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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 19, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just an employment. first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is monday, february 19th >> massive flames from an ambulance company in salem county new jersey, see the intense flames, smoke pouring from the building. >> we're taking off -- >> more than 24 hours after major fire, philadelphia firefighters keep watch on these old city buildings. now in danger of collapse. firefighters told me that the fire is out. that they do remain on scene. there are a case of hot spots
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and of course that threat of collapse. >> vowing to fight for new gun control legislation. teen survivors of scoot shoot ing in florida are sending a strong message to lawmakers? your job to protect us, our blood is on your hands. >> black panther pounces cents on the competition, with a huge opening weekend at the box office. >> another successful year for thon. penn state's weekend dance party takes in more than $10 million to help fight pediatric cancer. >> today's morning minute ... >> and the student did great job keeping thon going all weekend long, at penn state. >> sends it right out to kate toy talk about some rain headed our way. >> yes, you know, eventually this afternoon, especially, see few showers start to pick up here in the delaware vale. guys, for now, just have clouds building overhead.
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see some sun breaking through the cloud deck. but with time again depends where you are. you may want that umbrella ready to go, specially northern counties not the worse idea to walk out the door with it, but very much timing to all of this. we start things offer with a quick peak at just localized zoom on storm scan. just ready to walk out the door, take it out for a walk go, to the gym for hour or two , you don't need an umbrella not until later on today perhaps late this morning being some you have see quick shower, generally p.m. m time frame when any wet weather would roll through. still cold enough to warrant a winter coat for now. you're in the 30's at best in most locations, and notice, that winds direction, though, coming now out of the southeast. and it will continue to be pretty southerly. that is what get the uphill climb going and eventually we will see some serious warmth. today, already, 7 degrees above average for what's average of the day. here in philly, hit 52 degrees , with a late day shower, it is the poconos, northern counties, lehigh valley, where i suggest maybe go out the door with the umbrella when the rain does get here it could drench you.
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now, record warmth coming. look at the protected highs, for tomorrow, and wednesday. yes, those aren't typos. we're specking two straight days of may-like warmth, and then the inevitable drop off. now, along the way, meisha, there will be some wet weather to err to track with all of that but clearly going on serious uphill climb. the warmth only going to get more intense. >> absolutely, amazing, katie. so obviously this goes much time out there in that sun and those 70s, as you possibly can just soak it up. so today, for president's day on this monday, i can tell you right now it is section of montgomeryville, horsham road, closed right now at north wales road. you will have to use an alternatement county line road is going to be your best bet around here. so this is closed right now, so just avoid the area, also another accident, that's still out there in folsome. mcdade boulevard, at morton avenue. and another accident in pen penn wynn overturned vehicle here, route one city avenue
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near haverford road. so heads up on that. plus we also have some other stuff going on. so we have an ambulance building fire in woodstown, new jersey, sow so route 40, it is closed near route 45. you will have to use an alternate. millbrook avenue is going to be your best bet there. plus, a fire that happened yesterday morning, in old city , still affecting us this morning, chestnut street closed, between second and third street. your alternate market street, second and street street closed right now, rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. more now on the breaking news, salem county new jersey that huge fire burning out of control at an ambulance company. this is the american legion ambulance association on maple court in woodstown, neighbor posted this video just few minutes ago on facebook. >> fire companies responding to the fire, no word if any ambulances cents are were damaged if the fire, so far there are no report of any injuries. we want to take to you live picture right now, the flames errupted earlier, neighbors took to social media and recorded hearing explosions, you can see, most of the flames are now out, but there are still a lot of smoke from
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here you can also see the building appears to be a complete lost. we will stay on top of this and bring you update as soon as we get more information. >> and from that fire to a fire that we've been talking about all weekends since yesterday morning, in old city , what's left of the build ing in old city now in a potential collapse zone. >> fire fight remembers still on the scene more than 24 hours after that massive fire. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at the scene with the latest on the investigation. good morning, again, trang. >> reporter: well, good morning, jim, rahel. i'm told that l and i will be out here in just a few hours to check the structural integrity of the buildings. take a look you can really see all of the damage that occurred in these past 24 hours. you can see, all of that smoke and fire damage. and significant amount of water damage as well all contributing to the potential threat of collapse here, which is why these firefighters remain on scene. monitoring these buildings. but here is video of the scene just about 24 hours ago, fire crews were called out to third and chestnut around 330 sunday morning for reports every fire
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inside two buildings with restaurant on the first floor and upper floor condos. now, some 160 people evacuated from those buildings, and neighboring ones including the best western independence park in all, 400 firefighters responded to the four alarm fire, but continued to flare up throughout the day sunday as well as overnight. now, two firefighters suffered minor injuries and were treated and released. now this is all happened next to popular restaurant t the restaurant itself wasn't damaged but water damage to the building's basement could take this restaurant out of commission for some time. >> we've got, you know, 80 people depends dent on us for their livelihoods. and we're just hoping it is shorter than longer. but we don't know enough to, you know it, could be two days , it could be two years. you know, we don't really know >> a number of businesses cents in this very popular touristy area are being affected. now, this is museum of the american revolution, actually closed yesterday, because of
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the fire, but they say that they will open today despite all of these roads being closed around here. again, this is third street, that's chestnut and the surrounding streets right now are closed but this museum says they will open. for now live in old city. trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," back to you guys. >> not surprising president's day weekend, you're going to have a lot of tourists cents in town. thank you, trang. >> "eyewitness news," we stay up-to-date on the investigation into the old city fire. our coverage continues on line any time at >> crews had to remove philadelphia firetruck that got stuck in a massive hole in kensington. >> this happened on the 3300 block of colin street just before 9:00 last night. truck went over a metal plate that was on top of road construction. we're told the crews successfully removed the truck from the hole. no one was hurt. >> well, the parent of murdered university of pennsylvania student bernstein visit the campus for an event honoring their son. jenny and giddian bernstein flu in from southern california to attend their son's memorial service. the 19 year old was killed in
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california last month allegedly by high school classmate. bernstein's parent say his legacy will be his kindness. >> we want to -- he wanted to help people. he was cents truely a philanthropist. i feel i learned that from our home. part that far what was raised with, a jewish turn for repairing the world. >> the bernstein's say their visit to penn allowed them to see that quality in many of their son's former classmate. >> the pennsylvania supreme court faces as a self imposed deadline to unveil a map of the district to take effect in the may 15th primary. republican lawmakers say they'll ask the federal judge to block any new maps, the state court over stepping its bound in re structural the state's congressional district on the high court ruled last month that pennsylvania district boundaries un constitionally favor go pp candidate. >> president trump said much of his weekend on twitter commenting on the russia investigation. tweeted the obama administration takes some of the blame for russia's
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meddling in the 2016 presidential election. wrote president obama quote new of the threat and did nothing. democratic and republican lawmakers agree, the us will have to tighten security against russian infiltration before this year's mid year election. >> security has been very aggressive working with state and under this administration to be able to work on election security. >> facebook intends to crackdown on people who buy political ads, requires anyone who does, live in the united state. justice department has indicted 13 rushes and three russian companies charged them with creating hundreds of fake media profiles. >> former advisor to the trump and presidential campaign will reportedly testify against former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. will also plead guilty to fraud related charges. both manafort and gate was slapped with conspiracy and other charges by special council robert mueller last year. those charges are related to their work in the ukraine, long before trump's presidential run. manafort pleaded no not guilty
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to his charges. >> survivors of last week's deadly school shooting are calling for stricter gun laws after 17 people were killed in park land, florida. student will take a stand for gun control today. they hosted a rally on saturday, and staged walk out at local school on friday. that's after 19 year old nicholas cruz allegedly opened fire inside of marjorie stone man high school wednesday. he's being head without bail. one survivor believes the kids can make a change. >> the ones to make a difference because we have so much information at our fingertips. we relentless, we do not let things go. >> why is a kid more relentless than an adult? >> because an adult can be swayed by money. and kids are swayed by feelings. >> president trump plans to meet with a group of student on wednesday, and hear their concerns. >> well, olympic athletes may be tough, but even they get home sick. >> many countries bring a slice of home to them at the games. dana jack on son has the full story. >> ♪
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>> it is a piece of home in the midst of an international whirlwind. hospital al at this houses ' they are call at the olympics set up for athlete, and sometimes even their fast. >> it is rather understated. but here luxury is a is a top priority, austria house check out the view. >> hello, welcome to the sport house. >> even athletes from nations cents not represented at the olympics have a place to go. like the athletes from russia. the russian flags allowed, but plenty of russian culture. >> actually started out as a really small little tent. >> holland's heineken house, one of the first and best known on the circuit for both the sponsor and history, after starting the hospitality house trend at the 92 games in bars loan, a if you now one of about three dozen glenn nowadays it is one of the objectives, during the olympics. >> this year 2018 -- >> you can stay at the holland
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heineken house, if you don't want to mitt out on minute of fun. this orange carpet what they call legendary lane here at heineken house. athlete wins a medal, they come here great highlight presentation place then walk the orange carpet, monday the fans all the way up on to the stage where they are presented to the crowd. part pep rally part disco, anticipation throughout the night awaiting such medalists. even before this year's celebration is over, holland's heineken house is scout ago hang out for these fans and more in tokyo. after all, there is no place like home. dana jack on son, cbs-3 " eyewitness news." >> up next the british film academy awards are handed out in london. we will tell you some of the big winners? plus lancaster teen spends hours stuck in a cave before being rescued. we'll tell you what made things even tougher for first responders at the scene. >> and the latest on the frantic search for missing man in california.
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both uber and lyft now working to find him. we will tell you what he did right before going missing before we come back. more and more student debt is keeping people from doing what they love.
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>> black want err is setting all sort of box office records
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. >> black panther debuted at number one, to no one's surprise bringing in estimated $192 million. the movie broke the records for opening in february which had black panther marveled first film. >> and hollywood stars wore black for the, many actresses cents wore the black dress toss show their support for sexual harrass: one who wore address of color, kate mill dollars ton, chose to wore a hunter green instead. while she did receive backlash it is speculated she wore green to avoid making a political statement. >> and now moving on to the actual ceremony, three billboards outside missouri takes top honors at the awards . >> and the it goes to: outside missouri. >> the movie won five awards including best film, actors, and supporting actor award for
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sam rot well. also won directing honors, and pick animation won for best animated film. >> that billboard movie was a good movie. did you guys see it? >> did i not. >> it is a really, you sit there, and it is very dark, but it is funny. >> okay. >> really? >> dark comedy. >> speaking every funny. back as promised, black panther, was cents it all the hype and more. i'm going back this week. >> are you serious? >> yes, a loft people r it is that good. >> that's a good sell right there. >> i'll put it on my list. >> yes. >> speaking of good though. >> yes. >> if you like warm weather, you should look this week? >> little mid-may for mid- february. not bad. talking couple of days of the 70's. >> incredible. >> no issue hitting or tying couple of records here in the next couple of days, but still snow on the ground it, wouldn't and crazy forecast without all of this going on
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here. go up to the bethlehem camera being take friend hotel bethlehem along main street ment looks a little slick. and i wouldn't be shock if it is. we saw pictures still marginal freezing in most location action, i would caution you if you had decent snow over the weekend most of the northern counties did, like next-door in allentown you ended up with over 8 inches every snow. that's where the sweet spot ended up hitting, there could definitely be travel issues for you out there. but nice clearview. even out to the mountain there , and throughout the day, we will see the clouds build. but it is later in the day, that we will eventually see some showers. now quickly checking in with the weather watchers, those, too, finding them until the northern most counties same issue here. tanks not guys up in bath bath , charles still said he had 4 inches of snow on the ground, 27 coming in from keith this morning, getting a check on the conditions for travel, he did say again it is not terribly cold, it is february, nothing too atypical but with the temperatures below freezing there are icy patches in his neighborhood. traveling up toward i80 interchange expect it could
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get slick. 31 degrees, coming in from ed connor this morning, and he actually mentions there is frost on the windshield. may need the extra time to be thawing out this morning, look at this, look at the frost, settled in here. so expect that that could be an issue as you travel around. you'll need the extra time to be thawing out. even despite over the weekends , this is what we are looking ahead to in the next few days, these are philadelphia forecasted highs, but you will be close to that anyway up in the allentown area. seventy tomorrow. 70 degrees. which would tie the record, 74 is wednesday, so both very warm. wednesday obviously the warmest before the next cold front comes along. meantime, the warmfront that is getting this uphill climb underway is bringing in some showers already. notable across virginia, that's what's going to lift in here as the day progresses cents so specially the pm hour see our fair share. i would still say do you have watch out for slick travel in the northern counties specially. but when these showers get here, still give you general
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green light. careful of any showers falling but they should be scat nerds nature. now, look ahead to the seven day forecast, warmest days are obvious, tuesday, wednesday, still warm on thursday, but that's when the cold front is crossing through, temperatures will continue to fall. by friday held back to 48, what's interesting, meisha, even the coolest day still above average. >> yes, well, i can't take my eyes off tuesday and wednesday , those 70s, i tell you what, that makes me so happy. good morning, everyone, happy president's day. looking outside right now. we have whole host of issues going on this morning. so first, more serious accident here in montgomeryville. so horsham road closed between doylestown road and upper state road. you will have to use an alternatement county line road is going to be your best bet. that will road is so, and another accident in folsome, mcdade boulevard at morton avenue. that's still out there, as women. then another accident in penn wynn, overturned vehicle, route one city avenue. near haverford road. and an ambulance building fire in woodstown, new jersey, so route 40 right now is closed, between route 45 and elm
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street. you will have to use an alternate. mel brooke your best bet around that one. so lot going on this morning. plus, we had fire in old city. that actually happened yesterday morning in the evening when i walked by it was still out there. and it is still affecting you this morning. so chestnut street closed between second and third street. your alternate is market street. second and third streets obviously then closed, septa bus route are detoured around the fire area as well. make sure to check those schedules on line. back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. after several hours yesterday, rescuers saved a lancaster teen who was trapped inside after cave. >> this was the scene last night as crews worked to free the teen in marple township. boy traveling with a group and a cave guide when became wedged between some rocks yesterday afternoon. fire officials explained why limited access made the rescue mission so difficult. >> inside the cave, it is cents very, very few people can be in there at a time. it is tight. there are access that get tight, then opens up, get
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tight again. and we don't want a rescuer in the same kind of situation as we had the victim in right now we have to be very careful about it. >> officials say teen did not appear to be hurt but medics took him to the hospital for a precaution. >> is teaming one missing driver family in the search to find him. a driver for both uber and lyft disappeared los angeles about a week ago, his phone, car, facebook, 91 but apparently hung up before he got through. >> just adds to a lot of spec lays as far as where is he. it is no his nature just to disappear like this. >> family and friend from coast-to-coast have used social bleed to try and find him. they say they are cooperating with the lapd. >> still ahead: pilot makes an emergency landing on a busy california highway. >> and wait until you see what happened next. be right back.
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>> a doubling take on a california highway. >> that's a pick-up truck towing a plane back to a local airport. the pilot was forced to land
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the plane on the highway after he had engine problems shortly after take off. instead of loading the plane onto flatbed truck, the pilot had it towed. >> not far from that area, spam fans from all over california were in aisle ten for it annual spam festival yesterday. yum. spam jalia, spam-less and spam injuring i, just some of the unique dishes at the event. contestants got create enough hopes of taking home this family trophy. of course bragging right tort best spam in town. >> i don't know about. that will colony's of penguins are gathering at argentina end inches will for their annual migration. >> thousand every adult birds just completed the breeding season. last five month or so living in southern argentina or chile , will migrate north any day now. >> you you know penguins are really small. i went to an islands once in
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argentina i for some reason thought they would be up to my waist, i think i've watched too many cartoons. >> how big are they. >> like little birds. >> coming up: bonds withing your baby, see how this cast is giving new insight into how babies learn, and get with their parent. plus this. >> pro ticking olympic skiers on the slopes, contraption that's a a lot like an airbag next.
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>> a massive fire in salem. live on the scene with an update. >> fire fight remembers still on the scene in old city more than 24 ours after a fire broke out. now they are warning people nearby of a possible building could collapse. >> every politician who is taking donations, shame on you >> student many not even old enough to vote calling on washington dc for stricter gun laws, now mars are being planned across the us in the wake of the deadly school shootings ining in florida. >> today is monday, february 19, it is president's day, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. kate p and meisha are keeping their eyes on things this morning get being us out the door. >> happy monday. even though it is president's day, i thought it would


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