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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 9, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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make the most of every hour. here comes a new year. of every single day. with the power of tempur-pedic sleep. choose the mattress brand ranked highest in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. tempur-pedic sleep is power. >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> good morning, everyone, i'm
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jan carabeo. rahel solomon is off today. >> i'm jim donovan. first what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is friday, at the present time ninth. >> an epic clean up following an epic party. >> it is trash everywhere. cans. this is someone's tent. somebody's book bag. i don't even know what that is >> eagles. >> it was a day philadelphia will never forget. >> i saw nick and carson coming down the way, i couldn't even believe it. >> breaking overnight, the government shuts down as lawmakers miss the midnight deadline. >> the yeah's 71, the nay's, 28. >> the senate passed a bill early friday morning, to funds the government. >> just a freak thing. that's all. >> cell phone video shows a school bus catch fire in massachusetts.
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>> we have the car released and sole. we also have the first draft of that car. you complete me. i need one of your kidneys. >> yoked a one for me. >> sponsors by pen medicine cancer center, the number one cancer center in the region. >> late show stephen colbert with some valentine day jokes. >> next wednesday, so if you haven't made your valentine dinner reservations, quick reminder, better get to t i haven't really done anything, but if you do, heads up. >> hey, get out there. speaking every getting out, there chelsey, outside on the skydeck a lot better than yesterday? >> yes, definitely not dealing with the wind that we were dealing with yesterday morning and throughout the day. that's going to be the case. so wind on the calmer side every things for us as we start out our friday. let me take you now to a look at storm scan3. noticing some clouds beginning to build their way on into the legion. we will see increase in clouds throughout the day.
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notice there is some snowfall located out to the west. of course northwestern pennsylvania, that's going to pass by just to the north. heading places like the lehigh vale, poconos, couple of the snow showers or some light snow, accumulations really aren't going to amount to too much. 24 degrees right now in philadelphia. twenty-one in wilmington, 19 in millville down the shore it is 22 in wildwood, right around 21 degrees this morning as we wake up in atlantic city look at the winds on the calm side of things. so not going to feel as brutal today. not dealing with that windchill factor, that we dealt with pretty much all day long yesterday. so, even though temperatures are going to be chilly, it won't quite feel as brutal as i've been saying, so chilly start, 28 degrees, 34 degrees by the noon hour. you'll in the mostly cloudy skies by about 3:00. 39 degrees, and then some rain is going to be headed our way this weekend. i'll talk more about that coming up in just a bit. for now back to you. >> all right, chelsey, thank you so much. clean up obviously underway, yes, but mass transit, it has been restored back to normal. ninety-five south at allegheny
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you can see, just how much is starting build levels here on 95 now. so, kind of early start for a friday. my assumption would be a lot of people have taken maybe the day off. yesterday everyone hitting the roadway, getting things with a normal again. today before the weekend, who knows, but 95, southbound, and even northbound, as well, starting to heat up. just heads up on that. vine kind of birdseye shot here, the vine at 95, gorgeous shot here rather. see not looking at busy as 95, the vine at 95 is actually looking pretty good. looking as it should. mass transit talking about, that we will get to that in just a seconder blue route near mid-county those of you looking good basically anywhere. patco new jersey septa all back to normal. now, west trenton does have some wire works. so shuttle busing this weekend at west trenton, yardley, wood born stations again like i always say make sure to check the schedules on line. we do have construction crews out there, 202 north and south , delaware state line, right lane still compromised here, january and jim, back to you. >> clean up crews have a
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monumental job ahead of them today. mounds of money, trash remain on the parkway following yesterday's super bowl parade. >> chantee lans is live at the art museum, so chantee, you were at the parade yesterday. but what is it looking like there now? >> well, jim, i can tell you, i came out here around 3:00 a.m., before the parade started. i spent a lot of time in norristown. and then at city hall. when they came through there. this is my first time back today since all of the melee. this is a sea of trash outside of the art museum. i mean, there are bottles. just take two steps literally trash. two steps, trash. i'm not exaggerating with this but here is the thing. city crews have been working around the clock since last night trying to get everything back in order out here. they pretty much have been doing that, and working, so they have been doing something i think the difference is when there have been past event like made in america, and when the pope came, everyone was in a concentrated area.
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well, with the eagles parade, you had several mile distance that the players traveled from before getting here at the art museum. so it may be a little bit more complex in cleaning it, but the good news is they're just kind of hoping that this gets cleaned up soon. now, as far as the numbers, we were told, somewhere before the parade, between two to 3 million. i'm curious to see what the city has to say about the numbers now in totality today. that's the very latest here at the art museum. chantee lans, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," jim, jan, back to you. >> thank you shall appreciate t don't you worry if you missed any of yesterday's parade and celebration at the art museum, you can find everything on our win site at well, time now 5:36. in brings news this morning, the best place to work in the entire united states. >> that's besides cbs-3, of course, goes without saying, plus the situation on the morning after another big sell off. money watch's diane king hall joins us live from the new
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york stock exchange, good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, jan , jim. another sharp drop in us stocks sends over sees markets lower, stocks in asia closed down. do you plunged 1,032-point yesterday putting officially in correction territory. declines 10% from it peak. the nasdaq nearly 275. s&p 500 also saw triple digits falling into correction as well. aligns bumped pastures overbooked flights it, department of transportation says the rate roughly half at the rate of the year before about one in 29,000 passengers , one reason, airlines are now faster to coax passengers off overbooked flights were travel vouchers. >> for years it said it wouldn't do it, but facebook may be considering dislike button. social ned work giant is test ago button that would allow users to down vote people's comments on public post t would appear along with the option of like or reply to polls. the company claims in a statement it is not test ago
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dislike button, but it is a feature to awe law people to give more feedback on public posts. and if you work in mountain view california, you are one happy employee. the city, home to google, headquarters, bagged the top spots in career bliss cents cents, happiest cities to work survey. detroit michigan in boulder, colorado rounded out top three on the list. jim, jan? >> detroit? what's going on in detroit, duscheusne. >> jim, i had the same reaction. now, i have heard from, you know, multiple people, that detroit has been on a road to recovery. >> yes. >> but i was surprised. but my producer said what did you say quicken loans, quicken loans was there? i don't see how that put detroit on the list, though. >> all right. well, we'll have to do some more digging on this one, thanks, diane, you have great weekends. >> do some research. >> too. >> well, some breaking news out of washington right now. the house is just okayed a two -year $400 billion budget deal. now the senate passed the deal earlier this morning.
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too late to stop a federal government shutdown. now the president still has to sign the budget for the government to reopen. but again, a budget deal has been okayed. meanwhile, a washington dc townhouse with a special place in history is now up for sale. >> it was the scene after dinner party where jfk met jacky. listed at $1.7 million. jack and jack bring introduced at the georgetown townhome in 1951 over cocktails, chicken cast roll, and game of sherades. they married two years later, the owner says the match making was made by the original owner's wife. >> jacky may have had a crush on mr. bartlett, and i think mrs. bartlett wanted to kind of get her in touch with maybe the young congressman from massachusetts. >> realtors say they hope potential buyers view the home 's history as an added value. >> you know it will sell. create some foot traffic. >> at the very least. 2018 winter olympics, now
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underway in south korea. >> the ski resort town of peong chang is one of the smallest cities to hole olympics. correspondent dana jacobson in south korea with more on how the small town plans to handle the massive crowd. >> the tiny ski resort sit of peong chang is finally seeing it dream to host the olympics come to life. >> to welcome the worlds, everything is ready. >> this fish restaurant has been around for 20 years, and expect the olympics to bring record business. family-owned and operated, they are worried about keeping up with demand. it hasn't turned down reservations because they're already booked on most days of the game. just up the street, it is only week three of business for this restaurant. but there are similar concerns the owner isn't taking reservations because she wants to be able to hands the l the heavy foot traffic. >> the crowd concerns aren't just about feeding everyone, it is also about keeping people moving here on the sidewalks, and also, on the
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streets. peong chang police chief says the massive crowd could bring traffic to a halt. this command center will watch for potential problems, with 1500 people assigned to manage movement on the roads. with security a top priority, terror threat drills have taken place, rehearsing scenarios from chemical bombs at olympic venues, to potential drone strikes. 13,000 police officers will be used daily in the city, with 60,000 security personnel throughout the olympic areas. all with the same goal. keeping athlete and spectators safe. in peong chang south korea, dana jacobson. >> coming up neglect, fans are camping out in new york city to shop at a pop up shop. tell how it is, how long it will be around. >> then a record setting class will tell you where there is an over abundance of twins, and triplet. chelsey? >> and jim, jan, i'm tracking
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rain, as we head into the weekend. i'll let you know which weekends day looks bet, for -- looks best forgetting outside, also how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood. first here is your cure ate owe insurance travel forecast.
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>> justice continue timberlake now has pop up store in new york, people started lining up outside of the store last night. it is called man of the woods after his new albumn. the store will feature limited edition one of a kind products , inspired by all 16 tracks on his latest albumn. the store opened at one today and will be open through sunday. >> i also got to tell but this one, the philadelphia tatoo arts convention at the pennsylvania convention center this weekend. the convention is now in its 20th year, it kicks off today, actually, the place will be buzzing with some of the
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worlds' best tatoo artists, the convention runs through this sunday, i have a feeling we will see a lot of eagles tattoos coming up this weekends, too. just talking about this, earlier this show. check this out. where jim and meisha were yesterday. our cbs-3 live truck covered with eagles revelers. >> i turned around, oh, no! >> yes. you guys, i wish could you have seen this and heard this, with your own eyes and ears. we were standing, and we look over, we saw our truck and another station's truck being overrun. jim immediately said oh, heck no. started darting down there. and all joe holden and i could think of is what is going to happen top our jim? what are they going to do? they're not going it listen. and he went down there to the truck, hey, you guys get off that truck. and you guys, those guys ran! they dropped like flies flying off, jumping offer the truck. >> i was banking on the side
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of the truck. >> i've never seen anyone so scared. and then they dropped off the truck, and justice percent dollars and darted to the next truck, climbing up. >> the other station's truck. >> jumping on it, and ours, not one person on it. it was a squeaky clean truck. >> don't stand on my furniture >> literally like ants running to candy on the driveway and surrounding it, and ours was just squeaky clean. >> you had the same situation on your truck, as well. >> seeing your photo, you had probably three times as many. i mean, we were getting them off constantly, so we had smaller group, still just -- >> i just can't believe the power of jim's words. >> literally. this one says one thing and everyone -- >> oh, boy. >> get off my truck. >> don't you feel like it was a hollywood movie being out there?
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literally the scene out after movie. it was epic, incredible. >> and it was cold. >> it was cold. you guys, had to deal with the wind out there, especially you , you were out there for such a long time starting in the morning. the good news is we're not going to deal with that much winds today. still going to be chilly out there, though. here is a live look at the camera in bethlehem. stant just a beautiful view as we start out your friday morning? it is dry right now. but things are going to be changing. specially as we head into the weekends. we have some rain that we are going to be tracking. that's going to be moving in. and some areas could end up pecking up over 2 inches of rain. our weather watch verse been checking in this morning, so let's just stick with the eagles theme a little longer. picture from phil, look at the blue skies overall the celebrations, pan edge at this , fanfare yesterday, not dealing with blue skies like that today. and that's because clouds will be on the increase very, very quickly. i'm show you a check at temperatures, as well, right now in the teens and 20's out there. so very chilly morning. however, we aren't dealing
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with that wind right in so he had ned chesterfield at 19, phil in philadelphia, says it is about 18 degrees, where he lives. here are the numbers across the region. we have 21 in wilmington, 23 in dover, it is 19 currently in millville. zooming in, good morning to pottstown, 16 degrees there. twenty-four media. and willow grove, morning to you guys, right around 18 degrees. as you are waking up this morning. here is your school planner. we will start off the day with ride to school. temperatures upper 20s, some sunshine, turning mostly cloudy by the ride home. high temperature today right around 39 degrees, also high temperature in philadelphia, seems to be cool, not as sunny as it was yesterday. we'll have little system passing by to the north, couple of snow showers up in the poconos, couple of flu nice the lehigh valley otherwise quiet starting off saturday very quiet with clouds. and then watch what happens, as we head into saturday night and sunday. this is a ton of rain, going to be moving through the mid-atlantic, again, some areas could pick up over 2 inches every rain, i'll let
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you know who coming up in just a bit. meisha? >> wow, chelsey, sounds like a lot of rain. thank you so much for that. and good morning, happy friday so, looking outside. we have accident here, schuylkill eastbound, this is at girard. lot of flashing lights, some of you putting on the brakes going on by. if you are headed throughout right now, not a bad idea, give yourselves a couple of extra minutes, not too far away, schuylkill near belmont, looking there, headlights moving in the westbound direction, looking okay starting to build levels lit bit here, 59 south at allegheny. this is area where we start to put on the brakes. an area where we start to travel little, i wouldn't say less than posted speeds, but certainly starting to build levels in that area. so, 95 south at allegheny, anywhere around that, maybe cracking into the 6:00, pushing in, maybe give yourselves couple every extra minute. do have minor accident here in willow grove. detoured road, fitzwatertown road. and the construction crews, over here on the pa turnpike they've kind of cleared out of the way now, now the world of mass transit, talking a lot about it all week because of the parade. all back to normal except for
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west trenton. you have some wire work, talking more about this in a little bit. jim, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. class photo that will make you see double or triple. high school in illinois has 44 sets of twins and one set of triplets as the guiness world record for the sophomore class now, most are fraternal twins, not identical. one of the moms submitted the paperwork to guiness it, took them 17 months it learn they had the record. >> coming in the first day of school, i'm freaked out. i know that ryan's always going to be there, so i always have someone like who is there therefore mow. >> now, some factors for all every these twins could be maternal age and access to fertility treatment. regardless they say they're part to be part of this unusual group. >> avoid desperate into an arcade machine at restaurant in florida. >> you know how this story ends retiring? he got stuck, guys. surveillance video captured the boy crawling into the hole to get inside the machine. once inside, the boy just could not get out.
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and with no key to open that machine, they had to call firefighters for help. >> in my over 20 years in the fire service, i've never seen anything like this. he i'm sure he has a story to tell for a long, long time. >> you know what? haim, he got in there. the boy was freed eventually. he and his family went back to eating dinner at the restaurant afterward. the boy also got to keep some stuffed toils. i don't know in in that's the less best on to be learned. >> and dessert, they must have had dessert to celebrate. >> of course.
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>> women come back, annual festival in china is under way highlighting beauty of ancient and modern china. >> lights snow like no where else on earth. take a look, more than 100,000 color lanterns on display at the festival. lanterns feature more than 1600led's and dozens of brightly lit motorized puppets , all materials there used in the show are locally produced, including this glass display and the fabric, pretty cool. the lantern festival is lighting up that region every china, light show off the coast of california is courtesy of mother nature. this is fight owe -- fido
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blowing in big sur. while throwing out long words here, the power to glow like this is called bio loom inch essence, experts aren't sure, but they think the glow is to scare away any potential preditors. fascinating. here is something you don't hear about every day. >> three cam else in missouri turned some heads after escaping from their barnes to take a stroll. meet jersey joe and jess, high ridge becomes a half hour outside of the st. louis. went for walk yesterday after avianca noon. the owner said someone didn't proper lip shut a gate and they brock loose. wasn't long before their picture was post today facebook with the caption anyone missing some camels? they took off. they went up the hill. they smiled real pretty for the camera. and came home. >> i showed them the picture. i was just like are you kidding me? and i showed them my phone of the picture, that the lady saw camels up on rock creekment and they swore it wasn't them. >> their owner says her three
5:57 am
camels were gone for less than an hour, and only made it about a half mile before turning around to come home. >> so they ran away but realize that really wasn't for them. >> and it often really is that way in life. on that note we will be right back. if our world isn't stuck in the past, why is higher education? we say, if there's a better path, you should take it. and when there isn't, well, you know where i'm going with that. don't do things by the book if the book can't keep up.
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>> a party for the ages, now it is time to clean up. live with a look at the mess left behind by millions of eagles fans. >> and breaking news on capitol hill. the government shutdown, although brief; almost over. just moments ago, the house narrowly passed a 400 billion-dollar budget. that the president will now have to sign. >> cool dry end to the work week. but that's all about to change we have a wet weekend ahead. >> and tgif everyone, it is friday, february 9th, i'm jim donovan. >> we barely made it, i'm jan carabeo in for rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> happy friday, everyone will be coming off this huge high of course from yesterday, coming into today. actually the roads are looking all right. we do have some problem spots, the good thing mass transit, back to normal. more on that coming up. >> good news as far as the weather. yesterday you guys all know it was brutally cold with the wind. won't be dealing with as much winds today. even though chill at this won't feel as brutal. so looking at the live


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