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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  February 18, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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jim: 71 and a tied for fourth. and had the lead entering the back nine. and cameron smith cleans up. again, tied sixth and also 71. now bubba can have his moment.
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just two-putts to win. guess what snr bubba's back! and as you have seen so many times in victory with watson, it's always filled with a lot of emotion. he had health concerns last year and lost his confidence but you have the champion. >> bubba it has been a hard long two years for you but can came back for a magical week. well played. how important is this victory for you? >> it means a lot.
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my goal is 10 wins. so many emotions going through my head. never know if you are going to lift the trophy again and so many things i felt about retirement. i can't believe i'm going to lift the trophy. >> you managed to battle through. what did you hang your hat on and your faith in allowing you to come back and play like you are capable? >> got has given me a gift to play golf. my wife and my kids, thinking about them, ted my caddy has pthey have been loving on men. john, chance at ping, they have been so support i have and knew the problems that was going on and kept loving on me. >> did you consider retiring at all? >> i meppingsed it 10, 12 times
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to my life. physically, i wasn't where i needed to be. >> what were you going to do? >> i have a car dealership and basketball team and we would have something to do. >> go sign your card and make it official. back up to 18. jim: here's bubba and he was candid about it. he wasn't -- give me the 10 wins. nick: candy shop and car dealership. you have to keep going. but i know what he is saying. you have such gratitude. i can still do it and i can still do it and still win. and you have to push himself through the whole of this week and boy, he showed some amazing
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qualities again. jim: here at the genesis open in pacific palisades, california. the champion is bubba watson! we will be back at the genesis open in just a moment.
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jim: the player of the year,
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2017. fedexcup standings. bubba moves up to 18th position and let's go to amanda. amanda: kevin na, we talked about mental toughness yesterday. for you, what was the big key and what is your big takeaways? >> 12 and 13, i went bogey-bogey. i was thinking par-par would be great and have a chance to win. but i hung in there and burden yield 17. i gave it all i got. and i felt like i played well this week. i'm happy for bubba. i'm good friends with bubba and good comeback for him and i'll get any chance again. amanda: there is sophia na. >> say hi.
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amanda: thanks for joining us. jim: a hello weaven there. he shared second with tony finau. bubba with a 2-under par. and that was huge. may have been peter who said it, but the emotion he showed when he holed the put for par at the 12th and the confidence was definitely at full throttle and ready to seize this tournament. nick: he was inspired. and we sensed this week that the better players knew what they had to do and new the -- knew the advantages they could gain on this great golf course. jim: the 76 players who made the cut. plus-2.
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and when you see bubba playing like this and win at riviera three times, why couldn't he win at augusta for a third time? nick: if he could drive like he did at 17. if you can bomb it up and hitting a 5 or 6-iron. it is incredible. and bring that length to the players and use irons. keep that accuracy. jim: west coast swing is complete. we are heading to florida. the lineup on cbs is "60 minutes" "big brother" and another good field awaits next week. jim: we have a look at tiger. can he find a way to play this
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game again? jim: he finished in style, didn't he? holing that putt with a two-shot victory. bubba wins at riviera for the third time and wins for the first time. for sir nick and jim nantz and all the crew, congratulations to bubba watson! .
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♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbscbs3 "eyewitness news".
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i've never seen anything like this. >> tonight on "eyewitness news", flames ripped through an old city apartment building this morning and tonight the scene continues to smolder hours later. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. 200 firefighters responded to the apartment building at third and chestnut streets this morning, and then the wack ways began. sending tenants from the building and people staying in the hotel next door outside into the cold. now the flames have been contained but more than 12 hours later, the fire fight does continue. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is in old city tonight with more on how the fire is impacting the entire city block. joe? >> reporter: natasha, good evening the scene this morning was absolute chaos. right now a little more controlled still dozens of firefighters out here the city has brought in the lights it looks like it's going to be a very long night in fact just about five minutes ago, we could still see the visible signs of
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smoke blowing from the burned out building. the condos, the restaurants, all that made up this block here in the third and chestnut right now though firefighters continue to aim water cannons on the building trying to douse those hot spots. the call to get out came after firefighters believe they had the upper hand in battling an apartment building fire in the old city section of philadelph philadelphia. >> as you can see, this is an active fire fight. we're trying to contain. >> reporter: firefighters reportedly dove out front floor windows as flames intensified inside the multi story complex at third and chestnut. >> i looked out the window i could see smoke billowing out from the ground floor restaurant next door to us. so of course, you know, immediately evacuated. >> reporter: late word sunday from the fire department smokes woman petition the number of people displaced by the fire hovering around 150. >> i've lived in philadelphia for more than ten years and i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: many took shelter and huddled in the museum of the
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american revolution. and on septa buses. >> we've been on that bus since 5:00 o'clock this morning. >> yeah, i can honestly i've never seen a fire so close to one. >> 200 fire footers working the blaze around the clock to stop the flames from sprea spreading. complicated smoky puzzle of walls, hallways and rooms due to old construction. >> it doesn't necessarily exist anywhere else. we love it. we love the old buildings. we love the history. at the same time it's very dangerous and very complex for our firefighters but they do an amazing job. >> reporter: dangerous indeed. you're looking live right now as the fire hoses continue to train on the upper levels of these buildings. all caught up in this early morning fire. now, there were no injuries reported among firefighters out here doing the job all day or tenants and those staying in the nearby hotel. we are told to expect a 7:30 press conference right in this
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space where i'm standing right outside the museum of the american revolution. we will have all of those late details for you starting on "eyewitness news" tonight at 11:00. for now live in old city, joe holden, cbs "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you so much. we do appreciate that. now, of course stay with "eyewitness news" as this story does continue to develop this evening. we will have more coming up tonight at 11:00 but when we aren't on television you can always get the very latest on our website now just days after snow fell across the region temperatures are finally on the rebound and they're going up and up. "eyewitness news" meteorologist lauren casey is live in the weather center ton night with look at what could be some record warmth i'm really liking this, lauren. >> i know, right? think about yesterday. we had the snow. we had the sleet. we had the rainfall. snow, poof, gone in most areas especially in around philadelphia. our temperature today right around average but good enough to health all the snow, sunshine helped as well. 46 degrees our high temperature.
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normal high temperature 44 degrees. we start to warm thing up as we head into your president's day tomorrow. we'll tack on few degrees. high temperature up to 52 with some scattered afternoon showers developing. fairly light in intense at around the city. heavier showers off to the north and west. but that's just the start of this warmup a big ridge is going to set up as we head into the next couple of days and particularly culminating on wednesday check out all of that mild air moving into our neck of the woods and we're talking about potentially two record breaking days and i'll let you know how high temperatures will climb in your full eyewitness forecast coming up in just few. >> lauren, thank you very much. philadelphia police are investigate a stabbing that left one man dead in olney. this happened on west somerville avenue just before 7:00 o'clock last night. police rushed to the scene and found a man on the corner with multiple stab wounds. so far there have been no arrests in this case and there is still no clear motive either. stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, black panther smashes
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records at the box office. plus, actress emma watson makes a huge donation to help victims sexual har
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tonight, get your longhorn favorites. like our outlaw ribeye, parmesan crusted chicken or the longhorn salmon. the feeling.
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the flavor. the place. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. welcome back everyone. it's been a huge opening weekend for marvel's latest big screen super hero black panther set box office milestones on its way to first place debut. early estimates say the film brought in a three-day gross of
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$192 million. that number marks the highest debut ever for a film opening in february and the fifth highest of all time. can't wait to see it. actress emma watson meantime donating more than $1.4 million to help sexual harassment victims. watson giving the money to the justice and equality fund. it's all part of a crowd funding campaign started by women in the british entertainment industry in response to the hash tag me too movement. more than 200 british stars signed an open letter calling for an end to sexual harassment at work. now let's check in with my friend lauren casey to see what this weather is up to now. we're getting warmer, right, lauren? >> we are getting warmer a little chilly right now. temperatures around average for the day today. pretty nice. we had the sunshine a lot of penal out and about as we head towards midweek people are going to be out and about all over the place with 70s in store but right now 44 degrees is your current temperature as we get live look at center city philadelphia. northwesterly winds up around 7 miles an hour. so that wind chill temperature down at 40 but storm scan3 this
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time yesterday this was packed with precip right now a couple of passing high clouds otherwise quiet conditions and keep it quiet as we head into your evening and overnight period just a few passing clouds. temperatures cooling we're about 36 degrees by midnight. dropping down into the middle 30s by the early morning hours. still have snow on the scene there as we get live look at the poconos still white on the ground. but as this warmup in store that snow will quickly melt away in the next couple of days. your temperature in the poconos 32 degrees. 41 in wilmington. millville 38 degrees. but here's what's in our future. this warmer air well to our south right now but that big ridge is going to lift up to the north and allow all of that warm mild air to spill in to our neck of the woods so record warmth for two days on tuesday and wednesday. your forecast high temperature 71 would break the record of 70 set back in 1930. 74 degrees the high temperature your forecast high and the record is 72. that would be another record
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breaker but for tonight, overnight just a few clouds. patchy fog jog dropping back to 33 degrees. chilly but not much of a breeze for the day tomorrow we will start off with little bit of sunshine but quickly clouding up. some scattered afternoon showers a high temperature of 52 degre 52 degrees. future weather showing us quiet throughout the overnight period. clouding up by the late morning hours. we'll start to see rain moving in especially north and west of the city. the best bet for precipitation through the day tomorrow and the heaviest of precipitation but we'll scatted scattered showers acrossism 95 as we head into the evening hours. then as we head into the rest of the evening, second half of the evening and overnight period a lot of moisture starting to exit off to the north and east and seven day forecast check out that warmth. tuesday i think we start off with fog and employee clouds. but i think we could have a sunny afternoon on tuesday combine that with 71 degrees, i'm starring to feel a little sick. [ laughter ] >> 74 on wednesday.
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and then temperatures are little cooler towards week's end and little more unsettled with showers likely thursday, friday and maybe saturday and into sunday. >> you'll feel better by the end of the week. >> getting a little cough. >> i think it will really get worse on tuesday. i have a feeling. >> worse toward tuesday. come hang out with me. i'm already off. no worries. >> lucky you. >> exactly. >> thanks, lauren much leslie what's going on in sports. >> we got goalie problems here. >> nhl trade deadline come up eight days flyers gm ron hextall may have a to make a move for a goalie. flyers up by one rangers with the two on one rush. matt scores to tie up the game and check out michael nor vernal slow getting up. he left the game with low body injury. alex lion will take over. wayne simmons shoots. nolan patrick knocks in the rebound the flyers regain the lead. after the rangers tie up the game, travis co nechy gets the
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loose puck and gets his 15th goal. in the third captain claude giroux skates on in and scores his 200th career goal and moves into seventh place tie in the flyers all time with john leclair. alex lyonn with 25 safes. first nhl win. the flyers beat the rangers seven-four. three points out of the first place in the metropolitan division. lebron james calls it the best weekend of the season and the best in the nba will be hitting the court for the all star game. joel embiid will start. and steph curry. joe joe says he's pick the brains of stars to see what works for them. at media day the process was asked what '90's movie he would be in if they did a remake? >> coming to america. because i'm african, you know, i came from africa and this is like a dream even got the chance, um, i made most out of
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this and i'm here and i still got a long way to go. probably coming to america. >> coming up in the zone flyers gm ron hextall will he make a move trade deadline we have sports radio wip john marks joining me to talk pucks and hoops and veterans report to spraining training tomorrow. todd zolecki stops by also tonight after the late news here on cbs3. >> it's a great movie. >> you know that's my favorite move z we were just talking about that. >> i knew i liked him. >> last night. >> we were just talking about it. >> i know every line almost. >> i knew i liked that joel. >> thanks, guys. stay with us. we're back in just a moment.
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♪ welcome back everyone. finally tonight a trip to mars may not be far away. people are already prepping for the journey this weekend the team of six israeli researchers ended a mars habitat experiment in a mock up built in the israeli desert. the team simulated living conditions on the red planet and they spent their time investigating how they could improve space communication, psychological effects of isolation and even ways to detect signs of possible life. it is one of a number of mars simulation projects taking place all around the world. interesting. going to happen. >> that will do it for us. i'm natasha brown, for lauer rep, leslie, all of us here we appreciate you joining us and we're always on at c
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> what is the carrot that you're dangling for north korea, to convince them to talk? >> we're not using a carrot to convince them to talk. we're using large sticks. >> day to day, rex tillerson is faced with the most delicate issues around the globe as secretary of state. >> what's the latest? >> he is also working for a president who prefers twitter to traditional diplomacy. the president tweeted, "rex, stop wasting your time trying to negotiate with little rocket man." have you asked him not to call him "little rocket man?" >> ( laughs ) >> can we please come together and at least give this president a chance? >> winfrey: this was the group when we met them in downtown grand rapids six montho.


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