches of snow. so we're definitely well above our typical range every snowfall for this part of the
7:43 am
season. and while there is no snow in the forecast for us for the next couple of days, we are going to be keeping an eye on system that could bring maybe little bit of wintery mix through the nighttime hours tonight. storm scan3, area of low pressure spiraling south of omaha, nebraska, cold front drapes down to the south, warmfront extending further to the eels, and that warmfront will lift on through. as we go through the nighttime hours tonight, and that's going to be our precipitation maker as we go into tomorrow morning with. as we zoom in closer to home, some clouds cover out there right now, again, not ton every clouds here early this morning, it will get little bit on the cloudy mostly cloudy side as we go through the afternoon hours today. let's take a look at the fight your weather though, we start thing outright in the 9:00 time frame. see some of the flurry activity, some wintery mix north of the city as that front starts to lift on through. for the most part it, looks like our better chance for at least some snow shower, not snow showers, but flurries, will be up into the lehigh valley. areas like reading, allentown, again, where we will see the coldest air through the
7:44 am
evening hours. head into midnight, see the front comes through, for the most part i think we get just enough above the freezing mark that philly most likely is just some straight rain showers. but, in the surrounding circumstances shall even maybe here in philly, temperatures, since hovering right around the freezing mark, could see a little bit of wintery mix mixing in. little bit of that sleet, maybe even little bit of freezing rain. so, do be careful driving to work tomorrow. it doesn't look like our morning commute should be really overly affected by falling precipitation, it would be more of what we see early in the morning hours and lingering kind of on the roadways as we drive to work on monday morning. our eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 42 today. up to 47 tomorrow. so slowly warming as we end the weekends, going into the early part of the week. fifty-seven on tuesday. first day every winter, 41 degrees, so pretty
7:45 am
seasonable start to the winter season. >> matt, thank you very much. time now 7:44. and time to check the roads and highways, let's go over to amanda mueller in the cbs-3 traffic center. morning, and many and did a. >> morning, not looking so good specially on 95 live look , columbus boulevard, as you see, police on the scene of pretty nasty accident, this just happened about ten minute ago, or so. it has several lanes blocked, we see those lanes change on and off, but obviously that is starting to spill over into the outer lanes, beginning to cause big back up. that will was also on and off expect traffic to stay pretty tight up here, there is debris all over the roadway, including on the shoulder. i would just avoid this area if you can until police get that road cleared up. and earlier accident, we mentioned in downingtown, that happened around 5:30 this morning, is now clear. it was at green street at east pennsylvania avenue: we are told that was pretty serious was looks like everything is cleaned un, traffic now moving normally. in new jersey, 76 eastbound
7:46 am
before exit 1b, 1a. forty-two and 295, the right lane block there. until 8:00 tonight. in the cbs-3 traffic center ment amanda mueller, back to you. >> drexel and temple face-off in college basketball, and the eagles head to the meadowlands as injury sigh lines carson wentz, here ' joe holden with eyewitness sports. >> the eagles with their final road game of the season this afternoon, against the two and 11 giant, theme that's in turmoil. the eagles defense will need to step up now that carson wentz is out for the season. the seahawks and rams were seven for seven in the red zone, against the birds. well the giants have one of the worse offenses in the league, the eagles aren't taking them lightly. >> you got to pen them down early. i think the biggest thing, i mean, you're not going to get rid of the ball quick.
7:47 am
as a pass rusher, at some point in the game, he's got to hold the ball, get them on the ground, you know, got to believe, and those guys holdup , looking out. >> the eagles could wrap up home field advantage for the playoff with a win and if, breaking it down this morning on chevy sunday kickoff. sport director don bell will be here in studio, lesley van arsdall, live, from met life stadium, along with the voice of the eagles, merrill reese. that's at 11:30 a.m. right here on cbs-3. the flyers looking to keep the momentum tum going, hosting the stars, orange and black, going for their sixth straight win. former flyers head coach and current stars coach ken hitchcock going for his 800 win. second period. on the power play, jake shore check shot misses but shane, johnny on the spot. knocking home the rebounds, and we are tied. the game went into over time, flyers once again on the power play and shane comes up big
7:48 am
again, his shot, beats screen ben bishop and the flyers win six straight game two to one the final. they host the kings tomorrow. >> host willing bears in nfc north match up. second quarter lions up by six staffer get the snap. rolls and hit tj jones in the flat. he takes it into the end zone for the touchdown czechoslovakia out the celebration here, jones and crew, giving tribute to the rockettes. >> very nice. keeping alive with victory. >> sixers off tomorrow. they are on the road to face the bulls, lost in triple over time to the thunder 119-117. sixers have now lost five out of six. and are one game out of the final playoff spot. >> game between drexel and temple, at the liacouras center, second half, always up by two, dragons with the ball, kirkly drive to the paint,
7:49 am
kicks the ball out. drexel with the lead. >> game tide. temple, drivers, misses, he gets the rebound. scores. temple takes the leads for good. one last chance to tie the game. three pointer. just little short. temple holds onto beat drexel 63-60. >> and that's all for sports, this morning, i'm joe holden. have a great day. >> and still to come this morning, right here on cbs-3 " eyewitness news." a new home for the holidays. what this pet, and couple of others, are looking for, animal advocate carol ericson explains the pros and cons of holiday pet adoptions, that's when "eyewitness news" continues. stay with us.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
>> carol eric son and not one but two extra special guest z- two special guests, yes, we've had megan on before. and megan, riley, she has been a 11 year volunteer with the pennsylvania spca. she goes everywhere week, she walks those dogs, she makes sure that they get the socialization and the fun that they need. even though she has got full-time job, she is a color is at ams salon. i weigh, who have you brought with you today? >> this is usain bolt. >> the dog version. >> yes, the dog version. >> okay. >> he might be as quick, but he definitely has very, very, very good personality. he is a volunteer and staff
7:53 am
favorite for sure. >> okay, and he's available for adoption, been there a long time, because i know we've had pick pictures on couple of times, we want him to bring his ugly but he makes it beautiful christmas sweater he is house broken, great with other dogs mostly. >> we definitely, definately, perfect for him, he lovers people, but pretty good all around. >> and great in the car you said? >> oh, angel. >> okay. >> so usain bolt, if you ever wanted that, and he'll be happy to just lay around, too, doesn't netly have to bolt. what we want to talk about today, january, the pros and cons of adopting at holiday time. oh, a puppy. oh, let's get a pet. as a volunteer, you're seen animals who have been adopted as last minute gifts come back to the shelter? >> yes. a lot of times families don't make the decision together. maybe they just thought oh, this would be a great idea, let me surprise my kids with a dog or surprise my mom or my wife. and it really needs to be a
7:54 am
group decision, so that everything will run smoothly. >> get a lot of impulse decisions around this time of year, too. >> yes. you want it well thought out. you bring a pet home. i just brought another dog home, which we will talk about in another segment at some point, but you really have to get your house prepared. >> for sure. >> i think also back on surprising someone with a animal, you know, let the recipient choose. do you have figure out who is this pet for? is it for a four year old who can't take care of themselves? so you certainly don't want to get a pet like that, just, you know, owes it is becky's new cat or dog, because that is not going to work out for thatdr for the parents. but, you know, if you know that your husband, wife, friend, you might say, you know what, i'm getting you adoption gift basket and you go through some animals. >> that's smart. good idea. >> definitely. >> because a lot goes with bringing an animal home. >> definitely. you have to prepare your house
7:55 am
you want to set up little quiet area for them to have like their nice decompression time. whether it is a dog or a cat. every animal just needs that time. because whenever you bring a pet home from a shelter they sleep so much. and it is definately like just that nice requirement. and the holidays can be a little bit hectic for that type of environment for a dog. >> sure. >> a lot of family friends coming over. i know specially for myself as a cat owner, when i brought riley home, we started him off in one room. then gradually let him explore , because there is a lot of things going on on that he hasn't seen before, and now he has the run of the house, but that's how we started. >> exactly the way to do it and the way to do with a dog as well. make sure people are coming and going, and lots of activity, you don't want your new pet or existing pet to race out the door, or that sort after thing, or topple over the tree, secure the trash cans if you're adopting them. you don't know if you have one that likes to explore. the garbage cans. let's take a look at some of the animals looking for home at the pennsylvania spca. and also where you're seeing
7:56 am
bolt -- where usain bolt is. this is donald, above the -- love the name. year year old domestic short hair, surround end end in november. sadly had to have one every his back legs amputated but doing just fine on three legs, as so many animals can do if they're forced to do. that will and he is looking for his family. and seven year old male domestic short hair, tabby cat pulled from the pennsylvania s pca city shelter and may be middle age but has lots of love left to give. you can tell when he was loving that head scratch. that's affectionate nice cat. rough i, i love this dog, megan, you know this dog, five year old beagle australian cattle dog. >> he is the sweetest sweetest dog. super smart. very sweet. >> and his name is roughy, and just wonderful dog. so, if you're going to adopt, great. just think it through before you go. and make sure you have you've got the time once you bring them home to acclamate them.
7:57 am
>> and to adopt any pet, pspca the place to go, 350 erie avenue the headquarters, saturday sun dawn day ten to 5:00 monday through friday 1:00 to 8:00. megan and mr. bolt, thank you. >> pennsylvania spca for that babe. >> i thanks, guys. that's it for "eyewitness news " at 7:00. here's what weaver coming up for you at 8:00. a brand new ship joins the us navy fleet. we'll tell you why the commissioning ceremony for the uss little rock was a historic event. >> plus: the ben franklin parkway is decorated for the season. and it is all thanks to a group of art student. see what went into making these colorful banners that are now on display. >> and this is a live look outside this morning. here's your sunday forecast coming up when "eyewitness news" continues, we will be right back.
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new this morning, police are searching for two men after they rob a convenience store with a ak47 in hand. we will tell you where this happened. >> plus: >> the eagles get ready to take on the giants, without quarterback carson wentz. but the birds may still have an advantage. we'll explain. >> will live look from skycam at place one ants in plenty meeting. we have seasonal afternoon in store, plus warm up is ahead for the work week, i like the sound of that. today is sunday, december 17th , good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo, and here's meteorologist, matt peterson with the eyewitness


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