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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 20, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> dense fog advisory across the region. the bigger story may be the winter warm up we're about to embark upon. grieving teens turning their heartache into action. what the parent of the suspected shooter, and the high school that's pushing for gun control laws. >> picking up the pieces cents investigators are looking what caused sunday's massive four alarm fire in old city. the concern right now
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continues to be whether one of the buildings will collapse. >> today is tuesday, february the 20th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning, good morning, guys. >> good morning, of course happy tuesday. yes, sim, speaking of the fire that happened in old city. roads are still closed, yes, and it happened sunday morning , still block on the area. more on that, and of course visibility issues, speed restrictions in play because of fog. >> right. it is reasonable old wide, too , you won't escape this anywhere in the entire delaware valley, this morning, and i actually think it will get worse before it gets better. typically with this set up the worse of the poor visibility right before the sun comes up. once that happens, that's when you'll start to see the sun do its part to help scour out the fog and cloud cover. here is that advisory everyone is in it, it will last until at least 10:00 a.m. this morning. so into and beyond the typical morning rush, into the late morning hours, before we're really out of this, but with time left with just sunshine
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afternoon ' developed day as well. here is a look at storm scan. not much to see here although we do some fine drizzle falling. we definitely have the fog issues, but fog very tough to detect. it is cents that sort of just very light gray haze that you see that's enveloping the area actually some very dense fog, so times this radar and satellite can look very innocent when in fact it is not the at the grounds level. fifty-three the current tell newer millville, 55 in dover, very warm southwesterly surge kicking in here, but the fog and the fine drizzle are the issue initially, and then we are on pace to set a new record. as long as we surpass 70 degrees today, we'll have new one for the books, that's what we're calling right now, 71 degrees is the call. with some sun this afternoon, no better excuse, meisha, to get outside. >> absolutely, i want that 71. so let's cross our fingers, we just have to get to this morning commute. the problem with that is yes, the visibility issues, fog will pose a problem for us. seeing that right now. but not so much volume. not going to see volume start to heat up until we push more
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toward the 6:00 hour. looking outside, you probably wouldn't really be able to tell what this is, but it is 42, so 42 freeway, take toward 295. take a look at how hazy that looks. even with fog lights. sometimes it just doesn't matter. it is going to pose some problems for us because of visibility. we have construction crews, still out there, of course, blue route, off ramp to 76, right lane, looks like hopefully now clearing that out for you. by the way, schuylkill westbound between 12th street and the vine, construction also moved out of the way. quickly accident investigation involving a pedestrian. that happened around 3:00 a.m. in willow grove. we will be talking more about this coming up in the next ten minute, jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. well the call for tighter gun control continues this morning , when student at marjorie stone man douglas lasts high school in florida travel to the state capitol to demand action. >> also hearing from the family who took in the suspected shooter nicholas krause after the teen's mother died. hen a doba reports the family is defending their decision to allow cruz to keep around half dozen guns.
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>> as accused high school shooter 19 year old nicholas cruz appeared in front after judge yesterday, for a second time, the family that had been housing him was speaking out. >> james and kimberly snead insist cruz showed no warning signs that he was about to do harm to himself or others. >> in a positive, positive path going. he was going to school. he had a job. he told us two weeks ago the happiest he's ever been. >> the family say when cruz moved into their home with around half dozen guns, their only stipulation, that he keep them locked in a gun safe. >> i have guns. i respect guns. as long as they're handled properly. it is right to own a gun. >> cruz owned the guns legally florida judge yesterday, though, authorized the release of his records which indicate he had multiple mental health concerns, including severe depression and adhd. at vigils and protests across the country, many are calling
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for tighter regulation to prevent those with mental health issues from buying the gun. >> it come down to children, classrooms who are being shot. >> at this line outside the white house, dozen hoover schoolers for teens for gun re reforms, student from park land plan to rally at this state capitol this week. >> we feel like politicians on both sides but mostly the gop excepting money from the nla are betting on our lives. and they're betting against us >> the white house says president trump will host a listening session tomorrow with both student and teachers , hena a doba cbs-3 " eyewitness news." >> here at home police trying track down a teenage who they say tried to end area philadelphia school wawa gun. look at the video. armed teen tried to enter master i charter school but the doors were locked. police believe the teen is between 13 to 16 years old. >> fire investigators are looking for the cause after overnight house fire in west
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philadelphia. "eyewitness news" on the 700 block of south diesel street where the fire broke out shortly before 2:00 this morning. firefighters make quick work of the fire, as you can see, the home sustained some significant damage. >> and two days after a four alarm fire in old city philadelphia, a building is now targeted for demolition. >> sit however is hoping to save part of it at least, trang do live near third and chestnut with the details. trang, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. >> this corner remains roped off for people's safety. i'll take you over to the building here, 239 chestnut. you can see, there are work crews outside of it monitoring it around the clock because of this threat of clams. we are told the fifth floor has already caved in. and the city has ordered the owner to take off part of that fire, to lessen the strain on the building, meantime, the community here is banned g together to help their friends and neighbors. >> as investigators from the city's fire marshall's office,
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atf and l & i work to piece together what caused a devastating fire that damaged three buildings, at third and chestnut street, those who lost everything are just trying to hold it together. >> it has been very hard to think about it. deal with it, think it through i basically a.m. going from minute to minute. >> al lived at 239 chest null street for 40 years. the four alarm fire started around 3:30 a.m. sunday. it gutted his loft and art studio and killed his six carts and par keith. the long time paw's foster parent story touching so many people, who have contributed more than $30,000 to a go fund me page for gory. >> people that i don't even know have been approaching me or sending things, sending messages. it is just un believable. >> the city has determined 239 will eventually need to be demolished. neighboring building like the one housing restaurant the little lion can be saved, but the owners have no time line for when they can reopen. nearby restaurant city tavern
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is stepping up to help. >> here at city tavern we have been shutdown due to the fire ourselves. >> manager jason bid is the interviewing some of the zero eight little lion employees left jobless by the fire. >> we're a community here in old city. and a lot of people in the kitchen have worked at little lion. so we get around. we eat in local establishment, and we see the faces. >> like so many building in this area, this building has very unique history, told it was built in in the 1850's, was former hat factory. although it has to be del old irma, it is trying to save its cast iron facade. >> thank you, trang, for that update. >> woman is recovering after she is shot in the drive by shooting in grays ferry. this happened last night on the 2700 block of reed street and grays ferry. police say the victim is a innocent bystander, was sit ting in her car when someone opened fire more than 20 shots were fired.
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the woman was hit in the arm. police are still searching for the gunman. >> police are loose looking for the manor on your screen who attacked a pregnant woman in the china town section. >> this happened saturday morning, outside of the dunkin donut at tenth and arch. investigators say the suspect hit the woman who is five month pregnant in the stomach. she told police the suspect asked her for $2, when told him she didn't have the money that's when he attack her. we're told the woman is okay. >> if you live in pennsylvanian plan to vote this year, chances cents are you may have been moved into a new congressional district without even leaving your home this is the old map, which the state supreme court ruled was unconstitutional because it favors gop candidate. compared that with this new map which the state's highest court re-drew. it will become effective in time for the may 15th primary. pennsylvania gop chairman tells "eyewitness news" that it plans to challenge the new map. >> this wasn't really about drawing compact contiguous lines with the supreme court decision, more about drawing
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more democrats what they've done. we are calling it judicial manned erring, jerry manned erring what people are complaining about, but now the supreme court engaged in the very type of activity. >> the pennsylvania democratic party released this statement on the new map, for too long, republicans have taken advantage after notoriously jerry manneder map. >> well, coming up: authorities continue to try to track down vandals from the super bowl parade next we'll show you knew video that they hope will lead to some suspect >> then police are questioning two drivers caught on camera, in a road rage altercation. we'll hear from the stunned eyewitness about the violent scene. >> and we'll tell you about what a popular delaware beach town just outlawed. it will have you changing what you bring to the beach. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> part of the area are so fog at this will be hard to tell the street names. thanks to cbs-3 photo journalist joe for this live shot. looks like we're looking down the parkway. katie is here to tell us when the fog will lift and just how warm it will get when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> new video of the destruction on the day of the eagles super bowl parade. shows several people causing several bus shelter to collapse that day at 15th and jfk boulevard. if you recognize any of the suspect or have any information on the destruction , philadelphia police want to hear from you. >> caught on video. >> confrontation happened on sunday in the middle after busy street in new hampshire. you see a woman walk to up a car. driver gets up shoves the woman to the grounds. >> jennifer reported the incident on her cell phone said she still can't believe what she saw. >> you just don't see that every day. you just kind of pause and later on wish you had done something differently. >> if he's too long do that in front of that many people, i don't want to speak for people but i can only imagine what he would do in another situation. >> people in new hampshire are very calm and sedate. police say they've identified both the drivers and are
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interviewing witnesses but so far no charges have been filed >> maybe he's not from new hampshire and just happened to be there. >> also hard to believe, series every fights on cruise ship, passengers on the carnival say a 23 member family wandered the decks starting fighting with any australians, some say they even hit in their cabins for the three day trip. the family was cents removed from the ship. several passengers are demanding refunds, carnival says it is investigating the report. >> can you imagine that. >> no. alcohol involved probably. >> well, back here at home, there is new trends on delaware beaches, a ban on tent and canopies. >> bethany beach town council voted six to one to outline law canopies, tents, similar shading devices cents year around. it is now the third town in delaware to back the ban. councilwoman who slotted for it says many resident complains that the canopies made it hard to see and enjoy the beach. >> and i think when you have a canopy, pretty much you have to set it up early in the morning, and then what was happening was people were
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setting up and leaving and people started complaining about that, as well. >> i think there is a need, especially for larger families , and younger and older people, to be under a canopy versus an umbrella. >> and pale peak -- people like myself. fenwick islands ordinance, how much; not a strict one as the other two towns. >> they're not pale, just very sensitive. >> i am. i am. sun is not my strength. >> hey there is guy wears a short sleeve shirt and do you have wear sunglasses. >> exactly. >> very breitbart. >> i have issues with this, though it, i have little kids, especially if you bring like little babies to the beach, do you have cover them up. like they're really sensitive. there has to be some middle grounds. >> canopy. it doesn't mean umbrellas. >> or maybe you just stick with your tent or canopy the whole time and don't just leave them there. >> that go. >> that i can understand.
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>> very divided. you could check the tide and see where the tide is going to come in. the best of both worlds. i'm telling you, there are all sort of apps for this stuff. >> we will just trust you. >> all right. >> anyway, what we've got going on, substantial warmth. you may actually want to go it the beach in the next couple every days. we're going to spike all the way into the 70s, but not without our own fair share of trade-off here. this is a live look, from central parkway library. notice how there is the sheen on the road as well. clearly, maybe that's just ironic that i say that word, but obviously have some very low-lying cloud cover here. and normally you would be able to see more of the skyscrapers off in the distance, but they're just shrouded in the low cloud cover now, and fine drizzle falling because it is so moisture-laden out there. that all of the clouds can do is just wait it out couple every raindrops, so if you fine yourself flicking windshield wipers that's why, very sort of clammy start to the morning.
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not alone in the dense fog advisories though, they're posted down through the carolinas, too, but we've got our advisory posted until late this morning, so past the typical morning rush, and into the late morning hours. region wide. currently the advice aren't at or even un half mile at their worse. not everyone is finding them that bad. but they are out there. looking at storm scan, more of region wide zoom here. you know what's deceptive about this, it is cents really tough to find fog on a saturday light. and then we don't have anything showing up on the radar. let's talk about records, though, today is very likely going to be record breaking day for many of you. calling for this is values, these are the numbers, sorry, that these are the records to bet, these are the numbers we're calling for, we are expect couple of records to actually be new here today for the record books. already very mild to start the morning off. 22 degrees surplus since the same time yesterday in millville, just as an example, as we jump ahead here take a look at the seven day, eventually going to rebound again to the low 70s, then mid
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70s for the next two days, but showers are also the trade off as more wet weather returns by thursday, meisha. >> all right, katie, thank you yes, always that straight up 70s today. unbelievable how awesome. looking outside for all of that fog which is causing some problems for us out there. visibilities certainly is going to play a factor in this morning's commute. so if i were you, i would give yourself couple every extra minutes, i sounds a little bit like a breeze broken record whether it be about the rain or fog or snow or what have you. but today no exception. looking outside, authorities see what this is. but 95 south at cottman. lots more headlights and tail light starting to build out there, right now. same with the boulevard, boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction wissahickon, you can also see just that glare around those headlight. street lamps. just letting us know that yes, there are some visibility issues to contends, with and because that far, speed restrictions are also in play, on three of the bridges. this is the ben franklin bridge by the way. betsy ross, 35, walt whitman
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bridge all the way down to 25, and this accident investigation we will talk about, jim, coming back to you >> thank you shall meisha. well, we new there was a big pothole problem around here. but it is actually led to a hubcap graveyard in northeast philly. this is headed west on woodhaven road as you approach franklin mills. it started with a traffic cone then folks came up with a more creative way to warn drivers. you can see they decorated the road with all of the hubcaps the giant pothole has cents claimed. >> okay. >> avoid that street at all costs cents. >> yes, probably good idea. now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the trentonian, phil murphy expected to announced to that 505 municipalities across the state will share $161 million in transportation trust funds money to improve their roads. however, cash strapped trenton won't be among them. the newspaper finds that trenton's mayor eric jackson's
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administration never applied for the ttf funding. >> and the delaware county daily times, hundreds cents of pet lovers around kenneth township have joined the search for 16 week old black lab retriever. february 11 the puppy named piper was swept into red clay creek. >> from the times herald the philadelphia metropolitan area chapters of alpha kapa alpha recently celebrated the authority 110th anniversary with founders day celebration in east norriton. alpha kapa alpha the first greek letter sorority established by african-american women. congratulations to them. >> very happy founders day to all of the a/k/a's out there. and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines around the delaware-lehigh valley. >> and up next: pat is here with your morning supports, good morning, pat. >> good morning, friends. flyers were busy last night despite not stepping on the ice. we will tell you about the big move they made as they push for playoff position. and the phillies had a special guest yesterday. perfect person to fire them up as spring training continues, all next in
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>> the flyers struggles with goalies continues, gm ron hextall retired 20 years ago, the flyers have had 16 goal goalies, ten games or more, we can likely add to the list after the team acquired another last night. injuries forced to move but the flyers get pretty good goal any peter. he comes from the red wings for conditional fourth round pick in 2018. and conditional third round nerve 2019. flyers lost goalie brian elliot until next month and back up michael l was injured in sunday's win over the rangers. they returned to action tonight at home against montreal. >> today in fill at this will feel like spring training weather almost. it will be 86 in clearwater today as the phillies continue to inch closer toward actual baseball games. phillies have the full compliment of players in camp now. the full squad is preparing for the annual spring kick off game against the spartans of the university of tampa.
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new phils manager gabe kapler singled out one player for his preparedness early in camp. >> the drills were crisp, i also thought pretty awesome to see santana come in with such high level of inches ten at this on day one, really putting a lot on thinks throws , making accurate strong throws, our base running drills are really strong across the board i thought it was really positive day. >> if the phillies are looking for little more power in their line up, could this be the guy that's eagles center jason kelce hanging with the team yesterday. he's obviously phone for his passionate speeches. he gave one to the team in clearwater. he says he tried to keep it clean but, you know, things happen. >> oh,. >> and kelce did compare the young phils to the world champion eagles. >> a lot of similarities with the with a good young team, a lot of tam edge, what everybody was talking about in philadelphia before the season started. but, you know, not really anybody, i think usually projected to be like eight and eight before the season, then win onto win the super bowl. >> what are the odds that
5:27 am
after he's done playing jason kelce becomes a motivational speaker? >> he should. >> for sure. >> but personal trainer? >> here-here. >> i can't imagine him not keeping it clean, whatever do you mean? >> i don't remember, i don't know what you are talking about. family friendly, thank you, pat. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," little league baseball team's controversial funds raiser. >> also new developments in the search for missing uber and light driver. friends say he has been found alive, and what his condition is when we come back.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just an employment. first what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is tuesday, february 20th. >> this wasn't the person that we new. >> the cup hole took in the alleged florida school shooter says he showed no warning signs he was about to harm himself or others. >> everybody seems to know we didn't know. >> collapsed concerns continue in old city. >> take a look, this corner every third and chestnut remains roped off. >> we are told that the fifth floor has actual actually already caved in. >> we do have some dense fog already starting to develop here. specially true for southeastern pns


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