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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 9, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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delivered best victory parade speech ever, but it is his costume that is getting international attention. and we will share with you, the story, behind it all. hi, good afternoon i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer in for jessica dean. authorities say big event was mostly without major problems. team coverage, kicks off with "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos live on the ben franklin parkway with an update on the clean up, greg? >> reporter: and nicole if you ever gone to a huge party you know you are feeling it day after and that is how most people who attended this parade say they feeling friday afternoon this right here behind me is eakins oval where many thousands of people gathered, it is muddy, it is dirty but overall city says this was a successful event. the party which capped off philadelphia's sports his try is now, just a fond memory. >> it was a special parade, special day that we will all remember for a very long time.
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>> reporter: though there is still plenty of evidence of the parade left behind. >> the cleaning operation continues, we are detailing around the eakins oval area where there was a large majority of the crowd. >> reporter: friday afternoon mayor and city officials gave details of the event there were two total arrests one for assaulting a police officer. >> no real injuries to speak of. >> reporter: two people were stabbed one near art museum both are expect to be okay. there were five citations for disorderly conduct. >> to be able to have that type of an event with those numbers and to have as the mayor said, some small hiccups , you know, it is remarkable in myes nation. >> reporter: so what were the numbers? one crowd safety estimates 700,000 people attended, the head of the cities office of emergency management though believes, it is much higher. >> based on our experience with other large events on the parkway, we feel that it was
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well above 700, certainly below some of the higher numbers we have seen circulated through social media. >> reporter: the mayor's office not releasing any number about how many people, they believe, actually attended. there is another number folks are talking about this afternoon and that is how much this costs the city? right now city officials not giving that number but coming up tonight at 6:00 here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" i will tell but how much the eagles, themselves spent for the parade. that is very latest live near the art museum steps i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very interesting, greg, thank you. eagles center jason kelce 's speech was sure memorable and so was his costume. many people asking where did he get it? "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live in havertown with that answer, alycia, what can you tell us. >> reporter: i have been standing out here with diehard eagles fans awaiting jason kelce to live here and get
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some autographs, from him and a few other players, and, there air lot of these people who were at that parade and they are wondering how did jason kelce get his hands on that mummers costume and get it so quickly? well, i do have the answer and that answer is he got hook up through his hair stylist, here's the back story. >> reporter: it is the speech. >> i want to take a second to talk to you about underdogs. >> reporter: and outfit being talk about around the country today. >> here's the question did he have that outfit in in his closet or did he just start filling it in sunday night. >> reporter: it is an outfit from the avalon string band a suit they used in the on eight sum mummers parade. jason kelce borrowed it for eagles super bowl celebration in fill at first ever parade of champions. >> it is stroke of genius abs light certainty. >> reporter: jason kelce's hair stylist is person who got him this now iconic outfit.
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>> he called me tuesday night at 8:00 and said i need a suit i said my husband was at avalon string band having practice and he called me up and i called bob a said we need a suit for jason. he said you got it. rest is history. >> reporter: according to her eagles center wanted us to leave tradition to be the center of the attention during the parade. >> such a talent and tradition and they love their mummers and they love their new years so idea he would do that and just, you know, pay homage to the city, i knew wow steel some hearts with that would be >> reporter: he sure did rock ing this outfit even if it may have confused, the rest of the world. >> so confusion has been entertaining to watch over social media outlets and other news, why is he a genie. either way we are champions. they can think whatever they want. >> reporter: we're told avalon string band had to go back a decade to find a suit for jason kelce because first they had to find one that was clean and find one that would fit
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eagles football center. that was no easy feat. they certainly did it and they pick the perfect one. live from havertown alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> he pulled it off, alycia, he definitely did. thank you. kelce generating reaction on twitter, eagles dubbed him i love this philadelphia spirit animal. and also check this out, two champions from the phillies 2008 world series win were actually at the parade that is ryan howard he tweeted celebrating the eagles parade with my man hollywood cole hamels. super bowl celebration continues today at macy's center city, eagles defensive end vinny curry stopped by the department store this afternoon. first 150 fans that made a purchase by lids inside got the chance to meet curry and got an autograph. image that symbolized joy felt at end of the world war two has been recreate todd commemorate eagles super bowl victory. take a look yesterday during the parade of champions,
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shamus clancy and ashley south er recreated the iconic kissing sailor photo. pair who were complete strangers before the lip will be met up after tweeting about the opportunity, to recreate, the picture. >> i always thought it was an iconic picture, so it is something that pretty much everyone ace wear of to some degree and then kind of to be sort of, you know, part have the lure of the eagles parade, a mythical day and our city was pretty surreal as well too >> nicely done. photo has been retweeted and like thousands of times since social media yesterday. you can watch our coverage of the eagles parade of champions from start to finish , we are rebroadcasting time at 2:00 p.m. on our sister station cw philly. join us again. tom brady's breaking his silence on the loss to the eagles. he posted on his official facebook page this morning. it included a shout out to the eagles which read in part learning turns everything into a positive and number one
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feeling i have had the past four daises gratitude, gratitude to the philadelphia eagles team and organization, for bringing out the best in us, and then being gracious winners as well as congratulations on winning the championship. >> all right. despite a bit of chill, the weather held it together for parade of champions but the dry stretch will not last. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking showers heading straight for us. kate, when can we expect that rain. >> we will see wet weather creeping in tomorrow and then we have at least a chance of the rain in the forecast almost every day through next thursday. so an active pattern beginning it has been quite to it day but cloud are in place and we are setting the stage for a wet weekend. lets look at storm scan three not a whole lot going on just a thick included cover, very gray sky not much sunset tonight, far cry from yesterday's beautiful sunshine and sunset after the parade. system to the north has pretty much stayed to the north a few snow showers in the poconos earl their has lift add cross portions of new york now and moisture loading up to the
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south though and as our next system approaches it will draw in warm, moist air temperatures on the way up but rain chances rising through weekend as well. temperatures right now it is chilly, 38 in philadelphia. thirty-six in reading. 38 degrees in atlantic city. twenty-three in mount pocono. definitely a cold finish to the afternoon. out and about this evening, again not too bad, good news is temperatures aren't going to drop that quickly as south wind starts to pick up and whoever in the mid up toker 30 's all evening. if you have friday night plans in the city, it will stay dry, you will need a jacket but not umbrella make sure it is close by this weekend light drizzle begins tomorrow steady rain late tomorrow night and then downpours are possible on sunday, some concern for flooding around the area coming up i'll tell you when heaviest rain will fall and which will be heaviest and how much rain you can expect and take you into those rain chances next week. for now back inside to you. stocks staged a late rally
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ending wildwood mark by dramatic point swings. >> bells ringing. >> dow jones industrial average gained more than 300 points, earlier in the day it had dropped by 500, up and down trading came within day after market entered its first correction in two years. latest record highs for u.s. majors were set just two weeks ago. closer look at the numbers dow jones finished up 330 points at 24190, nasdaq was up 97 and s and p500 closed up 38 points. the second governmental shut down in three weeks has ended, president trump signed a bipartisan budget agreement this morning. we will have a full report at 5:30 including a live interview with cbs news chief white house correspondent major garrett. that time of the year, coughs, colds, fevers, coming up, tents set up at a local hospital to deal with flu patients. we have an update from health officials about the flu and how bad it is here and across
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the nation and the news is not good. eagles parade is over and now first signs that baseball season is right around the corner, trucks are on their way to clearwater for spring training so what does the team pack other than an ice cream machine. it is her night to shine. find out why she and other young men and women are getting red carpet treatment tonight. we will be right
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flu season has he severe another lehigh veil, and doctors that have been treating patients suffering from the flu and other viruses in so-called tents for a few weeks now. the last time hospital had to use the tents was in 2013. well, governmental health officials say this flu season continues to intensify and has now reached pandemic levels. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has lateness tonight's einstein health care science center. >> reporter: report this is a nasty flu season, in pennsylvania there have now been 91 deaths related to influenza the southeast part of the state, right here in philadelphia, it is now hardest hit with flu cases.
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and this flu season is the war , in nearly a decade and it is in the getting any better, according to the new report from the cdc. >> it looks like we're on track to break recent record. >> reporter: latest health reports from the tri-state region showed pennsylvania has had 47,752 lab confirmed flu cases, in new jersey, 10,418, and, 1900 with influenza in delaware. latest report from the cdc shows one out of every 13 doctor visits last week was for flu-like illnesses, highest rates seen since 2009 when swine flu virus hit the u.s. flu remains widespread in every state but hawaii and oregon and hospitalizations are increasing. >> as of this week we have more onvations then we have seen in any recent season, including the severe, 2014/15 season. >> reporter: pediatric deaths from flu related cause this is
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season are now 63 and the worst could yet still be come. governmental health officials say we have in the seen peak of the flu season just yet and unclear when that will happen. >> we're in week 11 of it increased influenza activity some cannulas as long as 20 weeks. >> reporter: health officials say flu vaccine is here obviously did not do a very good job of preventing influenza and if you do get symptoms doctors say it is important to get tamiflu anti viral, as soon as possible when it is most effective and this flu right now especially bad people get sick for weeks. >> stephanie, thank you. kate bilo joins us with our forecast. yesterday was bright, sunny but it was sandwiched between two ugly days, wednesday and today today has been a dreary kind of day. it is not wet. it is a dry day but we have beautiful sunset shots to show you last night. but we have tonight we don't have much of
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anything except flat gray sky happening out there and it looks like that will be the normal over next week or so. we have rain chances in the forecast. it is february and we're talking rain and not snow but it is looking like seattle type weather for next few days and into next week. lets look at what is happening south side. not much sunset shot. from last night we showed you exact same one at same time and it was stunning, but sunnies not anywhere to be seen this evening in plymouth meeting, and it is just completely gray, that gray sky in place and same story looking live from the neighborhood network camera at palmyra cove nature park you can see same outline of the city of philadelphia but it is gray, cloudy all across the area this afternoon. snow showers, dotted the poconos earlier, those have since moved on and dry for now and should be dry through first half of the day tomorrow starting at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon when things will go
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downhill and they will downhill for the weekend. storm scan three showing moisture to the south, this starting to lift in as our next system approaches from the west and it will bring mild air. that south wind has already pick up. temperatures will not drop much overnight. it is relatively mild night for february. we will stay in the mid to upper 30's for the most part overnight. see warm air flooding in all across the north east mid-atlantic region, 52 in richmond, 44 in d.c. and freezing at state college. warm air moving in but moisture is accompanying that warmth. mainly cloudy, not as cold bottoming out at 35 which isn't too far from where we are right now. lots of cloud for your saturday at 53. rain will arrive late in the day have 3:00 p.m. and looking like access of heavy rain will be more late saturday into the first half of sunday and it looks like it was yesterday, mainly a sunday event. now more like midnight to noon saturday night to sunday afternoon is war of it.
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showers develop late tomorrow periods of heavy rain saturday night and heavy rain around sunday especially early in the morning. tonight quiet, just some cloud tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. maybe a stray sprinkle but get outside go getter and energy mild morning and get out for a jog, run or heading out to make a bagel run, no umbrella noon is fine. 3:00 p.m. light rain begins and it will completely pick up overnight, saturday night into sunday morning. here's midnight pockets of heavy rain stream through it will be pouring all night long 3:00 a.m. saturday night into sunday. 5:00 a.m. it keeps coming and wake up sunday morning to still heavy rain across the area waves of rain continue through midday and possibly drying out a bit sunday afternoon but not before serious downpours. many models printing out certainly over an inch but a few as much as 2 inches of rain possible, river, streams, creeks still running high from the snow melt and heavy rain
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earlier in the week. we will to have watch for localized flooding. heavy rain starting saturday night into the first half of sunday and then not a very bright forecast moving forward either machine shower in the morning and then some clearing tuesday could start with rain and snow showers, and then rain in the afternoon. showers, wednesday, chance for a shower early thursday, but notice these temperatures we will hit 60 on sunday and 50's next week not talking about much in the way have snow, that is good news but it is dreary for a little while. >> trade off, rain, temperatures, you can't have it all. >> true, it is still february. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" targeting teenagers. >> m to get kid to eat healthy bets a boost from a major weight loss company we will tell you about it in the next half an hour. one of the first signs of spring we will take you inside truck where boxes of gear are heading to phillies spring training so what do boys of summer pack? find out next in sports.
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eagles effect coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 has bird super bowl win change the way philadelphians behave? one officer says, maybe as we have got some examples to prove that the victory could be bigger, then just the game. >> interesting. >> brotherly love, sisterly affection. >> there was. >> it is all fat ball all the time. >> and now, what is it. >> baseball, it is time for some baseball. phillies are gearing up for spring training. this morning we caught up with the crew and phillies fanatic as they loaded up equipment trucks for clearwater, florida . >> ♪. the first official work out for phillies pitchers and
5:24 pm
catchers is less than a week away. >> we will unload this truck on clearwater sunday morning. >> reporter: packed to the brim with everything players will need. >> it is a process that starts off the season. >> reporter: with help from phillies fanatic thousands of items are load in the 53-foot equipment truck. from there the truck will travel more than a thousand miles, passing through eight states, before arriving at spectrum field this weekend. >> we take everything, we are basically picking up our storage area here in philadelphia, and taking it to clearwater. >> reporter: so is what on board? 10,000, 12-ounce power aid cups, 2400 baseball, 2,000 short and long sleeve shirts, 1,200 bats, and, 600 pairs of pants, just to name a few things. >> we have 62 players in camp plus coaches, so there is plenty of body to get dressed. >> reporter: this year the crew is bringing some snacks. >> this year we're bringing an ice cream machine.
5:25 pm
>> nice. >> there is more, crews also carrying, of course, fanatic hot dog launcher, and six bikes and they need golf club, 12 sets of golf clubs. >> yes. >> do you know is what wild after the football season we have to wait a couple months before we see that truck. >> boom. >> how about it. >> unbelievable. >> been a fun user. >> right to the fill is. >> coming up next, celebrity big brother gets serious. >> i never got it. went the two white house with him. >> hear what omarosa said about her time in the white house. night to shine, why wonderful young men and women are getting all dolled up today for a big
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now at 5:30 latest government shut down is over, it began just after midnight. >> coming work in the we hours of the morning to pass a budge tote reopen the government. president trump signed it around 8:30. the 400 billion-dollar budget deal includes increased spending for military, domestic program and disaster relief. keeps government funded through march between the their. most democrats in the house voted against the bill they tried to use it as leverage to get a vote on protections for young undocumented immigrants. >> the speaker of the house refusal to commit to considering bipartisan legislation to protect teenagers, and young adults before deportation unjust final. >> this agreement accomplishes getting resources we need to rebuild our military. >> this was second government shut down in three weeks. former white house staff secretary rob porter cleaned
5:30 pm
out his desk but details are still rocking the administration. >> porter resigned wednesday after allegations against him became public, both porter's ex-wife's report id he physically abused them. president said he recently found out about the claims. >> he did a very good job when he was in the white house, and we hope he has a wonderful career. now, he also, as you probably know, he says he is innocent and i think you have to remember that. >> cbs news has learned porter told white house counsel don mcgan that his security clearance background check might include derogatory information in, june, fbi sent a file including claims to the white house security office and then in november porter's ex-girlfriend called him to tell him about at boost allegations. he passed the information to chief of staff, john kelly. joining us now from washington is cbs news chief white house correspondent major garrett who is hosting
5:31 pm
face the nation. chief of staff john fire is under fire likewise for his handling of the porter situation. what do you think? what will you discuss when it comes to the impact of that on the white house. >> reporter: we will have the budget director mick muscle veney on sunday. he has been named and confirmed if john kelly were to step kelly or be asked to leave by the president of the u.s., high on the list would be budget director. having him on the show this sunday will be very timely indeed. he publicly says he has no interest in the job but fact is this has been the war week for john kelly since he became president trump's chief of staff and still many unanswered questions and when unanswered questions continue to dog someone in the prominent position in washington there are two solutions answer the questions or seek or employment, and, we will find out in the next few hours maybe over weekend or next week which of those john kelly and white house will
5:32 pm
choose a lot going on. second government shut down didn't last long it faced opposition from the left and white. who are the winners and losers do you think in this latest budget showdown. >> reporter: winners are the country or is the country because a shut down was averted. those are always disruptive and when is there a stock market week like this week wall street didn't need any disruptions or volatility. six week reprieve but this reprieve does include, new agreements on future spending, and both sides all they there were some who disagree far more greed and it appeared that is template for next two years we will spend more on defense, spent lot more on non-defense that will raise deficit but that appears to be tolerable to this president and the congress. so in six weeks if is there a resolution on immigration i think should down scenarios will have come to an end at least for next couple of years >> major, active, interesting broadcast, thank you for your time my friend, have a great
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day. >> thank you. you can watch face the nation sunday morning 10:30 right here on cbs-3. vice-president mike pence and his wife led u.s. delegation to the winter olympics in south korea they arrived there last night where they met with president of the south korea and prime minister of japan. later in the day they watched opening ceremonies in the same becomes as sister of north korea's leader kim jong u.n. with whom u.s. has had a strained relation ship. a few tense moments when members of the american press core were prevented from entering the room where pence, shinzo abe and moon were taking part in the photo op. secret service agents were able to restrain crowd and usher media to save take. they were then let into cover that photo opp. last night athletes from 92 countries, including 242 from the u.s. marched in the parade of nations, first event to take place in the brand new
5:34 pm
, 109 million-dollar olympic stadium. the delegation from greece marched first in honor of the olympics origin while south and north korea walked last under the unified korean flag. omarosa newman is contestant on big brother here on cbs. on the show the former aid is revealing new details about her time in the white house. >> it was like a call of duty, i felt like i was serving my country not serving him. whenever i'm accepting a political appointment, it was always about the country. i was haunted by every single day, does anybody say to him, what are you doing? i tried to be that person and people around him attacked me. >> three night premiere of big brother celebrity addition continues tonight at 8:00 right here on cbs-3. straight ahead how popular
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weight loss companies helping end childhood obesity. also this. it is a night to shine in washington township i'm cleve bryan, i'll take to you a red carpet prom event for some very special guests. and yes, that is what you may think it is, how you can enter to win a stackable big mac ring. kate? well, we are heading in the weekend and good news is temperatures are heading up, we may be near 60 on sunday, will, in the a lot of time to get out and enjoy. saturday mess of the day looks dry. we will get outside first half of the day but showers will start creeping in the afternoon rain picks up at night and sunday a drenching afternoon rain picks up at night and sunday a drenching rain, highs again in the ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world.
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opening up its program for free. teens between the age of 13 and 17 can join weight watchers at no cost for six weeks this summer. the company said it wants to help young people develop good habits, at a critical age. and in tech news apple's new smart speaker hits store shelves today, home poddies voice activated it can play music, pod cast and read you the news. you can control other device ness your home through apple's certificatei voice assistant. it cost about $350. the unicode consortium a non-profit that sets global standard for emojis is adding 157 new options. emojis will have a variety of hair styles or no hair at all, different hair like red, white are highly anticipated new additions. update will include more animals, smart phone users can expect new emojis as early as august. well, mcdonald's is celebrating the launch of its three new big mac sizes with some, serious bling.
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>> fast food giant is giving away an 18karat gold gem encrusted version of the classic sandwich called the bl ing mack. the seven layer ring is worth $12,000, for a chance to win it tweet out your love for big mac using the #bling mack contest. >> would you wear it. >> no. >> would you. >> do you see that silence? crickets came in here. >> i could try to sell it for $12,000. >> yes, that is value but who is willing to buy it. >> true. >> i would wear a apple pie. rain is heading our way she will have your weekend
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well, a night to feel like kings and queens. >> thousands of guest was special needs from around the
5:44 pm
world are being treated to a once in a lifetime prom experience. >> one of those promises happening in washington township, and that is where, we are joined on the red carpet with more, with cleve bryan and how guests are getting ready for their night to shine. it sounds incredible, cleve. >> reporter: you can have the oscars, you can have any presidential ball, this is the social event of the year, that you want to be at. this is night to shine event we are in washington township and you can red carpet welcome that all of the gets get when they arrive. how do you like to greet guest is here. >> wow, wow. >> reporter: tonight more than 100 kings and queens will be enjoying this event, in fact, we have one of them showing upright now, and this is a very special night for very, very special people.
5:45 pm
william is getting his haircut , lisa just had a manicure and breaking in her new shoes, big night is almost here. >> tonight, prom. >> reporter: probably thinking promises on is still months away but this isn't just any dance and these aren't just any guests they are heading to one of the 540 night to shine special needs promised happening throughout the world , sponsor by the tim tebow foundation, calvary chapter gloucester county rolled out red carpet and transformed their church to host 120 special need guests. >> they all pick up did you have rent things. >> reporter: local businesses are donating everything special for first rate prom including hair, make up artists, as well as the dress es, and tuxedos. >> you can tell once they put tuxedo on they are enjoying themselves. >> the girls get to go out, they are so excited, it is beyond rewarding. >> reporter: at this prom every guest is named king queen. >> at the own have the night
5:46 pm
when they are crown, king or queen of the prom, hopefully they realize, that the god in this universe loves them so much and has a special unique plan for everybody, for their life. >> i feel excited. >> reporter: do you like getting dressed up. >> yes. >> reporter: how do you feel wearing that dress. >> beautiful. >> reporter: you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> reporter: what do you like about dances and promised. >> girls. >> reporter: williams knows how to impress a lady. >> spin around. >> reporter: is that your go to moves. >> yes. >> reporter: do you spin the girls when you are dancing. >> yes. >> reporter: are you excited about that. >> yes. >> reporter: he and his friend are about to start cutting a rug in a moment. they are coming into calvary chapter, gloucester county. difficult a search with the # for, this event, and there is a searches all around the world, that are throwing these events, more than 90,000 people taking part. we are live from washington township, cleve bryan for
5:47 pm
cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what a celebration. >> and that red carpet. >> and the sirens, look. >> yes. >> isn't that great. >> they do it up. >> they do it right. >> that is what it is all about. >> yes. >> thanks, cleve. >> they will have a good time. >> and weather looks good. >> yeah. >> it is not dropping as quickly as they did, they have cloudness place. it is relatively comfortable, at least and dry for tonight, and in the so much over the next couple days. we have rain on the way. we were clipped this afternoon , in our far northern suburbs, a little system that brought light snow and lets look at a video we shot. chopper three caught horses in allentown frolicking in the snow up there. they have a lot of snow on the ground up there but still a coating of white on the ground in allentown and these guys have blankets on and they are loving it, enjoying a nice, chilly but dry afternoon, little fresh coating up in the
5:48 pm
poconos with a few snow showers, and looking good, thanks to chopper for capturing that video for us. lets check with our weather watchers and show you observations and some photos, from weather watchers. temperatures in the mid 30's for the most part we have a couple spots in the upper 30's we will check in with 38 in bill in levittown. thirty-eight with cloud. further north we will head up to peter in lawrenceville, new jersey. thirty-eight with clouds there as well. thirty-four as we head down in the corner here just wrong delaware border wayne hunter at 34 degrees, and then again it is overcast but we started day on a nice note some great sunrise pictures from our weather watchers this one from lynn showing colors in the sky this one from lee, sunset last night, looking beautiful and i love this guy, wayne sent this squirrel, squirrel ready for a nap after seeing this area and i feel like this squirrel is all of to us day with heavy
5:49 pm
eye lid, after a busy week, great nap wet they are weekend lets take a look at your time lapse video. we started day with the beautiful sunrise in kutztown and then very quickly it change, the sun rose and the clouds took over. all day it has been gray. we had a few breaks of filtered sun here and there but just an overcast sky and temperatures stuck in the lower 30's. right now we have cloud cover still in place and that will be the case as we head through weekend as well. our next system gathering moisture to the south, lot of rain lifting up over portions of the gulf coast and deep south and all this warm air and moisture is heading our way for weekend. overnight mainly cloudy not as cold as recent nights and last night, a lot of that is due to the included cover but that south wind bringing that milder air up in the region 35 is the overnight low. not all that much colder then right now outside. tomorrow lots of cloud and by 3:00 p.m. rain will arrive
5:50 pm
starting lightly and pick up through tomorrow evening. now time line of the rain has lifted up, the heaviest will be from midnight tomorrow night through noonan sunday that is steady 12 hours and here's what that looks like. tomorrow morning starts off main with a few breaks have blue sky early in the day on balance it is a cloudy day. light rain moves in by two or 3:00 o'clock and continues to pick up in intensity. by midnight 1:00 a.m. we have heavy rain, steady over i-95 corridor in south jersey and delaware and it keeps coming along that same line, here's sunday morning at 5:00 a.m. still raining heavily through noon, still pockets of heavy rain and sunday afternoon what he may dry it out for a time before more showers come into monday morning. future rain amounts this is just one particular model but this is definitely consensus that the area could see over 2 , creeks, rivers running high i saw schuylkill today high across the area so we will
5:51 pm
watch out for localized flooding. philadelphia and suburbs showers saturday afternoon heavy rain saturday night, early sunday, heaviest rain, develops after midnight and poconos and lehigh valley did moving in saturday night with the steady rain early sunday and access of heaviest rain will be to the south of those area. it is mild, hitting 60 on sunday. clearing monday. rain and perhaps snow showers tuesday and that will last into wednesday. new back to ukee and control. >> kate, you had me at nap weather. >> hello. >> washington d.c. town house with a special place in history is up for sale. >> it was scene of the din are party where jfk met jackie, listed at 1.7 million-dollar, jack and jackie introduced there at georgetown, town house in 1951 over cocktails, chicken casserole and a game of charade. they married two years later and owner says match making was made by original owner's wife. >> jackie may have had a crush
5:52 pm
on mr. bartlett and mrs. bartlett wanted to get her in touch with the young congressman from massachusetts >> okay. >> very interesting. >> realtors say they have hoped potential buyers view the home's history as an added value, that is a great story. >> that is a reality show. >> how about that. >> little interesting. >> he is not even 5-foot seven but competitors know he is a powerhouse in the boxing ring. >> meet philadelphia fighter they call the hammer, and find out yes is men for his silly attitude when
5:53 pm
ya know, denny's new remind me of my favorite bakery. you mean, denny's denny's? yeah, denny's denny's. ♪ these are delicious. new craft pancakes. part of our seriously upgraded menu.
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5:56 pm
well, barely 5-foot seven, 135-pounds but he carries the nickname the hammer. >> philadelphia's own hank lund i will step in the ring in the 2300 arena saturday night and when he does he will take attitude or should i say attitude. >> through go. >> of the philly fighter with him. cbs photo journalist brad now shows us what that attitude is all about. >> philly fighter is hard to put a camera angle on. they are tough, brave.
5:57 pm
willing to fight anybody. don't run and duck from nobody go into your hometown, fight you in the house, fight you in the phone booth we just don't care. at the end of the day you can get a good philadelphia fight on the street, you know, it is where you are from, your hood. i wear witt a badge of honor and you see every time hank lundy fight in the ring. they say he talk too much. i love it. because you know why, he backs it up. you know, growing up, always being the small guy, always having to prove yourself and fight bigger guys, the same guys that look down on you. fast, can punch with both hand s, and south paw, right-handed, i can do it all, i can brawl, i can box, i can
5:58 pm
be quick, yes. >> he is not a guy that talk that talk but he walks that walk. >> true philadelphia fighter because he always stays in the gym and stays in shape. so that is why he has the mentality that he has. >> aim a boxer. your parents tell you look under your bed in the nighttime, and hammering hank lundy is a monster you don't want to face. >> remember the name. >> i'm not messing with him. >> no. >> nice job, brad now give him a part in creed when they come here. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, the mummer
5:59 pm
inspired moment that had eagles fans in the frenzy, tonight we are learning where jason kelce got his costume and what the center is doing tonight. after every big part your comes the big clean up, progress along parkway and what they are saying about the big celebration, anita. >> reporter: we're hearing stories of act of kindness and brotherly love after the championship parade on thursday, i'm anita oh what one expert is calling the eagles effect. chilly but dry night in philadelphia, that is all about to change. we are tracking a wet weekend i'll tell you when heaviest rain will fall and which areas could see over 2 inches of rain, all right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. i will tell you that i did work phillies parade and there were clearly more folks there yesterday irrespective what some people numbers are, i walk from that art museum all
6:00 pm
the way down to the stadium and back and there were nothing but people every where >> historic party and then a massive clean out some conflicting numbers about how many people spilled on to the streets, to celebrate the eagles super bowl win but what official does know that the event was a huge success. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer in for jessica dean. we have team three coverage on this day after parade we will check with greg argos in just a moment but first alycia nieves is in delaware county where one of the stars of the celebration if not the star of the celebration is making an appearance, alycia. >> we're out here with hundreds of eagles fans waiting for that star, of course to arrive and we are talking about jason kelce, we know him as eagles center but world right now really knows him as that eagles player who stole the show, that eagles player who gave quite a seat and wore qui


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