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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 12, 2018 2:05am-2:36am EST

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>> 24 hours of rain theft yard in bucks county underwater and roads in our area suffered a similar fate at the downpours continued all weekend long. storm scan 3 shows us where the storm is hovering at this hour and while there's a small break in the action more showers maying on the way for tonight. good evening natasha brown is off. i'm joe holden. the weekend washout began early saturday afternoon and the rain continued into the night tonight. we have team three coverage on the showers across the region. alicia nieves is monitoring localized nodding and let's go to laurean live in the weather center tonight, lauren what is that rain total at. >> we have seen so much rain we know the rain pouring down today, torrential in nature you would have thought it was a summer afternoon. check out doppler rainfall estimated totals across the delaware valley highest totals
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in northern and delaware south jersey and 3" of rainfall and less area amounts towards i-95 and picking up 1.59 to" of rainfall locally over the last 4 hours with weekend. as we zoom in you see orange colors indicating close to potentially even 4" of rainfall across portions of newcastle in delaware. flood warning in effect burlington rancocas creek pemberton and in effect 1:00 tuesday. if you live in the area watch for potential of localized flooding as it nears flood stapling. a break in action over the last hour or sovrment we have another round of heavy reign and thunderstorm activity. we had rumbles throughout the day especially part of jerry on a february day. we saw a couple more thunderstorms rolling through burlington county over the
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last couple hours right now dealing with foggy companies forth and west of city and near zero visibility in the reading area and quarter mile visibility across the lehigh valley and national weather service issued a dense fog add sciencery in effect over the next couple hours for these areas of greatly reduced visibility. a ton of moisture to form that fog and another around of rain in store for parts of the are area. we'll talk about who we'll see another soaker monday morning commute. all that coming up in the full eyewitness forecast in a few. >> drenching rain made for very is soggy conditions across the delaware valley. eyewitness news reporter alicia nieves is tracking flooding throughout our area. she's live along a roaring schuylkill tonight, alicia. >> joe right on the opposite side or the other side of boat house row near the schuylkill and i want to show you the water quickly. it's moving really fast. still rage unwilling parts and do the of debris along the
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water here in addition to some flooding we have seen today this is just another effect of all the rain folen since yesterday. >> roughly 24 hours of rain causing localized flooding thought the region and philadelphia lincoln drive near forbidden drive poppeding in the roadway present a problem for drives forcing them to go slow in flower up to, montgomery count yes, i bethlehem pike was flooded most of the afternoon and water there, though, since receded and residents are monitoring the nearby creek closely. that being the wissahickon creek currently at elevated levels. >> here's our backyard aka swimming pool. >> a woman from bucks county in warminster thook video of her flooded backyard and photos of nearby homes dealing with flooding fol all the rain yesterday and today. >> you know the good news in those areas we saw some ponding and flooding there's
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no serious damage. now it's a matter of waiting for the rain to xloot kli stop so the water can recede in those areas that saw issues yesterday and today. live along the schuylkill river in philadelphia, alicia nieves, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> alicia thank four that live report. remember you can track this storm system as it moves through our area right on your smart phone. download the free cbs philly weather app it's available itunes and google play. >> one man dead is two others koupd wounded after a triple shooting in southwest philadelphia. it happened before 2:00 this afternoon near south 75 street elmwood avenue in the section of city. a 23-year-old man was pronounced dead at the hospital and two other men listed in stable condition. >> the driver's side door was shot out and there was somebody in the vehicle. i could not make out the details. he drove by. nobody stopped us. >> usually don't have this
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kind of thing in this area here. >> an investigation continues at this hour. police say they are looking for two help wearing dark clothing seen fleeing eastbound near a rear drive way in the 7400 block of elmwood avenue. >> flames tore through a home on the 3100 block of custer street in kensington tonight. the fire department says the fire broke out shortly before 9 . we're told there was a partial collapse of structure towards back of building. it took crews 40 minutes get the fire under control. we're told nobody was injured. >> family and friends gathered at a lasalle university today to remember a former nba player with local roots. rasul butler. it was held at the true mark financial center at the arena. he died in a single car crash along with his wife lee laven in los angeles. he attended roman catholic
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high school and remains one of lasalle top scorer in history of its basketball program. >> he was loved. he was loved and i mean it's a lot of people that loved him. he was a real hard worker no matter what nobody told him he made sure he still -- hes with a hard worker he stayed in the gym. >> after lasalle butler was drafted to miami heat in the second around and spent 1 seasons in nba scoring more than 6,000 points and more that 800 games. >> and in delaware law enforcement officers gathered to remember fallen corrections officer lieutenant steven floyd who die aid year ago during a prison riot. governor john carney delivered remarks and prep aid plaque in smear he that. the same sight of deadly riot. >> floyd was pronounced dead after the 18 hour standoff on february 1 of last year. helicopter carrying 7
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people went down yesterday near grant canyon in arizona killing three people. rescuers managed to pull four survivors from the wreckage. laura pedesta said it entered in tragedy. >> federal investigators help peace together what led to sight heing helicopter crash in the grand conon. the rescue and recovery effort lastsed until:00 in the morning sunday. >> we were hampered by severe weather companies. we had gusts up to 50 miles an hour and terrain for the crash occurred and the canyon is rugged. only accessible by aircraft and first responders had a 20 minute hike. 2 minute hike to get to the scene. >> the chopper was carrying a pie not six passenger when's it crashed and burned in the part of arizona grand canyon 7 miles east of las vegas. teddy fugimoto a wedding
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photographer nearby captured this video and saw some of the survivors emerging from the wreckage. >> it was pretty bad. it's amazing how they survived these two ladies are lucky to be alive. >> the helicopter yondz to panyon airways. >> this is the first major crash we know of sin the 2001 incident. >> back in 2001 tour company was involved in another helicopter crash that killed 6 people. that accident was found to be result of pilot error. laura padesta eyewitness news. >> 71 people dead after rush nap passenger plane crashed near moscow shortly after takeoff. freddie gray itments of the plane were scattered across a snowy field. investigators say the cry did not report technical problems before impact. >> and russia's transportation ministry says it's looking into several possible causes including bad weather and
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human app error. >> members of the trump administration are speaking up about the departure of two white house staff members accused of domestic abuse. senior aid rob porter and speech writer dave soreenson denied allegations made by exwives and resigned from their positions. democratic congressman patrick maloney says porter history of alleged abuse should have been flagged a year going when he took the whitehouse job. >> you cannot have someone seeing our nation's secret when you have secrets of your own. they're so easy to blackmail. >> the president spoke well of porter after this photo of his ex-wife was relightsed and the president tweeted people's lives are being shattered and destroyed by mere allegation end quote. chief of staff kelly miss handled the situation they are
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saying. >> continuing for super bowl champion, celebrations. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> more from electric crowd that turned out in king of prussia for their moment with one of their football heros. plus actor matthew mcconaughey has a mess am for fellow texas native nick foles and how he shared winning enthusiasm with a cheering quarterback. >> as an auction like no othe other. we'll show you what is for sale sill from the
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>> welcome back. celebrations for our super bowl champs gather still cell phones to catch a glimpse of football heros. eyewitness news reporter shante lans was there as jay
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ajayi stole the show. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> hundreds of fans lined dick sporting goods for their chance to meet one of philly's first ever super bowl champs. >> got up early and snood line for a long time. >> congratulations and thank you for bringing one home to philadelphia bade. >> running back jay ajayi signed for nearly 500 eagles fans. >> welcome to family and welcome and i hope he stays. >> when you hear they feel that way about you how does it make you feel. >> it's great feeling getting love from the city. i appreciate that. hopefully i can be here for a long time. j-train as die hard fans call shim making one of a few
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axeerpss and his fans are mik mikeing the most of it. >> what is it about him that stood out to you. >> he never gives up. >> what will you tell him. >> thank you and dlots it again same place same time next year. >> this event is not just about agroove signing super ball champ misdemeanor is flying off the shelves and expected to happen again twhus colory clement signs autograf autografts in delaware. >> let's stick with eagles theme math eye mcconaughey is showing his support by congratulating nick foles. from one tlol another congratulations nick foles just keep living. matthew mcconaughey the photo was shared on twitter by the paper's manager editor. >> here's olympic first u.s.
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athletes wearing heated parkas for the 2018 olympic games. south korea will likely go as coldest for more than 20 year years. that's the battery pack that heats the jackets controlled by two buttons. enen panel inside is american flag made with conductive ink. >> the winter is harsh. having the jacket people trying to trade up for the jack test was hilarious. >> ralph lauren designed coats and partnered with tech companies to add in the heat. fewer than 100 jackets were released to stores. they were so popular they sold in and out less than 0 minutes despite a price tag of 2500. >> if you have been involuntary bumped from a flight you now how frustrating it can be. they're reporting record lows for airline bumping.
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airlines last year reported average of .34 passenger out of every 10,000 were bumped or kicked off. they had tickets and were den denied seats because of over booking. transportation department says the 016 statistic is lower than it has been since 1995. spirit was worst culprit and delta had lowest pumping rate. >> miss rabl warm across the country has multiple states dealing with flooding. firefighters had to rescue two people from a car in springfield massachusetts when overcome by water at a cemetery. this sedan stalled out and rescue crews were able to get everyone out and safely. >> heavy rainfall causing severe flooding in southwest virginia counties today. the big stone gap fire department had to conduct several rescue missions. overall more than 30 roads throughout the area were shut down. and five shelters were open to
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handle evacuees. >> and lauren casey now with the forecast we know these creeks can go up in a matter of minutes. >> yeah, absolutely. we he have so much rain today. we had flood warning in effect rancocas creek pemberton and that's in effect until tuesday afternoon the rain was pouring buckets upon buck jets in and in the low 60s too. >> in the low 60s. >> weird day today. >> february day. >> she does what she wants folks she does whatever she wants. >> right now she wants a mild temperatures. 6 as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. we have a low cloud and fog niingt place obscuring the view of our sky 64 degrees the high temperature normal high in philly 43. we were near record high of 69 setback in 009 and temperatures are extremely mild this at late hour. 60 millville.
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we're at 66 dover right now. bit of temperature gradient north and west and 41 in allentown for february night. not bad. we're getting a big old taivingts spring. spring is just within our reach. phils begin spring training in florida in three days and daylight savings begins in 28 days and spring season officially begins vernal equinox 37 days and arm high temperature up to 60 in philadelphia and about 52 day. we're getting there. overnight tonight, 4 degrees. that will happen to early tomorrow morning and scattered showers around and fog and drizzle and then for tomorrow another yes another around of rain i-95 point south and east and clearing skies in the afternoon and high temperature not budging much only 46. chillier day tomorrow. check out rainfall totals in live neighborhood network. these number from today wet are day of the weekend. picking up close to 2 1/2" of
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rainfall last 2-g 4 hours medford lakes area. taking saturday and sunday come pipe brianing those together close to 4". 3.57 and 2359 in atlantic city and over two in philadelphiament we're finally get ago break on storm scan 3. still locked in with cloud cover and we have more moisture south that will continue to advance off north and west with slow moving cold front. yes will you need umbrella tomorrow. if you're in the lehigh valley poconos nope you can leave it behind. dry with clearing skies early in the day. philly and suburbs depends. if in western pa suburb you don't need umbrella if south jersey you need that umbrella as we head throughout the morning hours and shore and delaware another round of rai rain. even heavy rain as we head through the morning hours. future precipitation showing us i-95 south and east throughout the morning hours into the morning commute and pockets of heavy rain closer
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to the coast before things wind down second half of the morning and that rain ending from west to east and then skies clearing there after. this will mainly wrp up midday early afternoon for the shore and temperatures they'll be chilly tomorrow morning. 00 hour in 30s. 40s lunchtime and second half of the day temperatures tumbling in the0s. in the city as we head into the 6:00 hour and then it's going to be chilly once again. 60s will feel far, far aweighed as we head to tuesday morning 27 degrees. look going for you and your sweetheart wednesday sunshine. 53. lovely day. then, hey, 60s are back as we head to thursday. 63 degrees. it looks like another around of showers in store. >> interesting how about that happened? >> it could have been snow. >> lesley van arsdall what's coming up in sports. >> when you win the super bowl other teams want exactly what you have. poaching of eagle's staffing
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coach continues and flyers put three game w
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>> eagles head coach doug pederson has two opens. he spent two seasons in fellly and did not called plays but mentors. fraching is second assistant to leave the team. quarterback coach john defil defillbo left. >> west coast strip tonight against expansion. shawn couturier off the skate of andrew mc donald and in the final second of the period. cout drives hard to the net. flyers win fourth straight game 4-1 finals. >> coming up next in the stone what's up for the eagles and
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sooul super recap and postgame celebration and eagles philadelphia daily news will join me in a few minute, joe, so much to talk about. >> what else lesley thank you so much. >> well still ahead eyewitness news an auction like no other happening. >> no other. >> in las vegas. giving those with hollywood nostalgia a tron ooh and aah. >> if you want to know what something is really worth you auction it. >> there you go. we'll take you inside the carrie fisher debbie reynolds collection of hollywood memoriabilia that's being sold
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>> welcome back. the legacy of the late carrie fisher and equally famous mother, debbie reynolds are on display in vegas this weekend. have a look of portion of massive collection of hollywood memoriabilia.
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mcmahon man is auctions is happenedling the estate sale. we have marilyn monroe gloves and. >> she was largest collector of movie memoriabilia. she is is in begins book of world records. she sold dresses of marilyn marilyn monroes in the million tlar ranges. >> she spent decades collecting items from fellow stars, movie sets and studios and now her family is looking to pay it forward and give back. money made from the auction is testo go towards the debbie reynolds performing arts scholarship at the university of las vegas. >> lauren is back with a last check on the workweek forecast and cbs3 sports zone starts check on the workweek forecast and cbs3 sports zone starts off after the (male #1) it's a little something i've done every night since i was a kid, empty my pocket change into this old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance
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mm-hm, with chan t (laughing) (colonial penn jingle) britain prince harry and bride to be up veiled new details about the royal wedding. they'll tie the knot inside st st. george chapel windsor chapel may 19 at noon, 7 a.m. our time. you'll have to be up early to watch it livement after the ceremony newlyweds will leave the castle in a carriage and travel through the town of windsor. >> lauren is back with a
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wake-up forecast. >> not as lovely as that. we'll have rain tomorrow morning especially south jersey shore delaware and clearing out for everyone as we head to the afternoon. chilly, low 4 degrees and tuesday, sunshine, 41. valentine's day looking awesome for all your plans. >> all right. >> very nice. >> that's eyewitness news for now. thank you so much for joining us, remember we're always on at for lauren, lesley, everybody here cbs3 i'm joe holden let's head overs3 sports zone. good night. >> the game is over and eagles are champions of the world. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. swing an a miss. >> struck him out. philadelphia


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