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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 7, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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♪ >> tonight scott baio and the new police investigation. >> i told the police everything. >> what his former "charles in charge" co-star is telling "e.t." today. >> then -- >> twins. >> twins. >> twins. >> exclusive george clooney's new confessions about his babies and amal. >> plus -- do we want to call this out. >> john cena gets candid. >> that was an extreme low. >> are they calling off the wedding. >> then -- >> use your image tags. >> the fifty shade stars give their best ideas. >> plus -- >> i'm a homebody. >> inside jen and justin's mansion and jason bateman on his
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game nights with friends. >> jennifer aniston? >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> nicole egg gert sits down with "e.t." after she filed a police report against scott baio accusing him of sexual abusing her. >> nicole said it happened when she was a teen. >> baio maintains his innocence. >> today nicole told me her side of the zbloir what did you tell the police? >> i told the police everything. >> how long was that interview? >> we were with the police about two hours. >> what did scott do? >> scott began molesting me at 14 years old. >> physically. >> physically. >> how old was he at the time? >> he's mid 20s at this point. always using elvis and priscilla as an example. >> he would tell you it's okay
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your age gap because of elvis and priscilla. >>y. >> eggert said her co-star witnessed baio acting inappropriately. >> this is my friend. it's hard for me to read. >> his childhood friend sarah gilbert broke down in tears reading a statement from the former child star. >> there is no excuse for this behavior. >> scott baio was spotted out and vehemently denying her claims. his spokesperson said we've been demanding nicole eggert bring her story to the authorities. it's good she has even if it's part of a publicity campaign. perhaps she can explain to them her ever changing story. >> my story has been the same. we had a sexual relationship when she was an adult, when "charles in charge" was long
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rapped. she would have been 18 or maybe 19 years old. >> it's treing to point out part of scott's defense is eggert still worked with him after the alleged abuse took place. in 2007 she appeared on baio's reality show. >> remember picking the playboy magazine out like it was a sear's catalog. >> that show is about him getting therapy for his womanizing. >> i'm trying to figure out what the flaw is in me. >> eggert's manager said his team has a message. >> we won't let the baio camp bully nicole anymore. now that the nypd is involved you have to talk to them. >> we have more with nicole tomorrow including her thoughts of suicide at 15. >> also getting candid selena
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gomez. she made some revealing statements about her never ending fight against depression an anxiety. ♪ >> i try every day to be conscious of my surroundings and find peace. >> selena's depression confession. it's a battle i have to face for the rest of my life. i'm okay with that. the 25-year-old adds i'm choosing myself. i want to make sure i'm healthy. >> the doctors said that 50% of my recovery will be mentality. that's something i'm a huge advocate for. ♪ >> yesterday back to were you net selena was seen getting off a private jet. she describes her life with words like fearless. selena said i think secrets kill people. ♪ >> what does selena call a complexion relationship? it's not her romance with
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bieber. it's instagram. she said it empowers me but gives people a misrepresentation of what's important. >> selena has been the most followed person on instagram. maybe she can use it to help other young people. >> john cena is facing trouble in his personal life. are they calling off their wedding? this morning tough guy wore his heart on his sleeve. >> do we really want to call this off? >> i think in relationships you have highs an lows. that was an extreme low. you have two chooses, jump ship or try to work through it. >> john told kathie lee and co da it's hard having his drama play out on her reality show. >> this is a tough moment for both of us. it was really cruddy to be in that moment and have people
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around you. if someone can watch it and it helps them, i guess that's a good reason to capture it. >> i know i found the right gal and i didn't want to live without her. >> the couple seemed solid to "e.t." john's proposal last april was a romantic one. >> will you mary me? >> the two clearly love each other and hopefully any drama can be worked out. >> the wedding is still going to happen? >> we both have some work to do. i'm determined to make it work. >> because you love this woman. >> i absolutely love this woman. >> i like hearing that. >> there's also pregnancy rumors. i guess we have to wait and find out what happened when "total bellas" returns in the spring. moving on to george clooney he continues to express his love for his wife amal. >> keep spreading the love. in an "e.t." exclusive hear how amal completes him.
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it's george's heartng declaration. >> i felt i met someone who i would absolutely, you know, trade my life for. >> the once confirmed bachelor makes his profound confession on the netflix show with david letterman giving us major amal envy. >> i met someone that her life meant more to me than my life. >> married almost three and a half years amal's status as george's number one is only trumped how he feels about their twins. >> the purpose of your life is now not you. >> it's very odd. i have to say, before i had the twins, i felt that about her. >> george reveals even more intimate details when the episode streams this friday. our favorite moment george and dave hitting up the in and out burger for lunch.
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>> another air bus. >> do you know all your planes? >> do you? >> i don't. is that a milk shake? >> yes. >> it's good. >> take care. >> i notice you didn't dig down to give the guy a gratuity. >> love it. a double double and a chocolate shake is perfect. >> any kind of burger. >> "e.t." and cbs this morning will have more tomorrow face timing with george and amal as they reveal the newest edition to the clooney family. >> here's something not exactly family friendly. "fifty shades freed" cameron mathison was with the stars at the premiere. they have their ideas for more fifties in the future. ♪ >> pitch me a "fifty shades" spin-off. >> you could replace all the sex
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scenes with cooking scenes. >> oh. i'm so sorry. >> ping pong or something. they play like aggressive ping pong. very artistically shot. there was a lot of ping pong in "forest gump". >> it's all wrong. all of this is wrong. >> jamie dornan and dakota johnson are very ready to say good-bye to shooting in the red room. in "fifty shades freed" this romance culminates in a walk down the aisle. >> you're both wearing white. >> that wasn't planned. >> meanwhile last night james corden pitched his own "fifty shades" spin-off. >> my god. >> the very steamy reimagination
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came complete with a red blind fold and one very wild ride. >> i could not get enough of that. >> it was so hilarious. >> jamie dornan got hotter in over alls. >> maybe he could do more. >> coming up -- >> there are certain people i don't want to be there. o omarosa. >> how crazy will celebrity big brother get? >> then after justin timberlake romantic super bowl sunday we have jessica biel's sex confession. only we're with christie confession. only we're with christie brinkley's teenage pennsylvania is getting the law requires many toe. get their child abuse clearances. are you one of them? if you're a coach sunday school teacher a scout leader camp counselor
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♪ >> what's the best sexual advice you have ever been given? >> don't do it in the ocean, ever. it was salty. >> mrs. justin timberlake jessica biel dropping knowledge on drawing the line in the sand about her sex life. jessica was a guest at the after hours 2018 conference. meanwhile a bunch of guests inside the big brother house and as cameron mathison found out they may have some issues. >> somebody that's not going to make it in the house? >> omarosa. >> my reputation precedes me. >> the irony here is we talked to ross before he knew who was going to be in the house. >> oh my. omarosa. >> get ready for fireworks
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tonight. >> my strategy is simply to have a really good time and to win the game being me. >> real housewife brandi glanville is a big brother uk vet. she comes prepare. >> will you have xanax in the house? >> yes. m my doctor signed off on it. >> also in the house keisha night pull yam. >> i don't think people will see what's coming for them. >> oh,man. >> 11 celebrities vying for the $250,000 grand prize. mark mcgrath is one of them. ♪ >> knives will be immediately out. >> also in the house shannon elizabeth and a miss universe runner up, yes that runner up. >> it's going to be more difficult to not have my -- not my phone, but my even to your
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knowled knowledge. >> oh you don't need your glam team. you need somebody to safe you from omarosa. >> ahead -- >> will smith's new rap war. the hilarious spoof. >> oprah's exclusive. behind the scenes with reese and the "wrinkle in time" cast. >> and inside jennifer and justin's renovations. >> closed captioning provided by --
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♪ . i mean, i love the house sl touch. that is will smith doing his own
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shot for shot spoof of his son's music video which has over 100 million streams. >> so adorable. jaden gave his dad props funnie ever saw in my life. you are the best father anyone could ask for. let's keep in the love theme. oprah, reese and the cast of a wring. >> caller: in time. >> action. >> i read the book when i was probably 12. i just loved it. i read series. >> this young girl on a journey to find her father and herself. what a story. yore going to be tested every step of the oprah, raes and mi three guides leading a girl on her >> hi. >> this is my favorite planetth >> for two weeks cast and crew
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shot in new zealand to capture stunning scenes like this. >> it was amazing to watch this army of hundreds of people coming to make this film. >> the film marks a milestone for the director. she's the first woman of color to direct am feature with a budget over $100 million. >> we were trying to create a film with the timeless quality. >> it was all about the girl power. >> this great adventure has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. >> wrinkle in time opens march 9th. >> let's talk jennifer aniston and justin theroux. they're opening up their door to their mansion. jen by the pool. justin out front. yes jennifer an store is clearly
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living her best life and offering a rare glimpse inside her home. jen tells "architectural digest" if i wasn't an actress i would want to be a designer. >> i'm a homebody. >> a collection of personal photos, leather club chairs and one lucky dog. jennifer and just exchanged wedding vowing 2 1/2 years ago. >> we had the luxury of having a private moment and i'm going to be selfish and keep it that way. >> jen tells the magazine out february 14th justin wanted to be involved in the design process after she purchased the home in 2011. there was a learning curve for him to include another voice. she figured out immediately saying no to any suggestion is not the most collaborative move. justin told me renovation is not easy. t's>> i the feeling like i can't
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visualize what it's going to look like. >> you're never very good at it. >> she can. >> i'm so glad they worked everything out. jennifer's good friend jason bateman has a new comedy called "game night." unlike jane lynch's this one goes totally wrong. >> you won't know what's real and what's fake. >> is this gun real? oh, my god. i shot you. >> we were on set as rachel and jason made their murder mystery. >> how does it go wrong? >> one of the people in our party is mixing with the wrong crowd. the game night becomes a little too real, a night of crime and tragedy. >> watch as jason has little fun with cam during their interview. >> how about some of your big time hollywood friends that are
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gamers. olivia munn is a serious gamer. >> she can play around a bit. >> jennifer aniston. pk>> were you able to ask me if played around with olivia munn? >> in the cleanest possible way. >> the answer is no. you were going to move on to what? >> your friend jennifer aniston. >> also haven't played around with her. we played games together. back on the clean version? >> i didn't know we left the clean version. >> we were doing a fooling around bit. >> for a second. i didn't know we stayed there. >> i brought you with me, but you didn't know you were come. >> true. >> the moment the interview gets uncomfortable. "game night" hits
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>> that is christie brinkley's daughter sailor. >> we talked to sailor about the issue's section called in her own words. it's all about female empowerment. >> we're not only naked but having words that describe our identity. >> christie has appeared on the cover three times. never in a shot like this. what did mom think? >> i took the photos. we did the shoot. i sent them to my mom. she didn't ask what it was for or anything. she was like oh, my you're art. >> sailor's photo shot by a woman photographer and all female crew. >> we wanted to make sure there was a level of comfort and
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safety. >> now we still don't know who will be on the cover. we found out next week. it was kate upton last year. >> always an honor. >> what would you written your arm? >> i need cover up! maybe a few other things. >> i bet there's some other stuff you would write. >> bye, everybody. >> take care now. ♪
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