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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 16, 2018 2:07am-2:38am EST

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news we learned tonight that an accident in camden, new jersey turned deadly claiming life of a child. chopper 3 over north fiveage and state street and that suv with an 84-year-old driver behind the wheel an 8-year-old girl plague on the sidewalk was killed. >> the driver of the suv is also hospitalized and police are still investigate what caused the crash. >> and now to the other top story the deadly school shooting in parkland, florida. >> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> classmates say there have been troubling signs for as long as anybody could remember and this as thoritys are reveal howell the gunman carr carried out the campaign has cruz is a deeply troubled
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young man that fell through the cracks. >> he's a broken human being. >> cruz bought semi-automatic sunrise tactical supply in coral springs last february he took uber to the scene of the crime wednesday and started shoot around 2:1 in the afternoon. >> i was hiding in open room that the shooter could have easily walked into and killed me. >> police say cruz told them after the rampage he ditched gun and ammunition in a plan to save himself sfwll he ross coed fields and ran west and triingd to mix in with a grou group. >> they spotted cruz in a residential area and arrested him. >> for a quick moment you thought, could this be the person s. this who i need to stop? >> police interviewed more than 2,000 people here in the investigation and the school remains a crime scene. >> a massive crowd gathered at
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evening vigil trying to find comfort together. their cappedlees light the way. it was one of several vigils were students remarked this tragedy was preventable. >> an american problem school shootings are happening. >> many wounded survivors remain hospitalized and school will remain closed tomorrow. >> we are learning more tonight about the 17 victim killed in the shooting. they include students, campus monitor and deerly loved athletic director chris hixon a graduate of pleasant valley high school in monroe county, alexandria hoff went there tonight to find out more about the 49-year-old. >> in your mind the picture comes up, chris, glasses. >> after 30 plus years john gress can clearly recall his former student chris hixon. >> it was a phone call from a colleague that jogged his memory. >> he said well unfortunately he passed away he was a teacher, coach in florida and
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right then my heart carving it did it just sank moech will he was the athletic director and was among those killed in the deadly rampage. >> he was the type of student whether -- every once in a while you run into that and you're in a hallway ar class and maybe having a bad day mr. mr. gress everything okay? he's asking me that versus i'm asking him that. >> originally from easton 4 49-year-old hixon graduated in 1986. >> i was new to the school and he was one of first people to come up to me and introduce himself and feel like part of the team. >> sighler is principal of pleasant valley. they were wrestling buddy in high school before they embanked on careers in the military. >> he wept namey i wept marine corps. >> after serving hixon settled in florida whereas a husband and father he chose to up
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spire students for a living. >> he was from pleasant valley and in this horrible incident but really made a difference in the lives of so many not only kids but adults. >> mr. gress told us several years ago the district suffered a tragedy. he could not remember what it was because he did remember chris hixon calling him and asking if there as was anything he can could do to help. alexandria hoff, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> stories of heroism are emerging from the tragedy one student survivor said assistant football coach died protecting others. >> he sprinted with everything he had towards it to make sure everybody was safe. he got in front of a couple people and shielded them and took the bullets for them. he didn't make. it but he saved their life you for sure. >> he graduated from the school in 1999. >> local school districts are reviewing their preparedness perhaps in the wake of
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shooting. every cool in delaware county has a panic puton to alert law enforcement to dangerous intruder or threatening situation. >> when that button is pushed there's a prots owe call our dispatchers follow in the 911 center it's not a call to school it's immediate response where law enforcement is sent as best you can describe it the calvary is coming. >> philadelphia police work in conjunction with the city school police force. officers respond to school lockdowns with a massive police presence and frequently practiced that response. stay with eyewitness news to learn more at >> it's another rainy and mild night across the region. kate has more ft. rain willing in the region for the morning commute and return of winter for the weekend, kate. >> let's look at what the is happening outside now. like last night we're tracking pretty steady downpours across
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area you can see the yellow and he orange. it will be here for a while. this system has a warm front scraped across now bringing us rain tonight and the cold front extends to the midwest and that showily progresses through the area and through the day tomorrow. so the rain will be here quite sometime and mainly from the city on north overnight and steady downpour as we zoom many it around northeast philadelphia back towards drexel hill and lower merion along the blue route and slow downs and heavy showers come through. there will be slow downs tonight and likely into the morning commute as well as we time this out again you can see most of the rain overnight is from the city on north. 3 a.m. we have a deluge come through the city. you may hear the rain comes to as you sleep and early tomorrow morning rain is here relatively light but it will be around. it could show down the morning commute and have scattered showers through the day tomorrow. not a total washout but cloudy and showery all day long. we'll try to clear it out a
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bit. temperatures well above average. rain on and off and three-quarters inch of rain could fall in some areas. cold air follow the season and that sets the stapling for threat of snow zoo night. vile more on thal that coming up. >> a delaware man facing charges on bizarre incident at the franklin institute. michael rowana snapped a selfie and then snapped a thumb off a statute known as calvary man at the ter cot awarrior he's emperors exist he was attending a party at the institute. they noticed missing thumb last the month and fbi traced it to rowana. franklin institute says the security contractor did not follow procedures the night of the alleged theft. . >> every day 91 dispatchers
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and mroyvrsz go above and beyond. >> their response to one special call is touching parties in can testimony county. >> david spunt has the story. >> camden county step forward at the monthly free holder meeting to be recognized for save ago i family. tangla bad by was a supervisor and overheard a call from a desperate mother of four who had no food for their childre children. >> my kids have not even since yesterday and waiting on food tam es to come, 30 to 45 days. >> she could only use her phone to call 911. dispatcher bad by and sent behindton to the house with food. bag by also went with food. >> to hear four children hungry and had 23409 even since date before was heartbreaking for me and it was not going to be tolerated i would get them help as soon as possible. >> service to strangers runs in the familiar limit her mother is 18 year veteran with
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the local police department. she wept along, too, with tondaleya to drop off the food. >> extremely proud. she did not have to the do it she didn't take the call she overheard what was said and reacted. so i'm extremely proud. >> that camden county mother did got come to the meeting and did not want to be identified and i'm told she is home with her four children and plenty of food n camden county, david spunt, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> and calling it quits a hollywood power couple drops a bomb shell. they were vatd for months. >> who it is and why they're going public now. >> and also ahead at 11 do you ever separate your smart phone yourself from your smart phone. new study suggests maybe you should why your cellphone could be making you gain weight. >> and taste with tori tag a lunch break. philadelphia shops is putting a spin on classic creations and what's inspired the two trained chefs to build a better sandwich which eyewitness news continues.
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>> a new study suggests you should put the phone down while eating. nicole pruer is here to explain why. >> not just because it's annoying to the people around you. >> we've all had that. >> there's more to to than that. >> there is jessica dean. dietitians say picking up your phone as dinner to cause to you over eat. >> when you sit down to eat, what's on the table. >> napkins and silverware, plate, >> my drink. >> cellphone in case someone calls you. >> that's up for deplate. whether i'm alone or not survey commissioned by nutra system says one in three americans cannot make it through a male without their phone. >> half said they bring their def science to most sglaelz it's a perfect time to pick up
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your cellphone. >> dietitians for the company says the distraction from device impact our die the and quality of food prepared to amount of calories consumed. >> because you're not realing paying attention just shoveling it in couple chips, pretzels and next thing you know is the whole bag is gone. >> is the information enough to table your phone use. >> it reaffirms where you have been trying to go, which is to put the distraction as way. >> we'll still use it. >> we'll eventually go to the gym. >> if it's not the phone well it might be the television, 72% of those polled said they often watch tv while they eat. >> the key is distraction. you have to focus on what you're putting -- how much food you're putting in. >> exactly. >> thanks nicole. >> a big hollywood break up.
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jennifer aniston and justin threaux. the decision to split was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year. they wanted to keep it all private but knew that would not be possible. aniston and. it hreaux. breakfast may be the most important part of the day but lunch. >> they're putting a spin on all the class ticks. vittoria woodill tells us how it started and tonight taste with tori. >> it's high noon and that means it's time for lunch and there's no better place to get your fill of phenomenal sandwiches than stockward sandwich company. >> right across from street from cbs3. >> i love what i don't have to go far for good food. >> you can catch their sign
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swinging offspring garden and inside it's packed just like their sammys with their chef always on the mood and for these two trained chef it's was the love of sandwiches that had them moving from a top kitchen. >> we worked together white dog and went separate ways. >> to later reaching for new heights on their own. we decided hey let's make sandwiches we like to make people happy and what doesn't make people happier than a sandwich. >> especially elevated seasonal and supernatural. >> we utilize everything. >> today i'll take a stockyard burger with everything on it and a side of hand-ripped potatoes. the whole pig on me and vietnamese hoagie and beef sandwich dripping in homemade wiz. >> this is our version of the philly cheesesteak. >> kind of taking a long lunch
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break wonder if anyone knows. >> take one of these and don't tell sglin this is the burger. >> soft bun. >> meaty burger, super fresh. sensational. >> the cheesesteak. >> house made whiz infusing with mushrooms and on yopz and tossed on braised beef on a roll, brilliant. >> timely bite into the -- >> when you sink your teeth into it smrabs of sweet and porky goodness just you're being mauled by flavor. >> and you'll want to call it quits. >> do i have to come back to work, yeah, he hung up. >> she he is a good friend. >> mauled by flavors when i was pregnant it's the thing i look forward to thursday night --
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>> and. >> it is. i have to get over there sometime. >> all right. all right. let's talk weather and looks like we had a little bit of this and some of that and everything -- >> wheeling living the next four months in the next five days basically and it feels like april little now and february next week and could feel like may warm air in the forecast next week and but before that, the chance for some accumulating snow. and we talked earlier about the rain. let's show it to you. everything looks wet in bethlehem and you can see the roads glistening and generally february you would be worried about ice on a night like tonight and not so much. temperatures well above average. anything that falls tonight is just rain. and it is so far above average we don't have to worry about any ice or snow at least for tonight. roads are wet in bethlehem and mainly city north as we look at the boardwalk plaza. boards are dry. you can see where the rain is now as we showed you a bit ag ago. it's extending back to portions of mid west and this is just going to keep on coming. heaviest rain will be through
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the next several hours through the overnight hours until 4, 5 a.m. and then just scattered showers mainly through friday. again you can see heavy rain along the schuylkill expressway headed for center city as we speak. and that is is certainly slowing things down out. there and we got to 65 degrees today. more than 20 above average. and the normal is 44. we were less than 10 degrees away from record of 74 and look how warm it still sl throughout with the south flo flow. temps still in the 60s wildwood and dover and 55 philly and 56 millville and 55 degrees in allentown. so, you need the unl umbrella awhat you don't need is the coat out there tonight and you may by day. so here comes the rain flew the day tomorrow. you'll see it all day long and as we head into tomorrow evening, 4, 5:00 rain comes to end and cold air sets in overnight tomorrow nights that's what the cold comes back. saturday starts with sun and then clouds increase. what we're watching is a system that will be cutting by to the south throwing moisture
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to newly arrived colds and snow. starts off 7:00 tonight starts as snow and changes to rain along the i 59 corridor. it's heavy thump of snow in north and west suburbs and stays snow there for much of the duration of the storm. by the time we wake up sundays morning this is mainly out of here. takes fast moving system and the ground temperatures are warm and you will have a lot of melting on contact. the heavy snow is norm and west where we're talking all snow city and suburbs mix with rain and it's mainly rain down the shore and southern delaware. slushy inch or two most likely around the city as much as 3 to 6" though for the lehigh valley and poconos. this say heavy, wet snow and the roads should fair okay as the ground temperatures are warm and there will be treacherous travel saturday night in the north and west suburbs and the good news is the snow should melt quickly as we hit 50 sundays and 53 monday and 70 by tuesday. >> that's crazy. >> that snow will not be
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lasting long. >> we're shaking our heads. >> cawzies weather. >> we he have patrick pat galen here with sports. >> there was a big road test tonight and could they strength chances of a bid come march and would you do. it would you trade nick foles this off season and the crazy price tag on the super bowl quarterback when we come back
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we're inching ever closer to march madness. one team villanova is locked to make attorney. others like temple are scratc scratching and clawing and hoping to make a late push. the alls had one of their biggest test of the reason on the road wichita state. first half tu have feeling it. quintin roads with feel and slam and 16 points and temple put up 56 first half and led by 14. but to to no one's surprise back on shorkz. shaquille morris with the slam off the alley-oop and 23
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points and is 14 rebounds and later on darryl willis junior for three. he he had 24 off the bench and shockers out scored temple 5 51-30 second half and temple now 15-11 on the season they fall 93-86. >> penn state hosting 8th p ranged ohio state first half chef gardner way downtown and penn state led 2 at the half off the inbound pass here more three penn state had nine on the night and this time tony car who had a game high 30 and when you beat a top ten team that means you storm court. penn state with a big, big 10 win. 79-56 for a win number 19 n other action northeastern beat drevrmel 75-69 and delaware foal to you sop on the road, 67 to 65. what does it take to acquire a super bowl mvp with a favorable contract. apparently quite a bit a
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cording to peter king of mmqb asking price for eagles quarterback nick foles is at least two first round picks. king does not believe foles will be traded but there will be discussion about it this off season and by the way earlier this week carson wentz said his pushing to return week one of the 2018 season. >> and matt clintack resisted urge to spend big. he signed first base man carlos santana to a 60 million deal and beyond that philly have been silent. there's a free agent pitching market filled with big name arms and they believe the dpils surprise people in their current plate. there's no reason we cannot compete and as long as we have last year's example ever twins and brewers and where young teams break out perhaps before the public was expecting as long as there's examples of that then we should set that
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as our goal as well. >> all right. >> my older brother rights there >> you look alike. >> thanks. >> up next, special birthday celebration
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>> the philadelphia zoo is celebrating second birth day of the zoo's. >> brothers lincoln, theodore own quincy were treated to a special snax as visitors sang happy birthday. if you cannot make it to the due the lima brothers will be on display throughout president's day weekend. kate. >> well this weekend will be one to watch adds we track the chance of storm system on saturday night. saturday, temperatures head back to more seasonable levels from the warmth we've been feeling this week. saturday night a storm will cut by south and it could bring snow accumulating snow to tom parts of area and mitchell elsewhere and snow anything that falls or melts
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>> coming up next it's the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show. for kate, pat, everyone here
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i'm ukee washington. >> we're always on at have a good night family and >> we're always on at have a good night family and sleep well - [narrator] if you wanna make more money, and take control of your financial future, then get ready, because real estate multi-millionaire, and best-selling author, than merrill, star of a&e's hit tv show, flip this house has one heck of an opportunity for you. for the last decade you've seen than all over tv. and now, than's chosen to hold a free two hour live class where you'll learn how you can start making money in real estate on a part-time or full-time basis. you'll learn his step-by-step blueprint for flipping homes and buying and holing income properties that generate consistent cash flow. this is the exact process that than and thousands of his students have used to get started and become successful. and now it's your turn. on today's show, you'll meet people just like you who've attended than's class


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