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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 12, 2018 12:05am-1:06am EST

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nicole eggert versus scott baio gets nastier. told the pol. >> after the sexual assault allegations, the new police investigation and what she says nearly drove her to suicide. >> did you think of killing yourself? >> absolutely.
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>> plus -- >> we're facetiming our family. >> meet the new addition to the clooney clan and what we discovered inside their mansion as amal chatted up her in-laws. and oprah's new photo shoot. and behind the scenes of tom cruise's death defying students. >> it's very extreme and dangerous. >> plus, our time with kevin hart. >> having a little too much fun at the super bowl. >> and what has amy schumer feeling pretty? only we're on the set of her new movie. >> i thought you might want a sneak peek of what is to come. >> this is "entertainment tonight." nicole eggert on the record with "e.t." right after she filed a police report against scott baio accusing him of sexually abusing her when she
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>> nicole claims it happened when they were both st on "charles in charge." but he's claiming he's innocent. >> what did you tell the police? >> i told the police everything. >> how long was that interview? was we were with the police about two hours. >> what did scott do? >> scott began molesting me at . he began -- >> physically? >> physically. >> how old was he at the time? >> 11, 12 years older than i am, so mid 20s at this point. always using the elvis and priscilla as an example. >> so he would tell you that it's okay, your age gap, because of elvis and priscilla? >> yes. >> because she was so young. >> yes, yes. >> did you think of killing yourself? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> 15 years old, standing on the bridge over the l.a. river in studio city. and i looked down at that dry
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river bed. i'm sobbing and sobbing and i was like, i said to myself, this is not a legit bridge. you're not going to die. you're going to break a lot of bones and not even kill yourself. >> what pushed you to that moment when you were 15? >> he was dating someone else publicly, and he would go to events, drop them off and then come to my place or pick me up and take me back to his house. dating nicolette sheridan. the 57-year-old actor spotted this week is denying eggert's claims. his spokesperson released this statement. "we are genuinely appalled that nicole eggert continues to treat the police and the district attorney as though they are part of her personal publicity campaign." >> my story has been the same, which we had a sexual relationship when she was an adult, when "charles and charge"
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was long wrapped. she would have been 18 so i don't know how you get to 17. >> part of scott's defense is that eggert still worked with him after the alleged abuse took place. in 2007, she did appear on baio's reality show "scott baio's 45 and single." >> i remember being onset and having the playboy magazine. >> i wish people could understand the context of that show. that show was about him getting therapy for his womanizing. >> so many people want to know why wait so long? >> that's a and don't have an answer for that. it's my this is how long it took me to get there. for years i was in denial that i was any kind of victim. >> did you go to your parents and say i don't want to do this anymore >> no, i did not. i absolutely did not. i loved >> let's move on from a contentious relationship to a loving one. george clooney and amal,
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continuing to express his love for his wife. and i cannot get enough of this. keep talking, george. >> here for it all day. it is clear that amal completes him. george's new heart melting declaration. >> i felt that i met someone who i would absolutely, you know, trade my >> the once confirmed bachelor makes his confession on the show "my next guest needs no introduction." >> i left someone whose life meant more to me than my life. >> amama is only trumped how he feels about the twins, ela and alexander. >> the purpose of your wife is not you. >> it's very odd. i have to say, before i had the
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twins, i felt that >> now the clooneys are doing their part to save a life and shared their big reveal on facetime. >> we're facetiming our family with 50 cameramen or so in the kitchen, which is something that happens >> introducing the newest member of the clooney family. they've been sponsoring the 23-year-old refugee from iraq. >> his dream is to study in the u.s. i know we all had the same goal, which is maybe that's something we can do to help with that. >> and they look inside george and amal's home. and this photo here, george and einstein, the stray dog he rescued in 2010. right now, sarah jessica parker, reaching out to kim catrell. >> we caught up with her with
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the cast of "divorced." it happened four days after she reached out to kim catrell. last weekend, kim said her brother was missing, and then he was found dead later. she wrote, my dearest kim, god speed to your beloved brother. >> it's somebody in your life, whether you're in touch with them all the time or not, and they are suffering for any reason, it's involuntary that you want to convey condolences or sadness or just let someone know that you're thinking about them. >> could this be the end to their "sex in the city" feud? and where are we now with "sex in the city 3?" >> i think everybody is inclined to consider it. >> let me just check my work schedule. yeah, all clear. >> it's really not been a substantive conversation. i think we all feel enormously
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lucky to have had the experience we had. you and that's really meaningful to us. whether we get to tell another chapter of that story, we'll see. >> let's move on now and get you movie news. it's been nearly six months, every time i look at t hurts since tom cruise injured his ankle doing that jump for "mission impossible fallout." but only "e.t." can show you this one death defying opportunity had tom in cruise . >> i can't wait. i get very excited, very excited for the audience to see this next mission. it's very extreme. >> it took two years of planning before tom could shoot the sequence a remote rocky canyon >> the helicopter sequence is just incredibly exhilarating, very dangerous. so there's only one country that would allow us to do it, where
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we had to build special camera rigs. >> i'll look down and take it over the waterfalls. >> an accomplished pilot, he reveals he got his chopper license just for this film. >> i trained up on aerobatics. it's different than airplanes. so we're flying very low and close to rock faces. >> the stunt was shot one month before tom broke his ankle, leaping from one building to another on a different part of the movie. >> break to the left. >> how >> very >> and what could be even more extreme? how about chopper. tom was also in the cockpit for this scene where the chopper is on a collision course with a truck on the ground. the aircraft was actually suspended on a crane. >> in terms of action, this is the largest action film ever shot. am i the only one that wa tom cruise to sit still for the
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next movie? the man is an adrenaline junkie. now come sunday, march 4th, s is the oscar. they took their chas photo. >> carly talked to allison janney, who was feeling that vibe. unlike her character in " tanya," -- >> i wish the bird had made an appearance in the oscar photo. >> i brought him out to the globe. maybe that's enough. >> will he make an appearance at the oscar? >> if he was my bird, it would be fun to go down the red carp wet that. we'll see. >> no birds. but alison was photo bombed by this cardboard cutout of a french film maker who couldn't make it.
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and even meryl streep was impressed. >> that's a good day. >> she's a queen. it's like summer catmp for her. >> with michael robbie in this dress, the oscar nominee -- >> you know what you're wearing oscar day? >> i just saw some sketches today. i don't want to say anything, but it's >> i've had a couple of dresses. i feel like i'm going to be in an episode of "say yes to the dress." >> one thing you won't see, a repeat of this. >> love that you've gone barefoot. >> had to. >> julie roberts did this. you're like the julie roberts of the oscar nominee luncheon. >> that's how i think of myself, yes. >> on the way, inside jen and justin's millionty million dollar mansion, and our oprah
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one pill lasts 12 hours, so... looks like i'm good all night. ah! david, please, listen. still not coughing. not fair you guys! waffles are my favorite! ah! why take 4-hour coughmedicine? just one mucinex lasts 12 hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. that is one wild and rather naughty movie. i'm talking about the "fifty shades freed." get your ticket? >> i don't. i was hoping cameron could hook me up. but he's not here, because he paris. >> welcome back to this beautiful, beautiful >> how tough is it to say goodbye to this character? >> it doesn't feel tough.
12:20 am
it feels the subject matter is obviously very intense. >> the run that culminates with a gray wedding and plenty of steamy bedroom jamie says he's ready to focus on roles less about his [ laughter ] >> in "fifty shades freed," jamie unveils something for the first time, his singing voice, which is featured on the soundtrack. ♪
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>> one of the things he refuses to do again, give dakota an onset souvenir. >> in the first movie, i got her something framed, which seemed like a good idea at the time. and her reaction proved not. >> did you keep it by any chance? >> it's in my garage. i can't put it in my house. maybe one day, but also probably not. >> did you take another souvenir or something that you could remember these films by? >> just my emotional ♪ >> at the premiere, both wore matching white >> and how the franchise could live on past the final installment. how about a "fifty sha spinoff? >> replace all of the sex scenes
12:22 am
with like cooking scenes. like a cooking show. >> that would work. >> it's all wrong. all of this >> i almost feel naughty talking about it, because this movie is seriously sexy. speaking of, have you seen elisia's body in the new "tomb raider" she went to a boot camp workout and her trainer shows me the ropes. >> i'm going to be a strong, physical girl, so i started to gain muscle and strength. ♪ >> how much muscle did she put on? >> i think she gained 12 pounds.
12:23 am
>> really? >> and was that all muscle? >> yeah. >> i know what you're thinking, at 5'5" and 117 pounds, she's a tiny woman to begin with. but check out this before and after. how did she get those abs? >> i started three months before shoot. this film is about her becoming the action hero that we know to be. >> "tomb raider" tells the origin story of angelina jolie's laura croft. in 2002, angie did weight training and taque kwan do to prepare. the end result is this. >> start, all the way down. >> i tried out the magnus method. the thing is, this not only worked for alyssa, from britney spears and others, magnus has
12:24 am
helped get other stars in ship. i'm going to give you a few names and give me a elisia, is she a beast in the gym?oh, yes. coming up, our oprah exclusive. new photo shoot with after "vanity fair"'s three hands photo shop fail. then olivia newton john gives an update on her cancer battle. and jason priestley on his "90210"
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♪you are an important person... ♪ a unique creature... ♪ there has never been anyone just like you... ♪ ♪ and never will be ♪ the power to do ♪ anything ♪ you can imagine ♪ is within you ♪ when you discover your real self ♪ ♪ it's you... ♪ make it habit... ♪ make it happen... ♪ make it habit ♪ make it habit... ♪ make it... oprah, angelina during new york fashion week. his story behind the
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and is he gearing up to design for a future royal bride? monday >> i love these two here. check out oprah and reese together again. the "wrinkle in time" co-stars are teaming up for another photo shoot after that "vanity fair" photo shop fail. the two besties are posing in a similar manner for the march issue of "o." they are with their co-star mindy who was eight months pregnant. but there's no photo shop oopse here. in "vanity fair," oprah had three hands and it appeared that's had three legs. and in this "e.t." exclusive, we get a look at the ladies in full character for the back cover. during their sitdown, lady o. got a stunning revelation about reese in the past. what is is the most difficult decision you had to make. >> being in an abusive relationship, leaving it.
12:28 am
it was psychological, verbal. >> what moment was it, at some moment you decided? >> a line got drawn in the sand and it got crossed and my brain just switched and i knew it was going to be very difficult. but couldn't go any further. >> reese doesn't say who hurt her, but is happy to have overcome it. >> i'm a different person now and it's part of the reason i can stand up and say yes, i'm ambitious. tried to take that f me. >> i was ashamed that i didn't speak up. and then when so many women came out, this is a strangesensati& sensation. i felt like my pain was so small. because there were so many that had the same thing. >> selma hi yak sat down with oprah, saying when other lady actresses came forward after their abuse by harvey weinstein, she was he sitant to share her
12:29 am
story. >> i was like, when there was no point for me to talk, because it just happens to everyone, you know? and then i said that it was just -- >> she says weinstein bullied and threatened her during her film "freeda" alleging he said to the director, i'm going to break the kneecaps of that ex-kleetive. weinste weinstein's says he doesn't ever recall saying such an awful thing. >> it's about becoming part of something that can make this big change happen. >> there is strength in vulnerability. and both women are so strong. coming up, we have got more with oprah and reese taking us inside a "wrinkle in time."
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and olivia newton john, the 69-year-old was out last weekend helping raise money for the recent wildfires. she was in great spirits in the midst of her ongoing breast ba. ♪ >> how is your health? >> i feel great. >> you're doing great? >> yes, thank you. >> despite battling cancer for the second time, she wanted to help the victims of the fire. >> i feel so fortunate to have had the success i've had and do the wonderful things >> kevin costner, who helped organize the event, performed with his band. during the fire, he and his family evacuated. his adult daughter also had to flee the flames in a nearby down. >> we didn't lose our home, my daughter didn't lose her home.
12:31 am
then you look up and so you realize that you've been blessed and there's other people whose lives are altered. we had to evacuate, but it was other people fighting for their lives. >> on stage, olivia celebrated the 40th anniversary of "grease" with a backup singer for john travolta. last week she and john did reunite of an event. she still has her skin tight black outfit from the ♪ you ever slide it on at home? >> i don't want to ♪ [ applause ] >> now, save your pennies, michelle, because she's auctioning off the pants and the leather jacket for the olivia newton john cancer and wellness center in australia. >> you mean we can own it? >> she is hoping to get a million for each piece.
12:32 am
>> i couldn't own it. let's keep this nostalgia going. jason priestley returning to tv this weekend, nearly 22 years after "90210" ended. we talked about his new show and his early beginnings in hollywood. jason used to share an apartment with brad pitt. >> i didn't know you were roommates with brad pitt. >> yes. not for long. >> when he was just starting out, jason's then roommate added brad to the living arrangement. >> there's this dude sleeping in my bed. i'm like, who is that guy sleeping in my bed? dude, that's brad. you're going to love him. >> my real name is brad pitt. >> so the three of us living in a two bedroom apartment. all of us running scenes together and lines together. running around together. you know, going out at night. >> who went the longest without showering? >> brad, always. we used to have these
12:33 am
competitions to see who could go the longest without showering. it was always brad. >> fast forward to today, jason is back on tv. >> are you offering me a job? >> he stars and produces the drama about an ex-hockey star who becomes part of a crime solving duo. >> his daughter and ex-wife and now his strong female partner. and it makes it a lot of fun to watch matt struggle, not only in his new career, but also struggle to manage these three very strong female characters that he's surrounded by. >> and in real life, jason is managing his most important role to date, husband to wife naomi and father of two. do your kids know what a big deal their dad is? >> not at all. i'm a big deal to them because i'm their badad. that's the way it should be. >> up next, oprah, amy schumer
12:34 am
and melissa mccarthy. and "e.t." super bowl aftermath. behind the scenes with the stars, including >> my wife was the first one to say, babe, don't go up there. >> closed captioning you for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad.
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and only diaper that distributes wetness evenly into three extra absorb channels. they stay up to three times drier so babies can sleep soundly all night wishing you love, sleep and play pampers here are the top five stories. number five, heidi clum talks about a spice girls reunion tour. >> i want to be on that stage, too. i'm going to ♪ >> number four, selena gomez's revelations about her ongoing treatment for ♪ >> i ftry every day.
12:38 am
>> she says, it's a battle i'm going to have to face for the rest of my life, and i'm okay with that. the 25-year-old adds, i'm choosing myself over anything else. i want to make sure i'm healthy. if that's good, everything else. number three, kylie jenner's baby name. she posted this sweet photo, meet stormi with an i. >> what is it like seeing your baby being a mama? >> i feel very lucky and >> can we hear the heart beat? >> is there enough kris jenner to go around? it's overwhelming. it's a lot of little people. nus oprah why she went public with her allegations against harvey weinstein, claims he denies. >> i was ashamed that i didn't speak up. and when so many women came out,
12:39 am
this is a strange sensation. i felt like my pain was so small, because there was so many that also had the same thing. >> and number one, nicole eggert on the record with "e.t." telling us why she filed a police report against her former "charles in charge" co-star scott baio. >> what did scott do? >> he began molesting me at 14 years old. he began -- >> physically? >> physically. >> how old was he at the time? >> he's 11, 12 years older than i am, so his mid 20s at this point. always using the elvis and priscilla as an example. >> so he would tell you that it's okay, your age gap, because of elvis and priscilla? >> yes. >> because she was so young? >> yes. >> baio denies all of nicole's allegations. go to for the also in the news, the super bowl celebration continued in philadelphia as eagles' fans, including many celebs, went wild this week.
12:40 am
but we are still -- that's so funny. we're still talking about kevin hart going crazy on kevin frazier last sunday. here it is in case you missed it. >> how does it feel right now is >> [ bleep ]! [ >> kevin's crew included tiffany haddix. >> we're having a great time and turning up. i'm about to go down to the floor with kevin to meet me an athlete that could be the father of any baby i may have. >> while tiffany hit the field, kevin tried to join the eagles' players on stage. but a security guard shut that down. he did manage to crash the set of the nfl network. >> i'm on cloud nine. to all the kids out there, don't
12:41 am
drink. >> the next morning, kevin explained himself and included some hilarious hash tags. #i was caught up in the moment. #, that security guard did his job. #, i wanted to hold the trophy. >> i was trying to go on stage with the trophy. that was one of the top two stupid things i've done. >> and bradley cooper didn't just play a die hard eagles' fan, he's one in real life. >> bradley, a couple words about what this means tonight? >> amazing. >> cooper sat in the owner's box and hit the field with his girlfriend before it helped set the phone for an epic night. >> you recognize j-lo and a-rod. >> so far >> it is exciting. >> also there, blake shelton and his girlfriend. kelly clarkson was also in town. she told "e.t." it was a rare
12:42 am
night away from their two young kids. >> did you get sleep? >> i can't sleep because they're not here. yes, my husband appreciated it. >> i bet he did. oh, that woman i love her for a reason. up next -- >> there are certain people i don't >> my reputation precedes me. >> reality bites with the cast of "celebrity big brother." how crazy will plus, inside jennifer aniston's mansion, revealing their home renovation struggles. >> i can't visualize what it's going to look like when it's done. >> but first, 23 million facebook fans, she's a bonified latin >> just the little things happening in my life.
12:43 am
i feel very thankful. >> he's gearing up for his tour in the usa and told us about what to expect. >> you guys are going to cry, then start jumping. i have a lot of surprises. >> and he's holding out hope that friends and collaborators could join him as special guests. >> please come here. we'll see what
12:44 am
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remember when jennifer ans soan justin got married? >> it was super secret in their home, now they're opening up the doors to their >> jen by the pool. justin and a spectacular yes, jennifer aniston is living her best life and offering a rare glimpse inside her gorgeous home. jen says if i wasn't an actress, i would want to be a designer. she says sexy is important, but confident is essential. >> i'm such a home body. >> some keys to coziness, a collection of personal photos, vintage leather chairs and one lucky dog. jennifer and justin exchanged wedding vows in the backyard 2 1/2 years ago. >> a beautiful, private moment, and i'm going to be selfish and
12:47 am
keep it that way. >> she tells "architectural digest" justin wanted to be involved in the design process, but there was a learning curve for her to include another voice. "i figured out saying no to any suggestion is not the most collaborative move." >> it's that feeling of, i can't visualize it's going to look like when it's done. >> you >> i'm available to come over for a personal house tour at any time, jennifer and justin. that house looks beautiful. let's talk about another posh house, the home now of celebrity big brother. there will be plenty of conflict we found out some are headed for a nasty collision. >> only rosa. >> my reputation precedes me.
12:48 am
>> we talked to ross before he knew he was going to be in the house. >> oh, my, omorosa. >> my strategy is to have a really good time and to win the game being me. >> again. >> brandy goes to paris.ññr >> oh, yes. my doctor signed off on it. i'm pretty sure i'll have at least one in there. >> also in the house, former cosby kid tisha knight. >> i don't think people are going to see what's coming. >> while the celebrities are vying for the $250,000 grand prize, sugar ray's mark craft isn't one of them. >> the knives will be out. >> and shanon elizabeth, chuck ledell and miss universe
12:49 am
runner-up. >> it's going to be more difficult to not have my -- you know -- >> on the way, somebody's mom. melissa mccarthy goes back to school. we're behind the scenes of her new movie. >> they tend to go off the rails. plus, only we have the making of amy schumer's wild new comedy that's a little hall. >> do you see it? i'm beautiful! >> and it's behind the scenes with oprah and reese. >> i just loved it. but first, this we the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which french star had a painting displayed at the metropolitan museum of art? your answer is next in the "e.t." weekend i accept i don't bike the miles i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib,
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12:53 am
>> you're going to be tested every step of the way. >> oprah, reese, and mindy kailee are three guides leading a young girl on her journey through time >> this is my favorite planet in the entire galaxy. >> for two weeks, they shot in the same you new zealand location of "lord of the rings." >> it's amazing to watch here hundreds of people coming to make this film. >> the film marks a milestone for the director. she's the first woman of color to direct a feature with a production budget of over $100 million. >> we were trying to create a film that has that type of quality. >> on location, it was all about the girl power. >> this great adventure of a film has been one of the great adventures of my own life. stica mccarthy has a new comedy later this wear, "life of the party,"
12:54 am
and kevin frazier was onset as melissa heads back to school. >> somebody's mom just enrolled in college. to myself. i'll see you around the quad. >> nobody says that, mom. >> i'm bringing >> i have a bit of a romance with this college fella. it's wild and i'm like, oh, my god. >> melissa is getting her groove back, playing a divorced mom who goes back to college to get her degree, when her dorm mate is her daughter. >> mom, you're a college girl now. we have to make changes. >> what are you, 20? >> i'm 21. >> melissa is directed by her husband. wrote the script together. one of the best lines ever -- >> i'm older, i'm wiser. i'm potentially a google. you're scaring me. i think my va-google scared jeff last night.
12:55 am
>> i do tend to go off the rails. i never know what i'm going to say. if i get lucky enough to be able to work really super hard and do things i love. and then i get to do it with someone that i love so much. >> it just doesn't make sense family and your husband? >> the more time i get to spend with him. maybe it sounds like i'm making >> man, if you think that's wild, wait till you see amy schumer's upcoming comedy "i feel pretty." getting real abou looks and going a little "shallow hal." >> there's a scene where i enter a bikini contest. >> d.j., hit it. >> dusty was so insane and fun. really empowering to shoot >> amy goes from insecure to confident after a bump on the head makes her see herself in a whole new way in "i feel
12:56 am
pretty." >> i always wondered what it feels like to be undeniably pretty. >> you hit your head pretty hard. >> oh, my god. i'm beautiful! >> you wish you could have your best friend be more confident. you wish you could kind of have them see themselves the way you see them. >> i'm just like dealing with low self-esteem. >> i want to punch you right in your dumb face right now. >> schumer shared her own insecurities about body image before. so the comedy that stars naomi campbell, michelle williams, fits right in with amy's manifesto. >> this is the exact thing i wanted to communicate at the exact time. i just want to make people laugh and feel better. i feel like this story does that. ♪ >> number 118. >> what's your number? >> what's your number? give me your phone.
12:57 am
>> are you still talking to me? >> here's something just as hilarious. james cordon in a rap battle. >> it does not get it happened on his late night mow. but how did it come together? james tells all to us. >> did you realize that his rap skills were that hard core? >> i had a feeling. i had a lunch. that's why we asked if she would do it. >> you'll never be satisfied until you find a way to get attention, deep fried. >> we started calling around our office. >> women are forced to be reckoned with, and you've been to hel and back. >> when is j.t. taping a musical ride along? >> you said you would do one with j.t. if it made sense, if he's dropping music.
12:58 am
can you do something >> i we would love to. the door is always open whenever he wants to swing by, for sure. >> he takes on a classic of peter rabbit. >> didn't you try to eat me? show me your teeth. >> the movie is out now. and margot robbie's brother is burning up the social media. >> he's been called the internet's new crush. all these followers. >> oh, my god. that's hilarious. i didn't know that. >> hello, brother. >> hello, brother. >> that's a good window lightin. >> if you like looking at the robbie family, check out her other brother, aka rocky robbie. he's a little more of that "game
12:59 am
of thrones" style. >> the abs are popping. by the way, he is a stuntman in the business. now -- [ laughter ] >> got to take a break. >> we'll [ laughs ] rodney. bowling. classic. can i help you? it's me. jamie. i'm not good with names. celeste! i trained you. we share a locker. -moose man! -yo.
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this weekend. taylor lautner is 26. laura dern is 51. take a look at your final choices. which "friends" star had a painting at the museum of art? that is jennifer aniston who is turning 49 this weekend. only we are are with durin fashion week. his story. >> keand is he gearing up to define for a future royal wide?" >> we are almost out of time this weekend. but for all the late breaking hollywood news, go to our website at >> before we go, check out the new video for their song.
1:03 am
it goes totally '80s and a little ron burgundy. poking fun at the morning show hosts, who get a little feisty with each other once the cameras stop rolling. they're not calling out anyone in specific. but i guess you know who you are. >> not saying anything >> enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪
1:04 am
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