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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 14, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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♪ tonight another scott baio accuser breaks his silence. disturbing new allegations from the "charles in charge" set. >> i dreaded getting up in the morning. >> how scott is fighting back. >> then selena's new life. what justin thinks about her stint in rehab. >> plus only we're at home with maks, peta and baby shai. are they ready for more kids? then our day with the westminster dog show winner. >> then blake lively tells "e.t." how she really lost 60 pounds. >> it's important for moms to know that. >> this is "entertainment tonight." >> exclusive.
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♪ >> scott baio's second accuser faces the cameras for the first time describing in disturbing detail what he claims baio did to him on the set of "charles in charge." >> i was there as alexander polinsky spoke out joined by nicole eggert. meanwhile baio fights back against his accusers. the result, a rare case of dual press conferences. >> scott told me of his sexual conquests of young girls and the co-stars of the show. at the same time tried to convince me that i was unlovable disgust tv and branding me with the most vulgar words. scott pulled down my pants in front of 100 people the former child star said he suffering years of hazing behind the scenes of "charles in charge." he said baio exposed hymn and
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threw hot tea in his face. he said he saw baio behave inappropriately with nicole eggert. >> it was distressing to me to see a man i looked up to behaving in this way. >> eggert claimed baio sexually abused her when she was 14. she was at polinsky's side this morning. >> did you witness scott's behavior and the way he treated alex. >> suitly. all the time. always picked on alex. >> scott baio vehemently denying the claims. his attorney fired back at a press conference. >> i want to make something chris call clear. when this police investigation concludes and scott is totally cleared of any wrong doing, he will pursue any and all legal options available to him as to anyone who has knowingly made false claims about him. >> baio's spokesperson tells "e.t." nicole eggert, alexander polinsky and their attorneys
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have brought a media circus to town complete with false allegations and sleaze mongering. >> our innocence was robbed of us. what was supposed to be the best time of our lives was a living nightmare. >> nicole and i deserved better. we were kids, children, famous actor kids, but we were still kids. >> now there have been accusations that nicole and alexander were out for money. i have want to say they made it clear there will not be a civil lawsuit. they just want a public apology from scott. >> selena gomez just faced the camera. the change in selena is easy to see. ♪ >> we went for a little dark vibe today. i cut bangs this morning. >> selena has a new attitude. she went long and brunette.
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she even got bangs. selena's post rehab event with press, the runway show. >> i'm not good with the craziness of fashion week. it's beautiful. lipstick is all i need. >> i'm working on a bunch of stuff. >> that stuff she's working on, we're told it's new music and new fashion. selena stuck with her girl squad. moments later hr driver got into a fender bender. fortunately no one was hurt. around the same time justin bieber was 3,000 miles away headed to the gym. >> everybody is happy you're behind selena. >> will the two spend v day apart. we got our eye on private jets leaving both coasts. they just want to live a low key life. you won't see them doing
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anything super flashy. they're in a good place. >> she looks happy. meanwhile also in new york for fashion week zendaya, blake lively and emily blunt. >> blake told us exactly why she's gone public with this every day mom strug. >> you want to put on spanx after baby. it doesn't many how many corsets you put on. >> how many do you wear? >> i had a full 40 pounds. >> blake was honest on instagram her slim down took time after 16 month old daughter ines was b n born. >> i wanted to do it slow and steady. >> how's it going there? >> these besties were each other's valentine. >> we rode together.
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it's lovely. >> blake's shiny crimson coat and heart heels koocoordinated h emily's earrings. >> i thought spring had sprung when i wore this. >> you know they're up for anything. >> i'llwithhave you beenytrien e beenytrienrenolds>> is . >> exclusive. >> we know he did something squeet. ryan posted this shot. i baked this cake for my wife. the icing is gru becaulue becau not scientist. >> co-star laura dern revealing some season two scoop with
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starting how that got meerl streep in monterey. >> reese and i would be so amazing in the role. it was written for her and they wanted her. we didn't think we would get her. it is her standing up and going i support you as women and i believe in you. >> three time oscar winner plays nicole's mother-in-law who arrives in monterey. these ladies are ready to have meryl on set. >> we want to make it fun for her and vibrant and exciting. we're just reading things. it's very exciting. that's all i can say. >> last night the co-stars sat front and center at calvin klein's fashion show. the runway was covered in real popcorn. unlike laura nicole had the right idea wearing boots. >> they're incredible. >> you got to give me the boots. >> laura's dagt 16-year-old son ellery an aspiring model and designer. also bit by the fashion bug
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nicole's daughter with ex tom cruise bella. the 25-year-old launched her own clothing line. >> i think it's a great way to express. she's a beautiful drawer as well. >> if you want one of those t-shirts, they're 85 bucks. they used 50,000 gallons of popcorn to cover the runway. >> well the cast of "black panther" were all also front row at the calvin klein show. the celebration started earlier than that at their big apple pree mooer. >> i'm going to surprise some people and show up in their theater. that's what i'm going to do. >> black panther's premiere was the hottest ticket in town. it's also where michael b. jordan clued us in on those videos his castmate has been posting. >> we have this thing called on site push ups. if you lose they can give out
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push ups whenever they want. i'm not going to go into the specific bet, but i lost. >> the newest members of the marvel universe gave us some insight on the epic yearbook photo. they geeked out over ironman. >> it was a family vibe. i loved it. it was insane. i was like oh, my god. >> leticia and i going around nerding and asking people to sign our yearbooks. >> we caught up with tessa at the premiere of her movie annihilation. the ladies needed a galentine's day celebration. >> i think we get to celebrate our premiere. we're going to watch the movie for the first time altogether. >> galentine's, this is mine right here. >> kevin isn't here.
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>> we love you. >> girl day. >> the rest of us get to see annihilation when it hits theaters. >> come on back, brother. >> coming up -- what's that jen? >> that was jennifer garner celebrating a major mime stone in a very unglam trous way. >> plus you just won best in show. what are you going to do next? we're with the nation's top dog. >> from justin and jennifer, chris and elsa, how the stars first
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>> the academy of arts and scientists presented an
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♪ >> that is pink's 6-year-old
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daughter willow working on her roller skating while mommy rehearses. wait for it. wait for it. i see you, girl. nailed it like a champ. speaking of champs it was flynn for the win last night as the westminster kennel club crowned the nation's top dog. we joined the proud pooch today. >> getting a taste of victory and trying desperately to stay awake amidst all the excitement of conquering best in show. >> this is unusual for him to be this sleepy. >> from "gma" to the top of the empire state building flynn's epic day was kicked off with a chicken lunch from sardi's. the bichon frise will now enjoy a relaxing life of retirement in michigan. >> maybe we'll get him a white escalade. >> leading up to the win the audience had mixed levels of
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even truce yachl in the ring you could cut the tension with a knife. oh, the drama. when the pug got distracted by the treat and the giant schnauzer became spooked by a camera. don't let this sussex's aye loop expression fool you, that guy had some surprise tricks trotting in the rinig. >> we didn't have any tricks. when i saw that, i thought we're sunk. >> i want them all. >> the finals were so tense. >> they were. >> flynn has championship dna. he's related to another bichon frise that won in 2001. >> he's adorable. still ahead -- >> rumors about you and jennifer garner, are they true. >> josh duhamel on the record,
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has the on screen couple taken their love off screen. >> then how your favorite couple met. >> then only we're at home with maks, peta and baby shai. >> at which point did you think i was arrogant? >> when we started to chat. >> oh, my god. >> closed captioning provided by --
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one for baby. two for baby. carrots on those spoons for baby. grown in better soil for baby. amongst the strictest standards in the world for baby. means nothing but the best for baby. the new gerber. anything for baby. . how cute is that? the greatest olympian of all time michael phelps and his wife nicole welcomed their second child on monday. another boy. michael said being able to build our family to now four, six with doggies, is incredible. >> they got a boomer and beckett. maybe they can start a boy band. maybe they'll invite baby shai
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along. i was with his proud parents and "dancing with the stars" spros maks and peta who are gearing up to hit the road and perhaps make shai a big brother. >> can we go down? >> now that he's walking and running around is he dancing? >> he loves it. he has the full on dance hold. >> there's nothing but love and amazing sort of feeling. i can't wait to have another one. >> does that mean -- >> you know -- >> i would love to have another one. >> how many do you want? >> three maximum. you shouldn't be out numbered by your children. >> shai who they call shu shu is going to be a big brother one day. they're prepared to go on the maks, val and peta tour. >> how are you preparing?
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>> i worry about the bus. last two we were like we have a double bed. it was awful. we were rolling off the bed. >> he'll be fine in a crib. >> after spending the afternoon at their home it's clear maks and peta love being parents. they're still really into each other eight years after they met backstage at a broadway show. >> i thought you were a good looking man. >> that was the first thing. >> i have eye. >> when did you think i was arrogant. >> when we started to chat. >> when you first saw him you were like he's hot, then you started talking to him. >> i was like he's still hot, but he knows it. >> i've not maks for a little while tand being a husband and parent as humbled him. in honor of valentine's day you can buy one get one free ticket to their tour. bring a date or meet someone
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special there. you heard how maks and peta got together. now here are some more tales how some others stars met their valentines. >> chris hemsworth met his wife on a blind date. >> i left her a voice mail and asked if she would like to go on a date. she did and here we are. >> justin timberlake and jessica biel met at the golden globes. sterling k. brown and wife ryan met at stanford. >> we were in the sam dorm. >> she watched him audition for a play and that was it. >> i was mesmerized. you were 18 years old. the things this man could do at 18. >> the theater brought sarah jessica parker and matthew broderick together. >> we met through a theater company he was a founder of with his friend. >> meghan trainor said yes and
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is engaged. they were fixed up by a friend. >> she told me she had a really nice friend. i'm like i'm looking for a really nice guy. >> garth brooks have a photographic memory of the day trisha yearwood walked in the studio to do a duet with him. >> she was wearing an open played kind of shirt. not flannel. she had what we would call like a white muscle shirt underneath. little jeans. >> melissa mccarthy met her husband ben in a comedy club group. reese witherspoon didn't meet her husband through work. he tstepped in when a drunken friend was hitting on her. jayson bateman met hit wife at a hockey game. >> i bought her a hot dog and
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beer and that was it. >> i like it. jennifer garner and josh duhamel are a couple on screen. off screen, don't count on it. josh put a stop to the rumors. >> the rumors of a love connection began when they were shooting the movie love simon. they play the parents of a closeted gay teen. josh said they're not a company. >> the rumors about you and jennifer are they true? >> no. >> why are you they making it up? >> i don't know, man. >> we love how jen shares her live on instagram. she have posted a not so glamorous struggle with a mouth guard. earlier this week we showed jen selling girl scout cookies. now she has a message for fans. >> here you go, thin mints. >> i love thin mints.
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>> what emmy nominated star got
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sam as a close friend. >> travel consideration provided by -- sfoet. ♪ >> tomorrow on "e.t." we're with jennifer lawrence taking over d.c. why her new movie has her seeing red. could a girl power comedy with emma stone be next. >> you get me. >> tomorrow on "e.t." >> you know we're monster fans of "unreal." it returns for season three. >> the show is pretty cynical about love, not its star. her best valentine's day was when she got whisked away on a
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private plane. >> went to san francisco just for dinner. got back in the plane and flu home. >> sherry enjoyed a special day with her kids. >> it was just a lovely reminder about the holiday. >> happy
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captioning funded by cbs >> previously on "celebrity big brother": with ross as boss-- >> congratulationses, ross, you are the new head of household. >> i just won h.o.h.! >> he had his sights set on firing omarosa. >> i have to go after keshia and omarosa, because they are the two left from the old alliance. they're the two gunning for me. >> but as shannon and james started to get closer... >> what's that? they have a final two. >> yeah, i know. >> ...ross considered flipping the script. >> if you were to break up anybody in this house right now, who would it be? >> james and shannon. >> james and shannon are the strongest players in this game. i just have to decide what best serves me. >> at the nomination ceremony, ross stuck to his original >>rgets.


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