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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 16, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a wet day but tomorrow we're right back to february and with the drop in temperatures comes threat for snow. we are seeing rain clearing the coast, there are a few showers still down the shore and in southern delaware but skies will clear tonight and we have got our second storm heading our way. see the moisture down there? that will lift to the south, tomorrow and enough cold air to the north, moisture coming from the south, and that combination will cause the threat for some snow. so for rest of tonight just a few showers, sprinkles left around early, roads are wet but everything quieting down, skies clearing overnight, lows then fall into the 20's, much more like february is supposed to feel and it will turn less windy. temperatures right now still in the 50's but cold air to the north, we're only in the 20's and 30's to the north and west and as that cold air comes in and moisture moves from the south a winter storm watch will go into effect at 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon for all area north and west of philadelphia including montgomery, bucks, chester counties and this system starts to move in.
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it will be rain, snow, depend where you are and moves out sunday morning. we will have updated snow map and tell you how long it will take for that snow to melt, ukee. >> kate, thank you. truck overturns near the philadelphia museum of art, chopper three over the mess just a short time ago accident happened on the exit to martin luther king junior drive from the parkway, now traffic disruptions continue, in the area right now, it is unclear what was on board the tractor trailer. there are in reports of any injuries. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has announced criminal charge as begins 13 russians and three russian companies and they are accused of using fake social media powe toss medicine will in the american political system including 2016 presidential election. >> this indictment serves as a reminder that people are in the always who they appear to be on the internet. the indictment alleged that the russian conspirators want to promote discord in the united states and under mine
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public confidence in democracy we must not allow them to succeed. >> the defendants and their alleged co conspirators are accused of tarring pennsylvania voters, they allegedly purchased ads on facebook to promote a series of the state called , minors for trump, and the indictment does not alleged any americans knowingly participated in the scheme. stay tuned for the "cbs evening news" for much more, tonight at 6:30 right here after our broadcast. toy gun lead to a very real police response and will be down of a philadelphia middle school. the swat team responded to wagner middle school in west oak lane this morning after report of the person with the gun. all of the students were moved into the auditorium while police swept campus and frantic parents waited outside >> my daughter called me this morning crying, saying school is on lock down, i called the school they gave me no estimation. >> they don't tell you nothing >> she's just really scared right now. >> police gave the all clear
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four hours after the will be down went into place, in arrests have been made. authorities are trying to figure out who brought the toy gun found behind a radiator. tonight fbi is apologizing after making a revelation in the florida high school shooting. fbi says it failed to follow-up on a detailed, tip, that nicholas cruz could be plotting a school shooting. agents received the information, in january. attorney general jeff sessions is ordering a review of fbi and justice department procedures. meanwhile the broward county sheriff says his office received about 20 calls about the gunman over the past few years and how those called were handled will be investigate. florida victims are being remembered tonight in langhorne bucks county, several people gathered on the corner of mapel avenue and route 413, some were carrying can also, others yielded signs , calling for a conversation about gun conn troll. >> we're all part of the human
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family and we just lost a very precious part of our family and we need to mourn first and then we need to figure out what to do to end this >> after the vigil everyone went over to the nearby peace center, for discussion, about gun violence. there is renewed debate on what can be done to prevent another shooting massacre. local lawmakers are reporter als >> reporter: topic o and excessive --ccessibilityficy inevitab p tragic events in this country and once again issue with one particular style of weapon has been brought into the information front n a press conference regarding the bipartisan animalty bill senator pat toomey made time gua wake of wednesday's dgl school . >> i believe, that we can improve our background check system and we should. >> reporter: senator chris coons of delaware acknowledged ened background checksn
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but says that as a whole. >> the republican majorit res my meaningful way. the power of the nra n u.s. congress is very, very strong. >> reporter: while tomb difficult receive nearly $80,000 from the nra during last campaign cycle he says he has no issue in straying citing his support of no flying no buying policy. >> if you are not legally because we think you are too muf shouldn't be able to walk in the store and buy a firearm either. >> we should do right by our children. >> reporter: as for ar15, style of wep than used in five of the six deadliest recent mass shootings in america. >> i'm not in favor of infringing the rights of law abiding citizens to a popular commonly owned firearm. i'm in favor of making it more difficult to obtain for someone who doesn't have that right in the first place because they are for gone it or mentally i
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>> reporter: pew research study found 37 percent have americans are having a firearm in their home. alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for very latest as the investigation in the deadly school shooting, continues, we will bring you the very latest updates here on television and our web site at cbs some new information tonight about the flu, flu activity remains high, here and also around the country buedicials today say it could finally be leveling off. >> health reporter stephanie stahl joins us with the very test numbers. >> good news, finally we have been waiting for this. this flu season started early and got intense quickly and is now one of the worst in more than a decade but health officials say overall activity is starting to decrease, and local doctors say that cannot come soon enough. >> we have had record involves in our emergency department and urgent care. >> reporter: doctor fredrick randolph said they have had to bring in extra staff to handle a record number of flu
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patients which includes the hell care workers too, who are wearing masks. >> i think it has kept all of us very busy, some of us have suffered by getting a flu from tients as well, so it is, xi our ability to cover all of the clinical spaces, i'm looking forward to flu season ending. >> reporter: end could be in siting, latest numbers from the centers for disease control and prevent show flu- related doctor visits have not increased for the first than. >> those numbers are the won leveling o thiseek shat is encouraging. m ammonia and flu in the elderly have also gone, 22 e died bringing n pediatric flu deaths to 84 this season. flu vaccine is about 36 percent effective overall, but the cdc says there is a 59 n children six months to age eight. >> we know that the vaccine is not perfect, if you look at all of the deaths that have occurred this season around 25 o
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that is a message that children should be vaccinated because it will prevent those terrible complications. >> reporter: health officials say we could see more than 700,000 hospitalizations, for flu, and more than 56,000 deaths, this season. and health officials caution that they are expecting flu to be circulating for several more weeks. if you are exposed or feel symptoms it is important to quickly get tamiflu to reduce length and severity of the flu in pennsylvania alone new numbers over 61,000 confirmed cases. >> wow. >> reporter: and there is much more than that. >> yes. >> thanks, stephanie. we have some breaking news right now at 62:00 vehicles, collide forcing closure of lincoln drive. you can see it there on the screen. chopper three live over the crash in gypsy lane and east falls, police tell "eyewitness news" at least one person was injured and rushed to einstein medical center, the investigation into the cause of the crash is just getting
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started, if you are heading out avoid that area. we will stay on top of this breaking news story. meanwhile the south pedestrian and bicycle ramp on the ben franklin bridge will close later this month and will be closed for more than a year. it will allow for structural upgrade that includes replacement of the stairway on the south side of the bridge in camden, and new ramp structure. during the construction the bridge's north walkway will be opened, weather permitting. with some wintry weather on the way it isight conditions for a polar bear plunge. >> tonight "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh explains how sea isle's weekend long event is different from others, held down the shore. >> reporter: one of the sea isle's biggest weekends is almost here. >> just a great day, just a lot of fun. >> reporter: annual polar bear plunge on, saturday and run/ walk on sunday. >> not only does it raise fund s but permit autism aware ness. >> reporter: special education
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teacher, christine scarpesi makes the trip each year for this special weekend. she believes early intervention is key. >> every individual with autism is different. if you know one child with autism you have met one child with autism. no two people are alike. that was the biggest misconception. >> reporter: event is near and dear to mike's heart, father of two autistic children helped organize the big weekend every year. >> the lord knew i would do something about promoting autism awareness so i accept that and i rally behind that every day. >> reporter: on a typical winter weekend he says there are about 1200 people here in sea isle, this weekend he expects about 50,000. >> it was our best year today last year and we are hoping to top that this year. >> reporter: so far organizers say about 1500 people registered for the 5k and walk up registration on sunday will be available. down the shore in sea isle, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> difficult that with them in sea isle a few years ago. >> how was it?
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>> i'm still that you go out. >> i was going to say. >> thank goodness for a good cause. >> yes, they all come together still to come on "eyewitness news" a highly anticipated film finally here. >> reporter: for movie goers wait to see black panter is over, coming up what do people think and what does this film mean the two black community. a field trip without leaving the classroom, technology that is making it possible for these chester county student, hey there pat. >> nba all-star weekend starts tonight and a few sixers will be front and center during the rising stars challenge and are phillies being cheap? its president says no they can spend if they want but how much. we will tell you next in
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guess what? you redefine all that will be. elementary school in chester county is giving students a unique educational experience with some help from technology. >> "eyewitness news" at beaver creek elementary in downingtown the school is participating in the google expeditions pioneer program with the use of some phones, the students can take concepts that are normally in books and see them come to life. >> so we have our students that are basically, seeing through augmented reality, experiences that they wouldn't normally see. so, dinosaurs coming to life on their desk, being able to see volcanos, tornadoes all right there right in person.
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it is an incredible experience and we are very excited. >> right now google expedition program is in the pilot phase being tested in selected classrooms across the united states to get feedback from students and teachers. >> wow. >> we have come a long way from encyclopedia britannica. >> we certainly have, and card cat log, right. >> times are changing. >> we have been telling you all week about the frenzy of excitement surrounding the new black panter movie. >> it finally hit the big screen today and movie goers are turning out in droves. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan caught up with a few at lowtheater in cherry hill, hi there, cleve. >> reporter: disney estimates in the prescreening this movie brought in more than 25 million-dollar and everybody we met was glad that finally the marvel action thriller is opened to the public. >> yeah, black panter. >> reporter: on the first day full viewing schedule black panter audiences turned out in mass. >> life licensing fan just
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happy that the day is here. >> reporter: for many a family affair. >> we love each other. >> reporter: sanders say they are in the only huge super hero fans but happy to do something as a family with the cultural tie to africa during black history month. >> just to have a positive thing and positive light on the african-american community , something that we can support, get behind, have our kids see. this is like history. >> reporter: black artists like rob armstrong who created jump start, see movies african super hero and all black cast as a modern cinema break through. >> movie's huge, it is a not even a movie, it is a movement right thing at the right time. >> reporter: what sets black pant era parties, a imagery african kingdom untouched by column says and slave trade. >> this is a super hero who represents, a spirit. >> he has an obligation to his
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community as part of his charge, the black panter represents what we need, right now. >> a world they have set up, was really fascinating. >> reporter: viewers say beside being ethnically unique , the story, the action and agoing make it an enjoyable movie. >> i think it is beautiful and has a lot have cool novelties and stuff. >> it will do really well, regardless of the color of the guest i think it will do really well. >> reporter: hollywood experts estimate that the black panter could bring in a record break ing, 200 million-dollar over this presidents day weekend. live from cherry hill, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> thanks very much. >> ryan kuglar is director. decreed and he did other films before. that very talented. >> i love that little boy, hi, we are the sanders family and we love each other. >> how great is that. >> and you know marvely
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for credits because they have two separate little credit and t done. >> good tips. >> awesome. >> good weekend, to head out to see a movie. >> in the bad for it. >> because it will be cold tomorrow and then snow is coming in. if you get to a late afternoon sh in, sun may be shining and walk out snow may be falling. we have snow fast and furious in the day tomorrow, it is not going to stick around licensing but here is set up tonight we have rain just starting to push off coast that clears and that cold front moves out and we will get some cooler air to come in behind it, and as we look toward oak, arkansas that moisture is coming in along that same boundary. cold front draped right here bringing the cold in, that boundary extend back to this storm and then storm using that is a pathway to traveling along that same boundary as we get into tomorrow night and pass just by to our south. we will get timing, factor cold air is in place mess of the snow coming right when sun goes down and ground
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temperatures, areli above freezing but cold enough pper atmosphere that any moisture will chaow in the e are seeing light rain over county and southern delaware, that is about it for right new along parkway, light rain, not a lotn today wead morek abot talking about had 13.4 inches o. seventeen dst lee a trace of sn. we may add to this total fortom. wet 18 days. ts about whatt for youraturday. waking up sunnies shining temperatures in the 20's or around 30, it is cde fed to s air above freezing but we have to go higher up where precipitation is coming from and will come down as snow and temperatures drop by 7:00 p.m. we are seeing snow in t region. warm air does start to train in we will see a change over or mix over to rain but snow
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will stay snow in our northern suburbs, so it depend where are, ehighe inches in the city but northwest suburbs and poconos where three to 6 inches of heavy wet, slushy snow will fall. one to three along i-95 corridor and interior south jersey, mainly rain for extreme south jersey, shore points and delaware. so, anywhere from an inch to 3 e precipitation rates around the city, three to six north and west but it will melt quickly. back to 56 by presidents day and look at tuesday, 70 degrees, the snow doesn't stand a chance for very long, and that is good news. >> mother nature will help you shovel. >> fair ways might be wet but i will call the pro shop. >> the carts on the path. >> all-star forecast for february. >> yes. >> talking about all-star sports. >> all-star weekend, flyers are back tonight, phillies continue their fun in clearwater but tonight is a big night for the process nba
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all-star weekend gets underway and bunch of rising sixers stars will be on the court together we will hear from joe joe and ben in
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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quite fbe now the attention turns to their stars, t rising stars challenge featuring three on the world team dario czarrish, ben simmons and, of course, joel embiid. they warmed up for tonight's action with very serious practice. and that included launching half court shots. embiid did not play against heat on wednesday night but will take part in all of the fest weekend. he is happy, it is with his teammates. >> you know, being witheel likeo all-star too, i have never been in that type of a situation, so i'm shul it will s a nation having these guys here,ak easier for
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gout the court them, again, sol be a lot of fun. >> with an expected payroll of just about 45 million-dollar this year what appear phillies are being cheap. thig name free agent car looksantana toee-year deal. do they need to do more. one spot they could stand to spend on ishave just one starteg more than league minimum and there are plenty of top of the rotation arms still available but team president andy macphail says it is not ownership holding them back, they are stick to go a plan. >> i cannotgi scenario where we would go to john our own are ship and we need to dtha stretch, i have only been here two and a half years but i ca scenario where they can't say get for it. >> tonight flyers return to action after tough loss to the devils on tuesday. they are on the road in columbuing on blue jackets at 7:00. orange and black have not won in ohio since 2005.
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clap, clap, don't get ejected, during a huge pack 12 game last night between arizona and arizona state, arizona cheerleader was escorted out of the game, after referee, told him to stop yelling. is that what cheerleaders are supposed to do you can get thrown out. cheerleader out, air zone stilon 77-70. but is kind have lame. >> stop yelling. >> like angry yelling or spirited chant. >> it was pointed at a player, they used his name. i. i dent necessity what to tell
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" as 6:00 "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on the wpsg the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", from new york here's jeff glor, take care family, we will see you tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs >> we truly regret any additional pain this has cased.
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>> glor: the f.b.i. it failed to act on steps that might have prevented the florida shooting. and new video that shows a calm suspect just after the attack. also tonight, 13 russians are charged with meddling in the u.s. elections. >> they conducted what they call information warfare against the united states. >> glor: a report just in on this scary flu season. there is good and bad news. >> ready? go! >> showoff! >> glor: the superhero breaking a racial barrier. >> you should be proud to be african. >> glor: and steve hartman with the king of postcards. >> reporter: but th


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