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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  January 3, 2018 3:07am-3:50am EST

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growing up, a lot of people judged me because of the way i look. "i thought all asians were good at math." "you all look the same to me." "no, where are you really from?" "9/11 was your fault." "how do you see out of such small eyes?" "go back to your country." i guess i wish that people knew... we are not all the same. we are not all the same. we are not all the same.
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mr. trump has been tweeting about iran. rooting for the protesters who have taken to the streets there. he said it is time for a change. at least 21 people have been killed since the demonstrations turned violent, more than 450 arrested. here is elizabeth palmer. >> reporter: in some of the worst violence so far, protesters attacked a police station last night. about 200 miles south of tehran. there is no way to know who was shooting, but state media say six people died. activist videos from the last six days show wounded demonstrators. protesters in the capital chanting death to the dictator. and jeering crowds vandalizing
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picture. he broke his silence to put the blame on as he put enemies of the islamic republic who have used money, weapons and intelligence services to create problems. that hints at foreign interference. but iran's moderate president, said today the protesters are lack of freedom. that's exactly what you hear on my three kids are doctors and engineers says this father. and not one of them has a job. even though my husband and i both work, says this woman, we are under constant pressure from high prices. life is tough. this is the most serious uprising in iran since the massive election protests in 2009 so brutally put down. back then, the discontent was focussed in tehran. this time, it's countrywide. and the protesters whose demands range from food subsidies to the end of clerical rule know that
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the hard-liners are now calling for another ruthless crackdown to restore order. jeff. >> liz, thank you. joining us to discuss this and more, ian bremmer, cbs news, senior global affairs contributor. ian, always good to see you. first iran and what you make of this? >> look, demonstrations in a authoritarian regime doesn't allow them. always a big deal. clearly there will be a crackdown. successful one if it continues. the reason it really matters its because this gives the hard-liners in iran an opportunity to make the president and the more reformist elements vulnerable and gives president trump an opportunity to beat up on the treatment of the iranian citizens. he has been hard line, anti-iran since day one in the presidency. makes u.s. iranian confrontation more likely. >> hard line, an type north
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korea as well. what do you make of the latest in north korea? >> well, on the one hand the fact that the north koreans and south koreans are saying they would look to talk. north koreans are talking of sending athletes to the olympics, clearly a positive thing. happening in the context of kim jong-un saying i keep a nuclear button here on my desk, that i won't hesitate to use if i need to, get threatened by the united states. and donald trump is saying, i'm not prepared to negotiate with this guy. either trump is going to have to flip do a 180 or we are entering the most dangerous the environment you and i have ever seen between the two countries. >> staying in asia now, your group, euro-asia group, top risks 2018. china remains number one. everything comes back to koan situation. >> well, so, for the last several years, we have had a united states that is seen as havings because we don't want to do it. in part because other countries
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are doing more in their own but the alternative has been nobody. wsee that china is not only larger, not only do they have a leader that is much consolidated more power than any one since mao but also its now prepared to stand up publicly and say u.s. doesn't want to do it free trade. i'll lead trade. u.. wants to leave the climate change, i'll get involved. that makes countries and, other allies start hedging from ando. >> 2017 felt like an extraordinar geoyeolitical crisis ills? we're due for one?bal crisis, decade ago, 2008, we are facing that kind of instability geo politically. country that could do something about it. baby. we are not going to take the so clearly you fix it or the wheels start falling off.
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and 2018, there are an a l poth. hard to imagine we are get through much longer, much more sustainable without experiencing a crisis or two? >> ian bremmer, thank you. every good fighter knows when to hang up the gloves.he will not term. majority party, president pro tell of the senate, third in line of presidential succession. door for a senate run by mitt romney. now to other stories we are following in the evening news feed.with truck along a dangerous curve then tumbled down a cliff on t a ricky beach. at least 36 people were killed. today after the holidays. at least 4.5 million got a pay raise. 18 states, california to new washington to florida raised their minimum wage. january 1. wall sbe
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2017 ended in record territory. the tech heavy nasdaq was up 1.5%. and past 7,000 for the first time ever. there is much more cbs news ahead. >> an online gaming phenomenon swatting is bringing terror and >> a super moon fills the new year's sky. ♪ >> dalton throws, it is touchdown! remarkable! >> and buffalo goes wild for, cincinnati's quarterback. >> i think i am the hottest guy ♪ cleaning floors with a mop and bucket is a hassle, meaning you probably don't clean as often as you'd like. for a quan
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a man in los angeles is under arrest for suspected pranking that originated in the gaom in real life in kansas. john blackstone and how it unfolded. >> wichita polespoing to a hostage situation. when andrew when he appeared reaching for a weapon. >> thedn my son opened because they heard something. seamed.
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they shot him. >> reporter: all a mistake started by this phony call to 911. >> i'm just pointing the gun at the closet it. my mom and my little brother. >> is there any way you can put the gun up. >> no. >> police believe the call was actually made by 25-year-old tyler barris, 1300 miles away in los angeles. finch's death is the first known fatality caused by a dangerous . >> the swatting, the idea is get the swat team out. this are looking for a tactical response.s the fbi in san francisco. officers, see bomb dogs, helicopters. all part of the fuhe this. that can be very -- very devastating. >> the swatting targets are some times celebrities like rihanna
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online gamers, people making the false 911 calls can watch live that this is being done to them. and they want to record this is into the house. >> detective richardtosays hack 911 appear local can come from he has been a target himself. >> the guy who swatted my house lived in finland. >> local police forces are not incidents to the fbi so there are no national figures.callg f expensive, dangerous and deadly. >> the question remains why anyone would ever make a phone call like this. john blackstone in san fransco. >> up next, here tonight, what your state has been googling.
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nod to the iconic golden arches. the burger made with fresh beef use. mcdonald's plans to switch from frozen to fresh beef for the ca is divided by what we google. here, courtesy of the daily dot is what each state search last year more than any other state. this is relatively speaking not erall search numbers. nebraskans were interested in harvey winestein accusers. washington state, unicorn frauccino, west virg and don rickles. >> las super moon. see why as the it ro rhode island. look at that. where it is closest to earth. 14% larger. the next super moon will be the end of this month. up next here, why cincinnati's
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say this about buffalo bills' fans, they're verha right now.erous.
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they have opened their wall tights reward thne quarterback though he plays for another team. dalton throws. it's complete. by andy dalton of the cincinnati bengals turned him into a hometown hero. in buffalo. their 17-year playoff drought, bills fans flooded the andy and donations many of them for $17. i spoke with the daltons a shor. how surprised have, are you by, >> it is a crazy story to think that, for the bengals, winning a game, helped them get to the playoffs, and, there is a whole different our foundation. and so, to have the support from
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a different city and fan base not associated with us and also year too. so i think it, it is pretty ppo gotten from it. that part as a bills' fan. j.j., what do you've make of all >> it became pretty emotional. just thinkinat able to do with the money coming in. it is humbling. hard to put into word how pretty awesome. >> andy, what its the latest update? >> just over $170,000. we he a longay. we can't, can't say thank you enough. >> andy, j.j., thank you for your time. good luck with everything. >> that is the "overnight news" for this wednesday. for some of you've the news continues. for others check back with us later for the morning news and
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york city, i'm jeff glor. welcome to the "overnight news." the deep freeze continues to icy grip.of warming up any time soon. from the canada border to south texas with record being set by the day. in chicago the high wa aberdeen, south dakota hit 32 below. atlanta went down to 14 degrees. demarco morgan in niagara falls begins our coverage. >> reporter: the arctic blast downing power lines, icing over breaks turning neighborhoods
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like t overnight. the cold snap made it hard for emergency responde u braving the elements. in new york city firefighters huddled on fire escapes in 13 degree fighters in caked in ice after fighting a house fire. >> the water freezes on our equipment. in indianapolis, where minus 1 first set in 1887, a mad dash to >> this weather is not just cold, it its dea>> repter: at l linked to the cold spell including the family of four in ns careened off theck chunks of ice could be seen floating in bodies of water from lake michigan to the mississippi river to niagara falls. we are two weeks into fr
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frigid cold spell. the last time the falls yrs ag back in 1938. but there were tourists who braved the cold. mark thoe hemas is. you get that frozen effect of the ice. and the mists coast the trees. so they sparkle in the sunlight. you've get rainbows this time of year. >> i'm omar villafranca in nor texas. temperatures dropped the south. >> travel was er parts of the lone star state. in hearst, texas this officer accident, narrowly avoided being lost control on the ice. highway crews in dallas, deiced the roads for traction.
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but down in houston, the shrek morning commute caused dozens of fenders benders. were icicles on the beach. local emergency rooms saw patients suffering. the big chtr impressive icicle display. >> meteorologist, eric fisher of wbz in boston. >> an exceptional run of cold since christmas day. record lows in the morning.rnoo. look at high temperatures. 30s done to the gulf coast. cold enough, we're going to see th florida for the second into time this season. ly tallahassee to start the day. wintery mix across coastal south and north oan ocean storm. this is going to become it tracks just off to the east of nantucket. across new england. see snow down through new york city into the mid-atlantic as
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wellbiest totals will been new england. eastern new england. boston area. winds. going to see a foot of wind creating potential power outages at the coast. that is key. because the cold, friday into saturday is some of the coldest for the outbreak for the colrttemperatures in parts of new england. there you see the wind chill val use, friday into saturday. pushing, 20 to 40 once we got this one out of the way. it might be the end of the extreme h >> overseas, a possible thaw in south korea. and it it the white house. the countries are in talks to have the north send an olympic team to the upcoming winter games in the south. david martin has the the story from the pentagon. >> reporter: at first, president trump wasn't sure what to think
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of kim jong-un's new year's offer of talks with south korea south korea for first time, he tweeted.goodews. perhaps not. but no sooner had south korea's the offer, the u.n. ambassador haley dismissed it as meaningless so long as the nort weapons. seriously if they've dent do something to ban all nuclear we consider this a reckless regime. don't think we need a band ate and smile and take a picture. >> in his new year's speech, kim boasted the nuclear button is os and ballistic missles. those were just word. u.s. intelligence detected wha other test of an intercontinental ballistic
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>> i hope that does not happen. but if it does we must bring more measures to bear. are preparing to test their longest range missile. wh of a gigantic ice sculpture over new year's. nove, e u.s., had it been aimed in the right direction. if preparations continue t. the could be ready for launch by the end of this week. anothey in an. where anti-government demonstrators have been in the . there are dozens of deaths reported and hundred elizabeth palmer has spent a lot of time of in iran and is watching del london. >> in some ors ae acked a police station last night. about 200 miles south of tehran. there is no way to know who was ng six people died. activists videos froe six days show wounded
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demonstrators.ta chanting death to the dictator. and, jeering crowd pictures of iran's supreme religious leader. he put the blame on as he put it, enemies of the islamic republic. and intelligence services to create problems. that hints at foreign interference. but iran's mode said today, that the protesters are just fed up with poverty and thee might three kids are doctors and engineers sayss and not one of them has a job. even though my husband and i the under constant pressure from high prices. this is the most serious uprising in iran since the ma09sselhat were brutally put down. back then the discontent was this time country wide.
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the remains of ten americans in costa rica, along with two pilots were burned so badly that autopsies will have to determine the identities.ims re flying ho from a seaside holiday when the plane went down. and investigators say, either high winds or mechanic f may be to blame. >> there is a human loss here that is unspeakable. >> she lost her brother, bruce sunday's deadly crash. she says she is still wa investigation. girls are living a nightmare. i lost so much of my family. arrived at the scene of the
3:41 am
crash deep in the forest, they e engine cessna in flames. private charter, operated nature air crashed minutes after taking off from a small airfield morning. e of san jose. aviation officials say before picking up passengers at the caravan attempted to land before 11:00 a.m. but wind of 2 miles an hour were too strong. a a nearby airport before successfully attempting the landa 30 minutes later the plan departed with ten americans on board and crashed. the steinberg familyon nanny. >> i've don'de beautiful kids. >> mitchell and leslie weis were on board with their teenage son and daughter. next door to the fy clear? water, florida. to somebody that you know.
3:42 am
they were a good, good family. a tour group, led by amanda lost. unfortunate tragedy and the pilot had more than 20 years experience flying that model of aircraft.e,resident trump vowed to rebuild the u.s. military. wan him to start by beefing up for a cold war. in the arctic. >> when the coast guard cutter, polaar it can feel like an earthquake its missions are vital to keeping shipping lanes open in the north and south poles. >> america is an arctic nation.
3:43 am
part of our land. >> coast guard vice admiral, s being pe vladamir putin. russia has six new heavy ice >> if you look at what russia is doing. almosa miniarms build-up. america's only heavy ice breaker is near the end of its life. this ship was commissioned in 1976. >> 1976.avy ice breakers has the coast guard built since >> zero. >> keeping polar slo job one. we caught up with the ship as the it was undergoing vital repairs. everything from the boiler room
3:44 am
to the propulsion system. some of the most critical maintenance involves replacing propellers. they came from the polar star's sister ship. damaged beyond rr y headed out what could happen? >> probably would have lost a rudder this year, a lot of cracks and corrosion. the ship. where the computer is so antiquated, the coast guard had to find old parts online. >> this helps thipcoasguard fou. >> president trump told coast guard cadets help is on the way. but with the new ship seven years away at best, poem lar worth of food just in case it breaks down and gets stuck inment ice. carter evans, cbs news, carter evans, cbs news, california.
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it won't let you down newark liberty international airport is a brand new four star restaurant. so exclusive, no one will even tell you where it is. and itch they do, you need a personal invite to get in the door. kris van cleave reports. >> reporter: the people walking through terminal c here at newark airport have no idea the most sought after by one of restaurants in all of the new york aa. we can't show you where it is, because it is hidden on purpose, but we will be able to take you inside. through this door, and down this mecret hallway, a speakeasy
3:48 am
it's classified. here your tastebuds will delight if you can score an invite.>>ou? >> the invite only restaurant has 36 seats and step from your te the guest list boasts ceos and celebrities like madonna. >> very much like, new york, secret. had to take ti t e hostest was very discreet. i felt, very special. a reservation. >> i just had oysters, eating a fresh salad with shrimp. i appreciate being able to a healthy meal with a nice glass of wine. anything at a trendy new york t set you back $100 a person if bottle of wine. inside an airport. >> james beard award winning chef, nate appleman is with the restaurant company that teamed with united air lanes to tn ta prepared a 42-ounce tomahawk
3:49 am
steak one of the signature >> most air ports have prepackaged food. cooked before. heeflted in the microwave. here, cooking from scratch. canned fine that anywhere. >> unusual business ancrte a re don't know where it is, and have >> well, isn't that a lot of fun even just saying that. >> the otg, ceo. >> we wanted to kreechate a unique space kind of out of the way. some where where you can just enjoy a great meal. listen to some nice music. have a deliciolaget urself away from everything else. >> people don't thing of newark air port as a spot for trendy dining. >> they don't. >> of a uch nighted vice president. the airline looks at classified
3:50 am
delight. but who gets invited, well. >> not just pe one way at the vin tags list. right now it is clalgsified. and does receive main a se. >> was the idea to create one of the elite restaurants in new york? here in the newark air port all. off weave didn't set out to make the mot it kind of worked out t way. >> this is your ticket inside. e-mail yet they can request to be invited to classified. but nay won't say how long the wait list is. >> and if you can't score an invite to that classified restaurant. you can always settle for an exclusive beverage. such as vodka. made from fog. fog. here's lee cowen. >> reporter: although you've mi would be a great place to ring in the new year, it's actu just a giant tease. you can't drink any of it out of
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the tap. at this point in the process, 190 proof. >> touch it to your tongue you. will be able to get. >> yep. >> all most ee vap rates r away. >> it's why it is called a spirit.ler at hangar 1 vodka. its home, an old station in alameda akraufls the bay from san francisco. anything that ferments. t your average bottle of vodka is 60% water. has a tunnel of influence on the final flavor. >> walter is a coveted commodity in california having emerged so, shoe make earl decided she would experiment with a sustain allable option and try to squeeze water out of an icon. san francisco's famoog >> turned out no one had tried
3:52 am
it, which i was kind of surprised. >> no one tried it with all the fog. >> with all the g itet. a quick lesson.fog isade up of walter drop lets. turns out the drops do have a flavor. >> water. very nuanced. >> that's what fog tastes like. >> almost whispers to the places the fog traveled.that ltle bit solidity and minerality almost taste the journaly of the fog i would say. >> still.that water literally ot of thin air, does take a built of engineering.elemtal form, a pea soup catcher. >> hangar, enlisted the help, of wrangling cloud for years. since this is up how much has >> it collected more than 700 gallons since we installed it. nonprofit kaufld fog quest, constructing special nets to he
3:53 am
africa, asia, latin america since early 2000. in one village in guatemala, up. together it can capture up to >> pretty simple process, right? >> yes. >> think abococ drop lets in fo lets which fall into the trough and are collected. >> here in the bay area, it can take up to a day off to collect enough fog walter to cut just a less fog in jen ram. says scientist, todd dn. >> the length of time that the
3:54 am
fog lingers on the n ery single foggy day. >> dawson is an environmental scientist at uc berkeley. he says over the last 60 plus years there has been a 35% of fog along the coast. and that he says may have a big impact on northern california's other icon, the coast redwoods. which depend on fog for both moisture and fertilization. along with less fog, means, less water overall.rts the range we are seeing what those coastal redwoods are suffering. >> the lack of fog in part is why hangar one is named fog is . how much is it per bottle? >> retails at about $125 per >> fog isn't cheap? >> no.o to fund fog quest's nonprofit work and the fornia s conserve. it om thinning, but
3:55 am
it does remind us that as we enter a new year, nature's resores are worth both toasting and saving.
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>> california the eighth state to allow adults to bar for personal use. mireya villarreal as a weed shop in wt week was only allowed to sell now, it's open for all. >> out of the more than businesses in california, ll al marijuana, 1/4 of them are actually selling it right now. where we are standing this morning is one of th its owners tell me like many in california, they have been gearing up for this historic
3:58 am
>> with the cutting of a green >> whoo! >> the d legal sales monday. henry wykovski the first line >> to be able to now just walk in. owng time coming. >> the milestone which allows any one, 21 years of age and older to buy and possess recreational potom decades after california became the fist lines popped up at dispensaries with customers ranging from lon. >> the only thing really surp people my age. thought i would be the only atr. >> first strain. >> this is absolut be a recreational hab built for me. i can smoke, quarter blunt, and hatch doritos. >> not everyone is a fan.
3:59 am
a dozen california towns have altogether. a rise in drug driving. >> as has been the case in lora washington, we fully expect to to marijuana usage. >> $126. >> experts believe the new industry will generate billions for the state wringing in $1 billion en the stigma around. i am an employed functioning adult and i also smoke weed. don't think there is anything wrong with that. here in california, more than one in five americans, livin marijuana can legally be purchased.s is as an illegal controlled substance, comb comparable to heroin and lsd. >> that's the "overnight news" for wednesday. for some the news continues. for others check back later for thrn from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm done dahler. thank you for watching.
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captioning funded by cbs 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." bone-chilling temperatures take hold over many the u.s. while alaska is enjoying balmy major snowstorm is brewing. li communication. south korea and north korea open the cross border hotline >> a plane. >> the captain came out and i e


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