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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  February 19, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". >> almost entire fleet is on, south jersey over south jersey ambulance company destroyed by a fire overnight. the tragedy for the salem county community every woodstown, good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. these images were post today a facebook page, the fire destroyed the company's building and its ambulances are, live in woodstown, with more on the fire and how nearby communities plan to
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help. good afternoon, alicia. >> good afternoon, jim, rahel. >> this was certainly an explosive fire, and just talking to fire chief a few second ago, he helped us understand why. if you just take a look, each ambulance, in fact, the base here inside this building, they had oxygen tanks, as the fire moved from the right side of the building past each of the ambulances, it was just one ex close after another. now, there is no word on what sparked the actual initial fire yet but here's what we do know so far. the 91 call first came in around 4:00 this morning, that's when several witnesses say they heard those explosions, here at this woodstown american legion ambulance association, and that's when flames started ripping through the roof. now, luckily, the fire department was just too two blocks away it, took them minute to get here. but even so, a fire chief told me that when firefighters got here, the fire had moved so fast it already spread throughout the entire building took fire fighters hour and a half to put out the blaze here , in the end, six
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ambulance trucks just one short of the entire fleet, they were destroyed. but fortunately, four members of the ambulance company who were or just returned back from two separate calls, and were asleep inside when the fire started, they managed to wake up in time and make it out of the fire safely. >> one of them moved off, smelled smoke, he is a firefighter, you know, and checkup stairs in the attic. didn't see anything. then he went out, in the ambulance phase, and saw smoke on the ground, and he got the other crew out. >> and the fire marshall is out here still trying to determine what caused this fire, no word on that just yet but in the meantime there is ambulance company is still using the one ambulance that's actually functioning and still working and did not get damaged the response to the 911 calls, also getting some help from nearby ambulance companies to kind of support the community and make sure they have full coverage, until they can recover and get their other ambulances a new ones back up and running.
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live in salem county, alicia, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> thank you, meanwhile here if philadelphia, there are concerns old city building gutted by four alarm fire over the weekend could collapse, joe holden live in the scene on second and chestnut where tenant are all awaiting word if they're ever be allowed took back home, joe? >> we are here observing the work, city inspectors remain at the scene, licenses and inspections, the atf, the philadelphia fire department and pgw all doing whole ton of work out here, as they continue to probe if these buildings are structurally compromised or if they will be able to with stand after blaze that burned for hours. let's take up to chopper three high above the scene here at third and chestnut street. a maze of detours remain in place around the fire scene. now, fire fighting effort have since concluded, but this row
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of old city buildings burned for hours, now, that, again, is the significant factor in question about the building's stability. let's go ahead and take you to the taught night of the fire. the first calls going out to 911, just after 3:00 sunday morning, most reporting seeing thick black pouring from 239 chestnut h been restaurant on the first floor until recently according to neighbors, it had been shutdown. at this time there is still no official cause determined. the fire swept through the building vertically, eventually reaching the fifth floor, and burned on for hours 160 people in condominiums, apartment, and nearby best western, were evacuated, number of pet perished in the fire, several dozen tent and and property owners displaced as result, atf is lending it assistance with the philadelphia fire department in the ongoing probe. business owners tell cbs-3
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their future is uncertain, specially considering the extent of damage and a big if, if the structural integrities i of these buildings have has been compromised. this investigation will go on for hours, for zombies owners, we talked to the business owner of the little lion, it is unclear perhaps he told us yesterday, if he'll be opening in two month, or two years. that is just how many if's remain out here at this noon hour. we are are working all angles of the story, see you for the latest development starting on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now live in oiled city, joe holden, cbs 3, "eyewitness news." >> certainly still a lot of questions, joe, we'll see you later, thank you. meanwhile, crews had to remove this philadelphia firetruck from hole on the 3300 block of collins avenue in kensington, appears that the truck rolled over metal plate on top of some construction work, the removal was a success and no one was hurt. >> well, philadelphia police have released new video of the eagles parade day celebrations that is result in the some
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destruction there is surveillance footage shows several people causing a septa bus shelter to collapse back on february 8th. at the corner of 15th and jfk boulevard. if you recognize anyone in this video, police want to hear from you. >> turning to the forecast temperatures are rising tan will feel like spring for most of the week, yes, spring. meteorologist, katie fehlinger here to tell us when the 70s will arrive, katie? >> yes, 70s, what's so bizarre about this, not like you've never seen it before, but coming very close to if not actually going to have some new records for the books here in the next couple of days, now, note i'm still wearing winter coat, still wearing gloves. still cool outside. but the warmer trends is getting underway as we speak, we take a look at storm scan3, even in the little hit that we had right before the show started i felt a little sprinkle here on the cbs-3 skydeck. not much out there, but little bit of moisture working it way in already. so you may see a drop of rain here and there. but that really is about it.
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for now, as time will see, additional showers, still scat nerd nature for the pm time frame. current temperatures though are already into or flirting with the 50's. from philly on south and east. further north and west you go. warm willing trends is beginning, hey, at least still into the low 40's in allentown and ridding, so any precipitation that does get to you will be strictly rain showers. even up in the mountains too. these clouds have really thickened quite efficiently through the course of the day. happy president's day. showers will move in. should not create drenching wash out but northern counties you'll encounter those as the day goes on. looking ahead beyond today, additional rain chances in the forecast specially true for the mid to late week. so little later in the show, yes, we will be talking about some substantial warming, but also, that possibility of wet weather. and i'll breakdown more details a bit later on, guys? >> thank you, katie. well, some survivors of the florida school shooting are chanelling their grief into a call for action, there are plans for nationwide mars to increase pressure on lawmakers
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about gun control. as correspondent weijia jiang explains from the white house, these student activists also making their voices cents heard. >> this isn't just a mental health issue. >> the survivors of the school shooting in park land florida are speaking out and demanding changes to the nation's gun laws. >> the fact that we even have to do this is appauling. our job is to go to school, learn, and not take a bullet. >> about 100 student from marjorie stone man douglas high school are planning to visit the state capitol in tallahassee wednesday. and they say, they're organizing nationwide march, next month, as part of their hashtag never again movement. >> the response from our students, who are still around , and still able to talk , they're take that opportunity. they're empowered. and they're angry. >> the student-led movement is spreading. a group calling itself teens for gun reform is planning a protest outside the white house today.
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>> the white house says president trump will host two listening sessions on school safety this week. and they say the president support legislation to improve the federal backgrounds check system. president trump called texas senator john cornyn on friday to discuss cornny bill for federal and state authority accurately report relevant records to the national instant criminal background check system, bipartisan support to pass the bill. >> that is the first thing of multiple things that need to be done. >> pa bill introduced after a mass shooting last november in a small tech as church, that left 26 people dead. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> president trump is going after oprah winfrey on twitter , last night on 60 minute, which of course air here on cbs-3, to unite a team of panelists she interviewed last year about the trump presidency. they talk about the me two movement. >> one person hasn't been touched by the movement is the president himself.
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during the campaign, we are all aware that some 20 women accused him of inapropriate sexual blew half year. there was the access hollywood tape of course. what do you all think about that? >> well, the president apparently was in the happen which that question. took to twitter tweeting just watch the very insecure oprah winfrey who at one point new very well, and view panel on 60 minutes. questions were bias dollars and slanted, the fact inch contradict. hope oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like the other. one previously said she has cents no plans of running for president. >> in a decision that could have national political ramifications, the pennsylvania state supreme court faces a deadline today to impose new congressional district map for the state's 2018 election. the court set that deadline to unveil the new map to take us back in the may primary. republicans say the court is over steps its bound, the democratic majority on the high court ruled last month that the state's district
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boundaries un constitionally favor gop candidate. >> well, 76ers guard jj red sick accused of using a racial slur. >> still ahead the apology he issued overnight and the basketball star who is defending him. plus: >> ♪ and the rocket red glare ♪ >> the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ >> well, certainly different. fergie sang the national anthem at yesterday's nba all-star game. but not everyone was impressed in fact, many all stars were shirking, the backlash, when " eyewitness news" returns.
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>> welcome back, jj reddick is responding after video appears to show him using a racial slur. >> one of several players recording happy new year messages to fans in china. >> ♪ >> very happy chinese new year >> well, he said he got tongue tide and his words came out the wrong way. his portion of the video was not released but it was of course leak on the internet. late last night reddick issued a statement on twitter saying i want to sincerely apologize to anyone i may have offended. that is not who i am as a person, a player, a husband or a father. that point guard jeremy lin who considered -- who is considered the face of chinese basketball, also commented on
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twitter saying quote i truly believe he didn't say racial slur and that he has cents a great deal of respect toward chinese people. fergie has yet to make any comment about her performance at the nba all-star game. but people on social media had plenty to say. the singer gave what some are calling the worse rendition of the national anthem ever. >> ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ >> i don't think it is the worse ever, did they remember roseanne bar? well, fergie's rendition of the star bangled banner didn't go over well last night in lost los angeles, at one point the camera panned over, and saw people laughing. social media lit up with comments slamming the star. >> oh, right there. >> well, coming up, they danced for 46 hours straight and they didn't sleep. >> well, still ahead on " eyewitness news," the penn state song was a huge success. we'll tell you how much money these very dedicated students
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raised this year. >> as we look ahead already to the next upcoming weekend at the moment it is looking like we in for a continue taste of spring by this point with daytime highs projected to be in the 60s, how much, with what's the trade off with possibility of rain showers along with that, meantime, those aren't even the warmest temps you'll see. you heard about the 70 ace, yes, we'll see them, talk about more when those temperatures get here, on
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>> happy ending to dramatic rescue, rescue teams worked for more than seven hours to save a boy saturday night. >> the teen traveling with a
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group and guide inside wind cave when he became wedged between some rocks. crews used heating pads to keep the teen warm while they worked to free him. fortunately he wasn't hurt. >> glad to hear that. >> wow. >> all right, closer to home. katie, supposed to be very warm, and i'm totally here for it. >> you know, also end up seeing more and more sunshine in the next couple of days, more impacts to come along with the warmfront bringing this warm air to us, very dreary outside right now, probably ends up with a couple of showers along the way, too, but small price to pay if you are a big fan of the warmth. talking about may like conditions, for the next few days, so not only are we expected to tie a record, we should have a new one for the record books even come wednesday so let's get out there, show you what's happening on the wider, i think with the showers that we're dealing with today is cents the bulk will cross through the northern counties, already pretty evident. just looking at the way the radar is moving through, the shower on the radar moving through here, along i80, south
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of that, so if you are going along pa turnpike on 78, that's where you likely ends up with any of the steadiest of the showers, there are some steadier bat moving through here, that's the zone that i would say you probably want an umbrella if you have to be out at some point later today. the rest of cows easily see a sprinkle or straight upshaw, all warmfront related as this warmth starts to lift in. >> then steady through the overnight, eventually the warmfront has to be followed up by cold front, but it will take time to get here, not until wednesday night into thursday does that make it arrival. so nice window of warm weather opportunities to enjoy before this all takes place. and in the meantime, here is what we are are shooting for the forecast high is 70 tomorrow. the records to book is in fact 70. both of these records the next few days setback in the 30's. so very long standing ones. we do fully anticipate you will have brand new number for the books hereby wednesday, calling for 74, we might need
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to tweak that up as we get ever closer but regardless no matter what the number ends up being, it will be a warm day. now, future visibility, i feel like this is the unsung impact out of this, with warmfront lifting in, wind remains light behind. >> this you have lots of moisture to work with. and it is mild. all perfect key ingredients for fog to form. this is even as early as 6:00 p.m. important to note this is a model but it gives you a idea whatever we're dealing with as fock starts to settle in, visibility even during this evening rush could really start to deteriorate specially later on tonight. even by 7:00 p.m., you could be under a mile or near zero in some spots. and this looks like it could last until ten, 11:00 p.m., near zero, throughout southeastern pa. that could last us through the majority of tomorrow morning before it starts to get little better. factor that in. may want to think about setting the alarm couple of extra minute early because you will need the time and distance from vehicles to get through that.
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even by 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., still have the relatively poor visible, sun will penetrate through that. it should help the clouds to break apart. meantime it is a gray and just dreary start to the afternoon. still with some snow out here in berks county and many other locations, but the snow melt continues. i think that in the next couple of days this is going to be long gone. meantime, let's take a look at the warmfront impacts once more. scattered showers later this afternoon already seeing them merge, so it is only matter of time. daytime highs are milder, low 50's cents cents today, temperatures actually stay steady tonight. drop down to 50 with the fog forming and then looking ahead the two warmest days obviously come tomorrow and wednesday. by thursday that high of 60 is hit very early on probably around midnight. that's as the cold front is sweeping through. so there will still be rain showers to dodge, but temperatures will likely fall through the 50's during the day, and then by friday it is more after dose of reality with highs held in the four's where they should be.
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>> thanks, kate. >> i 50 years ago today that the iconic figure first appeared in our living room. >> since then many of us have lived in mr. rogers' neighborhood. >> ♪ beautiful day in the neighborhood ♪ >> fred rogers back in the headlines 17 years after his show ended, mr. rogers stamp is coming this year so is a bio pick starring tom hanks. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back, more than 700 penn state student are taking a stand against childhood cancer. >> were standing for 48 hours. (cheers). >> forty-six hours to be exact thon made it big reveal at the ends of the annual dance marathon raised $10.1 million. it goes to help pediatric cancer patient and their families at the milton s hershey medical center unbelievable that kids, college student, like normal guys can just have such an impact on these kids lives. >> thon has raised more than $487 million since 1977. the organization built itself as the worm's largest student run philanthrope. >> i they do such an amazing job every year. that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. >> the young and the restless is coming up next.
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♪ their lives are beautiful, let's keep it that way. if you suspect child abuse, report it. for more information on reporting child abuse or neglect go to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... >> juliet: i was fired for cause. i made a super-dumb mistake that is costing brash & sassy hundreds of thousands. i would never win a wrongful termination suit. >> hilary: i am talking about sexual harassment. now, that's a suit that you will win. slam dunk. >> hilary: and if a supervisor is taking advantage of you... >> juliet: he's not. >> devon: so, hilary knew that juliet was lying the entire time. >> noah: i have accepted a position at newman enterprises in the mumbai office. >> sharon: you're moving to india? when? >> noah: tomorrow. >> chelsea: is that a yes? will you marry me? i know a secret. nick isn't christian's father. adam is! and i swear to god, if you continue this crusade against me, he's gonna find out the truth, phyllis, and it's gonna be on you. >> phyllis: you're a damn liar. who makes up something so


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