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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 6, 2018 4:00am-4:29am EST

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captioning funded by cbs 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." historic plunge. wall street's wild ride a global market slide while financial planners are urging people not to panic. rivals te to release their own classified memo about counter a republican memo. and asd this season, a quick test to see if you have the virus could b
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom atbs in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning, the stock market felloff thatall street hit worldwide. the nikkei lost nearly 5% of its value. the hang 5% lower. stocks in europe were u.s.tock lower, pointing to another down day on wall street. the w after its worst point loss in a single day ever. down more than points. inflation fears sparked the sell-off. diane king hallck excnge with m. good morning. >> rep g it's been a roller coaster ride, and today may bring even more the same. with more turbulence expected, soft futures have been all over the place this morning. [ bell ]
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a deeply down day on wall street led to muc o other side of the globe. downward slide this morning. australia also felt the sting of what many analysts are calling a >> the stock market has gone too far too'sust appropriate reset button. >> reporter: marf reasons. chief among them, rising interest rate fears. biggest global sell-off since 2016. thdo1,175 points by day's end. a big drop, butthing mark market-watchers saw coming. >> quiet in there, orderly. no there's much to panic about. >> reporter: that's the advice for yofr--on't panic. if you have money in the market, view it as a long-term investment that over the long run is expected to grow. >> what would happen i i $10,000 into the stock market right after the president was
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elected? and each wiven with the sell-off, it would be worth taken credit for the recent stock market rise is also heeding that advice. a white ed statement saying, "the president's focus is on our lom which remain exceptionally traders say this is par for the course, and although it seems rocky and not for the faint of heart, to some it istya anne-marie? >> diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. we'll talk to you a little bit ahead on "cbs this morning," we will talk with cbs news financial contributorhoon about markets and what you should do with your 401(k) retirement accounts. whether a democratic memo on the fbi's russia investigati now up to president trump. the house intelligence committee voted to release the mstery.
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the president gave the okay to declassify the republican last. we report from the white house. >> reporter: president trump s the public should see another classified congressional memo. >> i think hard for the white house like it was hard for republicans on our committee to block release of th tt they make political redactions, not redactions to protect >> reporter: the house intelligence committee voted unanimously to release a democratic rebuttal to the gop t of justice and fbi ofsi the russia investigation. congressman adam schiff autmemo. on twitter monday, president trump called him "little adam schiff," and "one of the biggest liars and leakers in washington." in another tweet, the president called the committee's republican chairman a man of tremendous courage and grit. >> we had to use this process in order to make it public because
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doj and fbi were refusing to investigate themselves. >> reporter: president trump, who cleared the way for the release of the classified gop memo, said it vindicates him in the russia probe. other republicans are not drawing the same conclusion. >> i actually don't think it has any impact on the russia probe for this reason. >> the memo has no impact on the russia sfloeb. >> not -- probe? >> not to me it doesn't, and i was integrally involved in the drafting of it. >> reporter: the doj and fbi are already reviewing the democratic memo. president trump will have five days to decide whether to green light its release. cbs news, the white house. former white house strategist steve bannon was expected to testify today before the house intelligence committee as part of its russia investigation, but that's not happening. despite a subpoena, bannon will not show up. the meeting was put off. the white house does not want him to answer questions about his time in the administration.
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he's delayed answering the committee's questions three times. it's unclear if bannon will be held in contempt. also on capitol hill, republican leaders are scrambling again to come up with a budget deal to avert a shutdown. the government runs out of money thursday night. the house could vote as early as today on a stopgap measure to keep the government running until march 23rd. it would be attached to a bill to keep the pentagon funded for a year. it would also reauthorize funding for community health centers. for the third time in the past five weeks, a colorado law officer was killed in the line of duty. officers were investigating a stolen vehicle in colorado springs yesterday about 70 miles south of denver. deputy mica flick and other officers were struggling with a male suspect when shots were fired. three sheriff's deputies and a police officer were wounded. this witness saw the gunman. >> i saw the guy come around the corner, and he was limping really bad and holding his right
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hip. and he looked kind of scared, was looking around a lot. and he like half ran inside the building. >> the suspect was killed. a bystander was also shot. dr. larry nassar received a but the investigation into his sexual abuse of hundreds of girls and women is not over. nassar was sentenced to up to 125 years behind bars for molesting young athletes at a michigan gymnastics club. congress is investigating usa gymnastics and the education department is looking at how michigan state handled complaints about nassar. at least 53 children have died from the flu this season. 16 last week, according to the cdc. one died yesterday right here in new york city. this continues to be a ha hard-hitting flu season. many people are taking a quick test. the cdc warns it can produce false negatives. >> this is aest that can be
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easily -- a test that can be easily done in the office, what they call a point of care test. you can get the results quickly, at the exact time you test it. >> few minutes? >> few minutes, correct. >> the cdc says the rapid flu tests are only 50% to 70% accurate, but are quicker and cheaper than a lab test. a snowstorm in central iowa created dangerous road conditions. a cold snap is expected to engulf the central and southern u.s. through the week. a massive pileup on a snow-covered freeway in ames, iowa, killed one person and injured five others. the chain-reaction crash involved as many as 70 cars. officials say it was the worst they had ever seen. the last time the area got this much snow was in 2015. coming up on "cbs morning news," rolling disaster. the moments before the deadly amtrak crash in south carolina. and special cargo. what the "falcon heavy" rocket will be carrying as it takes flight today.
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♪ this is ground control the world's most powerful rocket in use today is set to blast off this afternoon for its maiden flight. the spacex "falcon heavy" will use the same pad at california's space center that hoisted men to the moon almost 50 years ago. it's powered by 27 engines and three massive stage boosters. spacex founder elon musk is putting a car on board that will orbit the sun and go as far out as mars. >> normally when a new rocket is tested, they put something boring on like a block of concrete or chunk of steel or something. well, that's boring. what's the most fun thing we could put on? >> musk says it will be playing
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david bowie's "space odyssey." appropriate. there's possible evidence of planets beyond the milky way. south carolina's "post and courier" reports that an amtrak crew had less than ten seconds to react in sunday's deadly train crash. a track switch was apparently in the wrong position, sending the amtrak passenger train on to a side track. it slammed into an idle csx freight train. the amtrak train's conductor and engineer were killed. more than 100 people were hurt. >> that switch should have been realigned for the amtrak to go to the main track. >> reporter: why wasn't it? >> that's exactly what we want to find out. >> investigators also say railway signals that could have warned the crew to stop were out of service for maintenance. "the pittsburgh post-gaze e post-gazette" reports in a blow to the gop, the supreme court is
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allowing pennsylvania congressional districts to be redrawn. justice alito denied the request to create a supreme court ruling creating a new congressional map. the court had ruled earlier that the current map discriminates against democrats. a new map could be in place for the may congressional primaries. the "washington post" says the department of homeland security is offering online teacher training for active shooter situations in schools. the training allows teachers, staff, administrators, and first responders to prepare for shooting incidents on their computers. the simulation takes place in a large school which has an auditorium, cafeteria, gym, and many classrooms. "the chicago tribune" reports on the death of actor john mahoney. mahoney was best known for playing cranky dad martin crane for 11 years on "fraser." he was nominated for two emmy awards. mahoney was part of chicago's steppenwolf theater and was in "8 men out" and "tin men."
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he died in sunday in chicago from complications of throat cancer. he was 77. and "national geographic" reports more than a trillion planets could exist beyond our galaxy. a new study is providing the first evidence there are e exo-planets outside our galaxy. scientists used the information from the chandra observatory and microlensing to study a distant galaxy. they found evidence there are about 2,000 planets for every star beyond our galaxy. still to come, behind the spandex, why the ceo of the popular athletic clothing company lululemon has resigned. but do they test their baby's soap? this paper represents proteins in your baby's skin. ordinary baby soap weakens the proteins. baby dove bar is different. only baby dove... with our 1/4 moisturizing cream,...
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and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ [ cheers ] one day after leading the philadelphia eagles to victory in the super bowl, mvp quarterback nick foles was fist bumping mickey mouse at disney world. fans lined main street in the magic kingdom for a parade to celebrate the eagles' win over the new england patriots. on the cbs "money watch," new details for clothing company
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lululemon, and the sound of silence from paul simon. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning again, diane. >> reporter: i was going to say the same. good morning again, anne-marie. athletic clothing maker lululemon is now looking for a new ceo. the ceo stepped down yesterday over issues of conduct. there are no specifics, but lululemon said it expects all employees to have respect for another one. the ceo has been there since 2014 and helped the company fix a major flub when thousands of yoga pants were recalled because customers complained they were too sheer. meantime, it's reported that las vegas casino mogul steve wynn set up a limited liability company to hide a $7.5 million payoff to an employee who accused him of sexual misconduct. dozens of people accuse wynn of sexual misconduct according to the "wall street journal." wynn denies the organizations. a law firm is investigating the
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allegations. singer/songwriter paul simon says his upcoming tour will be his last. ♪ hello darkness my old friend ♪ i've come to talk with you again ♪ simon's farewell tour kicks off in may, taking him across north america and europe. his last day is july 15th in london. simon, who's 76 years old, says the travel and time away from his family detracts from the joy of playing. anne-marie? >> at 76, you can certainly understand that. hopefully he'll still be making music, though, because we enjoy it. diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thank you, diane. >> reporter: thank you. still to come, solving one of hollywood's biggest mysteries. the new evidence that's giving investigators hope of finding evidence in the drowning of natalie wood. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ atfo.
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♪ visitors a tokyo zoo had a chance to see a whole family of pandas playing, eating, just hanging out. a female giant panda recently made her debut to the public. she was actually born last june. there's also a 1.5-year-old panda, her older twin sisters, and their parents living at the zoo's adventure world. investigators may be closer to solving one of hollywood's biggest mysteries. for nearly 40 years, there's been speculation about the death of actress natalie wood. new evidence is shedding new light on how wood might have died. chris martinez has the story. >> reporter: nearly four decades after the mysterious death of natalie wood, investigators are asking the public for help to determine what really happened the night the actress drowned,
4:22 am
as a result of a "48 hours" report on cbs. >> there were four people on the boat. one ended up dead. >> reporter: wood was sailing with her husband, robert wagner, and christopher walken that night in 1981. her body was found floating in the water the next day. and her death was ruled an accidental drowning. investigators now say two new witnesses back up claims from the boat's captain that wood and her husband were fighting the night she vanished. >> i believe that robert wagner was with her up until the moment she went into the water. >> reporter: in 2011, the medical examiner changed the manner of death from accidental to undetermined, reopening the case. >> there were bruises on natalie wood's body that -- they say they're non-mayor-elemechanicaly another person. >> reporter: wagner is now a person of interest. he's refused to speak with them since the case was reopened. chris martinez, cbs news, los
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for skin that looks younger than it should. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay regenerist. ageless. our top stories this morning -- stock markets in asia overnight plummeted on the heels of yesterday's massive wall street sell-off. the dow jones industrials lost more than 11,000 points. it is the biggest one-day point drop ever, triggered by fears of higher inflation and interest rates. the downturn started last week. and president trump is deciding whether to declassify a democratic memo on the russia investigation. the house intelligence committee voted to release the memo yesterday. it's an effort to counter a republican memo released last week that argues the fbi and justice department conspired against the president. the opening ceremony of the
4:26 am
winter olympics in south korea takes place friday, just 50 miles from the dmz. ben tracy's in the host city of pyeongchang with a look at the security measures. >> reporter: they've been holding drills for months, simulating everything from a hostage situation to shooting down a drone about to drop explosives on an olympic venue. the chief of police told us that a terrorist attack by drone is the biggest concern. in all 21 olympic facilities are being closelied monitored from the command center. the olympic force is about twice that deployed during the summer olympics in rio. that force includes south korean marines who have been testing their tolerance for the cold and snowdown -- snow down in the area of pyongyang. this is where south and north
4:27 am
meet. you literally have south korean soldiers who are staring into north korea which is just beyond nose blue huts. in the shadow of a nuclear standoff, the u.s. and south korea delayed their annual military exercises. an effort not to provoke north korea during the olympics. fears of a missile launch or nuclear test have lessened now that north korea is sending a large delegation to the games. a large-scale cyberattack is something they are still concerned about here. and atatatatatatatatatatatatataa is particularly adept at. they have hired a private cybersecurity firm to try to prevent that kind of attack. ben tracy, cbs news, pyeongchang, south korea. coming up on "cbs this morning," more from ben tracey in pyeongchang as he looks at the cost of the winter games and south korea's novel approach at cleanup. plus, the debate on immigration heats up in the case of indiana colts player edwin jackson, killed in a collision involving a suspected driver who
4:28 am
was an illegal immigrant. and director quentin tarantino responds to allegations by uma thurman about the car crash that she endured for the movie "kill bill." that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. well new this morning, a woman is struck and killed crossing the boulevard. we'll tell you what police are saying about the driver involved in the crash. market mayhem. investors will be keeping a close eye on wall street largest one day drop in history. and guess what? the city preparing to honor our super bowl champs. we're live with what you need to know if you plan ongoing to the victory parade. today is tuesday, february 6th , i just love saying victory, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> it is victorias. >> a lot of people are wondered what the weather will be like for thursday's parade and the best way to get there. >> yes, already, saying septa,


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