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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  February 6, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> three, two, one... >> glor: the most powerful rocket in the world puts the first car in orbit. the star of the amtrak fleet breaks apart on the rails. another wild swing on the street. now the dow up more than 500. immigration at the center of another shutdown countdown. >> i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> nobody wants another, maybe except him. >> glor: and girl scouts make a sweet appeal to legislators to rename a bridge. >> it's hard to turn down your granddaughters. it's not a fair fight, though. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor.
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>> glor: good evening. america's private space program made another giant leap today. the falcon heavy spacex rocket blasted off from the launchpad once used for moon mission missd new dreams of astronauts exploring deep space were reunited. manuel bojorquez is at the kennedy space center in florida. >> four, three, two, one... >> reporter: the falcon heavy, the most powerful rocket in the world, lifted off and streaked across the sky as it climbed toward outer space. >> there it is! >> reporter: the roar of its 27 engines matched only by the crowd. but the show in the sky wasn't over. the rocket's boosters detached, and minutes later, two of them could be seen descending back to earth, landing in tandem near the launch site. while the payload, a tesla
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rodester with a dummy named "starman" hurtled away from earth and toward the orbit of mars to the sound of-- what else-- david bowie's "life on mars." a message on the car's circuit board says, "made on earth by humans of the. the falcon heavy combines the power of three rockets into one that can carry bigger satellites and equipment, and eventually humans, deeper into space. spacex founder and c.e.o. elon musk spoke about the possibilities with cbs news space analyst bill harwood. >> you could terribly, send people to mars. >> reporter: both goals of the u.s. government and missions musk is eager to leave his mark on and his brand. >> we're just trying to make space exciting again, and try to push the frontier back to where
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it was. >> reporter: but the mission is not over yet. the final phase of the rocket involves firing the engines one more time in order to thrust the car and "starman" toward their intend orbit. jeff. >> glor: we will be watching. manuel bojorquez, thank you very much. wall street took investors on a wild ride today again after losing more than 1800 points the past two sessions, the dow bounced up and down in triple-digit swings today, before ending with a better than 500-point gain. that put the index back in positive territory for the year. here's bianna golodryga. >> reporter: within the first few hours of the market opening, the dow jones started a wild 1,000-point swing. >> do you have anything in twitter? >> reporter: through another volatile day. >> i'm going to 55 cents, guys. >> reporter: traders still reeling from monday's record single-day plunge, while investors were looking for
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answers. >> how are you doing today? >> reporter: sara stanich is an investment varie adviser in brooklyn, new york. and since the market's turbulence-- >> you're not 100% in stocks. >> reporter: ...she's been trying to reassure clients like kate. you don't follow the market on a day-to-day basis, do you? >> no, no, and that's why i rely on a financial adviser. that's why i rely on sara. >> reporter: when you see the dow within minutes plunge 1600 points what, did you think? >> i thought, "oh, my goodness, is this freefall? is it going to correct itself? is it going to keep going down?" so, yeah, it was a little concerning. >> actually, the first thing that went through my mind is i better send my clients an email. >> reporter: president of the new york stock exchange tom farley is trying to put things in perspective. >> this wasn't one of the top 25 down days in the history of the dow jones, so i want to make sure anybody-- investors as you
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describe, or professional investors in the market-- make prude decision free of anxiety. >> reporter: is it a good time for somebody, let's say, in kate's position? >> it's better than last week. >> reporter: would you be open-- would you be open to investing in a dip in the market? >> absolutely. let's talk. ( laughter ) >> reporter: she's a buyer. experts warn we could see more wild days ahead as investors gauge what actions the federal reserve may take regarding interest rates. a strong economy and growing wages are a good thing, but they could also trigger inflation, something the fed wants to keep in check by raising rates. jeff. >> glor: bianna golodryga. thanks very much. president trump warned today there could be another government shutdown if congress does not crack down on illegal immigration. the next deadline for funding the government is thursday night. chief congressional correspondent nancy cordes is on capitol hill. >> if we don't change it, let's have a shutdown. we'll do a shutdown, and it's worth it for our country. >> reporter: the president
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made the unexpected threat during a white house meeting on immigrant gangs. >> we have to shut it down because the democrats don't want safety, and unrelated but still related, they don't want to take care of our military, then shut it down. >> reporter: virginia republican barbara comstock, pushed back. >> we don't need a government shutdown on this. >> reporter: as the rest of congress tried to gauge if he was serious. >> he's the only guy that finds anything good in the shutdown. >> reporter: mr. trump's comments come as bipartisan groups work to pair border security with legal protections for young immigrants. >> i'm optimistic. >> reporter: the senate's republican leader has promised to hold a vote next week. there are so many different proposals in the works right now on immigration. >> i know. >> reporter: can you give us a sense how you're going to decide which one to put up fair vote first? >> i've said to those who are working on proposals, you need to get them drafted. and beyond that, i can't be specific because there's no
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secret plan here to-- to try to push this in any direction. >> reporter: the president's chief of staff, john kelly, also startled lawmakers today using harsh language to describe immigrants who were eligible for the expiring daca program but never applied. >> reporter: kelly also said he doubts that the president will be willing to extend the daca program past march 5, putting even more pressure on congress, jeff, to pass a replacement soon. >> glor: nancy cordes, thank you. the president registered his outrage today after immigrant living in the u.s. illegally was arrested in a crash that killed indianapolis colds linebacker edwin jackson. mr. trump tweeted, "this is just one of the many such preventable tragedies. we must get the dems to get tough on the border and with
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illegal immigration fast." dean reynolds is following this case. >> reporter: the man brought in to court today in indianapolis has a history of arrests, including driving under the influence and driving without a license. savannabelsy garcia manrique weg aa-savalla has been deported twice but managed somehow to get back into the u.s. and now the guatemala citizen is believed responsible for the crash on interstate that killed indianapolis linebacker edwin jackson and his uber driving monroe. jackson and the driver pulled on to the shoulder of the highway when a pickup truck plowed into them from behind. in court today, orrego-savala insisted he was not driving the pickup. "i don't know why i'm here," he said. but police said he was the driver, that she was drunk when the accident happened with a blood alcohol level three times indiana's legal limit and that he was walking away when they caught him. now, president trump and his
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allies have seized on the news as a prime example of why the country needs tougher immigration laws. republican todd rokita represents the indianapolis suburbs. >> we can't put illegal immigrant criminals above the interest and safety of our own citizens. >> but jackson's friend shad bouchez, said his friend wouldn't have wanted this. >> the guy made a mistake, and obviously it cost two people's lives. >> it's really not an immigration story at all. it's a drunk driving story. it's a tragedy. it's a police investigation story. >> reporter: now, the suspect is currently being held here in the jail behind me, and is due in court tomorrow. if convicted, he could face years in prison, but at the very least, deportation is certain yet again. jeff. >> glor: dean reynolds in indianapolis for us tonight. dean, thank you. it could have been another
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disaster for amtrak. the connection between two cars on its high-speed acela came apart shortly after the train left washington at 5:00 a.m. today bound for new york and boston. here's transportation correspondent kris van cleave. >> reporter: federal regulators are investigating why two of the eight cars on this high-speed amtrak acela train separated early this morning north of baltimore. sources say the d.c.-to-boston train of travelath more than 124 miles per hour, moments before the separation. amtrak says 52 passengers were on board. they were put on another train. there were no injuries. this picture shows it happened in an area where passengers can move between cars. >> if someone would have been actually crossing from one car to another potentially, they could have fallen through that separation. >> reporter: mark rosenker is the former chairman of the national transportation safety board. >> i certainly would thriek see a top-to-bottom examination. that may well have to include a safety standdown.
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everything comes to a stop, staff is focused and refocused on safety processes and safety management system. >> reporter: this incident comes just days after two amtrak employees were killed and 116 people injured when amtrak's silver star train derailed outside colombia, south carolina. last week air, charter amtrak train carrying republican lawmakers hit a garbage truck on the track in rural virginia killing one and injuring six. and in december, this amtrak-operated train was going more than twice the speed limit when it derailed around a curve in washington state killing three. ntsb chair. does that become a pattern not a series of accidents when you wonder what's going on at amtrak? >> i think it's very important that we have to look at each of these accidents in isolation to be able to determine if there are systemic issues. >> reporter: amtrak says it is investigating and will inspect all 20 of its acela train sets. the acela has a very good safety
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record, but is slated to be retired in 2022, jeff. >> glor: kris van cleave, thank you. a state judge in pennsylvania today ordered an amtrak engineer to stand trial in a 2015 wreck that killed eight people in philadelphia. another judge had the-- had thrown out the charges. the train operated by brandon bostian was traveling more than twieption the 15-mile-an-hour speed limit when it derailed. federal investigators today also blamed two recent crashes in commuter train terminals on a failure to test engineers adequately for a sleep disorder. the crashes killed one person in brooklyn, new york; and another in hoboken, new jersey. another faults alarm went out this morning. this time people on the east coast were warned of a possible tsunami. the national weather service and accuweather, a private company, blame each other for the mix-up. a short time later the weather service tweeted, "a tsunami warning is not in effect. repeerkt a tsunami warning is not in effect." syrian and russian jets today
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pounded an area just outside damascus, one of few rebel strongholds left after seven years of civil war. according to one human rights group, there were 35 air strikes in 24 hours. at least 55 civilians were killed. among them, nine children, according to the rescue volunteers known as the white helmets. now to some other stories we're following in the evening newsfeed. los angeles retains its title as the world's most gridlocked city. on average, l.a. drivers spend 102 hours stuck in rush hour traffic last year. tying for runner-up are new york city and russia's capital moscow. drivers near ames, iowa, had no escape as snow yesterday cut the visibility. vehicles plowed into each other. this video is just coming out. as many as 70 vehicles in all. at least one person was killed. a number of others were taken to hospitals. the local sheriff's department called it the worst pileup
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anyone there had ever seen. and there's a new study about the melting perma proft in the arctic. there is mercury underneath it, and researchers now say as much as 15 million gallons of the toxic element could be released into environment. that is 10 fiems the amount of all human-caused mercury emissions in the past 30 years. there's much more ahead on tonight's cbs evening news. reporter: a powerball ticket worth half a billion dollars were bought right here. why isn't the winner claiming it? >> glor: there's a bug at the olympics, a stomach bug. >> reporter: georgia lawmakers have never seen a lobbying effort quite like this-- 400 girl scrowts, and they came with bribes -- girl scout cookies. >> we're making a change, and girls can do anything. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe.
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billion-dollar powerball jackpot who has yet to:00 the a penny of it is rack up legal fees in a battle to keep you from knowing who she is. >> reporter: reids ferry market owner can't believe his luck. the winner powerball ticket worth $560 million was bought here. >> i get $75,000, as a bonus for slgt ticket, and who can say no to money? >> reporter: the ticket owner wants her money but she wants to stay anonymous, claiming it's a "significant invasion of her privacy" in a lawsuit filed in new hampshire state court. in 2016, a new hampshire powerball winner established a trust and claimed their $487 million, but january's winner signed her name on the ticket as requested by lottery instructions. by not claiming her prize, she stands to lose $50,000 a day in interest. edward jones financial adviser
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perry radford, working in merrimack. what's the first order of business? >> you want to have a whole group of people on your side because everybody is going to be coming after you so build a team that can be on your side. >> reporter: already she's got a lot of people on her side. >> it's going to be a living hell. she'll have to change her name and move away if they put her name out there. >> reporter: her lawsuit cites other big winners who had tragedies following them, including a 2016 winnerave georgia lottery winner by armed gunmen. a 2009 lottery winner scammed by a woman claiming to be a financial adviser who then killed him. her lawyers say she hopes to pour her win intotion this town which is buzzing with the news. >> fiwon that much money, it wouldn't matter to me. >> reporter: jane doe's court date is set for february 21. and jeff, she is running out of time. the clock is tick. she has less than 11 months to claim that jackpot.
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>> glor: a have interesting story. michelle miller, thank you very much. still ahead here tonight, rob gronkowski took a big hit during the super bowl and didn't even know it. e the future that's most meaningful to you. it's protection for generations of families, and 150 years of strength and stability. and when you're able to harness all of that, that's the power of pacific. ask a financial advisor about pacific life. when you have a cold, stuff happens. [ dog groans ] [ coughs and sneezes ] nothing relieves more symptoms than alka seltzer plus maximum strength liquid gels. that goes beyond assuming beingredients are safe...ood to knowing they are.
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including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist. >> glor: north korea made quite an entrance today at south korea's olympics. the team arrived by ferry and was met by some south korean protesters. just 22 athletes from the north will compete, but they are joined by hundreds of performers and cheerleaders. an unwanted guest has also appeared, the norovirus. 1200 security personnel were confined to their rooms while they were tested. new england patriots tightend rob gronkowski didn't just lose the super bowl on sunday. he also lost property. while he was playing, his home in foxborough, massachusetts, was burglarized. police will not say much, but a radio dispatcher was heard saying multiple saifs and possible guns were taken. the lights went out sunday during the finals of a wrestling
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tournament in st. george, utah. time to call it a night? not in 2018. folks in the crowd turned on their phone lights. look at that. the referees gave their blessing, and the tournament went on in a very intimate setting. up next, girl scouts set out to win votes with cookies. but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground. help take control by asking about your treatment options. vraylar is approved for the acute treatment of manic or mixed episodes of bipolar i disorder in adults. clinical studies showed that vraylar reduced overall manic symptoms. vraylar should not be used in elderly patients with dementia due to increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent.
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i'm actually closer to my retirement daysing. than i am my college days. i just want to know, am i gonna be okay? i know people who specialize in "am i going to be okay." i like that. you may need glasses though. schedule a complimentary goal planning session with td ameritrade. >> glor: we end tonight witha what could be an irresistible appeal by the girl scouts to rename a bridge to honor their founder. here's mark strassmann. >> it's because juliette gordon has done so much all around the world. >> reporter: ariella ayenesazan, a sixth grade girl scout, put the squeeze on state reppive brooks coleman. >> we would really love to name the bridge after julia.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: inside the georgia state house, more than 400 little lobbyists, girl scouts from around georgia, roamed the hall ways of power looking for supporters. >> i would love to make a difference and i feel like i am. >> reporter: at issue is this bridge that spans savannah harsher. it honors eugene talmadge, a former georgia governor and white supremacist, who died in 1946. girl scouts here want lawmakers to name it instead for juliette gordon lowe. the savannah native founded the group in 1912 and was a bridge builder. the girl scouts were open to all of america, and became integrated decades before much of the country. the lobbyists even gave out bribes-- girl scout cooks. sauyer stewart is 11. have you heard any lawmakers say no? >> yes, like, they're saying "no" straight up. they're just like, "no, you can't do this. you just can't do that." >> reporter: and what do you say to them? >> still, no is not a boundary.
6:58 pm
i can reach the skies. and if you are saying no, that just wants me to try harder. >> so i support it. i signed the legislation, and i will vote for it. >> thank you for your support. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: and with a lobbyist this cute it's almost not a fair fight. >> no, not a fair fight. i think that being a daddy and a grand daddy, it's hard to turn down your granddaughters and your daughters. ( applause ) >> reporter: georgia's girl scouts formed a political pac, as in "precious and convincing." >> it's a pleasure meeting you. >> reporter: mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. >> glor: no is not a boundary. i can reach the sky. that is the cbs evening news tonight. i'm jeff glor. good night.
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not again. >> another scare sent to millions of peoples phones. >> now the fault tsunami warning. how did it happen? and super bowl warning. >> the small number of knuckle heads should stay home. >> a new food fight video. this is what it's like inside the store. then the lessons we can all learn from the "this is us," death scene. straight from dr. oz. >> this is a teachable moment for america. >> plus did she or didn't she? did melania swipe president trump's hand away? then the plot to steal this baby from her mother's womb. the horrific


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